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France_Menton_1018-100.jpg (330404 bytes)"1018. MENTON. Le Jardin Public et le Kiosque de Musique.  ND. Phot." with a group of seated ladies & a few children nearby, color carte postale mailed TCV to Modave Belgium (neat receiving handstamp 20 III 13), toned back, mild corner wear. $4.00 fgm

"101. NICE _ Les Jardins et le Casino _ LL" showing people enjoying the casino gardens; sepia-tone postcard from Lévy Fils & Cie. Paris, very late usage at Quincy Kansas, good edges. $2.50 f(n)g NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

Monaco_101Montge-Carlo-200_small.jpg Monaco post card available from Judnick.com
"101. _Monte-Carlo _ Les Jardins et le Casino" real photo postcard from Munier with slight oxidation, mailed from France to Missouri 1932, corner crease not into image, lightly toned front, chip at corner not into image. $1.50 mg

"132. - CABOURG / Les jardins du Casino et les villas" showing the casino gardens in France from a high vantage point; real photo carte postale with neat writing on back in French, good edges. $2.00 f(c)g!

"1432_Monaco_Les Jardins Exotiques." showing several tall cacti, real photo post card with glossy finish & high contrast from Edition La Cigogne, unused. $1.75 mdg ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

"1581. - Grenoble. - Le Jardin des Dauphins - En montant à la corniche - E. R." monochromatic dark green, unused & fairly fresh, faint album marks on back. $4.00

"1582. - Grenoble. - Le Jardin des Dauphins. - Les Grands Promenoire et la Bastille - E. R." black & white, unused & fairly fresh, light album marks on back. In France. $3.75

"1587. Grenoble. -- Le Jardin des Dauphins - La Sapinière / Le Kiosque rustique et les grands promenoirs. - E. R." black & white, unused & fairly fresh, light album marks on back. In France. $3.75

Missouri_018_small.jpg garden post card available from Judnick.com

"170--Sunken Gardens, St. Louis, Mo. / 3A-H386" including the towers of Christ Church Cathedral on Locust Street, unused linen postcard, small but noticeable upper corner crease, other corner wear is minor. $2.25 m(s)g

"204 MONTE-CARLO. -- Le Casino. RM" including extensive gardens outside it, unused carte postale with divided back, thin line in message area. $1.50 mg NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

Tinted099_small.jpg French postcard available from Judnick.com"22 - BORDEAUX / Les Allées de Tourny / Les Nouveaux Jardins" including several gardens in the French public square; carte postale avec veritable photo au bromure, mailed 1962 to Massachusetts with 18-franc stamp, trivial edge wear. $2.75 f(b)g

"22--The Oriental Gardens, / Jacksonville, Fla." on San Jose Boulevard, unused linen post card in excellent condition. $2.50 f(j)g

Kansas_Topeka_2ReinischMemorialGarden-100.jpg (355634 bytes)

"2--REINISCH MEMORIAL ROCK GARDEN, TOPEKA, KANSAS" unused Metrocraft linen on yellowish paper, mailed 1951, small corner crease, hint of cancel ink on front. $1.75 kg

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Tinted122_small.jpg garden postcard available from Judnick.com"245  ALGER. -- Jardin d'Essai. -- Yuccas et Palmiers. -- LL." possibly hand-colored postcard with legible hand-written descriptive details in English over most of the back that could serve as a basis for a Wikipedia article (lacking when we listed here, neither in French nor in English), hand numbered in the front caption area. At the time, it was actually outside the city limits of Algiers. Exceptionally interesting. $7.00 ag

California_Coronado_2515AtThe-200_small.JPG garden post card available from Judnick.com

"2515 - 'AT THE WELL' JAPANESE TEA GARDEN, CORONADO, CALIFORNIA" postcard from Mitchell, circa 1915, writing on back is pertinent, minor corner wear. $3.00

"3`1 BLIDA -- Le Jardin Bizot" showing a fountain in a large garden, color, Edit Reynaud - Journaux, unused, spot of toning on back, minor corner wear. In Algeria. $1.75 ag

"300 ALGER Jardin d'Essai - Jardin à la Française" showing a formal garden from above, black & white on yellowish paper, from a booklet published in Strasbourg, unused, neat paper adherence on back from booklet (belongs there). $1.50 ag

NewYork_Buffalo_31FloralEmblem.jpg (192005 bytes)"31-FLORAL EMBLEM, HUMBOLDT PARK, BUFFALO, N. Y. / 42001" unused linen from Metrocraft, slight yellowing of the paper with age, good edges. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 n(b)g

"3680  Plant Residence, Groton, Conn." with a large garden in the foreground, white border era post card mailed 1961 from Ensburg Falls Vermont, corner crease, mild corner rounding, light toning on front. $2.50 cg


California_DelMonte_3922Maze-100.jpg (295591 bytes)

"3922 Maze at Del Monte" including a topiary archway in California, postcard from the PCK Series, mailed 1913, faint album marks at corners, considerable edge & corner wear. $6.00 cg

"47  THE SUNKEN GARDEN, AND ELECTRIC FOUNTAIN, HERSHEY PARK, HERSHEY, PA. / 7A-H510" as it appeared circa 1937, linen postcard with a little writing on back, one lower corner noticeably worn. $2.50 pg

"495 ROMA - Giardino Vaticano - Panorama" showing the Vatican City garden, black & white postcard with undivided back, unused, fairly fresh. $3.75 vg

Pennsylvania_Elizabethtown_64The-200_small.JPG garden postcard available from Judnick.com"64 The Grand Lodge from Reflecting Pool in Formal Gardens / Masonic Homes, Elizabethtown, Pa." White-border era post card but very late usage at Tyre Pennsylvania, minor corner & edge wear, a few tiny spots of toning show in the front border, 2 small spots of cancel ink in the sky. $3.00 p(e)fg

"66  CARTHAGE. -- Vue vers l'Hôtel Saint-Louis et Jardin Public. -- LL" unused sepia-tone post card, quality printing, fresh appearance. In Tunisia. $2.00 tg

"73. SAINT-NAZAIRE - Le Jardin des Plantes" including 3 people strolling, unused carte postal with green back from booklet, light toning in the caption area, back has more toning. $3.75 f(s)g

"743. SÉNÉGAL / Jardin de la Mission de N'Gazobil / Fortier Phot., Dakar" on the coast, black & white carte postale with undivided back, unused, corner wear & rounding. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75.  sg

