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CoverSlovenian_Ujvidek5481_small.jpg (3963 bytes)


en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Everything marked NEW / NUEVO / NÝR.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.

Reminders: All items offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Unless noted, prices do not include postage or insurance.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@lotsofcovers.com


Madagaskar / Madagaskara / Madaqaskar /
Մադագասկար / Мадагаскар / 马达加斯加 / მადაგასკარი /
Μαδαγασκάρη /
માડાગાસ્કર / मेडागास्कर / マダガスカル
See also our Madagascar postcards.

"Edition G. M. L.  Case Betsimitsaraka" showing a family of 6 before their small thatched hut, sepia-tone post card, mailed 19 JANV 10 from Tamatave to Marseille France (2 clear blue cancels on 10-c stamp), good edges. $20.00 m-m

"Femmes Bettimisaraka decortiquants le riz / TOUS DROIT DE REPRODUCTIONS RESERVÉS A L'ED MAISON / D'ESP. V. LAMI - PISE (ITALIE)" postcard showing 2 women husking rice, mailed Tamatave 2 SEPT 10 to Marseille France (10-c stamp & 2 legible cancels), lightly toned both sides, small faint bottom corner crease. $7.50 m-m

"MADAGASCAR - Un Marché dans la Campagne (Machands de Charbon)" showing coal merchants at a country market, post card, mailed to Mademoiselle Yvonne Bilger in Marseille France circa 1910 (light Tananarive cancel socked-on-nose to 5-c green stamp). $22.50 m-m

"21. - TANANARIVE. - Marché au bois, au Zoma / Edit. E. L." showing the outdoor wood market at Zoma, sepia-tone postcard with an embossed border, mailed circa 1910 from Tananarive to Marseille France (light cancel on 5-c green stamp), lightly toned front, 3 very small corner creases. $10.00 m-m

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MADERA / Madère / Maderë / Madeyra / Maidéara /
Mateilá / мадэра / মদিরা / Мадейра / 马德拉 /
Μαδέρα /  マデイラ / 마데이라 / काठ / มาเดรา
See also Funchal postal history & Madeira postcards.

May 11, 1981 FDC for Europa 22.00 stamp. Cacheted & unaddressed. $1.25

July 1, 1981 FDC for Aniversario da Descoberta dailha da Madeira. 8.50 & 33.50 stamps. Cacheted & unaddressed. $2.00

1982 FDC for Europa issue. 33,50 stamp. Cacheted & unaddressed. $1.75

1986 commercial mail with mixed franking to Ohio, forwarded there. Portugal 8.50 with Madeira 60.00. $2.50

1986 commercial mail with mixed franking to Ohio. Portugal 0.50 and four 2.00 with Madeira 60.00. $2.50

Wanted to buy--covers from US ships in Madeira waters. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars. *c

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.


See also Madonnas on postcards.

Cover_Astronomy_1973Madonna-100.jpg (282046 bytes)DEC 9 1973 clear New York double-ring hand cancel ties 8-c Madonna Christmas stamp to a gorgeous Comet Kohoutek cover from the ship Queen Elizabeth 2, clear violet "Posted on board / High Seas /  mail". Explanatory insert provides pertinent information about the comet & the ship. $2.75 ams**

13.6.74 greeting card size cover from N'Djamena-Mosquee Chad to Chicago, franked with 40-f Bellini Madonna stamp barely tied, underpayment marking T80 / 60 for postage due, opened neatly, one of two cancels mostly indistinct. $2.00 cm

-7-11 74 complete set of three Burundi FDC's for six Madonna paintings & souvenir sheets for Christmas 1974, unaddressed, uncacheted. All for $6.00 bcm (2 sets available)

-7-11 74 complete set of three Burundi FDC's for six Madonna paintings & souvenir sheets for Christmas 1974, unaddressed, uncacheted. All for $6.00 bcm (2 sets available)

-2-12.74 FDC airmailed from Bujumbura to Detroit Michigan, franked with six different semi-postals bearing Madonna paintings, 2 small corner creases at bottom. $5.00 bm

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.


More can be offered--please inquire!
See also Maine postcards.

Cover_Maine_1869ReceiiptRevenue.jpg (301583 bytes)Oct 5 1869 receipt for $25.00 by William Allen Jr. of Portland to C. A. Chandler of the same city, 2-c Washington US Intern. Rev. stamp affixed to upper right corner & cancelled with maker's initials, attractive anchor design at left, printed by Hall L. Davis stationer in Portland. $2.50 mu(r)

Cover_Maine_1890_AgricultureCompany.jpg (284245 bytes)APR 9 1890 light Bangor handstamp ties 2-c Washington to #6 cover from R. B Dunning & Company Agricultural Implements to Dover Maine (lightly backstamped). Glue spot affects right edge of stamp, ragged opening at left edge, contents include wonderful illustrated stationery picturing sulky being pulled by 2 horses & text advertising grass seeds, wooden ware, fertilizers, cement, lime & plaster. (Design at top part of stationery shown.) $6.50 ma

Maine_KatahdinIronWorks_small.jpg (2906 bytes)"Old Casting Room, Katahdin Iron Works, Me." black & white view with cut-to-shape colored- in little girl's picture, mailed there SEP 13 1905 (clear DPO hand cancel), corner wear & rounding, lightly toned front, lightly toned back, stamp damaged. Undoubtedly one-of-a-kind, sent by Marjorie Hathorne to her sister Mamie. $6.50 m(k)gi-m

