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CoverSlovenian_Ujvidek5481_small.jpg (3963 bytes)


en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NOVA / NUEVO.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Unless noted, prices do not include postage or insurance.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@lotsofcovers.com

Several more items can be offered--please inquire!
See also Chile postcards.

USSTennessee_01-06-09Stamps-120.jpg (371269 bytes)Jan. 6 '09 at Concepcion Chile, Postcard mailed to the US by a sailor whose interesting message mentions that he expects to receive mail when he returns to his ship. 5- & 2-centavos Chilean stamps. Postcard sold recently. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original postcard area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.75 c

USSTennessee_Jan7'09StampSide.jpg (288092 bytes)Sailor's message dated Jan. 7 '09 at Concepcion Chile, postcard mailed next day there, Valpariso transit mark on the 10th. "200 sailors from each ship are ashore…Am expecting mail from the States tonight." View of Callo Comercio (vista desde la Estacion) at Concepcion. 5- & 2-centavos stamps. Postcard sold recently. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original postcard area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.75 c c

USSTennessee_Jan10'09StampSide.jpg (413838 bytes)Message dated Jan. 10 '09 at Talcahuano Chile, mailed there on the 12th to the US by a sailor who wrote: "Had a fine time ashore and saw many quaint and interesting scenes. A beautiful place and the prettiest Senoritas you ever saw. People mostly Spanish though some French and German and a very few English." Message side comment: "This is some miles inland but is quite important as a agricultural center." 5- & 2-centavos Chilean stamps, clear Secn Recepcion Valparaiso auxiliary marking. Long crease. Postcard sold recently. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original postcard area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.75 c

USSTennessee_Jan21'09ShipCancel-120.jpg (360293 bytes)Message written Jan. 20 '09 at Coquimbo Chile, gorgeous USS Tennessee cancel next day. Postcard sold recently. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original postcard area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.75 cn

"VALPARAISO, Bahia de Valparaiso  HANS PREV" showing the bay filled with many varied ships, mailed there 3 ABR 25  1925 to Pennsylvania (gorgeous VALPARAISO MARITIMA cancel, stamp missing a lower corner), both sides toned & soiled. $3.00 c-c

SportsGolf_SantiagoChile_SwimmingPool_small.jpg (5842 bytes)
"Piscina del Golf Club - Santiago / Swimming Pool at the Golf Club / Piscine du Golf Club" real photo with good focus, mailed from Santiago Chile 19 VIII 31 with 2 different stamps nicely cancelled TCV. One internal crease that is hard to notice. $8.50 sc-c+

Chile_Santiago)527-200_small.jpg genealogy post cards available from Judnick.com"527 SANTIAGO, Calle Estado  Curphey y Jofré Ltda." with a Chilean traffic cop in the intersection & legible signs--Lenceria y Encajes, Omega, Cara Kardonsky / Brillantes Joyas; real photo postcard with clear 4 ABR 35 AMBULANCIA (mailed on train going to Osorno) hand cancel on 30-cts stamp franking it to Ohio, Valparaiso  6 ABR 35 transit marking in address area. Stamp overhangs the top edge so a couple of perfs got bent; tiny bottom corner crease nowhere near the image. Nice you-are-there type of feeling from the photography. $12.00 cgl-c

1942 CENSORED envelope from Santiago to California franked by 40-cts Cobre stamp, EXAMINED BY 5737 tape around edge. $2.50

1954 AIRMAIL envelope from Vina Del Mar to New York, franked by 6-peso stamp tied by clear cancel. $1.00

1959 AIRMAIL #6 envelope from Iquique to Illinois, commercial mail to Montgomery ward but franked with 5 different stamps. Attractive. $1.25

1959 AIRMAIL #6 envelope from Chillon to Illinois, franked with 4 different stamps making the $85 rate ($50 stamp uncancelled & one corner gone), opened neatly. $0.75

1960 AIRMAIL ADVERTISING from N. Martin in Santiago to Illinois, advertising art for Floid product, commercial mail but franked with 4 different airmail stamps to make $85 rate, opened neatly. $1.25

1961 AIRMAIL from Sancagua to Wisconsin, Sewell return address, #6 envelope franked with 5 stamps (3 different) making the $85 rate, opened neatly. $1.25

1962 AIRMAIL #6 envelope from Santiago to Michigan, 10-centesimos sesquicentennial stamp of 1960 barely cancelled, cancellation ink on back. $1.00

3 JUL 1976 FDC for $5 US Bicentenary stamp (complete), unaddressed, multicolor cachet. $0.50

Undated DIPLOMATIC MAIL FREE #10 envelope from Washington DC to Michigan, long tape stain along bottom edge. $0.50

Lot of 6 miscellaneous envelopes #6 & #10 size with a good variety of stamps & unclear cancels. $2.50

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.


