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What is it like to deal with Judnick Postcards?
Our customers, link partners, suppliers, traders
& show promoters answer below, in their own words.

Please note: we do not require feedback from anyone;
these people wrote because they wanted to write.

Please note: MM/DD/YY format used for dates.

"Thank you for the beautiful postcard. I am very satisfied." - O. H. 1/2/12

"Thank you!!!! Great service!!!!" - P. W. 11/22/11

"Thank you for all your help :)" - K. Z. 11/19/11

"Thank you Bill. Keep up the good work!!" - N. S. 10/25/11

"FANTASTIC!! Thank you very much."
- E. R. 10/20/11 [on news of a large shipment]

"The items reached me safely today. Thank you for the quick shipment."
- C. F. W. 10/10/11

"Woo hoo! Awesome news!!! Thank you!"
- M. W. 10/9/11 [on a consignment sale]

"Item arrived today in good condition.
Thank you for your fast shipping with good packing." - K. S. 9/20/11

"I got my post card. It is incredible!" - S. S. J. 8/26/11

"I cannot 'Thank You' enough for all of the info and all of the time
you have spent emailing me back and forth.
It is GREATLY appreciated." - J. R. 8/2/11


"The large batch of covers arrived today - pretty fast transit time.
Very nice items for my collection." -  B. M. 7/8/11

"I enjoyed viewing your list of old leather postcards.
You have some treasures." - J. T. 6/8/11

"Thanks for the info." - M. J. G. 5/31/11

"Thanks for the prompt appraisal. You may return the cards.
Thanks again for a wonderful experience." - C. K. 5/31/11

"Thanks so much for thin information!!" - B. S. 5/14/11

"As always, thank you for the quick delivery of my order." - R. R. 5/11/11

"I am pleased with the photos and your service." - I. M. 4/12/11

"I have been meaning to write to you for sometime to thank you
for your fine articles in Barr's." - L. E. 4/9/11

"The postcards arrived earlier this week in fine condition.
Many Thanks." - T. N. 3/24/11

"Thanks for your efforts. I usually don't buy covers beyond 1954
but your offerings are very interesting and
 I would like to purchase the following..." - L. C. 3/18/11

"Nice postcard - thanks!" - C. S. 3/3/11

"I received my photo/postcard today. It came in great condition, as stated. I'm so impressed with the service. Thank you!" - Lynn 3/1/11

"Rec'd the nice covers and refund - thanks. Great packaging.
Will find some time to keep searching your site for my want list items."
- J. H. 2/24/11

"WOW - the card was received today, condition wonderful, just as described.
Thanks for your communication and care in mailing.
You may add me to your alert service, interested in locality of ..." - Barb 2/21/11

"I will certainly keep looking in your website in future for postcards.
My interest at present is [nationality] Royalty, as I am trying
to put an exhibit together. There is no other way for me to get this sort
 of material ... Once again. Thank you for you prompt assistance." - M. A. 1/30/11

"I received the QSL card.....it is great. It was sent by my Dad when he was
about 17 years old in 1934 .... years before I was born......
it will be the "star" of my QSL collection. Thanks very much ..." - J. L. 1/21/11

"What a wonderful picture! Thank you very much for sending
such a good copy - came through loud and clear.
I think this van will be up among my favourites in our collection. - 1/11/11

"The postcards arrived yesterday. I appreciate it that you accurately described
their condition, and I was impressed by your care in packaging them.
I am very pleased with my purchase, and look forward to doing business
with you again in the near future. - R. B. 11/24/10

"Thank you for your response I appreciate the feedback
and did enjoy your Web Site." - another R. B. 11/03/10

"Thanks for responding so quickly and explaining that a small error was made
 that actually from my point of view delayed shipping only briefly.
But I appreciate your kind concern. It's the kind of professionalism
that will keep me coming back. - D. W. 10/23/10

"You have a great web site, and I’m pleased to do business with you."
 - T. A. K. 10/25/10

"I received the postcard, and I'm very happy. Yes, I would like to be alerted
if you get Vintage postcards of [location]" - A. N. 10/23/10

"The cards arrived very quickly and I am completely satisfied." - E. U. 10/14/10

"I did receive the postcard, in excellent shape. I'm glad you had that postcard. Every day, when I left the house, I looked across the street at that train depot ... So, the card is special to me. Thanks again for the speedy service
 and excellent handling of the postcard." - K. S. 10/1/10

