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CoverSlovenian_Ujvidek5481_small.jpg (3963 bytes)


en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NUEVO / NEU.
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Church interior postcards, Crosses on post cards, Icon cards,
Anglican Church post cards, Catholic postcards,
Easter postcards, Mormonism post cards
& Religion postcards.

21 July 1963 Iceland cacheted & unaddressed FDC for the Cathedral at Skalholt semi-postal. $0.75

16 10 63 Vatican City FDC for L-15 & L-40 stamps issued for 'PAULUS VI / TERGEMINO DIADEMATE REDIMITUS, unaddressed, multicolor cachet depicts that Pope. $1.75 rv

FEB 9 1966 Tegucigalpa violet cancel ties 12-centavos Padre Subiran stamp franking #6 airmail cover to Wisconsin, neatly opened. $2.00 hr

10.4.68 clear Libreville Gabon handstamp ties pair of 30-f Papal encyclical stamps franking #10 airmail cover to Ottawa Canada, neatly addressed & neatly opened. $2.50 rg

26 March 1969 Iceland cacheted & unaddressed FDC for the Saint Horlacus issue. $0.75

Cover_Greenland_6MAJ1971-200_small.JPG religion topical cover available from LotsOfCovers.com6.MAJ 1971 Greenland first day cover for the 60-ore Hans Egede stamp, unaddressed, multicolor cachet. Egede was a Lutheran missionary to the Inuit of Greenland, translating Christian literature into their language. $5.50 gr


25-10-72 FDC for complete 4-stamp Christmas issue featuring pioneering missionaries, cacheted & unaddressed, with stiffener, fresh appearance. $3.00 pcr

19.6.73 clear cancels on block of four Eucharistic Congress stamps franking registered greeting-card-size cover from the Governatorato to Michigan, clear backstamp on arrival, neatly opened. A beauty. $3.75 vr

Cover_VaticanCity_27-11-73_Registered.jpg (220654 bytes)27.11.73 clear Vatican City cancels on block of four L220 Dioecesis Progensis millenium stamps (showing Saint Adalbert) franking registered greeting- card-size cover from the Governatorato to Michigan, clear backstamp & neat front notification markings on arrival, neatly opened. A beauty. $4.00 vr

-4.2.74 clear cancel on block of four L180 Paulus VI (now Pope Blessed Paul VI) stamps franking registered greeting-card-size cover from the Governatorato to Michigan, clear backstamp & neat front notification markings on arrival, neatly opened. $3.75 vr NEW / NUEVO / NEU

10 January 1975 India cacheted & unaddressed FDC for the World Hindi convention. (2 available) $0.50 each

14-8-75 India cacheted & unaddressed FDC for 50-p Saint Arunagirinathar issue, tiny spot on back. $0.50 ri

4 DEZ 1975 Liechtenstein FDC for 3-stamp issue honoring Bischof Von Chur, unaddressed, fresh appearance. $2.50 rl

Cover_SouthWestAfrica_06-16-78-200.jpg (775074 bytes)

1978-06-16 cacheted first day cover for South West Africa's  4-stamp churches issue, unaddressed, with multilingual explanatory insert, attractive. $3.00 sr

JUL 24 1978 cacheted cover commemorating Brigham Young's settlement of Utah, bold Salt Lake City cancel ties 3-c Utah Centennial & 13-c Liberty Bell stamps, unaddressed, explanatory insert. $1.25 u-ru ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

1978:6 official Swedish announcement about their 10-stamp booklet honoring independent Christian associations. $1.00 sr

17.08.78 Germany FDC for 40-pf German Catholic Day stamp, multicolor cachet, unaddressed, fresh appearance. $1.25 gr

4 OCT. 78 complete set of 4 Solomon Islands first day covers with Albrecht Durer art depicting the heads of 4 apostles, inserts from the International Council of Museums, all covers unaddressed & quite fresh. Surprisingly detailed scholarship on the inserts. For example, the head of Saint Mark is incorrectly identified on the stamp as that of Saint Paul! Shown: the St. John FDC & its insert over the St. Peter FDC. $3.25 gets all 4. s

