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CoverSlovenian_Ujvidek5481_small.jpg (3963 bytes)



en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NUEVO / NOUVEAU
--especially in the Zeppelin section!
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.

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Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Unless noted, prices do not include postage or insurance.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@lotsofcovers.com

See also Wyoming postcards.
Chronological listing.

Cover_Wyoming_Bosler1919.jpg (188305 bytes)OCT 6 1919 light but complete Bosler Wyo. hand cancel ties 2-c Washington franking #6 cover from W. C. Devitt to a rural delivery address of Lincoln Nebraska, forwarded to an Omaha street address, grayish paper, light wrinkling & toning along the short edges, neatly opened. $4.75 w

Wyoming_FortFEWarren-200_small.jpg Wyoming cover available from LotsOfCovers.com"W7EZC" colorful Fort Warren QSL post card with cowboy silhouette art prominent in design, mailed there NOV 13 1946 by operator E. W. Madsen edges & corners very rough (long corner crease just misses the 1-c Washington stamp). A clear & complete example of the DPO machine cancel. $3.75 wm(a)c-w

Aug 29 1941 Granger cancel of 1-cent National Defense stamp franking comic military postcard to California, violet handstamp reading "MAILED / AT / LITTLE AMERICA / WYO." Everything nice and readable. $2.25 w

LINCOLN & BILLINGS. Almost complete LINCOLN & BILL. E. D. RPO / TR 74 SEP 22 1943 cancel on 1-cent Jefferson postal card to Mascoutah Illinois, faint upper left corner bend, noticeable lower left corner crease. This is a division of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railway in Wyoming. $2.50 r-rw

"W7EZC" colorful QSL post card with cowboy silhouette art prominent in design, mailed there NOV 13 1946 by operator E. W. Madsen edges & corners very rough (long corner crease just misses the 1-c Washington stamp). A clear & complete example of the DPO machine cancel. $3.75 wm(a)-w

June 23, 1948 Devils Tower cancel, fancy artwork & violet handstamp showing a devil on back of Devils Tower National Monument postcard, small corner crease. $1.75 w

T044_small.jpg Wyoming covers available from Judnick.com"'Plains Town' Van Tassel Wyo. / Painting Edwin Fulwider." well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed APR 11 1958 from Van Tassell (clear hand cancel). A very small town: population only 18 in 2000 census. $4.00 wa(f)

Cheyenne JUL 27 1963 67th annual Frontier Days, black cachet by Cheyenne Philatelic Society shows cowboy. $1.00 w

Cheyenne JUL 23 1963 67th annual Frontier Days, olive cachet by Cheyenne Philatelic Society shows cowboy. $1.00 w

Cheyenne JUL 24 1963 67th annual Frontier Days, red cachet by Cheyenne Philatelic Society shows cowboy. $1.00w

=> Special: Take all three of the above covers for $2.50. w

June 24, 1964 CHEYENNE / FRONTIER DAYS slogan cancel ties 5-cent Russell cowboy art stamp to home-made postcard depicting deer on a mountain lumber road. Not all of the date in the cancel is clear. $1.00 w

August 1969 issue of the American Philatelist with Harry L. Fine's illustrated article on "US: Mail from Fort Laramie". $5.00 the complete issue %

Clear Cheyenne JUL 201974 Frontier Days Rodeo fancy rope cancel, extra cancel from USPS. $1.00 w

June 23, 1980 Wiley Post Station of Cheyenne fancy cancel showing the aviator & a plane on John Hancock postcard, neatly addressed, fresh appearance. $1.00 wa

July 10, 1980 Museum Station of Cheyenne fancy cancel commemorating Wyoming's birthday (couple of letters light), also with cachet of FDC museum there, neatly addressed. $1.00 w

Undated Thayne MAILER'S / POSTMARK / PERMIT / NO. 3" on 3-cent McKinley government postal card notice of meeting at Kokomo Y.M.C.A., fresh appearance, typed address, tiny spot on front. $2.00 w

Wanted to buy--covers from Clareton & Turnercrest. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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Al-Jumhūriyyah al-Yamaniyyah
See also Yemen postcards.

