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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NOVA / NOWY.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Unless noted, prices do not include postage or insurance.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com

Chronological arrangement: Precursor - Linen page, 
Chrome here & Continentals here.

See also Computer postcards, Trade cards,
Advertising on covers & Advertising stamps.
We have many more to offer--please inquire!


Regular size (approximately 3.6"x5.6").
See also the Continental size (approximately 4"x6") section.

"A Custom Patio Room Fits Your Lifestyle / Customized Studio / California Gable / ... // Half Off / On The / Installation Of Any / Sunroom or Solarium*" unused circa-1990 advertising postcard (regular size) with illustration over all the back for Custom Patio Rooms™. Near mint. $1.25 i(h)a

"Always in good taste... / because it always tastes good. / Known for quality for more than seventy years" including a Claxton Fruit Cake, unused chrome from Claxton Bakery in Claxton Georgia, mild corner wear, lightly toned back. $1.25 afg*

"at Scenic Quechee Gorge / VERMONT / DEWEY'S / Country Woolens" attractive advertising, unused post card. Circa 1970, when 5 cents could mail a postcard -- per the stamp box. $1.75 v(q)a

NewYork_WhitePlains_BAltman-200_small.jpg ad post card available from Judnick.com
"B. Altman & Co., White Plains / Westchester Avenue" unused chrome-era advertising postcard with art depicting the exterior of the building, fairly fresh except for a short trace of ink at the top center edge. $1.25 n(w)a

"Barney And Luvs® / A Winning Combination" 1998 advertising card for Procter & Gamble's diapers, picturing several characters from PolyGram Films 'Barney's Great Adventure', near mint condition. $2.00 ma

MIXone_018_small.jpg ad post card available from LotsOfCards.com"'BE YOUR OWN CAPTAIN' / Enjoy any and all points of the DALE HOLLOW / LAKE--..." unused chrome postcard advertising houseboat rentals, numbered 46190 on back, trivial wear at 2 corners, otherwise fairly fresh. $2.50 t(c)s(l)a

SportsPin_AutoRacing_Brickyard400.jpg (84781 bytes)

"BRICKYARD / 400 / INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY / AUGUST 5, 1995 / PENNZOIL / Official Motor Oil" large enameled advertising pin manufactured by SRE Industries. Still in original pouch. $9.00 s-ria

"BRONNER'S FAMILY CHRISTmas WONDERLAND" unused chrome advertising postcard showing a signpost to various churches in a garden, For a store specializing in Christmas decorations year-round. $1.50 mac

"B. W. M. BENN, HARPSICHORD MAKER / ... / Double Manual Harpsichord ... based / on J. D. Duicken, 1745, 2x8', 1x4' nasale, buff, / FF-g''', shove coupler, ..." postcard mailed by a conference attendee in Minneapolis Minnesota, cancel ink on front from another card in the mail stream, minor wear to the bottom corners. Most unusual. $3.75 m(m)ma

NYC_031_small.jpg ad post card available from Judnick.com"CAVANAGH'S Restaurant. - 260 W. 23rd St. New York" unused Lumitone Photoprint advertising postcard, faint small corner crease not into the image, good edges. Details on back: banquet rooms, bar, phone, etc. Open 1876 - 1970, it was a favorite of Diamond Jim Brady, Lillian Russell & John L. Sullivan (among others). It became the Galaxy 21 gay disco which the police closed in 1976. $15.00 n(n)gga

Ohio_PortClinton_CheeseHaven-200_small.JPG advertising post card available from LotsOfCards.com"CHEESE HAVEN  PORT CLINTON, OHIO  OPEN YEAR AROUND" showing its exterior, unused chrome postcard, much interesting advertising information in back message area, near mint. Sold a wide variety of food including sausage, breads, fudge & wine. (2 available) $1.50 each. ofa

"Custom Wood Kitchens -- Built-in / Appliances / Our Specialty / ... / FERRELL-GARDNER / WOOD PRODUCTS / Phone 61 / New London, Ohio" unused chrome with minor corner & edge wear, small light spot of toning on back. $2.00 oai

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & the town where you want delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

"Dear Sir:  May 23, 1962 / Received from abroad some very fine powerful prism binoculars with wide range and high brilliancy ... These are fine for day & night use and for viewing satellites." postal card mailed that day from M. Segal in Cincinnati to Reverend T. L. Beauchamp in Bethlehem Connecticut, a little extraneous writing on the back. $2.50 sa

"EDGREN STUDIO / 85 CHESTNUT STREET / BOSTON 8, MASS." reminding people to do their Christmas shopping there & showing part of their interior, sepia-tone on yellowish paper, writing on back. 2 tiny corner crease, bend at one corner. $1.25 am

