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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NOV / UUSI / ÚJ.
Several illustrations have been added to Eritrea.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Unless noted, prices do not include postage & insurance.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com


This is a general heading where the items include
more than one type of entertainment.
For more specific listings, please see:
Movies, Music, Radio, Theater & Television -- all at this website.

All mailed, lightly read. Nothing tatty.
Typical issue about 100 pages.
Profusely illustrated. Even the ads are interesting.

#695 (February 14 2003) Andam Sandler & Jack Nicholson cover, "Spring Movie Preview" (103 films), "(Colin) Farrell Play" & much more. $0.75 e

#701 (March 21 2003) Catherine Zeta-Jones cover, PBS' domestic violence documentaries, Oscar odds (every race) & much more. $1.00 e

#703 (April 4 2003) Oscar coverage--the awards, upsets, controversies, clothes, and ... that kiss! $1.00 e

#704 (April 11 2003) "Pop Culture Quiz" issue, a rare Don DeLillo interview & much more. $1.00 e

#705 (April 18 2003) Hugo Weaving, Monica Beullucci & Jada Pinkett Smith "Matrix2" cover; inside the David Letterman Show, CBS' Without a Trace Show & much more. $1.00 e

#706 / 707 (April 25 2003 double issue) Jennifer Aniston & Jim Carrey "Bruce Almighty" cover, previews of 135 summer movies, profiles of Eugene Levy & Garielle Union, and much more. $2.00 e

#708 (May 2 2003) Dixie Chicks nude cover--yes, nude, except for politial slogans & well-placed hands! If you love them, frame it! If you don't, make a dart board out of it! $5.00 e

#709 (May 9 2003) Halle Berry & Hugh Jackman "X2" cover, the 100 greatest video games, Hilary Duff's debut & much more. $1.00 e

#713 (June 6 2003) Hulk cover, "Nicole's Cannes Surprise", Ruben's First Day as 'Idol' & much more. $1.00 e

#714 (June 13 2003) Sarah Jessica Parker cover, "Cult Movies--Our Readers Pick Their Favorites", "The Girls of 'Sex in the City'" & much more. $1.00 e

#716 / 717 (June 27 / July 4 2003 double issue) Hugh Jackman cover, "The 100 Most Creative People in Entertainment" & much more. $2.00 e

#718" (July 11 2003) Katherine Hepburn cover & her complete filmography, "Steven King Reviews 'Harry Potter'" & much more. $1.00 e

#723 (August 15 2003) with scenes from various summer movie retrospective on cover--Seabiscuit, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Hulk, Tomb Raider 2, etc. Article on the making of the movie "American Splendor" & much more. $1.00 e

#724 / 725 (August 22-29 2003 double issue) Russell Crowe cover, Fall movie preview, Stephen King on horror sequels & much more. $2.00 e

#726 (September 5 2003) Clay Aiken cover, "Inside TV's New Hit THE O.C.", numerous reviews & much more. $1.00 e

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

#727 / 728 (September 12 2003 double issue) Alicia Silverstone cover, Fall TV preview, Conan O'Brien article & much more. $2.00 e

#730 (September 26 2003) Pink OutKast & Dave Matthews cover, "Johnny Cash 1932-2003", "John Ritter: Why We'll Miss Him" & much more. $1.00 e

#732 (October 10 2003) Ceorge Clooney & Catherine Zeat-Jones cover, "The Photo Issue" (outtakes for EW's most intriguing photo shoots), "What About Bill (Murray)" & much more. $1.00 e

#733 (October 17 2003) Jack Black cover, "Hackman vs. Hoffman--They Rate Each Other's Movies", "Luther Vandross--Will the Pied Piper of Love Sing Again?" & much more. $1.00 e

#734 (October 24 2003) Nicole Kidman cover, "The 101 Most Powerful People in Show Business", "Which Stars Make the Biggest Bucks" & much more. $1.00 e

#735 (October 31 2003) John Stewart cover, "Cuba Gooding Jr. An Oscar Winner's Dramatic Return", "Toby Keith Country's Angry Patriot" & much more. $1.00 e

#737 (November 14 2003) Steven King's 16 favorite movies; on the sets of Lord of the Rings, Big Fish, Cat in the Hat, Haunted Mansion & much more. $1.00 e

#738 (November 21 2003) "All Eyes on Britney" Spears, Wayne "Newton's Laws of Emotion", Ron Howard "At Home on the Range" & much more. $1.00 e

#742 (December 19 2003) Cold Mountain, Lord of the Rings, Rob Lowe on TV, etc. $1.00 e

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.


See also our Spanish Africa postcards listings for all the territories,
colonies & disputed territories of Spain on that continent.

LINEAS AEREAS GUINEA ECUATORIAL (Spain). Unused continental post card showing its Convair CV-440 (EC-AMT) at Madrid in June 1977, a little writing on the back. $5.00 ase

MANDALA AIRLINES AIR CARGO. Continental postcard showing its Antonov AN-8 (3C-DDA) at Sharjah in April 2000, from a limited edition of 500 printed in the Czech Republic, country of registration written on back, otherwise excellent condition. $7.50 aes

More generally, please see African post cards when the location is not more specific.


SOTIP. Continental photo of their Convair CV-440 (3C-JJO) at Evora Portugal in June 1997, good composition & contrast. $5.00 aep

"United Nations / Equatorial Guinea Guinée Équatoriale" unused continental showing the flag of the member state, curled paper, fresh appearance. $1.00 ufe

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.


See also Ethiopia postcards & Eritrea stamps.
All images have been improved recently.