Cover_Yemen_SouvenirSheet_small.jpg (6263 bytes)January 20, 1969 OFFICIAL REGISTERED #10 cover from Camp Mansur (Qara) to New York, franked by 10-B souvenir sheet honoring Kennedy, Lincoln & King with a strong downward shift in the US flag, 3 backstamps (2 different), opened neatly. Cover sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg (about 322 KB) or .tif format. $1.50 *

April 26, 1984 OFFICIAL REGISTERED #10 cover from the Ministry of Communications in Sanaa to Ontario, stamps unnecessary because on postal service, 3 backstamps (one is from the cover beneath it, another from Montreal, the third the Ministry's cachet), hole punched in lower left corner. $2.25

Wanted to buy--early Kingdom of Yemen covers (1930-1940) and better 'Royal Conde' covers (1962-1970). Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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Please see Jugoslavian postal history.

For earlier, please see Belgian Congo postal history.
See also Katanga postcards.

Cover_Zaire_Official_small.jpg (2271 bytes)

1974 official cover from O.N.P.T.Z. in Kinshasa to Michigan, with somewhat blurry cancel & lightly struck violet cachet of the office. Seldom seen. $1.

Wanted to buy--covers franked with stamps from the 1979 River Expedition set. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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Portu-Info Vol. 16 No. 1 (January 1981). 1920-1922 parcel post stamps of Portugal, Portuguese revenues--fact & fancy (part VIII) & "Military mail in the Báruè campaign" in Zambesia. $4.00 pz

Portu-Info Vol. 16 No. 3 (July 1981). "Angola's Amazing One-way Airline", Further notes on the Barué campaign in Zambesia & "The Stamps of Cape Verde (1877-1939) part 1". $4.00 pcz

Portu-Info Vol. 17 No. 1 (January 1982). Some further discoveries about the Barué campaign in Zambesia, "A Colossus Named DO-X" translated by Albino N. Herdade & "Color Changelings in Portugal". $4.00 pz

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
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We will check availability & quote promptly.

See also Zambia postcards.

Cover_Zambia_Oct74FDC.jpg (394082 bytes)

23 OCT 1974 official FDC for the 6-stamps issued marking the 10th anniversary of Zambia's Independence. $3.50 z

Cover_Zambia_LotOf15Officials_Nov76Forwarded.jpg (418179 bytes)Lot of 15 brown official covers ON POSTAL SERVICE from Ndola to Michigan, all #10 size, most airmailed, some forwarded on arrival (like example shown), variety of slogan cancels, some bear interesting backstamps in US to figure travel times. All for $12.50 z

Commercial mail to the United States franked by three K1.50 sunbird stamps, #6 size, neatly opened. $1.50

1980 Solwezi (small village) cancel on 32 n. wildlife (zebra, elephant, giraffe, etc.) stamp to US. $2.50

1982 franked by 4 2 n. guinea fowl & 3 8 n. fishing on #6 to the United States, opened neatly on 3 sides. $1.00

1982 Mumbwa (small village) cancel on 32 n. instrument stamp to the United States, #6 size, neatly opened. $2.50

1983 commercial mail to the United States franked by 4 n. eagle and 28 n. native stamp, #6 size, neatly opened. $1.50

1983 commercial mail to the United States franked by a 38 n. Christmas stamp. $1.50

1983 commercial mail to the United States franked by 2 3 n. dancing & 32 n. locomotive, Chicago receiving mark. $1.00

1983 commercial mail to the United States franked by 8 n. fishing & 3 10 n. on 3 n. dancing stamps, #6 size, torn open. $1.00

1984 commercial mail to the United States franked by 4 12 n. women picking mushrooms stamps, neatly opened, #6 size. $1.50

Commercial mail to the United States franked by 28 n. malachite & 2 2 n. guinea fowl stamps, #6 size, neatly opened. $1.00

