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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Unless noted, prices do not include postage or insurance.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com


FINLANDE / FINLANDIA / FINLÂNDIA / Finlàndia / Finlandiya /
Finlandya /
FINNLAND / Finnlynn / Finska / Finsko / Soome /
SUOMI / Ufini / Финлэнд / Суоми / Φινλανδία / 芬蘭 / 핀란드

AATHO? "AATHO / A 914 / 8)" showing a couple with 3 dairy cows, unused continental postcard. $1.25

AviationPropeller_ABSkargardsflyg_OH-BND-100.jpg (336825 bytes)
A/B SKARGARDSGLYG. Unused continental postcard showing its Britten Norman BN 2B-21 Islander aircraft (OH-BND ex G-BKOH) in flight, from a limited edition of 500, near mint & attractive. $7.50 af

ÅLAND ISLANDS / Ahvenanmaa. "ALAND ISLANDS // N6HR/OH0" shortwave (14 MHz) QSL card used 1989 by operator Hillar L. Raamat visiting from Sunnyvale California, simplified world map design on front, tiny bottom corner bump, otherwise fresh. $1.75 f

Finland_AulankoNo3869-100.jpg (276552 bytes)

AULANKO. "AULANKO N:o 3869." aerial view, unused real photo post card with pleasing contrast & fresh appearance. $4.25 (f)+

"Backe" real photo postcard from Akta booklet, circa 1915, slight oxidation, near mint. $7.50 f


Finland_UtsiktFranBole-200_small.JPG Finland post card available from Judnick.com

"Utsikt från Böle berg, Rossön." real photo post card from Akta booklet, circa 1915, slight oxidation, near mint. $8.00 f(b)

"BORE SONG" quality color photo showing the Finnish charter cargo vessel of the Bore Ro-Ro group in a wintry scene near shore, from the side; approximately regular postcard size, good focus & contrast. Principal operations are in European waters. $5.00 fs(o)

ESPOO / ESBO. "OH2IW" QSL card used 1990 by operator Pasi Luoma-aho, detailed advertising for SysOpen software house on back, minor bottom corner wear. $2.25 fc

"FINLAND--A MOWER WITH REAPING ATTACHMENT IS GENERALLY USED IN PLACE OF THE SELF= BINDER, BECAUSE THE GRAIN FIELDS ARE SMALL, AND THE WOMEN FOLK ASSIST IN THE WORK. 11." unused postcard, light transfer of caption ink on back attributable to the printing process. 1909 copyright. $5.50 faa


Finnish birch postcards with offset printing. Wood grain assures that every one is literally unique. Lot of 10 different modern unused near-mint continental postcards depicting the types of scenes for which they are best suited -- outdoor, animals, birds & camping. Framing suggested. $8.00 wf. Same, but a sampler of 4 different, near-mint. All shown above. $4.00 wf Single near-mint example for study. Like the one shown upper left, but a different wood grain pattern necessarily. $1.25 wf

"FINNJET" photo showing the gas turbine cruiseferry underway, blue hull; good focus & contrast & composition, size of a regular postcard. Route was from Finland to Germany, 1977 - 2008. The fastest conventional ferry in the world until she was scrapped. $3.00 s(o)fg

Finland_Forsmobroarna_Bridge.JPG (153456 bytes)

"Forsmobroarna." Showing a long bridge, real photo post card from Akta booklet, circa 1915, slight oxidation, near mint. $7.50 fb

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which postcard(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

HAMMARLAND, ÅLAND. "OH3AC / OH0" Dxpedition QSL card used 1990 by operator Ben from the Lahti Amateur Radio Club, excellent condition. $2.50 f(h)

HÄMEENLINNA. "OH3OD" QSL card used 1955. $2.50

HELSINKI (HELSINGFORS). "FINNAIR / Convair 340 (OH-LRG) Helsinki" showing a side view, unused continental postcard with fresh appearance. $1.75 a(p)f

