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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NOUVEAU / NY.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.

Reminder: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.

Prices do not include postage or insurance unless noted.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com


We searched over 100,000 paper collectibles & found that mentions
of these obviously important people were surprisingly infrequent.
What we found is below, in alphabetical order by last name.

GEORGE F. ADAMS. "THE FIRST NAVAL CONFLICT BETWEEN IRON CLAD VESSELS IN HAMPTON ROADS, MARCH 9th 1862 / IN SIGHT OF HOTEL CHAMBERLIN, GEO. F. ADAMS. Mgr. FORTRESS MONROE, VA." unevenly divided back postcard with very late usage at Northwest Virginia, tiny bottom corner crease, other corners rounded with wear, separation unevenness along the bottom edge best viewed from the back. The 2 flags in this view are hand-colored & there is a small spot in the front center sky. $2.00 cv(h)m

CATHERINE A. BAMMAN. "THE / CONCERT HALL / of the / BARBIZON - / PLAZA / 101 West 58th Street / New York / ... / Catharine A. Bamman / Manager" private mailing card with printed message from pianist Walter Gieseking (known for his renditions of Debussy, Tchaikovsky & Rachmaninoff); incorrectly associated with the Nazis for many years resulting in a blacklisting) with his note added in hand 'Don't forget rehearsals Fri at 2:30 / Bring pictures'. Addressed to Miss Ruth Hall & Co. at 171 E. 73 St in N.Y.C. & mailed October 12 1932. A few speckles of cancel ink at the upper front; a few small spots of light toning on back. It has long been home to many celebrities such Anais Nin, Frida Kahlo de Rivera, Lucky Luciano, & more recently (when it became the Trump Parc) to O. J. Simpson, LaToya Jackson & Morton Downey Jr. To name a few. $19.00 n(n)mmi(h)

EDWARD GRANT BARROW. "EDWARD GRANT BARROW" club executive & manager who converted Babe Ruth from pitcher to outfielder & discovered Honus Wagner (among others), unused Hall of Fame postcard. $1.25 (s(b)f)

Cincinnati Conservatory of Music
Founded in 1867 under the direction of Miss Clara Baur,
continuing with success under her management until at least 1917.
The Bowden Collection in The Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County Has an Impressive Display of  16 Different Postcards.
We have 10 (1 a duplicate) in this very special section,
including 6 that are not yet in that collection.

"A Corner in the Library - Cincinnati Conservatory of Music , Miss Clara Baur, Directress" unused postcard made in Germany, numbered 62 on its divided back, very light album toning. In the prestigious Bowden Collection. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. o(c)mmil

"CINCINNATI CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, / CINCINNATI, OHIO" post card published by the Cincinnati News Company, made in the USA, former owners violet handstamp on back. Not in the Bowden Collection. SOLD RECENTLY o(c)mm

"Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Miss Clara Baur, Directress. Highland Avenue, Burnet / Avenue and Oak Street" unused post card made in Germany, numbered 63 on its divided back, very light album toning both sides. Not in the Bowden Collection. $10.00 o(c)mm

      "Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati, O." hand-colored postcard published by the Norwood Souvenir Company, mailed DEC 14 1911 to Mr. A. E. Karg in Findlay Ohio, traces of cancel ink in the front sky, light toning both sides. Student Inez wrote in part: '...Recital tonight, tomorrow night + Frid. night. Am not going tonight. It is sight-singing class.' Not in the Bowden Collection. $12.00 o(c)mm

      "Cincinnati (Ohio). -- View from Highland Avenue Entrance / Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Miss Clara Bauer, Directress." post card with undivided back mailed SEP 24 1905 at Cincinnati to Gordon J. Reed in Middletown Ohio (where it was received the same day!), light album toning at the corners. Student Lula S. McClellan writes: 'This is a beautiful place. I have a splendid teacher but am so homesick. I am coming home..." Not in the Bowden Collection. $12.00 o(c)mm