18 -3 1987 clear Lome-Nyekonakpoe Togo hand cancel ties 130-f Eglise de Togoville stamp (Christmas 1986) to greeting-card size cover to Chicago Illinois, small T2 & W8 & W9 US routing marks on back, neatly opened, tiny staple holes in address area. $2.50 rct

22 -6 1987 clear Lome R.P. Togo hand cancels on pair of 70-f 1986 Easter stamps franking #10 airmail cover to Chicago Illinois, neatly opened, envelope glue shows through back, long crease, tiny staple holes near address. $1.75 ret

Cover_Religion_1987TogoEaster.jpg (228800 bytes)

22.10.87 crisp Kara Togo TRI No1 hand cancels tie 130-f 1987 Easter stamp to greeting-card size airmail cover to Chicago Illinois, neatly opened, faint crease to stamp, tiny staple holes in address area. $1.75 ret

Cover_Religion_Sept22'89Illinois.jpg (120928 bytes)SEPT 22 1989 bold Polonius Station Chicago Illinois 60648 fancy cancel ties 25-c US flag stamp to cacheted cover welcoming Joseph Cardinal Glemp (Sept. 21-25), additional green handstamp with cross reads "VISIT DELAYED DUE TO /  'CIRCUMSTANCES NOT CONDUCTIVE / TO THE VISIT'S PASTORAL PURPOSE', unaddressed & most unusual. $5.00 ri

1993 06 13 Lithuanian cacheted cover depicting Christ with outstretched hands for 'LAIMINANTIS KRISTUS / PALANGA franked by 280 1982 Barcelona Olympics stamp that is not tied by the fancy cancel corresponding to the cachet, unaddressed. $1.00 rl

Cover_Croatia_1994Religion-100.jpg (347333 bytes)9 / 15 / 94 AIRMAIL #10 cover, Zagreb-Dubrava to Pennsylvania, franked by 5 Pope John Paul II (4 in a strip with all selvedge from the bottom margin--handsome!), opened neatly, all cancels clear. #3.00 (cr)

14 1 95 clear Moundou Tchad hand cancel ties 170-f Pope's visit stamp franking greeting-card size airmail cover to Koumra in the Moyen-Chari region, opened neatly. Nice! $3.75 rc

Undated Humble Texas Permit No. 254 for non-profit organization franking on windowed #10 cover with large 'It's time! // WIN OUR CITY TO JESUS' cachet in black & green, bends at corners. $1.00 rpt

Lot of 29 covers & 1 philatelic announcement with religious topical stamps. Good mix of countries--Burundi, Canada, Chad, Denmark, India, Sri Lanka, Togo, USA, etc. $40.00 gets them all.

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28-1 1974 clear St DENIS R.P. REUNION cancel on greeting-card size official cover with "PLI / DE /  SERVICE" & "POSTES ET TÉLÉCOMMUNICATIONS" markings in black, neatly addressed & neatly opened, very light wrinkling along one edge most easily seen from back. $1.50 r

FEB 25 1974 Ann Arbor Michigan receipt markings front & back on #10 registered official cover airmailed from St. Denis R.P., CORRESPONDANCE /  PHILATELIQUE handstamp in violet, wrinkling lower right front corner, opened neatly. $2.00 r

Cover_Réunion_15-7-1982Paquebot.jpg (126169 bytes)15-7 1982 clear Le Port Reunion & linear black PAQUEBOT tie 1,60 French census stamp franking greeting-card size cover posted at sea on the ship Marion-Dufresne to Marseille France, Commandant's signed attest, clear 'Campagne SINODE IX / MARION DUFRESNE _ TAAF /   Equateur / Océan Indien cachet in black, Cie GÉNÉRALE MARITIME seal in black, neatly addressed, envelope glue show-through on back. Please note: view shown is the top part of the cover to better show the interesting markings; the bottom part is all white. $7.50 rp

57f CFA red overprint on 1,15 French aerogramme, long paper bend that might iron out, otherwise fresh. $2.00 r*!