HELSINKI (HELSINGFORS). "H2RE" QSL post card, used. 2 corner creases, continental size. $2.00 *

Finland_HelsingforsBoulevardso-100.jpg (347870 bytes)
HELSINKI (HELSINGFORS). "HELSINGFORS BOULEVARD... HELSINKI BULEVARDINNÅTU" real photo street scene, circa 1912, unused postcard. $7.50 f

HELSINKI (HELSINGFORS). "Helsinki--Helsingfors." Unused real photo post card with coastline view, small boats, and a park; album paste remnants on backs. (3 different) $2.25 each

HELSINKI (HELSINGFORS). "HELSINKI HELSINGFORS SUOMI FINLAND / 'Havis Amanda' / ...Der Markt" Continental postcard mailed 1981 to Michigan where forwarded, bent corner. $1.00

HELSINKI (HELSINGFORS). "HELSINKI HELSINGFORS SUOMI FINLAND / ..Korkasaari Zoo" Showing seal & camel & boat, unused continental post card, fresh appearance. $1.00

HELSINKI (HELSINGFORS). "HELSINKI HELSINGFORS SUOMI FINLAND / ...Der Hauptbahnhof" postcard mailed 1972 but stamp removed. small corner crease. $0.75


HELSINKI (HELSINGFORS). "Helsinki, Finland" Well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1962 in US. Shows aerial view of city & shore. $1.25

Finland_HelsinkiHelsingfors-200_small.jpg Finland real photos available from Judnick.com
HELSINKI (HELSINGFORS). "Helsinki-Helsingfors." showing a small-boat dock, unused real photo postcard, well composed, slight oxidation, a lot of album paste around the back edges. $3.00 fs(b)

HELSINKI (HELSINGFORS). "Helsinki Rautatieasema / ... / Helsingfors. Bahnhof" Unused real photo postcard, circa 1940. $4.00

HELSINKI (HELSINGFORS). "Helsinki. Runebergin Espanaati / Helsingfors. Runebergsesplanaden" black & white post card with writing on back, 2 corners with slight wear, light toning on back. $1.75

HELSINKI (HELSINGFORS). "MODTAGELSESPAVILLONEN" black & white showing crowd & many flags, no postcard back, long crease. $2.75 Postcard from the same series captioned "AEREPORT PAA KALR JOHANSGADE" showing a parade in the rain, no creases, no postcard back. $4.75  Both postcards for $7.25

HELSINKI (HELSINGFORS). "OH2BMG" QSL post card, used, nice scenic art. $1.25

HELSINKI (HELSINGFORS). "OH2MB" QSL postcard used 1955, continental size. $1.75

QSL postcards & QSL cards explained

HELSINKI (HELSINGFORS). "OH3GZ" QSL fold-out card used 1991, picturing the sender--noted author and expedition leader Pasi Luoma-Aho. Exceptionally interesting. $2.75

"Holaforsen och Laseleforsen." real photo postcard from Akta booklet, circa 1915, slight oxidation, near mint. $6.50 f

"Hoting." real photo post card from Akta booklet, circa 1915, slight oxidation, near mint. $7.50 f

HYVINKÄÄ. "OH2BMH" QSL postcard used 1972, fresh appearance. $1.25

FinnishFlag1.gif (1008 bytes)lyhenteet suomenkielisin selvennöksineen ja esimerkein

HYVINKÄÄ. "OH2MQ" QSL post card used, fresh appearance. $1.75

Finland_Imatra-200_small.JPG Finland post card available from Judnick.comIMATRA. "Imatra" showing nearby Vuoksi River & bridge in winter, near the Finnish-Russian border; postcard in color, unused, circa 1915, corner crease, minor wear to upper corners, couple tiny spots of toning on back. $2.75 fw

JAKOBSTAD. "OH6MK" QSL card used 1970, fresh appearance, thick stock. $1.25

JÄRVENPÄÄ. "OH2-829" QSL card used 1970, attractive art. $1.75

"Junsele. Betarsjön." real photo post card from Akta booklet, circa 1915, slight oxidation, near mint. $6.50 f

JYVÄSKYLÄ. "OH6QZ" QSL postcard, used 1957, scenic view, continental size. $2.25

KAR-AIR O / Y. Unused continental post card showing one of its Douglas DC-6B's at Paris Le Bourget airport in France, published in France, minor wear at top edge. $4.75 aff!

