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Aviation subdivisions on this page: Pioneer aircraft.

Other aviation postcard webpages at our site:
Propeller aircraft (A-O), Propeller aircraft (P-R),
Military aviation, Propeller aircraft (S-Z) & Jets.
See also Airport postcards, Aviation topical stamps,
First flight covers & Aviation topical covers.



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Monaco_1280MLeMusee-200_small.JPG"1280 MONACO. -- Le Musée Océanographique (vue prise en aéroplane)." Showing an early view from an airplane, color carte postale with green back, unused, toned edges with minor wear. Note plane in upper left corner (possibly drawn in). $4.50 a(p)m

AviationPioneer_2137_Mechanicians_small.JPG (3582 bytes)"2137 Aeroplane Mechanicians. / WILBUR WRIGHT FIELD, Fairfield, Ohio" black & white postcard mailed 1918 at Dayton Ohio, toned both sides, long crease, part cancel ink on front, as is. The earliest aircraft mechanic postcard we have ever seen. $17.50 $15.00 aop SALE PRICE: SAVE $2.50 (14% OFF)

AviationPioneer_74Nos_small.JPG (2918 bytes)"74 NOS AEROPLANES. -- Airoplane de M. Esnault Pelterie" black & white carte postale, fairly fresh. This shows the first monoplane of the visionary Robert Esnault-Pelterie. It had internally braced wings, a lightweight engine of his design, the first completely enclosed streamlined fuselage (welded-steel tubing covered with red muslin), a large bicycle wheel at the front, smaller wheels at the end of both wings to maintain balance & a smaller wheel at the tail. A genius who was first challenged by erroneous information about the Wright machines, Esnault-Pelterie developed the joystick control,  conceptualized the aileron on the trailing edge of wings, proposed ballistic missiles, and predicted travel to the moon by rocket (with gimbaled nozzles!). $16.00 as



"A 101 THE AEROPLANE JUST LANDED ON THE BEACH, ATLANTIC CITY, N. J." color post card mailed there 1920, trace of cancel ink on front, worn corners, brownish paper, lacks freshness. $7.50 an

AviationPioneer_AcrobazieCollettive.jpg (169839 bytes)

"Acrobazie collettive / Looping di 27 apparecchi / La folla / Giorno dell'Ala 1932 - X" unused sepia-tone multiview postcard with 3 scenes including a close-up of the collective acrobatics from the air & grandstand spectators, commemorating the 10th anniversary of Italian aeronautics, fresh appearance. $7.00 ai

AviationPioneer_AllInTheDays-p200_small.jpg pioneer aviator postcards available from Judnick.com"ALL IN THE / DAY'S WORK // 'A new kind of thrill' -- above, the actual plane / (though the scene is a film reconstruction) in which / Blériot first flew the Channel in 1909" including Charles Fontaine (Le Matin correspondent) who used the tricolor French flag shown to show the aviator where to land near the cliffs of Dover; unused Azo (triangles up) real photo post card, surface scuff affects one word in the caption area. Rare. $50.00 a(p)e(w)fn

A series of 9 postcards with signed Plum 1910 art picturing elegant ladies with millinery inspired by pioneer aviators & their aircraft. From left-to-right & top-to-bottom: Antoinette / Latham; Curtis; Demoiselle / Santos-Dumont (mailed Brussel 1912); Farman (mailed France 1911); Hanriot (mailed Brussel 1910); Sommer; Tellier / Dubonnet; Voisin / Rougier; & Wright. All have a bit of album toning at the corners.
Printed on multi-ply paperboard -- a fine-arts choice used in graphic printing to impart strength & resistance to creasing; it was "to create the highest possible quality" (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paperboard) because the printer had a greater selection of coatings to use. A couple have some paper separation as a result, which is the only drawback to that kind of stock. $90.00 as a group of 9, or your choices at $12.50 each. ma(p)a(p)

AviationPioneer_BelleIsle-200_small.JPG"Belle Isle May 25th 19" caption from writing on front, real photo showing crowd around 2 propeller craft on a field, most of top border trimmed off unevenly by an idiot, stamp box quoting half penny inland & one penny foreign leads us to conclude this scene is in Britain (not Michigan or France). Sold but front still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00

