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Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
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"20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA" showing the submarine 'Nautilus'; Walt Disney World Orlando postcard mailed there 1994, small spots of toning near the stamp, front & edges are fine. $1.50 df

"A GOOFY WAY TO PUTT" unused copyrighted postcard from Walt Disney World, excellent condition. $3.00 s(g)d

"An old wood-burning stove and hanging chandeliers set the / mood of Upjohn's old-fashioned drugstore in Disneyland. / Store is replica of an establishment of the 1880's." unused postcard, printed in the USA, fairly fresh with good edges. Back has logo of The Upjohn Company of Kalamazoo Michigan. $1.25 dpm(k)i(s)

"Atlanta...It's A Winner" with Mickey Mouse pitching a baseball, unused continental postcard, copyrighted, excellent condition. $2.50 dgs

"BASHFUL" Anchorage Alaska QSL card with Runnin' Bare commissioned art with 1979 copyright, excellent condition. $2.00 da

"BEHIND THE MAGIC / 50 YEARS OF / Disneyland® / THE EXHIBIT / A Truly Magical Exhibit! / Opens September 23 at Henry Form Museum®" advertising brochure in full color for a 2005 event in Michigan. $0.75 d

"Brave Little Tailor / CHARTER YEAR MEMBERS-ONLY SCULPTURE" 1993 announcement of a Mickey Mouse figurine modeled after his appearance in the 1938 classic named in the caption, copyrighted, handstamp of a selling store on back, otherwise fresh & appealing. $2.00 dm

"© Walt Disney Productions" two unused note cards of slightly differing sizes featuring Disney characters, near-mint condition. When folded out as shown they are approximately the size of a regular postcard. $2.50 gets both. d

Disney_CinderellaCastle-200_small.jpg Disneyland postcard available from Judnick.com

"CINDERELLA CASTLE - FANTASYLAND / Glowing warmly at twilight,..." an exterior view at Walt Disney World in Florida, unused chrome post card with fresh appearance. $1.25

"COAST TO COAST FLYER" showing Mickey Mouse climbing out of a propeller aircraft & "CHAMPION GLIDER" showing Donald Duck taking a joy ride, circa 1934 - 1939 Post Toasties cardboard cut-out premiums, previously folded along the lines suggested so that they could stand upright. Each fits within a regular-size postcard sleeve. Seldom offered. Both for $12.00. d

"COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE / A real foot-stompin' hoe down featuring the Five / Bear Rugs, greets visitors to Frontierland's ..." unused Walt Disney World Postcard (011-0357) with fresh front, good edges, toned back. $1.00 dm

"CX3CS" Montevideo Uruguay QSL card with prominent multicolor art depicting the Disney characters Donald Duck & Pluto, used 1949 by operator Enrique Mariofranzoni, 2 small corner creases, long bend with small tear at the top (not into the characters). $1.75 ud

"DEC-USERS, / See the World's biggest DEC-Compatible Show / DEXPO® West 84 / ... / Disneyland Hotel · Anaheim CA / December 11-14, 1984 ..." unused business reply card from an ad campaign conducted by Expoconsul International Incorporated in Princeton Junction New Jersey, good edges. $1.25 cc(a)d

      "Disneyland" multiview postcard with 4 Anaheim scenes--Sleeping Beauty Castle, Mark Twain Steamboat, Jungle Cruise & Tomorrowland, unused post card with good edges. Shown. $1.50 c(a)d. Same, but different printing probable, airmailed 24 October 1972 by someone giving a detailed account of what she had enjoyed, tiny pinholes to the top corners so a class could read it on their bulletin board. $1.50 dc(a).

"Disney's / ALL-STAR RESORT / MUSIC" with backside mentioning Calypso, Country Fair, Rock inn, Broadway & Jazz at Orlando, postcard mailed 1995 to Mr. Ed Roth in Walker West Virginia, crushed upper corner & 2 conspicuous scrapes from the postal equipment. As is. $0.50 dm

"Disney's POCAHONTAS / ... / Distributed by: FLEER CORP." 2 stickers on cards each measuring approximately 3" x 2" from a publicity series for the movie, made in Italy by Panini, numbered 52 (top) & 219 (bottom). A little waviness & fingernail indent evidence recipient thought about removing them. Both for $1.75 dm