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Martinique_791Coll-100.jpg (274821 bytes) garden postcard available from Judnick.com

"791 Coll. J. Benoit-Jeannette - Repr. Interdite / MARTINIQUE -- Fort-de-France - Les Piton de Balata" showing the Balata Gardens & nearby peaks, post card circa 1915, unused. $3.50 m

"808--Hollywood Scenic Gardens, overlooking Hollywood, California / 1A-H350" unused circa-1931 linen post card, small spot of light toning in the bottom front border, faint internal crease. Found elsewhere as high as $7.95 & $12.67(!), but we need only $3.25. c(h)g

Monaco851Monte-Carlo-200_small.jpg garden carte postale available from Judnick.com"851 MONTE-CARLO - Végétation exotique / Collection 'La Côte d'Azure'" including cacti growing in Monaco's humid subtropical climate; real photo post card removed neatly from a Rella booklet, unused, 1 / 2-inch tear from the top that closes well, trivial corner wear, back toned from album contact. $1.00 mg

"96--Municipal Rose Garden, Kansas City, Kansas / 7A-H3482" unused Curteich linen postcard, small rubber band mark on back, soft corners. $2.00 kg

"9--The / Oriental Gardens / Jacksonville" unused circa-1940 (from printer's code on the back) linen postcard in excellent condition. Now closed. $3.50 f(j)g

Lighthouse_ABChance-200_small.jpg garden post cards available from LotsOfCards.com"A. B. CHANCE GARDENS / CENTRALIA, MISSOURI" showing the lighthouse at the center of the pond that helps to give night light from April to October; chrome postcard mailed at the 3-cent rate, trivial corner wear. Very hard to find; when we searched the internet we found no others for sale & none on exhibit in collections or museums. $3.75 m(c)lgg

"A Beautiful Moss-Festooned Lagoon, at Dupree Gardens, Tampa, Fla. -- D-7" linen post card mailed NOV 8 1948 (JACKSONVILLE & TAMPA TR56 R.P.O. hand cancel), bottom corner crease, small top corner bend, minor edge wear. This private botanical garden is in what is called Land O'Lakes, and limited restoration attempts have been undertaken. $4.00 f(l)g

"'A Garden by the Silvery Sea' / Monterey California" unused color post card, faint small corner crease, copyrighted by Palace Drug Company, back paper starting to brown evenly with age, minor corner wear. $2.50 ag%

"A Monterey Garden" unused color post card, tiny upper corner crease, a bit of light toning near one back edge, copyrighted by Palace Drug Company, back paper starting to brown evenly with age, minor edge wear. $2.25 ag*

"AN AVENUE OF ROYAL PALMS, / MC KEE JUNGLE GARDENS, / VERO BEACH, FLORIDA" unused linen postcard with fresh colors, several tiny spots of light toning on back, trivial edge wear, numbered KM342 at the bottom front. Location more recently known as McKee Botanical Garden. Surprisingly hard to find. $3.00 f(v)tg. A better example, no toning on back, just trivial wear at one upper corner. $3.50 f(v)tg

Artist_Wilmot_AnneHathaways-120.jpg (485986 bytes)

"ANNE HATHAWAY'S GARDEN" printed & published by Salmon, unused post card with Wilmot art, Oilfacsim-type finish, minor corner & edge wear. $4.75 (aeg+)

Prisons_044_small.jpg garden post card available from LotsOfCards.com
"Bari - Giardini Isabella d'Aragona" showing some of the gardens, postcard, Ediz. Favia, typing on back explains in English that this is a castle that was once converted to a prison. The Princess of Naples lived there 1499 - 1524. $2.25 pgi

"BEAUTIFUL CAPE CORAL GARDENS / CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA - NEAR FT. MYERS" including 3 women, chrome postcard mailed 1969, mild edge wear, tiny corner crease. $0.75 fg

"Beautiful Garden Honmoku Yokohama" pre-World War II real photo carte postale with divided back, very late usage at Weissert Nebraska, oxidation consistent with circa-1920 age. Rare due to strategic World War II bombing there: nothing like it when we searched the Internet--no offers, no displays, or even a recorded sale. $20.00 jg NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

"BEAUTIFUL SUNKEN GARDENS FROM PRISON TOWER, MARQUETTE, MICH.--50 / SHOWING LAKE SUPERIOR IN DISTANCE" unused Kropp linen, numbered 6621 on back, short internal crease parallels the right front edge (detectable only from the back). $2.00 m(m)pg

Capitols_102_small.jpg garden post card available from LotsOfCards.com"Beautiful sunken gardens in Washington State's Capitol grounds in Olympia" early chrome postcard from the Washington State Advertising Commission, short message written on back, small light fingerprint smudge on back, tiny chip of color gone from left front edge. $1.25 cwg

"Beautiful Terrace At Bellingrath Gardens, Mobile, Alabama 119" unused linen postcard, 2 small spots of toning near top back edge, back paper browning evenly with age. On the country estate of Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Bellingrath. $2.75 agg

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Alaska_Skagway_BlanchardGarden.jpg (160471 bytes)"BLANCHARD GARDEN  SKAGWAY, ALASKA" including nearby residences, sepia-tone real photo postcard with white border & good edges, pertinent writing on back--"dahlias as large as a plate, delphiniums as tall as I am,...". $8.50 $7.00 agfg SALE PRICE: SAVE $1.50 (18% OFF)

"Bogor Botanical Garden, Java" including people near the lily pond; well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1963 from Princess Anne Maryland, minor corner wear, short internal bend at top center. Native name for the place is Kebun Raya Bogor. $1.50 ig

NorthernIreland_Belfast_BotanicGardens-100.jpg (249811 bytes)

"BOTANIC GARDENS, BELFAST" in Northern Ireland, unused real photo postcard, printed in Great Britain, fairly fresh. $2.75 (ng)+

"BUENOS AIRES. Jardines de Palermo" real photo post card showing a large public garden, circa 1930, cancelled 2-c General stamp on face but no writing on back, small album adherences on back, corner crease. $2.50 ag

"Cactus Garden, McKennan Park, Sioux falls, S. D. / 8A-H2308" as it looked circa-1938, unused linen post card distributed by Dakota News Agency, ink lines in the stamp box, trivial wear at one corner. $3.00 s(s)g NEW / NOUVEAU / NUEVO