KAR-AIR O / Y. Continental black & white photo of its Douglas DC-3 (OH-VKD) on the ground, good focus & contrast & composition. Rare. $5.00 af*

KAR-AIR O / Y. Continental black & white photograph of its Lockheed Lodestar (OH-VKU) parked, good focus & composition, contrast just a bit low. Rare. $5.00 af*

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which postcard(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

Finland_Trucker'sFestival_KarisKarjaa-100.jpg (464724 bytes)

KARJAA. "TRUCKER'S FESTIVAL / KARIS KARJAA / COUNTRY CAVALCADE" unused continental postcard for the event held June 29-30, 1985. $2.50 (fa)+

KAUNIAINEN / GRANKULLA. "OH2MXZ" continental QSL card with hobby-related art used 1990 by operator Kai Lehti, small bends at the upper corners. $1.50 f

KIMINKI. "OH6NEV" QSL card used 1991, fresh appearance. $1.75

KOLHO. "OH3KD" QSL card used 1970, fresh appearance. $1.75

Finland_OH1LHS-200_small.jpg Finland QSL card available from LotsOfCards.com
KORPO / KORPPOO. "OH1LHS" QSL card with the island's coat of arms  & logo of SRAL, used 1996 by operator Rainer 'Rai' Skog, label of FNARS (the Finnish Navy Amateur Radio Society on back. Nice! $3.00 fm(f)h

Finland_KotkaNo2945-200_small.jpg Finnish post card available from Judnick.com

KOTKA (Kymenlaakso Region). "KOTKA / N:o 2945" Aerial real photo view on postcard, pleasing contrast, writing on back identifies several places shown by numbers penned on the front. $3.00 f

Finland_KotkaMultiview-200_small.jpg Finland postcards available from Judnick.com

KOTKA (Kymenlaakso Region). "Kotka" with 4 captioned views -- the docks, the Lutheran church, etc; unused sepia-tone postikortti. $3.00 fm

KOURTANE. "KANSAKOULU KUORTANEELA  J. Grönroos Vasa imp." showing a school in Kourtane, a small town in Southern Ostrobothnia; sepia-tone carte postale with undivided back, toned both sides, long but faint internal crease in the front sky, well rounded corners. $3.25 f

KULJU. "OH3MFP" QSL card used 1990, fresh appearance. $1.75

Finland_Maanviljelysnäyttely-100.jpg (231154 bytes)
KUOPIO. "Maanviljelysnäyttely Kuopiossa  Puutarhaviljelysosasto" postcard mailed to the United States but stamp removed. heavily toned back, light toning on front, minor corner wear & rounding. $2.25 f+

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Finland_KansakouluKuortaneella-200_small.jpg Finland post cards available from Judnick.com
KUORTANE (Southern Ostrobothnia Region). "KANSAKOULU KOURTANEELLA" post card with undivided back (writing on front dates to 1905), writing on back, light toning on back, much corner wear & rounding. $2.25 f

LAHTI. "OH3NA" QSL card used 1948, continental size, fairly new town then. $3.00 small corner crease and small adherence on back. $1.75

LAPLAND (LAPPLAND). "Haymaking Lappland style / in Northern Finland" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1962 at Cunningham Kentucky. $2.00 (f(l))*

LAPPEENRANTA. "OH5XO" QSL post card used 1972, attractive art. $1.75

LAPPEENRANTA. "OH5YF" QSL postcard used 1970, attractive view, fresh appearance. $1.50 The person interested in this card should use another e-mail address; gmail bounces our replies.