"Disney's / Quack / Pack" unused continental postcard publicizing the premier of an animated TV series in the Fall of 1996, near mint condition. Featured Donald & Daisy Duck & his nephews, it lasted but one season. $2.00 dt

"Disney / Winnie the Pooh" showing the cartoon bear grasping a bucket of honey & then eating from it; unused plastic continental postcard with autoadhesive back & view changing as you turn the card in the light. Copyrighted & printed in Italy. Very special & near mint. $2.00 db

"DJ9HB" QSL card mailed 1968 from Bad Salzig/Rhine in the Rhineland-Palatinate of Germany to Ohio by operator Heinz Benne, black & white art with Donald Duck & another character. continental postcard with 2 small corner bends, attractive. $2.00 dg

"Dutch Inn  Walt Disney World / LAKE BUENA VISTA, FLORIDA / A COMPLETE HOTEL & GOLF RESORT" postcard mailed August 1973 to Mrs. R. M. Sisson in Columbus Ohio, one tiny upper corner bend. $2.50 df(l)

"ELEPHANT BATHING POOL // Far from civilization, in the remote jungles of Asia, / an explorer's boat cruises ..." at Adventureland in Anaheim; unused post card copyrighted by Walt Disney Productions, good edges. $2.00 c(a)d

"Goofy Games / Summer Premiere Event / June 20-22 / 2008 / CLASSICS Walt-Disney / COLLECTION" unused continental postcard publicizing a limited edition poster featuring Goofy as torchbearer (from the movie 'Olympic Champ' 1942), near mint condition. (2 available) $1.50 dpm

"GOOFY, MICKEY AND PLUTO POSE WITH ONE OF / THE MANY DISNEY ENTERTAINMENT GROUPS" copyrighted Walt Disney World® postcard, written message & addressing but not sent. $1.75 d

"Happy Birthday" die-cut Hallmark birthday card used for its intended purpose, 1937 copyright by Walt Disney Enterprises. Center continues: 'Here's Mickey Mouse with a birthday wish Intended just for you, And the Mickey Twins have come along to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!' Size fits nicely into a regular postcard sleeve. Spots of white paste residue on back do not detract. 'Betty Stiles' written inside in a child's pencil writing. As best we can gather from filmographies & the Wikipedia article on Mickey Mouse, the twins are rarely seen. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. db

Disney_HiHoHiHo-200_small.jpg Disney postcards available from Judnick.com

"'Hi-Ho!' 'Hi-Ho!' / Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ... / ... Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom." unused postcard, in excellent condition. $1.25 df(l)

"HORSE-DRAWN STREETCAR" on Main Street USA in Walt Disney World, unused postcard in excellent condition. $1.25 dhs

"HOUSE OF THE FUTURE -- TOMORROWLAND / The all plastic House of the Future..." post card mailed 1960, 2 tiny corner crease at bottom, edge wear along top. $1.00 dc(a)a!


Disney_IfYouveEver-200_small.jpg Disney advertising available from Judnick.com"If You've Ever / Experienced The Magic / Of Walt Disney World, / We're Looking For You! // Win a Disney Vacation" unused 1996 advertising promotion in an 8-panel fold-out (3 shown) from McDonald's® Sweepstakes for the Walt Disney World® 25th Anniversary (in the following year), excellent condition. $1.25 da

"In Disneyland / Millions have visited Monsanto Chemical Companys'(sic) / Hall of Chemistry, one of Tomorrowland's most pop- / ular attractions." unused postcard with 2 small spots of color near the top back center, good edges. This exhibit ran from 1955 to 1966. Given the grammatical error, however, this postcard did not last long. $3.50 c(a)d

Disney_ItAll-200_small.jpg Disneyland post cards available from LotsOfCards.com"'IT ALL STARTED WITH A MOUSE'" Walt Disney stands before Sleeping Beauty's Castle with many of his characters, including Mickey Mouse & Dumbo; unused postcard produced for sale at Anaheim, good edges. The auction site dealers will sell it to you for $4.00 and up, but our price is a much more reasonable $3.00 dc(a)n*

"IT'S A SMALL WORLD / A gala toy parade begins as IT'S A SMALL WORLD'S / imaginative clock 'performs' the time ..." in Fantasyland at Anaheim; unused post card copyrighted by Walt Disney Productions, fairly fresh with good edges. $2.00 c(a)d