"BREDA / 19" uncaptioned (so we use the fuselage marking) original real photograph showing the military aerobatic trainer developed in 1928 for the Italian Air Force & used throughout the 1930s by Squadrigilia di Alta Acrobazia Aerea to do formation aerobatics, crisp focus, good contrast, size of a regular postcard, small brown spot in the front sky, a few small spots & a handstamped C69 on an otherwise blank back. Rare. $30.00 a(p)a(m)i

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AviationPioneer_BrookinsInHisAeroplane.jpg (211858 bytes)

"BROOKINS IN HIS AEROPLANE / OVER ART INSTITUTE AND / GRANT PARK, CHICAGO" including the onlooking crowd, color postcard mailed there 1911, corner crease. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 ai

CALVERT SMITH. A series of 9 postcards depicting lovers in flying lesson situations involving improbable biplanes. All signed Calvert Smith, with 1910 copyrights for F. G. Henry & Co. N.Y, when aviation had caught the imagination of the general public. From left-to-right and top-to-bottom: "AN UNEXPECTED STOP" mailed from Boston 1910; "FLYING TAUGHT BY MALE" mailed from Milan Illinois 1910; "OUR FIRST LESSON" unused; "SKYLARKING" unused; "THE HONEYMOON" unused; "THE SAME OLD PILOT" unused; "THE SEVENTH HEAVEN" mailed Mauston Wisconsin 1912; "THE SIREN" mailed 1911; & "WE'RE OFF!" mailed 1910. Light yellowish toning on all is probably from the printing process itself, judging by similarities to the designs. Slight variations in the regular-postcard size indicate probable different printings, but all are hard to find these days. Take them all for $45.00 a(s)a(p)l

AviationPioneer_CaptCharlesPluckyLindbergh.jpg (115932 bytes)"Capt. Charles 'Plucky' Lindbergh / Ready to Take Off on His / New York to Paris Flight, May 2-, 1927" souvenir card in monochromatic reddish purple, no post card back, pencil writing on back, corner crease, 2 long internal crease, worn corners, as is. $12.50 a*!

Expos_Liège1930_PropellerAircraftOnBuilding.jpg (158309 bytes)"CENTENAIRE DE L'INDÉPENDANCE DE LA BELGIQUE / PAVILLON DE L'ALUMINIUM -- EXPOSITION DE LIÉGE 1930" including a plane perched atop the building, sepia-tone Héliogravure from R. Protin & F. Vuidar (official), unused postcard, fresh appearance. $6.50 eba*+

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Collector, museum & club links are especially welcome.

History_NewZealand_Christchurch-200_small.jpg pioneer aviation post card available from LotsOfCards.com

"CHRISTCHURCH / FIRST INTERNATIONAL / FLIGHT TO NEW ZEALAND / Southern Cross, Australia to New Zealand / 11th September 1928" with artwork in vertical format showing Kingsford Smith flying over Christchurch's Cathedral, unused continental postcard, 3 corner bumps, attractive. $1.25 nha(p)

"Colonel Roscoe Turner with the Thompson Trophy // NATIONAL AIR RACES Aug. 30 to Sept 2 CLEVELAND // "Lee Miles with the Louis W. Greve Trophy" the 1935 event, picturing the 1934 winners; unused real photo postcard, slight curl to the paper, trivial corner wear. $3.50 o(c)a(p)r

AviationPioneer_Lindberg_Furniture_small.JPG (3767 bytes)

"Desk made of Newspaper Clippings / of Col. Lindbergh's Flight to Paris in 1927" unused real photo post card with good contrast & focus, fresh appearance. An unusual piece of furniture if there ever was one! $13.00 af

EDITIONS F. NUGERON. Two unused continental postcards reproducing early French aviation poster art. Left: "MEETING d'AVIATION / 1--25 / AVRIL / 1910 / NICE". Right: Signed art of H. L. Roowy, from their 'NOS TRANSPORTS EN 1900' Series. Both in excellent condition. $2.00 either one. a(p)p NEW / NEU / NOVA

"First Auckland to Wellington Flight October 4th 1921 / WELLINGTON / NEW ZEALAND" with art in vertical format depicting the Supermarine Channel flying boat, unused continental post card in excellent condition. $1.50 na(p)%

Zeppelin_img030_small.jpg balloon postcard available from Judnick.com

For early balloon flights, please click here. Show is a 1906 balloon wedding in Omaha.