LYLY. "OH3NY" QSL card used 1957. $2.50

LYLY. "OH3YI" shortwave (10 MHZ) QSL card used 1993 by operator Ossi Lehväs, logo in black of the Northern California DX Foundation, good edges. $2.25 f. Same but used 1994, tiny upper corner bend. $1.75 f 


  Finland_19-5-97Ship-200_small.JPG Finland maximum card available from Judnick.com                  Finland_19-5-97Ship2-200_small.JPG
Finland_19-5-97Ship3-200_small.JPG Finland maximum card available from Judnick.com19-5-1997 Finnish masted sailing ship stamp issue: 2,80 "Fregatti  Fregatt  Frigate" (above left); 2,80 "Parkki  Bark  Barque" (above right); 2,80 "Kaljaasi  Galeas  Galleass" (at left); & 2,80 "Meripelastusalus ... Sea Rescue Vessel" (not shown). Hard-to-find complete set of four maximum cards. $10.50 f-fs

  Finland_5-9-2000Maximum_Briger-200_small.JPG   Finland_5-9-2000Maximum_Dora-200_small.JPG
Finland_5-9-2000Maximum_Tapio-200_small.JPG Finland maximum card available from Judnick.com 5-9-2000 Finnish design stamp issue: 3,50 "Berger Kaipiainen" (above left) ceramic artist; 3,50 "Dora Jung" (above right) textile artist; 3,50 "Tapio Wirkkala" (at left) sculptor; & 3,50 "Kyllikki Salmenhaara" (not shown) potter. Hard-to-find complete set of four maximum cards. $10.50 f-f

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which postcard(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

ShipOceanic_MSArcturus-300_small.jpg Finland memorabilia available from LotsOfCards.com"M.S. Arcturus / FINNCARRIERS / Helsinki // WITH COMPLIMENTS / FINNCARRIERS" continental-size greeting card reproducing a wonderful action photo (shown) of her fully loaded decks awash in heavy seas; blue ship handstamp clearly struck inside, small bend at a bottom corner is nowhere near the image, trivial signs of wear in the left front border, front image has many truly tiny surface disturbances (probably from exposure to salt spray). Necessarily pre-1957, when she was scrapped in Germany. Quite simply, one of the best ship photos we have ever seen, because it gives you the feeling of actually being aboard. $11.00 fs(o)

"Multråberget vid Angermanälven." real photo postcard from Akta booklet, circa 1915, slight oxidation, near mint. $7.50 f

Numismatics_Finnland-200_small.jpg Finnish postcard available from Judnick.com"Münzenkarte und Handelsflagge. / ... Wert exclusive Courtage / Finnland" unused Postkarte with deeply embossed images of 9 different coins circulating in Finland in 1904 (1 penni  through the 20 gold markka) & the Finland commercial flag; a few tiny spots from album toning, excellent condition overall. Interesting center table gives 7 different exchange rates for 4 of the coins, meant to help merchants with travelers. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 400% of original print area) & enhanced 144-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 s nff

MYNÄMÄKI. "MYNÄMÄKI" real photo continental post card with a small bent corner, writing on back. $1.00

"Nämforsen sedd från Hotellet, Näsåker." real photo postcard from Akta booklet, circa 1915, slight oxidation, near mint. $6.50 f

NIITTYKUMPU. "OH2BJH" QSL card used 1972, fresh appearance, thick stock. $1.25

NUMMELA, VITI. "OH2SJ / M" continental QSL card with rounded corners as issued, used 1948 by operator Jouni Suomalainen as he sailed the Mediterranean near Marseille, 4 tape remnants on back side, both sides toned. $1.75 f


Finland_OrivedenKansanopisto-100.jpg (254153 bytes)

ORIVEDEN?. "Oriveden Kansanopisto." Unused real photo post card, oxidation dates it to circa 1910, no postcard back. $4.00 f+

