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Elektronik / ELEKTRONIKA / Électronique / Elektroonika /
Rafeindatækn / Електроника / 電子學 / इलैक्ट्रॉनिक्स / 전자공학

"14--New Pennsylvania $5,000,000 Electrically operated Coal Loader #3. / This Loader can handle 60 90-ton Card per Hour or a Car per minute  9A-H2180" showing a ship alongside in Sandusky Ohio, also an inset showing Dock No. 2 & Dock No. 1; unused circa 1939 postcard, lightly toned back, small upper corner bend. $2.75 o(s)s(l)e

Cover_RPO_EnidAnd-200_small.jpg RPO covers available from LotsOfCovers.com19 MAY 1908 ENID & WAURIKA R.P.O. cancel ties 1-c Jefferson stamp franking post card to Kansas City Missouri. Color view shows "DAM OF THE CHICKASHA ELECTRIC POWER PLANT, CHICKASHA, OKLA. All corners rounded, 2 corners creased but nothing affecting the stamp or cancel. $15.00 o(c)e-r

Missouri_036_small.jpg electric postcards available from Judnick.com

"25--NIGHT VIEW OF ELECTRIC FOUNTAIN, FOREST PARK, ST. LOUIS, MO." unused linen postcard, trivial wear at the bottom corners, otherwise fairly fresh. $2.50 m(s)e

Better_423small.jpg electricity postcards available from Judnick.com

"33-a. COMMONWEALTH ELECTRIC CO. PLANT, CHICAGO / This is the largest steam turbine plant in the world. Open / for visitors daily." interior on post card with hard-to-read pink-on-white caption, published by the New York Postal Card Company, back paper browning evenly with age, minor corner & edge wear. Hard to find! $7.00 eii

Better_421small.jpg electronics postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"52:--Mahoning-Hull-Rust, Largest Open Pit Iron Mine in the World, Hibbing, Minn. / Mammoth New Electric Shovel Loading Iron into Ore Cards, Minnesota Arrowhead Country." with interesting statistics printed on the back, unused white-border era post card published by Arrowhead Trading Post in Duluth, small paper separation at one upper corner, otherwise fairly fresh. $3.75 smme

"66  NIGHT SCENE ON LAKE, ELECTRIC PARK, KANSAS CITY, MO." from the lake, lit by approximately 100,000 bulbs, 2 towers framing the scene which includes the arc of the covered band pavilion towards the right--where Sousa, Sorrentino & Scariatti played at this former amusement park. Color postcard mailed there SEP 14 1908 to Miss Adah Dingey in Cloud Ohio by her cousin George, lightly toned back, small but conspicuous upper corner crease, long bottom corner crease hidden in a dark area, 1-3/4" internal crease vertically from the top edge. $4.75 m(k)gae

"Air Cooled / Burns Kerosene / Knight Sleeve Valve Engine / Semi-Automatic / 32 Volts--750 Watts // Willys Light / POWER AND LIGHT WITH THE QUIET KNIGHT // CITY COMFORTS FOR COUNTRY HOMES // Electric Auto-Lite corporation / Willys Light Division  TOLEDO, O., U. S. A. // COMMERCIAL COLORTYPE CO. - CHICAGO" unused circa-1920 advertising postcard printed for distribution at a fairground exhibit (per the printing on back), minor corner wear, light toning on back. $10.00 eo(t)a

"Air Telephone / Directory // Dial Your Station / with a / Day-Fan / RADIO / October, 1926" staple-bound 6-3/4"x4-3/4" 32-page booklet  (plus covers) from the Day-Fan Electric Company of Dayton Ohio. Astonishing detail: radio station call signs, owners, locations, wave lengths in meters, ratings in watts & Day-Fan settings. Includes US, US possessions & territories, Cuba, Mexico & a few of the stations in Europe & South America. Short log at the back of an actual customer. Neatly holed at the top for suspension, pages 10 & 11 shown to give an idea ot how much information is present. 1925 copyright. SALE IN PROGRESS reo(d)

Ohio_Minerva_AmericanElectric-200_small.JPG electronics postcard available from Judnick.com"AMERICAN ELECTRIC SWITCH CORP., MINERVA, OHIO / Photo: Byers Studio, Minerva" showing an exterior corner, unused post card, small light spot of toning in message area, light toning along short back edge near stamp box, good edges. $5.00 o(m)ie

"BEAUTY · UTILITY · COMFORT / Exemplified in the / Electrical Fixtures / Sold by / H. T. SCHMIDT / Electric Co." unused Azo (triangles up & down) sepia-tone real photo with undivided back, tiny bottom corner crease, other edge wear is minor, light spotty toning on back. The only mentions we found for this firm in the Davenport Daily Republican all dated 1902 - 1905. Rare: no other offers, recorded sales, or exhibits when we searched the Internet. $19.50 i(d)i(s)e NEW / NUEVO / NY

"Bryan-Marsh Company / Imperial Incandescent Lamps // DOUBLE FILAMENT LAMPS / THE MOST ECONOMICAL TO USE // THEY COST MORE PER LAMP / BUT YOU USE FEWER OF THEM" advertising postal card mailed SEP 10 1904 to Oneida Knitting Millis in Utica New York from a travelling salesman at the Hotel Hamilton in Holyoke Massachusetts, asking a customer to be more specific about the type of bulbs ordered. Bryan-Marsh lamps were second only to Edison in quantity worldwide at that time. They made over 100 styles, which occasioned the inquiry. $5.00 e