"JUNGLE CRUISE / Adventure lurks at every bend in the winding / rivers as guest enjoy an explorer's boat cruise/ which carries them away from civilization on an exciting trip down mysterious jungle rivers in / Disneyland's Adventureland." unused postcard copyrighted by Walt Disney Productions, fairly fresh with good edges. Back printing specifies the Anaheim location. $2.00 c(a)d

"Late 19th century prescription counter in the Upjohn Pharmacy / in Disneyland. Pharmacist's balance in background dates back to / 1840, but of Hippocrates to 1800" post card with good edges, numeral written neatly on back. $1.50 dp

"MAIN STREET, U. S. A. / Chugging horseless carriages, gas lamps, and / 'Seaboard Victorian' elegance ..." unused Florida Walt Disney World postcard (79908-C), excellent condition. $1.50 dm(f)

March 1991 (Volume 9, Number 3) issue of Postcard Collector Magazine. Features on Disney, strawberries, Charleston South Carolina & more. $2.50 p,d

MEREDITH AIR TRANSPORTATION (United Kingdom). Unused black-and-white continental postcard showing its Douglas DC-3 (G-AMSU) ready to board at Flughafen Rhein-Main Germany, good focus & contrast, published in Switzerland, near mint. The aircraft was formerly registered as G0AMOO for Scottish Aviation Limited. Briefly at Euro Disney in France but not used there. $8.50 agdu

Fire_Mickey-200_small.jpg Disney card available from LotsOfCards.com
[Mickey Mouse losing control of a fire hose under pressure] cartoon art on a student-made (7th grader) postcard-size manila card, nice job of pasting & composition, obviously one-of-a-kind. $5.00 fd

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"Monsanto" showcasing the home of the future in Disneyland, at night; postcard lithographed in the US numeral written in blue on the back, good edges. $1.25 di

"Party Time in Atlanta" with Minnie Mouse as cheerleader & Mickey Mouse in football gear, unused continental postcard from 'Mickey's Collection', copyrighted, excellent condition. Surprisingly hard to find! $3.50 dgs(c)

"PIRATE SHIP / Guests in Fantasyland enjoy visiting aboard / the Pirate Ship as it lays at anchor in the cove / of Skull Rock, a picturesque setting from the / story of Peter Pan." in Anaheim; unused postcard copyrighted by Walt Disney Productions, good edges. $1.25 c(a)d

Disney_PolynesianLuau-200_small.jpg Disney postcard available from Judnick.com

"POLYNESIAN LUAU" showing an authentic Tahitian dancer & drummer performing at night, unused Walt Disney World post card, tiny corner crease, other edge wear is trivial. $1.25 fddm

"Pot-bellied stove and hanging chandeliers set the mood of / Upjohn's old-fashioned drugstore in Disneyland. / Store is replica of an establishment of the 1880's." unused postcard, light toning at the upper right back corner, small dark spot of toning in the address area. $1.50 c(a)dp

"PROFESSOR GEORGE J. KELLER'S JUNGLE KILLERS / George J. Keller, a former college professor turned wild- / animal trainer, demonstrates for the first time the unarmed / subjugation of a group of African lions, tigers,..." unused chrome post card from Disneyland at Anaheim California, copyright 1955 (opening day was July 17 1955 so they can't get much earlier!), several small surface indentations most easily seen from the back, corner & edge wear, small corner crease, as is. SOLD ccd^

"PUTTING ALONG AT THE GOLF RESORT / Practice greens at the Golf resort Hotel prepare players for / the resort's two championship 18-hole courses. the only an- / nual national team competition on the PGA circuit is played / here." postcard with Walt Disney World® logo on back, a little pencil writing on back will probably erase well, good edges. Seldom offered. $4.50 ds(g)

See also our Disney topical covers.

See also our Comic Book pricelist, for such characters as Donald Duck.

