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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NOUVEAU / BAGO.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Unless noted, prices do not include postage or insurance.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com


Please consider giving one framed as a distinctive gift!

"… (1679--1752). J. F. de Troy. / …Des amoureux" rest of caption in Cyrillic, showing a pair of lovers, sepia-tone Russian Red Cross postcards, corner wear & rounding. $12.50 rl

"1005..." rest of caption in Cyrillic translates roughly 'Love Sacrifice' unused real photo of V. Vink art, lightly toned back. $7.50 al

"108  'Twixt Love and Duty" art showing a gentleman leaving his lover to go off horseback on a hunt, minor wear to one corner, message penciled on back. Redundant captioning: in painting & in border. $3.00 hl

Artist_Culter_How-200_small.jpg lovers postcards available from Judnick.com

"14,018--Detroit Publishing Co.  Copyright, 1904, Life Pub. Co. / HOW CUPID FIGURES TIME / He: Good heavens, dear ! The clock just struck one, and I / promised your mother I'd go at twelve. / She (comfortably): Good! We've got eleven hour yet." with signed Richard Culter art depicting lovers cuddling near a fireplace; unused black & white postcard with undivided back, minor corner wear, very light toning on back. $5.00 dlca

InteriorHome_1641En-200_small.jpg lovers postcards available from Judnick.com

"1641. En Bretagne / Autour du Lit Clos / L'Entrée à la Chambre Nuptiale" showing a newly married couple in Brittany about to enjoy some privacy in the nuptial chamber furnished with closed bed; unused carte postale with green back, trivial corner wear, back edges browning a bit with age. $6.50 f(b)i(h)lfc

"… (1679--1752). J. F. de Troy. / …Des amoureux" rest of caption in Cyrillic, showing a pair of lovers, sepia-tone Russian Red Cross, corner wear & rounding. $12.50 rl

Umbrella_3267-5_Lovers-100.jpg (209759 bytes)

"3267 / 5" hand-colored / tinted real photo showing a well dressed couple standing close together, the lady holding flowers & an umbrella; mailed but stamp removed, European origin, slight oxidation. A beautiful card that could be framed. $7.50 ul

Lovers_Printed_335Slash1.JPG (193899 bytes) real photo postcard

"335 / 1" caption from number on back, unused, one edge worn, soft corners. $4.00

"4 - Elle - Tir es un menteur, je 'sais que tu as /  remarqué la petite Princesse." Charming scene in which a boy & girl are about to kiss, mailed TCV in France, 2 large pinholes detract, lightly toned front. $1.00

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
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We will check availability & quote promptly.

Umbrella_414MadeInGerman_Lovers-100.jpg (334955 bytes)

"414 /  Made in Germany" caption from the only printing on the back, hand-colored / tinted real photo postcard showing a sailor holding hands with his lover, a seated woman carrying an umbrella, waves & ships in the background; light toning on back, slight curl to paper especially at corners, corner wear. $5.00 ul

AmagPublished_61802-2_LoversWithHorse_small.jpg (5069 bytes)

"61802 / 2" no other caption, hand-colored  /  tinted Amag real photo post card of a couple near a horse and a rosebush, unused. $10.00 al

"Ach vy oci cerné, / drahé oci moje, / budete-li verné, / dám Vám ziti svoje." art showing lovers on some grass, made in Bohemia, mailed 1911 in the United States, ink smear on back, some extraneous writing on back, corner & edge wear, thin lamination peels from front corners (not too noticeable), as is. $2.75 bl

"Artist : Attasart Tularak. / Romance in Swamp : Two lovers are / embracing each other in the lotus swamp." unused continental post card with tiny bend at one corner. $1.25 tl

"A TOAST / Here's to our wives and sweet- / hearts, may they never meet." winter scene within an embossed border, unused circa-1907 Winsch postcard with unevenly back paper browning with age, full-size with the bottom border left off by design, minor corner wear. $2.75 wl

"Au Revoir!!" a fantasy in which the man poking through the clouds says goodbye to an aviatrix;  unused real photo postcard published by Davidson Brothers, printed in England, light curl to the paper (no problem in an album), good edges. $4.00 lf

"B1436 / 'ROTOGRAPH' / SERIES // The Song without Words" showing two lovers dreamily seated at a piano, sepia-tone real photo with some oxidation (bromide paper), mailed circa 1910, small bottom corner crease not into the image, other corner wear is minor, toned back. $3.75 lm

"BALI LOVERS" showing a young man & woman holding hands, unused postcard in excellent condition, undisclosed publisher. $7.50 iln^

"Bonne Année // IDYLLE AÉRIENNE" 2 lovers embrace in an airship piloted by Cupid, flying high in clouds over a city; signed Mastroianni allegory number 195 on a postcard copyrighted 1912 by A. Noyer, mailed 30 -12 12 from France to Mr. Charles Lichtenstein in Buffalo New York. Happy New Year greeting is lightly embossed & in green. Writing on front: 'How nice it should be to make love in the air'. Good edges. $6.00 a(m)nl

"BREAK AWAY" sepia-tone showing lovers beneath a stack of hay with an observer on top, unused & fairly fresh. $3.00