Arctic_CI8CW-200_small.jpg electronics QSL card available from Judnick.com"CI8CW" QSL viewcard showing the ICOM radio equipment provided to the skiers in a joint Russian/Canadian expedition from Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago to Cape Colombia on Ellesmere Island which was successful. The March 10 1988 date is early, so their log book indicates they were heading towards Sredniy Island. Most unusual. $5.00 aers

Better_028small.jpg electrical engineering postcards available from Judnick.com"CLARENCE MILLER / He's Your Kind Of Congressman / • A native, former mayor and lifelong resident of / Lancaster / ..." listing more background & policy preferences, campaign postcard bulk-rate mailed from Lancaster Ohio (Permit No. 136), excellent condition. An electrical engineer by prior trade, he held patents about pumping of gas. $2.75 pfeo

"CLASS '08 / OHIO UNIVERSITY / ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEP'T" with each of the 19 portraits framed within an electric motor, unused Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard, small upper corner crease, very lightly toned back from album contact. $15.00 $13.00 SALE PRICE: SAVE $2.00 (13% OFF) o(a)ec(o)

"CLASS '09 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEP'T / OHIO UNIVERSITY" with each of the 15 portraits framed by interconnected incandescent light bulbs, real photo postcard mailed JUL 1909, trivial corner wear, lightly toned back from album contact. Writer comments: 'the two in cap & gown are grads of the scientific course as well'. A clever design: the wires cross in the center to give the class year. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 ec(o)o(a)

"COIL WINDING SEC. 'E.  WESTINHOSE(sic) E. & M. CO." meaning of course the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company in East Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, male supervisors & repairmen standing in the background; unused circa-1904 sepia-tone real photo with undivided back, trivial wear at the bottom corners, slight oxidation. A film was made in this section in 1904 which can be seen at the Library of Congress website. A rare postcard. Why? Company officials were surely not amused at how their name was spelled! $18.50 p(e)ie PRICE REDUCED RECENTLY

"COLISEUM JANUARY 13th TO 25th / ELECTRICAL SHOW CHICAGO 1908 / THIRD ANNUAL ELECTRICAL SHOW" unused advertising postcard with unevenly divided back, minor wear at the bottom corners, just a few tiny spots of toning on back. While you can find this card on exhibit & a few reproduction offers as well, you will seldom see the real thing offered in nice condition, as we do here! $9.00 ei(c)i(m) NEW / NUEVO / NOWY

México_Chihuahua_InteriorOfElectricPlant.jpg (114456 bytes)"COMISION FEDERAL DE ELECTRICIDAD / MEXICO / PLANTA HIROELECTRICA DE SANTA BARBARA, CAPACIDAD 65,575 Kw." Interior showing Westinghouse equipment, unused Kodak real photo post card, trivial edge wear, mild curl to paper, low-contrast  / grayish. Interesting. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 mi

Copyrighted circa-1909 Parham & Shedd winding & connecting diagrams comparing the armatures for the  General Electric 800 & Westinghouse-No. 3 railway motors in great detail, tear at bottom center closes well, corners chipped & rounded, back is blank. $5.00 er(m)

Mutoscope_CurrentEvent-200_small.jpg electronics arcade cards available from Judnick.com

"CURRENT EVENT" with signed Russ art on a very rare Mutoscope arcade card from the Follies Girls series, depicts the skirt of a brunette hiked up by an electrical cord she is plugging into the wall; fresh color, good edges, small number written neatly on the back. Seen bid up to $107.50 at an auction site.
Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 mphea

"EA3NY" Madrid bi-fold QSL viewcard used 1990, picturing the Kenwood electronics to be used at Barcelona Olympics in 1992, C.O.A.R. B'92 logo on multicolor back. Each side is the size of a regular postcard. Nice! $3.75 seo NEW / NUEVO / NY

"EDISON MANUFACTURING CO. / Orange, N. J. JUN 23 1899" postal card sent to the Dayton Globe Iron Works in Ohio to acknowledge an order, upper corner crease. $3.75 n(o)

"EDISON MAZDA LAMPS // Edison's Dream Comes True // EDISON DAY October 21st / 36th Anniversary of Incandescent Lighting // 'THE ELECTRIC SHOP / 405 Race Street" picturing the city of Cincinnati all lit up at night, blotter longer than a regular-size postcard, used for its intended purposes, several tiny speckles of light toning show mostly in the front borders. Eloquent in its testimony as to the significance of his invention. $4.50 o(c)e NEW / NUEVO / NY

Spain_EG5A-200_small.jpg elecctronics QSL cards available from Judnick.com

"EG5A" Alicante Spain QSL card celebrating the 50th anniversary of Unión Radioaficionados Españoles, attractive multicolor art designed by EA4WP shows ham radio equipment. $2.00 se

"EK1AA" shortwave (7 MCS) Tangier International Zone QSL card used 1948 by operator A. K. DeVinney at RCA Communications there (part of the Tangier Radio Relay System so useful to link the New York to  Moscow and New York to Bombay circuits), small upper corner crease, paper starting to show its age. $3.00 mte

"ELIX" unused circa-1920 advertising postcard for incandescent light bulbs manufactured by Elix Belgium, slightly wider than regular-size, excellent condition. As always in advertising, sex sells: so the background coloration for the bulb invites you to compare its shape to the shape of the lovely lady's breast. Rare! $30.00 eb(b)