"Asmara - Festa del Mascal." Unused postcard with a little toning & minor rounding to one corner. $6.00 e*

"Cheren, Mercato della carne." showning an open-air  meat market during the Italian occupation of Eritrea; post card mailed but stamp removed. Crease through dark area in lower right corner, so hard to see. $16.00 ef*

"Colonia Eritrea - ASMARA - Il Comando Truppe." showing the Italian commando headquarters, unused postcard, very faint small corner crease, one corner bent slightly (not creased). Sold but front still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 em(i)*

"Colonia Eritrea - ASMARA - La Moschea" showing the exterior of a mosque including a few people. Unused post card, one corner bent slightly (not creased). Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 e

"Colonia Eritrea - ASMARA - Palazzo della Posta." showing the post office square; unused postcard in excellent condition. $5.00 ep*

"Colonia Eritrea - ASMARA - Palazzo Governatoriale." Unused post card in excellent condition. $6.00 e*

"Colonia Eritrea - ASMARA - Panorama villaggio indigeno." Unused postcard, very tiny spot near left edge, otherwise excellent condition. $6.00 e*

Install this webpage as a favorite now

"Colonia Eritrea - ASMARA - Panorama." Unused post card in excellent condition. $6.00 e*

"Colonia Eritrea - ASMARA - Piazza Roma e Palazzo Banca d'Italia." Unused postcard in excellent condition. Sold but front still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 e*

"Colonia Eritrea - ASMARA - Posto di guardia." showing a guard post with soldiers standing outside. Unused post card in excellent condition. $5.00 *em(i)

"Colonia Eritrea - ASMARA - Rigattieri." Shows an open-air market. Unused postcard, noticeable scrape along upper edge that does not enter the image area. $6.50 e*

"Colonia Eritrea - ASMARA - Segreteria generale." Unused post card, One corner bent slightly (not creased). $5.00 e*

"Colonia Eritrea - ASMARA - Suonatori ambulanti." showing itinerant street musicians with onlookers. Unused postcard in excellent condition. $19.00 *

"Colonia Eritrea - ASMARA - Una fontana" Shows people active around a water fountain. Unused post card in sepia tones, tiny bumps to 2 corners, otherwise excellent condition. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 e*

"Donne Cuname con poppante" showing 3 semi-nude Kunama young women, one nursing a baby; unused postcard published by P. Beltrami, worn corner in caption area. The indigenous Kunama constitute only 2% of the Eritrean population, so they are rarely seen on postcards. $12.50 eni

"ET2PA" Asmara QSL card used 1955 by operator Eric Unnergaardh, simple map for his location on front, trivial wear at 2 corners, otherwise good edges. $2.75 e

"Ras Seium e Balghedà Teccà / con cannone e mitragliatrice / presi a Degiac Gabresellasiè" [translated from Italian: Ras Seium and Balgheda Tecca with gun & machine gun taken to Degiac Gabresellasie] Unused postcard published by P. Beltrami in Asmara. Marvelous! A photo of this postcard is In the collection of the Smithsonian's National Museum of African Art, but here is your chance to own the real thing! $42.50 e

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

Several more can be offered--please inquire!
Please note: It is not likely that error postcards
were printed in great quantity, or widely used.

"115--Folger Shakesperian(sic) Library, Washington, D. C. / 4A-H1791" showing the Folger Shakespeare Library; unused circa-1934 linen postcard from the Scenic Art Series of B. S. Reynolds, tiny bottom corner crease, tiny upper corner bend. Hard to find because (1) the Bard's name is misspelled in the caption, and (2) its name is actually  the Folger Shakespeare Library. We doubt that its administrating Trustees of Amherst College were amused. $5.00 dclea

"121. - NANCY / Palais Ducal / Petite / et Grande Porterie" in France, black & white on unused green back, mild corner & edge wear; two sets of perforations for booklet--one correct, the other too far in & at an angle. $3.75 ef

Roosevelt_20KermitRooseveltsNarrow-100.jpg (292442 bytes)"20. KERMIT ROOSEVELT'S NARROW ESCAPE. / The cheetahs are just as dangerous, if not more so, / than lions and are very hard to kill..." Captioned erroneously on the back but front does not show Kermit; instead, it shows some natives surrounding a dead animal that is definitely not a cheetah! Unused, toned back, minor corner wear. $7.00 re

Errors_023_small.jpg error postcard available from Judnick.com"26  Toledo.  Puente de Alcántara y Castillo de San Serbando." tarjeta postal with very late usage at Elihu Kentucky, miscut in error at the printer so that the bottom is where the top should be, minor corner wear & rounding, short internal crease from the top edge breaks the paper, 3/4" scrape mostly in the distant hills at the left, 2 long scratches in the caption area. As is. For some reason, the castle shown at the left is not often seen on postcards of any quality. $2.50 esb

"2647. BERGEN. FRA HAVNEN. / K.K. BERGEN" including a ship under way, real photo with caption doubly printed, corner & edge wear, mailed from Norway to Minnesota. $5.00 en

Error_299LakeFrontSky-200_small.JPG available from Judnick.com"299  LAKE FRONT SKY LINE OF CHICAGO / © 1923 S. W. Straus & Co., Chicago. / 50239" with the back of the postcard also showing on top front sky due to overinking & stacking error at the printer, unused, minor corner wear. $3.75 ei

"3404" beautiful woman with horse & flowers at a fence, hand-tinted real photo postcard mailed AUG 28 1916 at Worcester Massachusetts
to Miss Ruth Peterson in Brattleboro Vermont, tiny upper corner crease, minor edge wear elsewhere, spotty toning on back. Odd error by colorist, who shows the fence at the right of her leg seen through her dress! Not the usual quality we associate with the publisher NPG. $7.00 hw(n)e

Industrial_3617Motor-200_small.jpg auto industry postcards available from Judnick.com"3617  MOTOR ASSEMBLY, FOORD(sic) MOTOR PLANT, DETROIT." unused monochromatic dark green postcard, circa 1908 judging by the unevenly divided back, shallow scrapes along the back edges, only one such on the front. Rare & the caption tells you why: would you let a postcard publicizing your growing business circulate widely while not even spelling your name right? That error is unfortunate, because the image belongs in a museum. When we searched the Internet, no one was offering it, no one bragged about having sold it & no one was even exhibiting it. $15.00 aeim(d)

Yellowstone_4301-300_small.JPG Yellowstone post card available from Judnick.com"4301.  Fishing Cone, Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park" including a man & a woman fishing from it, postcard with black caption, mailed at Laramie Wyoming, back (Mildred's Chowder House in Hyannis, Massachusetts) mismatched with front . $5.00 yfe

