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In brief: E-MAIL US to ask any questions. Then inquire about the availability of your finalized list (copy the whole description, or at least the beginnings, of each item you want), stating your location (town, not complete address, for postage), state your preferred payment methods & close with your name. Then read our offer of available items, postpaid to that location. Then accept our offer by e-mail and send full payment promptly.

En bref: (1) Nous dire quels articles vous voulez dans votre prochain e-mail. (2) Indiquer brièvement votre emplacement, pas l'adresse complète, de sorte que nous pouvons calculer l'affranchissement. (3) Dites-nous comment vous préférez payer - par exemple, Euros. (4) Nous allons ensuite proposer les produits disponibles à partir de votre liste, en port payé à cet endroit. (5) Si vous acceptez, vous nous payez et nous nous transporterons rapidement.

STEP 1--All items offered at this website are described in detail & many are scanned. Please study any scans and all accompanying condition notes. The abbreviations used in describing items are explained & often illustrated at Abbreviations Explained. If you have any questions about what is offered, or about our terms of offer, please contact us before ordering. Our policies are described in detail at this site, and you may access these descriptions by using the hyperlinks at the top of the page from which you are ordering.

STEP 2--INQUIRY E-MAIL. The quickest way to inquire about the availability of any item(s) is to e-mail us:

  • postcard@judnick.com is the preferred address.
  • In case of server difficulty, please try at a later time.

To expedite your response, please:

  • Mention the heading(s) under which you found the material, preferably in the subject line. For example: "Ordering cat covers", or "Ordering cat & dog postcards".
  • Identify each item in which you are interested by briefly copying-and-pasting its entire description into your e-mail. If you have any questions about the item, be sure to ask.
  • State the location to which you want shipment. Your complete address is not needed at this point, just your country; US residents should mention which state; Ohio residents must mention which county. This information allows us to including any shipping and handling, or applicable taxes in the quote. [Only Ohio residents are charged tax.]
  • State your preferred methods of payment. This will shorten our offer considerably.
  • State your full name at the close of your e-mail, especially if you have not dealt with us before.
  • Because Internet Service Providers occasionally experience difficulties, it would be prudent for you to give a fax or phone number at which you could be reached in such circumstances; however, such information is not required. We do not share such information about you to anyone under any circumstances
  • Involving third parties in transactions provides too many opportunities for mistakes and misunderstandings. So please do not ask us to send the material you are purchasing to others, or ask others to pay us in your behalf. Things are much simpler when you pay us, and when we send the merchandise to you.

=> If you do not receive our reply within 2 day's time, there may have been a block through no fault of our own, or our response may have been misclassified as spam by the software handling your e-mails. In either case, the best strategy is to e-mail us again, but this time give us multiple e-mail reply addresses, using 2 or more different internet service providers to which you have access.  For example, if your att.net address did not get a reply the first time, mention a yahoo.com or hotmail.com or gmail.com address if you have one. We will then attempt to reply to them all. There us a definite difference in reliability among internet service providers; some are simply not as reliable as others, and we all have to cope with it.

STEP 3--OUR CONFIRMATION AND OFFER. We will confirm the availability of the item(s) as quickly as possible by e-mail. We will quote you a total price with a brief explanation of any charges, including shipment to the location you specified. We try to offer items to one customer at a time, so we ask that you reply to our confirmation & offer within 4 days; if you do not, we will have to assume you are no longer interested. Please allow for the possibility that we are at a weekend show or out-of-town, before becoming concerned about getting a response. Similarly, in the summer months or holidays, we may be gone for a week to 10 days for vacation. If the item(s) has/have already been sold, you will be notified as quickly as possible. Offers cannot be made by telephone; it is to our advantage and your advantage to have a written record of our understandings; this is easily accomplished by e-mail.

STEP 4--YOUR ORDER. We want you to be fully informed before you order. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Items will not be reserved for you until you have had all of your questions answered. If our offer for the available items is satisfactory, you would then e-mail us your order, asking us to reserve the item(s). This action fixes the list of items & the price. If you prefer to decline an offer, we would still appreciate having your definite answer, so that we may offer those items to others.

STEP 4--YOUR PAYMENT. After e-mailing your order, you should mail us full payment as soon as possible. We expect payment within 10 days of the order, unless your offer states otherwise, and we will not reserve items beyond that time. We do not as yet accept credit cards, debit cards, or Moneybookers. Please make the payment to the order of Judnick Postcards. We will confirm the receipt of your payment by e-mail. If you pay by cash, traveler's check, bank check, cashier's check, or money order for the full amount, you can normally expect shipment within 2 business days from when that payment is received. If you send a personal check, please allow up to 12 days for your check to clear. Any check or money order should be drawn on a US bank & have a 9-digit routing number magnetically encoded at its bottom. Large orders can be paid by wire transfer; please inquire for details. Payments of any type should be in US dollars. Euros cash payments are also acceptable. If you decide to send cash, you should use registered mail. It is always prudent to include your ship-to address (i.e., the address to which you want the order shipped) with your payment & a copy of our e-mail correspondence; this thoughtfulness avoids errors and delays. We will use your address label, if you supply us with one.

STEP 5--OUR SHIPMENT. Unless you have instructed us to use special postal services--such as registration, certified mail, or certificates of mailing--we will use first-class or air mail to send your order. Airmail is most often used for overseas shipments, although bulky lots are sometimes sent Global Priority Mail. For more information about international shipments, please click here: Shipments abroad. Shortly after we ship your lot, we will notify you by e-mail. We appreciate the courtesy of your e-mail when you have received the shipment, but it is not required.

STEP 6--ADDITIONAL OFFERS. If you see more items that you would like, after you have already accepted an offer, simply ask for another offer. The list of items in an accepted offer cannot change; but there can certainly be two or more offers!

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