"ELECTROLLUX® / Red Carpet SERVICE / ...any make vacuum repaired / ..." with wonderful art depicting a lady whose vacuum cleaner is spouting dust from several places, 1978 copyright, unmailed, from sales representative Lorene Landau. A modern design classic, pertinent information on the back, excellent condition. $7.50 ag

"ELSIE THE COW / and her BRAND NEW TWINS / ELSIE THE COW IS THE TRAVELING REPRESENTATIVE OF BORDEN'S FAMILY OF FINE FOODS" showing her barn boudoir, unused chrome lithographed in the United States, lightly toned back, more pertinent information on back. An unusual piece of Americana! $5.00 af*

AdChrome_OldEz_BirdOwl.jpg (155513 bytes)

"EZRA BROOKS / (real sippin whiskey) / 'Old Ez' / This bottle commemorates an old / owl, who spent fifteen years in / the whiskey warehouses of Ezra / Brooks..." striking decanter image & more pertinent information on back. Most unusual subject matter. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 aba

Children_ForBabiesHere-200_small.jpg children's wear ad available from Judnick.com

"FOR BABIES / HERE AND / BABIES NEAR / GIVE / ROSEBUDS / by Carter's" advertising with order form over all the back, unused, long bottom corner crease, regular-postcard size. A brand that advertised mostly in the newspapers during 1956, without much success. Rare. $7.00 ca

Bicycle_ForTheSmoothestSafest-200_small.JPG ad card available from LotsOfCards.com"For the smoothest, safest / ride in town - hop on a / new Shelby bicycle. / They're rugged, good- / looking, and feature / many new improvements / ..." advertising card (same size as a regular postcard of the 1950's), pre-printed green writing over the back confined to left side, facilitating mailing by a dealer, lightly toned back. $5.00 ba

"FREE Volume 16 / COLOR Printing handbook" unused business reply card from RAPIDOCOLOR in West Chester Pennsylvania, from a January 1998 advertising campaign. $1.00 p(w)a

Automobile_GeneralMotorsMotorama-200_small.JPG"GENERAL MOTORS MOTORAMA OF 1956 • New York, January 19 to 24 •  Miami, February 4 to 12 / Los Angeles, March 3 to 11 • San Francisco, March 24 to April 1 • Boston, April 29 to 29" unused chrome advertising post card, fairly fresh. $3.75 aa

  NewYork_NYC_GreenwichRoofing--200Small.jpg advertising blotters available from Judnick.com  "Greenwich Roofing & Sheet Metal Corp. / QUALITY ROOFING - SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS / ... / CHARLES ZERBERINI" 4 different unused advertising blotters with 1963 calendars & signed Earl Moran art, each giving a residential address in the Dyker Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn & a commercial address in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan. All have trivial edge wear. Captions, left-to-right & top-to-bottom: 'Some Chicken'; 'No, I didn't call the plumber!" with a totally nude woman as seen through a transparent shower curtain; "The doctor said I needed glasses"; and "Where'd all those drips come from?', with a touch of ink on the upper front edge. All are rare: we found nothing like them -- for sale, or former sales, or even exhibited -- when we searched the Internet. But most remarkable of all is the nude at the upper right; it is not even mentioned in two authoritative arcade-card-listing websites that we consulted. $125.00 gets all four.

"Here's A Bright / IDEA" chrome postcard with advertising for Veda Gilp Associates on the back, meter mailed JUL 19'95 in Columbus Ohio, small scrape on back affects nothing, attractive front. $1.50 oa


"HONDA / Some people have all the fun" postcard advertising the grand opening of Honda of Newark in Newark Ohio, May 16-17 1969 (cancel is May 14 1969), tape discoloration at top center of both sides, minor corner wear. The slogan was used extensively for its motorcycle advertising in magazines, but this particular card is uncommon. $4.50 mo(n)a

Disney_IfYouveEver-200_small.jpg Disney advertising available from Judnick.com"If You've Ever / Experienced The Magic / Of Walt Disney World, / We're Looking For You! // Win a Disney Vacation" unused 1996 advertising promotion in an 8-panel fold-out (3 shown) from McDonald's® Sweepstakes for the Walt Disney World® 25th Anniversary (in the following year), excellent condition. $1.25 da

NewYork_Jamaica_ItsTimeTo-200_small.jpg ad postal card available from LotsOfCards.com"IT'S TIME TO SELL / TAKE ADVANTAGE... / BERKOWITZ BUSINESS BROKERS / 163-18 JAMAICA AVE., JAMAICA, NEW YORK..." ad soliciting bakeries, mailed there 1954, brownish paper, 2 long creases, small corner crease, 3 / 5" tear, partial cancel on front, as is. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 nfga