Commercial mail to the United States franked by 32 n. instrument stamp, neatly opened, #6 size. $1.00

Commerical mail to the United States franked by K250 & K50 waterfalls stamps, #6 size, neatly opened. $1.50

Commercial mail to the United States franked by 2 n. bird & pair of 15 n. stamps, #6 size, neatly opened. $1.00

Commercial mail to the United States franked by 5 2 n. baobob tree stamps, #6 size, neatly opened. $1.25

Wanted to buy--1985 Queen Mother birthday-related covers. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

1987 Chindwin Barracks cancel on 32 n. instrument stamp to the United States, #6, opened neatly. $3.00

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1987 Luanshya cancel on 3 10 n thatching & 2 n guinea fowl stamps to US. $1.50

Cover_Zambia_IRC-100_small[1].jpg (11621 bytes)

1993 Lusaka International reply coupon, revised valuation in violet handstamped, unused. $2.75(zi)*

Inflation of 1993 K80 Olympic judo franking on #6 to England, attractive on brown paper. $1.50

Inflation of 1993 franked by 2 different K3 bird stamps, K40 eland stamp & K50 Queen stamp, #6 to England, attractive on brown paper. $1.50

Cover_Zambia_1993Inflation_small.jpg (5456 bytes)

Inflation of 1993 Mazabuka (very small) cancel on 4 K100 airplane stamps to England, #6 size, neatly opened. $4.75

15 January 1994 Zambia K250 & K50 stamps, both depicting waterfalls, franking an airmail #6 cover to Pennsylvania, Lusaka cancel, recipient's docketing dates arrival. Nice item from their inflation of 1994. $3.00 wz

1994 commercial mail to the United States franked by pair of K250 bird stamps, #6 size, date received marked on front. $1.25

1994 Katete cancel on K250 waterfall stamp, #6 to England, opened neatly. $2.00

                                 ZAMBIAN PHILATELIC LITERATURE
Zambia_IndependenceAnniversaryAnnouncement.jpg (643727 bytes)Lot of 12 different official announcements for various stamp sets issued 1973 - 1977: 2nd Republic, President's jubilee, 10th anniversary of independence (shown left), UPU centenary, earth station, third definitives, Namibia Day, irrigation & drainage, world forestry, Tanzania-Zambia Railway, arts & culture festival, and birds of Zambia. All folded the long way once to fit in #10 covers. Each has general information about the stamp subjects, technical details about production & an order form. Authoritative, interesting & hard to find. All for $11.00

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See also Zanzibar and Tanzania postal history
& Zanzibar postcards.

Cover_MozambiqueCompany_25MAI02ToZanzibar-200_small.JPG available from Judnick.comClear 25 MAI 02 Beira hexagonal hand cancel on 20-réis Portuguese Africa carte postale overprinted COMPª DE / MOCAMBIQUE, to D. O. A. L. (Deutsch Ost-Afrika-Linie) in Zanzibar where it was received 2 JU 02 (clear circled receiving mark on front), back is a message in German (our rough translation--asking that his wife be met when she arrives there on the ship 'Kronprinz'), small corner crease is inconspicuous, light toning on back includes 2 hinge marks, light tropical toning on front. Sold but side shown still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 mz

20 NO 44 FDC for complete Al Busaid Dynasty issue of four stamps tied by neat hand cancels to a greeting-card size cover sent, to a Zanzibar address, folded into quarters affecting the 50-c stamp, rectangular spot in address area (possibly a price sticker removal). As is. $1.50 z*

Cover_Zanzibar_RegisteredToGoa_small.jpg (3507 bytes)

1958 registered letter with 1.55 total postage "via Karachi" to Goa, several backstamps, National Bank of India sealing tape, #6 size, opened neatly. Nice! $13.00

Cover_Zanzibar_1958ToAden.jpg (344878 bytes)

1958 #6 cover franked with 3 different stamps to Aden, clear cancel, #6 size, ding bottom center edge. $8.50 *

Cover_Zanzibar_1964MixedFrnaking.jpg (456510 bytes)10 DE 64 several REG. ZANZIBAR hand cancels tie 15 stamps to small registered airmail cover to New Jersey, mixed franking includes 10 Zanzibar issues (8 different) & 5 Jamuri Zanzibar issues (2 different including a strip of four), 3 backstamps document arrival, neatly addressed, neatly opened, a little wrinkling at 2 corners & the center of the bottom edge. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg (456,510 bytes) or .tif format. $1.50 z

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See also Zanzibar postal history & Zanzibar postcards.