"CLARA BAUR CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, AVONDALE, CINCINNATI / Copyrighted by Kraemer Art Co., Cincinnati, O." postcard numbered 645 on its unevenly divided back, mailed at Cincinnati JUL 13 1907 to Miss Mamie Clann in New Orleans Louisiana, mild corner & edge wear, extensive but light toning on back. In the Bowden Collection. $8.50 o(c)mmk

"Clara Baur Memorial Fountain and Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio." Kraemer art postcard mailed July 29 1924 from Cincinnati to Mrs. Clarence Noble in Burlington Wisconsin, minor corner wear, light toning on back includes a water stain along the left top edge that cannot be detected from the front. In the Bowden Collection. $8.50 o(c)mmk

"Driveway from Highland Avenue - Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, / Miss Clara Baur, Directress" unused postcard made in Germany, numbered 67 on its divided back, very light album toning both sides. Not in the Bowden Collection. $10.00 o(c)mm

"Driveway from Oak Street, / Cincinnati Conservatory of / Music, Miss Clara Baur, Directress" post card made in Germany, numbered 08 on its divided back, mailed SEP 12 1917 from Cincinnati Station E to Mrs. William Schmidt in Sidney Ohio by her niece Grace W., spotty toning mostly on the back obscures nothing. The student wrote in part: '...like it very much. I have a Swiss man for my teacher. I can hardly under stand a thing he says. I have to practice 6 hrs. a day at least to get in all he wants me to ...' Not in the Bowden Collection. $12.00 o(c)mm

"Main Entrance, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Miss Clara Baur, Cincinnati." unused postcard made in Germany, numbered 58 on its divided back, very light album toning both sides. Not in the Bowden Collection. $10.00 o(c)mm

"Main Hall and Stairway - Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Miss Clara Baur, Directress" unused postcard made in Germany, numbered 59 on its divided back, very light album toning. Not in the Bowden Collection when we checked. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. o(c)mmi

"Main Hall Looking into Piano Studio - Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Miss Clara Baur, Directress" unused post card made in Germany, numbered 60 on its divided back, very light album toning both sides, trace of wear at its upper corners. Not in the Bowden Collection. $9.50 o(c)mmi

"Main Vestibule  Cincinnati. - Conservatory of Music.  Miss Clara Baur, Directress" postcard with undivided back, mailed SEP 15 1906 at Cincinnati to Lonoke Arkansas (where it was received 2 days later), a lot of cancel ink at the top front, soft corners. In the Bowden Collection. Compare to "Main Hall and Stairway..." above. $9.00 o(c)mmi

"Piano Studio - Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, / Miss Clara Baur, Directress" postcard made in Germany, numbered 56 on its divided back, mailed SEP 19 1915 at Cincinnati to Miss Oakleigh Armstrong in Letts Indiana, small bottom corner crease, minor corner wear elsewhere, very light album toning both sides. In the Bowden Collection. Student who boarded & studied there wrote in part 'If you ever take music you must come here. ..The girls are all so nice. I have a Southern girl for a room-mate. She is from Miss. ...' In the Bowden collection, but not messaged. Shown above left & right. $11.00 o(c)mmi  Same except unmailed, writing in pencil on back reads 'Smith & Nixon Piano Mfg. Co. / Norwood O.' $9.00 o(c)mmi

"West Entrance to Grounds Highland Avenue / Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, / Miss Clara Baur, Directress." unused postcard made in Germany, numbered 57 on its divided back, very light album toning both sides. Not in the Bowden Collection. $10.00 o(c)mm

PAIGE BELLICAN. "BELLEMONT MOTOR HOTEL / AND RESTAURANT / ...Natchez Mississippi" showing its swimming pool when Karl R. Ewald Jr. & Arthur C. Lewis Jr. were the co-owners, & when Paige Bellican was the hotel manager; unused chrome postcard, trivial edge wear but otherwise fairly fresh. A rare example of a female manager being mentioned. $1.50 m(s)sm