Cover_Maine_Longcover_DPO_small.jpg (2489 bytes)

1906 postcard "The old Church on the Hill, Thomaston, Me." color, mailed SEP 18 1906 from Longcove Me. (DPO, 1901 - 1940), $6.00 m-m

Clear MAY 18 1907 CUTLER MAINE Doane 2 hand cancel on 1-c Captain John Smith commemorative franking postcard to North Truro Massachusetts (clear receiving mark there 2 days later. View is real photo "M. E. Church.--Cutler, Me." in winter with some oxidation. Mild edge wear & a bit of corner rounding. $9.00 m-m

Cover_RFD_EastBrownfield1907-200_small.jpg railroad postcard available from LotsOfCovers.com"Jacobs Ladder, Mt. Washington, N. H." making the steep ascent, color post card with undivided back, mailed JULY 14 1907 at East Brownfield Maine (remarkably clear handwritten DPO RFD No. 1 pencil cancel) to Mr. Irving Smith also of East Brownfield from his niece Edith, giving Aunt Lizzie's address. $15.00 r(w)ng-m

WWI_SteamerRansom-200_small.jpg Maine cover available from LotsOfCovers.comDOTY & FULLER. "Steamer 'Ransom B. Fuller' Bath, Maine" black & white postcard, high-quality (near photographic) printing in Germany, mailed MAR 11 1908 to (Mrs. Floyd) Carlie Doty in South Park ME from her aunt Maggie in Sherman ME (light DPO cancel), 2 small corner creases, another corner worn, cancel on front, album impressions at the corners. This coastal passenger steamer was owned by the Eastern Steam Ship Corporation. It served the Navy as a barracks ship 26 November 1917 - 15 April 1918. $15.00 m(b)s(c)s(m)s(e)wg-m

Cover_Maine_Longcove1908-200_small.JPG genealogy postcard available from Judnick.com
"Rockland, Me, Fish Weir at Owls Head" post card mailed at Longcove (DPO, 1901 - 1940) in 1908 to Mrs. Fannie Harper from her sister Margaret, 2 corners badly worn, 2 small corner creases, toning near the front edges. $4.50 m(r)fg-m

APR 25 1911 bold Lewiston Maine flag cancel on 2-c Washington franking #6 cover to Parkersburg West Virginia (clear backstamp 2 days later), slight browning of the paper with age, neatly opened. $0.75 mf

MAY 3 1911 bold & almost complete Lewiston Maine cancel on 2-c Washington (dark red shade) franking #6 cover to Parkersburg West Virginia, slight browning of the paper with age, roughly opened & reduced at left front. $0.75 mf

OCT 31 1911 clear & complete Portland West End Station flag cancel on 2-c Washington franking #6 cover to Parkersburg West Virginia (clear backstamp 2 days later), neatly addressed, neatly opened. $1.50 mf

"At Camp / Moose-horns / N. W. Pond, Me." on Schoodic Lake, sepia-tone real photo post card mailed at Schoodic May 1913 (discontinued post office, La Posta rarity 3), slight oxidation consistent with that age, trivial bottom corner rounding, stamp removed. Writer advised recipient that the caption on front would be an adequate address! The name of the location is often seen Northwest Pond. Rare: we could not find another example of this view when we searched the Internet, and only 2 other different cards for the camp. $12.00 m(n)c-m NEW / NUEVO / NÝR

Cover_Maine_4Feb16-200_small.JPG Maine cover available from Judnick.comFEB 4 1916 "Dexter's Up-to-Date Store / HUTCHINSON & GATES / House Furnishers and Undertakers / 74 Main St., Dexter, Maine" beneath dark black & white image showing their storefront, clear Dexter cancel on 2-cent Washington, neatly opened. $6.50 am

Maine_Maranacook_RP_small.jpg (2550 bytes)"54 MARANACOOK ME." including a couple of rowboats at water's edge, real photo post card mailed there JUL 5 1920 (almost complete DPO hand cancel), much oxidation, small corner crease, trivial wear at the other corners. $12.50 m(m)-m

Maine_GreenvilleJunction_Depot_small.jpg (2933 bytes)"MOOSEHEAD LAKE, GREENVILLE ME -15" showing a train at the depot, sepia-tone real photo postcard mailed 1924 from Capens (DPO), minor corner wear & rounding. Likely the "Spirit of Unity" 1913 Swedish steam locomotive of the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad. $22.00 (m(g)rm(m)-m)*

Cover_Naval_USSHughes1937-100.jpg (316992 bytes)
Clear Bath Maine SEP 15 1937 machine cancel ties 3-c Washington franking #6 cover to Illinois, well-struck blue-red-and-yellow cachet marking the keel laying for the USS HUGHES at the Bath Iron Works. Attractive. $3.75 nm

Cover_Naval_GleavesDec1939-100.jpg (425638 bytes)Clear DEC 9 1939 Bath Maine machine cancel ties 3-c Jefferson stamp franking #6 cover to Illinois, large & attractive multicolor cachet for its launching of the USS GLEAVES (DD 423) at the Bath Iron Works Corporation there, neatly addressed, never sealed. $4.50 nm