  Errors_009_small.jpg Mainzer post card available from Judnick.com   
BELGIUM PRINTING 4917. Dogs in kitchen as pot overflows onto the stove, unused postcard with seriously misregistered colors (makes you think you are seeing double), scalloped edges as issued. Shown left. Normal shown right included for comparison. Both in excellent condition. Price for two: $5.00 mde

Errors_011_small.jpg error post card available from Judnick.com"549  Natural Chimneys, near Mount Solon, Va.  45318" with another caption (presumably and error) inked off the top at the printer's, unused linen postcard, printer's guide marks at the upper corners look like creases but they are not. Cards like these were used as a temporary supply until the printer could get it right, then discarded (so they are not particularly common). Scene is now in Natural Chimneys Regional Park. $3.75 v(m)er

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

"56. PARIS -- Le Trocadero - The Trocadero Palace" with statue of an elephant prominent, black & white on unused green back with browning back edges. Because the separation perforations were at a slant, the card was not rectangular when removed from booklet. $3.00 ef

Errors_014_small.jpg error post card available from LotsOfCards.com"59 PARIS -- La Gare de l'Est" and "58 PARIS -- ..." erroneous printing of postcard with 2 different black captions partially in the sky, both at an angle to where they should have been, unused monochromatic blue, undivided back, a little toning both sides obviously from a sloppy printing process. We assume that most of these cartes postales were noticed & discarded. An oddity for an advanced collection. $7.50 ef(p)

"69  SOUTHAMPTON -- Prospect Place" in England including a trolley in the foreground, sepia-tone, Soldiers Mail 25 APR 19 to Ohio from Private Thomas E. Davies at APO 749 (clear Southampton cancel), mild corner wear. Pronounced double print on front fuzzies up everything; back is fine. $3.75 e-a

"7953.  Canivirial(sic) Building. Overton Park / Zoo, Memphis, Tenn." where the adjective carnivoral (of or pertaining to carnivores) is imaginatively misspelled; postcard mailed NOV 15 1912, upper corner crease tangential to stamp, light toning on back, minor corner & edge wear. In the collection of the Memphis Library, but you will be hard pressed to find an actual offer like this is: the card is scarce because it was retired early, once the error was discovered. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 t(m)ea(c)

"8711--Bird's-Eye View, Livingston, Mont. / 9A822-N" panorama of the town as it looked in 1939, linen from Robbins-Tillquist Co., back printing is off-center so some of the stamp box is at the left, writing on back, faint writing on front in the borders. $2.00 me

"Airplane View of Sylva, N.C." caption obliterated with printed circles & dots, unused linen from Asheville Post Card Co., fairly fresh. $3.75 en

Vermont_HogbackMountain_Ski-100.jpg (335412 bytes) error postcard available from Judnick.com

"Alpine Ski Lift, 2,500 Feet Long.--19 / SKI, HOGBACK MT., VT." with erroneous caption in lower left blacked out, unused linen post card from C. W. Hughest & Company, yellowish paper on back. $3.00 vsme

Error_ApprovedByDuncan-200_small.JPG available from Judnick.com"APPROVED BY / DUNCAN HINES // CASA LINDA MOTEL / U. S. 66, 1½ Miles East, Phone 773W / GALLUP, NEW MEXICO" with AAA symbol at upper left, and inked out caption (presumably erroneous or out-of-date) at upper right, unused Portraitone postcard with advert on back, long vertical crease through left side of card. Bet there are not too many of these! $4.50 n(g)rem

Errors_017_small.jpg error postcard available from Judnick.com

"ARCELONA - 61  Plaza Real" with the B in Barcelona erroneously cropped away in the printing process, unused real photo post card with good contrast, slight curl to the paper. It is doubtful that many were sold before the error was noticed. $3.00 es

"Bee Rock Tunnel - 3-C-109 / Shortest Railroad Tunnel In The World - Big Stone Gap, Va." sepia-tone real photo postcard mailed 1957 at Olinger Virginia (2 different cancels, plus an older Bailey VA. postal marking), slight curl to the paper, paper clip indent at top center with a little rust on the back. A rare postcard, probably because there are 2 inaccuracies in the caption: located in Appalachia Virginia, not Big Stone Gap, the tunnel is actually the world's second shortest railroad tunnel--as any resident of Crandull Tennessee could tell you! When we searched the Internet, we found no other offers, present or past, and no one was even exhibiting it. $10.00 v(a)se

Ohio_Bellevue_BMethodistEpiscopal-200_small.jpg"Bellevue Methodist Episcopal Church." in Ohio, black & white postcard with blue caption & undivided back, mailed there 1907 (stamp removed), noticeable corner & edge wear. At first glance it appears as if the background sky consists of clouds or is a map; however, the map-like printing occurs over the church as well--so this is a printing error. We doubt that many were sold; and we doubt even more that many of those were actually used. An oddity for the advanced Bellevue collector. $13.00 oea


"Bethehem(sic) - General view" real photo, unused, circa 1915 judging by slight oxidation. $5.00 pe

Errors_003_small.jpg error postcard available from Judnick.com"Birthday Greetings" signed art showing a child with a bunch of flowers, a country scene in the background panels; unused postcard, paper browning with age especially near the edges, soft corners. No you are not seeing double; this is a printing error from the publisher Gartner & Bender in Chicago, with the black color misregistered. $4.00 ecba

"CAIRO. - The Vergin's(sic) Tree at Matarich." sepia-tone on yellowish paper from M. Castro, unused, one serrated edge (from booklet), minor edge wear. Virgin's is misspelled. $2.50 e

"Canal of Gothenburg, Sweden / Harbor at Gothenburg, Sweden" unused multiview in color, numbered 82 on back, tiny corner bend, minor wear at bottom corners, toned back. View of canal has unintended leaning tower effect. $3.50 se

Errors_020_small.jpg error postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"Casino, Belle Isle, Detroit, Mich. / 7158" showing its exterior with people nearby; unused white-border era post card with noticeably misregistered colors (most noticeable at the left & right edges of the image) due to an error at the printer. Presumably not too many of these saw the light of day. $5.00 em(b)