"I don't know if you remember me or not but at least a year or so ago
 I sold you some QSL cards by mail and your fairness and courtesy
were much appreciated." - N. P. 9/27/10

"I write to thank you for the two Postcards of [location]
which arrived this morning, very well protected and in first class condition.
I am well pleased with this purchase and thought you would like to know.
Should you come across any old postcards of [location],
I would be most interested if you would let me know." - S. P. 9/11/10

"Today, I received the postcard I ordered. It arrived in excellent condition,
and it is everything I hoped it would be. Thank you
for handling the transaction like a pro." - T. B. 9/10/10

"Dear Mr. Judnick, Thanks so much for getting back to me
and I have already been to your site and it's fabulous!" - S.  M. S. 8/17/10

"Got the QSL card 2 days ago in perfect condition.
I'm very happy with it and your service. Thanks a lot." - J. N. 8/26/10

"The card arrived today and was very well packaged -
I will certainly recommend your site to other collectors ...
Thanks for sending the card so promptly.
Please add me to your interested list for items from [subjects].
I would be pleased to get an email about anything you have from that area."
- S. W. 8/18/10

"La carte postale [sujet] magnifique est arrivée aujourd'hui.
Je vous remercie sincèrement pour de l'expédition rapide
et pour du très bon emballage. - W. M. 7/2910"

"Thanks for your help!" - K. C. 6/6/10

"I really appreciate all the advice. This seems more interesting to me
 than trading stamps.  I will look into a show." - K. S. 6/4/10

"The fine book arrived well wrapped and free of damage. I am very pleased." - G. M. 6/1/10

"I received the [subject] postcard yesterday; it is very nice and will make
 a wonderful addition to the [subject]-themed album I am putting together. ... Thanks also for your good service & quality packaging." - R. B. 1/4/09

"I received my postcards. I thank you very much, they are perfect." - 12/31/08

"The post card has arrived and looks super. I've scanned it into the computer and sent a copy to the [association name]." - B. M. 12/30/08

"Just to let you know that the book arrived today [Dec 6th]. It is in lovely condition and I am very pleased with it." - C. S. 12/6/08

"I received the postcard in the mail today -- thanks so much! I look forward to more business with you and will recommend you highly!" - M. S. 11/13/08

"I received the card today in excellent shape. Thanks," - E. M. 11/7/08

"Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I shall follow your suggestions." - P. M. 10/27/08

"Thank you! We got the postcard on Friday. Very nice." - A. M. 10/14/08

"Thank you for your followup email. I have received the postcard and am pleased to receive it." - M. P. 10/13/08

"Thanks again for the great PC!" - J. R. 10/13/08

"I appreciate your honesty." M. G. 9/16/08

"Thanks so much for your quick reply, I'll keep checking your site now
that I've found it.....I'm a postcard fanatic too!!!!!" -  V. H. 9/8/08

"Hi Bill Thank you for getting back to me I am always happy to visit your website." - S. H. 9/8/08

"Dear Bill, wanted to say that the postcard arrived. I found it in a very good shape. Thanks a lot." - A. T. 9/2/08

"THANK YOU so much for this reply. I will contact [promoter name] as I will be at a convention in Memphis the weekend of his show." - B. P. 8/31/08

"Hi, I enjoy your articles in the Collector's Journal." - L. V. 8/25/08

"The cards arrived today. They are very nice. Thanks a lot." - J. B. 8/25/08

"Thanks - that is helpful." - C. S. 8/25/08

"GREAT. A pleasure doing business with you." - K. P. 8/24/08

"It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I appreciate the updates on the status of my order. Please keep me on your list of alerts if anything under [topics] comes up. I look forward to ordering from you in the future." - M. T. L. 7/30/08

"Very happy with the order and website was 'top shelf'. Thanks for the prompt shipping." - I. 7/30/08

"Bill they're here... They look really cool." - M. Y. 7/28/08

"I did receive your cards yesterday, they were in much better condition that what I expected. Thank you very much." - 7/27/08

"Thank you VERY much. Product Received in perfect condition. I am not a 'collector' and so I appreciated the plastic sleeve you included.
This is an important family heirloom." - F. W. 7/20/08