Clear DEC 9 1939 Bath Maine machine cancel ties 1-1 / 2-c Martha Washington stamp franking #6 cover to New York, large & attractive multicolor cachet for its launching of the USS GLEAVES (DD 423) at the Bath Iron Works Corporation there, tiny spot in address area, never sealed. $4.25 nm

Cover_Naval_LudlowKeel1939-200.jpg (1007442 bytes)USS LUDLOW red keel laying cachet on #6 cover mailed from Bath Maine DEC 18 1939 (2 different cancels there), franked by pair of 1-1 / 2c Martha Washington stamps, toned back with envelope glue show-through. $3.50 nm

Cover_Maine_19APR41Patriotic.jpg (333571 bytes)APR 19 1941 clear & complete Liberty Maine cancel ties 2-c Army and Navy & 1-c For Defense stamps to patriotic #6 cover to New Jersey, multicolor A FREE AMERICA / WITH MALICE / TOWARD NONE JUSTICE TO ALL & eagle cachet, slight browning of the paper with age, minor envelope glue show-through & stray pen mark on back. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 mp

AUG 16 1948 clear Walhaven Maine cancel ties 3-c George Washington Carver stamp franking #6 cover to Washington, 2-color cachet for Pacific International Philatelic Exhibition held in 1947, corner crease, small corner crease. $1.50 mp

JUL 22'49 clear red Pitney-Bowes .03 meter with advertising slogan "DEPENDABLE / IN ALL KINDS OF WEATHER" over a train, corner card of the Maine Central Railroad Company, windowed #10 cover, pencil writing on front to direct it within recipient company. $2.00 mr. Similar, but dated AUG-3'49 & pencil writing is on back. $2.25 mr

JUL 29'49 - NOV 17'49 group of 3 windowed covers from Maine Central Railroad Company each with a clear Pitney-Bowes .03 meter with advertising slogan 'DEPENDABLE / IN ALL KINDS OF WEATHER' over a train, in three distinctive ink colors--blue, violet & red violet. Small smudges of postal cancellation machine ink on two of them, one of which affects the meter. $5.00 for all 3. rm

"100  Portland Head Light, Casco Bay, Portland, Maine" as looked circa 1934, linen postcard mailed later (gorgeous PORTLAND, MAINE / TRANS. OFFICE AUG 15 1954 cancel ties 2-c Adams prexy stamp), minor corner wear & rounding, paper clip indent in lower border. $3.00 m(c)l-m

circa 1957 almost complete & clear boxed Post Office Penalty slogan cancel on 1-1 / 2-c Washington #6 postal stationery on COD business from Chamberlain Maine (straight-line violet handstamp for corner card), slight browning of the paper with age, neatly opened. Approximate date known because of other covers from this source. $2.00 m

MAY 27 1965 clear Jackman Station 04946 (DPO, 1912 - 1969) cancel on 5-c eagle #6 postal stationery cover, unaddressed, autograph of Rosaire P. Plante, P.M. neatly in corner card area. Presumably a closing. $1.50 m

JUL 9 1977 clear Portland 04101 dial cancel on 13-c eagle with shield stamp franking #6 cover commemorating Maine's Sesquicentennial, cachet is an encapsulated mint 6-c Maine statehood stamp featuring a lighthouse, neatly addressed. $1.00 m

MAR 24 1978 clear dial Scarborough cancel ties 13-c flag over Independence Hall stamp franking #6 cover honoring Rufus King, signer of the Constitution. Multicolor cachet portrait over a facsimile of his signature. Attractive. $1.25 m

AUG 14 1979 Castine 04421 dial cancel on 15-c flag stamp franking #6 cover commemorating the Battle of Penobscot Bay, multicolor cachet, unaddressed, faint album impressions at the corners. A US Bicentennial cover. $1.00 mb

MAR 15 1986 clear dial cancel of Augusta 04330 ties 22-c flag over Capitol stamp to cover commemorating Maine's admission to the Union in 1820, cacheted by encapsulated mint 20-c chickadee (state bird) & 13-c Bicentennial Maine flag stamps, neatly typed address (as issued). Rather attractive. $1.25 m

JUN 18 1990 clear Bar Harbor & M.V. BLUENOSE / POSTED / ON THE / HIGH SEAS in rectangle cancels tie Canadian 43-c lynx & 1-c flying squirrel stamps franking #6 cover to New Jersey, violet PAQUEBOT well struck at bottom center, small M1 & M9 routing marks on back. $3.00 mcp

Wanted to buy--better covers bearing postal markings of Aroostook County. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c


January 1971 issue of the American Philatelist with Susan M. McDonald's illustrated article on "The Gardiner, Maine 1847 Bisects". $5.00 the complete issue. m

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See also our Malagasy Republic stamps.


See also our Malawi postcards.