See also Chilean post cards.

31 Ene 1975 GENERAL BERNARDO O'HIGGINS BASE cancels on 6 different Chilean stamps franking #6 envelope to Ohio, black base cachet applied to the back, neatly addressed, backflap unsealed. $3.50

Cover_ChileanAntarctic_2Signatures_small.jpg (2674 bytes)11 Feb 1976 GENERAL BERNARDO O'HIGGINS BASE cancel on Eo800 Corbeta Baquedano ship stamp franking #6 envelope to Ohio, black base cachet applied, Chilean backstamp on 14 April, autographs of the Base Comandante & Base Postal Officer also on the back, neatly addressed, backflap unsealed. $4.00

circa 1976 PEDRO AQUIRRE CERDA BASE cancel on Eo800 Corbeta Baquedano ship stamp franking #6 envelope to Ohio, violet base cachet picturing the territorial claims, neatly addressed, unopened. One of the cancels applied to the stamp is incomplete. $3.00

23 Feb 1979 PEDRO AQUIRRE CERDA cancel on 5 different Chilean stamps (another stamp was missed) franking #6 envelope to Ohio, neatly addressed, backflap unsealed. $3.25

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

Other listings at our website of potential interest:

See also Antarctica postcards.

Cover_SouthAfrica_AntarcticLot_79IV24-100.jpg (281311 bytes)

See also Antarctica topical covers (mostly expeditions).

../images/AustralianAntarcticTerritory_FirstDayCover-200_small.JPG available from Judnick.com

See also Australian Antarctic Territory postal history. Shown is a 28 Dec 1954 First Day Covers cancelled at Macquarie Island, with cachet mapping Australian claims.

Cover_BAT_4JAN1977FDC.jpg (591043 bytes)

See also
British Antarctic Territory postal history.

See also British Antarctic Territory postcards & QSL cards.

Cover_FSAT_11-11-83.jpg (295140 bytes)

See also
French Southern & Antarctic Territory postal history.

Cover_RossDependency_20DE78.jpg (204185 bytes)

See also
Ross Dependency covers. Shown here a
20 DE 78 Scott Base from the Historic Huts Restoration Project of the New Zealand Antarctic Society.



CHINE / Chińsko Ludowo Republika / CINA / Kina
PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA / Republica Popular de China /
Republikang Popular sa Tsina / Républik Rakyat Cina
 Volksrepubliek van Sjina / 中華人民共和國 / चीन

We have several more items to offer--please inquire!
See also our Classic China postcards, Modern Chinese post cards,
Hong Kong postcards, Manchukuo postcards,
Manchuria postcards, & Chinese gymnastics photos.


"Peking.  First Gate at the Imperial City." Post-Karte sent TCV (pair of German Offices stamps clearly canceled & tied to front) 9.6.08 from Peking to Harvey W. Lindaman in Charles City Iowa, another example of the cancel clearly struck on back, message in German, small bottom corner crease. Sold but both sides still available for scholarly study & research as enlarged 300-dpi scans (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75 each or both for $7.25. c-c

China_HuntingSmallGame.jpg (174365 bytes)Postcard mailed Nanking 1913 to Ohio (3-cents & 1-cent stamps issued by the Republic & overprinted vertically in red, Shanghai transit marking). Postcard sold. Stamp side still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 c*

Cover_China_StampAdded-200_small.jpg Chinese cover available from LotsOfCovers.com1919 1-1/2-Cts blue carte postale (upright character in arch) with usage to Tsingtau (receiving mark in Chinese & English characters on front), 1/2-Ct. stamp added; addressing, message & cancels all in Chinese. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 c