H. E. BOWERS & SAM P. BLAGDEN.  "2-M-11-90 / North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. / No. 54 William Street / New York, 13 JUL 1894 ..." government postal card with form over the handstamp of H. E. Bowers (successor to Sam P. Bladgen as Manager there), stating that agent H. Lyman in Westfield Massachusetts had an account current through June, handstamped signature of J. N. F. Levick. A little cancel ink & light toning on the front; back is fine. The address was in the Financial district of Manhattan. $4.00 in(m)g(b)g(l)m

SONNY BOSWELL. "HOTEL PERSHING, 64th ST. AT COTTAGE GROVE AVE., CHICAGO 27, ILL. / SOUTH SIDE'S MOST UNIQUE COCKTAIL LOUNGE / 8B-H152" when Sonny Boswell was the manager, circa 1948; unused Curteich linen multiview post card, minor corner wear. Hard to find! $6.00 i(c)gm

MAURICE BROOME. "KING'S ARMS TAVERN  EDENTON, N. C. / 120872" when Maurice Broome was the manager, white-border era postcard with corrected caption & tiny corner crease, lightly toned back. Shown. $3.75 nge. Same, but mild corner wear & lightly toned back. $3.75 ngem

GEORGIA K. CLARK. "EMERSON APARTMENTS / 305 - 5th Street, South" in Saint Petersburg Florida, showing its exterior with 4 autos parked outside; postcard mailed there 1950, when the resident manager was Georgia K. Clark; corner crease, some cancel ink on front. Caption taken from the back; front caption is an uninformative "48516". Another hard-to-find mention of a female manager. $3.25 f(s)gm*


B. C. COCKRELL. "Veterans Administration / Domiciliary Form 5515 / ... / DISCHARGE / Facility Dayton, Ohio / Date Admitted Oct. 18, 1943 / Joseph Burgoon / is hereby discharged from this Facility. Reason for discharge / Maximum hospital benefit 1/24/44 / B. C. Cockrell / Manager / CLINICAL DIRECTOR" in Dayton Ohio; card on brown stock, size of a regular postcard but blank back. A sad piece of social history & the only example of its kind we could find when we searched the Internet. $5.00 o(d)g(b)g(c)sim

R. C. COOPER. "The Maryville Motel" unused linen postcard, near mint. When R. C. Cooper was the manager. In Blount County Tennessee. $3.50 (tmmg)+

GEOFFREY GREGORY (author). "Simplify Management Problems with Accessible Mathematics / MATHEMATIC METHODS IN MANAGEMENT" unused business reply card from a December 1984 Wiley & Sons advertising campaign, excellent condtion. $1.00 mm

HENRY FORD. "HENRY FORD" as he looked 1910 - 1912, then a wealthy & well connected man who was not yet rich enough to buy & sell companies, and not yet a household name (which would have warranted a printing available to the public). High-quality autographed real photo postcard, probably a private favor to an important investor or new dealership owner who believed in his future. No caption, no photographer attribution,
no publisher attribution, no other writing of any kind. This photo was compared to the different publicly available photos now appearing in his biographies to set the year dates that we specify. Unconditionally guaranteed in writing with a photo certificate. $125.00 faam

Sewing_NorwayUndated-200_small.jpg sewing machine ad card available from Judnick.com

E. F. GROVE. "NORWAY" paste residue & thinning on back, violet handstamp on back for E. F. Grove, Manager, Singer Manufacturing Company, Lancaster & Adams Counties (Ohio) mostly legible. $3.00 sngcam

C. W. HOLDEN. "St. Clair Inn, St. Clair, Mich., C. W. Holden, Manager" including their large swimming pool, sepia-tone, unused post card, made in USA. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 m(s)m

