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Your satisfaction is our main concern. Every precaution is taken to assure your complete satisfaction in advance.

Please study this information carefully; it is for your benefit. If you have any questions concerning the lot, you are urged to contact us before ordering. We will do our best to answer you promptly and accurately. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." In over 25 years of business, we have only had 3 lots returned.

If, despite taking the above precautions, you feel it necessary to return a lot, we ask that you do so promptly (by return mail, the next business day). Partial returns are not accepted under any circumstances; we do not run an approval service. Late returns are not accepted either. Unacceptable returns under this provision will be reshipped to the customer, but we will require that the customer to pay a reasonable postage & handling charge.

You are expected to exercise care in the repackaging of such return shipments. (Good tips: use a sturdy box, avoid Scotch tape, avoid rubber bands, avoid staples, and reuse our packing materials.) Postage and adequate insurance would be your responsibility. Please explain your reasons for the return, so that we may better serve you in the future.

Lots returned to us in the same condition as sent will be refunded promptly, less the shipping and handling charge. If the that charge was not assessed in our asking price--perhaps as a goodwill gesture or as part of a special discount--then the unstated shipping & handling charge will be calculated as 16% of our asking price.  Large return lots (7 or more items, or having items from 6 or more categories) will also be assessed an additional 50-cent per item restocking charge to compensate us for our time spent in refiling & relisting & record-keeping.

Lots returned to us in degraded condition, with items missing, or with substitutions, will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Some lots containing many items of small value are identified as "not returnable" on the page they are offered. The above provisions obviously do not apply to such lots. Similarly. our offers soliciting very small orders (listed items totaling less than $2.00) are often made on a "final sale" basis; if so, the offer will state this condition plainly.

Lots marked as "wholesale" or where a "sale price" is offered and taken are also not returnable. If you want to have the right to return a wholesale lot or a lot on sale, simply buy it at the original retail price; if you do not see the original price, simply ask us for it.

For obvious reasons, photographs and scans in shipments are not returnable. [In all cases of scans, we show thumbnails of the scans that are offered. The scans themselves are full-size or larger and enhanced for detail to facilitate scholarly study on a computer monitor.] The other portions of such shipments may be returned if that return is consistent with the other provisions of this policy.

To encourage our customers to consider postal insurance, we offer it at or very near cost whenever permitted by government regulations. Then, should the cards or other collectibles be damaged in transit to you, you have a right to ask the the US Postal Service for satisfaction. Please let us know, if we can help you with such a claim. Notwithstanding any of these statements, your best insurance is having us pack your order; we have almost 30 years experience packing paper collectibles, and we have never had an insurance claim!

Cancellations of orders by customers rarely occur. Attempts by the customer to cancel an order that is already shipped obviously cannot be honored. Orders that are cancelled by the customer after a full or installment payment has been received but before the order is shipped will be honored subject to a service charge of $5.00 or 16 percent of the total amount, whichever is larger.

We reserve the right to cancel orders in progress, or withdraw particular items from an order. We would do so only if the order or item is unexpectedly damaged in handling or lost [theft, act of nature, etc.] In such an event, we will promptly refund all monies paid by the customer for such items, at our expense, or we will issue a larger credit toward subsequent orders--whichever the customer prefers.

In the event that our shipment within normal delivery times is refused by a customer and returned to us unopened and undamaged, a service charge of $10.00 or 20 percent, whichever is larger, will reduce any refund. If in such a case there is uninsured damage, then that service charge will also add in the amount of the damage, because uninsured shipments are sent at the customer's risk.

In the event that the Post Office misdirects mail sent by us, and by their mistake(s) causes a delay in delivery which dissatisfies a customer, or causes a customer refusal of a shipment because of the extraordinary delay, that customer will be issued a full and prompt refund provided only that the package we sent is returned to us unopened and undamaged. In the event that such an unopened return has uninsured damage, the refund will be reduced by the amount of that damage, because uninsured shipments are sent at the customer's risk.

Returns of items sent on appraisal are governed by the appraisal offer. Sending items for appraisal conclusively demonstrates that the latest offer has been accepted in all respects. A request for return of appraisal items after we have received them but before the appraisal has been concluded will result in a service charge equal to the postage costs incurred by the owner in mailing those items to us.

Appraisal fees are not refundable under any circumstances. It is commonplace that experts will disagree on valuations of properties, because of market uncertainties or because they have a different customer base for their expertise. We, as most appraisers, quote a range of values to recognize that uncertainty, and encourage that insurance to be taken at the upper end of that range to allow for inevitable inflationary pressures. It should also be recognized that apparent discrepancies between two appraisals can be caused by the owner's mishandling or improper storage of key items in the interim. If your property is valuable, we encourage you to seek additional appraisals on a periodic basis, so that your property can be properly insured and safeguarded.

In the unlikely event that an error on our part necessitates a small refund ($1.75 or less), and the customer prefers not to substitute something of equivalent value, it is our custom to apologize to that customer by offering free shipping & handling on the next order.

Items that we correctly address but are nonetheless returned to us by postal authorities (e.g., no forwarding address, or unknown), will be resent once we obtain the buyer's corrected addressing instructions. In such cases, an additional reasonable postage & handling charge will be necessary to compensate us for our extra time, extra mailing expense (including an allowance for any extra weight involved), and any other expenses we have incurred to no avail. The extra charge will be payable by cash, cashiers check, or money order only.

The above policies are referred to on every page offering postcards or covers, and constitute an integral part of our terms of offer. If you have any questions about these policies, please be sure to ask. By placing an order the customer agrees to these terms, and thereby waives his or her rights to any other compensation in such cases.

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