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CoverSlovenian_Ujvidek5481_small.jpg (3963 bytes)


en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NOUVEAU / NOV.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.
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Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.

We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Prices do not include postage or insurance unless noted.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@lotsofcovers.com

See also Nebraska postcards.

Collection of more than 427 different Nebraska postmarks, on 427 postcards, most cancelled in the late 1950's and early 1960's, including many DPO's or offices which have since changed status. (All 427 postcards are listed below.)

The cancellation collector self-addressed postcards with images from all over the world and sent them under cover to the various postmasters to form this collection. He almost always used commemoratives, and those stamps which were rectangular were oriented vertically -- permitting the dial portion of the cancel to be easily read. He wrote vertically at the left edge of the message side so as to leave maximum room for cancels & auxiliary marks. Occasionally he would decorate the postcard with a seal, but not many got tied. While not all postmasters took special pains with their cancels, it is obvious that many did in response to the politeness of the request. (An example letter of request will be provided with the collection, in case you want to add to the collection yourself.) Almost always regular size postcards were used (avoiding the tendency of larger continentals to get bent). Some postcards got damaged in the mails, and some others have nibbled edges, but most of them are quite presentable. Truly a labor of love that took hundreds of hours.

We list them all--starting with 63 items of special interest (reasons in parens), then the others. All population figures quoted in parens are from the 1950 census; we note those that are 100 or less throughout the listing.

PRICE: $270.00 postpaid & insured to any US address.

Our illustrations only show the stamp and cancel to conserve on bandwidth, but everything is on full-size postcards that were mailed at the post offices indicated with contemporaneous stamps.

List of 64 special Nebraska cancels:Cover_Nebraska_AgateDPO.jpg (49571 bytes)

Agate (DPO--population 10)

Anoka (DPO--population 60)

Ashland (2 different on same postcard)

Benkleman (2 different on same postcard)

Benson Station of Omaha (DPO)

Bethany Station of Lincoln (DPO)

Brandon (DPO, autographed by Postmaster Hubert T. Long--population 40)

Bucktail (DPO--population 23)

Burkett Station of Grand Island (with a note from E. C. C. Boldt stating they do not cancel stamps there)

Burlington Station of Omaha (DPO)

Cedar Rapids (2 different on same postcard)

Clarks (2 different on same postcard)

Cowles (DPO with interesting note from Bernice M. Malick, who was Postmistress for 15 years)Cover_Nebraska_CushingDPO.jpg (47922 bytes)

Cushing (DPO--population 71)

Dix (2 different on same postcard)

Enola (DPO, 2 different on same postcard--population 23)

Ericson (odd cancel with no town name)

Exeter (2 different on same postcard)
Cover_Nebraska_FortCrookDPO.jpg (37142 bytes)
Fontanelle (DPO)

Fort Crook (DPO)

Hadar (before they became a rural branch of Norfork)

Harbine (DPO--population 85)

Howe (DPO--population 75)

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Ingleside (DPO)

Irvington Branch of Omaha (DPO)

Jackson (2 different on same postcard)

Kenesaw (with postmaster's note on when Denman was discontinued)

Kennedy (DPO--population 12)Cover_Nebraska_KoshopahDPO.jpg (43670 bytes)

Koshopah (DPO--population 6)

Lanham (DPO--population 75)

Leshara (before they became rural branch of Valley--population 61)

Lewiston (two different on same postcard--population 94)

Loretto (DPO with missing letter in handstamp supplied by hand)

Lushton (DPO--population 60)

Martinsburg (DPO--population 79)

Meadville (DPO--population 7)

Milligan (two different on same postcard)

Monowi (DPO--population 67)

Mount Michael (before they became a rural branch of Elkhorn)

Norden (DPO--population 32)

Northport (DPO)

O'Neill (2 different on same postcard)

Orella (DPO--population 17)

Palmer (2 different on same postcard)

Petersburg (2 different on same postcard)

Powell (DPO--population 70)

Prairie Home (DPO)

Preston (DPO--population 81)

Princeton Rural Station of Lincoln (DPO)

Redbird (DPO--population 13)

Richland (autographed by Postmistress Mary Van Velkinburgh)

Riverview (DPO)

Roscoe (DPO--population 95)

Saint Edward (with handstamp proclaiming it is the only Saint Edward in the USA)