Finland_No7303-200_small.jpg Finnish photos available from Judnick.com

PERNIÖ (now consolidated with SALO). "N:o 7303 PERNIÖ, Alkio-Opisto" as seem from a high vantage point, unused photographic continental postcard, tiny bottom corner crease, minor edge wear. $0.75 f

PERNIÖ (now consolidated with SALO). "Perniö / Bjärnå" Unused real photo continental postcard, small corner crease. (2 different) $0.75 each

Finland_OH1XX-200_small.jpg Finland QSL cards available from Judnick Postcards

PERTTELI / S:T BERTILS. "OH1XX" QSL card with hobby-related art on front, pictures of operator Hannu Nieminen & his equipment on back; used 1991, trivial corner wear. $3.75 fg

"PJ9M" Curacao shortwave (28 MHZ) QSL card used 1991, view shows tower made by Kapasystems KY in Finland. $3.00 cf

POHJA / POJO (now Raseborg). "OH3FM" continental QSL card used 1992 by operator Mikko 'Mike' Toivonen, excellent condition. $1.75 f

POLTINNHO. "OH3PK" QSL card used 1949, wrinkled corner. $2.25

PORI. "PORI Björneborg / Kauppatori / Salutorget / Market place / Der Markt" Addressed continental post card, but unmailed. $1.25

PORI. "Pori  Finland" Beautiful night view, continental postcard with writing on back. $0.75

PORI. "PORI SUOMI FINLAND" Unused continental post card, fresh appearance. $0.75

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Finland_No5078Porvoo-100.jpg (305298 bytes)

PORVOO (BORGÅ). "N:o 5078. PORVOO - BORGÅ" real photo from the air, unused postcard, long corner crease, good edges. $2.25 f+

Postcard Collector. June 1989 (Volume 7 Number 6). Features on Franz Josef, stamp post cards of Finland, cheese, Tuck DC cards, women's rights & more. $2.00 p,f

"Resele." real photo postcard from Akta booklet, circa 1915, slight oxidation, near mint. $7.50 f

RIIHIMÄKI. "OH3HS" QSL card used 1972. $1.25

RIIHIMÄKI. "OH3MIG" QSL card used, fresh appearance. $1.75

ROVANIEMI. "OH9NJ" QSL card used 1971. $1.25

SAIMAAN KANAVA. / Saima kanal." In color, unused postcard, North Star Printing, small scrape, light toning on back. $0.75

Finland_OG1AD-200_small.jpg Finland QSL cards available from Judnick.comSALO. "OG1AD" multicolor shortwave (21 MHz) club QSL card used 1988. Advertising of Salora, a former consumer electronic manufacturer located there, then celebrating its 60th anniversary, small bottom corner bend, tiny spot on front obscures nothing, fairly fresh. $2.75 fe

SALO. "Salo" Unused photographic continental post card, interesting aerial view. Minor corner wear. $0.75

SAVONLINNA. "OH4MF" QSL card used 1990, fresh appearance. $1.75

See also our Finland gymnastics photos. Athlete shown is
Tiina Poutanen competing at the 1991 World Championships.

Please E-mail us to propose reciprocal links
to other Finland postcard & paper collectibles webpages.
Collector, museum & club links are especially welcome.

See also our Finland postal history & our Finnish stamps and philatelic literature.

SAIMAAN KANAVA / SAIMA KANAL / Сайменский канал. "Saimaan kanava. / Saima kanal." unused postcard made in Germany, imported by the North Star Printing Company, small scrape in a front tree, fingerprint toning on back, mild corner wear. $1.50 f

SUOMUSSALMI. "OH8SR" QSL card used 1991, fresh appearance. $1.75

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which postcard(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

TAMPERE (TAMMERFORS). "TAMPERE, TAMMERFORS - SUOMI, FINLAND / Hämeensilta / Hämeensilta bron..." showing a bridge & streetcar, unused continental postcard. $1.00