CALVERT SMITH. A series of 9 postcards depicting lovers in flying lesson situations involving improbable biplanes. All signed Calvert Smith, with 1910 copyrights for F. G. Henry & Co. N.Y, when aviation had caught the imagination of the general public. From left-to-right and top-to-bottom: "AN UNEXPECTED STOP" mailed from Boston 1910; "FLYING TAUGHT BY MALE" mailed from Milan Illinois 1910; "OUR FIRST LESSON" unused; "SKYLARKING" unused; "THE HONEYMOON" unused; "THE SAME OLD PILOT" unused; "THE SEVENTH HEAVEN" mailed Mauston Wisconsin 1912; "THE SIREN" mailed 1911; & "WE'RE OFF!" mailed 1910. Light yellowish toning on all is probably from the printing process itself, judging by similarities to the designs. Slight variations in the regular-postcard size indicate probable different printings, but all are hard to find these days. Take them all for SALE IN PROGRESS a(s)a(p)l

Artist_Truppe_Abschied-200_small.JPG from Judnick.com

"CARL TRUPPE pinx.  Abschied" showing 2 lovers hugging outdoors, unused postcard, Galerie Wiener Künstler Nr. 465, several small spots of light toning on back, good edges. $3.00 a(t)l

"CB-IDEFIX (D. Schatzmann) - Postfach 333, A-6800 Feldkirch - Austria" depicting lovers discovered by an angry wife; 1991 POMA card with tiny bottom corner bend, otherwise fresh with good edges. The verse at the upper left is in German. $1.00 pla(f)

SocialHistory_CheekyLittle-200_small.jpg lovers postcard available from Judnick.com

"Cheeky little hussy! / No one would have to kiss me like that. / COPYRIGHT 1907 BY BAMFORTH & CO." post card with undivided back, mailed 1908 to Miss Zoa Jordan in New Carlisle Ohio, Series No. 1080, small corner crease, mild corner & edge wear. The black & white version is not as attractive. Both versions are often displayed on the Internet, but for some reason this one is seldom offered, as we do now. $5.00 slw

"Don't be Jollied." art showing 2 men simultaneously seeking the attention of a seated woman in a park, fresh colors, mailed 1913, soft corners. $4.50

"DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME" unused post card, fairly fresh, good edges. $12.50 a(g)l*%. Same, showing a tall soldier embracing a young lady, signed Archie Gunn art on a postcard mailed 1917, three corners with small creases, front lightly toned. $2.75 a(g)l

"... Don't you wish you were here" uncaptioned (so we use most of the handwriting on the back) carte postale with undivided back, trivial corner rounding. Looks like an unsigned M. M. Vienne to us. $9.00 lla

"DO UNTO / OTHERS AS / YOU WOULD / BE DONE BY" showing a well dressed couple kissing, hand-colored  /  tinted, mailed 1907 in Kansas, fresh appearance. $4.00

"Enjoying Ourselves Immensely / in Kokomo, Ind." art depicting lovers on an early aeroplane, oblivious to the storm clouds ahead; Bamforth postcard mailed there AUG 27 1914, minor corner rounding. Rare: we found no other examples offered or sold in the past, or even exhibited, when we searched the Internet. $9.00 i(k)l NEW / NOUVEAU / BAGO

"Fond / Remembrance // By this token know / That I love you true, / And where're I go / My thoughts are all of you. // B.68-6" depicting lovers holding hands on a wheelbarrow, postcard mailed AUG 18 1913 from Winfield West Virginia with a 1-c parcel post stamp, 3 corners creased noticeably, other corner rounded, pencil writing on back fading, as is. $1.00 lp

"GEE, BUT / THAT LOOKS / GOOD / TO ME. // 038-7" odd scene in which an armed burglar catches the eye of a woman hugging her lover; post card mailed JAN 22 1913 to Charley Rits in Hamler Ohio, all corners creased, both sides toned (back more so than front). $2.00 l

"GENTLEMEN / PREFER / BLINDS // 619" showing 2 lovers spooning in the back of an auto, postcard from the Auto Comic series, mailed SEP 4 1930 to Miss Grace Geary in Pennsylvania, extensive spotty  toning on back, light toning on front, 2 opposite corners creased. While most reading this have heard of the 1953 movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" with Marilyn Monroe, this pun refers to the silent film of the same name released in 1928. $2.50 alm


"Gesnapt door mevrouw. NED. PANOPTICUM." black & white showing soldier holding hands with a woman in a kitchen while an older women looks on, circa WWI, unused & fairly fresh. $4.25

"Give me a brook, a summer night, / A shady nook, by moon's soft light,…" showing couple seated on bench with an open umbrella prominent, color from Bamforth, 4-line poem beneath the image, mailed 1908, stamp removed, typed message, brownish paper, minor edge wear. $2.50

"Give / up Kissing / other peoples / Girls // A / GOOD / RESOLUTION // A Resolution that's good / Is worth keeping / Tho' made but in smoke, so I pray / You'll DO what you intend -- / and NOT let it end, / In the SMOKE as it rolls away" unsigned art including a 'Naughty Boy' brand cigarette, postcard printed in Germany, mailed JUL 7 1911 (JACK. & PT. TAMPA TR80 R.P.O. hand cancel) to Miss Ada Osburn in St. Augustine Florida, top corner knocked off, others with minor rounding, edges toned both sides. $1.50 sl

Agriculture_GoingOnOur-200small.jpg lovers photographs available from Judnick.com"Going on Our / Honeymoon / April 11, 1920" with the happy lovers on board their tractor, several automobiles in the distance; framed (approximately 10" x 8") sepia-tone photo with good focus & contrast, no photographer imprint front or back. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 al

Lovers09_small.jpg (3009 bytes) hand-colored post card

Hand-tinted real photos is one of our specialties. Each is a unique work of art. Many depicting lovers are on a separate page, because
they are so numerous. All are beautiful & illustrated!