Saint Michael (DPO--population 12)

Saronville (before they became a rural branchCover_Nebraska_SholesDPO.jpg (46401 bytes)
of Sutton--population 87)

Sholes (DPO--population 32)

Swedeburg (DPO--population 54)

Sweetwater (DPO--population 10)

Thayer (DPO--population 90)

Vesta (DPO--population 75)

Wabash (DPO)

Walnut (DPO--population 25)

York (2 different on same postcard, with autograph of Postmaster Milton H. Maurer)

Our illustrations only show the stamp and cancel to conserve on bandwidth, but everything is on full-size postcards that were mailed at the post offices indicated with contemporaneous stamps.

363 other Nebraska postmarks in the collection:
(1950 populations of 100 or less noted in parens)

Adams Agnew Albion
Alda Allen Alliance
Almeria (20) Amelia (67) Ames (86)
Angora (36) Anselmo Ansley
Arapahoe Arcadia Arlington
Arnold Ashby Atlanta
Augurn Aurora Avoca
Axtell Barneston Bartlett
Bartley Battle Creek Bayard
Beatrice Beaver City Beaver Crossing
Beamer Belden Belgrade
Bellevue Bellwood Belvidere
Benedict Bennet Berwyn
Big Springs Bingham (100) Bladen
Blair Blue Hill Blue Springs
Boelus Brainard Brewster (69)
Broadwater Brock Broken Box
Brownlee (38) Brule Bruno
Burchard Burwell Bushnell
Butte Cairo Cambridge
Campbell Carleton Cedar Bluffs
Cedar Creek Center Central City
Ceresco Chambers Cappell
Clatonia Clay Center Clearwater
Coleridge College View Station of Lincoln Colon
Columbus Cook Cordova
Cortland Colesfield Cozad
Craig Culbertson Curtis
Dakota City Dalton Dannebrog
Davenport David City De Witt
Decatur Deshler Deweese
Diller Doniphan DuBois
Dunbar Duncan Dunning
Edgar Elbe Eli (40)
Elk Creek Ellsworth (9) Elmwood
Elsie Elsmere (34) Elwood
Elyria (87) Emmet (62) Endicott
Eustis Ewing Fairfield
Fairmont Falls City Farwell
Firth Florence Station of Omaha Fort Calhoun
Foster Franklin Fremont
Friend Fullerton Funk
Gates (14) Geneva Genoa
Gering Gibbon Glenvil
Goehner (67) Gordon Grafton
Grainton (91) Grand Island Grant
Greeley Guide Rock Gurley
Hadar Rural Branch of Norfork Haigler Hallam
Halsey Hamlet Hampton
Hardy Harrisburg (94) Harrison
Herlington Harvard Havelock Station of Lincoln
Hay Springs Hayes Center Heartwell
Hebron Hemingford Henderson
Hendley Harman Hickman
Holdrege Holland Holmesville
Holstein Homer Hooper
Hordville Hubbard Humphrey
Huntley (98) Imperial Indianola
Inland (100) Inman Jensen
Johnstown Juniata Kearney
Kennard Keystone (55) Lawrence
Leigh Lemoyne (29) Lewellen
Liberty Lincoln Lodgepole
Long Pine Loomis Louisville
Loup City Lyman Lyons
Madison Madrid Marquette
Marsland (84) Martell Maskell (84)
Maxwell Maywood McCook
McCool Junction McGrew McLean
Mead Meadow Grove Melbeta
Merna Merriman Milburn (18)
Milford Miller Mills (48)
Minatare Minden Mitchell
Morrill Horse Bluff Mullen
Murray Naponee Neligh
Nelson Nenzel (24) Newcastle
Newman Grove Newport Niobrara
Norfork Norman (68) North Bend
North Loup Oak Oakland
Obert (91) Oconto Odell
Ogallala Ohiowe Omaha
Omaha 1 Omaha 2 Orchard
Orleans Oscaola Oshkosh
Osmond Overton Oxford Page
Palmyra Papillion Pawnee City
Paxton Pender Peru Pilger
Plainview Platte Center Plattsmouth
Pleasant Dale Plymouth Polk
Prague Primrose Prosser (81)
Raeville (82) Ragan Ravenna
Raymond Red Cloud Reynolds
Richfield Rising City Riverdale
Riverton Rogers Rosalie
Rose (3) Roseland Royal
Rushville Ruskin Saint Helena (77)
Saint Libory Saint Mary (56) Saint Paul
Sargent Schuyler Scottsbluff
Seward Shelby Shelton
Shickley Silver Creek Snyder
South Bend (100) South Omaha Station of Omaha South Sioux City
Spalding Sparks (5) Spencer
Sprague Spingfield Springview
Stamford Stanton Staplehurst
Stapleton Stelle City Stella
Sterling Stockville Stuart
Superior Surprise Sutherland
Syracuse Table Rock Talmage
Taylor Tekamah Thedford
Thurston Tilden Trenton
Uehling Ulysses Unadilla
Union Upland Utica
Valentine Verdigre Virginia
Waco Wahoo Wakefield
Wallace Walthill Washington (55)
Waterloo Waunetta Wausa
Waverly Wayne Weeping Water
West Point Western Westerville (50)
Whitman Wilcox Willow Island (88)
Wilsonville Winnebago Winnetoon
Winslow Wisner Wood Lake
Wood River Wymore Yukon