Cover_Réunion_9-5-1994Paquebot.jpg (94556 bytes) 9-5 1994 light LE PORT REUNION machine cancel ties St. Vincent & The Grenadines 65-c Erynnyis alope stamp franking #6 cover from ship m.t. Rampart (out of Kingston) to Columbus Ohio, bold linear black PAQUEBOT, bar coding at bottom done in the United States, neatly addressed, never sealed. $3.75 rsp

See also unmailed Réunion postcards & QSL cards at this site.

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See also Postal service topical covers
& Post offices on postcards.

Better_002small.jpg RFD covers available from LotsOfCovers.com

"Cave Of The Winds, Niagara Falls" monochromatic yellow-green view on post card mailed JUL 4 1905 (exceptional strike Detroit and Algonac / RURAL FREE DELIVERY / SERVICE / S / STEAMBOAT) received by Mrs. Frances Douglas in Oswego New York the next day. $25.00 n(n)w-rm

Better_004small.jpg RFD covers available from Judnick.com"Iroquois Hotel / Buffalo, N. Y. / 109" postcard mailed JUL 4 1905 (mostly clear DETROIT AND ALGONAC / RURAL FREE DELIVERY / SERVICE / S / STEAMBOAT cancel) received by Mrs. Frances Douglas in Oswego New York the next day. $15.00 n(b)-rm

Cover_Missouri_Goria1906RFD-200_small.JPGClear R. F. D. / MAR 23 1906 / GORIN, / MO. 1 cancel ties 2-c Washington franking #6 cover to Topeka Kansas, multiple docketings on front as it was processed through the recipient company. With contents: a handwritten note by B. J. Huckey. $10.00 mr

"Court House ~ Warren, Ohio" including a fountain in the foreground, black & white postcard with undivided back mailed OCT 25 1906 from Phalanx Station Ohio (RFD Doane 2 cancel & a station Doane 5 cancel crisply struck at the DPO) to Mechanicstown Ohio, bottom corner crease, other edge wear is minor. The only time we have seen two different Doane cancel numbers which give a rough guide as to the differences in revenues between the RFD routes and the home office itself. $12.50 o(w)c-or

Michigan_Lakeview_RFDCarriers_small.jpg (3796 bytes)LAKEVIEW (MONTCALM COUNTY). "Post Office Force, Lakeview, Mich." showing & naming the Postmaster, clerks, messengers & RFD carriers by route, postcard mailed there 1907 (straight-line cancel), minor corner wear & rounding. Marvelous! $47.50 (mpph-mr)

"Rustic Bridge--Schiller Park. Columbus, Ohio" postcard litho-chromed in Germany for the American News Company, mailed AUG 29 1907 at Marysville Ohio (clear RFD 1 cancel ties 1-c Franklin stamp), small tear in top edge closes well, mild corner & edge wear, a little toning in the front caption area. $4.00 o(c)b-ro

Better_478small.jpg rural free delivery memorabilia available from Judnick.com"Compliments of the Season / Ed. R Wyrick, / Rural Letter Carrier.  R. F. D. No. 1" with 16-line poem over all the back entitled 'To My Friends', art the horse-drawn wagon of a mail carrier, circa 1908, size of a regular postcard, light toning both sides from album contact. $4.50 phg-r

Cover_Ohio_NorthDover-200_small.jpg DPO cover available from Judnick.comClear strike of R. F. D. / SEP 15 P.M. 19 / NORTH DOVER, / OHIO ties 1-c Franklin to postcard mailed to Miss Marcia Bigelow in West Richfield Ohio, R.F.D. shifted markedly to the right & year digits (either 07 or 08 judging by the undivided back) missing, both sides lightly toned, 2 left back corners creased. Picture side shows the "Case School of Applied science, Euclid Avenue-Cleveland." with several small spots of cancel ink in the sky. $15.00 ro-c