Cover_Malawi_1DEC1964FDC.jpg (287638 bytes)

1 DEC 1964 first day cover for the 4-stamp Christmas issue, cachet in 2 colors shows the star of Bethlehem as seen from Lake Malawi, unaddressed, postmarks clear. $1.75 mc

12 OCT 1966 first day cover for 4-stamp Christmas 1966 issue, unaddressed, attractive blue & gold & white cachet depicts star of Bethlehem over town. $3.00 mc

Clear 29 OCT 1973 Chichiri-Blantyre 3 machine cancel on blue #10 ON POSTAL SERVICE cover airmailed to Michigan, neatly addressed, neatly opened. $1.50 m

1973 ON MALAWI GOVERNMENT SERVICE POSTAL CARD airmailed to Michigan, inconspicuous corner crease. $1.00

Clear 21 JAN 1974 Chichiri-Blantyre 3 machine cancel on blue #10 ON POSTAL SERVICE cover airmailed to Michigan, neatly addressed, neatly opened. $1.50 m

Clear 24 OCT 1980 Blantyre machine cancel ties 10-t London 1980 & 20-t smoky quartz stamps franking airmail #10 cover to Ohio, small US Z2 & M9 routing marks on back, neatly addressed, neatly opened. $1.50 m

6 NO 1980 Blantyre hand cancels tie three (including pair) 10-t acampe pachygloss stamps franking airmail #10 cover to Ohio, neatly addressed, neatly opened, small US KB routing mark on back, small corner bend away from stamps. $2.00 m

-2 12 83 clear Phelombe hand cancel ties 20-t Christmas 1983 stamp franking small cover to Ohio, neatly addressed, neatly opened. Small town. $2.50 m

Almost clear Kanongo (couple letters may be wrong but very small town whatever it is) hand cancel ties 30-t & 10-t fish stamps franking airmail #6 cover to Ohio, small US Z1 & KC & K7 routing marks on back, neatly addressed, neatly opened. $2.50 mf

Somewhat light 03 SEP 1992 Lilongwe hand cancels tie strip of three 30-t grey cuckoo shrike bird stamps franking airmail #10 cover to Ohio, neatly addressed, neatly opened, small US ZB & K4 routing marks on back. $2.50 mb

Somewhat light circa 1992 Zomba hand cancel ties 20-t bird & 40-t UN cooperation stamp franking airmail #10 cover to Ohio, neatly addressed, neatly opened, small violet US A5 routing mark on back. $1.50 m

Clear 21-6-93 Nkope Hill hand cancel ties 95-t Mpinji fruit stamp franking small blue cover airmailed to England, neatly addressed, neatly opened. Very small town. $2.50 m

Clear 29 JUL 93 Gonc'ontha hand cancels tie 95-t earth station & 8=t bird & 7-t bird stamps franking small cover to Illinois, small violet US H6 routing mark on back, neatly addressed, neatly opened. Small town. $2.00 m

Three 2000 covers airmailed to Ohio on missionary business, all franked with various bird stamps (10 in all, 3 different, 9 of which are hand cancelled in the small town of Karonga), neatly addressed, neatly opened, a couple of paper bends affect nothing important. $5.00 for all 3. mb %

Light (& therefor hard to date precisely) Lilongwe machine cancel ties 3-t rock paintings stamp franking #6 cover to Rhodesia, neatly addressed, neatly opened. $1.50 ma


10 September 1973 Stamp News from their Philatelic Bureau describing definitive sets, postage due labels, albums available, traditional instruments issue & coming issues (Livingstone, Christmas 1973, etc.) $1.00

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See also Malaya postal history above,
Malaysia post cards &
Straits Settlements postal history.

(1982 - 1995)
Malaysia_Registered_72_small.JPG (1525 bytes)
Bandar Bayan Baru to South Dakota (shown above). Also:  Universiti 1, Kuala Lumpur to Ohio; Bukit Bintang 1 to Connecticut, & Jalan Semangat, Petaling Jaya, Selangor to Ohio. All opened neatly. One creased (down registration line so hard to see, not affecting any stamp or cancel); rest are fine. Size of the covers are all #10 as shown above, so they mount easily on album or exhibit pages. $8.50

Malaysia_AshanRegistered-200_small.jpg Malaysia covers available from Judnick.com

17AUG64 registered 40-sen postal stationery (#6 size) from Asahan to Katong Singapore, 3 clear backstamps include Malacca, neatly opened. $4.75 m

1967 POSTCARD TO OHIO franked by 5-c flower & 50-c bird stamps, view showing fishing village on the north coast of Penang. $1.50

30KT73 registered 60-sen postal stationery (#6 size) from Majidee Johor to Batu Pahat Johore, neatly opened, 2 backstamps (one legible, the other incomplete). $5.00 m

2 APR 1980 Kuala Lumpur slogan cancel ties $2 tapir & 10-sen rule stamp to airmail #10 cover to Columbus Ohio, neatly opened, corner crease away from stamps. $1.25 m

1981 POSTCARD TO ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES franked by pair of 20-c Pulau Pinang butterfly stamps, view shows Ekoyh village in North Thailand. continental size, one uneven edge (from booklet separation), faint corner crease. $7.00

Malaysia_1992Aerogram-200_small.jpg Malaysian aerogramme available from LotsOfCovers.com

Kuala Lumpur '92 50-c ASEAN philatelic exhibition aerogram sent from Butterworth to New Haven Connecticut, year in cancel hard to read, fairly neat opening, illustrated back. $1.25 me

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

See also Malaysia postal history below
& Malaysia postcards.

Sold out. Please offer us some to consider at reasonable prices in US dollars or Euros, postpaid to Columbus Ohio!