Lovers_HappyDreams_small.jpg (3428 bytes) lovers post card

"Happy dreams of long ago." Showing an exhausted man dozing off in a rocker while holding twin babies & dreaming about the romance which led to their creation, color comic post card from Bamforth, mailed 1908, corner wear & rounding. $4.00

Better_155small.jpg lover postcards available from Judnick.com"Here's lovers two, to the maid thats(sic) true, / and four to the maid caressing! / But the wayward girl with the lips that curl, / keeps twenty lovers guessing." postcard mailed from Antioch Ohio in 1908, pencil writing smudged in a few spots, mall tear in bottom edge just up to the art, minor corner wear & light toning. $2.00 lp

Amag_Herzliche_Christmas-200.jpg (632821 bytes)

"Herzliche / Weihnachtsgrüsse" numbered 62217 / 3, hand-colored / tinted real photo postcard shows couple kissing by their Christmas tree, writing on back dates to 1920. Amag published. $10.00 acl

Better_151small.jpg lover postcards available from Judnick.com

"I Could Do This All Day." showing 2 lovers kissing, oval image within an elaborately embossed frame, post card mailed at Benwood Ohio SEP 3 1910 (clear DPO cancel ties Jefferson stamp) to Miss Josie Drum in the same town, light album marks at the back corners, other album toning is also light.  $7.00 l-o

Better_096small.jpg Valentine postcards available from Judnick.com "I drink to you, my love, / A hearty toast this day; / We'll clinkety clink our hearts, /
And drink all cares away. / Copyright, 1905 by Heininger, Unger & Co., N. Y." with art depicting 2 lovers toasting each other with heart-shaped glasses, Valentine post card with undivided back decorated by 4 cherubs & more hearts in red, mailed 1909 to Miss Blanch Long in Ashville Ohio, faint corner crease, light toning both sides. Comment on front: Don't drink to(o) much. Fun. $3.00 lva

"If a body meet a body, Comin' thro' the rye, / If a body kiss a body, Need a body cry!…" and 2 more lines from the song, art shows kilted man strolls with lady friend, ad card for DR. D. Jayne & SON Sanative Pills [a laxative & purgative medicine] on back; 22nd Series, copyright 1890, brownish paper. Known by bottle collectors, the long-established [since at least 1858] firm also made a Tonic Vermifuge, Carminative Balsam, Specific for Tape Worm & Ague Mixture. $9.00 aml

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"I'll keep a warm spot in my heart for you." postcard mailed 1910, stamp damaged, small spots of reddish toning on back, one upper corner with multiple creases, 2 long creases near the right front edge. As is. $1.00 l

"I'm Holding My Own in Wilkes Barre, Pa." with art showing lovers & Cupid on the wings of a flying machine, postcard mailed MAY 26 1911 to Miss Flora Evans in Tunkhannock Pennsylvania, message mentions an 'air ship contest' briefly, light toning both sides, noticeable corner wear. Rare: when searching the Internet we found no other offers past or present & no exhibits. $8.00 p(w)l

"I SAW IT FIRST" color showing 2 men vying for position as an attractive young lady steps out of the back of an auto, mailed 1912, lightly toned front, lightly toned back, stamp damaged. $2.00

"I should like to explain to you / but I havent got time at present / so good by" art picturing a male & female bicycle parked near some bushes, with romantic implications; post card with undivided back published by Belige in Saint Louis, mailed 1905 in Chicago to Mr. Tony Schutz in Danville Illinois, several creases & stress marks have been ironed out fairly well, corners rounded, toned both sides. As is. $3.50 bl

Better_095small.jpg lovers post cards available from Judnick.com

"I've a felling for you.  No 17." with art depicting a woman looking up at her doctor who is taking her pulse in his office, post card printed in Germany, addressed to E. E. Hill in Youngstown Ohio but unmailed, a lot of spotty toning on back, minor corner wear, a little wider than most regular-size post cards. We have seen another version without the gold border. $3.75 ml

"I've Been Around Some at / Great Lakes, Illinois / Like It All Right as / Far as I've Gone / 2229" town name in pennant at the side of a cartoon showing a man attempting to grope a fat lady sitting on his lap; postcard mailed 1918, light toning both sides, scrape at back top edge, small corner crease, another corner crease faintly, all corners with minor wear. $1.75 il

"I've got the / Man in the Moon / beaten a mile" post card mailed JAN 6 1911 at Ware Massachusetts, very faint small upper corner bend, other corners with trivial wear. The first postcard we can recall suggesting aerial surveillance with a biplane, but it was a long-standing idea for balloons. $5.00 lm

Latvia_Izskaidrosanas_Lovers_small.jpg (3427 bytes) Latvian lovers postcard

"IZSKAIDROSANAS." real photo of a painting showing woman receiving flowers from her beau, mailed Dzerbene Latvia 1.VI.27 (6-santimi stamp & clear cancels, slight oxidation, lightly toned back. $6.50


"… J. H. Fragonard. Le baiser." depicting a kiss between 2 lovers in opulent surroundings, sepia-tone Russian Red Cross, unused & fairly fresh. Beginning of the caption is in Cyrillic. $15.00

“JOHN HUMMEL / Liebespaar, aus ,, The Red lake Series” 1981” depicting a pair of lovers seated on a park bench in the moonlight, unused continental postcard, copyrighted, tiny corner crease. $1.25 a(h)l

