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Orders from customers outside the United States are welcome! Indeed, we already have many overseas customers.

Our shipments to you will be in sturdy boxes, or the items will be protected by heavy cardboard or acrylic sleeves. To guard against misdirection, the address label will be covered with clear tape--so the ink cannot be smeared by rain, for example. We have never experienced an insurance claim for damages in transit. Only one order (to Canada) was lost without explanation.

To assure that you receive the postal services necessary for safe and expeditious shipment, we ask that you instruct us on the preferred method of shipment. For example, do you prefer global priority mail, air mail or surface mail? What markings on the package will assure compliance with customs regulations in your country? We simply do what we are told in these matters.

It is our responsibility to make sure that sufficient postage is applied to secure the services that you want. It is also our responsibility to fulfill all United States customs regulations. The forms we fill out remain on file at our local post office for at least 30 days as proof of shipment.

It is possible that our customers overseas would appreciate information concerning our current postal rates. If so, the authoritative website is the USPS website. Please use this information to estimate your charges. We will, of course, be glad to give you a firm quote once the extent & destination of your order is clear.

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