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MARTIN ITJEN. "ALASKA STREET CAR / Designed-Built-Owned-Operated by / Martin Itjen of the days of '98 / SKAGWAY, ALASKA / The trick cub bear on the front / of the car is the Traffic Manager" showing him before his 1929 Model A sight-seeing vehicle, black & white post card with sky tint, tiny corner crease, very light toning near the edges. A rare example of an entrepreneurial business man. $10.00 a(s)agsm

ROY KNABENSHUE. "2  Aviator Bonny and His Manager" unused sepia-tone postcard with divided back & good edges. In full, the correctly spelled name of the aviator was Warden Leonard Bonney, but the last name is sometimes seen misspelled Bonnie or Bonny as we have it here. Bonny flew on the Wright Exhibition Team from 1910 to 1911, when Roy Knabenshue was the team manager. Chicago Illinois is the probable location. Rare. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. a(p)i(c)m

"KENESAW MOUNTAIN LANDIS" baseball's first commissioner 1920-1944, unused Hall of Fame postcard, very light toning in back message area. From 1905 to 1922 he was a Federal judge. His first name is sometimes misspelled Kennesaw, which would be the preferred way to spell the name of the mountain. $1.25 s(b)

NationalHighway_LafayettesVisit-200_small.JPG National Highway post card available from Judnick.comW. R. LIPPINCOTT. "LAFAYETTE'S VISIT, MAY 25, 1825, by Malcolm Parcell / One of a series of Murals depicting early travel along the National Pike / The Pioneer Grill / George Washington Hotel - Washington Penn." when W. R. Lippincott managed it, unused postcard, fairly fresh except for a hint of toning near the bottom front edge. $2.25 nphhgm NEW / NOUVEAU / NY

F. W. MARRIOTT. "SUN APARTMENTS / Clearwater Beach, Fla." showing its exterior, chrome postcard with round corners as issued, writing in stamp box, minor wear at 1 corner. When F. W. Marriott was the owner / manager. $1.00 f(c)m

M. G. MOFFAT. "GAY-TEAGUE HOTEL--M. G. MOFFAT, Manager--MONTGOMERY, ALA. / D-3924" post card mailed there 1936, upper corner crease, child's scribble in message area. $2.25 a(m)m

G. OSIO. "HOTEL REGINA - VENEZIA / Dir. G. Osio" with the 2nd line of the caption done in the violet handstamp of its manager, including several canal boats; unused cartolina postale, printed in Naples. $5.00 igm

J. B. PACKARD. "HOTEL FLORIDAN / Tampa, Florida" showing its exterior when J. B. Pickard was its manager; unused linen postcard in excellent condition. $3.00 f(t)gm


BILLY PARKER. "NX62E / Billy Parker" flying a 1912 Model Curtis Pusher, with an ad on back for Phillips 66 aviation gasoline, unused postcard, light toning near the stamp box & the left front border, otherwise fairly fresh. Mr. Parker was long-time manager of Aviation Sales at Phillips Petroleum Company from 1927 on. The "pusher" shown was his own successful design which first conquered the altitudes of his native Colorado, and later was demonstrated  for Phillips publicity purposes. $8.50 a(p)onm

W. S. PORTER. "W. S. Porter" with caption taken from the name prominent on the ship's bow, sepia-tone Azo real photo (triangles both ways) postcard, good focus & composition, writing all over back supplies pertinent information, lightly toned back, slight oxidation. The company carried oil from the Kern River fields to San Francisco where it would be marketed. The ship, registered in 1906 to the Associated Oil Company, was named after the company's General Manager who first sold the idea. SOLD RECENTLY s(a)oc(k)gm

JAMES PRICE. "MILLBURN INN / 5 Old Short Hills Road, Millburn, N. J." showing its exterior with signage, unused chrome post card, 2 small spots of light toning on back. When James Price was the owner-manager. $1.25 ngm