"Kellogg's / OF BATTLE CREEK" Yogi Bear and pal in balloon float over the plant & comment, unused chrome with more advertising on back. $5.00 ba

"FERGUSON & MURRAY, INC. / 'Your White Gloved Movers'at / Ft. Lauderdale, Orland, Boca Raton, Hollywood" showing the exterior of their building, unused chrome fro Tom Neel Color Cards, fresh appearance, good edges. $1.00 a

Automobile_GeneralMotorsMotorama-200_small.JPG"GENERAL MOTORS MOTORAMA OF 1956 • New York, January 19 to 24 •  Miami, February 4 to 12 / Los Angeles, March 3 to 11 • San Francisco, March 24 to April 1 • Boston, April 29 to 29" including many cheerleaders & models above & beside a vehicle, unused chrome advertising post card, fairly fresh. $3.75 aa

Wisconsin_Milwaukee_GreetingsFromSchwaben_small.jpg (8080 bytes)"Greetings from Schwaben Hoff Milwaukee / Wisconsin" nice artwork advertising a restaurant, unused. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 (ma)

Texas_Houston_HLivestockShow-200_small.jpg"HOUSTON LIVESTOCK SHOW / 1964 GRAND CHAMPION STEER / Purchased by Bill Williams for 20,500.00 / WORLD'S RECORD PRICE PAID BY INDIVIDUAL!" unused chrome post card with advertising on back for his restaurants in Houston & Richmond Texas, excellent condition. $7.50 ta(c)ga

"INMAN-MONARCH / GLASS SERVICE, INC. / ... / Highland Park, Illinois ..." with a view of a seating area in their showroom, unused chrome post card advertising their mirrors, patio doors, plate glass, shower doors, etc. Fairly fresh with good edges. $1.50 i(s)i(h)a

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & the town where you want delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

"Keen's English / Chop / House // our / famous / English Mutton Chop" art showing two waiters bringing in a large chop, unused, good edges. Restaurant located on 36th Street in New York City. $2.00 an

Florida_BoyntonBeach_Lemon-100.jpg (190342 bytes)

"Lemon Meringue Pie / at / LUCILLE and OTLEY'S" showing a slice in necessarily vertical format, Boynton Beach Florida restaurant hours printed on back, unused chrome postcard, fairly fresh & eye-catching. $2.00 f(b)fa+

Lot of 18 different unused business reply card conveying suggestions to the advertising professional. Varied topics include literature displays, binder, card decks & packs, staff shirts, bags, golf putters, pins, etc. Most 1996-1997. Interesting. $10.00 a

NYC_401_small.jpg ad postcard available from Judnick.com

"Lüchows Famous Restaurant / 110-112 East 14th Street ... / ... / Special Dinners will / be served / Christmas Eve, Christmas Day / New Yea's Even / and New Year's Day" advertising post card mailed 1955 to Emiel Fink (president of Fink Baking Corporation on East 76th Street), long & heavy crease through the storefront shown, circa-1" internal crease from the right front edge. $2.00 n(n)a

"NEPTUNE GRILL / 145 B Street, S. E. / WASHINGTON, D. C. / OPPOSITE CONGRESSIONAL LIBRARY" multiview of their front & aerial view of location (marking notable buildings nearby such as the Folger Library, Supreme Court & House Office Buildings), unused Curteich linen on yellowish paper, pertinent information on back, faint corner crease. $3.00 da

"'New Technology could revolutionise advertising on racing cars' / Autosport May 2001 // AD / FLASH" showing readable Toyota advertising on the wheel of Emerson Fittipaldi's #11 car as it races by, continental advertising card in color both sides, near mint & exceptionally interesting. $2.00 ra

California_Carlsbad_PeaSoup-100.jpg (313798 bytes)

"PEA SOUP / ANDERSEN'S / RESTAURANT" fanciful comic art showing 7 chefs trying to split a pea for their famous soup, mailed 1962. A modern advertising classic from Carlsbad California. $3.75 c(c)a

"Products the Pros Use" unused color business reply card from AMSOIL in Superior Wisconsin advertising synthetic lubricants & bearing grease; excellent condition. $1.00 aw

Advertising_ProfessionalPew-200_small.jpg ad postcard available from Judnick.com"PROFESSIONAL PEW REFINISHERS" unused chrome advertising post card for Valko & Son in Pittsburgh, claims & contact information of the back. Unusual subject matter & very hard to find! $5.00 ap(p)i(c)g