Light R. F. D. / AUG 16 1909 / CANFIELD OHIO hand cancel on post card conveying floral-design "Birthday Greetings" post card to Mrs. Herbert Knauf in Canfield. $2.50 ro

Better_056small.jpg RFD covers available from LotsOfCovers.com

"'KEEP OUT' / This means you. / 27" postcard mailed 8-26-10 from Hanover Ohio (clear RFD #1 carrier's hand cancel) to Miss Grace Rector of the same town, noticeable corner & edge wear, light toning both sides. $3.75 ro-l

"R. F. D. / № 9 / Eaton O." sepia-tone real photo postcard with good focus & slight oxidation, showing the mailman J. Albert Gardner standing next to his horse-drawn delivery wagon, mailed at Eaton circa 1910 (no year in clear SEP 3 cancel on 1˘ green Franklin stamp). Uncaptioned, so we used the lettering at the side of the wagon instead. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. o(e)phg(g)-r

Better_258small.jpg RFD covers available from LotsOfCovers.com

"When I / ventured to show myself / on the Hotel Piazza / I created a sensation" elaborately embossed art in fresh colors showing an elegant with striped umbrella, mailed at Martinsburg Ohio (gorgeous violet R D ROUTE 10 / DEC 29 1910 MARTINSBURG hand cancel ties the stamp), spotty toning on back nowhere near the cancel. $5.00 uw(a)-or

"Compliments / of the Season / U. S. MAIL / Edwin E. Smith / Rural Letter Carrier / R. F. D. No. 21" circa-1910 card the size of a regular postcard, the entire back of which is covered by a 5-stanza poem entitled 'THE PENNIES IN THE BOX". In a surprisingly amusing way, It encourages recipients to buy their own stamps at post offices, especially during the winter months when the pennies for postage were hard to fish out the mail boxes with near-frozen hands. Gives a realistic glimpse into what it was like to be a letter carrier. $10.00 pg-r

"A Merry Christmas / Amos Wilson Kaufman / Rural Letter Carrier.  Route No. 2" circa-1910 postcard with 4-stanza poem printed on the message side, addressed simply to 'Joe Wert and family'. Ordinarily items like this are hard to place, because a location is not specified -- but not this one! The carrier's name is sufficiently distinctive that only one such name is found in a Google search: this man & his wife both buried in Oakland Cemetery in Auburn Township, just outside of Tiro Ohio (Crawford County). Cinching the deal is the addressing: there are many Wert families living in Crawford County. So Amos Wilson worked out of the Tiro Post Office, most likely servicing rural people he knew in Auburn Township. $14.50 o(a)o(t)pgc-ro

"Compliments / of the Season // WM. F. JONES / Kitchell, Ind. / Letter Carrier   R. F. D. No. 8" with art picturing a horse-drawn RFD delivery mail wagon shown from the side; postcard-size greeting card with blank back & good edges, shown left. A different, more elaborate postcard from the same carrier picturing a mail wagon from the front, divided back containing a lengthy poem, addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Chas. M. Jones (undoubtedly relatives) with an American Red Cross Christmas seal where the stamp would ordinarily go, dated Dec. 25th 1910, speckles of cancel ink through the address. Shown right. This unincorporated place in Union County no longer has a post office, cannot currently be found with Google Maps, and has no Wikipedia article yet. Sold but both sides shown are still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scans (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75 each or both for $7.00. i(k)gcp-rui

"POST OFFICE. NEW PARIS, IND." with many crowded outside, including 2 delivery wagons (one for RFD #3), sepia-tone real photo post card mailed there SEP 12 1911. The building itself was built in 1902 to house a drugstore (left) next to the MM Barber Shop (right), as we can see from the stonework overhead. Sold but front side still available for artistic study & reference as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 i(n)ppb-ri