Manchuria_TheCustom-house-200_small.jpg Chinese cover available from LotsOfCovers.com"The Custom-house and Yamagata-Dori, Tairen." including a streetcar passing by, scene within an embossed border, caption beginning in Chinese; post card mailed 20.3.19 with Japanese stamp boldly tied (DAIREN / I.J.P.O. violet hand cancel) TCV to Mr. Walter L. Craig in Uniontown Pennsylvania as part of a postcard exchange, sender was Masao Toda in Dairen South Manchuria. All corners creased --  3 are tiny, none into view or stamp. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 ms-cj

Cover_China_DragonBoat_small.jpg (3492 bytes)Postcard mailed from Shanghai (5000 inflation stamp, most of cancel legible) to the United States, typed request for catalog, slight ink smear on back in message area. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 c-c

"CAMBODGE. - 545. - PNOM-PENH. - Quai Norodom" postcard with pertinent annotation on front 'Your boat anchors at x, a tug brings you to xx & you climb over the boats & these steps - at low water now'; mailed 23 2 23 at Pnom-Penh with a strip of 3 stamps that are even more interesting: Originally these were 5-c stamps of French Indo-China. Then they were overprinted with new 2-c values for use at the French Indo-Chinese Office in Hoi-Hao, Southern China, as indicated by the French & Chinese characters in red. That Office closed on 31 December 1922, as did other French Indo-Chinese Offices in China. The remainder stamps were brought back to French Indo-Chinese post offices such as the one in Pnom-Penh (now Cambodia), and used up in the following months such as we see here. This postcard was addressed to Columbus Ohio. It was originally thought that postage was due, but the value at the time of receipt was not obvious -- 2-centimes or 5-centimes each? The triangular postage due marking at the upper left of the back was struck off by pencil, indicating no postage due assessment, probably by a clerk who was tired of trying to figure it out or argue about it further. There are two creases in the least important corner, not affecting anything important, not into the image nor into the explanatory text written on front; but we mention them for accuracy. SALE IN PROGRESS c-ccf


Almost complete USTP SEA POST /  EAST / DEC / 3 / 1930 / SS PRES. TAFT duplex cancel with 21 in killer ties 2-c Washington franking greeting-card size envelope from 'Fern  Sinkey / Yenping China' to Ohio. neatly opened, stamp overhangs right edge a bit. Fern Myrtle Sinkey (1887 - 1970) was active in the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church, serving in Yenping Fukien China. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. cs

Cover_China_USSRochester-100.jpg (289681 bytes)Light but legible USS ROCHESTER / SEP / 1 / 2 / PM with SHANGHAI / CHINA in the killer bars ties pair of 1-1 / 2-c Washington Bicentennial stamps franking #6 envelope to Missouri, black cachet depicts Washington mounted on a horse, slight envelope glue show-through in address area. small corner crease affects nothing. The USS Rochester (ACR-2) was a cruiser. The year is 1932. Cover sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 cwn

Cover_China_1934USSBlackHawk.JPG (355485 bytes)JUL 4 1934 clear U.S.S. BLACK HAWK // ASIATIC /  STATION / CHEFOO /  CHINA cancel ties 3-c Washington stamp franking #6 envelope to Ohio, large dark-blue Uncle Sam 4th of July cachet with firecracker, USCS member's handstamp on back, brownish paper, slight envelope glue show-through on back, faint corner crease, light wrinkling along left front edge, lightly toned back. Cover sold, but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 cn

Cover_Naval_Tulsa1936-200_small.JPG China cover available from LotsOfCovers.comClear & almost complete (top of dial just off envelope) U. S. S. TULSA JAN 5 1936 hand cancel with SOUTH CHINA / PATROL in killer bars ties 1-1/2-c Harding stamp franking #6 cover to Holyoke Massachusetts, well-struck violet Buddha & dragon handstamp in upper left front, well-struck rickshaw handstamp in lower front center, quality paper, light toning near the left front edge. At the time, this Asheville-class gunboat was under direct operational control of CINCAF (Commander in Chief, Asiatic Fleet) sending observations from the South China Coast. She was the recipient of the Yangtze Service Medal & the China Service Medal, among other distinctions. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 cn