NewYork_Cambridge_1893Pioneer-100.JPG (231085 bytes)"CAMBRIDGE VALLEY / SEED GARDENS. / JAN 26 1893 / ... / JEROME B. RICE & Co." illustrated pioneer seed ad on 2c Jefferson government postal card, long scrape from small hole in center, browning paper. Central ad reads 'TRY RICE'S SEEDS / SUITED FOR / ALL SOILS AND / ALL CLIMATES / THEY ARE NORTHERN GROWN'. $10.00 naag


"CANNES (A.-M.) Abbaye Lérins. Jardin du Cloître / P. L. Maillan, lib.-édit., Cannes 658" showing French monks in their garden, black & white carte postale with undivided back, mailed to Austria but stamp removed, minor corner wear, bend at one corner. $4.75 rf(c)g

Capitols_109_small.jpg garden postcard available from Judnick.com

"CAPITOL REFLECTIONS, BOTANICAL GARDENS / A24  WASHINGTON, D. C." a Capsco product linen post card, brief message on back, trivial bottom corner wear, fairly fresh. $3.00 dg

Colombia_CartagenaVista-200_small.jpg garden postcard available from LotsOfCards.com

"Cartagena. - Vista del Muelle y Jardines." with a view of the pier & nearby gardens; tarjeta postal with very late usage at Leburn Kentucky, thin mark in the sky does not belong. $1.75 cg

Tinted059_small.jpg Jamaican post card available from Judnick.com"Castleton Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica" unused postcard from the Aston W. Gardner & Co.'s Series, numbered 1596 & 133655 on the back, very faint album marks at the back corners. Referred to in modern times as Castleton Garden or Castleton Botanical Garden. $3.75 jg

"CHINESE GARDENS, / TERRACE PARK / SIOUX FALLS, / S. D. -- 6" unused linen from Dakota News Agency, slight yellowing of the paper with age on back, good edges. $2.50 sg

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China_ChineseLadyChineseGarden-200_small.JPG"Chinese Lady  Chinese Garden" unused chromolithographed postcard, Edit. Kingshill No. 37, corner crease, mild corner wear & rounding. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 cg

"CHRYSANTHEMUM HEDGE / NEAR PASADENA, CALIFORNIA" postcard published by Benham Indian Trading Company, mailed at San Diego in 1910 to Miss Alice Hoover in West Unity Ohio, minor wear at 3 corners. $3.50 gfc(p)

SouthWestAfrica_Christuskirche-200_small.jpg gardening post card available from Judnick.com

"Christuskirche / Windhoek / Whk-7A-35" showing the exterior of a large Christian church in Southwest Africa & an large garden in the foreground; unused continental postcard, trivial wear at 2 corners. $1.25 sg

Massachusetts_Northampton_CollegeAndPlant-100.JPG (303522 bytes)"College and Plant House, Northampton, Mass." including a garden by a walkway in the foreground, color on unused postcard with undivided back from S. Langsdof & Company, album marks on back, tiny light spots of toning on front, long corner crease. $4.50 mcg+

"COLUMBUS PARK OF ROSES / 3901 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio / National Display Garden on 13 acres ..." unused continental postcard from a photo by Jody Baker-Gautsche, minor edge wear. $1.00 go(c)

"Contrasts in Sarasota Jungle Gardens 249" in FLorida, unused Tichnor linen post card, minor wear at 2 corners. $1.75 f(s)g

img070_small.jpg garden postcard available from LotsOfCards.com

"Dans mon jardin rempli de fleur / Pour vous j'ai ceuilli le plus belles!" showing a woman with a bunch of flowers she has picked; hand tinted real photo carte postale, unused, a few small spots of light toning on back, tiny bottom corner crease. Rough translation from the French: In my garden filled with flowers / I have gathered the most beautiful for you. $7.00 gw(o)

RI_Providence_CalartGarden_small.jpg (4900 bytes)

"Duck Pond on Calart Grounds" including the surrounding garden in Providence Rhode Island, unused linen with good color, more info on the Calart Building printed on back, fresh appearance. $2.00 rg

"Dutch Garden / HAMPTON COURT PALACE" centered on a fountain there, unused sepia-tone real photo postcard from Stirlings Ltd., hint of wear at one edge, a bit of paper curl. $2.50 e(h)g

"East Princes Street Gardens & Sir Walter Scott's Monument, Edinburgh  RELIABLE SERIES 340/42." unused color postcard chromotyped in Hessen, minor wear to the bottom front corners, back surface has several small spots of shallow pitting. $2.50 sg

"F5OHV" exceptionally colorful Bourg-en-Bresse France QSL viewcard used 1993 by operator Bernard Buffin, showing his garden there. $2.50 f(b)g

Capitols_100_small.jpg gardening post card available from LotsOfCards.com
"FLORAL GARDENS AND STATE CAPITOL BUILDING, OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON / PHOTO BY CHAS. LAIDLAW  45650" unused linen postcard, fairly fresh with pleasing colors. $3.00 cwg

"FLORIDA CYPRESS GARDENS / The kiss of the sun for pardon, / The song of the birds for mirth / You are nearer God's heart in a Garden / Than anywhere else on earth." unused circa-1946 linen postcard 218-F from the Tropical Florida Series, excellent condition. Ideal gift for a gardener. $2.50 f(c)gp

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Ohio_Chillicothe_FlowerBeds.jpg (176679 bytes)

"FLOWER BEDS, YOCTANGEE PARK, CHILLICOTHE, OHIO." Unused, white-border era, published by Robbins & Son. $2.75 og+

Missouri_002_small.jpg garden post card available from Judnick.com

"FLOWER GARDEN AND FOUNTAIN, LOOSE PARK, KANSAS CITY, MO." unused linen postcard, minor wear at one upper corner, tiny scrape in the sky, fresh colors. $2.25 m(k)g

"FLOWER GARDEN / AYER ITAN TEMPLE / PENANG" showing potted flowers & an extensive topiary behind them (sculpted bushes with hands & heads added to resemble humans), Agfa real photo with very late usage in the United States, minor corner & edge wear, unusual subject matter. $10.00 mg

Tinted017_small.jpg Ohio post card available from Judnick.com
"Flower Garden / National Home  Daughters of America / Tiffin, Ohio" hand-colored Albertype postcard, unused, tiny crease at one bottom corner, otherwise fairly fresh. Seldom seen. $8.00 o(t)afgh