RacingAuto_Rent-A-Wreck-120.JPG (307171 bytes)

"rent-a-wreck / racing" showing their car #61 with a fantasy real-woman hood ornament, unused regular-size postcard, This advertising image appeared on many T-shirts that they made. (2 available) $2.50 each. a(r)a

"Squeeki De Clown / Not Just Another Pretty Face!" unused chrome advertising post card for a Columbus Ohio children's entertainer & magician, near mint. $5.00 mcoa

AviationAdvertising_BeechcraftModelM35Bonanza-200_small.JPG Arizona aviation post card available from Judnick.com"The 1960 BEECHCRAFT Model M35 Bonanza -- Top Speed 210 mph.  Top Range 1,245 miles." showing aircraft N9586R boarding businessmen, advertising postcard mailed 1961, minor edge wear, traces of cancel ink in the sky. It was registered to James L. Carter & another in Mesa Arizona. Rare. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 a(m)a(m)


"'THE ART CRITICS / by Marcel Brunery / French 19th-20th Century" advertising for Haussner's Restaurant in Baltimore Maryland, where it used to be on display, unused chrome, fresh appearance & good edges. $1.50 a(b)ma*

Illinois_Chicago_TheBerghoffIn-200_small.JPG advertising post card available from Judnick.com

"The Berghoff in 1898 // PETER / DIEM // The Berghoff today" unused chrome-era advertising postcard with signed Peter Diem art, back lightly & front edges toned, minor wear to one short edge. $4.00 i(c)aa

Michigan_BattleCreek_TheBestToYou_small.jpg (10115 bytes)
"'The Best to You Each Morning'" unused chrome with aerial view of Michigan plant surrounded by Yogi Bear, Tony the Tiger & more cartoon characters, fresh appearance, good edges. $5.00 ma

"THE SIXTY-ONE NOTE SET OF / SCHULMERICH HANDBELLS" advertising postcard for Schulmerich Carillons Incorporated (Sellersville Pennsylvania), mailed 19 JUN 1980, 2 tiny upper corner bends, small bottom corner crease, very light wear to the top edge. $2.00 bp(s)a

"The Upjohn Company's old-fashioned drugstore in Disneyland / Over 1000 pharmaceutical antiques..." showing its exterior, unused chrome, fresh appearance & good edges. $1.25 ad

"'THE VENTIAN FLOWER VENDOR' / by Eugene de Blaas / Austrian School (1843-1909)" advertising for Haussner's Restaurant in Baltimore Maryland, where it used to be on display, unused chrome, fresh appearance & good edges. $1.50 ama

Capitols_103_small.jpg gasoline ad post card available from Judnick.com"UNION OIL COMPANY'S / Natural Color Scenes of the West / STATE CAPITOL, Olympia, Washington/ ... / TOUR THE WEST THIS YEAR WITH UNION 76 GASOLINE" unused advertising postcard, tiny spot in the back address area, minor wear to the upper corners. $1.50 cwga

Unused postcard showing antique letterhead plates in silver color from It's a JOY Stamp Graphics, copyright 1976. Nice & fresh. $1.00 g

NewYork_Brooklyn_WashingtonPaperAd_small.jpg (5334 bytes)
"Washington / BOX AND PAPER COMPANY, INC." advertising cartons made to order in Brooklyn New York. on government postal card mailed 1954, a little extraneous writing on back. $3.75 na

Michigan_BattleCreek_WeveJustBeen_small.jpg (8569 bytes)"We've / just been thru / the Kellogg plant / where these famous / characters put / the Snap! / Crackle! / Pop! into / Rice Krispies" unused chrome with more advertising & Rice Krispies box in green on back, unused, Classic postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 ma

"You Are Invited to visit our store at your convenience for a personal demonstration of the new ... Maytag AUTOMATIC WASHER" unmailed lithographed advertising post card of the Gable Auto Electric Company in Lakeland Florida, a little toning near the back edges. Necessarily 1962 - 1964 time period, comparing ads & available information about the local company. Rare. $9.00 f(l)af

Croatia_KandiAd_YU2BOP_small.jpg (4385 bytes)

"YU2BOP" shortwave (14 MHz) QSL card with Kandi® chocolate desert advertising over one side, used 1976 by a member of the Osijek (Croatia) Radio Club. $4.00 cfa

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For smaller size in same era, see also Chromes.
Freecards or rackcards are listed in their own category,
and can be slightly larger than continentals.