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More can be offered--please inquire!

See also Nebraska postcards.


"Fremont Country Club, Fremont, Nebr." color postcard mailed there MAR 7 1910 (gorgeous & complete flag cancel ties stamp), trivial corner wear. $8.50 n-n

OCT 12 1945 Kearney Army Air Field Red Cross #10 envelop to Michigan with 3-c win the war stamp tied by overinked Kearney Nebraska cancel. $1.75

"Cagayan Along the Road, P. I." postcard showing a bullock cart in a Philippine village, color from Cardinell-Vincent Company booklet, mailed at Loma Nebraska NOV 8 1956 (DPO 1902 -1965, clear hand cancel), minor corner & edge wear. $4.00 p-n

Well struck MAR 30 1967 Battle Creek NEBRASKA CENTENNIAL 1867 - 1967 fancy cancel (within an outline of the state) ties 5-c National Park Service stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, small corner bend nowhere near the stamp or cancel. $1.00 n

"Fishing around Omaha Nebr. / Carter Lake interstate, Omaha - Council Bluffs..." with quality art attributed to Bill Hammon, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed May 1 1958 at Millard (its 2 different cancels on back). $2.50 n-n

Nebraska_BaverCity_PostOfficeDedication1963-100.jpg (278332 bytes)"Dedication April 7, 1962 / Compliments of / Clarke W. Kelley, Postmaster / / Mrs. Ch. H. Feusner / Mrs. A. W. Kinsman, clerks / / L. N. Mayo / F. E. Wilburn / Rural Carriers" black & white on postal card with yellowish paper showing the post office, mailed there March 1963, cancel ink on front, extraneous writing on back. $3.00 np-n

SEP 5 1963 clear Nelson cancel on #6 postal stationery (5-c Lincoln profile) with contents including a note from Postmaster Harlan Zimmerman to a collector. Envelope has a long crease away from cancel that could easily be ironed. $2.50

Clear JUL 26 1965 Sidney Nebr. machine cancel with FORT SIDNEY / DAYS / AUG. 22 -25 in killer bars on postcard without caption mailed to Connecticut. $1.00 n

Wanted to buy--covers from Bazile Mills, Bloomfield, Center, Creighton, Plainview & Verdigre. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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We will check availability & quote promptly.


NÉPAL / Nepál / Nepala / Nepāla / Nepalas / Նեպալում /
নেপাল / Непал / 尼泊尔 / ნეპალი / Νεπάλ / નેપાળ / नेपाल / ネパール

See also our unposted Nepalese post cards.

19 FEB 64 first day cover for the complete three-stamp East-West High Way issue, all tied by fancy bilingual cancel to #6 size envelope, unaddressed, never sealed. $1.25 n

1972 Deutsche Everest Lhotse Expedition airmail cover "MIT POSTLÄUFER / Hauptlager-Kathmandu" (via postal runner from the main camp) to Kathmandu where 4 stamps were tied by somewhat light cancels to Frankfurt Germany, opened neatly at the top, backflap address is "ARCHIV FÜR HIMALAYA-FORSCHUNGEN / FREIBURG IM BREISGAU / z. Z. GERMAN EMBASSY / P. O. Box 228 / KATHMANDU - NEPAL". $10.00 nm