"Just a new way / to play / the Old Game." signed Cobb X. Shinn art on a post card depicting lovers on a biplane in the clouds, mailed APR 20 1911 from Arenzville Illinois to Mrs. Ellen Hisle in Doylesville Kentucky by a sibling, tiny bottom corner crease, all corners with minor wear. $5.00 la(s)g(h)

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
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Better_056small.jpg lover postcards available from LotsOfCovers.com

"'KEEP OUT' / This means you. / 27" postcard mailed 8-26-10 from Hanover Ohio (clear RFD #1 carrier's hand cancel) to Miss Grace Rector of the same town, noticeable corner & edge wear, light toning both sides. $3.75 ro-l

"Kissing Pennsylvania / Dutch style." showing a young couple rubbing noses beneath a chair; well done home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1962 from Avis Pennsylvania, faint small upper corner crease. $1.50 al

"Kiss me again for the world I pray, / For the birds, woods, and trees and the flowers so gay." postcard mailed AUG 4 1909 at Charlestown Station Boston to Miss Elsie Showalter in Dayton Ohio by a sailor who could not attend the Wright Celebration, minor edge wear, a little toning near the back edges. Hard to find! $6.00 l

Artist_Belawski_Lovers_small.jpg (3116 bytes) lovers post card
"K. O. Belawski: Abendlied / Esti dal / ..." art showing lovers beside a lake or pond, also captioned in 2 other languages, mailed in Hungary 1916, small corner crease, corner wear & rounding. $3.75 al

Artist_Belawski_Lovers-100.jpg (322594 bytes)"K. O. Belawski: Der Kuss / Csók / Polibek /  Pocalunek / Le baiser" signed art showing a male violinist kissing a lady's bare shoulder as she stands near a piano. 3 small corner creases & some edge wear. Mailed 11.IV.17 by an Austrian infantryman, bold 98% complete censor marking reads in  part "Griechisch orientalische Militärsaalsorge der k. u. k. 93 Infanterietruppendivision" which places the location as Macedonia; clear black KuK Feldpostamt 220 also struck on back. $25.00 a(b)l-am


"L'ÂGE D'OR111  /  131  /  AN  /  PARIS" signed Mastroianni allegorical art showing lovers strolling away from a temple.
Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 al


"LE PONT DES AMOURS / 212 / AN / PARIS" signed Mastroianni art depicting a couple embracing on 'The Bridge of Love'.
Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 al

Artist_Gunn_LestYou-120.jpg (374029 bytes)

"LEST YOU FORGET" unused post card with signed Gunn art, fairly fresh, good edges. $12.50 al

"Lets trade -- You'd better / Your heart for the letter" color showing couple standing out of doors with a 3-leaf clover seal at LL, mailed, heavily toned back. $2.50


"L. Ismailowitsch. / Frühling. -- Printemps. -- Spring" depicting 2 lovers with flowers, German writing on back, corner crease, minor wear at 3 corners. $2.50 al

"LOST IN THE WOODS" showing two couples necking in an old auto on a dirt path, in color, unused, small thin & a few album remnants on the back, tiny corner crease. $1.75 al


"Love is blind" showing a pair of lovers hit by an automobile containing 2 inattentive lovers, postcard mailed 1910 in Michigan, mild corner wear, small spot of very light toning near bottom of the back. $4.00 al


"Lover's Lane, Marshalltown, Iowa" monochromatic gray-blue postcard mailed 1908 at Atwater Ohio, 4 tiny pinholes at 2 opposing corners, light toning near back bottom edge. $7.50 il

"Lovers Lane / in / Princeville / Ill." showing two couples embracing, color postcard mailed there 1911, minor edge wear, 4 spots of album remnants on the back. $3.25 il

"L-o-v-e spells trouble to me." with a man about to cane another man beside a woman, postcard mailed JUL 14 1910 from Crane Nest Ohio (clear DPO cancel ties 1-c stamp) to Miss Josie Drum in Benwood Ohio, approximately 1-1/2 internal crease from the bottom edge near a tiny scrape, minor edge wear, lightly toned back. $5.00 l-o

"Messagers / de / Bonheur" showing a well dressed couple with flowers, mailed TCV at Metz 1910 but stamp removed. chunk of top border gone. $1.00

Mexico_203_small.jpg lovers post card available from Judnick.com"Mexico.  Novios Mexicanos. / J. Granat, Mexico. 6918" showing an engaged couple, unused tarjeta postal with undivided back, noticeable toning of the front, minor wear with rounding at one bottom corner, back paper browning lightly & evenly with age. $3.00 m(g)l

"M. M. VIENNE / Nr. 68" depicting a semi-nude woman in elaborate lingerie; unused carte postale with unevenly divided back, upper corner crease, minor corner rounding, a little toning on back. $9.00 lla(v)n

"MOONING / COPYRIGHT 1908 BY M. T. SHEAHAN, BOSTON" with 'Lowell, Mass.' handwritten on the lower rim of the moon, art depicting a lover ascending in a zeppelin toward the face of his beloved as seen in the moon; postcard mailed SEP 25 1909 from Providence Rhode Island to C. Deane Perkins in Lyme New Hampshire, numbered 264 on back, minor edge wear to thick stock. Sheahan is the printer & publisher, not the artist; he was a going concern until 1910. The copyright was not only asserted, it was actually obtained. Nonetheless, this postcard is very hard to find. $6.00 ml

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Kansas_Galena_MoonlightView.jpg (328562 bytes)

"MOONLIGHT VIEW / AT GALENA, KANSAS" with art showing two lovers outdoors, post card from Bamforth & Co., mailed 1912, corner & edge wear. $3.75 klm+