Cover_China-TutuilaAtNanking-100.jpg (304833 bytes)Partial USS TUTUILA / 1936 / MAY 6 / A.M. with CHINA / NANKING in killer bars ties 2-c Red Cross stamp franking #6 envelope to Massachusetts, large light violet cachet of the John Paul Jones Chapter of the USCS, toned lower right front corner. Cover sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 cnr

Cover_Paquebot_1937-200_small.jpg Chinese cover available from LotsOfCovers.com"N. Y. K. LINE" intricately embossed color art on postcard showing the children's room aboard one of their ocean liners, mailed JAN 3 1937 with Japanese 5-sen stamp (tied by Shanghai PAQUEBOT cancel) to Lebanon Pennsylvania. The view side is hard to find ... and so is the cancel! $50.00 s(o)c-cpj

Light but legible USS / 14 / DEC / 1937 / A.M. / U. S. S. POPE with SHANGHAI / CHINA in the killer bars ties 3-c Constitution stamp franking #6 envelope to Illinois, handstamped address, handstamped address, never sealed, slight envelope glue show-through on back, corner crease away from stamp. The USS Pope was serving then to evacuate Americans from northern Chinese ports to Shanghai. $10.00 cn

Cover_China_MonocacyAtHankow-100.jpg (214513 bytes)Clear USS MONOCACY /  APR / 11 / 1938 with YANGTZE PATROL / HANKOW CHINA in killer bars ties 3-c Constitution stamp franking #6 envelope to Illinois, generic ship cachet with decorative anchor border, neatly addressed, never sealed, paper browning with age. This river gunboat PG-20 was serving as a station ship at this treaty port at the time. $17.50 cn!

Almost complete USS / OCT / 27 / 1938 / A.M. / ISABEL with SHANGHAI / NAVY DAY in killer bars ties 3-c Susan B. Anthony franking #6 envelope to Illinois, neatly addressed, never sealed, light envelope glue show-through both sides. $9.50 c!

Legible but doubly struck USS / 4 DEC / 1938 / OAHU with SHANGHAI / CHINA in killer bars ties 3-c Washington franking #6 envelope to Illinois, neatly typed address, decorative blue anchor border, slight envelope glue show-through both sides. $10.00 c

Cover_China_USSGuam1939-100.jpg (303117 bytes)Clear JUN 8 1939 USS GUAM hand cancel with HANKOW / CHINA in the killer bars ties 1-1 / 2-c Martha Washington prexy franking #6 cover to New York, gorgeous U.S. FLEET / in / ASIATIC WATERS cachet in Chinese red (what else?), neatly addressed, never sealed. $10.00 cn

Clear USS / JUN / 18 / 1939 / FINCH with CHEFOO / CHINA in killer bars ties 1-1 / 2-c Martha Washington prexy to #6 envelope to New York, large red US Fleet in Asiatic Waters cachet from the John Paul Jones Chapter of the USCS, bit of red ink from another envelope's cachet on the back. The USS Finch (AM-9) was a minesweeper. $10.00

Wanted to buy--covers and postcards mailed from Austro-Hungarian, British, German, French, Italian, Japanese & Russian ships stationed on the Yangtze. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c2


Cover_China_1948Block.jpg (155924 bytes)21 12 48 greeting card size envelope from Tientsin to Shanghai, franked by 100.00 boxed overprint on 1 stamp on front & marginal block of four 20.00 building stamps in green (one corner torn off by sender), never sealed, stamp on front has small corner crease, attractive rickshaw silhouette design at lower left front & blue Par Avion label at lower right, light stain along bottom edge (mostly visible from front). $12.50 c

84 12 30 - 85 2 20 #6 envelope franked by 80 mountain stamp canceled at King George Island (China's first expedition there) in Antarctica, two auxiliary Chinese markings in dials showing penguins & gulls in red , also bearing an uncancelled 40-c Ross Dependency stamp showing the Vanda Station, unsealed, neatly addressed to Ohio, toned along both sides of one edge. $7.50 car

                            CHINESE ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION 1984
    Antarctica_1984China2-200_small.jpg Chinese cover available from Judnick Postcards    Antarctica_1984China3-200_small.jpg China covers available from LotsOfCovers.com
Cover_Antarctica_1984ChinaUSExpedition.jpg (331595 bytes)Three 1984 covers from the joint expedition of the (Chinese) Lanzhou Institute of Glaciology and Cryopedology & the (US) Institute of Polar Studies of the Ohio State University, all franked with Chinese stamps & attractively cacheted, neatly addressed & never sealed. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 each or all 3 for $5.00. ac

