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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / UUSI / NÝR.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.
A special section on Dutch Children Aviators has been created here.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Prices exclude postage & insurance unless noted.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com


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Arab postcards, Dubai postal history, Dubai stamps
& United Arab Emirates postal history -- all at this website.

"Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, two of Dubai's most stunning landmarks" as seen in 4 views (2 each), unused approximately 5-inch square postcard from copyrighted photos by Sæid Momtahan, excellent condition. Dazzling architecture. $1.50 ud

Wanted to buy--more postcards from there, especially ones that have been mailed. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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"142. FISHERMEN'S CHILDREN. EILAND-MARKEN. A FISHING TOWN IN HOLLAND" color postcard, unused, pertinent information on back, lightly toned back. $2.50

"320-V / IT'S TULIP TIME IN HOLLAND / EVERY YEAR IN MAY" in Michigan, unused chrome-era postcard, tiny bottom corner crease. $0.75 m(h)d

Better_601small.jpg Dutch children postcards available from Judnick.com

"A / Happy Eastertide" Dutch girl carrying a basket of large flowers, chicks at her feet & Delft tile background; elaborately embossed postcard with undivided back printed in Germany for Raphael Tuck & Sons (no series or other numbering), mailed 1907 at Columbus Ohio to Miss Katharine Zane in Hillsboro Ohio, upper corner bend, good edges otherwise. $4.50 dte

"Although ve are / apart / I vill be true / to you." art depicting 2 Dutch children on a postcard mailed 1913 with a 1-c parcel post stamp to Mrs. Frank Dishon in McCuneville Ohio, toned both sides, 1 upper corner chipped away, other corners with minor wear. $1.75 d

DutchChildren_ARideMit-200_small.jpg Dutch children post card available from LotsOfCards.com"A ride mit me iss bound / to please, / a lefthand drive / mit a righthand / squeeze" showing Dutch children on a date in an auto, postcard from the Blue Dutch Series of 32 subjects, mailed 1919 in Maine, tiny corner crease, just a little toning both sides. $3.75 d

Bookmarks_OldReliableCoffee-200small.jpg antique bookmarks available from Judnick.com"BOOK MARK. // 100 PER CENT PURE / AT ALL GROCERS // ALWAYS BUY / OLD RELIABLE COFFEE" with Dutch boy illustration shown above left, 1912 & 1913 calendars on back & a 5-1/2-inch ruler. Shown left. bdf. "BOOK MARK. // 100 PER CENT PURE / AT ALL GROCERS // ALWAYS BUY / OLD RELIABLE COFFEE" with Dutch girl & doll illustration, 1916 calendar on back with a 5-1/2-inch ruler. Shown right. Sold but front sides still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 bdf

"Copyright, 1905, by U. Co., N. Y. / BUY A PUP?" post card with signed Wall art shows Dutch child with basket of puppies, brownish paper & large corner scrape show on back, writing on back, lightly toned front, corner crease, as is. $1.50 ad

"DE HAPPINESS OFF MY HEART SPROUTS OUDT OFF MY FACE" signed Wall art showing a Dutch boy whittling with windmill in background, post card mailed 1912 in New York, brownish paper, small corner crease, trace of cancel ink on front. $3.75 ad

NEW HAVEN (MASON COUNTY). "DERE ISS SOME FOLKS / IN / NEW HAVEN, W. VA. / DOT VANT TO SEE / YOU FOLKS YET" with Dutch girl art on a post card mailed OCT 3 1913 (PITTS. & KENOVA T705 R.P.O. RMS hand cancel) to Mr. Bob Rickard in Maggie West Virginia, 2 very faint corner creases at upper right front, light fingerprint toning both sides, minor corner rounding. Hard to find! $4.00 w(n)d!


"Dere iss some peebles I knows vat / vouldn't put up mit va I do!" with color art depicting a boy & girl driving in a wooden shoe, unused T. P. & Co. postcard, fairly fresh. $4.50 d

DutchChildren_DerGlassIss-200_small.jpg Dutch children postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"DER GLASS ISS / VOT KEEPS THE / VIND OFF THE LADIES BEHIND" with two Dutch boys conversing near a fire hydrant & auto outside a building with a 'HAND MADE FRANKFURTERS' sign; post card mailed 1913 at Rogers Arkansas by Charles Linton to his cousin Charles Braddock in Waynesville Ohio, mild corner wear, light water stain along 3 back edges. Enough double-entendres for you? $5.00 dgg