France_Château-Gontier_Avenued'Angers.JPG (151304 bytes)"CHATEAU-GONTIER (Mayenne) - Avenue d'Angers et Rue de Raxilly  Edit. P. Jacqueline, Château-Bontier" including a public area in France where wash was hung out to dry, black & white, fairly fresh. The postcard is not quite square, nor is its printed image. $3.00 fe

"Christmas / Greetings" embossed winter scene on artist palette surrounded by holly, mailed circa 1915. Silver color off by about 3 / 5-inch. $5.00 ec

Errors_006_small.jpg error post card availalbe from LotsOfCards.com

"Chiesa di S. Maria Novella  Firenze / 716 Francesco Pineider Edit. Firenze" unused black & white cartolina postale with dark red caption & undivided back, faint album toning at the corners, back is double-printed in error. $5.00 ei

"COLISEUM AT Indiana STATE FAIR GROUNDS DIANAPOLIS(sic), IND.--39" error--missing IN in city name, unused linen with good color from De Wolf News, toned lower right back corner. Presumably not too many were printed! $3.00 ie

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

"CONDRECOURT (Meuse) -- La Ferme de Ruyère" with misspelling in caption as indicated, black & white post card with green back, one serrated edge (from booklet), toned back, unusual subject matter. The town name is actually Gondrecourt. $7.50

RhodeIsland_Newport_CorneliusVanderbilt-120.jpg (450313 bytes)"CORNELIUS VANDERBILT HOUSE, NEWPORT, R. J." J for I in caption (presumably not printed again), color from Bosselman, undivided back postcard with glitter added, writing on back, writing on front, light toning near some edges., light album marks at back corners $4.25 rgbe+

NewHampshire_CrawfordNotch_CNFromMt-200_small.JPG New Hampshire post card available from LotsOfCards.com"CRAWFORD NOTCH from Mt. Willard, / showing Old Willey House" postcard in color, circa 1915 but mailed much later from New Ipswich New Hampshire, lightly toned both sides. Back oddly mismatched with advertising for a New York hotel. $2.25 n(c)e

Maryland_OceanCity_ShipCoastal_small.jpg (3965 bytes)"DEEP SEA FISHING $3.00 / BAIT AND HANDLINES FREE / OCEAN CITY YACHT BASIN…" monochromatic blue postcard picturing the boat Pisces at Ocean City (Worcester County) Maryland, unused, overinking error during printing transferred spots to back & front sky, small scrape on right front edge. $4.25 mfse

NewHampshire_CrawfordNotch_ElephantsHeadGate-200_small.JPG error postcard available from Judnick.com"Elephant's Head, / Gate of Crawford Notch." circa 1915 postcard but mailed much later, back (Times Square New York restaurant text) mismatched with front, top edge uneven (probably trimmed, but still about full size). As is. $2.00 n(c)ree

"FRANKLIN COLLEGE CHAPEL / Franklin Indiana 46131" exterior, chrome with printer's annotation to remake (a blue spot appeared on the front), paperclip mark on back. Undoubtedly unique. $4.00 iec

"Galetta Ferencz  [labori felv.]" postcard on yellowish paper with signature reproduced backwards across his coat, unused, minor edge wear. Presumably Galetta Ferenc--in which case there is a second error to report! $13.00 hme

Errors_028_small.jpg error postcard available from LotsOfCards.com

"GARRIERE(sic). - Portrait de Femme et Enfant / 13 LL. PETIT PALAIS - PARIS" with a Carrière painting of a woman & child, unused sepia-tone post card, album marks at the corners both sides, small bottom corner bend. The museum was built for the 1900 Paris Universal Exhibition. $3.00 emw(a)

Norway_GBSerA233-120.jpg (345732 bytes)"G. B. Ser. A 233" uncaptioned front in monochromatic green shows a Norwegian church from a distance, card badly miscut at printers shows part of the different cards above it & at the left of it, back printing offset like the front, minor edge wear. Odd that this error survives; apparently the printer did not bother to caption it. $5.00 ne

"Gibraltar. Sorruya's(sic) Ramp" showing many people, color post card from V. B. Cumbo, much toning along back edges, one corner badly creased, corner wear & rounding. Despite the spelling in the caption, a sign plainly reads Serruya's Ramp. $2.75 ge

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

"Gibraltra(sic) The Commercial Mole / No. 20 J. Cumbo, Gibraltar" black & white on unused undivided back postcard, light toning along one front edge, corner wear & rounding. $5.00 ge

"Great Smoky Mountain(sic) National Park" error in park name as indicated (should be plural), unused postcard made in Switzerland, couple short stray marks on the back. In North Carolina. $1.25 ne

SouthDakota_Canton_GreetingsFrom-100.jpg (384228 bytes)"GREETINGS FROM CANTON, S.D." humorous & erroneous generic showing bathers at oceanside (the Big Sioux cannot possibly be as wide as shown), unused Plastichrome® made in USA, brownish paper on back. $2.25 se. Generic post cards explained.

Error_LargeLetter_Ohio_Error.jpg (204084 bytes)

"Greetings / from / LORAIN / OHIO" unused large letter linen. Scenes from all over Ohio--Cleveland, Columbus, Put-in-Bay, etc.--not just Lorain. LORAIN was added later to a general-purpose Ohio postcard by publisher Curt Teich. $4.00 el. Same, except NILES instead of LORAIN. $4.00 el

Errors_027_small.jpg error post card available from Judnick.com

"HANS HOLBEIN jr.  (Windsor) / Edward Prince of Wales (Edward VI) / A 2831" sepia-tone postcard on yellowish paper, unused, faint album marks at the corners. The caption at the top is EDWARD PRINCE OF WALES cut off in error at the printers (the card is full size); its full inclusion would also have been an error -- of redundancy! $2.50 a(h)re

images/Better_427small.jpg Ohio postcards available from Judnick.com"High School, Corning, Ohio  5391" sepia-tone post card with red caption mailed circa 1910 (stamp damaged) to Columbus Ohio, minor corner & edge wear. Printer error stacked the postcards before the green ink on the back was completely dry; so 'Post Card' shows in reverse printing in the front sky. The error may also explain why this postcard is seldom seen or offered, because others might have been worse & thrown away. $8.50 o(c)e