Cover_Indiana_1912GasCityRFD.jpg (151923 bytes)5-27-12 #17 heavy violet Gas City Indiana RFD hand cancel on 1-cent Washington franking postcard addressed to recipient on same route; paper browning with age, corner crease. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg (151,923 bytes) or .tif format. $1.50 ir

Better_003small.jpg Michigan RFD covers available from Judnick.com"Cedar Mount, Waterfall and Canoes, Belle Isle, Detroit, Mich. / 1330" postcard mailed 1913 (mostly clear DETROIT AND ALGONAC / RURAL FREE DELIVER/ SERVICE / S / STEAMBOAT cancel) to Newark Ohio, upper corners creased, bottom corner creased twice. $15.00 m(b)s(p)-rm

Cover_Pennsylvania_1935RFD.jpg (200206 bytes)
Pencil 1 / 5 / 35 Enon Valley Pa. RFD#3 cancel on two 1-c Franklins franking greeting card cover for same route, fancy birthday card with ribbon signed by Mr. & Mrs. Howard Madden, bends & creasing along top of cover, 1 / 2" tear closes well at right side, toning along front edges. $4.50 pr


"Rural Free Delivery--76 Years Old" by William F. Rapp, article in Volume 1, Number 3 (September 1972) Postal History USA, hard to find. $5.00 the complete issue. p2

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Zeppelin_img023_small.jpg Rhine Palatinate postcard available from Judnick.com"T. v Eckenbrecher 14" printed signature of German artist Themistocles von Eckenbrecher on art depicting 'Zeppelin über Antwerpen' (as we learn from the back) acting as a military observation platform, Feldpostkarte used 31.3.15 at Sobernheim (very clear cancel on back, no stamp necessary) to an address in occupied Belgium, soft corners, traces of cancel ink on front. Postkarte sold for the creation of a strong German air fleet: 'Deutscher Luftflotten-Verein / für Schaffung einer starken deutschen Luftflotte / und Förderung der Luftaherschule! /Jahresbeitrag: einschl. Vereinszeitschrift / 'Die Luftflotte' nach Selbsteinschäßtung / mindestens 3,- Mk. Berlin W 57, Grobenstraße 27.' On canvas, this artist's work is infrequently offered at major auction houses with estimates in the tens of thousands of dollars. Bad Sobernheim is located in the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany. After its defeat at Liege by the Germans, the Belgian Army fell back to Antwerp, and was forced to retreat still further after heavy fighting such as that shown. $35.00 zba(w)a(m)w-r

Cover_RhinePalatinate_ToSwitzerland.jpg (225040 bytes)circa 19.7.1947 somewhat light Grünstadt hand cancels tie pair of 15-pf Karl Marx & one 20-pf street corner stamp to greeting-card size cover to Pieterlen Switzerland, greenish paper browning at the edges, short tear at top due to opening, neatly addressed. $4.25 r

Cover_RhinePalatinate_1948ToOhio.jpg (197147 bytes)20.2.48 clear Neustadt a / Hardt hand cancel ties pf-84 river scenery stamp to small cover to Columbus Ohio, brown paper, light wrinkling along top edge most evident from back, slight ink smear on front, neatly opened. $13.00 r

Cover_RhinePalatinate_1948MixedFranking.jpg (223395 bytes)14.4.48 somewhat light Mainz-Weisenau hand cancels tie 10-pf woman & 30-pf Gutenberg Rhineland-Pfalz stamps & 1-f & 12-f heraldic shield Zone Francaise stamps franking greeting-card size cover to Pieterlen Switzerland, decorative seal of Erler & Co. for backflap, brownish paper, neatly addressed. $8.50 r

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RHODE-ISLAND / Rod-Aylend / Род-Айлэнд / 罗德岛
See also Rhode Island postcards, photos & QSL cards.