Maryland_018_small.jpg garden post cards available from LotsOfCards.com"Flower Gardens and Bandshell in City Park, Hagerstown, Maryland  69 / (c) Wilmyer Studio, Hagerstown, Maryland  70562" unused linen postcard small spot in sky does not belong, 3 tiny spots in the front borders, tiny spots of toning on back. $2.00 m(h)g

“FLOWER GARDENS AND CONSERVATORY, / SOLDIERS’ HOME, DAYTON, OHIO” unused linen postcard, trivial edge wear almost unnoticeable on the front of this borderless card, light staining on back. $0.75 o(d)g

"Fountain at Eden Gardens, Calcutta" unused black & white postcard with brown caption, numbered 25151 on back. $2.50 ig

"Fra Norsk Fokemuseum" unused real photo, showing topiary garden in Norway, circa 1930, numbered 351 on back. $4.00

"Fu Bi Ting (Pailion of Floating / Green) at Yu Hua Yuan (imperial / Garden)" in China's Forbidden City,
in the Forbidden City, continental-size post card in near-mint condition, dated 1985. $1.00 cg NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

"GARDEN AT THE HERMITAGE - NASHVILLE - TENN.--92" unused linen, light toning along top front edge, minor wear at one corner. $1.25

"Garden in the woods on Raymond / Road South Sudbury, Mass. / Owners, Will C. Curtis and R. H. Stilles" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1961 from Sudbury. $2.00 mg

"Garden, Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Station, Parsons, Kans." Litho-Chrome postcard mailed there APR 15 1908, made in Germany, minor edge wear, tiny light toning spot in the address area. $6.50 k(p)r(m)g ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

"Garden of Gethsemane - Jerusalem" post card mailed February 25 1959 with 40-fils airmail stamp to New York, corner & edge wear. $1.25 jg-j

"Garden of Gethsemane, oldest olive tree / Garten Gethsemane, ältester Oelbaum - Oliver de Gethsémané" sepia-tone from Fr. Vester & Co., No. 67, unused, lightly toned back. $2.75 pgt

"GARDENS AND GREENHOUSE, GARFIELD PARK, INDIANAPOLIS, IND.  110" linen-era postcard mailed there 1954 to Mrs. Edith Westfoot in Columbus Ohio, small bottom corner crease, minor corner & edge wear. $2.00 i(i)g

"Gardens and pavilion at Oak Park, one of the beauty / spots of the South..." in Montgomery Alabama; unused chrome postcard, large ugly glue stain on back. $0.

Massachusetts_Magnolia_GardensOfThe-100.jpg (310614 bytes)

"Gardens of The Oceanside  Magnolia, Mass." hand-colored  / tinted Albertype, very late usage at West Boxford, weak corner due to crease, other edge wear is minor, tiny spot on front. $3.75 mgah

Artist_Hahn_Garteneingang-100.jpg (259300 bytes)

"Garteneingang  Ilse Hahn" art depicting a garden walkway, unused, bright color, album marks on back, album marks on front. $3.25 ag

Austria_GrussAusSchloss-200_small.JPG from Judnick.com"Gartenpartie. / Gruss aus Schloss Hellbrunn. / No. 2. Verlag von Marie Reinisch, Hellbrunn." black & white Correspondenz-Karte with very late usage at Greenbank Washington, no writing in front caption area, minor wear at 2 corners. The castle, noted for its trick fountains & gardens, is in Salzburg Austria. $9.00 agg

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
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"GL14  HORTICULTURE GARDENS ALONG LAKE ERIE, GREAT LAKES EXPOSITION, CLEVELAND, OHIO / 6A-H1381" linen post card mailed 1936 in Cleveland, faint internal crease at top center, minor corner wear, a little cancel ink on the front. $2.00 eog

"GLENCAIRN GARDEN" unused continental postcard in excellent condition. From a photo by Katie Quinn. $1.00 gs(r)

Tinted077_small.jpg garden post card available from Judnick.com"Göteborg. Motiv från Trädgårdsföreningen." unused Brefkort with hand-colored appearance, from Joh. Ol. Andreens Konstförlag, light album toning, small corner crease not into the image, small light spot of toning on back. To this day, the garden/park retains its 19th-century character, and is recognized by the Michelin Guide. $4.25 sg

Netherlands_073_small.jpg garden postcard available from LotsOfCovers.com"Groeten uit Mepel" real photo multiview post card with 3 scenes--Sluis, Rosarium Wilhelmina park & Zwembad in use; mailed 1951 to Groningen & forwarded to Delfzigl (all for a 2-cent definitive stamp), minor corner wear, clear cancels tie stamp. $5.00 nsmg-n

England_HaddonHall-HHGarden-200_small.jpg garden postcards available from Judnick.com

"Haddon Hall, Garden Front" sepia-tone postcard mailed 1925 to Pennsylvania, 3 corner creases (2 are small), paper browning with age, minor corner & edge wear. $2.00 e(h)g

"Hartford's (Conn) two acres of roses, 14,000 plants, 930 varieties / in Elizabeth Park..." well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1957 from East Glastonbury, corner bend affects caption area only. $1.75 cg

"Hongkong. / View of / Botanical / Gardens and / adjoining / residences." monochromatic dark blue post card with undivided back, very late usage at Mentmore New Mexico, bottom corner crease confined to caption area, noticeable edge wear. Hard to find! $7.50 hg

"HOTEL ALMS GARDEN" unused advertising (lengthy pitch on back) postcard with minor corner wear, two toned spots in the front sky, spotty light toning on back, small edge scrape shows on back. As is. $1.50 o(c)g

"Hotel Homann, Bandoeng-Java / Tuinaanzicht" showing their garden in Indonesia, unused postcard, light toning on back possibly from the printing process itself, good edges. $4.50 ig

Iran_Bege-eDulatabad-200_small.jpg garden post card available from Judnick.com

"IRAN - YAZD / Begh-e Dulatabad (The Garden of Dulatabad" unused oversize (nearly 5"x7") postcard, near mint & ready to frame. (2 available) $1.75 each. ig

"James Noble Dwarf Conifer Garden, in Strybing / Arboretum, San Francisco..." unused continental from Owen Pearce photo, small ink smear on back (probably from printing process). $1.00 pg

"JAPANESE ROSE GARDEN, MILLER PARK, FRANKLIN, PA. / 68581" white-border era postcard mailed there 1931, tape repair on back, multiple creases & a couple short tears, as is. $0.50 p(f)g%