"FLY BY AIR" a complete first series of 4 continental postcards from New Zealand, poster-style art in vertical format depicts thel Fokker FII (1920), Farman F.60 Goliath (1919), Koolhoven F.K.26 (1919) & Lufthansa Junkers F13 (191). A tiny corner bump on each, otherwise fresh. All 4 postcards for $5.00 a%

AviationPioneer_Gand1913_Expositon_small.jpg (3211 bytes)

"Gand / 1913 / Le grand Bassin et le Palais des beaux Arts…" with aircraft overhead, color post card from Exposition Internationale Universelle de Gand, corner & edge wear. $7.00 abe

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

"GEORGE WOODBINE / Hawker Harts at Upper Heyford" unused black & white continental post card, corner wear. $1.00 a(p). Same but light toning near one back corner. $0.75 a(p)

Group of 4 small sepia-tone photos, captioned only with people's names (Mr. Dolan, Boyd, me, Mary), album fragment from below reads "First flight...New Orleans". They are shown standing next to the biplane in 3 shots, and 3 seated in the biplane in another. All 4 postcards for $20.00 la(p)

"Horsens  Ellehammer kommer" meaning 'Ellehammer comes to Horsens' in Danish, comic art depicting a startled public running from the impending crash of his inventor's improbable aeroplanes; brevkort mailed at Horsens -9 12 09 to Hans Jorgensen in Webster Minnesota, mild corner & edge wear, tiny ink smear in address area on back. The card itself is printed on multi-ply paperboard by Warburgs Kunst-Forlag Kobenhavn Eneret. That choice of stock is a fine-arts choice used in graphic printing to impart strength & resistance to creasing, and "to create the highest possible quality" (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paperboard) because the printer had a greater selection of coatings to use. Jacob Christian Ellehammer was a Danish inventor who is credited with the world's first air-cooled radial engine, a monoplane, a semi-biplane, a triplane & a helicopter. This is very hard to find. The only other example we know of was also postmarked in 1909. Because our postcard was cut from the left edge of the sheet, or example has more of the design showing at the left than the previously auctioned example. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. da(p)c

"IT WONT BE LONG NOW." real photo Azo (squares in corners) post card with all-printing on back from inventor-designer Claude H. Freese in Los Angeles California describing an aeroplane-dirigible for about 500 passengers that could be built for about $3,000,000. California-Europe time estimated at 48 hours. Many more details: 5 wings, 10 motors, gasoline carried in planes, etc. We have seen mentions of various Freese designs in the June 1926 Popular Science Monthly, the 6/29/27 Oakland California Tribune, the December 1927 Popular Science Monthly & the 5/12/30 Galveston Daily News--all with differing variants of this design--but we could not find a single example of any of them on postcard, offered or exhibited. Rare and destined for a museum. $180.00 a(p)gc(l)b

Texas_SanAntonio_KellyFields_small.jpg (5681 bytes)"KELLY FIELDS, SAN ANTONIO, TEX. / FOOL PROOF BIPLANE STARTING OFF ON A FLIGHT" white-border era post card, mailed there 1918, lightly toned front, part cancel ink on front, corner & edge wear including 1 / 5" tear not into image. $8.00 ta

Aviation_Pioneer_Latham.jpg (113334 bytes)"LATHAM" Hubert Latham airborne in a plane marked 16, unused Cyko real photo postcard, heavily toned back, heavily toned front. The caption is in the lower left corner in printed letters. The side view of the plane is centered on the postcard, fairly close-up with its number on the fuselage quite large. The toning on the front of the card consists of numerous small & mostly dark spots that mercifully miss the aircraft. Sold but front still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 ag

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test006_small.jpg pioneer aviation postcards available from Judnick.com

"Leonardo da Vinci flying machine." well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1963 from Kinsley Kansas, minor edge wear, thick stock. $2.00 a(p)a(d)

AviationPioneer_LoveAtItsHeight_Zeppelin.jpg (172078 bytes)

"Love at its Height" color postcard, unsigned art showing couple riding below a fanciful dirigible, toned back, corners worn, corner crease, couple short faint internal creases at top. $4.00 az*


"Model B" Wright biplane, with pertinent information on back & showing the US stamp which honored it, oversized (5"x7") post card postcard, near mint. $0.75