Clear JAN 20 1976 & JAN 21 1976 Columbus Ohio double-ring registry handstamps of back of #10 size official envelope from the Department of Medicinal Plants ON HIS MAJESTY'S Govt. OF NEPAL SERVICE, registered & addressed to Chemical Abstracts Service in Columbus Ohio, two 1 r. International Women's Year, 2 r ruler & 25 p. stamps all tied by indistinct cancels. $2.50 nwm

31 12 76 first day cover for the USA Bicentennial stamp issue, tied by fancy bilingual cancel, #10 size envelope is unaddressed with multicolor cachet, certificate of authenticity from the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration on backflap, excellent condition. $2.00 nb

15 -9 1978 first day cover for the complete 3-stamp scenic issue tied by fancy bilingual cancel, multicolor cachet, addressed neatly, never sealed. $0.75 n

14 AU 1980 commercial registered airmail from Katmandu to the National Water Well Association in Ohio, 1 r. Lumbini Year & 10 r. Aethopyga ignicauda (fire-tailed sunbird) stamps franking #10 size envelope, crisply backstamped AUG 23 1980 on arrival, neatly opened, upper left corner crease affects nothing of philatelic interest, a little crinkling at the bottom corners not too evident from the front. $3.75 nb

1982 business reply mail (book post rate) from Sagarmatha Integrated Rural Development Project to the National Water Well Association in Ohio, opening a bit ragged at the top, 1 r. & 25 p. stamps on the back tied but indistinctly cancelled. Envelope is #10 size but imperfectly rectangular. $1.75 n

1991 registered airmail #10 envelope from a prospective student in Kathmandu to the Yale College Financial Aid Coordinator, 25 r. tuberculosis conference & 3 r. FNCCI anniversary stamps both tied by light cancel, backflap taped shut & torn a bit, opening at right front with a little crinkling. $2.50 n

Two #10 airmail envelopes from Team Nepal in Kathmandu to a couple in New Castle Pennsylvania, each franked with two 1995 10 r. animal stamps with indistinct cancels, neatly opened at the top. Envelopes are slightly imperfectly rectangular. Both for $1.25 total. na

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
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We will check availability & quote promptly.

Holandija / HOLLAND
/ HOLLANDES / 네덜란드 / নেদারল্যান্ড্‌স /

More can be offered--please inquire!
See also Netherlands postcards & Netherlands gymnastics photos.


Cover_Netherlands_27Mei01-100.jpg (248587 bytes)"Hyacinthenvelden / Uitg. J. H. Schafer, Amsterdam. No. H. 23." showing a field of multi-color hyacinths, briefkaart mailed 27 MEI 01 at Rotterdam to Hameln Hannover (2 clear cancels & a clear receiving mark on arrival the next day), small corner crease not in image or postal markings, mild corner wear, partial cancel on front, lightly toned back. $6.00 n-nh

"AMSTERDAM. Hoofdpostkantoor.  2033" including a man on a large tricycle with basket in the foreground, unused sepia-tone post card made in the Netherlands circa 1906, uneven top & bottom edges due to trimming (not by us!, just affects the border, not the image). Where travelers could claim packages addressed as Poste Restante by showing their passports. $2.00 nb-n

Netherlands_BuurpraatjeTeBergen-120.jpg (363199 bytes)

"Buurpraatje te Berge N. H." unused black & white briefkaart showing 2 women talking at a half-open door, edge wear, mailed at Bergen N.H. 27.6.10 (clear boxed F.14 mark & receiving mark on back at Alkmaar the same day). $4.00 n-n

Netherlands_AmsterdamOZKolk-100.jpg (203248 bytes)

"AMSTERDAM, O.Z. KOLK" real photo postcard mailed there 30 III 1935 (well struck TEGEN DE TUBERCULOSE! / EMMA BLOEM- / COLLECTE IN APRIL slogan cancel) to Austria, minor wear at 3 corners, tiny corner crease not into image. Image has good focus & contrast, but is not quite rectangular. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 n-nm

Netherlands_072_small.jpg Netherlands cover available from Judnick.com"Vleuten, Broederschapswoningen" showing houses of the Brotherhood of Our Lady in Vleuten Netherlands on a sunny fall day, later a village incorporated into Vleuten-De Meern; real photo postcard with glossy finish & crisp focus, mailed there 1947 to Pennsylvania (10-cent Queen stamp & 2-1/2-cent definitive stamp tied). Hard to find! $7.50 nf-n