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

Please E-mail us to propose reciprocal links
to other cover & philatelic collectibles webpages.
Collector, museum & club links are especially welcome.

See also Maldives postcards.

Maldives_Registered_1_72_small.jpg (1759 bytes)
S. Gan registry for Seenu Hittadu return address
Disney stamp

Maldives_Registered_2_72_small.jpg (2268 bytes)
Next-day air to England paid by 150 Rf

(1991 - 1993, ALL TO ENGLAND)

Shown at top: commemorative cachet
& GPO transit on back.

S. Gan (very small) for Addu Atoll return address;
Rf2 Disney Pluto, Rf 6 Queen Mother
& pair .50 Bird stamps, Royal Mail International sticker on back.

Two GPO Male, Rf8 train & Rf1 Islamic heritage year stamps, Royal Mail International sticker on back.  Different cover appearance & stamp placement.

GPO Male, Rf1 Dinosaur & Rf9 Sea Turtle stamps, Royal Mail International sticker on back, rough edge from opening.

Shown above, 2nd cover:  Parcel Force International Datapost next-day air with strip of three 50-Rf bird stamps tied by GPO Registered square cancel on front. Corners are there but folded inward by stickers applied. The only one of its type we have ever seen from the Maldives.

Size of the covers are all #10 as shown.
$65 postpaid & insured to a U.S. address

21 JUL 1993 clear black boxed MALE' MAIL CENTRE Maldives cancel ties Rf6 Queen Mother stamp to #6 airmail cover to Winchester England, neatly addressed & opened. $2.50 rm

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
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We will check availability & quote promptly.


Малудин Орн / মালি / 말리 / माली / მალი /マリ共和国 / ประเทศมาลี

See also Mali postcards.

Cover_Mali_15-7-70-200_small.JPG Mali cover available from Judnick.comClear 15-7 70 TOMBOUCTOU cancel ties 90-f javelin record airmail stamp franking regular-size postcard to Ohio. Caption is "Tombouctou - Timbuktu / République du Mali" & front image shows an armed man on camel next to a bilingual (French & English sign) welcoming tourists. Marvelous! $5.00 m-ms

Cover_LionsInternational_24-3-90Mali.jpg (243992 bytes)24 -3 1990 clear Kati République du Mali cancels tie three overlapping 200-fr Lions Anniversary stamps franking registered airmail greeting-card size cover to Ohio, Bamako backstamp in violet, 4-line recipient post office marking neatly on front, neatly opened. $6.00 lm

1995 Bamako 'EMS / POUR LA RAPIDITE / ET LA SECURITE DE NOS ENVOIS' fancy slogan cancel on strip of 3 200-f cooperation handshake stamps franking airmail greeting card cover to Sarh Tchad, a little wrinkling at top, backflap secured with tape by sender. $4.50 m

30 - 10 1995 light but complete Bamako Mali fancy slogan cancel (EMS / POUR LA RAPIDITE / ET LA SECURITE DE NOS ENVOIS) ties 225-fr Lions 35-year anniversary stamp franking greeting-card size cover airmailed to Sarh Tchad. Opened neatly, annotation below address whited out. $2.50 lm

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.


Malata / Málta / MALTE / Melita / Repubblika ta' Malta /
República de Malta / REPUBLIC OF MALTA / Малтэ / Мальта /
Малта / মাল্টা / 몰타 / माल्टा / მალტა / マルタ / 马耳他 / 馬耳他

We have several more covers & FDC's, to offer--please inquire!


Cover_Malta_1922toTH-200_small.jpg Hawaii cover available from Judnick.comDE 29 22 VALLETTA MALTA cancel ties 1 / 2-d green allegory stamp to greeting-card-size cover to Honolulu Territory of Hawaii, export/import agency Attard & Aguis return address information along top of cover, neatly opened, 2 hinge remnants on back. $10.00 mh

MY 12 37 FDC for 1- / 12-d & 2-1 / 2-d & 1 / 2-d stamps franking registered #6 cover to Valletta, neatly addressed. $1.75 m

MY 12 37 light Valetta Malta cancels on 3-stamp royal coronation issue franking registered FDC to London, neatly addressed, a little minor crinkling at the edges. $2.50 rm

1939 CHRISTMAS CARD ENVELOPE from Valletta to New York City, special rate paid by strip of 3 1 / 2-d stamps, gorgeous front side but backflap faults. $3.25 %

Wanted to buy--covers censored in Malta during World War II. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars. *c

FE 15 40 #6 cover from Edwards & Co. in Valletta to New York city, franked by 1-d palace & 1 / 2-d St. Angelo stamps, neatly opened. $3.00 m%

MR 2 40 VALLETTA cancel ties 1-1 / 2-d Neolithic hypogeum stamp to small cover to New York City where it was forwarded, top wrinkling evident mostly from back which has a fancy Paolo Bonnici Merchant & Agent return address. $2.75 m*

Cover_Malta_JA27-48-200_small.JPG Malta cover available from Judnick.com
JA 27 48 air mail cancels tie two 6-d statue & one 3-d co-cathedral stamps to #6 cover to Newton Falls Ohio, bottom corner crease away from stamps, toning along bottom front, Feb 2 receiving mark on back. $3.00 m