Cover_Mongolia_ChineseExpedition.jpg (216471 bytes)1986 80 blossoms stamp franking cover from Ar La Tao Mountain Scientific Expedition /  Buertala Mongolia Autonomous State /  Xing Jiang, Wei Wu Autonomous Province /  People's Republic of China participant to Ohio, printed matter rate, never sealed, lightly penciled annotations in English explain everything Chinese. Nice! $7.50 mc*

1986 10 2 #10 airmail envelope from Shanghai to Ohio franked by 1.10 building stamp tied by neat cancel & receiving cancel on the 28th, neatly opened, faint corner crease (furthest from stamp). $1.00 c

Cover_China_circa1987AntarcticExpedition.jpg (238424 bytes)circa 1987 expedition cover franked with 80 blossoms stamp franking #6 envelope sent at printed matter rate to Ohio, large black cachet 'DUNDE ICE CAP / CHINA EXPEDITIONS /  1986-1988 /  Lanzhou institute of Glaciology and Geocryology /  INSTITUTE OF POLAR STUDIES, THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, neatly addressed, never sealed, small AB & A8 US routing marks on back. $5.00 ca

1991 1 19 #10 airmail envelope from Guangzhou to Ohio, franked by pair of 1 stamps, opened neatly, small smudge in lower right corner apparently from incomplete backstamp attempt. $1.00 c

1993 7 3 #10 airmail express envelope from Shanghai to Michigan, franked by pair of 2 building stamps, clear cancel ties stamps, opened neatly, a little wrinkling evident along 2 edges of back. $2.50 c

1993 8 5 #10 registered airmail envelope from Shanghai to Michigan, franked by pair of 20 man & one 5 & pair of 1 man stamps all tied by neat cancels, receiving mark on face six days later, Olympic advertising of China Post on back. $4.00 co

In order by publication date.

"THE POSTAGE STAMPS OF CHINA / 1951 EDITION" published by L. F. Livingston, softbound, 72 pages plus an errata sheet taped to the inside back, well illustrated. Its principal claim to fame at the time was realistic retail pricing, rather than artificial pricing in other catalogues that was discounted by most dealers. This was their second catalogue, a distinct improvement from the first. Gently used. $3.00 c

January 1967 American Philatelist: Costa Rica's 1928 Lindbergh Issue; North China--The Hsin Min Prints; Canada--The Jacques Cartier Stamps; & much more. $3.75 the complete issue. acccl

October 1967 American Philatelist: Laos--Its Musical Instruments on Stamps; China--a Selection of Ship Letters and Stampless Covers; Mongolia--Growth of Its Postal Service; & much more. $3.75 the complete issue. aclm

October 1968 American Philatelist: Paraguay's 1922 Revolutionary Issues; Postal Rates Between China, Hong Kong & United States, via England--1849-1875; & much more. $3.75 the complete journal. achp

"CHINESE POSTAGE STAMP BOOKLETS / 1917 - 1980" by Ellery Denison, paperbound, 44 pages with numerous illustrations in black & white, published 1981 by the China Stamp Society. $7.50 ct

"Yang's Postage Stamp Catalogue of The People's Republic of China" 1994 edition in English & Chinese, softbound, profusely illustrated in color throughout, prices in US dollars for stamps, souvenir folders, first day covers & major varieties. Known especially for its invaluable & detailed information on the Revolutionary Base (1930-1937) & the Liberated Areas (1937 - 1950) it has no compare, even today! Corner bends on most pages but otherwise fresh overall. $7.00 c

The China Clipper, Volume 58 Number 3 (March 1994), official publication of The China Stamp Society Inc. Articles include: the Korean government in exile at Shanghai; Chinese Eastern Railway & South Manchurian Railway; and more. $2.75 ck-rr

The China Clipper, Volume 67 Number 3 (March 2003), official publication of The China Stamp Society Inc. Article subjects include Uighur bilingual labels used for registered mails & the currency control overprint 1915-1946. $2.75 c

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

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Many more covers can be offered--please inquire!
See also Christmas stamps, Christmas postcards
& Madonnas postcards.