Errors_021_small.jpg error post card available from Judnick.com"Hönningen am Rhein." with a steamship passing the town, incompletely colored (missing blue water) postcard due to an error at the printers; name written in back address area, minor wear to 2 corners, back paper starting to show its circa-1910 age. The town on the Rhine River in the Rhineland-Palatinate is also known as Bad Hönningen am Rhein. $5.00 egs(r)

Errors_024_small.jpg error postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"[HOTEL DE VILLE]" with caption taken from the city hall itself somewhere in France, circa 1920 black & white carte postale with green back, imperfectly rectangular with caption at top most cut off. Full-size so printing a printing error. A collector, faced with the problem of a too-tall card, would have tried to cut the blank bottom off, rather than the informative caption at the top. $2.25 e

NYC_095_small.jpg error post card available from Judnick.com"HOTEL LINCOLN / 44th to 45th STREETS at 8th AVENUE / NEW YORK 19, N. Y." advertising postcard mismatched erroneously to a wintry agricultural scene, mailed 1960 at East Burke VT, small corner creases. Seeing is believing! $3.75 en(n)

"Hotel Ribera(sic) N2" with violet handstamp on back correcting to Ribeira Hotel, sepia-tone real photo postcard mailed to Maine, corner crease, minor edge wear. $3.75 me

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
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We will check availability & quote promptly.

"Ohio Byway / Jefferson Township Scenic Byway" unused continental from a photo by L. Dellovade, near mint. We consider this post card an error because it does not specify which Jefferson township in Ohio: Adams County, Ashtabula County, or Brown County! (2 available) $1.25 each oep

Czechoslovakia_Jubiläums1908-100.jpg (376895 bytes)"JUBILÄUMS-AUSSTELLUNG IN PRAG 1908" art in color depicting a castle with large birds flying & perched nearby, toned postcard back has partial misprints of 2 other images in black & white, a lot of wear at 2 opposite corners. $2.75 ce8e

Error_KingsArmsTavern-200_small.JPG error post card available from Judnick.com"KING'S ARMS TAVERN  EDENTON, N. C. / 120872" when Maurice Broome was the manager, white-border era postcard with corrected caption & tiny corner crease, lightly toned back. Shown. $3.75 nge. Same, but mild corner wear & lightly toned back. $3.75 ngem

Errors_016_small.jpg error postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"LOOKING AT DOWNTOWN SKYLINE FROM UNDER BROOKLYN BRIDGE, NEW YORK CITY / 14  K4808" unused rectangular post card miscut a the printers so as to remove about half the caption. Presumably not too many of these saw the light of day. $3.75 en(n)

Errors_026_small.jpg error postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"Looking East from Washington Monument, Washington, D. C." circa 1915 post card, published by W. B. Garrison Ins. (their number 21032 on back), unused, couple small spots on back may be from the printing process itself, good edges. Full-size but badly miscut so that the central image is not parallel to the borders. $3.00 ed

Error_MA772Pilot-200_small.JPG available from Judnick.com"MA772:--PILOT MOUNTAIN BY MOONLIGHT NEAR MOUNT AIRY, N. C.  48031" with first-printed caption inked out by the printer in the top margin, unused linen postcard with tiny ding in one edge, otherwise fairly fresh. Such cards would be used as a stop-gap measure until the right ones appeared. $3.50 en(p)mm

Lace_MadeInUSA-200_small.JPG lace arcade cards available from LotsOfCards.com

"Made in U.S.A." side view of smiling woman wearing earrings, a couple of lacy shawls over her shoulders, image doubled on the back in orange due to printing mishap. $5.00 ple

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Library_MainEntranceBrooklyn-200_small.jpg error post cards available from Judnick.com

"MAIN ENTRANCE, BROOKLYN PUBLIC LIBRARY  Kodachrome by / Irene Strauss" erroneously composed (probably the printer's fault, not the photographer's) so as to suggest a non-existent tilt, postcard mailed 1962, $1.75 ln(b)pe

"Main Street, Looking North, East Greenwich, R. I." including the Herman N. Silverman shoe store at the left, unused linen with botched printing -- smeared ink on back & front printed on the failed backside of another card that was too lightly printed. Weird. $5.00 rme

"May sunshine / ever fill your / heart tho clouded / be your skies / is my sincere / New Year Wish…" beneath a wintry scene & 2 small wreathes, lightly embossed, numbered 160 on back, mailed 1922 from Athens Pennsylvania, misaligned back printing error shows top of stamp box at lower edge, lightly toned front. $1.50 ne

"Metropolitan Life Insurance Building / New York City" sepia-tone within embossed border, miscut so that top & bottom borders are adjacent at top, corner crease, corner & edge wear, very late usage at Dale. $2.50 ne

"Mikoyan-Gurevich MIG-15 'Fagot' / Engine: VK-1 of 6,000 lbs. thrust" and more pertinent information on back, unused chrome from Mastercraft Printers, front colors so misregistered as to create a blurry impression everywhere. This is the plane flown by a defecting North Korean pilot in 1953. $5.00 ena(m)

Error_YukonTerriotry_WinterScene.jpg (146853 bytes)"Miner's Cabin in Winter Time, Y.T." in Yukon Territory, black & white from Zaccarelli's Fruit Book & Stationery Store in Dawson, trivial wear at one corner, toning along one back edge. Premature stacking of cards caused partial transfer of front design to back. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 eywm

"MO-3  'MUNICIPAL BUILDING', MORRISTOWN, TENN. / E-6589" unused linen with back double printed, fresh appearance, good edges. $3.75 et

"Mormon Church / Independence, Kan.(sic)" Wrong state --corrected by sender to read Mo. for Missouri. black & white on undivided back from South-West News Company, mailed there 1906, corner crease. $7.50 emm

"München / Blick von der protestantischen Kirche" in Bavaria, color, unused, back printing offset by about 1-inch, splitting the stamp box, corner crease, 2 small adherences on back. $3.00 eb