Netherlands_073_small.jpg Netherlands postcard available from LotsOfCovers.com"Groeten uit Mepel" real photo multiview post card with 3 scenes--Sluis, Rosarium Wilhelmina park & Zwembad in use; mailed 1951 to Groningen & forwarded to Delfzigl (all for a 2-cent definitive stamp), minor corner wear, clear cancels tie stamp. $5.00 nsmg-n

"LEIDSCHENDAM / Achtkantige watermolen / Moulin à eau octogone / Achtkantige Wassermühle / Octagonal drainage mill" showing an orientable windmill; postcard mailed from the Netherlands to Uruguay with 25C stamp, scalloped borders as issued, 3 small faint corner creases. $1.25 wn-n

"FLEVOHOF KAASMAKERIJ" showing a worker at a cheese factory, continental postcard mailed 1982 from Zwolle (clear slogan cancel for postcode use). $1.50 n-n

Cover_Paquebot_MVOahu1984-200_small.jpg Holland covers available from LotsOfCovers.com
Clear 4 VI 84
ROTTERDAM hand cancels tie 5-c & pair of 6-c Panamanian stamps franking #6 cover to Wisconsin, PAQUEBOT well struck in blue, ship m/v Oahu attest, neatly addressed, never opened. $3.50 pn

1989 PAQUEBOT USAGE of an Antigua and Barbuda 30-cent banana stamp at Rotterdam Netherlands, on #6 cover from MV Annika (Isle of Man ownership) to USA, small corner crease away from stamp & markings. Allowable usage because they were coming from Antigua & Barbuda. $4.00 anpi%

13 -X 1994 (with year inverted in dial) MERSIN Turkey cancel on 90-ct Netherlands stamp franking #6 cover to Ohio, POSTED AT HIGH SEAS / "CELTIC ICE", never sealed. $3.00 tn


Lot of two large covers from The Netherlands to Ohio, franked as follows:

  • 5-c, 10-c, two 25-c, 50-c, 55-c, 60-c, 65-c, 75-c, 80-c, 1-g, 1.50-g, 5-g International Court of Justice stamps (13 in all, 12 different) indistinct roller cancels. 25-c, 50-c & 75-c have faint corner creases.
  • Mixed franking of 1-g, 1.50-g, 5-g International Court of Justice stamps combined with 9 Netherlands semi-postals (8 different) indistinct roller cancels. One 55-c+30-c has a bent perforation, another 55-c+45-c has 3 scraped perforations.

Size is 11"x7" with corner & edge crinkling not affecting the stamps. An unusual opportunity to get genuinely used ICJ stamps and Netherlands semi-postals. $14.00 gets them both. nl


"THE 'CHARLES' COLLECTION OF NETHERLANDS / PLUS BELGIUM" catalogue for Peter Kenedi of California auction held 26 June 1979, well illustrated including color centerfold. Classic 19th century stamps & covers. No prices realized. Hard to find. $5.00 n-n

"VAN DE POSTZEGELS VAN NEDERLAND EN OVERZEESE RIJKSDELEN SPECIALE CATALOGUS 1980" includes FDC's, booklets, Curaçao, Nederland Indië, Nederlandse Antillen, Indonesië, Suriname & Nederlands Nieuw-Guinea. Paperbound, 408 pages, color illustrations throughout. Lightly used. $7.50 n-n

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
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We will check availability & quote promptly.

See also Netherlands Antilles postcards.

See also Netherlands East Indies postcards.

Please see also Surinam postcards.





NetherlandsIndies_EenPraeangerBruid_TCV.jpg (190383 bytes)

"Een Peanger bruid" showing a bridal costume, black & white from Tio Tek Hong, 24.1.17 TCV with 5-cent stamp to Egypt, browning paper shows age. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 nc-n


"80 TH AUCTION" Roelf Boekema catalogue with 1752 lots in their 17-18 November 1977 sale, including a separately bound illustrations section of high quality. Seldom-seen material: North Celebes, POW mail, money orders, town overprints  & much more. No prices realized, but the estimates are useful & realistic. Lightly used. Hard to find. $10.00

"81 ST. AUCTION" illustrated Roelf Boekema catalogue with 1119 lots in their 2 November 1978 sale. Seldom-seen material: Army occupation, Naval occupation, propaganda postmarks, and much more. No prices realized, but the estimates are useful & realistic. Hard to find. $7.00

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
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More covers can be offered--please inquire!
See also Nevada postcards.