Four unused circa-1911 divided back postcards showing interior rooms of The House of Edison Light, located at 807 Main Street, corner of Bacon Street: the electric dining room, the electric bedroom, the electric kitchen & the electric library. The dining room back continues: 'Expert attendants will answer all your inquiries and show you the latest practical things for electric housekeeping. Take your friends there for an afternoon or evening. Open every business day 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.' Established by the Edison Electric Illuminating Company of Boston, after their first such display at Newton Centre (in December 1910) garnered so much attention. Rare: The only interiors we could find when we searched the Internet. $70.00  $60.00 gets all four. m(w)i(h)a SALE PRICE: SAVE $10.00 (14% OFF)

"Frigidaire / A GENERAL MOTORS / VALUE" 24-page staple-bound 6-3/4" x 5" circa-1932 advertising booklet describing 8 models of electric refrigerators with porcelain inside & out. Inside pages describing features of Model W-4 & W-5 (two of the smaller models) shown above. Handstamp of the Frigidaire Retail Store on 527 N. Howard Street in Baltimore Maryland applied neatly on back. $12.50 fem(b)

"From The General Electric Company, Limited, / 71, Queen Victoria Street, E. C / April 11th. '07. / Messrs Metropolitan Borough of Islington, / Head Office ..." illustrated  (Mitton generators & motors, continuous or polyphase current, on back), postal card mailed APR 11 1907 with 1/2-p stamp, typed message apologizes for wrong size wire delivery corrected by messenger delivery that day. Interesting. $4.75 e(l) NEW / NUEVO / NY

Electronics_FT5ZB-200_small.JPG electronics QSL cards available from Judnick.com"FT5ZB" shortwave (10 MHz) Amsterdam Island / Nouvelle Amsterdam QSL card with several commercial logos on front -- Antenne Tonna, Batima Electronic, Kenwood, Clipperton DX Club, AGRIMPEX, etc.; used 1998 by operator Dany (ex F6CZB & J28EI). $5.00 fe


FrenchGuiana_FY8CBack-200_small.jpg electronics QSL postcard available from Judnick.com"FY8C" continental Cayenne French Guiana QSL carte postale, used 1937 by operator C. Narolles, advertising for Philips Radio on both sides, very light toning. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 fera

Electronics_G2BRR-200_small.jpg Electronics postcard available from Judnick.com"G2BRR" Swindon Wiltshire continental shortwave (14 mc) QSL post card used 1967 by operator Richard 'Dick) G. Rugg, attractive logo of the Plessey Company Limited, upper corner crease, small but noticeable wear and bends to the other corners, ding to the bottom edge, nonetheless attractive. This company was an international electronics, defense & telecommunications company until 1989. $2.00 e(s)ei

"GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY / OFFICE 10th FLOOR MONADNOCK BUILDING / WARE HOUSE 365-465 EAST ILLINOIS STREET // TELEPHONES / OFFICE HARRISON 1686 / WAREHOUSE RANDOLPH 4081" showing a GE delivery van in development for use in Chicago Illinois (given the addresses already on), sepia-tone real photo postcard with good focus & contrast, addressed to 'C. L. Draper / Office' (GE engineer with patents to his credit, worked there circa 1914-1921), slight toning shows in the front margins. The engine-under-the-seat design suggests that the manufacturer was Autocar. The absence of a cab is unusual, suggesting that the topmost structures were still to be added, so that electrical equipment transported would not be subjected to the elements. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. ai(c)e

Scotland_GM3AXX-200_small.jpg electronics QSL post card available from Judnick.com"GM3AXX" Stewarton (Baile nan Stiùbhartach, Ayrshire) QSL postcard with exceptionally attractive hobby-related graphics & Pye Telecommunications Limited (Cambridge England) logo used 1993 by operator Alastair M. Fraser, excellent condition. $2.50 sqe

QSL postcards & QSL cards explained

Scotland_GM4REN-200_small.jpg electronics QSL cards available from Judnick.com

"GM4REN" Currie Scotland (near Edinburgh) QSL card with electronics schematic illustration, used 1990 by operator Brian Strathdee, trivial wear at 2 corners, otherwise fresh. $2.00 sqe

Wales_GW3ZV-200_small.jpg Welsh QSL cards available from Judnick.com"GW3ZV" colorful & interesting Rhigos (near Aberdare South Wales) QSL card used 1948 by operattor John Banner MBE, logo of Sobell Radio (later Sobell Radio and Television Development Laboratory). Tape remnants in 3 spots, 1 small corner crease with nearby wear, slightly longer than a regular-size postcard. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 wre

"INTERIOR OF ELECTRIC SHOP. / JACKSON AND MICHIGAN BLVDS., CHICAGO" postcard with their logo in green over the back message area, mailed APR 6 1914, long bottom corner crease. Rare: no other offers, recorded sales, or exhibits when we searched the Internet. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. i(c)i(s)e#

Electronics_NiagaraHudson765-200small.jpg electrical photos available from Judnick.com"Jamestown / N. Y. July 7 1932" 5x7" sepia-tone photograph with good focus & contrast, showing 6 employees of the Niagara Hudson Power Corporation beside truck 765 bearing the company logo, electric power equipment in the background. Shortly before, in 1929, this company was incorporated combining 59 smaller entities; later it became Niagara Mohawk Holdings Inc. $10.00 n(j)et