"15TH ANNUAL / WORTHINGTON ART FESTIVAL // Presented by the / Olde Worthington Business Association // June 16 & 17, 2007" in Ohio; unused advertising post card in near-mint condition. Art by K. Krumpe, B. Crockett, S. Hodgin, T. Champman & more featured on front. $1.50 o(w)a

Automobile_1958DeSoto.jpg (262485 bytes)"1958 DE SOTO / the exciting look and feel of the future / FIREFLITE  FIREDOME  FIRESWEEP" unused continental postcard, near mint. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 aa*

"Add an elegant touch / to your next event..." unused continental-size advertising card for the services of central-Ohio harpist Miriam Weber Brown with contact information, near mint condition. $1.50 ma(m)

"A Lifetime in Postcards / by / New Forest Artist / Gervase A Gregory / Little Knoll Press, continental advertising card picturing the artist, details about his book & his connection to that ecologically significant area of England, color both sides. A few tiny speckles clustered at the top back obscure nothing. $1.00 a(g)aee(n)

"Announcing / Tuttle / Tuesdays / at 10!" cartoon art of a cute turtle, unused continental
postcard, near mint. Listing dates some performers (Leslie Zak, Prairie Orchard, e.g.) will appear on its back--e.g., Prairie Orchid & Leslie Zak. (2 available) $1.25 each. o(d)a(t)a

"Arch Express / TRANSPORTATION / Welcome to Columbus, Ohio / We provide Limousines, Sedans, and Buses" unused continental-size advertising postcard with full color both sides, nea-mint condition. $1.50 o(c)aab

"AUGUST MAX" continental-size postcard offering a 25% discount on first purchase in a February 2004 fashion advertising campaign, near mint. Shown upper left. $1.25 fa. Same campaign, unused, small upper corner crease most easily seen from the back, otherwise fairly fresh. Shown upper right. $0.75 fa
. Same campaign, unused, near mint. Shown lower left. $1.25 fa. Same campaign, unused, minor wear to the bottom edge. Shown lower right. $0.75 fa

Afghanistan_BeMarcoPoloFly-200_small.JPG advertising post card available from Judnick.com

"BE A MODERN MARCO POLO / FLY / ARIANA / AFGHAN / AIRLINES // At the Foot of a Rainbow... / ...an Afghan Caravanserai // AFGHANISTAN" oversize post card, number 47 in a series, porous paper; very unusual subject matter. The words 'a modern' in the caption are almost white-on-white. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 aaa

"Be the Cause / presents / the 7th Annual / WALK FOR HOPE / El Dorado Park, Long Beach / Sat. Oct. 18, 2008" a California event, unused continental-size advertising postcard in near-mint condition. $1.25 c(l)a

Sweden_SM5MGW-200small.jpg ad QSL cards available from Judnick.com

"BT LIFTERS pick up / and move any form / of palletized goods // SM5MGW" continental Mjölby QSL post card used 1988 by operator Kjell Björk, advertising for AB BYGG-och TRANSPORTEKONOMI both sides. $2.50 sa

"Cabela's" continental advertising post card from the World's Foremost Outfitter®, lithographed in the US, excellent condition. Shows an Alaska-Yukon moose with 78-inch antler spread on display at their store in Dundee Michigan. $1.50 m(d)aa

"Cabela's" showing the full-size reproduction of a float plane hanging inside their Wheeling West Virginia showroom, unused advertising postcard in near-mint condition. $1.25 w(w)i(m)a

"CALLING ALL MODEL / & PEDAL CARS!" continental advertising card publicizing a 2005 series of shows held throughout the US, near mint. Both sides full color & interesting. $1.25 taa

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

"CELEBRATING / IMAGINATION™ // All / Playwear / Sale!" for boys & girls, unused advertising continental for carters.com sale in April 2001, near mint. $1.25 fa

"Charging instructions: / the Pulsar Kinetic Theory* / www.PulsarWatches.com" unused continental advertising card in near-mint condition. From a 1988 advertising campaign of Seiko Corporation of America. $1.00 ca

"COLUMBUS HUMANITIES ARTS AND / TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY / NOW ENROLLING GRADES K-8 / FREE PUBLIC EDUCATION / · Highly Qualified Teachers / ..." unused continental postcard from a advertising 2013 campaign for the charter school, near mint. $1.25 eo(c)a

"Cool Mint LISTERINE / PocketPaks™ // GERM KILL / LOUD & CLEAR. // KILL the GERMS. FEEL the CLEAN." unused continental freecard from a 2002 Pfizer advertising campaign, picturing a 'boom box' with the product logo on it, excellent condition. $1.25 fma