SEPT. 30 1935 Boulder City Nev. FDC for 3¢ Boulder Dam block of 4, well struck cachet from an unknown maker explains the exact date was chosen so that President Roosevelt could attend its dedication, neatly typed address, airmailed to Newburgh New York, quality paper, never opened, dark line of toning across the top is hard to explain. $8.00 u(f)n

OCT 15 1945 clear Reno Nevada machine cancel ties 1-c Washington franking Salvation Army post card from Cpt. William V. Eagan Jr. at Reno album adherences on back, partial cancel on front, 2 corner creases. Used to obtain information about further education in radio & mechanical engineering. Clear large red receiving mark at Chicago 4 days later. $2.00 n-m

JAN 5 1957 bold Stillwater cancel on 3-c Liberty stamp franking #6 cover on Greenwood's Groceries & Notions stationery, enclosure is Postmaster Horace Greenwood's handwritten annotation of a cancellation collector's request, decorated by numerous good examples of the Stillwater cancel within. Envelope curls around both short edges--ironing suggested. Stillwater is a DPO with only nine (9) souls counted in the 1950 census. $5.00 n

Clear JAN 24 1960 FALLON NEV. cancel publicizing the 1960 Winter Olympics at Tahoe ties 4-c Kossuth stamp franking home-made picture postcard to Connecticut, corners a bit worn. $1.00 no

Utah_GreatBearLake-200_small.jpg Nevada cover available from LotsOfCards.com"The Great Bear Lake on Utah-/ Idaho border. Highway 89 / leads to spectacular view of lake." using art by Dr. Robert B. Banister (watercolorist & director of the Lincoln County Art Center), well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card used JAN 25 1960 at Reno Nevada (clear & complete 1960 WINTER OLYMPICS / TAHOE NATIONAL FOREST / CALIFORNIA slogan cancel), small corner crease not into the image. $2.50 uia-ocn

Clear JUN 6 1960 CARSON CITY NEV. cancel with '100th ANNIVERSARY / PONY EXPRESS / NEVADA ON THE TRAIL' in the killer bars ties 4-c Pony Express stamp franking home-made picture postcard showing a view of Virginia City Nevada. $1.25 nh

Clear JAN 8 1964 CALIENTE NEV. fancy cancel for the Nevada Centennial ties 5-c Eleanor Roosevelt stamp franking a home-made picture postcard to Connecticut. $1.00 nc

Mostly clear JAN 8 1964 TONOPAH NEV. fancy cancel for the Nevada Centennial ties 4-c Frederick Remington Indian stamp franking a home-made picture postcard to Connecticut. $1.00 ni

MAR 30 1967 RENO NEV. cancel with 'CAN DO / (next line faint) / 25TH ANNIVERSARY' slogan ties 5-c National Park Service stamp franking home-made postcard to Connecticut. $0.75 n

SEP 26 1995 Minden NV PVI for 55-c initialed by clerk & tied to certificate of mailing (PS Form 3817 of March 1989) by blurred violet double-ring cancel. Minden's population is about 250. $2.50 nu(c)

Cover_Nevada_AustinCertificateOfMailing.jpg (118564 bytes)SEP 27 1995 clear red Austin NV double-ring cancel ties 55-c love stamp to certificate of mailing (PS Form 3817 of March 1989). Austin's population is about 300. Item  sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 nu(c)