"JOS. N. DAVIES / W8ANT / NEW AND USED TRANSMITTING EQUIPMENT / FOR / AMATEUR AND COMMERCIAL RADIO STATIONS. / EIMAC TUBES IN STOCK ..." advertising postal card mailed NOV 1 1935 from Cincinnati, citing a Mount Airy address, marked 'Return Postage Guaranteed / RADIO W8CXW / TRENTON OHIO' on address side, small bottom corner crease, a little cancel ink on front, paper browning with age. $5.00 o(c)o(m)ea


"K2SUR" QSL postcard with background of explained electronic symbols, mailed 1958 at Pequannock by operator Bob Mueller, thin from tape removal at top center, many tiny spots of toning both sides, as is. $1.00 ne

"K3HS" Dresher Pennsylvania QSL postcard with Reddy Kilowatt design, prepared for operator Harry A. Schools, exceptionally fresh & attractive. $2.50 p(d)e& NEW / NUEVO / NY


Michigan_SaintJoseph_K3SJLLighthouse-100.jpg (338206 bytes)"K3SJL / 8 // 'One of the Hams at Heath'" Heathkit advertising QSL post card with color view of the North Pier Lighthouse at Saint Joseph Michigan, 2 small pinholes at top center, unimportant toning in address area on back. Used by operator Owen W. Cook. $3.75 mle*

"KA7IYS" QSL postcard with illustrations of the Marconi spark coil & Marconi spark gap, mailed 1981 by operator Jim Aigner, tiny corner bend, 4 small postal routing marks on front. $1.75 we

Electronics_ICOM-200_small.JPG electronics QSL card available from Judnick.com

"KB8WOO" QSL card picturing an Icom IC-781 transceiver in use in a mountainous setting, used 1990 by operator Eliot V. Robinson with a Akron address on Delia Avenue. $2.50 eo(a)

"KKG6185" unused Bridgeton New Jersey QSL postcard picturing 2 walkie-talkies in black & white, made for operators Al & Estelle Coombs, small bend at one upper corner, very light toning along one short back edge. $2.00 ne

"KL7CRE" territorial Anchorage Alaska QSL post card with Redi Kilowatt art, used by 1958 Philco techrep Dean W. Manley (APO942 address, good strike of its cancel on back), faint small bottom corner crease. $4.00 ae-a

QSL postcards & QSL cards explained

Norway_HereComes-200_small.jpg electronics QSL cards available from LotsOfCards.com"LA7IN" Karmoy Isle QSL card used 1972, all-over design shows an boat coming to service high-voltage equipment in a storm, tiny bottom corner crease, tiny spot of red color at left front edge. Interesting printed information about the island pasted to back. $3.00 ne

"Lamp 'PHILIPS' / Economie 75% / Lumière blanche et éclatante." promising white & bright light in French, Belgian advertising carte postale for a merchant o Boulevard Léopold III in Brussels (Georges Gui*lain, one letter hard to read) whose handstamp is on the back in red, toning near one short back edge. $12.00 eab

"LITTLE CHARLES RUBY / 31" the Purdue University AIEE homecoming parade float bearing an electrical motor,  2 gauges to measure its output & students from the Electrical Engineering Department; Charles Ruby being the instructor's name (mentioned in the 1910 Electrical Review and Western Electrician, Vol. 56 No. 2) who designed it & is probably on the float; unused sepia-tone Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard. Seldom seen; seldom offered. The place is Lafayette Indiana. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. epc(p)i(l)

Lot of 42 different business reply cards bearing ads targeted to electrical engineers, dating to November 1994, almost all near mint with fresh appearance. Good variety: portable data acquisition systems, controllers, transducers, instrumentation references, connectors & much much more. Interesting group. $12.75 e

Electronics_41Batteries.jpg (150423 bytes)Electronics_41ClientServerManufacturingSoftware.jpg (119529 bytes)Lot of 41 different business reply cards with ads targeted to electrical engineers, all dating to January 1995, almost all near mint with fresh appearance. Good variety: battery supplier (shown left), instrumentation, fuses, client / server manufacturing software (shown right), cable assemblies & much much more. Interesting group. $12.00 e

Electronics_May95_Source-LevelDebugger.JPG (143047 bytes)Electronics_May95_Receptacles.jpg (136957 bytes)Lot of 46 different business reply cards bearing ads targeted to electrical engineers, dating to May 1995, almost all near mint with fresh appearance. Good variety: interconnect components (shown right), source-level debugger (shown left), data acquisition boards, waveform recorders, power supplies & much much more. $13.00 e

  Electronics_July95_FuzzyLogic.jpg (137118 bytes)    Electronics_July95_FlatPanelComputers.jpg (179191 bytes)
Lot of 35 different business reply cards bearing ads targeted to electrical engineers, dating to July 1995, almost all near mint with fresh appearance. Good variety: flat panel computers (shown right), fuzzy logic software (shown left), controller catalogue, interval & frequency counters, cable tester & much much more. $10.00 e

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  Electronics_September95_BoardCatalogue.jpg (163363 bytes)    Electronics_September95_WaveformRecordier.jpg (158089 bytes)
Lot of 47 different business reply cards bearing ads targeted to electrical engineers, dating to September 1995, almost all near mint with fresh appearance. Good variety: i / o board catalogue (shown left), waveform recording with a PC (shown right), expansion bus interconnects, crystal oscillators, transient suppressors & much much more. $13.50 e