1964 aerogramme to Florida franked by 20-cent islands & 30-cent hands stamp, clear Mombasa Kenya POST EARLY FOR CHRISTMAS slogan cancel. $3.00 (zkc)!

1966 aerogramme to Florida franked by a 50-cent Elimu Bure stamp. clear cancel, neatly opened. $2.75 Another with the cancel not so clear. $1.75

1966 aerogrammed to Florida franked by a 50-cent soldier stamp, clear cancel, neatly opened. $2.75

1967 aerogramme to Florida franked by a 50-cent Party Anniversary stamp, clear cancel, neatly opened. $2.75

1967 aerogramme to Florida franked by a 50-cent   Karibuni Visiwani stamp, clear cancel, neatly opened, black diamond postal marking. $2.75 Same but vertical crease that does not affect stamp or cancel. $2.00

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
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See also Zeppelin postcards.

    "SIEGER" handstamped in dark blue in the bottom front border, captioned "Luftschiff LZ 17 >>Graf Zeppelin<<"; Postkarte from the first ORIENTFAHRT from Friedrichshafen 27 MRZ29 (tied 1-Mark stamp) to El Rade Palestine (now Israel, an airdrop there but no landing) & return (für Orient-Rund-Flug or round-trip), appropriate cachets well struck, to Hermann C. Sieger (relative of the authoritative catalogue author) in Lorch Württemberg Germany where it arrived 2 APR 29, numbered 0162. Gorgeous. $160.00 b-z

"Tokyo Aug. 22 1929" showing the arriving airship Graf Zeppelin passing over a large 7-story building (probably in the Marunouchi business district), our caption from the information penned on the front; sepia-tone real photo (privately taken) postcard mailed 4.8.26 (Japanese dating) 'by Air-Ship Graf Zepplin(sic)' to 'Mr. Karl Klipstein / Erlangen (Bayern) Postschliessfach 9 / Germany' the address of a professional philatelist in Bavaria, tiny upper right corner crease, 2 long bends at the upper left corner. As the authoritative Sieger catalogue details, this zeppelin was on its first round-the-world flight; from Tokyo it went to Friedrichshafen, via Los Angeles & Lakehurst New Jersey. Its stopover in Tokyo -- to discharge passengers & mail, get routine maintenance, and to take on passengers & mail -- occurred on August 23 to 26. Thus the dating on the front denotes its sighting on arrival; note the 3 much smaller biplanes flying in the distance, which conveys a sense of the excitement it caused. [Not shown: there were throngs of excited people below, who had never seen the like, but who had been told of the expected arrival time.] The 4 in the Japanese date is the 4th year of the Shōwa reign -- adding 1925 as we must gets the year of that reign, 1929. The 8.26 is, therefore, the cancel on its departure date for the first non-stop flight of any kind across the Pacific Ocean. Could it be any nicer? $110.00 jb-jfz