"SLEEPY / TIME TO ANSWER THE MAIL" QSL card printed by Runnin Bare in McMinnville Oregon, 1980 copyright, excellent condition. $1.25 d

TALLMANTZ AVIATION, INCORPORATED. Unused black & white Ilford real photo postcard from an undisclosed publisher showing its North American B-25 (N10428) at the Orange County Airport at Santa Ana California, good focus allowing much to be read from the fuselage, contrast a bit low. This plane, piloted by Frank Pine & co-piloted by Wayne Berg, was involved in the filming of 'Circle Vision' (a 1972 Walt Disney Production). Rare. $10.00 a(p)c(s)ma

"THE HALL OF PRESIDENTS / Inside Liberty Square's Hall..." showing a stage show at Walt Disney World in Florida, unused chrome postcard, fresh appearance. $1.00 *

ANAHEIM (ORANGE COUNTY). "The Mark Twain steamboat passes Cascade Peak / and its beautiful waterfalls, one of the newest / additions to Frontierland ..." unused postcard copyrighted by Walt disney Productions, good edges. $1.25 c(a)d

"THE MICKEY MOUSE REVUE" featuring a cast of 85, many with instruments; unused Walt Disney World post card number 79914-C, tiny paper separation at one upper corner (it is all there), otherwise fresh. $1.00 dm

"The Upjohn Company's old-fashioned drugstore in Disneyland / Over 1000 pharmaceutical antiques..." showing its exterior, unused chrome post card, fresh appearance & good edges. $1.25 ad

"THE WALT DISNEY WORLD R.R. / Old-fashioned narrow-gauge steam trains depart / from Main Street for grand circle trips around / the Magic Kingdom" postcard mailed 1973, small corner crease, corner & edge wear. $0.75 d*

"TOMORROWLAND / A panoramic view of Tomorrowland as seen from / high atop mighty Matterhorn Mountain. ..."  in Anaheim; post card mailed 21 JUL 1980 from San Bernardino,  long bottom corner crease. $1.25 c(a)d

"U-boats" showing a GE U368B #4010 Auto-Train in 1975, unused chrome post card, near mint. Last departure & rolling stock auctioned in 1981. Took thousands of families & their cars to Disneyworld. (2 available) $1.25 each. rd

"Walt Disney's / LIVING DESERT" by Jane Werner & the Staff of the Walt Disney Studio, base on the film narration, 124 pages well indexed & illustrated in color. 1954 copyright, former owner's name on an inside page. $10.00 dmd

"WELCOME TO THE MAGIC KINGDOM" with its First Citizen Mickey Mouse, copyrighted postcard produced for Walt Disney World Florida, excellent condition, back printing all-blue. Shown. $1.00 d. Same except back printing is all black. $1.00 d

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"Walt Disney / World / 26 COLORFUL PHOTOS of / THE VACATION KINGDOM / © WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS" booklet of views back-to-back from the earliest days of Orlando. How do we know without a date or mailing postmark? No Florida flag in the logo to distinguish it from its West Coast counterpart-- only seen in pre-opening material and the earliest postcards from there, and quickly discontinued. We believe that each of the views also became the earliest chrome postcards from there, and we have seen many of these images displayed with pride on collector websites on what they state are the earliest postcards. We doubt that many collectors have all 26 of these images! A few captions:Disney_WaltDWorld_26-200small.jpg Disney folder available from LotsOfCards.com

  1. "Relaxing on the beach of the Seven Seas Lagoon" shown right
  2. "The Palm Course in the Walt Disney World Golf Resort" also shown right
  3. "The Jungle River Cruise explores mysterious tropical regions of the world"
  4. "Main Street U.S.A. recreates turn-of-the-century America"
  5. "Mickey Mouse and other Walt Disney characters meet guests in person"
  6. "A 'trembling trio' of musicians performs in the Haunted Mansion"
  7. "The Haunted Mansion--home of 999 happy ghosts, ghouls and goblins"
  8. "The Country Bear Jamboree--a foot-stompin' country Western hoedown"
  9. "Exotic Adventureland is one of the many areas explored by guests on guided tours"
  10. "Drivers of all ages compete over the Grand Prix Raceway"
  11. "Children of the world perform on 'the happiest cruise that ever sailed" - It's a Small World"
  12. "Fort Wilderness provides camping and outdoor recreation for vacationing guests"
  13. "Climbing to high adventure in the Swiss Family Island Treehouse"
  14. "The Polynesian Village ... a tropic island vacation paradise"
  15. ""Fantasy in the Sky' fireworks spectacular"

Trivial edge wear. Price: $70.00 for the entire booklet of 26 views. dfa

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
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We will check availability & quote promptly.


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