"LUCE BIANCHISSIMA / 1 WATT PER CANDELA / DURATA 1000 ore / ECONOMIA 75 per cente" postcard with divided back, advertising on back continues ' Le lampe électrique A avec la moindre consomption, a la durée plus longue', light album marks at the front corners, trivial wear at the bottom corners. $20.00 be

"M & E 18700-8-10-14 10M / ... STANLEY & PATTERSON / Electrical Supplies / Downtown-District Store / 23 MURRAY ST.-27 WARREN ST. / ... / CENTRAL-DISTRICT STORE / 141 - 143 - 145 WEST 36th ST. / (JUST WEST OF B'WAY / NEW YORK / ... / NEW YORK AGENTS GENERAL ELECTRIC CO'S EDISON LAMPS" postal card acknowledging an order of the Lima Mattress company in Lima Ohio, mailed SEP 16 1914, upper corner creased & toned. $3.75 n(n)e

"MAZDA / DRAWN WIRE ELECTRIC LAMPS / BRITISH MADE / RUGBY ENGLAND // YOU CAN DEPEND ON LAMPS MARKED MAZDA // MAZDA MEANS The MASTER LIGHT" 'postcard mailed 16 FEB 1917 at Maidstone, cartoon art & hard to read handwriting on back, tiny tear within the border closes well, minor corner rounding. Hard to find! $20.00 ee(r)a

New_York_City_Met_Life_Engine_Room_small.JPG (1982 bytes)"Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.'s Home Office Bldg., N. Y. City. Corner of Engine Room. Electrical and elevator equipment the largest of any office building in the world." Undivided back postcard mailed 1907, album marks on back, corner wear & rounding, corner crease. $4.75 (nie)

"METALLUM / VACUUM / ½WATT / JOH. KREMENEZKY, WIEN / XX. DRESDNERSTR. 57  TEL. 42-0-60" unused advertising card for an incandescent light bulb business owned by Johann Kremenezky, founder of the Jewish National Fund and Herzl's financier; slightly taller than a regular-size postcard, small corner crease, other minor corner wear. Reverse side carries a handwritten message (spellings as found): 'Dear Sir - Enclosed I'm sending yoy the proposal that you have sended me, hopping that you will give me your agency to the Portuguese Colonys.' Yona Krementzky, another spelling of his name, headed the JNF-KKL. Among other things, he initiated the Golden Book, and the publication of JNF stamps. Tying all it together, and among his many honors, he was nominated as one of the Dignitory Citizens of Vienna. This document is not signed but it is obviously an attempt to further his business. $135.00 $110.00 jea SALE PRICE: SAVE $25.00 (18½% OFF)

"(M)OTEURS ELECTRIQUES / LMB / MAGNETO BELGE S.A. BRUXELLES" advertising carte postale for 4-horsepower electric engines, mailed 24.6.35 from the International Exposition at Brussels to a local recipient, 6 stamps tied with a fancy expo cancel, minor corner wear. Miscut at the printer but used anyway. $5.00 bae-eb

"MY ELECTRIC LIGHT BILL FOR 1908 WITH OSRAM LAMPS WAS £2.10.0 / 16 C.P. OSRAM LAMPS ONLY CONSUME 1 UNIT IN 60 HOURS / OSRAM LAMPS // SWITCH ON THE LIGHT" mechanical advertising card, shown above left. When lever at bottom right is lifted, it reads "MY ELECTRIC LIGHT BILL FOR 1907 WAS  £10.0.0" shown above right. Back pictures the Osram Lamp Works, in Brook Green, London W. over "OSRAM LAMPS ARE OBTAINABLE FROM ALL LEADING ELECTRICIANS, IRONMONGERS AND STORES" shown below left. $30.00 iee(b)a

Computers_NewFree_small.JPG (4610 bytes)

"NEW! Free 208 Page Handbook / DATA ACQUISITION, COMMUNICATIONS / & INDUSTRIAL CONTROL INTERFACES" unused multicolor business reply card from MetraByte Corporation in Taunton Massachusetts, January 1988. $1.50 me

NewYork_Weedsport_NLAndO-200_small.jpg electirification postcard available from Judnick.com"N, L and O, POWER CO." uncaptioned (so we use the erroneously punctuated sign on the building) real photo postcard with good focus & contrast from Myer & Co. (photographers in nearby Jordan NY), mailed at Weedsport February 5 1914. This is the local office of the Niagara, Lockport & Ontario Power Company which used excess electrical generating facilities of interurban systems at night to provide electrical power for street lighting & for businesses with evening hours in a wide area. Note their specialized vehicle to ride the rails of the electrified trolleys which provided interurban service regionally; this was needed because the condition of the electrical lines over the rails was of paramount importance to them. The card has several creases which are surprisingly inconspicuous when viewed from the front. Rare & instructive. $60.00 n(w)e PRICE REDUCED RECENTLY

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NYC_091_small.jpg NYC electronics postcard available from Judnick.com"NO. 33  ELECTROTECHNOLOGY DIVISION / NEW YORK MUSEUM OF SCIENCE & INDUSTRY  ROCKEFELLER CENTER, N. Y." unused black & white post card with paper starting to yellow evenly with age. Back mentions interactive exhibits & their Hall of Motion. Definitely hard-to-find! $9.00 en(n)m

The following 4 interiors are rare. The splendid collection of the Oakland Museum of California shows you only 1 photo of this facility, an exterior. Located at the corner of 16th & Peralta Street, it became the Mazda Lamp Works, which partially explains the dearth of material these days.