"My Affinity's a Star" fantasy art showing lovers enjoying a kiss in a biplane, post card mailed AUG 19 1910 from Montreal Quebec another in that city, album toning on back, a little cancel ink on front, trivial corner wear. Writing on the wings: 'If dady(sic) only saw me now?' Only the second example of this card that we have seen. $8.00 a(p)lf

Better_035small.jpg lovers postcards available from LotsOfCards.com
"Not being able to tear / away from this lovely" with art showing a woman trying to steal another woman's man, unused postcard with distracting scrapes on both sides, tiny bottom corner crease, as is. $0.50 l

Poetry_NoTimeTo-200_small.JPG lovers post card available from LotsOfCards.com

"No time to waste! There are these days, / No horses, but horse-power. / Our seat we take, and love we make / At sixty miles an hour!" art on an embossed PFB Serie 7774 postcard, printed in Germany, mailed 1908 in Walnutport PA to Miss Mabel Bloom in Slatington PA. $8.00 apl

"OH - YOU / OBSERVATION PLATFORM // ALL THE / WORLD LOVES A LOVER" with several lechers vicariously enjoying a young couple's passionate embrace; intricately embossed & unused postcard copyrighted 1910 by H. H. Tammen from their Series No. 5284, minor corner rounding, lightly toned back. $6.00 l

Auto_Serie59991907-200_small.jpg lovers post card available from Judnick.com"PFB SERIE 5999" with caption quoted at lower back, postcard with deeply embossed art showing lovers off for a drive in an early auto on an overcast day, mailed 1907 to Miss Wilda Finch in Massillon Ohio, back paper browning evenly with age, exceptionally attractive from the front. $14.00 al

  Auto_PFBSerie5009-200_small.jpg lovers post card available from Judnick.com  Auto_Ser884-1-200_small.jpg auto postcard available from LotsOfCards.com 
"PFB SERIE 5999" with caption quoted at lower back, postcard with deeply embossed art showing lovers with lap blanket cuddling in an early auto on an overcast day, mailed 1909 from Brice Ohio by T. Earl Bury to Miss Gertie Ruff in Sugargrove Ohio, minor corner wear & rounding. Shown left. $14.00 al. "Ser. 884-1." Similar post card but in much lighter colors, suggestive of snow, no PFB mention on back (a knock-off?), mailed 1910 from Wallace Idaho, long but inconspicuous internal crease & more corner wear. Shown right. $12.00 al. Take them both for $24.75 al.

  Auto_Serie59991908-200_small.jpg lovers post card available from LotsOfCards.com  Auto_Serie59991910-200_small.jpg couple postcard available from Judnick.com  TEMPLE. "PFB SERIE 5999" with caption quoted at lower back, postcard with deeply embossed art showing lovers with lap blanket being chased by a man on a horse, mailed 1908 to Master Robert Temple in Coshocton Ohio by his Aunt Kate in Cleveland Ohio, light uneven toning on the back obscures nothing. Shown left. $14.00 alg. Different deeply embossed image from the same series, showing the couple conversing, post card mailed 1910 to Mrs. Bertha Hair in Milford Ohio from her daughter in South Lebanon Ohio, edge wear mostly & mercifully on the back. Shown right. $14.00 alg

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"Popping / the / QUESTION" intricately embossed Winsch postcard mailed JAN 20 1910 at Newcastle Pennsylvania to Mr. George Churchfield in West Pittsburg Pennsylvania, long conspicuous scrape in the man's jacket, minor corner & edge wear. $1.75 wl

"Province of Blekinge. Sweden." art by Jenny Nyström depicts man carving initials in tree for his sweetheart, color from Axel Eliassons (No. 1401) on unused undivided back, mild corner & edge wear, slight browning of the paper with age. $5.50 sal

Artist_Schlimarski_Lovers_small.JPG (2026 bytes)

"Schlimarski  In Amors Banden / ..." depicting lovers, with caption in 2 other languages, post card with Schlimarski art mailed 1916 in Hungary, corner crease & small corner crease. $3.75 a(s)l

See also our art postcard section depicting Dutch children lovers with a pioneer aviation theme.

Serie 478 postcards made in Germany showing lovers fancifully suspended beneath a balloon. Upper left: no caption, unused, minor corner rounding, very light toning at the stamp box. $8.00 bl. Upper right: no caption, unused, minor corner rounding, very lightly toned back. $8.00 bl. Lower left: "Such a happy pair are we, / Off together on a spree." long lower corner crease, mailed MAY 13 1910 at Archer Iowa (clear 5PM cancel) to Miss Martha Shinkle in Gaza Iowa (light receiving mark the same day!), light toning near 2 back edges. $7.50 bl. Lower right: "Wave a happy holiday, / To those who pass by our way." mailed NOV 24 1909 to Miss Rose Marx in Chicago Illinois, mild corner & edge wear, unevenly toned back. $7.00 bl. Take all 4 for $26.75 bl.

                     Lovers_LiberationWelcome-200_small.JPG  images/Lovers_PourToiEt-200_small.JPG
          Lovers-MonCoeurBalance-200_small.JPG  Lovers_QuellJolieFille-200_small.JPG
Set of 4 postcards with Leclerc cartoon art celebrating the amorous welcome that American & Canadian soldiers received liberating the French in World War II. Captioned in French & English. Backs contain a love note from a French girl to a liberator American soldier--precisely the intended use! Captions (going left-to-right, top-to-bottom, in the same order as the numbered notes on their backs): "Libération / Welcome", "Pour toi et pour moi / For me and for you", "Mon coeur balance / My heart is vibrating", "Quelle jolie fille! / What a beautiful girl". $95.00 for the set.