TEISKO. "TEISKO SUOMI FINLAND / Teiskon kirkka (M. Åkerblom 1788)..." Unused continental post card with fresh appearance. $0.75

"This ship is trading between Finland and W. European harbours with forest products (mainly reels of paper). The 'Forte' is from the Ro-Ro type with a ramp after and a side door ..." continental color photo with a side view of the ship in ice, annotated in detail on its back & signed by its Captain, A. de Granf. Nice! $12.50 lfs(o)& NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

TOHOLAMPI. "OH7TZ" QSL card used 1972. $1.25

TOIJA. "OH1VA" QSL card used 1970. $1.25

TOIJALA. "OH3OB" QSL card used 1961. $2.25

Finland_FFerryboatOn-200_small.jpg Finnish postcards available from Judnick.comTORNEÅRIVER / TORNIO RIVER / Duortneseatnu. "Finland. Ferryboat on Tornedriver" undivided back postcard mailed 1909 in the United States, minor stamp damage, writing on front as permitted then, corners worn, several tiny speckles of cancel ink in the sky. $5.00 fs(r)

Finland_AboUndivided-200_small.jpg Finland postcard available from Judnick.com
ÅBO. "Åbo" showing several small boats, sepia-tone post card with blue caption & undivided back, tiny toning spot in back stamp box, light album marks at the front corners. faint small bottom corner crease. $3.75 f

TURKU / ÅBO. "TURUN YLIOPISTO" 2 views on an unused continental post card. (2 different, one with views of the University), minor corner & edge wear. $0.75 each. f

UNCERTAIN. "Pomarkun vanhan kirkon hyväksi" Unused continental postcard. $0.75

Finland_FTheWomenFolkAssist-100.jpg (304967 bytes)
UNSPECIFIED LOCATION. "FINLAND--The women folk assist in the work of harvesting in many European countries" post card in color, writing on back, worn corners. $3.25 faw

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which postcard(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

UNSPECIFIED LOCATION. "Kalevala / Wäinämöinen kehoittaa ..." with what looks like a poem, two men point ot a bright object in the sky, postcard in color, water stain one corner, corner wear & rounding. $2.00 *

UNSPECIFIED LOCATION. "OG2LRE" QSL card commemorating 75 years of Finnish independence, map shows how the country's beginning call letters vary by location, award details, etc. Interesting. $2.25

UNSPECIFIED LOCATION. Uncaptioned old real photo postcard showing a building from which the Finnish flag is flying. unused, minor corner wear & rounding. $1.75

UTTI. "OH5PX" QSL post card mailed 1970 to the United States, 2 corner creases. $1.00

VALKEAKOSKI (PIRKANMAA REGION). "OH3MMF" QSL card celebrating 75 years of Finnish independence, used 1992 by operator Matti Leppämäki, 2 tiny corner creases, otherwise fairly fresh. $1.75 f

VALKEALA. "OH5PZ" QSL card used 1971. $1.25

QSL cards & postcards explained

VARKAUS. "OH7OI" QSL card used 1970. $1.00

Finland_OH3NT-200_small.jpg Finnish QSL post cards available from Judnick.com

VIESTIR. "OH3NT" QSL postcard used 1959 by operator Leo Lappalainen, beautiful art on front portraying a man & woman in a rowboat near water lilies, minor wear at one corner. $3.00 fs(b)


WASA WINGS. Unused continental postcard showing its Beechcraft King Air 200 (OH-WWR) parked, excellent condition. $5.00 a(p)f

Finland_WesijärviCanal-100.JPG (292356 bytes)

WESIJÄRVI CANAL. "WESIJÄRVI CANAL. Finland." post card with undivided back, album marks on front, one toned corner, minor corner wear. $4.25 f+

Finland_WiborgWilpuri-200_small.jpg Finnish post cards available from Judnick.com

WIBORG. "Wiborg / Wiipuri" showing many small boats, sepia-tone postcard, unused, corner wear & rounding, light toning on back. $2.25 fs(b)

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which postcard(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.


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