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Many of our lot prices & quotations include all shipping & handling charges, and will be stated as such. If not, we quote these charges separately, based on the customer's mailing address. To keep these charges and our prices low, we send by the most economical method; customers who prefer otherwise will be asked to pay the difference.

Once an order has been mailed, the customer has had the benefit of our shipping & handling services, so these charges are not refundable. Therefore, in the rare case of a return, shipping & handling costs that were explicitly quoted will be deducted from our refund check. We have studied our operations over many years and find that shipping and handling (including an allowance for our time) is approximately 16% of all mail sales volume. Therefore, in those rare cases of a return for which shipping & handling charges have not been quoted separately, this 16% is not refunded--again because the customer has had the benefit of these services. We believe that business on the Internet may become more efficient than we have previously experienced. We will be studying our costs and postal rates very carefully, and may vary this 16 percentage (with advance notice) in the future. Whatever the percentage, we expect to make no profit off shipping & handling charges--just to be reimbursed for our time and expense. Our profit comes, as it should, from the lots which we sell to satisfied customers.

Items that we correctly address but are nonetheless returned to us by postal authorities (e.g., no forwarding address, or unknown), will be resent once we obtain the buyer's corrected addressing instructions. In such cases, an additional reasonable postage & handling charge will be necessary to compensate us for our time and extra mailing expense.

People placing orders from outside the United States should consult our Shipments abroad section for additional discussion of shipping & handling charges.

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