W. I. RANKIN. "POINTS OF INDUSTRIAL INTEREST WITHIN THE VICINITY OF TERRITORY / SERVED BY PIEDMONT AND NORTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY." picturing 2 trains & its company logo at the top over a message from the Charlotte North Carolina Chamber of Commerce; unused postcard, small corner crease not into image, mild edge wear. Mentions W. I. Rankin as Vice President and Traffic Manager. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original area) & enhanced 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 nrgm*

"WESLEY BRANCH RICKEY" founder of the widely copied farm system for the Saint Louis Cardinals & the man who brought Jackie Robinson to Brooklyn in 1947, unused Hall of Fame postcard. Executive for the Browns, Cardinals, Dodgers & Pirates. $1.25 s(b)m(s)m

HENRY B. RONEY. "'Roney's Boys' Concert Co. of CHICAGO / HENRY B. RONEY, TRAINER AND MANAGER / 2358 INDIANA AVE. / PHOTO BY ROOT STUDIO CHICAGO" postcard mailed FEB 16 1910 to John Price in Clinton Missouri, publicizing their coming appearance there on FEB 22nd & the availability of tickets at Violette's, fairly fresh. $12.50 i(c)mmmgb

J. F. RYAN. "POWER OF MONEY / LARD SALE / 3 lb. Cans .... 41c / ... / UNION MARKET COMPANY / J. F. RYAN, Manager" in Newark Ohio; unused advertising postcard with detailed prices for lard & various types of meat in the back message area, trivial wear at one corner. Our unevenly divided back places it squarely as 1907 - 1908, as confirmed by mentions in the Newark Ohio Advocate 1906 - 1911. Seldom seen. $6.00 o(n)fgam

JOHN H. SCHEIBLY. "SHERATON-GIBSON HOTEL / Fountain Square, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 / John H. Scheibly - General Manager / KON-TIKI RESTAURANT AND COCKTAIL LOUNGE" postcard dated June 13-15 1974 by a convention guest there, minor edge wear. $1.50 oiim

"RODERICK J. WALLACE" one of the longest careers in Major League history & one of the game's greatest shortstops, unused Hall of Fame postcard. Pitched for Cleveland in the 1896 Temple Cup World Championship Series. Reluctant manager of the Saint Louis Browns 1910 - 1912. $1.25 s(b)o(c)

"JOHN MONTGOMERY WARD" pitching pioneer & shortstop who made 2,151 hits, unused Hall of Fame postcard, light rubber band mark on back. Managed the New York & Brooklyn National League baseball teams, after he hit well as a shortstop. $1.25 s(b)n(n)n(b)m

A. D. WILDMAN. "WILDE'S / Growing Trade / ... / James Wilde, Jr., & CO. / THE PEOPLE'S CLOTHIERS, / Corner Fourth and Vine Streets, / A. D. WILDMAN, Manager.  CINCINNATI." art depicting a boy on an improbable hi-wheeler bicycle with egg-shaped wheels, circa-1881 advertising card for discount clothes, paste stain over much of back does not obscure text, parts of which we quote here. This merchant exhibited at the Cincinnati Industrial Exposition of 1881, which is how we dated it. SOLD RECENTLY abbo(c)m

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"A BOOK OF FIVE RINGS" by Miyamoto Musashi, tenth printing by The Overlook Press, hardbound with dust jacket. The classic guide to strategy, written in 1645 by a Samurai, it guides Japanese management to this day. $13.00 m

November 1980 "Camera 35" Magazine. Articles on photographing sunsets, Eve Arnold's China photography, studio manager Pete Turner interview, cityscapes by Carol Halebian & much more. Cover tear. $1.00

For the executive that wants to stay one-up on recent MBA graduates! Just a sampling of the article topics are listed for each issue.
Each about 100 pages, at a small fraction of subscription cost!
All magazines are gently read & surprisingly fresh
for having traveled through the mails.