"CON-CRĒT / FOR BLOCK-HARD / MUSCLES" showing Ervin Gainer Sr. (11-time USAPL National Champion powerlifter) in action, unused postcard in near-mint condition with a website offer that expired in January 2008. $1.50 s(b)s(w)a

"EL EFECTO AXE" unused continental Costa Rican advertising postcard for a man's fragrance, excellent condition. Image is a large wedding cake with the couple on top noticing 4 women trying to climb up its sides. (2 available) $1.25 each. cpa

"ENTER TO WIN / MODEL SEARCH / 2007/ BE A GLAMOUR SHOTS® MODEL" unused continental publicity postcard for a photography package, excellent condition. $1.00 ap

"Escape / to Paradise / TROPICAL COLLECTION // Beach Bag / Only $15 ... / SWAROVSKI" unused continental post card advertising for the Swarovski Gallery Store, near mint. $1.25 ja

"experience aveda / holiday event // AVEDA INSTITUTE / COLUMBUS" 2007 advertising card for an Ohio cosmetology & esthiology school, near mint. $1.50 o(c)a

"'Experience..velvet' // Disco / House //  Dean Masi // groove / lounge // Velvet fridays" continental advertising card also touting their Thursday Night bottle-service house party with hip hop & funk music with DJ J. Bones, in West End New Jersey; full color both sides, near mint. $1.25 nma

"Fellowship, Food & Fun! / Attention All Youth Leaders! / FAITH NIGHT AT GAMEWORKS" unused continental-size publicity postcard listing dates & locations with contact information on back, minor corner wear. $1.00 a

Movies_FlixPal-200_small.JPG advertising post card available from Judnick.com"FlixPal.com is a certified affiliate of the Spiritual Cinema Circle / Bell Rock / Sedona" thick continental advertising postcard with a piece of red rock embedded within, color on both sides; mailed with first-class stamp to Ohio, a little corner wear, light scuffs in the top front border from postal equipment. Hand-made card from 3deez.com. $2.00 mcra

"GET A CALL FROM / RASCAL FLATTS ON / APRIL TH / 1. Get out your cell phone / 2. Go to 'messages' or 'sms' ... " continental publicity card advertising a CD on both sides (full color), near mint condition. $1.25 mta


Freecard_GetTwisted-200_small.jpg rackcard ad available from Judnick.com

"Get twisted!" unused continental freecard advertising for publisher hotstamp®, near mint condition. (2 available) $1.25 each. fa

Autos_GiveYour-200_small.jpg advertising card available from Judnick.com

"GIVE YOUR ENGINE / THE ULTIMATE / FLOW JOB // BLOW IT OUT YOUR ... / Pypes / PERFORMANCE EXHAUST" with back tabulating styles available for specific makes & models--1955-57 Chevy Bel Air, 1967-81 Camaro, etc. Near mint advertising card, continental size. $2.00 aa(c)

"GLASS-WORKS / AUCTIONS / BOX 180, EAST GREENVILLE, PA ... / ... // Presents / An Important Auction of / Early Bottles, Flasks, and Related Items" continental 1993 advertising post card mailed by Permit No. 14 there, 2 small gripper scrapes on back from postal processing, tiny upper corner bend. $1.50 gp(e)a

Glass_G-WorksAuctions-200_small.jpg advertising postcards available from Judnick.com"GLASS-WORKS / AUCTIONS / BOX 180, EAST GREENVILLE, PA ... / ... // Presents / The Elmer Smith Collection / of Important Bitters Bottles" continental 1993 advertising post card mailed by Permit No. 14 there, 2 small gripper scrapes on back from postal processing, small violet HA routing mark on front. $1.50 gp(e)a

"Goebel Miniatures / Division of Goebel Art (GmbH). Inc. / 1984 Collection" publicizing an appearance by Robert Olszewski; copyrighted continental-size advertising postcard meter mailed at New Rochelle New York. $1.50 da

"Gruss / von der 'Csardasfustin'" a Hungarian restaurant in Vienna Austria, unused. The name is taken from an operetta in three acts. $3.00

"I'LL / Buy / That!" continental advertising postcard for an internet auction site, mailed at 27-cent rate, full color both sides, minor edge wear. $1.00 a

"INSTANT / DEF // SNICKERS PICTURES ..." showing the group Black Eyed Peas who starred as hip-hop superheros in series of short films done for Snickers candy bars, publicity for their website, continental card in near-mint condition. (2 available) $1.75 each. ma

"INSTITUTO Y UNIVERSIDAD / CREATIVA" unused Costa Rican advertising postcard publicizing their architectural, interior design & graphic design emphasis, tiny corner bump. Several images of modern Costa Rican art. (2 available) $1.25 each. cc(i)a