California_043_small.jpg gardening post cards available from Judnick Postcards

"JAPANESE TEA GARDEN, GOLDEN GATE PARK, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.  55 / 2A-H789" unused circa 1932 linen postcard, light toning near 2 back edges. $2.50 c(s)g*

Tinted072_small.jpg garden post card available from LotsOfCards.com"Jardim d'Antonio Borges em Ponta Delgada. / Garden of Antonio Borges of Ponta Delgada" bilhete postal with tiny corner crease, extensive & interesting notes about the island over all the back, numeral 5 on front is a sequence number the writer used. Appears to be hand-tinted; in any event, the dark ink along the front bottom edge is hard to understand. This large botanical garden is named after politician & merchant António Borges Medeiros. $3.00 pgg(m)

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

PontaDelgada_JardimDoMarquez-100.jpg (378644 bytes)"Jardim do Marques de Jacome Corrêa -- / Ponta Delgada. -- S. Miguel-Açores. No. 6 / ..." Unused, green monochromatic. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 pg

Mexico_183_small.jpg garden post card available from Judnick.com

"Jardin del Contador - Gro." showing a garden with a small bridge in Guerrero Mexico; unused sepia-tone Azo (triangles up and down) real photo postcard, back paper yellowed a bit with age, minor wear at one upper corner. Seldom seen, seldom offered: the caption is so poorly written that most dealers would not figure it out. $6.00 m(g)g

Missouri_034_small.jpg gardening post cards available from Judnick.com

"Jewel Box in Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri--D-14" unused linen postcard published by Fairway Manufacturing Co., lightly toned back, small corner bend. $2.25 m(s)g

NewYork_Rochester_JonesParkGarden-100.jpg (357726 bytes)"JONES PARK, ROCHESTER, N. Y." showing a straight path through a garden area, color, made in Germany, numbered 248 / 38 on back, a little extraneous writing on back, mailed 1909, wear at one bottom corner. $6.50 ng

SouthAfrica_JoubertPark-100.jpg (273743 bytes)"Joubert Park, Johannesburg" showing several well dressed people strolling, writing on back dates to 1913 from a trooper in the Royal Dragoons, corner & edge wear. Post card sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original area) & enhanced 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 (sg)#

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Stengel_KewGardensK-200_small.JPG horticulture postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"Kew Gardens  Kew / Stengel & Co., Dresden 4425" showing the Royal Botanic Gardens exterior, monochromatic dark blue-green post card with red-brown caption & undivided back, used, 3 corners with mild rounding, bottom corners are creased but nowhere near the image. More formally the 'Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew' with a large staff devoted to botanical research & education. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 se(k)ge

"København. Aborreparken" showing the park gardener watering some trees, color postcard mailed 1911 to Ohio, corner crease. $4.25 dg

"Kongens Have set fra Theatrets-Terrassen, Odense" sepia-tone postcard showing a garden in Denmark, writing on back dates to 1925, small corner crease, corner crease. $1.25 dg

California/California_058small.jpg garden post cards available from Judnick.com

"LA-175-- MUSEUM AND SUNKEN GARDENS, EXPOSTION PARK, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA / 2A-H34" circa 1932 linen postcard, name penciled above stamp box may erase well, good edges. $2.00 c(l)g

Pennsylvania_Pittsburgh_LilyPond-200_small.JPG garden post card available from Judnick.com
"Lily Pond and Conservatory, Schenley Park, / Pittsburgh, Pa." with a solitary lady at its edge, postcard circa 1910, unused, minor corner & edge wear, light toning near the back right edge. $5.00 p(p)sg

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Indiana_WinonaLake_LilyPond.jpg (200317 bytes)"Lily Pond, Winona Lake, Ind." including the statue & garden in its center, color litho-chrome postcard from John B. Watson, made in Germany, mailed 1908, slight yellowing of the paper with age, a little extraneous writing on back, corner & edge wear, penciled 'C' in sky may not erase well. $5.50 ig

England_WhitleyBay_Links-200_small.jpg gardening postcards available from Judnick.com"LINKS GARDENS AND CENOTAPH, WHITLEY BAY  C19" hand-colored/tinted real photo post card from the Excel Series, printed in England, name neatly signed on back in pencil, some writing near the lower right back corner whited out. $3.75 e(w)g

"LONGWOOD GARDENS, KENNETT SQUARE, PA. / Acadia specimens accent colorful display of spring / flowers in Main Conservatory." unused chrome post card for Dexter Press, fresh appearance, good edges. $1.00 pg

Tinted084_small.jpg gardening post card available from LotsOfCards.com

"Magnolia Gardens  Charleston, S. C." hand-colored postcard mailed there 1934 to Mrs. Arthur H. Sawyer in Walpole NH., faint album marks at the back corners. $3.50 s(c)gha

SouthCarolina_Chaleston_MiddletonGardens.jpg (388275 bytes)

"Middleton Gardens, Charleston, S. C." showing the oldest landscape gardens in America, unused Tichnor linen postcard, brownish paper on back, minor wear at 2 corners. $2.00 sg

Missouri_SaintLouis_MBotanical-200_small.jpg gardening postcards available from LotsOfCards.com
"Missouri Botanical Garden, St Louis. The visitors first view is of the / water lily pads." well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1957 at Sherman Missouri, tiny upper corner crease not into the image. $1.75 m(s)g

"Moscow. The Kremlin. / Spring in Alexandrov Garden. / ..." captioned in 4 languages, unused chrome post card published in 1967, near mint condition. $1.25 rg


Tuck_025_small.jpg gardening post card available from Judnick.com

"NICE. LES JARDINS PUBLICS ET LE CASINO", Oilette post card 110 (Collection Villes de France) with Henry Wimbush art, unused, minor corner wear & rounding. $6.00 tf(n)ga(w)

Better_586small.jpg garden postcards available from Judnick.com"No. 315.  HOTEL ROYAL POINCIANA AND THE GARDENS.  PALM BEACH, FLA." post card mailed there 1904, bottom corners creased, album toning & a small spot that obscures nothing on back, short tear on left front side, mild corner wear, speckles of cancel ink in the front sky. $3.00 f(p)g NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

"No. 67--SUNKEN GARDEN AND LILY POOL, / GOVERNOR'S MANSION, SANTA FE, N. M." unused Curteich linen postcard, trivial wear to bottom corner, otherwise fairly fresh. $2.25 ng