Summer 2001. Strategic alliances. innovation location, Internet profits, E-commerce, global business teams & much more. $4.00

Fall 2001. Strategic movement, CEO searches, morale improvement, Benetton's global network, driving E-business excellence & much more. $4.00

Fall 2002. Knowledge-worker performance, the knowledge life cycle, intrapreneurial enterprise, IT infrastructure for strategic agility, blending business cultures & much more. $4.00

Winter 2002. IT investment approaches, innovation, managing project uncertainty, effective boards, global policy & much more. $4.00

Winter 2003. Disruptive strategic innovation, brand spaces, sustainability & performance, innomediation, value of strategic planning & much more. $4.00

Spring 2004. Best practices in IT portfolio management, achieving deep customer focus, hidden costs of organizational dishonesty, budget games managers play & much more. $4.00

Summer 2004. "How to Lead a Self-Managing Team", "Learning from Internet Giants", "Confront Low-End Competition" & much more. $4.00

Fall 2004. Supply-chain breakdowns, green marketing strategies, competing with gray markets, sparking strategic imagination & much more. $4.00

Spring 2005. Escaping innovation traps, high-impact collaborative social initiatives, hedging offshoring bets, identity marketing & much more. $4.00

Fall 2005. Resilient enterprises, global sourcing, local enterprise networks, board director evaluation, corporate philanthropy & much more. $4.00 m

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Winter 2005. Governance at the board level (3 articles), new hire training, IT governance, sustainability, brand portfolios & much more. $4.00

Spring 2006. Leveraging peer networks, social-cause marketing, service innovation, reducing product development risks & much more. (2 available) $4.00 each

Fall 2006. Leveraging the power of intangibles, fundamental dimensions of strategy, extracting value from corporate venturing, resolving board disputes & much more. $4.00

Winter 2006. Leveraging the power of peer networks, how social-cause marketing affects consumer perceptions, creating new markets through service innovation & much more. (2 available) $4.00 each

Winter 2007. Open business models, collaborating for systemic change, continuing power of mass advertising, brands in multiple dimensions & much more. $4.00

Spring 2007. Special report on performance measurement, third-party coordination in supply chain governance, managing new product transitions & much more. $4.00

Summer 2007. Negotiating with liars, bridging faultlines in diverse teams, how dynamic pricing leads to higher profits, understanding & managing complexity risk & much more. $4.00

Fall 2007. IT alignment traps, the trouble with enterprise software, measuring brand health to improve top-line growth, planning e-business initiatives in established companies & much more. $4.00

Winter 2008. Learning to counter project uncertainty, six key dimensions of understanding media, how companies become platform leaders, when bad people rise to the top & much more. $4.00

Spring 2008. The marketing power of the social web, profiting from a better virtual customer environment, tactics that win in emerging global market, what your media is telling you about your brand & much more. $4.00

Fall 2008. IBM's 'innovation jam', 6 steps to rebuilding a top management team, measurement of leadership, how to make change happen, recruiting star talent & much more. $4.00 m

Winter 2009. The power of collective intelligence; Manager's Guide to Human Irrationalities; Why outsiders trump insiders (and why they shouldn't); whether ethically produced goods pay; & much more. $4.25 m

Spring 2009. Leading and managing during crisis. The Climate Collaboratorium. $4.00 me

Summer 2009. What makes consumers buy 'green'? What managers can learn from waiting. Web morphing--how the internet will work next. Managing like a designer. $4.25 m

Fall 2009. Special report on sustainability (5 articles). Economics of information. Right way to downsize. Making innovation less risky. $4.25 m


"'A Financial Advisor at Your Command' / MENTOR is the most comprehensive and flexi- / ble on-line data analysis and modeling package / available to the business professional." unused business reply card from an October 1984 advertising campaign by Interactive systems Incorporated in Burlington Massachusetts, good edges. $1.25 m(b)m

Also of potential interest at this site:

Our specialized page on Industrials and Manufacturing.

Our special-topic page on Labor Unions.

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