"OAKLAND LAMP WORKS / 1648 16th STREET / OAKLAND, CAL. / LUNCH ROOM" with approximately 100 female employees ready to eat; unused sepia-tone Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard with high contrast, good composition & focus, trivial corner wear.  $40.00 c(w)ie NEW / NUEVO / NY

"OAKLAND LAMP WORKS / 1648 16th STREET / OAKLAND, CAL. / SERVICE ROOM" luxuriously appointed in rattan furniture, unused sepia-tone Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard with exemplary contrast, composition & focus, trivial corner wear. $30.00 c(w)ie NEW / NUEVO / NY

"OAKLAND LAMP WORKS / 1648 16th STREET / OAKLAND, CAL. / SERVICE ROOM" brightly lit & occupied by several dozen ladies, probably employees posing; unused sepia-tone Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard with good contrast, composition & focus, trivial corner wear.  $35.00 c(w)ie NEW / NUEVO / NY

"Service Room / Oakland Lamp Works / 1648 - 16 St. / Oakland Cal" luxuriously appointed & decked out for Christmas, unused sepia-tone Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard with exemplary contrast, composition & focus, trivial corner wear. $27.00 c(w)ie NEW / NUEVO / BAGO

=> Special: All 4 of the above postcards for $127.75 c(w)ie

"Office of Thos. A. Edison / E 20148 F. G. Temme Publ., Orange N. J." black & white postcard with blue caption, mailed NOV 7 1904 (complete ORANGE NJ flag cancel) to Edward Blodgett in Mill River Massachusetts. Hard to find! $12.50 n(o)e

Exposition_1904_ElectricityBuilding-200_small.JPG electricity postcard available from Judnick.com"Official Souvenir / Post Card // ELECTRICITY BUILDING // SAMUEL CUPPLES ENVELOPE CO., ST LUIS-NEW YORK, SOLE STATIONERY LICENSEE" with signed C. Graham art, mailed 1904, minor corner & edge wear, light album marks at the corners. $8.00 e(4)mea

Finland_OG1AD-200_small.jpg electronics QSL cards available from Judnick.com"OG1AD" Salo Finland multicolor shortwave (21 MHz) club QSL card used 1988. Advertising of Salora, a former consumer electronic manufacturer located there, then celebrating its 60th anniversary, small bottom corner bend, tiny spot on front obscures nothing, fairly fresh. $2.75 fe

"OKLAHOMA CITY 10 MILES // SOUTH WESTERN ELECTRIC Co." with 6 passengers within a photographer's prop automobile, circa-1905 unused sepia-tone real photo postcard with undivided back, trivial corner wear. From the days when companies such as General Electric were trying to finance electrical power systems & form operating companies. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. o(o)ae

NYC_378_small.jpg electronics postal card available from LotsOfCards.com"OUR TWO SERVICE DEPARTMENTS / APPLIANCE REPAIRS  RADIO REPAIRS / ... / KELLOGG & BERTINE / 692 MADISON AVENUE / ... Near 62nd Street  NEW YORK 21, N. Y." advertising postal card mailed 1954 (1-c stamp added), soiled front, vertical crease through center, as is. The location is the Lenox Hill neighborhood of Manhattan was there since at least 1919, but is now gone. Interesting: suggests rewiring appliances, comments on 1950 model radios; etc. $2.00 n(m)re

"Philips' ½ Watt" briefkaart mailed 1916 in Amsterdam to a local recipient, advertising an early incandescent light bulb; light album impressions at the back corners, good edges. Rare: no other offers, recorded sales, or exhibits were found when we searched the Internet. The Nederlandsch Economisch-Historisch Archief has one of the advertising postcards for this bulb (there were several), but they do not show it. $85.00 ead

"Philips' ½ Watt" unused briefkaart with fresh colors advertising an early incandescent light bulb, back paper browning evenly to show true age (circa-1915), trivial corner & edge wear. The Nederlandsch Economisch-Historisch Archief has one of the advertising postcards for this bulb (there were several), but they do not show this one. $85.00 $75.00 ea SALE PRICE: SAVE $10.00

"Philips' ½ Watt" unused briefkaart with fresh colors, advertising an early incandescent light bulb; back paper browning evenly to show true age (circa-1915), minor wear at one upper corner. Rare: no other offers, recorded sales, or exhibits were found when we searched the Internet. The Nederlandsch Economisch-Historisch Archief has one of the advertising postcards for this bulb (there were several), but it is not shown. A beautiful postcard. $100.00 ead

=> Special: The above 3 postcards for $249.75 ea


"PHILIPS / EINDHOVEN / (HOLLANDE) // Paysanne Hollandaise  1" advertising postcard claiming a 75% economy on the illustrated back for its incandescent lamp, chromo-phot. carte postale from Emrik & Ringer in Haarlem, corner & edge wear, album toning both sides, imperfectly rectangular but not trimmed. SALE IN PROGRESS en

"PRACTICAL COMPONENTS INC." / ... / Dummy parts just go a whole lot smarter" unused business reply card from their November 1997 campaign offering their catalogue to electrical engineers. The firm is in Huntington Beach California. $1.00 ce

Ohio_Lima_PublicSquareAt-200_small.jpg electricity postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"Public Square at Night during / G. A. R. Convention, June 1908, Lima, Ohio" color post card showing the large number of electric lights to great advantage, made in Germany, note on back dates to 1910, trivial corner & edge wear. The Grand Army of the Republic was a fraternity of Union Army veterans from the Civil War. $8.50 o(l)cfe*

See also Radio stations & stars on postcards.