"M. PEGOUD / in his wonderful / flights on the / Bleriot mono- / plane with 50 h.p. / Gnome engine / used / 'SHELL' / Exclusively." unused reproduction of an advertising postcard made in Great Britain, excellent condition. Slightly wider than regular size. $4.00 a(p)g

AviationPioneer_NewportNewsVirginia_small.jpg (3592 bytes)

"MONOPLANE AT ATLANTIC COAST, NEWPORT NEWS, VA." white-border era post card, lightly toned back, small corner crease. $12.50 av

"Mr. GUSTAV HAMEL / filling up the tank of / his Morane Saulnier / Monoplane, 80 H.P. / Gnome Engine with / 'SHELL'" showing the pioneer British aviator who delivered the first official airmail & held records; unused reproduction postcard of circa-1913 [necessarily, he went missing May 1914 in this very aircraft] advertising, trivial wear at one corner, otherwise fairly fresh. $4.00 a(p)na NEW / NEU / NOVA

"MtCOOK / NEW ZEALAND / De Havilland D.H. 4" / FIRST FLIGHT OVER MT COOK / September 8, 1920" with art in vertical format depicting the event, unused continental postcard in excellent condition. $1.50 na(p)*

"No 155 Triumphs of the Air / Mr. L. I. PAULHAN writes: / I used SHELL on my flight from London to Manchester, and from / start to finish the Gnome Engine ran / splendidly / ... / 'SHELL' Motor Spirits" unused reproduction of a circa-1911 advertising postcard in excellent condition. Louis Paulhan won the Daily Mail aviation prize for that flight in 1910. $4.00 a(p)gga

"NX62E / Billy Parker" flying a 1912 Model Curtis Pusher, with an ad on back for Phillips 66 aviation gasoline, unused postcard, light toning near the stamp box & the left front border, otherwise fairly fresh. Mr. Parker was long-time manager of Aviation Sales at Phillips Petroleum Company from 1927 on. The "pusher" shown was his own successful design which first conquered the altitudes of his native Colorado, and later was demonstrated  for Phillips publicity purposes. $10.00 a(p)onm

"O! you man-bird flying high, / You'r(sic) taking big chances, up in the sky, / For there's never been one yet, t'is(sic) said, / who has'nt(sic) landed on his head" regular-postcard size printer's proof with guide marks at either front side & bottom, unevenly toned blank back, minor corner rounding. As best we can tell from an Internet search the design never made it to postcard. An interesting reflection on attitudes toward pioneer aviation & aviators. $8.00 a(p)p NEW / NEU / NOVA

AviationPioneer_RooseveltFlyingCorporation-200_small.jpg pioneer aircraft photo available from LotsOfPhotos.com"ROOSEVELT / FLYING CORPORATION" 8-inch x10-inch photograph of 4 men & 1 woman beside their autos (bearing New York 1931 license plates), all parked near a Ford Tri-Motor aircraft on Roosevelt Field, Mineola -- its headquarters & where the Roosevelt Aviation College was located. Shown. A subsidiary of The Aviation Corporation, it was at the time one of the larger aviation organizations in the world. Also, two other similar photos from different angles & with different people -- the most interesting of which is a uniformed 'Checker'. Bends & creases in the border areas could easily be matted out. Rare. All three for $100.00 an(m)n(r)

Cover_AustralianAntarctic_FDC24-10-79.JPG (83693 bytes)

See also Aviation covers for stamp issues commemorating aviation pioneers. Shown is a commemoration of the first flight over the South Pole.


See also First flight covers worldwide. Shown is a registered 1930 first flight cover from Peace River to Carcajou Alberta.

"'Shell' / Motor Spirit / THE SPIRIT OF THE AIR" art depicts an angel flying with a can of Shell Motor Spirit, unused reproduction of an advertising postcard made in Great Britain, excellent condition. The quote mark after shell is missing. $4.00 a(p)ga

"SOUTHLAND / First cross-country / flight in New Zealand / Invercargill to Gore, February 20, 1914 / Caudron 'C'" with art in vertical format depicting the flight of J. W. H. Scotland from above, unused continental post card in excellent condition. $1.50 na(p)