"OSAKA / japanese garden / KARESANSUI / Japanese Garden 'KARESANSUI' / Quincenntenial(sic) Dream" unused continental postcard, circa 1991, excellent condition. This method of landscape gardening was created by the Muromachi culture. $1.50 jg

California_Holywood_PagodaLake-120.jpg (308291 bytes)

"PAGODA LAKE. / Japanese Gardens / Holywood, Cal" unused Azo real photo (squares at corners) post card, corner crease. $3.25 cg+

"PALM GARDEN, SANITARIUM, / BATTLE CREEK, MICH." unused Octochrome, soiled back, corner crease, corner wear & rounding. $1.75 mg

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"PARIS. JARDIN DU LUXEMBOURG" unused Tuck Oilette postcard (Série 109 No 62, Collection 'Villes de France'), minor corner rounding, otherwise fairly fresh. $4.75 gf(p)t

"PARIS. -- Le Jardin du Luxembourg, la Fontaine Médicis." color, circa 1920. $5.00

Florida_FernandinaBeach_ParkingArea-120.JPG (425580 bytes)"Parking Area, Gerbings Gardens, Fernandina Beach, Fla." unused linen postcard, circa 1947 with back paper starting to show its age. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.75 fg

Quebec_MountRoyal_Park-200_small.jpg gardening postcard available from Judnick.com"Park Ranger's Gds." showing a house in the distant right & a fenced yard containing numerous small decorative flowerbeds in the foreground; S. J. Hayward published real photo carte postale, unused with good edges & fresh appearance. Thus, 'Gds.' means grounds. $4.00 qg**

"PERADENIYA GARDENS, ORNAMENTAL WALK, CEYLON" including topiary plantings, unused real photo of British manufacture from Plâté, numbered 30 on back, good contrast & composition, good edges, yellowish toning at 3 back corners. $4.50 cg

"PETERSEN ROCK GARDENS, one of central Oregon's / most famous attractions, started as a hobby…" unused chrome, corner crease, pinholes at top corners. $0.50

"PICCADILLY GARDENS, MANCHESTER" mailed TCV 1930 to Illinois by Gertrude Robinson, sepia=tone real photo postcard, tiny corner crease misses image, a bottom corner bent undetectably from the front. $3.75 eg

Ireland_PilgrimsAtTheShrine_small.JPG gardening postcard available from Judnick.com"... Pilgrims at the Shrine, Gougane Barra" in west Cork, honoring St Fiacre (patron saint of gardeners & Parisian cabbies!); unused post card printed in Saxony, back paper browning evenly with age (circa 1905 - 1910), mild wear at the bottom left front corner. $7.00 ictg

"Poinciana Regia., Hope Gardens, Jamaica. The Flamboyante, covered with Old Man's Beard lichen" unused postcard from Aston W. Gardner & Company, one corner with trivial wear, light toning near one back corner. $4.75 jgt

"Ravello - Giardino del Palazzo Rufolo" showing the garden & view that inspired Richard Wagner's stage design of the opera Parsifal; unused postcard, Edit. L. Cicalese in Ravello (their number 21976), fairly fresh with good edges. $3.00 im

Brasil_RioDeJaneiroVictorias_Expo-100.jpg (351247 bytes)"RIO DE JANEIRO  VICTORIAS REGIAS IN THE BOTANICAL GARDEN  BRAZIL" black-and-white, unused, from Lito Tip Guanabara, pinhole in top center border, slight yellowing of paper. Issued at the New York World Fair in 1939. $4.00 bge

NYC_452_small.jpg garden post card available from LotsOfCards.com"ROCKEFELLER CENTER, New York / City. The Spanish Garden in the Gar- / dens of the Nations, 150 feet above the / street showing Patio with authentic / Spanish well-head on the right" in Midtown Manhattan, unused sepia-tone real photo postcard from the Seidman Photo Service (known for quality). Likely to have been taken to publicize the opening. Designed by Welsh landscape architect Ralph Hancock it is, sadly, now gone.  $17.50 n(m)n(n)g

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Oregon_Portland_RoseCourt-100.JPG (234011 bytes)

"Rose Court -- Lambert Gardens / Portland, Ore." sepia-tone private mailing card real photo post card, writing on back comments on the crystal that is shown, slight oxidation, good edges. Hard to find! $4.50 ofg

NewYork_Hillsdale_Garden-100.jpg (357346 bytes)

"...ROSE GARDEN, HILLSDALE, N. Y. 838-C" real photo with good contrast mailed there 1950's, paper adherence along bottom edge partially obscures caption, corner crease. $7.00 (ng-)

"ROSE GARDEN, IN THE FENWAY, BOSTON, MASS. / 3A-H1182" linen post card mailed there 1941, a little extraneous writing at the top of the back, minor wear at 2 corners, a few tiny spots of cancel ink in the sky. $2.50 m(b)g

"ROYAL MARINE GARDENS, PAVILION & HARBOUR, KINGSTOWN.  Copyright" unused circa 1910 post card printed in Bavaria for Chas. L. Reis & Co. in Dublin, lightly toned back, trivial corner wear. $6.50 ig

"SDA 24 / GARDENS & CENTRAL PROMENADE / MORECAMBE" chrome postcard from booklet, much writing on back, 2 small corner creases. In Lancashire England. $1.00 eg

Tinted034_small.jpg floral post card available from LotsOfCards.com

See also Flower postcards. Shown is the Colorado Blue Columbine.

Cover_Lincoln_1993LincolnRose_small.jpg (6687 bytes)

See also Flower topical covers. Shown is a unique first day cover for US 1993 29-cent rose stamp.


See also
Flower topical stamps.
Shown is the Crocosmia aurea on a corner block of Swaziland stamps.