"Luftschiff / Graf Zeppelin (L. Z. 127) / über München" circa-1930 Postkarte advertising the services of philatelist and zeppelin-post specialist Otto Edenharter of the same city. Message area on back bears replicas of important cancel & cachets. Advertising text in the address area is in German: 'Graf Zeppelin-Luftschiff Flugpost-Karten / geflogen von und nach Moskau, Tokio, Los Angeles, / New York, Sevilla, Rio de Janeiro usw., kurz gesagt / alle zeppelins verkauft, kauft und tauscht / dauernd der Zeppelinpost-Spezialist / Otto Edenharter, München 19, Frundsbergstr. 44 / Schreiben sie mir bitte ihre Wünsche! Preislisten kostenfrei.' Which translates roughly: '... Zeppelin cards / flown to and from Moscow, Tokyo, ..., Seville, Rio de Janeiro and so forth, among others / all zeppelins bought, sold and traded / contact the zeppelin-post specialist ... / Please write me with your wantlist  Our pricelists free of charge'. Long upper corner crease not too conspicuous, very light spotty toning on the front printed view, the much more interesting back mercifully spared as shown. $35.00 pbga-z

"Luftschiff LZ 127 »Graf Zeppelin« / über dem Bodensee" showing the zeppelin over Lake Constance; postcard carried on Sieger Catalogue flight 80ba (23.8.30 - 24.8.30) with crisp markings on back from Friedrichshafen to Königsberg, consignor's address handstamped neatly on front to maximize chances of clear postal markings. $40.00 z-z

"Friedrichshafen a. B. 'Graf Zeppelin' in voller Fahrt vom Flugzeug aus gesehen" shown at full speed as seen from the air; real photo postcard mailed 18 JUL 31 from WEINGART(EN) to Tessin Schwerin with 15-pfg stamp, back cacheted in oval red-violet 'Zur Erinnerung an die / Gesichtigung / das Luftschiffes / Graf Zeppelin' meaning a memory of the sightseeing flight of the Graf Zeppelin. Our Sieger-Verlag catalogue places this between its return from the Vienna Austria flight & before its Polar flight, only listing a Werkstättenfahrt on the 22nd (for which there is no known cover) between them. Thus we have here an unlisted sightseeing flight  probably performed to test out repair work in progress, with engineers on board disembarking there to mail at regular rates, preparing for the polar flight. $180.00 z-z

1932 Argentinean postcard on an exchange of Zeppelin stamps with US collector. $4.00 z

Zeppelin_Lichtbildabteilung-200frontsmall.jpg blimp photos available from Judnick.com"Friedrichshafen a. B. mit 'Graf Zeppelin' (Luftbild)"  real photo Postkarte from Lichbildabteilung Luftschiffbau Zeppelin (therefore an official photograph), carried aboard that airship 25.7.35 immediately on its return from Paraguay, a test flight (Probefahrt) on which its engineers assessed the needed repairs before another flight to South America a few days later. The sender's docketing of Friedrichshafen, the clear Meersburg Bodensee 25.7.35 cancel tying the stamp & the red-violet IN DER ZEPPELIN LUFTSCHIFFWERFT cachet collectively reveal interesting information not found in the most authoritative catalogue -- Zeppelin_Lichtbildabteilung-200small.jpg zeppelin mail available from LotsOfCovers.comnamely, that the flight stopped at the Meersburg docking station, where the engineer passengers could mail at regular rates, and then return to Friedrichshafen the same day. The catalogues & knowledgeable dealer offerings of the Probefahrt incorrectly assume that there were no stops. The kind of postcard that teaches you something. The kind of postcard that teaches you something. $180.00 z-z

"'Graf Zeppelin' landet nach der Südamerikafahrt" showing it landing after its South America flight in Pernambuco Brazil; real photo Postkarte to a Pernambuco addressee franked by 1-reichsmark & 40-pfg stamps crisply tied with an on-board 17.7.35 cancel (Bordpost Sieger 311A), flight cacheted in red & well-struck, black receiving mark in the afternoon of 18 VII 35 well-struck in the message area. The image obviously was printed in haste because it is at a slight tilt & to the right side of the front; but the postcard itself is perfectly rectangular.