"Swift's Premium Butterine / Copyright 1910 Swift & Company" set of 6 unused advertising postcards each with an eight-line poem & art of a different airship, emphasizing worldwide acceptance of their butter substitute. Top to bottom & left to right: Miss Johnnybull of London town; Miss Deutscher Girl of Deutschland & Zeppelin; Miss Milano from Italy & dirigible; Miss U. S. American & biplanes; Miss Parley Vous of Gay Paree & Bleriot aeroplane; and the all-inclusive "No more on Mother Earth we run...". Backs have pre-printed messages in handwriting from different women. Small upper corner crease & scraped short back edge on the British. Toning near 3 back edges on the Italian. Toning along one short edge of the US & a small spot of toning in its address area. Toning along the bottom back edge of the all-inclusive. All six for a total of $45.00 apa(p)f

"The tanks on Mr. Grahame White's aeroplane / being filled with 'SHELL' MOTOR SPIRIT." showing the English aviation pioneer who was the first to make a night flight, circa-1913 advertising postcard, tiny bottom corner crease, a few small spots of toning in the back address area, good edges. Slightly taller than a regular-size postcard, we price it as a reproduction: the internal crease on the original, from which it is based, is simply not present here. All that said, it is still surprisingly hard to find! $4.00 a(p)na

"The Wright Flyer of 1908 / CENTENARY OF FIRST FLIGHT" unused continental postcard published by the United Nations Postal Administration, near mint. $1.25 a(p)

Three pioneer aviation art posters reproduced on near-mint post cards of regular size. Left-to-right: Konkurrenz-Fliegen der ersten Aviatiker der Weld, Flugplatz Berlin (1909) offering prize money; Doncaster England (1909) with aviators Cody, DeLagrange, Farman, Sommer, Leblon & others engaged; & Bruxelles Meeting d'Aviation (1910) under the patronage of the King. Your choice $2.50 each or all 3 for $6.75. pa(p)

  AviationPropeller_UniversalAirLS-200small.JPG pioneer aviation postcards available from Judnick.com   AviationPropeller_UniversalAirLS_Back-200small.jpg pioneer aircraft post card available from Judnick.com UNIVERSAL AIR LINES SYSTEM. Unused monochromatic green regular-size postcard showing its Ford Stout (NC9069) flying low over trees & a nearby lake, seen from an even higher vantage point; airline logo on back with 1928 copyright & 'ENROUTE / From ______ / To _________' preprinted on back for a passenger's convenience, 2 light small circular indents show on back from ticket being stamped. Super rare! $35.00 a(u)a(p)

"'Waiting for Charles A. Lindbergh' W. Carson St., Pittsburgh, PA. August 3, 1927. Some / 10,00(sic--missing zero) greeted him at Bettis Field..." unused black & white post card with good edges, interesting despite the error, modern & fresh. $1.50 ea(p)

Wanted to buy--postcards & photos relating to pioneer aviation at Korn Field in Shelby County Ohio. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros, postpaid to Columbus Ohio.  NEW / NEU / NOVA

Wanted to buy--post cards about Hunter Brothers Aviation (John, Walter, Kenny & Albert) who once held the flight endurance world record circa 1930. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros, postpaid to Ohio. *c

Wanted to buy--postcards bearing images of pre-World War I women aviators. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros, postpaid to Columbus Ohio. *c

Wanted to buy--postcards showing the Hawker Sea Fury fighter-bomber in the WWII - Korean War era. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros, postpaid to Columbus Ohio! *c

"When good girls go a-flying / With Guys who're fresh at all, / It's always wise to take along / At least a parasol. / 621" fanciful art depicting a young lady jumping from a biplane; unused postcard from the Aviation Comics series of 12 designs, light toning on back, good edges. Rare: when we searched the Internet, we found no other offers, no recorded sales & no exhibits of it. $8.00 ua(p)

"When You Get Back To Earth / amidst all the 'Pow-Wow / to those Smart Alec knockers just haughtily bow / With the Grace of a hero who's shown them all how / And then sing this song to them / Who's Looney Now" (the ' after Wow missing as we relate here); signed Ryan art depicting a man about to jump from a roof with a bicycle-powered flying contraption to keep him aloft, Winsch-published postcard numbered A-695 on back, unused, small upper corner crease, soft corners, very light toning both sides. Unevenly divided back so circa 1907-1908. $7.50 a(r)a(p)w NEW / NEU / NOVA

Zeppelin_img005_small.jpg zeppelin post card available from LotsOfCards.com

Zeppelins of early usage are listed on another page. Shown is the war airship invented by Major von Perseval.

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