Agriculture_SeedsForRoot-200_small.jpg garden postal card available from Judnick.com"SEEDS FOR ROOT CROPS / FOR FARM STOCK / ... / PETER HENDERSON & CO. / 35 Cortlandt Street, New York" with prices per pound & per 5 pounds for various Mancel Wurzel, other beets, turnips & carrots; printed advertising on government postal card mailed there APR 25 1879, toned both sides (pricelist heavily), 2 corner creases (1 small). From the leading horticulturalist of his day, the founding father of the seed industry in the USA. In addition to this line, this pioneer offered kitchen gardening mixtures for city & suburban dwellers, and ornamental gardening products. Not bad for an immigrant who arrived with only a few coins in his pocket! His address was in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Staten Island. History in your hands. $13.00 gg(h)n(s)a

Tinted083_small.jpg garden postcard available from Judnick.com

"SEVILLA.  Jardines de Murillo." showing a fountain with 2 flower-bedecked archways nearby, within a Spanish garden; tarjeta postal with pertinent message written in English by a tourist all over the back, numbered 140 B on back, trivial edge wear. $2.25 gs

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"SHAKESPEARE'S BIRTHPLACE GARDEN,  / STRATFORD-ON-AVON" unused postcard with Quatremain art, numbered *1145 on back, noticeable corner & edge wear. $3.25 a(q)g

Artist_Quatremain_Shakespeare'sBirthplaceGarden.jpg (163119 bytes)
"SHAKESPEARE'S BIRTHPLACE GARDEN,  / STRATFORD-ON-AVON" unused post card with Quatremain art. numbered *1145 on back,
Oilfacsim, trivial wear to bottom corners. $5.50 a(q)g. Same but noticeable corner & edge wear. $4.25 a(q)g

"SIDUES SERIES No. 527  CHARMING AVENUE, BOTANICAL GARDENS, BRISBANE" real photo with good focus & composition, mailed 1960 at Spelter West Virginia but a much earlier card, toned back, 2 tiny spots at center of bottom front edge. $2.50 qg

NRW_9755Solingen-100.jpg (289743 bytes)

"Solingen. Botanisher Garten u. Siedlung Kannenhof" including 3 seated young women, unused real photo from H. Robin. In North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. $3.75 ng

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VaticanCity_SSPioX-200_small.JPG garden postcard available from Judnick.com"S. S. Pio X nei giardini del Vaticano" sepia-tone on yellowish paper from Fototipia Alterocca (their number 92), unused post card, minor wear to one upper corner. In the foreground is Pope Saint Pius X walking in his garden. He served the Catholic Church as Pope from 1903 - 1914-- reforming its liturgy, bringing the Gregorian chants back to the services, and beatifying Saint Joan of Arc (among many other things). $4.00 vcg

"STAR POND. THE BUTCHART GARDENS, NR. VICTORIA, B.C." hand-colored  / tinted real photo published by Gowen, Sutton, unused, fresh appearance. $2.75 bg

"State Prison and Sunken Garden, Marquette, Mich. / 122535-N" unused white-border era postcard from Olson News in Ishpeming, minor corner & edge wear, lightly toned back. $2.50 m(m)pg


"St. John's Gardens, Liverpool / 78744 J.V" postcard from Valentine's Series, British manufacture, brownish paper, 2 small corner creases, corner & edge wear. $4.00 eg

"Summer House in the royal garden / PATAN, 1853 / by H. A. Oldfield." Unused continental postcard with fresh appearance. (2 available) $1.50 each. ng

"SUNKEN GARDENS, ALLENWOOD INN, BURLINGTON, VERMONT  44" linen post card mailed 1961, small scratch, lower corner crease, light toning in the front borders, soft corners. $1.25 vg* ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

"SUNKEN GARDENS AND FOUNTAIN, GARFIELD PARK, INDIANAPOLIS, IND.  111" unused linen postcard, minor wear at one bottom corner, otherwise fairly fresh. $2.00 i(i)g

Missouri_054_small.jpg Missouri gardening post card available from Judnick.com

"SUNKEN GARDEN, ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI" unused linen postcard, tiny spot of light toning in the sky, otherwise fairly fresh. $2.00 m(s)g

Ontario_Windsor_SunkenGardens-200_small.JPG gardens postcard available from Judnick.com

"Sunken Gardens, Jackson Park and Kennedy College, Windsor, Canada.--150." unused white-border era post card made in Canada, good edges. $4.00 ogc

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"SUNKEN GARDEN, THE BUTCHART GARDENS, NR. VICTORIA, B. C." hand-colored  / tinted real photo published by Gowen, Sutton, unused, fresh appearance. (2 available) $2.75 each. bg

NewYork_CentralValley_SunkenGarden.jpg (349226 bytes)"Sunken Garden and Swimming Pool, Harriman Mansion, Tower Hill, Central Valley, N. Y. / No. D 14778" color from E. I. Fitch, mailed circa 1910, much corner wear & rounding. corner crease, slight browning of the paper with age. $4.25 ngs+

"TERRACED GARDEN, MICHIGAN STATE PRISON, MARQUETTE, MICH.--51 / 'IN THE LAND OF HIAWATHA'" unused postcard published by E. C. Kropp Company, fairly fresh with good edges. $2.25 m(m)pg NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

England_StratfordOnAvon_TheBancroft-200.JPG (959199 bytes)

"THE BANCROFT GARDENS & MEMORIAL THEATRE / STRATFORD-ON-AVON" including a small boat & some swans, postcard mailed in the United States. mild corner wear & rounding. $2.75 egt+

"THE CASTLE GARDENS, SWANSEA" postcard with a scene in Wales, from Colourmaster International, fresh appearance. $2.50 swg

T041_small.jpg garden post cards available from Judnick.com"The famous gardens of Charleston SC. / Cypress and azaleas at Cypress / Gardens." with art attributed to 'Char. McCallum' on back but signed 'HALSEY' on front, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1960 from Piedmont Wyoming, minor corner & edge wear not into the image. Art of this quality deserves correct attribution. So we looked into it, and the handwritten caption should read Corrie McCallum, an impressionistic watercolorist who married William Halsey, & who taught at the College of Charleston. $3.00 s(c)a(m)gt

"THE FLAG GARDEN, ROGER WILLIAMS PARK, PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND" unused linen postcard with good edges, light stain in upper left front corner affects border & a little sky. $1.50 rg

"THE FLOWER GARDEN AT MOUNT VERNON / The flower garden and kitchen garden are symmetric- / ally placed at each side of the bowling green..." including hedges in a sort of maze, 1934 copyright notice, unused, pencil writing on back, good edges. $2.00 wg

England_Westcliff-on-Sea_TheGardens-200_small.JPG garden post card available from Judnick.com"THE GARDENS AND SHELTER, WESTCLIFF-ON-SEA.  H. 683" on a sunny but cool day, postcard with fresh colors from the Ellanco Series, bottom corners show minor wear, name written on back, light toning to the back mostly near the edges, light water stain shows in one lower front corner. $4.50 e(w)g