Ontario_Toronto_1886-7PostalService.jpg (176880 bytes)"1886-7 / A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR / ... /  TORONTO LETTER CARRIERS" card the size of a regular postcard including a postman, mailbag, heraldic crests & a Canada Post Card, 5-colors (brown on sepia, dark violet, dark red & gold), toned back, mild corner & edge wear, long crease, small corner crease, lightly toned front. Handed out to "Their Friends Everywhere", no postcard back. As nice a postcard precursor as you are likely to find. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 oc-onpc

Clear & complete 25 DEC 1946 USS Harlan R. Dickson hand cancel ties 3¢ US Navy stamp with margin franking #6 envelope to Grand Rapids Michigan, large green cachet conveys Season's Greeting (Neptune & Santa Claus), quality paper, never sealed, neatly addressed, 1946 TB seal on back. SOLD nc

Cover_Naval_Lioba1946-200_small.jpg Christmas topical cover available from LotsOfCovers.comUSS LIOBA clear DEC 25 1946 cancel on 3-c telegraph centenary stamp with tab franking #6 cover to Michigan, fancy & large dark green Navy Department season's greetings cachet with Santa & Neptune, untied 1946 Christmas seal on back, slight browning of the paper with age. From the time this refrigerated cargo ship steamed along the Atlantic coast and the Caribbean. $3.50 nc

DEC 25 1947 USS Huntington (CL-107) hand cancel ties 1½¢ Martha Washington prexie franking #6 cachet to Menasha Wisconsin, large Seasons Greetings wreath cachet in green, neatly addressed, old price inked on back, envelope glue starting to show both sides. $2.25 nc NEW / NOUVEAU / NOV

NOV 24 1952 clear Whitford PA. 1 handstamp (1884-1962, now DPO) on 4-c Christmas stamp of that year on unaddressed #6 envelope. $3.75 pc

Cover_Malawi_1DEC1964FDC.jpg (287638 bytes)
1 DEC 1964 first day cover for the 4-stamp Malawi Christmas issue, cachet in 2 colors shows the star of Bethlehem as seen from Lake Malawi, unaddressed, postmarks clear. $1.75 mc

1964 Zanzibar and Tanzania aerogramme to Florida franked by 20-cent islands & 30-cent hands stamp, clear Mombasa Kenya POST EARLY FOR CHRISTMAS slogan cancel. $3.00 (zkc)!

12 OCT 1966 first day cover for 4-stamp Christmas 1966 issue, unaddressed, attractive blue & gold & white cachet depicts star of Bethlehem over town. $3.00 mc

Covers_Angola_1966Aerogramas-200_small.JPG Angola aerogramas available from Judnick.com

3 different unused 1966 Christmas aerogramas for use by Portuguese soldiers in Angola, 'Edição exclusiva do / MOVIMENTO NACIONAL FEMININO'. Rare. Shown is the front of one & an interior of another. All 3 for $72.50 ac

Cover_Naval_Assurance1JUN70-100.jpg (214543 bytes)USS ASSURANCE (MSO 521). Clear JUN 1 1970 USS CANISTEO (AO-99) hand cancel ties 6-c Christmas stamp franking #6 envelope to New Jersey, fancy black cachet for the visit of the Assurance to Norfolk with its commanding officer's corner card showing FPO New York 09501. Nice. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 n(a)cv


25-10-72 FDC for complete 4-stamp Christmas issue featuring pioneering missionaries, cacheted & unaddressed, with stiffener, fresh appearance. $3.00 pcr

3 DEC 1973 #6 airmail envelope franked by Kenya Uganda & Tanzania shs2 / 50 Interpol stamp tied by clear Nakuru POST EARLY / for CHRISTMAS slogan cancel, a little wrinkling & small tears at bottom where opened. $1.25 lc

Clear U.S. NAVY BR. 17028 DEC 24 1973 & DEC 24 1973 hand cancels ties 8¢ rural America stamp franking #6 cover from Camp Moscrip Puerto Rico to Ohio, Merry Christmas hand stamp in green clearly struck, violet MOBILE CONSTRUCTION BATTALION / US PACIFIC FLEET in violet also clearly struck, U.S. NAVAL MOBILE CONSTRUCTION BATTALION TEN / F.P.O. SAN FRANCISCO, CA 96601 return address, never sealed. This battalion was one of the busiest during the Vietnam War. $4.00 pc NEW / NOVA / NUEVO