Sweden_SM5IMO-200small.jpg electronics QSL cards available from Judnick.com

"SM5IMO" Vingåker QSL postcard with Ericsson Telefonaktiebolaget L. M. Ericsson logo & advertising, world map design, used 1990 by operator Dan Hultgren, trivial wear at 2 corners, otherwise fairly fresh. $2.50 se

"SMUGGLERS NOTCH / LIGHT AND POWER CO. / PLANT NO. 1 STOWE VT / 3612" unused circa-1946 Dupont Photo Products real photo postcard in excellent condition. Surprisingly hard to find. SALE IN PROGRESS v(s)e

SARD_QSL-300_small.jpg electronics advertising card available from Judnick.com

"S01MZ" bilingual shortwave (21 Mhz) Saharan Arab Democratic Republic QSL card with 2 views used in 1989. Color view shows a tea ceremony within a nomadic tent. Black & white view on back shows the operator Mahafud Zein. Most unusual.
Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. sgei*

MIXone_243_small.jpg electric post card available from LotsOfCards.com"South Main Street, Adrian, Mich." prominently showing the A. B. Park Co. / Dry Goods & Carpets Building, the temporary large sign announcing the move in of the Robert Thomson & Co. with Up-to-Date Shoes next door 'about October 1st', horse & buggy & early auto at the curb, & 'ELECTRIC LIGHT / IS THE ONLY WAY' sign; unused color postcard made in Germany, published for Farmer Fred in Battle Creek. Quite fresh for its age and rare! $18.00 m(a)fg(p)me PRICE REDUCED RECENTLY

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RefrigeratorMagnet_SummerSpecial-200_small.jpg electronics refrigerator magnet available from Judnick.com

"SUMMER / SPECIAL! // RECYCLE // NOW GET / $50 / FOR YOUR OLD FRIDGE // SAVE UP TO / $150 / A YEAR ON ENERGY" refrigerator magnet from AEP Ohio urging people to discard their refrigerators! A 2011 campaign. $0.75 ree

"Tadiran Batteries / Don't know when / to quit" advertising in 2 colors on unused business reply card (Permit No. 552), circa January 1998, fresh appearance. $1.00 n(p)e ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

"TANTAL-LAMPE" art on an advertising Postkarte for an early incandescent light bulb, unused & fairly fresh for its century-old age. In the collection of the University of Cologne. Rare & seldom offered, especially in this nice a condition. $70.00 e

Electronics_TheASEAHigh-200small.jpg electronics brochure available from Judnick Postcards

"The / ASEA / HIGH-VOLTAGE / POWERAMA" Allmanna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget brochure in 12 panels (2 shown), folds to fit in a business-size #10 envelope; advertising 3-phase AC systems, hydro-electric generators, AC-DC converters, HVDC transmission, grid connectors, power transformers, etc. Fresh & interesting. (3 available) $1.50 for one; $1.25 each for 2 or e. es

"The NEW BLF Series / Surface Mountable Filter..." unused black & white business reply card from a CORCOM January 1998 ad campaign, fresh appearance. Device is illustrated. CORCOM is in Libertyville Illinois. $1.00 ie

Computers_TheSource_small.JPG (4400 bytes)

"THE SOURCE /  COMPUTER / ELECTRONIC SERVICE / Test Equipment Tools Tool Kits" unused multicolor business reply card from Specialized Products Company in Irving Texas, May 1991. $1.00 (t(i)e)

  Calendar_ThisBicycle-200_small.jpg electronics advertising available from Judnick.com  Calendar_May1947_small.jpg electronics calendar available from Judnick Postcards  Calendar_DipsyDoodle-200_small.jpg electronics memorabilia availabe from LotsOfCards.com
"This Bicycle's / Built for Woo" complete May 1947 calendar in 6 panels with signed Elvgren art, Brown & Bigelow (St. Paul, Minn.) 37227, advertising for Silvray indirect luminaires offered by B. T. Heinz (Electrical Manufacturers' Agent in Seattle Washington), one back panel with Dipsy Doodles jokes. 2 internal creases affect the advertising panel which has the printer information back; art panel in excellent condition. Excessively rare; no one else can show you this. $100.00 bcm(s)pea

"Thomas Edison. / Listening to a Master Record at the Edison Labratory(sic), West Orange, N. J.  1605" with the inventor at the right; unused postcard with undivided back, trivial corner wear. Rare: no other offers, one recorded sale & no other displays when we searched the Internet. Why? The discovery of the misspelling of the important word 'Laboratory' probably led to its early retirement! Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. n(w)e

Three unused real photo undivided-back advertising cards for Bryan-Marsh double-filament incandescent light bulbs. Left: "Look at the shape of the Bryan-Marsh Double-Filament / Two simple hairpin loops; That's the secret of the wonderful / Candle-power maintenance-- / Most Light for One Cent' / BRYAN-MARSH CO. / CHICAGO.  NEW YORK." Center: "Copyright 1907 / ... / There is perfection in every Box of Bryan-Marsh-Lamps. / ..." Right: "Beautiful Lamps--- / Beautiful in appearance; beautiful quality of light; / Bryan-Marsh Gem High Efficiency Units / Fitted with special Holophone reflectors. / ..."  All 3 with good edges & very lightly toned backs. Rare: no other offers, no recorded sales & no exhibitions when we searched the Internet. All 3 for $150.00 total. ai(c)n(n)e

