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Bill and Cheri Judnick are the owners of Judnick Postcards. For more than 31 years, we have bought and sold picture postcards and small paper collectibles. We are located in Columbus, Ohio. For many years we attended postcard and stamp shows in Ohio and the surrounding states. When our stock grew in size and quality, we attended more distant shows in Chicago (Susan Brown-Nicholson's) and the international Metropolitan show (New York, then managed by Leah Schnall), where we made important foreign contacts.

Bill's columns "Dealing with Dealers" and "Postcard Detective" columns are long-running features of Barr's Postcard News. His monthly "Paper Gold" column ran in the Collectors Journal and dealt with cancellation values. He has also published specialized articles in Postcard Collector magazine.

We are distinctive among postcard dealers in knowing both sides of the postcard. Bill has a long-standing interest in stamps, having joined the American Philatelic Society in 1979. By attending stamp shows, we learned the market for good stamps and cancels on used cards. Some quick examples: we did two national shows put on by the Universal Ship Cancellation Society; and we participated in the dealers-only bourse before the American Philatelic Society national show in Cincinnati. We also have the extensive reference collection that is necessary to compete with full-time stamp dealers. If you have used postcards to sell, you should take advantage of this unusual expertise.

We carry a general, worldwide stock--views and topics. Our material is well organized, with about twice the subdivisions than most dealers use. We cannot specialize in everything, but we have a policy of always having a superb selection of the following types of postcards:

We are computer-knowledgeable. Bill taught computer courses for many years. We have a first-rate scanner and color-correct all its images for even better accuracy. Consequently, we can show you what we are offering. We have the capability of viewing almost any type of document you can send us, but please try simple text e-mail messages first! We will save your wantlist for future reference, so we will not forget!

We do appraisals. We have a line of credit with a credit union that always allows us to consider the outright purchase of substantial collections. We pay 3% finder's fees for useful referrals.

We welcome constructive suggestions and feedback that will help us to serve you better and to help you enjoy the hobby more!

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