"Have received it and it is exactly what I hoped for thanks for the great service, it was a gift for a family member of the home owners of the pictured house and I am sure she will enjoy it." -  Tom 7/3/08

"Excellent, thank you the post card arrived safely." - J. K. 6/5/08

"I received postcard today and it was in received in good condition. I was  very pleased to obtain as my family owned this [company] & I am probably related to some of people in picture. Quite a coincidence to find this picture after all this time." - L. F. 5/19/08

Thank you in advance for including these shows in the Show Calendar section. We hear regularly from attendees that they check these listings carefully! You provide a most valuable service! - 5/7/08

"All positive feedback." - L. H. 5/6/08

"Received the three [location] postcards today. Everything A-OK." - G. G. 4/21/08

"Thank you very much for your prompt response." - 3/27/08

"Hi Bill, thanks for the quick reply, I would like to reserve the [call sign] qsl card ... " - L. S. 3/13/08

"Bill, Thanks for your quick response! I wish to reserve this postcard ... " - F. G. 3/10/08

"Thanks again for your efficiency." -D. K. 3/7/08

"Bill, I thank you for your quick response." - J. E. E. 3/05/08

"I have received the [call sign] QSL card and would like to thank you for the excellent service. I am very pleased to have obtained one of my late father's cards." - J. R. 2/28/08

"The postcard has been received, it is a great item, thank you." - R. A. 2/27/08

"I like the way you conduct business. Best regards, ... " T. M. 2/23/08

"Just a word to say that my postcards have arrived in perfect condition. I was pleased by the surprise postcard ... Thank you for your service. Postcards are fun." - L. R. 2/12/08

"The scan came today and really great." - S. L. 2/06/08

"Order arrived safely today thank you; pleased with cards." - J. P. 1/30/08

"Thanks for a very efficient sales process." - Jim 1/29/08

"Thank you for your prompt answer." - L. R. 1/19/08

"I just received the card today...It was very good condition with your care. Thank you very much." - M. K. 1/17/08

"I would like to reserve & purchase ... Thank you for the extended description!" - D. & T. H. 1/10/08

"Bill - you're a genius! Its such a pleasure to find someone helpful. ... many thanks once again for making my life easier." - S. C. 1/6/08

"I received my post cards yesterday. Just lovely, thank you so much. Fabulous product, great packaging and fine service. I'll definitely come back." - L. P. 12/14/07

"I appreciate your reply email to inform me. I am very glad to have found you!!!" - L. W. 12/8/07

"The scan is great. It brings back a lot of memories to see this picture." - T. W. 11/26/07

"Thank you for your prompt reply. I will send your payment tomorrow." - R. L. B. 11/25/07

"I've received the 2 postcards. Thanks for the excellent care in packing/shipping. Highly appreciated." - H. C. 11/21/07

"Thanks for your work and really appreciate." - J. C. 11/8/07

THanks for the prompt mailing of the [location] postcard I purchased from you. It arrived safe and sound in Australia..." - P. M. 11/04/07

"Your letter has arrived in perfect condition. Thank you. - S. P. 11/02/07

"Thank you for your prompt reply to my inquiry. I will keep your website bookmarked..." - M. H. 10/23/07

"I was going to email you today and ask why you sent me a check.....thank you for the honesty!" - M. D. 10/18/07

"Thanks for the excellent communication. It's rare, and very appreciated." M. D. 10/4/07

"The cards arrived safely in this morning's mail. Thanks very much for having provided such a fine service." - L. H. 9/25/07

"just a quick note to say how very pleased with the cards I received today and all the lots I have received from you. thanks for having you wonderful postcard site." - P. R. 9/15/07

"I received the [location] card upon my return from vacation-it’s In perfect condition!! Please add me to your alert service" - 9/14/07

"I received the postcards, and was impressed with how they were packed. Please keep me posted of any new [location] postcards you receive. It was a pleasure doing business with you. - P. O. 8/16/07

"VERY happy with service, packing and cards!!!" - L. H. 8/29/07

"I am so glad that you had this posted online and I was able to get it. Thanks again for all your help." - M. L. C. 8/29/07

"The card has reached me and as a collector of material from [location] 1880-1900 I am quite happy with it!" - M. H. 8/14/07

