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WHY? If your collection should be appraised for insurance or estate purposes, we welcome the opportunity to be of service. We can quote a retail value, or a wholesale value at which dealers would buy, or both!

QUALIFICATIONS IN BRIEF: We have dealt in picture postcards & covers for more than 25 years. We have sold at postcard and stamp shows throughout the Northeastern and Midwestern United States. By mail, we have dealt with collectors and dealers worldwide. Bill has written a column entitled "Dealing with Dealers" for Barr's Post Card News. His articles on postcard values have also been published in Postcard Collector--see Articles Published. Both of these publications are preeminent in the field. In addition, only a very few postcard dealers in the world can boast our experience in philately--knowledge about the stamps and cancels used to send them.

YOUR ADVANTAGE. If you want values for used postcards, you should know that the stamps and cancels on the back can sometimes be worth more that the image side itself. We have done major national stamp shows--such as the annual shows of the Universal Ship Cancellation Society. We participated in the dealers-only bourse before the American Philatelic Society national show held in Cincinnati--in effect, becoming a stamp dealer's dealer. And, of course, we have participated in numerous club stamp shows in Ohio and the surrounding states. Postcard dealers who lack this important experience can only appraise the image side of your postcards. Stamp dealers, who lack the postcard dealing experience, can similarly only appraise the back sides of your postcard. Many people never get a knowledgeable appraisal of both sides. Having only one side appraised, postcard collections are often underinsured. When owners or their heirs sell, the proceeds are often less than they should be--even when dealing with honest and reputable people.

New Caledonia to Australia PC 1906 (72 dpi)1.jpg (24862 bytes)

The value of this postcard,
sent from New Caledonia to Australia in 1906,
has little to do with the image side. 
Its retail value is at least $25.00--
even with an ordinary scene on the front.

Remember, the fact that a dealer is honest and reputable does not mean that they know both sides of the postcard, as we do.

RESULTS. Written opinions on the wholesale and retail value of the material inspected are backed up with citations to our extensive reference collection and experience. Nonetheless, the most persuasive opinions as to wholesale value are accompanied by offers to buy. We have a line of credit that enables us to seriously contemplate the outright purchase of major collections. Consequently, we will be glad to back up our opinions with ready cash.

SECOND OPINIONS. Before selling, any prudent person should obtain two (or more!) opinions on the value of his or her collection. Appraisal fees are not refundable under any circumstances. It is commonplace that experts will disagree on valuations of properties, because of market uncertainties or because they have a different customer base for their expertise. We, as most appraisers, quote a range of values to recognize that uncertainty, and encourage that insurance to be taken at or above the upper end of that range to allow for inevitable inflationary pressures. It should also be recognized that apparent discrepancies between two appraisals can be caused by the owner's mishandling or improper storage of key items in the interim. If your property is valuable, we encourage you to seek additional appraisals on a periodic basis, so that your property can be properly insured and safeguarded, and so that eventual sales can be made from a well-informed perspective.

PRE-ARRANGEMENTS can minimize the expenses involved in appraisals and sales of important properties. Please contact us to determine what would be most expeditious, inexpensive, and convenient in your case: Contact information.

RETURNS. Returns of items sent on appraisal are governed by the appraisal offer. Sending items for appraisal conclusively demonstrates that the latest offer has been accepted in all respects. A request for return of appraisal items after we have received them but before the appraisal has been concluded will result in a service charge equal to the postage costs incurred by the owner in mailing those items to us.


We regret that it is not feasible to appraise stamps, groups of stamps, or stamp collections by e-mail. Small faults may be present on either side of any given stamp, and a close inspection is always prudent. We do not actively appraise stamps, groups of stamps, or stamp collections at this time.

As a practical suggestion for those interested in stamp appraisals, please notice that we list stamp shows at our Show calendar webpage. While we do not know your location, we do hope that one of those shows will be convenient for you. If that is the case, you are sure to find a dealer or two who would take a look at your stamps without charge. Please notice that the show listing is worldwide in scope: even if there is none near to your home, you may get lucky on your travels for business or pleasure!


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