      "TUNGSRAM - DRAHTLAMPE / MIT GEZOGENEM DRAHT  UNVERWÜSTLICH!" advertising postcard for incandescent electric lamps with supposedly indestructable tungsten wires, made by the Hungarian manufacturer Tungsram; postcard mailed 1917 at Ruse / Pyce Bulgaria, a few tiny speckles of cancel ink on the front, minor corner wear. The only comparable card we found --different art, same wording -- when searching the Internet fetched 100 Euros in a European auction. $75.00 $60.00 eah SALE PRICE: SAVE $15.00 (20% OFF)

Uncaptioned & unused sepia-tone Cyko real photo postcard, showing 4 linemen atop a utility pole, toned back, long upper corner crease, faint internal crease in the front sky. Not the same men as pictured below. $5.50 ep(e)

Uncaptioned & unused sepia-tone Cyko real photo postcard, showing 5 electric linemen atop a utility pole, light toning on back, good edges.
Probably one-of-a-kind: no caption, no photographer or publisher credit. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 ep(e)

RhodeIsland_BlockIsland_US240_small.jpg electric post card available from Judnick.com"U. S. 240.  Block Island, R. I.  Electric Horse Car." showing it fully loaded with passengers & conductor; miscaptioned because neither the car nor the horse was electric. Postcard mailed 1907 from Pawtucket to England with 2-c stamp, noticeable corner rounding, minor wear at top edge, front corners with light album toning, back toned especially near bottom edge. $22.50 rhe

Quebec_Valois)VE2PE1F-200_small.jpg electronic QSL cards available from Judnick Postcards"VE2PE1F" shortwave monitor / shortwave listener QSL card used 1961 by operator Andy Rugg, paper adherence with small bend at one corner, small bend alone at another. The PE in the call sign indicates issuance by Popular Electronics Magazine. $3.00 qqe

Pennsylvania_Philadelphia_W3BES-200_small.jpg electronics QSL cards available from Judnick Postcards "W3BES" colorful QSL card of the Frankford Radio Club (in Philadelphia) with hobby-related art, mailed there 1935 by operator Jerry Mathis, very light toning both sides, trivial edge wear. Shown. $3.00 p(p)e. Similar front, used 1934, with violet handstamp on toned back advertising amateur and electrical apparatus from M. & H. Sporting Goods Company on Market Street. $3.75 p(p)e. Both for $6.50 p(p)e

"W3BXE" colorful QSL card of the Frankford Radio Club with hobby-related art, mailed there 1935 by operator Jack Du Bois, faint small upper corner crease, a little cancel ink on the front obscures nothing. $3.00 p(p)e

Tennesse_Chatanooga_W4AM-200_small.jpg home interior QSL postcard available from Judnick.com"W4AM / 807 Mississippi Avenue  Chattanooga Tennessee" showing the ham radio equipment in the interior of the home that was built there in 1920, real photo QSL post card used 1934 by operator Bateman, pushpin holes at upper corners (1 results in paper loss), oxidation & slight paper curl befitting its age. This call sign is now used by a club, and may have been so used then. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 t(c)i(h)e

"W3FAF/QRP" QSL postcard illustrated with a medallion of the David Sarnoff Radio Club which meets at the David Sarnoff Library in Princeton Junction NJ & a small RCA Victor logo, used 1986 by operator John H. Thomas giving a Holland PA address, excellent condition, attractive. Sarnoff, who is pictured on the medallion, pioneered in American radio & television, presiding over an important consumer electronics & telecommunications empire. $2.00 n(p)p(h)ne ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

Indiana_FortWayne_WantedRadio-100.jpg (299209 bytes)"WANTED / EARLY BATTERY OPERATED / RADIOS / Loud Speakers, Telegraph Keys,... / W9FIW" Fort Wayne Indiana QSL postcard mailed 1972 by operator Stanley M. Johnson, illustrated with 2 examples of equipment sought, writing on front supplies call sign. $3.25 iegr*

"WARNING / Don't Feed The BearS" unused continental postcard promoting the use of radar detectors throughout the United States, from a Tipp City Ohio organization. Cartoon art depicts a bear in police vehicle with a fist-full of citations. Excellent condition. $2.00 loe

California_Napa_WD6FjF-120.jpg (281365 bytes)

"WD6FJF" QSL post card illustrated with diagrams of the Marconi spark coil & spark gap, used 1979 by operator Paul R. Wheeler, fresh appearance & good edges. $2.00 ce

Mexico_QuintanaRoo_XF3OH2NSM-200_small.jpg electronics QSL cards available from Judnick.com"XF3/OH2NSM" Cancun shortwave (10 MHz) QSL viewcard showing the operators on the beach in their sombreros, logos of the Northern California DX Foundation Inc. & SRAL on front, advertising for Elstar Oy Ltd. radio products on front. Excellent condition. $3.00 m(q)e

"ZB2BU" QSL postcard showing the equipment of the Gibraltar Radio Society in color with their logo on front in black, 3 corners creased (2 multiply), short tear at the left front edge. All-Kenwood equipment: TS-520S, SP-520, &VFO-520S & Digital Display. $1.50 ge NEW / NUEVO / NY

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