Cover_Zeppelin_24JUN1973MadisonWI.jpg (171440 bytes)24 JUN 1973 clear USCS Convention Station of Madison WI fancy cancel with zeppelin (40th anniversary of USS Macon commissioning) ties 8-c flag over White House stamp franking cacheted (17th USCS Convention & Exhibition) cover to Ohio, neatly addressed, never sealed. $2.50 zw

Cover_Zeppelin_SEP4'73.jpg (114123 bytes)SEP 4 1973 light Lakehurst NJ machine cancel ties 8-c progress in electronics stamp franking #6 cover to Washington DC, cachet is the Smithsonian's Milestones of Flight Commemorative Series No 8 (50th anniversary of the US Navy's Shenandoah flight), explanatory insert provides detailed information & reproduces 2 photos of that airship. Exceptionally interesting. $4.00 zn

OCT 15 1974 Zeppex 74 Station of Brookfield IL 60513 ties 13-c airmail stamp (with 'Paying bills?' selvedge)  franking #6 cover with US Navy Flag Day cachet (a bit late--it was June 14th), colorful & neatly addressed. The fancy cancel commemorates the 50th anniversary of ZR3 flight to America. $1.50 z

OCT 30 1977 clear WOOPEX STATION of Wooster Ohio cancel ties 13-c Lindburgh stamp franking #6 unaddressed cover with black-and-violet cachets marking the Wooster 'centennial / 1st airship-airplane / mail service' (can't be right), insert more accurately details 45th anniversary of the Wooster-Akron Dirigible mail flight. $1.50 zo

Cover_Zeppelin_1979Steinbeck.jpg (317493 bytes)MAR 30 1979 clear fancy Columbus Ohio 43216 hand cancel with herald ties 15-c John Steinbeck stamp on unaddressed #6 cover souvenir of Colopex 79 (30 years of GPS at the show--fancy cachet including zeppelin). $2.00 za*

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REPUBLIC OF ZIMBABWE / Zimbabue / Zimbabve / জিম্বাবুয়ে /
Зимбабве / 짐바브웨 / ಜಿಂಬಾಬ್ವೆ / zimbabues / 辛巴威 / Simbabwe
Nothing to offer at this time.
Please see also Zimbabwe postcards & Zimbabwe QSL cards.

Nothing to offer at this time.

Please see also Zululand post cards.


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Religion, Réunion, RFD, Rhine Palatinate, Rhode Island, Rhodesia, Rhodesia and Nyasaland & Rio Muni
Romania, Roosevelt, Ross Dependency
Rotary International, Royalty, Royal weddings & Russia
Rwanda, Ryukyus, Saar,
Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla,
Saint Helena & Saint Lucia
Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, Saint Vincent,
Saint Vincent Grenadines, San Marino,
São Thomé et Principe,
Saskatchewan, Saudi Arabia, Saxony & Scotland
Scouting, Sculpture, Seapost, Serbia, Shells,
Ships, Sierra Leone & Singapore
Skiing, Slovenia, Snakes, Social history,
Solomon Islands & South Africa
South Carolina, South Dakota,
South Korea & South West Africa
Space, Spain, Spanish Guinea, Sports, Sri Lanka,
Stamp topicals, Straits Settlements, Sudan,
Suriname, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland & Syria
Taiwan, Tanzania, Tasmania, Tatarstan,
Telegrams/Telegraphs & Telephones
Tennessee, Texas, Thailand,
Theaters, Togo & Tokelau
Tonga, Trains, Transkei,
Transportation, Transvaal & Trengganu
Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago, Tristan da Cunha, Tunisia, Turkey, Turks & Caicos, Tuvalu, Uganda & Ukraine
United Arab Emirates, United Arab Republic,
United Nations & United Nations Geneva
United States
Universal Postal Union (UPU), Uruguay,
Utah, Vanuatu, Vatican City & Venda
Venezuela, Vermont, Victoria, Viet Nam,
Virginia, Virgin Islands, Vojvodina,
Volcanoes, Wake Island & Wales
Wallis-et-Futuna, Washington (George),
Washington State, Waterfalls,
Western Australia & Western Samoa
West Germany, West Virginia, Windmills,
Wisconsin, Women & Württemberg
Wyoming, Yemen, Zaire, Zambia, Zanzibar,
Zanzibar and Tanzania & Zeppelins

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