DEC 16 1907 clear & complete WOONSOCKET flag cancel (empty space in stripes) ties 2-c Washington franking #6 cover from V. A. DeCelles & Co. Furniture to Parkersburg West Virginia, light but legible flag arrival backstamp, minor brownish paper. $1.25 r

"Interior of Catholic Church, Ravenna, Ohio" Octochrome postcard made in Germany for publisher W. T. McConney in Ravenna, mailed there OCT 28 1909 to Miss Myrtle Aylesworth in Hughesdale Rhode Island (DPO, La Posta scarcity 4)where it was received the following day, very light toning both sides. $20.00 o(r)i(c)-r

OCT 26 1910 Providence Rhode Island cancel on US 2-c Washington red franking #6 cover with corner card of the Auto Parts Company there, backstamped on arrival in West Virginia, opened neatly. $3.50

APR 30 1911 clear & complete Woonsocket flag cancel (nothing in stripes) franks #6 cover from James Mullen & Co. (house furnishing goods) to Parkersburg West Virginia, light but complete flag arrival backstamp, light corner crease, slight browning of the paper with age. $1.00 r

APR 15 1912 clear & complete PROVIDENCE flag cancel with 1 in stripes ties two-cent Washington stamp franking #6 cover to Parkersburg West Virginia, corner card of E. L. Morris & Co (office Furniture), brownish paper, light but complete flag arrival backstamp, neatly opened & addressed. $1.25 r

SEP 5 1914 clear & almost complete PROVIDENCE flag cancel (nothing in stripes) on 2-c Washington #6 postal stationery cover from Anthony & Cowell Co. to the same city, brownish paper, neatly addressed & opened. $1.50 r

JUNE 3 1917 double strike of PROVIDENCE flag cancel (nothing in stripes) on 2-c Washington franking #6 cover to Parkersburg West Virginia, opened neatly. $1.50 r

Cover_Naval_USSSturtevantAtRI1934.jpg (231795 bytes)USS STURTEVANT at NEWPORT R.I. clear violet SEPT 10 34 hand cancel ties 3-c Maryland Tercentenary stamp franking #6 cover to Maryland, exceptionally attractive red & black cachet for the silver jubilee & regatta of the Maryland Yacht Club (held August 10-12 1934), never sealed. $4.00 nrm

JUN 25 1938 clear U.S. NAVAL TRAINING STA. / R.I. cancel on 1-c Washington-Green & 2-c Jackson-Scott stamps franking #6 cover to Joliet Illinois, mild envelope glue show-through both sides. $2.25 r

Cover_Naval_USSLearyJul1938-200_small.JPGUSS LEARY with NEWPORT / R. I. in the killer bars. clear JUL 12 1938 cancel on 1-c  & 2-c Washington stamps franking #6 cover to Illinois, decorative border & generic ship cachet, slight browning of the paper with age, neatly addressed, one lower corner with 2 small corner creases. $3.75 nr

Cover_Naval_USSHamilton1938-100.jpg (366983 bytes)USS HAMILTON. Clear DEC 15 1938 cancel with NEWPORT / RHODE ISLAND in killer bars ties pair of 1-1 / 2-c Martha Washington prexies franking cover to Illinois, neatly addressed, generic brown ship & multiple blue anchors cachet, slight browning of paper. $3.75 nr

Clear OCT 10 1939 USS OWL hand cancel with NEWPORT / R.I. in killer bars ties 3-c Alaska stamp franking #6 cover to Illinois, neatly addressed, never sealed, could use an ironing. $3.00 nr

AUG 12 1940 U.S. NAVAL TRAINING STA. cancel ties 1-1 / 2-c Martha Washington franking #6 cover to Trenton, envelope glue show-through both sides, neatly addressed & opened. $2.00 r

MAY 1 1942 clear NEWPORT, R.I. / NAV. TRAINING STA. 1 hand cancel ties 1-1 / 2-c Martha Washington franking #6 cover to Fort Worth Texas, minor envelope glue show-through each side, neatly addressed. $2.25 r