"'Spooners Delight' / Don't' you dare to kiss me-- If you do, / Remember I'll get even with you. / Copyright 1908 by J. Thomas" postcard mailed SEP 29 1909 (clear CHIC. & ROOD TR 14 R.P.O. cancel) to Tiffin Ohio, long bottom corner crease not into the image, other edge wear is mild. The cancellation is definitely uncommon & not in out Transit Markings catalogue or its addenda. $6.00 l-r

Artist_Fragonard_StormingTheCitadel_small.jpg (4571 bytes) lovers in Fragonard art

"Storming the Citadel / Jean Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806)" depicting the approach of a lover, black & white, unused, fresh appearance, good edges. $2.00 al

"Temperature 120º" with 2 lovers in an embrace within an embossed border, postcard Mailed DEC 5 1910 to Loren Carnes in Olive Green Ohio, long lower corner crease, minor corner rounding, light toning both sides. $2.00 wl

"THE AEROPLANE HONEYMOON TRIP" post card printed in Britain, mailed 9 SP 24 to Master Horace Fox in Newham Glos., rough border all around as issued, paper yellowing with age, couple small dark spots of toning in the massage area obscure nothing. $3.00 l

Auto_TheCoastIs-200_small.jpg lovers post cards available from Judnick.com

"The coast is clear, and plain the road, / To put the break on now seems tame, / Full speed ahead, the maiden said, / We'll leave them to their little game" art on an embossed PFB Serie 7774 postcard, printed in Germany, back paper starting to show its age, but the front colors & edges are certainly fresh. $12.00 apl

Artist_Hunt_WH_Lovers_small.jpg (2337 bytes)
"The Hireling Shepherd", Woodbury Series No. 6133, unused post card. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 al

Better_152small.jpg lovers postcards available from LotsOfCovers.com
"Their first quarrel. / Mr. newlywed: I wish I could get some bread like mother used to bake for me. / Mrs. Newlywed: I wish I could get some clothes like father used to buy for me. // PHOTO ONLY COPYRIGHTED 1908 BY THEODOR EISMANN, NEW YORK." Theochrom Serie No. 1163 postcard printed in Germany, mailed OCT 26 1910 at Benwood Ohio (clear DPO hand cancel ties Jefferson stamp) to Miss Josie Drum of the same town, long bottom corner crease, noticeable edge wear, uneven album toning on back. $6.00 l-o

"The new piano player" couple in amorous embrace while gent entertains unawares mama in next room by striking some notes with a rake; unused comic series Number 15 postcard copyrighted 1910 by J. Marks in New York, good edges, a few small light spots of toning on back. $5.00 lc NEW / NOUVEAU / BAGO

"The Old Style Is / Good Enough For Me" showing 2 lovers seated on a fence, hand-colored / tinted leather postcard with undivided back, unused. $4.00 ll

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Indiana_Rutland_TheresAGirl-100.jpg (246799 bytes)"There's a Girl in / Rutland / That's Got Me Going" red pennant with black & white circular insert showing a man getting frisky with a woman, mailed at Plymouth Indiana in 1914, smudged cancel on front mostly in white space, faint internal crease, mild corner & edge wear. $3.50 il+

Artist_Toniolo_TheSoulKiss-200_small.JPG from Judnick.com

"The Soul Kiss" showing the embrace of lovers, postcard with signed A. Toniolo art, from the Lovers Series 522 (J. M. P.), mailed circa 1914 stamp damaged (possibly looking for a message underneath?), faint small corner crease, and a long internal crease from the top that is not too conspicuous. $3.25 a(t)l

WestVirginia_WestUnion-100.jpg (205839 bytes)"They all have loving /  dispositions in / West Union / But they're not like / you, Kid" showing a man and woman embracing to the right of a purple pennant with the town name, mailed there 1913, a little wear at the corners includes one tiny crease, but otherwise fairly fresh. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original area) & enhanced 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 wl*

Freecard_ThingsGetFresh-200_small.jpg lovers postcards available from Judnick.com

"Things get fresh / the second you unwrap it. / Freshen-up / SPEARMINT GUM / The Gum That Goes Squirt" showing 2 lovers in bed, unused continental freecard advertising, near mint condition. $1.50 fl

"THINK YOU'LL GET ANY TODAY?" asks a passerby fisherman to another who is more busy pitching woo, signed Cooper art on an unused postcard published by Cooper's Photo in Great Falls Montana, toned back, 2 tiny corner creases. Seen elsewhere as high as $11.96,  but we ask only $3.75. a(c)fl

Poetry_TimeHasDragged-200_small.jpg lovers post cards available from Judnick.com

"Time has dragged its dreary pace / Waiting for the meeting, But of sorrow ne'er a trace / Mars their happy greeting" with a well-dressed couple embracing on an intricately embossed post card, addressed & dated 1908 but never mailed. $5.00 lp

Better_652small.jpg lovers post cards available from Judnick.com

"Time ignored" sepia-tone art depicting disgruntled parents confronting lovers standing outside their house past 2 in the morning, postcard mailed APR 5 1911 (clear CLEVE. & CIN. RPO hand cancel) to Miss Grace Rodgers in Gillespieville Ohio, tiny tear closes well in the left border, 2 small corner creases, short internal crease from the bottom edge. $2.25 lc-r