"Der most lonesomeness place on / der map / HERRINGTON / Gee! how I vas wishin' you vas back" meaning what is now Herington Kansas (their founder dropped the second R in his name), postcard mailed JUN 30 1913 (clear K. C. & CALDWELL TR24 RPO hand cancel, a segment of railroad entirely within Kansas & on which Herington was a station), 2 tiny corner creases, light toning on front. The report of the General Superintendent or US Railway Mail Service spells the town name with one R as early as 1905, so apparently it required a considerable length of time for the name change to take hold universally. $9.00 k(h)d

DutchChildren_DissIssDer-200_small.jpg Dutch children postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"Diss iss der / reason vy i was'nt / on der job!" showing a Dutch boy trying to repair his auto; post card from the Blue Dutch Series of 32 subjects, mailed 1913, pinhole at top center, toning both sides, small scrape at right front, small bottom corner crease. $1.50 d

"Dis vas a bright shpot, / bot not so sunny as / very YOU is" art depicting a Dutch girl & part of a windmill, black & white post card with 1912 copyright, small corner crease, toned both sides, as is. $1.50 d

DutchChildren_DrinkUndtYou-200_small.JPG"Drink, undt you haf / eferybody drinking mit / you: shwear off, / undt you shwear / alone." with art in color depicting a Dutch boy holding an overflowing tankard, postcard mailed 1912, 2 small corner creases, light toning near the short front edges, penciled addition to caption reads 'That is me.' Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 da

Easter_EGreeting-100.jpg (289138 bytes)

"Easter Greeting" postcard art showing a Dutch boy with oar, Easter chicks & windmill, embossed, made in Germany, unused, lightly toned back. $4.50 (deb)

"Eferyding here iss blue / come undt bring / some sunshine mit you" signed Wall art shows Dutch girl on chair with windmill in background, post card mailed 1913 in Kansas, small corner crease, lightly toned front, lightly toned back. $3.75 ad


WestVirginia_Bluefield_DutchChiuldren_small.jpg (4492 bytes)"FROM OCEANS TO OCEANS DIS / IS VON VIDE VOLD YET, BUT /  BLUEFIELD (in felt pennant) / VAS DERE / BEST YOU BET." Dutch kid smokes cigar, postcard mailed 1917, corners well worn, brownish paper, corner crease, inconspicuous tear, as is. Bluefield is in West Virginia. $2.75 (wds)*

"Gals is queer / you bet, but / we must have 'em" Dutch boy in cowboy outfit, post card made in the USA, mailed JUL 11 1913 (clear KAN. CITY & CALDWELL TR12 R.P.O. RMS hand cancel) to Miss Harriet Kremer in Grand Rapids Michigan, minor corner rounding, very light toning near the front corners. $2.50 dc-r

DutchCHildren_GhustToInform-200_small.JPG"Ghust to inform youse / Dat yo are my debtor, / To de amount off / A long newsy ledder." with art in monochromatic blue depicting a Dutch boy making a phone call to a Dutch girl, unused postcard, no publisher information, upper left front corner lightly toned. Modern? $3.00 dt

"H-5 / RED STAR LINE / ANTWERPEN" with signed H. Cassiers art depicting 2 Dutch girls watching an ocean linear go by, post card with divided back sent from the S. S. Vaderland on AU 1 1909 (next-day Dover cancel ties 2 half-penny British King stamps) to Dr. Conrad Diehl in Buffalo New York, minor wear at the corners, probably separated neatly from a menu. $12.50 a(c)s(r)s(o)d

"Haf Youse Forgodden de Cholly / Times We Used to Haf in / Biddeford, / Maine // If Not Vhy Don't Youse Rite" with 2 Dutch kids & a wheelbarrow next to a suggestive envelope, unused post card with mild corner wear, light toning on front, toned back. $1.75 dm

"Hard vork iss de best / ting ven a feller / has no vun to luf / but himself, yet." postcard mailed JUN 11 1913 (KAN. CITY & CALDWELL TR12 RPO hand cancel) to Miss Harriet Kremer in Grand Rapids Michigan, upper corner crease, both sides toned, minor corner wear. $1.75 d

"Holand(sic) in America / Children of Dutch ancestry / in Holland, Mich."  home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1962 at Elwell Michigan, long corner crease, small upper corner bend with wear. $1.25 m(h)d

"HOLLANDSCHE JONGENS" post card art showing 4 boys in costume and ships in the background, mailed 1906 in Amsterdam to the United States, minor edge wear, one corner badly creased. $3.00

"I could rest on your . chest for effer undt effer" with drawing of a Dutch girl leaning head-first against a boy,  postcard mailed circa 1911, ugly ribbon of cancel ink on front, a little extraneous writing on the back. $1.00 d