-7-11 74 complete set of three Burundi FDC's for six Madonna paintings & souvenir sheets for Christmas 1974, unaddressed, uncacheted. All for $6.00 bcm (2 sets available)

-2-12-74 complete set of three Burundi FDC's for 6 Madonna paintings & souvenir sheets, semi-postals for Christmas 1974, unaddressed, uncacheted. All for $11.00 bcm

Bold 13 OCT 1975 USS FORRESTAL (CVA-59) hand cancel on 10-c Peace on Earth Christmas stamp franking #6 cover to Orient Ohio, 'FIRST IN DEFENSE' ship's cachet in violet, cancel ink in the bottom front, receiving backstamp of DEC 17 1975 suggests chicanery. $2.25 nc%

11 / 3 / 75 Costa Rica first day cover cacheted & unaddressed, bearing 3 different Christmas stamps, never sealed, fresh appearance. $1.50 cc

Clear USS JOSEPHUS DANIELS (CG 27) cancel ties 10-c Peace on Earth Christmas stamp franking #6 envelope to Ohio, 2 tiny corner creases affect nothing, neatly addressed, never sealed. $1.75 nc

Tilted but complete 14 JUL 1976 USS RACINE (LST 1101) hand cancel ties 10-c peace on earth Christmas stamp franking #6 envelope to Ohio, black cachet with anchor shows FPO San Francisco 96601 return address, USPS cancel overlaps slightly at the top right, neatly addressed, never sealed. $2.25 nc

Cover_NewHenbrides_1976FDCFrench.jpg (236909 bytes)8 NOVEMBRE 1976 New Hebrides Christmas issue in French on official cacheted FDC (3 different stamps, shown) & Christmas issue in English on official cacheted FDC (3 different stamps), both unaddressed & fresh. Both for $8.50 nc

JUN 28 1977 Unalaska Alaska dial handstamp ties 13-c Christmas stamp to #6 cacheted envelope from the Lindblad Explorer Wildlife Expedition to Ohio, neatly addressed, never sealed, small A7 & Y4 routing marks on back. $4.25 ac

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17.11.1977 official Swedish FDC for 5-stamp Christmas preparations issue, explanatory insert in 4 languages, fresh appearance. (2 available) $2.75 each. sc

Cover_Greenland_8-12-1977-100.jpg (267210 bytes)Bold -8.-12.-1977 SDR. STRØMFJORD / KANGERDLUGSSUAK /  JULI GRØNLAND-KALÂTDLIT-NUNÄNE JÛTDLE cancel with star & flying bird ties 1,50 ship near coast stamp franking #6 envelope to Ohio, block of 4 Føroyar Jol 1976 Christmas seals provide eye-catching cachet (showing all se-tenant pair possibilities). 2 small corner bends affect nothing. $4.50 gfc*

OCT 18 1978 Washington DC combo cover with 13-c Christmas stamp flanked by 3 earlier issues, autographed by David Hunter the originator, small R8 routing mark neatly on back, never sealed. $3.50 u(f)c

Cover_Gabon_Mont-Bouet-200_small.jpg Christmas covers available from Judnick.comAlmost complete LIBREVILLE MONT-BOUET hand cancels tie 80-f 1978 Gabonese Christmas stamp franking greeting-card size cover airmailed to Illinois, slight reduction at corner furthest from the stamp (which commemorates the massacre of innocent saints / Eglise St Michel Libreville), commercial mail. The column depicted on the stamp, and others at the church, were carved by a blind man. $2.00 gc

Cover_Liechtenstein_9Dez1980Christmas.jpg (147738 bytes)

9.DEZEMBER 1980 official Liechtenstein FDC for 3 Christmas stamps, unaddressed, cacheted. $2.00 lc

Cover_Lesotho_1981ChristmasSS_small.jpg (4841 bytes)
1981 FDC with Christmas souvenir sheet on #10 envelope, multicolored cachet, unaddressed, interesting technical details printed on back. $2.75 lc