"TIPOS DE INDIOS CUETZALAN / INDIAN TYPE FROM CUETZALAN / ESTADO DE PUEBLA, MEXICO. / Foto Luis Marquez" showing two lovers, color post card printed in Mexico, unused, a beautiful card. $4.50 ml*

"Tourtereaux. / Ils reviennent toujours / au nid / Où règne un bonheur / infini." numbered 60808 / 3, hand-colored  /  tinted Amag real photo postcard shows a couple amidst doves and flowers. writing on back dates to 1913, TCV in France (stamp added to dark area). $10.00 al

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"Try this on your piano" embossed die-cut card folds out to reveal a couple kissing atop a piano keyboard, size is approximately 6-3/4" when folded out to view that image & punch-line, the name Esther neatly written on the back. Many postcards circa-1910 had variations on this comic theme, but we were surprised not to see any advertising on either side (such as the make of the piano, or its merchant). $3.75 ml

"Two Lovers ... Guam" with a close-up of the statue as photographed by Don Seery, 2001 copyright, unused oversize (5"x7") continental postcard, tiny indent in front left border, otherwise excellent condition. An unforgettable image to match their story--a suicide jump with their hair interlocked. $2.00 glsp

TUCK POSTCARD 9640. "THE BLÉRIOT MONOPLANE in full flight / Waiting for the Aeroplane" Tuck Oilette post card printed in England, mailed AUG 2 1917 at Germantown Kentucky to Mrs. Mertie McDowell (also in that town) by her mother, good edges. $12.00 a(p)ltg

TUCK POSTCARD 9640. "THE WRIGHT BIPLANE AND THE VOISIN BIPLANE FLYING / Seen from the Aeroplane" Oilette post card printed in England, mailed to Mrs. Mertie McDowell in Germantown Kentucky, good edges. While the year in the cancel is indistinct, this was listed in 1914 postcard catalogues. $12.00 a(p)lt NEW / NOUVEAU / BAGO

Dream_UneNuit-200_small.jpg lovers post card available from Judnick.com
"Une Nuit Agitée / En rêvant du Métro / En arrière! C'est Complet! / Grisée de tes baisers délicieusement lasse, / Je m'endormais, chèri, et déjà te revais; / ..." and 2 more lines of love poetry recounting a dream in French, sepia-tone carte postale with a former owner's light handstamp in the back address area. Rough translation: 'One restless night, while dreaming about the subway ...' Think about it--when is the last time you saw a man embracing a woman in bed on a postcard? $25.00 dlsp

"U.S. MAIL / R.F.D. / No. 2 / WESTVILL[E] / N. ..." // RURAL FREE DELIVERY" unused sepia-tone postcard with unevenly toned divided back, faint upper corner crease, minor corner wear. How do we know it is Westville New Jersey? The Westville New York post office was discontinued in 1907 (pre-divided back); there is no Westville New Hampshire; there is no Westville North Carolina; & there is no Westville North Dakota. That is how we know where this surprising scene actually was, even though they tried to obscure the last letters of the town & state abbreviation to keep us guessing. What fun! $9.00 n(w)phl*

Italy_031_small.jpg lovers post card available from Judnick Postcards

"Verona.  Casa di Giulietta. / 8 Graph. Gesellsch., Berlin. - Rapp. A. Pozzoli, Lugano." showing the balcony claimed to be part of the story of Romeo & Juliet; black & white cartolina postale with undivided back, light album toning. $3.50 il

Artist_Gunn_WhenTheLast-120.jpg (314802 bytes)

"WHEN THE LAST GOODBYES ARE WHISPERED" unused postcard with signed Archie Gunn art, fairly fresh, good edges. $12.50 a(g)l

Lovers_WhereIgnoranceIs-200_small.JPG"Where Ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise / 712" lovers necking in an old auto are unaware of the policemen aware of the goings-on, black & white post card mailed 1909 in West Virginia but stamp removed, minor corner & edge wear, light toning along top back edge. Front surface has numerous tiny speckles of white that suggest the printer under-inked the run. $6.00 all

"Wil mij aanhooren, vergeet mij niet / Ne me rejetez pas et ne m'oubliez pas" real photo post card showing man holding a smiling young woman from behind, scalloped edges as issued, mailed in Belgium 1933. $3.75

"Wont you come and play with me? / Copyright 1912 by J. Herma" with the apostrophe omitted in the first word as reported here; postcard mailed NOV 7 1912 at Canal Dover Ohio to Mrs. G. R. Cook in Cleveland Ohio by her sister Beulah, tiny bottom corner crease, very light toning both sides. $5.00 lmg

"Won't you say yes?" showing man & woman holding hands beneath a tree, color postcard from Winsch, mailed 1912, considerable corner & edge wear, lightly toned back. $2.75

"WOULD YOU / GO THE LIMIT?" signed Carmichael art depicts a couple in a jalopy leaving a trail of smokes & empty liquor bottles behind; post card mailed 1912 (partial ZANES. & PARKERS. T 148  R.P.O. RMS transit marking), 2 corners creased (1 long), upper left front corner creased & chipped away. As is. $2.00 la(c)a

"W. PRUSZKOWSKI SIELANKA / UNE IDYLL" lovers outdoors under a crescent moon, signed art on an unused post card with much corner & edge wear, small spot on back, corner crease. $2.75 al

"You know I love you dearly." postcard mailed 1910 from Antioch Ohio, stamp damaged, long bottom corner crease, several very short internal creases, mild corner wear. $1.50 l

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Autonomous free state of Germany until 1937.