"received these 6 PCs today. I can only say how EXTREMELY HAPPY I was with these, considering they were mostly bought sight unseen!! Great cards, great packing and well done!!! Keep up the good work!!!!" - 6/30/07

"Thank you. I have forwarded your site to about 20 people I know who may be interested in what you are offering." - N. M. 8/1/07

"The card has arrived safely and I am delighted with it. Also with your excellent packing! Please let me know if any more [location] items turn up. - D. S. 7/27/07

 "Thanks for your prompt reply." - P. O. 7/23/07

"The card is beautiful, thanks so much!" - B. A. 7/23/07

"Thank you again for your time and advice. It's rare to meet someone who you can trust without meeting them, and who will advise without gouging. I will look for the cards in the mail." - T. T. 6/20/07

"Many thanks for taking the trouble to answer my question and for the advice" - D. I. L. 6/19/07

"All items safely received and in great condition. Thanks very much – your service is excellent" - G. .F. 6/19/07

"How kind of you to reply, thank you for your time and efforts" - R. E. L. 6/14/07

"Very interesting covers Many thanks and will contact you shortly for additional covers from [location]" - G. D. 6/8/07

"I received my order in excellent condition and just want to thank you again." - S. C. 6/6/07

"It is great to know people who love animals." - L. T. 6/5/07

"Thanks for being so prompt. I am sending you the four dollars in cash today." -6/4/07

"...am unsure if I confirmed the safe arrival of the post card. It's brilliant, better than the photo showed, thanks again," - P. & F. 6/30/07

"The card is beautiful, thanks so much!" - E. A. 6/23/07

"Thank you very kindly for your time and advice. I shall become a regular user of your website." - R. B. 12/7/06

"Thank you very much for your quality items." - R. S. 11/15/06

"Thank you for putting my show shows on your calendar. I think more people learn about my shows through your site than my own." - L. J. 11/14/06

"I am making a Christmas gift for my brother-in-law ... The 13 cards you sent worked out beautifully." - K. W. 11/6/06

"Thank you for your prompt response -- the check is in the mail." - A. D. 11/6/06

"Thanks so much for your prompt response." - S. N. 10/8/06

"Thanks so much! Packed securely and arrived in very good shape.  Will be keeping look at your site for others." - H. V. 10/4/06

"The postcards and refund check arrived in perfect condition. Thanks again. I'll definitely check out your many cards when I get some more free time soon." - J. L. 10/4/06

"Received in good condition. Thanks." - B. L. 9/29/06

"I like your site..." - W. G. 9/22/06

"It is beautiful. Once again thank you very much for all the care you put into sending it." - J. 9/19/06

"I am very pleased to find your website. ... How wonderful that you have this service." - 9/14/06

"Thanks; it arrived on the 11th. It reminded me of 'how' it was, 'back when'. I do appreciate your attention." - P. L. 9/14/06

"Thank you so much for your quick reply! - S. H. 9/12/06

"Wow!!!!! The second scan is fantastic!!!!" - D. O. 9/8/07

"I just found your page and love it" - R. B. 8/29/06

"Received the .jpg.  It is a good scan." - D. O. 8/28/06

"Thank you for answering me so quickly. - J. McD. 8/27/06

"Thank you for your quick reply." - E. B. 8/8/06

Very well pleased with postcard and timely shipment. - N. G. 7/27/06

"I get the post card b y the post today, it is a very nice quality one ! Lot of thanks..." - A. D. 7/19/06

"I bought from you in the past and was very well served." - N. D. 7/2/06

"I did so enjoy looking through your collection of images - they are absolutely fascinating." - R. H. 6/29/06

"Very pleased with the [place] postcard & US$10 cash change which arrived today. Will watch your site closely for items of interest. - J. D. 6/27/06

"The six postcards I ordered from you in my second order arrived Saturday and they are fabulous!" - 4/11/06

"I very cordially thank you for the lovely card. Compliment for the dispatch safe packing also. I like to buy with you again. Therefore drop in on your offers regularly. Furthermore good business and best greetings from Germany" - W. M. 3/27/06

"I have just received the postcard. It is very pretty. I thank you for this perfect transaction." - D. D. 3/17/06