Mar 2 1943 clear U. S. NAVY cancel on free mail from F. D. Uhl at Camp Endicott (near Davisville) to Kendallville Indiana, gorgeous metallic eagle with shield sticker applied (tiny scrape removes some gold), neatly addressed & opened. $2.50 r

Jan 15 1949 clear Providence 2 cancel ties 3-c Utah Centennial stamp franking #6 cacheted cover to Ridgfield Park New Jersey, for 1st broadcast WPRO Stamp Club, never sealed, a little brownish paper. $1.25 r

"Near Galeton, Pa." unattributed landscape art on well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1962 at New Providence Rhode Island (3 different cancellations there, one light). $2.50 p-r

MAY 4 1978 bold Providence cancel ties 13-c eagle with shield to addressed cacheted cover honoring the Rhode Island Tercentenary. Cachet is an encapsulated 3-c Rhode Island Tercentenary stamp. $1.00 r

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MAY 10 1977 bold Providence RI cancel ties 1-c Jones-Barry & 13-c flag over Independence Hall stamps to multicolored cacheted Bicentennial #6 cover commemorating John Paul Jones' first command, unaddressed. With interesting explanatory insert.

Cover_RI_Aug8'78.jpg (162038 bytes)
AUG 8 1978 bold Newport RI cancel ties 15-c flag coil stamp on multicolored cacheted Bicentennial #6 cover commemorating the siege of Newport in 1778, unaddressed.

OCT 29 1978 TIVERTON RI cancel ties 15-c flag coil stamp on multicolored cacheted Bicentennial #6 cover, commemorating the capture of the sloop "Pigot", unaddressed.

OCT 25 1979 bold Newport RI cancel ties 15-c flag coil stamp on multicolored cacheted Bicentennial #6 cover commemorating the British evacuation on Newport, unaddressed. $1.25 rb

JUL 10 1980 bold Newport RI cancel ties 15-c flag coil stamp on multicolored cacheted Bicentennial #6 cover honoring the arrival of the French Army, unaddressed. $1.25 rb

Special price: All 5 covers above for $6.00 r


19:40 PROV RI 02904 01 / 08 / 92 OCR 12 clear spray cancel over red Taunton Mass 29-c meter of the same date franking #10 cover from Reed & Barton Silversmiths to Columbus Ohio, small V6 & X2 routing marks on back, backflap torn in opening (shows only from back).

PROV R. I. *02904* 04 / 10 / 92 22:44 11 clear spray cancel over Providence machine cancel of same date on red 52-c New Bedford Mass. meter of same date franking #10 cover with 2-color corner card of Imtra Marine Importer & Distributor to Columbus Ohio, neatly addressed & opened.

PROV RI *02904* PM 07 / 31 / 92 17:14 clear spray cancel over Providence machine cancel of same date ties 29-c wood duck stamp franking cover to Columbus Ohio, neatly opened & addressed.

Special price: All 3 covers above for $2.50 r


"Rhode Island Post Offices 1841-53" by William F. Rapp, article in Volume 1, Number 1 (March 1972) Postal History USA, hard to find. $5.00 the complete issue. p2

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See also Northern Rhodesia postcards
& Southern Rhodesia postcards.
More can be offered--please inquire!

15.JAN.1969 registered FDC for 1 / 6 Sir William Henry Milton issue, mailed to Ontario Canada, on #10 cover, 3 clear backstamps. $3.75 r

Cover_Rhodesia_1970FDC.jpg (327393 bytes)-1.JUL1970 FDC for four-stamp issue marking the inauguration of the Posts and Telecommunications Corporation, addressed neatly to Salisbury, long paper indentation along top (misses stamps) due to interesting stiffener giving printing quantities & explaining the stamps. $7.00 rc!

The following inexpensive covers are interesting for 2 reasons. First, they show that official mail during this period was not proclaimed explicitly on covers--presumably because of widespread international opprobrium during the period. Second, the variety of routings taken to get to the same US destination invite further study.

26.JUL 1971 red POSTAGE PAID IN CASH /  SALISBURY hand cancel franks #10 cover airmailed to Hyattsville Maryland, considerable wrinkling along one short edge misses the cancel.