Lübeck_Anno1796.jpg (168666 bytes)"C. Weidmann. / Lübeck anno 1796." black & white with gold caption on undivided back, mailed there 1898 to Vienna Austria (5-pfg. stamp socked-on-nose, blurry blue receiving mark), 2 corner creases, corner wear and rounding. This postcard is No. 24 from Bernhard Nöhring of Lübeck. It shows a panoramic view of the city as it appeared in 1796, undoubtedly from a painting. $9.00 lh-l

"DL300" continental-size Luebeck QSL card with hobby-related art, used 1959, edges toned. $2.00 l

"FINNCARRIERS - POSEIDON" with an aerial view of the ship near small boats, unused continental postcard that has been slightly reduced at the top, back message area has a violet handstamp 'M/S TRANSFINLANDIA / SCHIFFSLEITUNG / POSEIDON SCHIFFAHRT OHG / LÜBECK' over the autograph of its master. $5.00 l

"LUEBECK, BURGTOR" unattributed art in vertical format showing the north gate of the city (erected in 1444), unused Tuck Oilette Postcard 7080 from the Wide - Wide - World Series, mild corner rounding, toned back. $3.25 lth

Lübeck_Schiffergesellschaft.jpg (157210 bytes) Lubeck post card

"LÜBECK / Die Schiffergesellschaft." sepia-tone from Ludwig Möller, writing on front, light album marks on back, lightly toned back. $1.50 l

"LÜBECK  Dom und Museum" with the cathedral at the left, black & white, mailed there 11.10.26 (5-pfg German stamp tied) to Steglitz, small corner crease, minor wear to bottom corners, writing on front. $2.25 l

"Lübeck - Marktplatz mit Rathaus / und Brunnen" sepia-tone real photo with slight oxidation, from Verlag Chr. Schöning, Nr. 2029, very late usage at Lockbridge West Virginia, trace of cancel ink on front , small corner crease, toned back. $3.00 l

"Lübeck -- Rathaus / Innentür der Kriegsstube" including large sculptures, sepia-tone post card, very late usage at East Claridon Ohio, very lightly toned back, good edges. $1.50 ls

Lübeck_RathausMitRenaissancetreppe.jpg (166248 bytes)

"Lübeck  Rathaus mit Renaissancetreppe." including pedestrians & man with cart in the foreground, monochromatic blue-gray postcard with undivided back, mailed there 1903 to Hamburg (clear cancel on 5-pfg Germania stamp), corner crease, mild corner wear. $5.50 l-l+

"LÜBECK - Rathaustreppe" showing the covered stairway, real photo post card from Fritz Schöning, very late usage at Lubec Maine, lightly toned back, paperclip indentation & mark on face. $1.75 l

"Lübeck / Rathaus und Treppe / (1251)" sepia-tone real photo Postkarte with slight oxidation, from Verlag Chr. Schöning, Nr. 2030, very late usage at Alpha West Virginia, good edged. $3.75 l

"Mäcchenschloss Mespelbrunn im Spessact" caption in script that is a little hard to read, black & white continental postcard from Schöning & Co., rough edges as issued. $1.00 l

"Ostseebad Travemünde / Am Strand" showing the beach on the River Trave; sepia-tone real photo postcard mailed 27.7.26 at Lübeck, message in German both sides, tiny upper corner crease. $3.50 l

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"4758. Landing Beach, Lundy" including several people who have disembarked from a small in silhouette, real photo postcard from the Domino Series, photographed & printed by E. A. Sweetman & Son in Tunbridge Wells, mailed there 23AU32 (2-puffin Lundy stamp with flawed puffin stamp, fancy puffin cancel) to Miss Sally Smith in Appledore North Devonshire, clear & complete INST"4758. Landing Beach, Lundy" including several puffins in silhouette, real photo postcard from the Domino Series, photographed & printed by E. A. Sweetman & Son in Tunbridge Wells, mailed there 23AU32 (2-puffin Lundy stamp with  flawed puffin stamp, fancy puffin cancel) to Miss Sally Smith in Appledore North Devonshire, clear & complete INSTOW cancel ties 1-d King stamp on back. Non-philatelic mail from a tourist who found the crossing 'very good, lovely & choppy'. The flaw on the stamp is a scrape with raised paper on the foot of the cancel puffin. Faint cancel ink in the front sky seems to line up with the stamp cancel -- faint LUNDY is very light but readable in what would have been the upper right corner of a larger rectangular cancel -- but is not easily explained. For example: if there had been an unnecessary second stamp that was removed, causing the scrape, then how did the ink so quickly soak through the unnecessary stamp? $15.00 lb-l

Lundy_Lighthouse_1947Cover.jpg (134098 bytes) Lundy lighthouse real photo postcard"5797 South Lighthouse & Bat Island, Lundy" Domino Series real photo mailed there 4 SP 47 (2 puffin Lundy stamp correctly used TCV & tied by clear cancel), good edges. Postcard sold. Front with stamp still available for scholarly study as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg (134,098 bytes) or .tif format. $1.50 ll-l*

Tinted140_small.jpg Lundy post card available from Judnick.com"Clovelly from Hobby Drive." with Lundy Island in the distance; postcard published by G. S. Reilly (a photographer there), hand-tinted appearance, knowledgeable commentary legibly written on back in English, numbered 1 by the same hand in the sky. Seen elsewhere as high as $9.99, but we offer for only $4.00. e(c)l

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wpe3.jpg (963 bytes) lühendid eestikeelsete selgituste
ja näidistega
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lyhenteet suomenkielisin selvennöksineen ja esimerkein

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