Error_NewYorkCity_LeaningBuilding.jpg (174140 bytes)

"MUNICIPAL BUILDING, NEW YORK CITY" with a pronounced lean towards the viewer's right, white-border era, No. 29 in Finkelstein Art Series, unused postcard, heavily toned back, edge discoloration at lower right front. $2.50 en

Errors_019_small.jpg error postcard available from Judnick.com"Ngaere / Gardens / A. Truelove / Proprietor" post card with red caption printed twice--lower right corner did not work, so second time in the sky for legibility; unused, made in Germany. Ngaere is a village in New Zealand. Printer were not proud of it, and did not include the name of their establishment. $4.00 eng

"NIMES -- Les Trois Piliers Romains  A. R." including a streetcar with PICON advertising on its front, black & white post card with green back from booklet, mailed there 1918 to New York City, much corner & edge wear. In France. The caption is erroneous: the pillars date to the Middle Ages. $3.25 sf(n)e NEW / NOV / UUSI / ÚJ

Error_Yellowstone_RestaurantInterior_small.jpg (5827 bytes)"OLD FAITHFUL GEYSER, YELLOWSTONE PARK. HAYNES-PHOTO. Made in Germany" black & white on undivided back, writing on back, lightly toned back, mild corner & edge wear. Caption is totally wrong--this is actually a dining room at the Old Faithful Inn! Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50

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Errors_007_small.jpg error postcard available from Judnick.com"Parc de VERSAILLES. - Le Bassin de Latone un jour de Grandes Eaux / The Basin of Latona a day of the great Waters" unused black & white carte postale with green back, perforated at a diagonal in error before being placed into a booklet. Back shown so the error is more apparent. $3.00 ef(v)

"Penn Valley Park, / Kansas City, Mo." color post card with glitter added, private post card with undivided back, writing on back; publisher corrected on back--original lined out, W. G. MacFarlane added. $5.00 emg

"Pergola on the Paseo. / Kansas City, Mo." color postcard with glitter added, private post card with undivided back, writing on back; publisher corrected on back--original lined out, W. G. MacFarlane added; wear at one corner, pencil x on front. $4.00 emg

Trees_PhotoBy_Error-200_small.JPG available from Judnick.com
"'PHOTO BY GREENE STUDIO' MIMOSAS IN BLOOM -- A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT IN THE SOUTH E-5198" with previous caption at top heavily inked off at the printer, unused linen from the Asheville Post Card Company, fairly fresh. $3.75 te

"R. Bergevin, 66, rue des Merciers, La Rochelle / 909.  LA ROCHELLE -- Revue sur la Place d'Armes" a military review in France, unused black & white postcard with green back, both sides printed about 1-inch too high. From the bottom of a sheet, because no doubling at bottom of the card. $3.75 ef

Error_SanMarino_History1849.jpg (183657 bytes)"Repubblica di S. Mari / ... / Il Generale Garibaldi ed il Reggente Belzoppi / (31 Luglio 1849)" entire front misregistered about 3 / 4-inch too far right, clipping about two letters from 17 lines of text explaining the significance of that historical moment for San Marino; black & white with red caption on undivided back, slight yellowing of the paper with age. $7.00 esh!

Italy_010_small.jpg error postcards available from Judnick.com"Roma - Piazza Bocca della Verità. Tempio di Vesta / 82 C.J.V." black & white cartolina postale, light album marks at the corners, good edges. The caption is mistaken: the Temple of Hercules is shown; its shape is similar to the Temple of Vesta, located elsewhere in the Roman Forum. $3.75 ie

    "Soldier's Memorial Building, Conservatory of Music and Music Hall, Cincinnati" erroneously captioned & clearly showing The College of Music of Cincinnati at the center, per its readable sign; Kraemer Art post card numbered 1450 on back, printed in Germany, part of their Cincinnati Special Series Art Cards copyrighted 1908. Mailed June 24 1909 at Cincinnati to Mrs. J. H. Johnson in Richmond Indiana, minor corner & edge wear, faint small bottom corner crease. The Conservatory of Music is a different institution altogether. $9.00 o(c)mke

Nicaragua_StatueInCity-200_small.JPG"Statue in City Park / Managua" showing 3 sailors standing at its base, caption is reversed but readable with a mirror; unused sepia-tone Azo real photo (triangles up) post card, 3 tiny dots in front borders, slight oxidation, faint corner crease most visible from the back. It is unlikely that many were saved once the error was noticed. $5.00 nse*

Error_ThanksgivingGreetings.jpg (183790 bytes)

"THANKSGIVING GREETINGS / Our National Birds" with embossed turkeys & an eagle, spectacular double print so far off as to give modern art feeling to this 1908 card, writing on back. $7.50 et

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Missouri_ThePaseo-200_small.jpg error postcards available form Judnick.com"The Paseo, Kansas, Mo." with a large & well-kept garden prominent; incomplete caption should specify Kansas City; undivided back post card, writing both sides. An odd error to leave out half the name of the city; we speculate that not many were printed or sold after the error was found. $3.25 m(k)ge

Error_TheStateCapitol-200_small.JPG available from Judnick.com
"THE STATE CAPITOL, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI" with most of the postcard back showing on the front as well, unused black & white postcard, toning at the corners from album contact. Bet they did not sell many of these! $5.00 ecm

Mexico_Tamps_TivoliCafe-120.JPG (243010 bytes)"'Tivoli' Cafe  Rio Rico, Tamps." showing several autos parked outside it, faint caption at bottom is printed in reverse (right-to-left) in error, unused real photo post card, clear violet handstamp of the seller (M. Salinas, Mexican Curio Store there) on back, 2 internal creases, some speckles of toning on back. Presumably not many exist because the error would have been discovered. $15.00 me!*

"Tucumcari, Mountain" showing a horse near a fence in New Mexico, chrome Baxtone with writing on back & much pertinent information on back. Back gets it right-- Tucumcari Mountain with no comma separation. $2.50 en