JAN 12 1959 Juneau cancel with inverted 12 in dial, on Pentothal® Sodium continental advertising postcard sent to Ohio, view is Mendenhall Glacier. $2.00 a-aa

Furniture_JMZConstruction-200_small.jpg ad card available from Judnick.com

"JMZ CONSTRUCTION / granite / Kitchen Countertops / Starting at $1000 ..." continental card in full color both sides, advertising the renovation & installation services of a Hilliard Ohio company, near mint.
$1.25 foa

"La Bombonera / RESTAURANT / Recomended(sic) / by / Rachael Ray / on the TV Show $40 / a Day" including powdered sugar donuts & a 2010 calendar on the back, advertising card in excellent condition. Location is San Juan Puerto Rico. $1.00 ptca

"LET THE GAMES BEGIN! / BOOK YOUR / TEAM PARTY TODAY! / GameWorks®" unused continental-size advertising card giving locations & booking phone number for 14 different USA locations, small bend with wear at one lower corner. $0.75 a

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
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AdvertisingContinental_1993All-AmericanBasket.jpg (182601 bytes)LONGABERGER BASKET ADVERTISING OF 1993: 3 different continental postcards offering new issues of baskets, liners, protectors & coordinates: the All-American Liberty Basket (shown above), Lily of the Valley Basket & the J. W. Collection® Original Easter Basket. Unmailed, pertinent writing on back from Longaberger Consultant in Whitehall Ohio. All three $4.00 a

"MasterCuts / 20% off / Any color Service / with your next haircut" unused circa-2005 continental postcard in excellent condition, back mentions their website too. $1.00 ba

"MONITOR / MEDICAL // FREE LOANER BATTERY OPERATED CPAP!" continental advertising postcard to its sleep apnea patients, detailed information both sides includes suggested equipment replacement schedule, 2 tiny spots near top front edge, faint writing impressions on front, otherwise fairly fresh & interesting. $1.50 ma

"NEW MEXICO STATE TOURIST BUREAU / advertises in / HOLIDAY / to reach 850,000 / on-the-go families" continental sent by metered mail, toned front, several small creases, as is. $0.75 an

"New, Positive / Leadership / For West Virginia / Gaston / Caperton / Democrat / for Governor" Unused. $2.25

"'New Technology could revolutionise advertising on racing cars' / Autosport May 2001 // AD / FLASH" showing readable Toyota advertising on the wheel of Emerson Fittipaldi's #11 car as it races by, continental advertising card in color both sides, near mint & exceptionally interesting. $2.00 a(r)a

"NO LIMIT  www.nolimit.net / HOT ROD SERVICE / 'Custom tanks / also available'" continental advertising card, near mint condition. $1.25 aa(c)

Artist_Ayala_Ogre2-200_small.jpg ad postcards available from Judnick.com

"OGRE2™ / Ogre's girlfriend, Susan, begins the / first phase of her transformation into / the deadly Felony ... / ships in March 1994. Order from your / favorite distributor in January 1993." continental advertising postcard for a comic book published by Black Diamond Studios, mailed 1994 in Long Beach California, trivial wear at 2 corners. $1.75 a(a)ac

"ONE Buying Trip. TWO Floors of Quality Exhibitors. / ... / THE BUYERS / CASH & CARRY / AT VALLEY FORGE / FEBRUARY 2, 2009" illustrated with a pottery jug filled with daisies, unused continental advertising post card in near-mint condition. $1.00 p(k)a

Pottery_PeachblowP2007-200_small.JPG advertising post card available from Judnick.com

"Peachblow Pottery / 2007 / Spring Open House" advertising postcard for the Lewis Center Ohio potters, text circled on back in pen for emphasis, otherwise excellent condtion. $1.25 po(l)a

"Products designed with you in mind." unused advertising postcard for Window Specialists Inc., slightly longer than continental size, near mint. In Columbus Ohio the firm installs windows, doors & siding. $1.25 o(c)fa

Fashion_Racewear'sStylesAnd.jpg (430199 bytes)

"Raceway's Styles and colors are / plentiful -- Enjoy your business or / funtime with a jacket created..." unused continental, advertising for Racewear Designs of El Cajon California, near mint. $1.50 fca

"Rosette Inlays of McNally Strumsticks™ / Soundhole inlay rosettes in Koa wood (Moon w/ Stars) / and Cherry ..." unused continental postcard in near-mint condition. $1.25 ma& NEW / NOVA / NOWY

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"Russell Greenslade Design / ... Decorative Handcut Puzzles ..." showing four of his puzzles in color, unused continental advertising postcard in near mint condition, copyrighted. $1.25 oa