NewYork_DoverPlains_IffICould.jpg (168408 bytes)"Iff I could beat it out of /  DOVER PLAINS, N. Y. / I vould be down to you yet" Dutch kid comic art with town name in a drum, circa 1915, scrape & light toning at center of bottom front edge, minor corner wear & rounding. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 ndm*

"If I luf you, undt you luf / ne vont that be luftly?" art in color depicts a Dutch boy kissing a girl over a fence, postcard mailed circa 1914, just a few tiny spots of cancel ink on front, minor corner wear, corner crease. $2.00 d

DutchChildren_IHadtA-200_small.jpg Dutch children postcard available from Judnick.com"I hadt a fine ride / undt vill be gladt / to go again." Dutch children return from a date in their auto, post card mailed 1910 in Ohio from someone who had just been on a ride in an Overland, upper corner crease, other corners worn noticeably, a lot of uneven toning both sides. $1.00 d

"I haf a load off good vishes, / Unt efferyvon's for you, / Dot you haf a Merry Xmas, / Unt a Happy New Year too!" signed art showing a boy with a toy wagon & biplane, postcard mailed from Gulfport Mississippi to Mr. George Powers in Norwood Ohio, album toning at the edges of both sides. $3.50 dt

Better_497small.jpg Dutch child postcards available from LotsOfCovers.com"I HAVE LONGED MANY / LONGINGS YET IN / MARION, O. / FOR A LETTER / VITCH I NEFER GET." Dutch boy with felt pennant postcard, mailed there 1916 to West Jefferson Ohio with a 1-cent stamp, recipient post office assessed a 1-c postage due (well-centered plate number star-5510), extensive stains miss the postage due stamp entirely -- a philatelic miracle. $2.75 o(m)d-u(p)

"I is good undt mad mit / you now. You have / too much luf / for other things / beside me" with art depicting 2 Dutch children, the boy hugging a box of Dannemiller's Royal Coffee, circa 1914 ad postcard mailed in Galion Ohio, 2 small corner creases, one long crease, toned both sides. As is. $2.75 dfa

DutchChildren_IKnowYou-200_small.jpg Dutch children postcard available from Judnick.com"I know you / don't luff me much / but say somding nice / to me vonce und I / vill gif you somding / efrybody likes" with art depicting 2 Dutch children on a teeter-totter, unused circa 1914 advertising post card for Dannemiller's Royal Coffee, lightly toned back, small spot of light toning on front, minor edge wear, short stress mark in the sky. $7.50 dfa

"I iss nodings to / nobody, but I vouldnt / like to be someding / to you, little von." art in color depicts a little Dutch boy who has doffed his hat, unused postcard numbered S.128 on back, soft corners. $4.25 d

"It makes me feel awfly sad / Sometimes, / Ven you don'd answer / Mine ledder..." monochromatic blue postcard with signed Witt art showing Dutch girl crying, mailed 1917 in Oklahoma, spot of toning at right margin, soft corners. $3.50 (ad)

Ohio_Jeffersonville_IVantDutchKid.jpg (319975 bytes)"I vant you to / come to /  Jeffersonville, / Ohio / To help me steer around der town" art depicts Dutch kid in auto with pennant, post card mailed there 1913 (clear cancel), slight browning of the paper with age, minor edge wear. $4.50 oda

"I VILL VELCOME / YOU VEN YOU COME TO / Miami, Okla. / UNDT MIT OPEN / ARMS BELIEFE ME" with art in color depicting a Dutch boy with satchel & umbrella to the right of a pennant; postcard mailed to Kansas (circa 1912-1916), long corner crease, mild corner wear, lightly toned front. $2.25 do

"I wrote you quite some / time ago. / Please if you get it, / let me know" post card mailed JUN 17 1913 (partial RPO cancel) to Miss Harriet Kremer in Grand Rapids Michigan, minor wear at one upper corner, a few tiny speckles of cancel ink on front. $2.00 d

"Jumbo Color Card / International DX QSL Swap Club / NEDERLAND / FOUNDED: MAY 5th 1983 / ..." unused club QSL card from a 1989 POMA series, featuring a Dutch girl in the art, good edges. $1.00 dn

"Luf is some / nodings dot / ickles two hearts / mit de same / somedings" Dutch children on a post card mailed to Mrs. Oren McMichael in Johnstown Ohio from Bucyrus Ohio, good MAR 16 1914  TOL. & THURSTON RPO cancel, upper corner crease, minor wear to 1 bottom corner. $2.50 d-r*

"Mit Best Wishes From / Cygnet / Too busy to Rite a Ledder" with town name on pennant & Dutch girl art, postcard mailed there 1913 by Hellen Clarke, mild corner & edge wear. $3.00 od*