"uclid(sic) Avenue Presbyterian Church. Cleveland / Sixth City" missing E to start caption, color from Braun Post Card Co., unused, light but long corner crease, small corner crease, ink smear on back, mild corner & edge wear. $3.00 eo

"U. S. 240.  Block Island, R. I.  Electric Horse Car." miscaptioned because neither the car nor the horse was electric. Postcard mailed 1907 from Pawtucket to England with 2-c stamp, noticeable corner rounding, minor wear at top edge, back toned especially near bottom edge. $22.50 rhe& NEW / NOV / UUSI / ÚJ

"'Waiting for Charles A. Lindbergh' W. Carson St., Pittsburgh, PA. August 3, 1927. Some / 10,00(sic--missing zero) greeted him at Bettis Field..." unused black & white post card with good edges, interesting despite the error, modern & fresh. $1.50 ea(p)

NewHampshire_NewcastleNotPortsmouth-200_small.jpg erroneous postcards available from Judnick.com"WENTWORTH BY THE SEA. PORTSMOUTH, N. H." looking towards the shore with small boats in the foreground, linen post card mailed 1943 from Rye Beach New Hampshire, couple tiny spots of toning near the stamp. Despite the caption, this historic hotel is in New Castle, not Portsmouth; we doubt the erroneous caption was long published. $4.00 n(c)e

Errors_004.jpg error postcard available from LotsOfCards.com

"WISHING YOU A / MERRY CHRISTMAS" with badly misaligned colors, long corner crease, addressed but not mailed (to Carl Stebbins in Dayton Ohio from his aunt Katie), album toning both sides. $3.00 egc

"WHY / ??? / ??  DON'T YOU WRITE? / ? / Atchison, Kansas." with smiling sun design, leather postcard with writing on front, holed edges, back offset & tilted substantially, some color along front edges missing. Odd. $5.00 ekl

Music_012_small.jpg error QSL card available from Judnick.com
"Yankee" with fanciful violin commissioned design for Runnin' Bare QSL card used by a ham radio operator circa 1978. Too many strings & pegs by our count--8! $2.00 me

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"AMATORA RADIOSTACIO / EA-3 BKL / ESPERANTO / (Lingvo Internacia)" Barcelona Spain Esperanto QSL card, continental size, used 1986 by operator Rafaelo Ayala Gómez, Esperanto emblem on front, pertinent writing on back, long bend along one short edge, bottom corner crease. $3.25 es

"DL2ZAV" Fulda (Western Germany) Esperanto QSL card, continental size, used 1982 to confirm radio contact, QSL bureau backstamp. $4.00 ew

"ESPERANTO STACIO / OK • 8 • CAA" Szczecin Poland Esperanto QSL card, unused, with attractive hobby-related art for operator Wieslaw Dyduch, good edges. $4.00 ep

"ESPERANTO STACIO / SR • 1 • EYG" Szczecin Poland Esperanto QSL card, unused, with attractive hobby-related art for operator Wieslaw Dyduch, hint of toning at the top front border, pertinent violet handstamp. $4.00 ep. Same, except a couple of form fields filled in by hand instead of the handstamp, no toning at the top, trivial wear at a bottom corner. $4.00 ep

"F6FHH" Esperanto QSL postcard used 1982 by operator Marcel Selmoz in Mantes La Jolie France, minor wear to 2 corners. $3.50 f(m)e

"LZ2KRM / ESPERANTO" Kubrat Bulgaria QSL card, continental size, used 1982 by operator Simeon Dimov, good edges. $4.00 eb

Esperanto_Belgium1947Cover.jpg (166708 bytes)"Mechelen, postdaton. / Estimata Samidean(in)o,..." continental postcard printed on both sides from the XIII-a Kongreso de Flandra Ligo Esperantista, Mechelen, Belgian 65+35 semipostal stamp clearly tied by Congress cancel. Nice! Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 e

Esperanto_Congress1910_DC.jpg (155693 bytes)"Union Station" in District of Columbia, color,  "POSTKARTO / OFICIALA MEORAJO / De La 6a Internacia Kongreso / De ESPERANTO / WASHINGTON-AUGUSTO, 1910" (2 accents omitted) printed on the back, mailed 1912 in the District (clear cancel). This is an early Congress. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 ed

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We want to buy more cards from there--please offer!
See also our Estonian postal history & our Estonia philatelic literature.

Estonia_DasSchoneOstland-200_small.jpg Estonian post card available from Judnick.com
"DAS SCHÖNE OSTLAND / Dorpater Universität" continental Postkarte, no writing but Estonian semi-postal stamp with similar view affixed to the front, 3 corners crease, mild corner wear. The Kaiserliche Universität zu Dorpat is now the University of Tartu. $4.00 ec

Estonia_ES1PW-200_small.jpg Estonian QSL cards available from Judnick.com

"ES1PW" shortwave Tallinn QSL card used 1990 by operator Vello Looveer, minor wear at one corner, marvelous art on front depicts a small Viking coastal ship. $3.00 es

"ES1QD" QSL card in blue, black & white, map of Estonia and surrounding area on the back, pertinent information entered by hand. $2.00

"ES1TM" shortwave (10.1 MHz) Tallinn QSL card used 1995 by operator Waller Kukk, trivial wear on one edge, rubber band mark on otherwise blank back. $1.50 e

QSL cards article with illustrated explanations

"EW1WN" continental shortwave QSL card with art depicting the Tallinn skyline in silhouette, used 1993, good edges, very light toning in the bottom front. $2.00 es

"Foto: G. German. Tallinn. Vaade Toompeale Mustamäelt.... / A view of Toompea from Mustamäe" with Olympic & Tallinn-80 symbols on the reverse, multilingual publicity card, no postcard back, small corner bend, trivial wear at upper corners. $1.25 oep

"M/S SKANDIA // TURKU / ÅBO - NORRTALJE // SILJA LINE" continental postcard showing the Estonia cruiseferry underway in calm waters on a sunny day, back autographed by its master as a favor for a seaman collector, a little wear on the upper edge, one corner creased twice. This is the first car-passenger ferry in the northern Baltic Sea, and was in service 1961 - 1974. It sank in the Atlantic in 1984. Very hard to find. $10.00 es(c)& NEW / NOV / UUSI / ÚJ