30 MAR 1973 red POSTAGE PAID IN CASH / SALISBURY hand cancel franks #10 cover airmailed to Hyattsville Maryland, 2 small corner creases.

circa 1975 red metered & repeating POSTAGE PAID franks #10 cover airmailed to Hyattsville Maryland, small US U1 & D8 routing marks on back, corner crease & long paper bend along top edge.

16 JAN 1976 clear red metered POSTAGE PAID franks #10 cover airmailed to Hyattsville Maryland, small light US Y8 & B7 routing marks on back, unimportant edge wrinkling.

19 JAN 1976 clear red metered POSTAGE PAID franks #10 cover airmailed to Hyattsville Maryland, nothing on the back, minor wrinkling at the corners.

6 MAR 1976 light metered POSTAGE PAID franks #10 cover airmailed to Hyattsville Maryland, light violet US 31 routing mark on back, 2 small corner creases.

16 MAR 1976 light red metered POSTAGE PAID franks #10 cover to Hyattsville Maryland, small US F5 & I2 routing marks on back, small corner crease & trivial wrinkling along one short edge.

8 APR 1976 red metered POSTAGE PAID franks #10 cover airmailed to Hyattsville Maryland, PRINCE GEORGES machine cancel over the metering 7 days later, clear West Bowie Station of Bowie backstamp, small US CB & DA & A8 routing marks, one corner with small multiple creases affecting nothing of importance.

7 MAR 1978 red metered POSTAGE PAID franks #10 cover airmailed to Hyattsville Maryland, small US C6 & I6 routing marks on back, tiny corner crease.

14 NOV 1979 light red POSTAGE PAID IN CASH franks #10 cover airmailed to Hyattsville Maryland, no markings on back, backflap has 2 tiny nicks.

13 APR 1983 light red metered POSTAGE PAID franks #10 cover airmailed to Hyattsville Maryland, small US C4 & B8 & K5 routing marks on back, small corner crease.

Special offer: all 11 above for $12.50 rm!

Cover_Rhodesia_OfficalLot1973-100.jpg (522641 bytes)-8OCT1973 clear red POSTAGE PAID IN CASH /  SALISBURY handstamp franks #10 cover airmailed to Ann Arbor Michigan, crinkled short edges, 2 partial backstamp, backflap damaged in opening. $0.75 r

Cover_Rhodesia_30May1974.jpg (172019 bytes)30.May1974 clear Salisbury cancel ties 14-c George Paulding stamp to #6 cover addressed to Salisbury, fancy cachet in upper center commemorates 50 years of parliamentary government (applied to covers during an 8-day exhibition there). Attractive. $2.50 r

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13 MAR 1962 Salisbury Southern Rhodesia cancel socked-on-nose of 6-d air mail service stamp franking #10 cover to Seattle Washington, minor wrinkling at 2 corners, 2 spots of wax still close the backflap. $1.75 r

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See also Spanish Africa postcards, listing all the colonies, protectorates
& disputed territories of Spain on that continent.

Cover_RioMuniAndFernandoPoo.jpg (239399 bytes)-6 APR 51 Bata cancels on mixed franking of #6 commercial mail cover airmailed to Chicago Illinois. Stamps: four Rio Muni 50-cts rhinoceros & two Fernando Poo 1-Pta ayuda a Sevilla & one Spanish Guinea 3-ptas runner stamps. Small staple holes, 2 of which puncture the 3-ptas stamp. $15.00 rfs

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USFlag.gif (1092 bytes)  abbreviations explained in English
with examples
germany1.gif (260 bytes) Abkürzungen erklärt auf Deutsch,_
mit Exemplaren
wpe3.jpg (963 bytes) lühendid eestikeelsete selgituste
ja näidistega
FinnishFlag1.gif (1008 bytes)
lyhenteet suomenkielisin selvennöksineen ja esimerkein

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