"The Garden -- Sir Charles Fitzpatrick's Residence, Murray Bay, Canada" sepia-tone postcard with very late usage at Fitzpatrick Alabama, bottom corners with small creases (one of which is faint). Sir Fitzpatrick was the Chief Justice of Canada, and was formerly the Solicitor General of Canada. $2.75 qgl

"The Gardens of Kent / Kitchen Garden, Capel Manor" including red touch-me-nots & white Canterbury bells, art attributed to W. G. Addison, unused Tuck Oilette postcard 6237, printed in England, trivial wear at one corner, otherwise excellent condition both sides. On the grounds of the horticultural college there. $3.25 fe(b)gt

Ohio_SouthVienna_HollandiaGardens-120.JPG (490154 bytes)

"The / HOLLANDIA / GARDENS…" in South Vienna Ohio, unused linen with 5 views, informative ad on back, fresh except for  minor wear to bottom corners. $2.25 og

Indiana_FrenchLick-TheHome-200_small.jpg garden postcards available from Judnick.com"'THE HOME OF PLUTO WATER'  /  LILY POND IN JAPANESE GARDEN, FRENCH LICK SPRINGS HOTEL, FRENCH LICK, IND. / 124154" white-border era post card with very late usage at Newton Stewart, small corner crease, one corner multiply creased. Pluto Water was a popular natural product that was used for a quick laxative effect in the early 1900's. $3.00 igm

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"The Hour of Prayer" signed Thomas Kinkade art showing a sundial in a formal garden setting, continental publicity card with 2002 copyright, near mint. $2.00 ag

VirginIslands_TheItalianGarden-100.jpg (291668 bytes)

"The Italian Garden, 'Benvenuto,' Tod Inlet, V. I." unused Azo real photo (squares in corners) with good focus and contrast, good edges, A beautiful card. $5.00 vg

MIXone_226_small.jpg garden postcard available from Judnick.com

"The Maze at Hotel del Monte / Monterey, Cal." Showing a topiary in color, post card from Rieder, made in Germany, circa 1910, unused, light album marks show at the upper front corners, otherwise fairly fresh. $5.00 c

Expo1933_OldMillGarden.jpg (143341 bytes)

"The Old Mill Garden" at the Century of Progress, AZO real photo (squares in corners) post card. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50

Missouri_ThePaseo-200_small.jpg error postcards available form Judnick.com"The Paseo, Kansas, Mo." with a large & well-kept garden prominent; incomplete caption should specify Kansas City; undivided back post card, writing both sides. An odd error to leave out half the name of the city; we speculate that not many were printed or sold after the error was found. $3.25 m(k)ge

Ohio_Aurora_ThePatio-100.jpg (372889 bytes)

"The Patio Gardens   The Aurora Inn  AURORA, OHIO." dark green monochromatic, pertinent writing on back, The inn burned to the ground on Wednesday February 13, 1963. $3.00 og

England_London_TheRoof-100.jpg (354996 bytes)"THE ROOF GARDEN / at the May Fair Hotel. / BERKELEY SQUARE LONDON" color, unnumbered Tuck with textured surface on sturdy stock, mailed in Carland Michigan (2 different cancels), corner & edge wear, exceptionally colorful. $4.00 etg

Oklahoma_Tulsa_TheRoseGarden.jpg (204627 bytes)

"THE ROSE GARDEN, WOODWARD PARK, TULSA, OKLA.--84" unused linen from Paramount Candy Company, minor corner wear. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50

"The world's longest running performance and most / acclaimed water show is presented daily at CYPRESS / GARDENS, CYPRESS GARDENS, FLORIDA." showing the extensive gardens there, chrome postcard mailed 1970. $1.25 f(c)sg

"Tropical Garden and Lake, / Florida" including 2 black swans in the foreground, back indicating 'PHOTO TAKEN IN BEAUTIFUL / SARASOTA JUNGLE GARDENS', unused circa-1946 linen postcard in excellent condition. $2.50 f(s)g

Cuba_TropicalGardens-200_small.jpg gardening postcards available from Judnick.com

"Tropical Gardens, Havana, Cuba  20" unused linen post card with good color from an undisclosed publisher, made in  the US, yellowish paper on back. $3.25 cg

"Upsala. / Totaniska Trädgärden." including several neatly trimmed hedges & a building in the distance, color carte postale numbered 4004 on the back, paper adherence from booklet along one short back edge. $4.00 sg

Wales_Tenby_ValenceGardens_small.jpg (7418 bytes) Wales postcard

"VALENCE GARDENS TENBY" in Wales, color, numbered 97140 on back, unused. $3.75 wg

"VENETIAN GARDENS AND TEA HOUSE, BERWIND ESTATE, NEWPORT, R. I." Linen mailed 1950, extraneous writing on back, mild corner wear, yellowish paper on back. $1.50 (rg)+

"VIEW ACROSS GARDEN / THE CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART" Ekc real photo postcard, annotated 'Sept. 23, 1943. Cleveland, Ohio (U.S.)' apparently by a visitor from abroad, small light spot of toning within the upper front border, minor corner wear. $5.00 o(c)g

"VIEW IN THE ROSE GARDEN, ELMWOOD INN, GREENSPRINGS, OHIO” unused white-border-era postcard, numbered 13639-N on back, trivial corner bumps. $1.25 o(g)g

"View of Korakuyen Garden, Okayama" also captioned in Japanese; unusedcirca-1908 carte postale with unevenly divided back, minor corner wear, light toning in the upper front border & on back. We have seen the name of this garden transliterated as Korakuen. Hard to find, however you spell it. $4.00 jg NEW / NOVA / NOWY

Tinted030_small.jpg garden postcard available from LotsOfCards.com"'Waveny'  New Canaan, Conn." showing a garden in the park planned by architect W. B. Tubbs, hand-tinted Albertype post card, legible writing on back, good edges. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 caahg

Ohio_LeRoy_Westfield-200_small.jpg garden postcard available from Judnick.com

"WESTFIELD INN GARDENS, LE ROY, OHIO" black & white post card, unused, trivial edge wear at top. Surprisingly hard to find! $8.75 o(l)g

"Windsor Castle and Alexandra Gardens" including a group of 5 children in the foreground, sepia-tone post card of British manufacture from Valentine's Series, back paper browning to show age, minor wear to the bottom corners. $3.00 e(w)g

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