Estonia_Nordlandreisen-200_small.jpg Estonian postcards available from LotsOfCards.com"NORDLANDREISEN * HAMBURG-AMERIKA LINIE * NORTHERN CRUISES / REVAL  Printed in Germany" picturing several horse-drawn wagons with ramparts of the Danish castle Revele & Old Tallinn Estonia in the distance, monochromatic dark green postcard mailed 1931, exceptionally informative pre-printed message from the ship Reliance as it arrived in New York City. Faint album toning at the corners. Nice! Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 es(o)h

"Tallinn / Viru Gates, 15th century" also captioned in Cyrillic on back, color from Aurora Art, writing on back. $1.50 e

"UR1RWX" graphic QSL postcard in black, white & red, pertinent information entered on back, but not mailed, 1990. $2.00

"UR1RYB" Tapa Railway Club QSL postcard used 1988 by operator Serge, excellent condition. $3.75 e

"UR1RYY" shortwave Ritsu QSL card used 1987 by operator Neil. $2.75 e

"UR2ED" attractive QSL postcard in green, white & black. $2.00


"EESTI ESTONIA ESTLAND 1986" by Vambola Hurt & Elamr Ojaste; hardbound, 767 pages, like new. Bilingual throughout in Estonian & English. Encyclopedic & profusely illustrated: stamps, cancels, censor markings, maps, glossary, etc. Auctionable; seldom offered at a fixed price. $62.00 e-e-e

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wpe3.jpg (963 bytes) lühendid eestikeelsete selgituste
ja näidistega


Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
See also Eritrea postcards above.

"17th Century Imperial Fasile Castle / (Gonder) Ethiopia / No 17" unused continental post card, heavily toned back, trivial corner wear, printing near the edges is spotty. $1.25 e

"2013, Celebration of Timket / Epifany / at // Fasilides Swimming pool built in 1632 // Gondar, Ethiopia, Horn of Africa" unused continental postcard, toned back, hard to find. $3.00 ers

"8408  YOUNG GIRL AT SANBATE MARKET, ETHIOPIA / CREDIT: CLAUDE LEGERET" continental post card mailed 1993 to Pennsylvania (very light cancel on 75-c teff stamp bent over edge). recipient's docketing 18 days later. Nice photo. $1.25 eg

"8413  THE SADDLE CLOTH SUK, ADDIS ABABA MARKET, ETHIOPIA / CREDIT: HAPTE SELASSIE" continental postcard airmailed 1994 to Pennsylvania (1-birr transitional government stamp uncancelled), recipient's docketing 16 days later, one corner bent, one corner splitting a bit. $1.00 e

"A carving of stone inside the 20th century rock church / of Beta Goltha at Lalibela Ethiopia. / God Bless Ethiopia" unused continental post card, minor wear to the top edge, full but printed noticeably off-center. $2.50 esr(a)

"Aksum / A celebrations of the / finding of the true cross" unused continental postcard, minor wear to a bottom corner, back toning probably from the printing process itself. This festival is celebrated by the Ethiopian Orthodox church. Aksum is sometimes spelled Axum. $3.00 er

images/Ethiopia_CostumiAfricani-200_small.jpg Ethiopian postcard available from Judnick.com"Costumi africani - Aratro abissino / 2940" unused carte postale with undivided back, with red caption, minor corner wear & a tiny ding in one edge, light toning near the front edges. Part of a series of African costume cards for Italian consumption, it shows specifically an Abyssinian farmer plowing in what is now Ethiopia. Rare; you will not find it elsewhere. $13.50 ea

"ET3VSC" shortwave (18.0 MHz) QSL card with flag & crest, used 2000 by operator Claudio Vascotto in Addis Abeba, excellent condition. $2.00  e. Same, but usage in 2001. $2.00 e

"ETE3CE" College of Engineering (Addis Ababa University) Experimental Radio Station at Addis Ababa QSL card used 1960, 2 corners with a little wear, internal crease. $2.75 ec

"Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony / God Bless Ethiopia" common throughout the state of Tigrai & elsewhere, using fresh beans after they are hot & blessed, using small decorated ceramic cups; continental postcard with lightly toned back, trivial edge wear, 2 tiny spots of toning in the top front margin. $2.50 ef

"Even in Ethiopia the ladies walk / their pets. This one is from Harar." well-done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1962 from Coffee Springs Alabama. $2.00 e

Ethiopia_NegradasUorche-120.jpg (347089 bytes)

"Negradas Uerche / (Gondar)" showing a bearded warrior with shield in fancy attire, unused postcard numbered 1-8592 on back, published by P. Beltrami, good edges. $7.50 ed

"Obeliske or Monolithic state of Axum / Ethiopia / No 22" including stele dating to 4th centruy AD that were used to mark the gravesite of nobles; unused continental postcard, small upper corner crease, miscut at printers shows at the right front edge, toned back. $1.75 ec

"One Of The Eight Ethiopian World Heritage / 12th century rock-hewn church of / LALIBELA bete giorgis ETH / God bless Ethiopia" unused continental post card, light toning on back & speckles of red color in the upper front margin from the printing process itself, minor wear at 2 corners. The Amharic for Saint George is sometimes spelled Bet Giyorgis. $2.50 e

Cover_Ethiopia_1930Gore.jpg (167339 bytes)

See also Ethiopian postal history. Shown is a cover from the American Mission at Sayo Abyssinia in 1930.

"Southern Ethiopia DORZE HOUSE / No 9" unused continental post card, tiny upper corner bend. This ethic group is very small & found only in Ethiopia. $3.00 ei

"TIGRAI: THE OPEN-AIR MUSEUM" unused continental multiview museum card including a group of ancient Ethiopian coins & a pyramid, captioning on back "Archeological findings & St. Mary Church / Aksum" tiny upper corner crease, toned back. Views are numbered but not explained. $3.00 en NEW / NOV / UUSI / ÚJ

Wanted to buy--postcards with views of the Simien Mountains National Park. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *m

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