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Lower-case abbreviations following the price,
and sometimes
including punctuation marks,

are inventory codes to help us serve you quickly--an idea
used by many large catalogue companies.
For example, the af% in:
"FLAMBOYANT BLOSSOMS / Antigua, W. I." unused chrome
from a photo by Ho Hutton, saturated colors. $1.00 af%
is an inventory code, not a part of the postcard description.

For many years, an extensive set of abbreviations
used to fully describe our offers--all in capital letters,
all before the price.
We have now removed almost all the abbreviations below, replacing them with spelled-out words
for which they stood. The few that remain can be decoded below.
You should review of the list so that you will know how detailed
our descriptions are. We describe the item, you grade it.
[Other dealers grade the item & let you guess why
the grades apply.]
We get many compliments on our system,
experience very few returns & have many satisfied customers
as a result. When it ain't broke, we don't fix it!



AIC Album Impressions at Corners
ALR Address Label Removed
AMB Album Marks on Back
See an example or "Heavy AMB"
AMF Album Marks on Face
See an example
BP Browning (or Brownish) Paper
CB Citizen's Band (type of radio)
CC Corner Crease
COF Cancel ink On Face
See an example
COL COLor (not black-and-white)
See an example
CTO Cancelled To Order (for stamps)
dpi Dots Per Inch (for scans)
EC Exceptionally Colorful
See an example
EFO Errors, Freaks & Oddities (stamps)
EGST Envelope Glue Show-Through
(on back) See an example
EW Edges Worn
EWB Extraneous Writing on Back
FA Fresh Appearance
FFC First Flight Cover
See an example
GA Glitter Added
See an example
GB Green Back (French postcards)
See an example

Government-issued Postal card
See an example

GPO General Post Office (for cancels)
HPO Highway Post Office (for covers)
HR Hinge remnant(s)
HTB Heavy Toning on Back
HTF Heavy Toning on Face
IC Internal Crease
(Interior to One Edge)
ISB Ink Smeared on Back
See an example
ISF Ink Smeared on Front
IST Inconspicuous Small Tear
LF Lacks Freshness (dingy)
See an example
LH Lightly Hinged (for stamps)
LTB Light Toning Back
LTF Light Toning Face
See an example
M(Color) Monochrome (Color as specified)
MO Much Oxidation (for photos)
NH Never Hinged (for stamps)
NPB No Postcard Back
OG Original Gum (for stamps)
OMB (former) Owner's Mark on Back
PH Pin Hole
PIB Pertinent Information on Back
See an example
PM PostMaster
PMC Private Mailing Card
See an example
PNP Photo, Not a Postcard
QSL Ham Radio Card
See an example
   QSL article
RCI Rounded Corners as Issued
See an example
RP Real Photo
See an example
RPO Railroad Post Office
See an example
SAR Stuck to Album Remnant
SCC Small Corner Crease
See an example
SD Stamp Damaged
SEB Serrated Edge(s) from Booklet
SNE Stain Near Edge
SO Slight Oxidation (not to a fault)
SR Stamp Removed
See an example
SSB Small Scrape on Back
SSF Small Scrape on Front
ST Sepia Tone (color)
See an example
UB Undivided Back
UD Unusually Detailed
UEB UEB - Uneven Edge (from Booklet)
UL Upper Left
UR Upper Right
US United States
USA United States of America
USM Unusual Subject Matter
VLU Very Late Usage (after the era in
which the card was printed)
WBE White-Border Era
(c. 1920-1935) See an example
WOB Writing On Back
See an example or Much WOB
WOF Writing On Face
WP Wavy Paper (will not lie flat)
YP Yellowing (or Yellowish) Paper

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