"SOME OF OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS // ROCK SOLID / PROMOTIONS" displaying 16 corporate logos--Muscle Mill, Maximum Fitness, Cytodyne Technologies, Reps Fitness Supply, etc.; unused continental, fresh appearance & good edges. $1.50 s(b)a

"SPANDA / UNIVERSAL VIBRATION / www.spandamusic.com" unused continental postcard advertising a recording of traditional Sanskrit mantras set to original melodies, near mint condition. $1.25 mca

"Staufenberg Designs / Custom Collage / Amy Staufenberg" showing her 'Great Grandma B.', continental postcard, near mint. $1.00 a

"TAKE / 30% OFF / APRIL 1 THROUGH APRIL 20 / ... / NEW YORK & COMPANY" continental postcard advertising a fashion apparel promotion, surprising fresh for being mailed. $1.00 fa

RacingAuto_TeamSalad-120.JPG (597181 bytes)

"TEAM SALAD" showing racing cars #49 & #50 sporting Grandma's POTATO SALAD ADVERTISING in many prominent places, unused continental postcard, near mint. Unusual advertising. $2.50 a(r)fa

"The 1964 Pontiac GTO ... built by / Steve's Auto Restorations represents a departure from typical rod building / ..." continental advertising card for a Portland Oregon business, near mint. Sharp! $2.00 oaa

"THE BUYERS CASH & CARRY / AT VALLEY FORGE / OCTOBER 11, 2008" unused continental advertising postcard for a wholesale market event, excellent condition. (2 available) $1.00 each p(k)a

"THE / BUYERS CASH & CARRY / WHOLESALE MART / AT FREDERICKSBURG / October 26, 2008" with 3 illustrations conveying the variety of products available, unused continental postcards in near mint condition. (3 available) $1.00 each. v(f)a

"The / FUNKY / CHICKEN / CLUB // popdomm Sa.17.08.02" bathing beauty popping out of her bikini top on unused continental-size publicity card with the Ace of Clubs design, back lists the artists expected to perform at Köln Germany, near mint. (2 available) $2.00 each. pna%

"The Travel / HAMMOCK / IT BeaTs tHe GrouNd!" continental advertising card with hammock chair, single hammock & double hammock pictured on back with contact information for a Chicago Illinois manufacturer, near mint. $1.25 ai(c)

"The Wild McNally Strumstick™ / We found this specimen resting near a stream at / Yosemite. ..." showing the 3-stringed instrument against a mountainous backdrop; unused continental advertising postcard, near-mint condition. (2 available) $1.25 each, or both for $2.25. yma

Halloween_TwoGreat-200_small.JPG Halloween ad card available from Judnick.com

"TWO GREAT LOCATIONS / HALLOWEEN MANIA / OHIO'S LARGEST HALLOWEEN STORE" continental advertising card in full color both sides, near mint condition. $2.00 hsa*

SportsBodybuilding_VanessaA-200_small.jpg bodybuilding card available from Judnick.com

"VANESSA / ADAMS // TEAM / PROLAB®" advertising card suggesting products for pre-workout, post-workout, maintenance, gaining & cutting. Near mint condition. $1.75 s(b)a

"VESOLJNE IGRE / ZLATI BOBEN / 15. OGLAŠEVALSKI FESTIVAL IN MEDIA MEETING / Portorož 5. do 10. oktober 2008. www.goldendrum.com" with advertising agency names such as Young & Rubicam, Publicis, Leo Burnett, TBWA, OMD & more shown in as stars in the firmament; continental publicity postcard, trivial wear at one upper corner, otherwise excellent condition. $2.00 sa

Fashion_WhatsNewFor-200_small.jpg ad post cards available from Judnick.com"WHAT'S NEW FOR HOLIDAY 02: / AIR PLAYERPOSITE" continental advertising postcard for fashionable basketball shoes from Nike for the 2002-2003 season; front is a black & white illustration of a black basketball player (#30 -- we are supposed to know who he is). [Stephen Curry is our guess.] Near-mint condition & surprisingly hard to find.  $2.50 fs(b)a

"WheelFX™ Lights Up C·A·R·T // ad / flash" circa-2001 continental-size advertising card in full color both sides touting their patented technology to display a logo on racecar wheels, near-mint condition. $1.50 a(r)

"Windjammer / 'Barefoot' Cruises ..." showing the Fantome, their flagship under sail, minor corner wear, unused. $2.50

"You learned to walk. / You can learn to ride." continental advertising card for a Columbus Ohio Harley-Davidson dealer's instructional program, near mint. $1.25 ma

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