"Postcard came today. Delighted with it." - D. L. 3/16/06

"Thanks for your swift reply." - J. M. G. 3/14/06

"I received the postcard today and it looks great! Thanks so much. Great Service." - C. G. 3/7/06

"The card arrived in today's mail ... it's perfect!" - E. L. - 3/3/06

"Order received today and I am pleased with the cards & packaging. Thanks!" - R. H. 3/3/06

"Wow! Lightening delivery speed! They arrived in perfect condtion today!" -3/306

"Thanks so much for your quick reply!" - C. G. 2/21/06

"You have an awesome inventory. I've enjoyed digging through it. I will continue to do so." - K. L. 2/10/06

"Thanks for the quick reply. I'll take it!" - E. L. 2/4/06

"Thanks for the quick response." - T. K. 2/1/06

"I stopped at the [location] Post Office on my way to work to pick up the cards. They exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much." - R. K. 1/28/06

"Thank you for your prompt response." - S. R. 1/26/06

"At every point thus far, your service has been prompt, professional and so user-friendly. The website was so comprehensive and also easy to use. I appreciate your service and products! - K. W. 1/26/06

"I was blessed by coming across your site. I cannot praise you enough in how you run your business. You are above reproach! Today when unfortunately many of us have become cynical and mistrustful of dealing with people we cannot  meet with eye to eye, you have given me a  belief in my normal way of treating people, and that is that they are like me, honest and would not think of being dishonest in any way. I know I have gone on way to long with my feelings about your company, but as I said I believe you are above reproach! We are complete strangers, but you make me feel as we felt with our storekeepers growing up ... and that is we are old friends. - V. S. 1/25/06

"Received my order. Really liked your packing method. Cards are excellent." - S. K. 1/21/04

"Thank you for your quick response. I would like to purchase these postcards." - R. M. 1/17/04

"Received the cards and just love them-thank you so very much will be back" -  C. Y. 1/16/04

"The postcard arrived. All is well. Thank you for helping to supply my mom with a 'memory'." - R. B. 1/5/04

"Thank you very much, I am very happy about your prompt reply and the quality of the postcard. Keep me informed for any others postcard or document concerning my village..." - J. M. C. 1/5/04

"Yesterday I received the postcard I had ordered from you. It is indeed a great addition to my collection." 1/1/04

"Thanks for the postcard - it arrived in wonderful condition, with a bonus: I actually know who sent it! I've referred a friend for some covers and stamps." - H. M. T. 12/28/03

"Thanks for your quick response." - R. L. H. 12/19/03

"Thanks for your quick reply." - W. P. 12/16/03

"Just a note to let you know I received the postcard. It's lovely. Thanks so much for your prompt service." - A. C. 12/9/03

"The Post Card arrived safely in the UK last weekend in great condition!" - G. B. 12/9/03

"Thanks a lot for the quick answer. I will send cash in a registered letter directly from Turkey." - O. 12/1/03

"For information, the card is arrived. It's a good surprise for me ; Very nice card." - P. D. 11/28/03

"Just a little feedback, I have been very impressed with your website and the ease of navigation. It's always nice to find a user friendly site that has been well thought out." - P. P. 11/24/03

"I have noticed your prices and they seem quite reasonable, so if you could please let me know..." - M. S. 11/24/03

"Postcard arrived in fine shape" - T. O. 11/21/03

"I enjoyed your site...Keep up the good work. Let me know if you need anything from me." - L. G. 11/17/03

"I received the PC today with the change. Nice to deal with you." - Z. P. 11/28/03

"Thank you for your prompt response." - A. B. 11/5/03

"If you have additional cards in the future please email me at..." - C. L. 11/2/03

"Order arrived today. Terrific! Thanks, and looking forward to future notifications." - D. T. 10/30/03

"What a wonderful website! I am so glad I found you again." - M. M. 10/5/03

"My husband and mother-in-law have enjoyed the ones with [location] interest that I've ordered from you. Collecting these cards is fun and I like the fact that they don't take up too much room!!" - D. M. 10/2/03

"I received the postcard today. And I am totally pleased with it. Thank you." - J. T. 10/2/03

"I was sent to your really great web site. I am really impressed, history has always been my first love, what a way to present it, as they say 'a picture is worth a thousand words' and these cards are a great was to accomplish that." - J. B. 10/1/03