"Philips' ½ Watt" briefkaart mailed 1916 in Amsterdam to a local recipient, advertising an early incandescent light bulb; light album impressions at the back corners, good edges. Rare: no other offers, recorded sales, or exhibits were found when we searched the Internet. The Nederlandsch Economisch-Historisch Archief has one of the advertising postcards for this bulb (there were several), but they do not show it.   $35.00 ead

"Philips' ½ Watt" unused briefkaart with fresh colors, advertising an early incandescent light bulb; back paper browning evenly to show true age (circa-1915), minor wear at one upper corner. Rare: no other offers, recorded sales, or exhibits were found when we searched the Internet. The Nederlandsch Economisch-Historisch Archief has one of the advertising postcards for this bulb (there were several), but they do not show it. A beautiful postcard. $30.00 ead 

"Py chiminy / dis place / PHOENIX ARIZ / iss vun great town / ven you're in luf" to the left of a Dutch boy & girl with interlocked arms, postcard from the Sign Post Series No. 911, mailed to Kansas, cancel ink on front, toning near top back edge. $2.00 da

Thanksgiving_TJoys-100.JPG (322170 bytes)

"Thanksgiving Joys" with quality embossed art showing a turkey at the left and a Dutch girl at the right, post card from the "Our Thanksgiving Series". corner crease, addressed in pencil on back. $3.50 td

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DutchChildren_Five_small.jpg (3587 bytes)

'THE ELLANDBEE' Dutch Art Series No. 111, postcard with gorgeous uncaptioned art depicting children, mailed 1905 from Great Britain to Rhode Island. long corner crease that is hard to see. $5.00 (dc)

DutchChildren_ThereIssVon-200_small.jpg Dutch children post card available from Judnick.com"There iss von / vacant seadt / in my auto / undt that's / for you, yes" postcard mailed 1914 at Hillsdale Michigan, pinholes at top & bottom center, small bottom corner crease, other edge wear is minor, three small scrapes on back obscure nothing. $1.75 d

"They're as stylish as comfortable and / as durable as they are stylish-- / Walk-Over shoes" monochromatic Delft blue postcard, uncaptioned art shows Dutch women talking by a door, child & dog, ad message on back is quoted, unused. $2.50

DutchChildren_2Gilrs_small.jpg (4373 bytes)

Uncaptioned card with lovely art showing 2 Dutch girls & windmill, embossed post card mailed from Austria to Massachusetts, forwarded to Pennsylvania. $5.00 (dg)

"Valentine / Greetings // Chust / von heart / between us" with art depicting Dutch children, post card mailed FEB 13 1913, one corner with 2 creases, 3 small spots of toning in the message area, extensive speckles of toning on front. $1.25 vd

"Ve / can't haf / a tirty-horse / power autombeel / mit a von-horse / income // SERIES 6108" with art showing a Dutch boy & girl conversing, unused postcard with 2 small corner creases (1 is faint), another corner with a small tear. $3.00 da

"Ven vorry makes / me wrinkles, / und smiles dey / make me dimples, / ..." showing a Dutch girl, black & white from Walker, postcard mailed 1913, lightly toned front, corner & edge wear, corner crease. $1.75

"Ven you feels blue, / Dere's von ting to do: / Get color-blind, / Undt forget it." next to a Dutch boy drawn in color, postcard made in the USA, mailed 1912 but stamp removed, minor corner wear, light toning on front. Right border in blue is thinner than the other 3 front borders, but card is not trimmed. $1.25 d

DutchChildren_VerYouLooking-200_small.jpg Dutch children postcard available from Judnick.com
"Ver you looking for a chauffeur / for life yet?" with Dutch children in an early auto, post card mailed 1914, from Eva Ruggles to Arthur H. Ruggles in Detroit, light toning both sides, minor corner wear. $3.25 dg

"Vonce I tought I knowed a / leedle somedings, but de / more I live, de more I know / how leedle Iknow yet. // DUTCH DOPE" with caption within a border of many Dutch children, postcard mailed 1916 to Kansas, brownish paper, scrape along bottom back edge, long crease horizontally, small corner crease, internal crease, as is. $1.00 d

"Von't you / haf a 'fish spoon' / midt me, yedt?" post card made in the USA, mailed JUN 19 1913 (light KANSAS CITY & CALDWELL TR 12 R.P.O. cancel) to Grand Rapids Michigan, both sides toned. $1.25 df

"When we meet /  in / SPRINGFIELD, / ILL." two Dutch children on leather post card mailed there 1907. $5.00 idl