Cover_Malta_25NO48-200_small.JPG Malta first day cover available from Judnick.com25 NO 48 first day cover for the 2-1 / 2-d self-government overprint on #6 cover to New Philadelphia Pennsylvania (corrected to Ohio), black & white cachet shows St. Paul's Anglican Church in Valletta, corner crease at bottom. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 m

26 MCH 1952 Valetta St. George Cross cancel on 1-1 / 2-d & 4-1 / 2-d self-government overprints franking air letter to Newton Falls Ohio, cancel struck at an angle so a little is off the paper, corner crease. $3.50 m%

MY 14 52 AIR MAIL MALTA cancel ties 6-d self-government overprint stamp to air letter to Newton Falls Ohio, stamp selvedge wrapped around one edge. $3.50 m

Cover_Malta_8JA53-200_small.JPG Maltese cover available from LotsOfCovers.com8 JA 53 clear Birkirkara S. P. O. cancels tie six different self-government overprint stamps to #6 cover to Sliema, unopened, small light spots of toning especially along top front edge, back has several tiny spots of cancel ink. $4.75 m

FE 11 59 Victoria cancels tie 1-d church & 1 / 2-d aqueduct & 1-1 / 2-d memorial stamps to greeting card size cover to St. Andrew Jamaica, wrinkled, long crease through address area, lightly toned front, as is. $0.50 m

1966 POSTCARD franked by 3-d Kings Scroll stamp, Prince of Wales to Wilts. England, Wied Iz-Zurrieq view. $1.00

circa 1966 POSTCARD franked by 3-d Kings scroll stamp tied by partly indistinct Sliena cancel, sent to Surrey England, view shows the Strand at Sliena. $1.00

1967 SMALL ENVELOPE from Pieta to Massachusetts, 3-d Siculo Norman stamp, cancel not all legible. $1.00

Cover_Malta_1968ToIsrael-72.jpg (276636 bytes)

JY 22 68 cancel ties 6-d human rights stamp franking air letter to Haifa Israel, creased lightly away from stamp & cancel, backstamped with almost complete machine cancel clearly on arrival 26.7.68. $3.50 mi

26 MAY 1969 FDC for 50th anniversary of International Labor Organization, airmailed to Baltimore Maryland, franked by two 6-d & two 2-d stamps, multicolored cachet, one 2-d stamp on back uncancelled. $1.50 ml

Cover_Malta_30III1974-100.jpg (271905 bytes)
30 III 1974 two FDC's for airmail definitives on unaddressed cacheted covers from the GPO. The 3 high values are on the cover shown. $8.50 for both. ma

FEB 13 1976 Saline Michigan receiving mark on registered official cover from Philatelic Bureau at Valletta, franked by pair 7c5 & one 1-c boat stamps, neatly opened. $2.75 m

Cover_Malta_8VII76-200_small.JPG Malta cover available from Judnick.com8 VII 76 FDC for 7-c & 15-c Europa stamps, unaddressed, cachet shows TaPinu Church, with explanatory insert on Maltese lace-making & stone-cutting. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 me

MY 11 76 partial Valletta circular date stamp on POSTAGE PAID official cover from Philatelic Bureau to Saline Michigan. $1.00 m

JE 21 77 Valletta circular date stamp & ON POSTAL SERVICE franking official greeting card size cover airmailed to Ann Arbor Michigan, US 5 & S8 routing marks on back. $1.50 m

Cover_Europa_Malta1977-200_small.jpg Maltese covers available from LotsOfCovers.com

5 - VII - 77 FDC for 7-c & 20-c Europa stamps franking unaddressed #6 cover with black & red cachet, with explanatory insert. $2.25 me

26 - 4 - 78 FDC for 7-c & 25-c Europa stamps franking unaddressed #6 cover with multicolor cachet, with explanatory stiffener. $2.75 me

1979? CONTINENTAL POSTCARD TO MICHIGAN franked by 1-d Victory Church & 8-d Vedette stamps tied by Sliema cancel, real photo of Southern Temple is the view. $2.00

29-4-80 FDC for 30-c Mikiel Anton Vassalli (Europa) stamp tied to unaddressed cover with multicolor cachet. Also, FDC for 8-c Ruzar Briffa (Europa) stamp of the same date on another unaddressed cover with multicolor cachet. Both for $2.50 m

DE 31 80 Sliema cancel ties 4-c ships & 8-c+1c5 Milied stamps to #6 cover to Mwanza Tanzania, neatly addressed, a little wrinkling & one corner crease at corners furthest from stamps. $5.00 m

28-4-81 FDC for Europa 30-c & 8'c issues on unaddressed #6 cover with multicolor cachet (a painting by Marsha Howe), much pertinent information on back. $2.75 me

circa 1981 SMALL ENVELOPE TO TANZANIA, faint Zejtun cancel on 3-c owl & 4-c 25-year & pair of 5m definitives with corner selvedge attached. $3.75

MR 5 82 Zejtun cancels on 8-c FAO & 3-c handicapped & pair 5-m art stamps franking #6 airmail cover to Clearwater Florida, US K6 & D8 routing marks on back, neatly addressed. $2.50 m