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Grenada, Grenada Grenadines, Guadeloupe, Guam,
Guatemala, Guernsey, Haiti, Hannover & Hawaii
Hedjaz, Helgoland, Heraldry, highway post office,
Honduras, Hong Kong, Horses,
Human Rights, Hungary, Iceland & Idaho
Illinois, Inaugurations, India, Indiana, Indians, Indo-China, Indonesia, Insects, Iowa, Iran & Ireland
Isle of Man, Israel, Italy & Ivory Coast
Jamaica NEW
Japan, Jersey, Jewelry, Johnston Island, Johore & Jordan
Judaica, Jugoslavia, Kansas, Kazakhstan, Kennedy,
Kentucky, Kenya, Kenya Uganda Tanganyika
Kirgiz S.S.R., Kiribati, Komi A.S.S.R., Korea,
Kuwait, Labor, Laos, Latvia & Law
Lebanon, Leeward Islands, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lighthouses, Lincoln & Lindbergh
Lions International, Lithuania,
Lombardy-Venetia & Lothringen
Louisiana, Lourenço Marques,
Lübeck, Lundy & Luxembourg
Macao, Macedonia & Machine Cancels on US Covers
Madagascar, Madeira, Madonnas, Maine, Malawi, Malaysia, Malay States, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Manitoba & Maps
Marianas, Marines, Marshall Islands,
Martinique, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mayotte, Medicine, Meteorology, Metered & México
Michigan, Middle East Forces, Military & Minnesota
Mississippi & Missouri
Moldavia, Monaco, Mongolia,
Montana, Montenegro & Montserrat
Motorcycles, Mountains, Mushrooms,
Music, Namibia & Nauru
Naval Covers (US - A to M Ships)
Naval Covers (US - N to R Ships)
Naval Covers (US - S to T Ships)
Naval Covers (US - U to Z Ships)
Nebraska, Nepal, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles,
Netherlands New Guinea & Nevada
New Brunswick, New Caledonia,
Newfoundland & New Guinea
New Hebrides, New Jersey, New Mexico,
New South Wales & New York
New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria,
Nobel Prizes & Norfolk Island
North Carolina, North Dakota, Northern Ireland,
Northern Rhodesia. Norway,

Nova Scotia, Numismatics & Ohio
Oklahoma, Oldenburg, Olympics,
Oman, Ontario & OPSAIL
Orange Free State, Orchids, Oregon,
Paintings, Pakistan & Palau
Palestine, Panama, Territory of Papua,
Papua New Guinea & Paquebot
Paraguay, Patriotic, Penang, Pennsylvania,
Penrhyn Island, Perak & Permit Mail
Perú, Philately (topic & general literature),
Philippines, Photography, Pitcairn Island & Poland
Ponta Delgada, Portugal, Portuguese Africa,
Portuguese Guinea, Postal Service,
Prince Edward Island, Puerto Rico & Qatar
Québec, Queensland, Racing,
Railroads (including RPO's) & Red Cross
Religion, Réunion, RFD, Rhine Palatinate, Rhode Island, Rhodesia, Rhodesia and Nyasaland & Rio Muni
Romania, Roosevelt, Ross Dependency
Rotary International, Royalty, Royal weddings & Russia
Rwanda, Ryukyus, Saar,
Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla,
Saint Helena & Saint Lucia
Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, Saint Vincent,
Saint Vincent Grenadines, San Marino,
São Thomé et Principe,
Saskatchewan, Saudi Arabia, Saxony & Scotland
Scouting, Sculpture, Seapost, Serbia, Shells,
Ships, Sierra Leone & Singapore
Skiing, Slovenia, Snakes, Social history,
Solomon Islands & South Africa
South Carolina, South Dakota,
South Korea & South West Africa
Space, Spain, Spanish Guinea, Sports, Sri Lanka,
Stamp topicals, Straits Settlements, Sudan,
Suriname, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland & Syria
Taiwan, Tanzania, Tasmania, Tatarstan,
Telegrams/Telegraphs & Telephones
Tennessee, Texas, Thailand,
Theaters, Togo & Tokelau
Tonga, Trains, Transkei,
Transportation, Transvaal & Trengganu
Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago, Tristan da Cunha, Tunisia, Turkey, Turks & Caicos, Tuvalu, Uganda & Ukraine
United Arab Emirates, United Arab Republic,
United Nations & United Nations Geneva
United States
Universal Postal Union (UPU), Uruguay,
Utah, Vanuatu, Vatican City & Venda
Venezuela, Vermont, Victoria, Viet Nam,
Virginia, Virgin Islands, Vojvodina,
Volcanoes, Wake Island & Wales
Wallis-et-Futuna, Washington (George),
Washington State, Waterfalls,
Western Australia & Western Samoa
West Germany, West Virginia, Windmills,
Wisconsin, Women & Württemberg
Wyoming, Yemen, Zaire, Zambia, Zanzibar,
Zanzibar and Tanzania & Zeppelins

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