3 DE 82 Roseau GPO Dominica cancel ties two 90-c Raphael Holy Family painting stamps to #6 registered cover to Illinois, neatly opened, five backstamps all legible, lightly toned front. Christmas topical. $2.75 dcp%

14-12 1982 FDC for Greenland 2,70 harpooning from kayak stamp on cacheted (snowman design in monochromatic blue) #6 envelope with SDR. STRØMFJORD fancy cancel (slogan translates send Christmas mail in good time') to Ohio, small US Z5 routing mark on back. $2.75 gc

Cover_Greenland_25-12-1984.jpg (284899 bytes)25 12 1984 clear fancy Kangerlussuaq Greenland dial cancel with snowflake & star design ties 10-ore Queen (tough on cover!) & 10-ore aurora & 2.00+.40 bird / ship semi-postal franking #6 envelope to Ohio at the printed matter rate, multicolor Christmas cachet dates to 1964. $6.00 gc

18 -3 1978 clear Lome-Nyekonakpoe Togo hand cancel ties 130-f Eglise de Togoville stamp (Christmas 1986) to greeting-card size envelope to Chicago Illinois, small T2 & W8 & W9 US routing marks on back, neatly opened, tiny staple holes in address area. $2.50 rct

Marshall_Islands_Coin_small.jpg (2271 bytes)

"ANGELS! This stunning 1996 Heavenly Angels / Christmas Coin can be yours at Face Value..." ad on first day of issue postcard from Majuro Marshall Islands, September 4, 1996. Scrape on image; first day side fine. $1.50 mcan-mcn

  Greenland_9Nov2000_450-200_small.JPG  Greenland_9Nov2000_475-200_small.JPG
9 November 2000 Greenland Christmas issue with Rolf Müller images: 4,50 "Nuummi juulli I. / Jul i Nuuk (Godthåb) I." (shown left) & 4,75 "Nuummi juulli II. / Jul i Nuuk (Godthåb) II." (shown right). Complete set of 2 maximum cards: $4.75 gc-gc

4 DEC 1991 light BELIZE CITY / BELIZE with SEASONS GREETINGS / FROM YOUR / BELIZE / POST OFFICE slogan cancel ties 1991 Christmas folklore stamp to #10 airmail envelope to Chicago, small US L8 routing mark on back, light paper bends near top of envelope. $2.00 bcf

Clear 14.12.91 Madrid Ofc. Principal 18 slogan cancel ties 45-pta Christmas art stamp franking greeting-card envelope to France, light wrinkling. $1.00 sc

16.10.2001 Christmas issue with Buuti art on double postcard, stamps denominated 4,75 & 4,50 depicting ptarmigans. Getting hard to find! Complete as shown: $7.50 gc-gc

"Yule Log" for April-June 2009, complete issue in excellent condition, containing (among other articles) Christine Sanders on the cancels & cachets of Christmas Florida & Richard Beecher on Christmas greeting card covers of Japan, illustrated in color. This is the official journal of the Christmas Philatelic Club. $2.00 cf

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Cover_Antigua_1971-200_small.jpg Antiuga cover available from LotsOfCovers.comClear 11 DE 71 ALL SAINTS hand cancel ties 35-c Churchill Centenary stamp franking commercial #6 airmail cover from Falmouth Vill(age) Antigua to Chicago Illinois, backflap wrinkled a bit on sealing, small US routing marks on back as well. Penned arrows by postal clerk draw attention to intended destination which was misplaced in the return address area. Reduced at bottom a bit when opened. $5.00 ac

Cover_Centenary_Churchill1974_small.jpg (6662 bytes)

9 OCT 1974 Great Britain FDC for four stamps honoring Churchill centenary, airmailed to Michigan, neatly typed address, multicolor cachet. Includes explanatory stiffener. $3.25 ccg

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USFlag.gif (1092 bytes)  abbreviations explained in English
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germany1.gif (260 bytes) Abkürzungen erklärt auf Deutsch,_
mit Exemplaren
wpe3.jpg (963 bytes) lühendid eestikeelsete selgituste
ja näidistega
FinnishFlag1.gif (1008 bytes)
lyhenteet suomenkielisin selvennöksineen ja esimerkein

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