"You candt play in / my yardt still / unless you luf / me already" showing boy & girl separated by fence, mailed 1913, minor corner wear & rounding. $3.75

Artist_Witt_YoGetMeUp-120.jpg (378021 bytes)

"Yo get me up in der air ven / yo don'd write me here" color art shows Dutch boy with windmill in background, postcard mailed 1917 in Ohio, 2 tiny spots in front margin, otherwise fresh. $3.75 (adw+)

DutchChildren_YouAutoCome-200_small.jpg Dutch children postcard available from LotsOfCards.com
"You 'auto' come undt ride / midt me forefer, yes." post card made in the USA, mailed 1913 at Columbus Ohio, 2 upper corners creased (1 tiny) & worn, partial cancel ink on front, bottom corners soft. $1.75 d


"A honeymoon on a / aeroplane midt de right von, vot bliss!" postcard made in the USA, S.203 series, messaged on back in English, light album marks at the corners. $3.00 d

"An areoplane / undt de right / girl, vould be / Heafen, yes." post card from the S203 series, mailed JUN 24 at Manchester New Hampshire to Miss Nina Mull in Tecumseh Michigan from her mother, inconspicuous but long vertical bend from the bottom edge, 2 light spots of toning on front. $3.25 dg(m)

"Come undt fly midt / me, undt fill me full / midt choy." postcard from the S203 series, mailed SEP 13 1913 to Mrs. Ida Mix in Sangerfield New York, spot of toning in the address area, small bottom corner crease. $3.25 d NEW / UUSI / NÝR

"Haf you seen de nice girls vat lif in / Pittsburg, Pa. / ve'll better you come qvick." art showing 2 Dutch children aboard an improbable biplane, post card mailed Sep 15 -13 at McKeesport Pennsylvania, address mostly erased on back, 3 corners creased, toning both sides, mild corner rounding. Rare: the only example we could find did not have the city filled into the pennant. $7.00 p(p)d

"How iss dis for high? But you should see / Kalamazoo, Mich. / den could you talk loud." with art depicting 2 Dutch children aboard a biplane, postcard mailed there FEB 6 1915 to Miss Pearl Frazee in Springport Michigan, trivial corner wear. The only one of its kind when we searched the Internet. Just a three other cities were found: Holland Michigan, South Beaver dam, Wisconsin; and Springfield Missouri. Destined to be framed & gifted to a pot-smoker in Kalamazoo! $7.00 m(k)d

"I vould / drop effen / from de sky still, if / I could get to you, yet." postcard mailed in Dorrance Kansas MAY 17 1913 to Miss M. C. Nicholas in Chapman Kansas, numbered S.203 on back, messaged in English, light album marks at the corners  toning from album contact. $2.75 d

"I vould go on, undt on / midt you beside me still." post card mailed JUN 30 from Okolona Ohio to Master Walter Harris in Wauseon Ohio, front unevenly toned, a few spots of light toning on back, trivial bottom corner wear. $2.75 d

"I vould like / to fly away / midt you alreadty." postcard from the S202 series, mailed JUL 29 1913 from New Haven Connecticut to Miss Elizabeth Kessler in also that city, minor corner wear. $3.00 d

"Ledt us take a / flying choy ride / together, yes." post card messaged in English, light album marks at the corners. $3.00 d

"My heardt vould / pound louder / than de engine / if you vould / ride midt me." postcard from the S203 series, mailed AUG 11 1913 from Detroit Michigan to Miss Ethel Branin in Camden New Jersey, noticeable corner wear & rounding, small spot of toning near a stamp corner obscures nothing. $2.75 d

"Vould to haf a  / aeroplane so I could / fly to you alreadty." yes." post card from the S203 series mailed MAR 24 1916 at Greensburg Indiana to Raymond Compton in Shelbyville Indiana, trivial corner wear, light toning at the back corners. $3.00 d

"You hold de steering-gear off my / heardt, undt it has wings, still" postcard from the s203 series mailed AUG 19 1913 from Martinsville Indiana to Miss Margaret Ross in Gas City Indiana, light rubber band mark at the left front, back toned near the edges. $3.00 d

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"3427  Hr. Ms. 'Holland'" unused black & white briefkaart with red caption, trivial wear at bottom corners, otherwise good edges, light uneven toning over the front, back paper evenly & lightly browning with age. $8.50 s(m)n

"PJ7 / K2KTT" Sint Maarten QSL card used 1991, fresh appearance. $1.75

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"LARGEST CURIO SHOP IN EAST AFRICA" black & white postcard, caption from prominent sign on shop, unused. $4.50

See also our East Africa and Uganda Protectorates stamps.

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