MA 22 82 Luoa'airport cancels tie 3-c Tarznar & 8-c FAO & 1-c agriculture stamps to #6 airmail cover to Clearwater Florida, US KB routing mark on back, numeral corrected in address. $2.00 m

1982 CONTINENTAL POSTCARD from Valletta to Michigan, 8-c Zmien Ta Sern stamp tied by gorgeous cancel, view is Mellieha Parish Church. $1.50

Cover_CaymanIslands_1983ToMalta-100.jpg (307690 bytes)
Light SP 24 83 hand cancel ties 50-c Princess Diana stamp with selvedge at right franking registered airmail cover from Georgetown to Malta, neatly addressed, 5 backstamps include SP 30 arrival at Zejtun. $5.00 crm

1983 AIRMAIL ENVELOPE 8-c GWU stamp cancelled indistinctly to Norfolk UK. $1.50

Cover_Malta_1984ToTurks-100.jpg (353108 bytes)JAN 19 85 Zejtun Malta return marking on upper left corner of small airmail cover from Zejtun Malta to Turks Islands, franked by 7-c art & pair 2-c Dun Gorg stamps indistinctly cancelled, marked RETURN TO SENDER / UNDELIVERABLE / AS ADDRESSED / UNABLE TO FORWARD, also NOV 15 1984 Miami Florida marking on front with dial inverted compared to its slogan, backstamped at 22 OCT  83 Grand Turks. Strange, interesting & possibly philatelic. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 mt

Cover_Malta_24NOV1984-200_small.JPG Malta cover available from Judnick.comJA 31 85 indistinct Zejtun Malta cancel on 7-c plowing & 1-c agriculture stamps franking #6 airmail cover to Harrow England, marked there 'Return to / Sender' by hand with 24 NOV 1984 circular date stamp there, 30 JAN 1885 Valletta backstamp, small piece of backflap missing, 2 small corner creases affect nothing. $8.50 me

1987 CONTINENTAL POSTCARD franked by 10-c Independence to Cheshire England, indistinct cancel, view of passenger boats at Wied iz-Zurrieq. $1.00

DEC 3 1989 FPO USS Belknap CONFERENCE AT SEAR cancel on US 25-c space hologram cover, large black & red pictorial cachet for the 'Malta Summit', unaddressed, #10 size, fresh appearance. $5.50 mnu

1993 POSTCARD TO ALBANIA (very unusual destination--at that time mail from Westerners put recipient under suspicion), clear Sliena cancel on 10-c bell stamp from 1992, continental size with Grand Harbour view, fresh appearance, $7.50

12 SEP 1995 New Orleans cancel ties 10-c wind-surfing stamp to #6 cover sent to Columbus Ohio from ship M / B Konavle, neatly addressed. $2.75 m

Cover_Malta_Paquebot-200_small.jpg Malta covers available from Judnick Postcards15 4 98 clear Port de Bouc French red meter at 4,40 rate ties 10-c Malta windsurfing stamp franking #6 cover from Maltese ship m.t. ALANDIA LYNX to Columbus Ohio, clear violet ship cachet, neatly addressed. Addressee hoped for PAQUEBOT treatment, but the French would not hear of it. $3.50 mf


        Covers_Malta_LotOf19-1-200_small.JPG Malta cover available from Judnick.com   Covers_Malta_LotOf19-2-200_small.JPG Maltese cover available from LotsOfCovers.com
Lot of 18 covers & 1 air letter bearing a good variety of Maltese stamps, none oversize, to Jamaica & USA (1/6 airmail rate to Ohio shown right) & England (6-d airmail rate to England shown left) $24.00 for all. m


FALKLAND ISLANDS / GIBRALTAR and MALTA / The "Albert P. Bantham Collections" catalogue with prices realized for Harmers of New York auction of 16 March 1976. Includes stampless covers & British Offices. Hard to find! $15.00 fgm-fgm

Stamps_Malta_DEC76MS-100.jpg (668328 bytes)

December 1976 The Malta Stamp No. 20 in color, giving particulars about the suits of armor issue. Interesting. Sold, but two of its six panels as shown are still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original leaflet area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 m-m

1976 Philatelic Society of Malta announcement asking recipient to choose the most beautiful Malta stamp of 1976, folded to fit in #10 cover. $0.50 m-m

"SAID Malta Catalogue 1978" softbound, 330 pages plus notepages plus covers, 9th edition. Gently used & fresh appearing. Section on Sovereign Military Order of Malta & Malta numismatics. Includes pre-adhesive cancellations, lazaretto markings, Great Britain used in Malta, village postmarks, FDC prices & much more. Well illustrated. $12.00 m-m


Malta_USSPittsburgh_MilitaryShip_small.jpg (3634 bytes) US ship at Malta postcard

See also our Malta Post Cards. Shown is a real photo showing Malta from the USS Pittsburgh.

Stamps_Malta_CylinderBlock4_small.jpg (3324 bytes)

See also our Maltese Stamps, many of which are available in never hinged cylinder blocks, such as this
3 / 24 / 77 1c7 on 4 surcharge for the Knights of Malta

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See also Manitoba postcards & Canada post cards (more generally).