"I have purchased postcards from you before, and I have always been very happy. Thank you!" - D. D. 9/30/03

"Thanks for the quick response and I look forward to receiving this postcard!" - J. A. 9/23/03

"Many thanks for your quick reply." - V. G. 9/18/03

"Please reserve this for me. I'm very excited to get this postcard. Thank you for your quick response." - N. O. 9/18/03

"Received package yesterday and wanted to let you know how please I am with items." - G. H. 9/13/03

"Thank you for quick service and I hope to deal with you again in the future." - R. A. 9/8/03

"The card arrived, safe and sound, today. Many thanks." - D. M. 9/3/03

"Thank y ou for responding so quickly. Please reserve this post card for me." - B. J. 9/2/03

"Thank you for the prompt reply." - C. R. 8/30/03

"Thanks again so much for your help and quick replies.  I can't wait to get the photos!" - M. M. 8/27/03

"Hi Bill, thank you for the quick response.  I will get a money order in the mail today...again thanks, these cards will be enjoyed by many, I will keep checking out your cards for ones of interest to me." - M. A. 8/27/03

"Just received all my cards and they are the BEST!!!!! Thank you. Will be back!!!!" - C. Y. 8/25/03

"I received the two cards below and am happy with them." - T. H. 8/20/03

"Received in good order. Thank you." - D. B. 8/19/03

"Bill, thanks for the prompt reply." - M. H. C. 8/18/03

"Just to let you know that the cards have arrived safely in Singapore. Thanks for your excellent service." - T. 8/11/03

"You have a very nice website." - J. P. 8/10/03

"Thanks for replying with alacrity...Thanks for posting interesting material on the Internet." - A. W. 8/5/03

"Many thanks card received this morning. Please e-mail me should you have any similar items in the future." - D. G. 8/1/03

"Thank you Bill - the postcard arrived this morning, great packing and very nice." - j. B. 7/26/03

"The post card is framed and on my desk." - R. J. 7/25/03

"This is to inform you that earlier today I received the referred postcards safely.  I am very happy with the items and ask you to alert me should you receive any art cards pertaining to [location]" - E. M. K. 7/15/03

"I have received the items in good condition. Thanks! I look forward to receive more offers..." - A. S. 7/7/03

"They arrived the other day - thanks so much" - P. G. 7/7/03

"Thanks for your candor and the (obviously) hard work you do in acting as a conduit for wonderful postcards." - M. W. 7/2/03

"I just wanted to let you know, the [person] postcard arrived this morning! I am very happy with it!..I hope we can do business in the future!" - E. K. 7/2/03

"I never did get a chance to thank you for the postcards. I received the collection and have been very pleased. I'm glad I ran across your website and am also glad for the prompt and honest service." - S. S. 6/26/03

"Thanks for your quick reply to my query." = A. I. 6/22/03

"The postcard came today. Looks great (other than my father's b-a-d handwriting). I will keep checking your site for more cool stuff." - V. H. 6/13/03

"I have received the postcards and I think they are exactly what I wanted; I'm quite satisfied with the whole transaction. I expect I'll be back in touch soon!" - D. G. 6/9/03

"I look forward to the book and also to doing business again!" - M. H. 6/8/03

"Cards arrived safely today in the mail...as described. Overall I'm very pleased." = R. M. B. 6/6/03

"I just received the [ship] covers and [topic] postcard and am very pleased with my purchase and your fine packing job." - M. C. 6/2/03

"Thanks very much for all your help and very rapid service!" - M. H. 6/2/03

"Thank you so much for returning my message...I will keep on watching your site bye the way I think its great!" - M. 6/2/03

"Thank you for the quick reply." = A. M. 5/31/03

"I am very pleased with my purchase and they are perfect for my collection. I will keep checking your site for other items." - S. K. 5/18/03

"Thanks for the great [location] postcard." = J. C. 5/17/03

"We appreciate your quick response and will write the check tonight..." - C. C. 5/15/03

"Thank you for your prompt service." = J. G. 5/14/03

"Just a note to say thank you for the postcards which arrived safely today. Let me know if you get anymore..." - S. J. 5/13/03

"Thanks for the prompt shipment. The card arrived today and it is exactly what I was looking for." - D. G. 05/09/03

"Thanks very much for such a thorough response." - M. H. 05/09/03

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