1919 WINNIPEG BUY WAR SAVINGS / STANDS AND HELP / RECONSTRUCTION slogan cancel on postcard to Washington State franked by tied 2-cent stamp, lightly toned front, minor corner wear & rounding. $1.00

    WINNIPEG, MANITOBA. "Court House, Winnipeg, Manitoba." white-border era post card mailed MAY 1927 in the United States, several speckles of cancel ink in the front sky, corner crease, small corner crease, several short vertical stress marks from the long edges, as is. Slogan cancel at an angle reads LET'S GO / CITIZENS' MILITARY / TRAINING CAMPS. $1.50 m(w)c-m

Manitoba_Winnipeg_TCV_small.jpg (2271 bytes)

"LILY POND, KILDONAN PARK, WINNIPEG, MANITOBA." postcard sent TCV 1930 to US. $3.75

Manitoba_Winnipeg_1930_small.jpg (4364 bytes)

"MAIN STREET LOOKING SOUTH, SHOWING THE WHEAT / POOL BUILDING ON THE LEFT, WINNIPEG, MANITOBA." postcard mailed TCV 1930 to the United States (Christmas slogan cancel), toned back. $3.25

    WINNIPEG. "VE4VG" QSL card mailed OCT 15 1935 to Pennsylvania by operator Frank Keys, 3-c King stamp tied by clear 'COMMUNITY CHEST / HELP / OUR HELPLESS' slogan cancel, inverse of same cancel on front, small pinhole with discoloration at top center, several small shallow scrapes on the front obscure nothing. $1.50 m-m

    "VE4DB" QSL card mailed MAY 17 1954 (4-c walrus stamp 'AVOID DELAY / ADDRESS MAIL TO / STREET and NUMBER' slogan cancel) by operator G. V. Lawrence, small internal crease from the bottom, ribbon of light toning along both sides of the right front edge. $1.25 m(w)-m

    WINNIPEG. "3C4ZX" commemorative QSL card with Canada Confederation Centennial design, mailed 29 III 1968 ('MAIL FOR /WINNIPEG / REQUIRES POSTAL / ZONE NUMBER' slogan cancel) to Ohio by operator Robert N. MacIntyre. $1.50 m(w)-m

Manitoba_FFC_72_small.JPG (1650 bytes)
Nice Stamp!
(ALL CACHETED, 1930 - 1935)
The flights:  Beresford Lake to Winnipeg, Bissett to Winnipeg,
Cross Lake to Norway House, Diana to Winnipeg,
God's Lake to Winnipeg, Wadhope to Winnipeg,
Winnipeg to Beresford Lake, Winnipeg to Bissett,
Winnipeg to Edmonton, Winnipeg to Norway House,
Winnipeg to Pembina ND (2--1 Shown Above, the other has a
"Go to Church" seal of 1930 on its back) & Winnipeg to Wadhope.
Diana to Winnipeg has tear on back; others fine.
Size of the covers are all #6 as shown above,
so they mount easily on album pages. NO LONGER AVAILABLE ^

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See also our Maps on stamps & Map postcards.

Hawaii_Kingdom2CentsMap-200_small.JPGUnused 1894 - 1897 Kingdom of Hawaii 2-c green postal card showing a world map, 2 tiny corner creases, and a hint of front toning, but overall quite fresh for its age. Shown. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 hm-hm

Cover_Maine_PresqueIsleTheRailroadCenter.jpg (337051 bytes)Very light 1914 Presque Isle Maine cancel on 2-c Washington franking illustrated-both-sides #6 cover from R. W. Wight Furniture to Parkersburg West Virginia. Front scenes: High School, Training School, Hose House & Free Library. All-over back maps 'PRESQUE ISLE--THE RAILROAD CENTER OF AROOSTOOK' including nearby towns such as Mapleton, Fairmount, Perham, Woodland, Caribou, Goodrich & Maple Grove. Railroad lines on back: B.&A.R.R., A.V.R. & C.P.R.R. Opened neatly, brownish paper, tiny 1 / 3" tear at side affects nothing & closes well. Cover sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg (337,051 bytes) or .tif format. $1.50

Cover_Naval_USSLibra1947-200.jpg (807016 bytes)USS LIBRA clear 30 JAN 1947 cancel ties 3-c Montana Washington Dakotas statehood stamp with map franking #6 cover to Michigan, nice black cachet commemorating Roosevelt's birth on that day. $3.00 nfm

1954 postcard sent with 1-peso Argentina stamp with map of South America & its Antarctic claims, Buenos Aires to Pennsylvania via air mail, sepia-tone view of an obelisk. $1.00

1962 New Caledonia first day maximum card for 15-fr. stamp with map of islands, paper adherences on the back, but front is fine. $1.25

1982 Saint Vincent 40-c stamp mapping location of the Edinboro post office franking a postcard from Kingstown (clear cancel) to Ohio, other side has 3 views of Palm island. $1.75

Military map aid / overlay on thin paper showing expected movement rates for a variety of groups-- cavalry at a gallop, squadron with combat train, company engineers, etc.--to scale. About the size of a legal piece of paper, folded neatly. Most interesting. $2.50

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"Historical Atlas (Eighth Edition, 1954)" edited by William R. Shepherd, 226 pages of maps in color, an additional 115 pages to index them. Served in a college library reference room, its cover wear attesting to its usefulness. Well researched & detailed, it is unrivaled for European history through 1930. You cannot get much more for your money: $15.00 hm-hm



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