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"#32392 PHOTO © 1990 BERTRAM BANNER" showing a couple gazing at each other while astride a motorcycle, unused black & white continental post card with good edges. Sexy! (2 available) $1.50 each. m

"© Peter Hendricks, 84 / Edition Tushita / B47" unused black & white continental postcard shows man conveying a child on motorcycle as seen from the side, fresh appearance. (2 available) $1.25 each. m

"13430.  The Record Breaking Sears Motorcycle. Sears, Roebuck & Co's. Exhibit / Illinois State Fair Grounds, Springfield, Ill." unused Acmegraph postcard with unevenly divided back (circa-1908), faint album toning on back, good edges. SOLD RECENTLY i(s)m

"1911 L. P. Bakenbush" penned in name on front hard to read due to sloppy writing & a pen skip--Bakenbush or Bakerbush or something like that; rider astride an Indian motorcycle with large (winner-size for an important race) trophy, Azo (triangles all up) real photo taken by Myers Photo Company (112½ So. High St., Columbus, Ohio). Back annotation: ' My former partner in Lancaster O 3-1-1910.' The writing on the trophy is not legible under high magnification. SOLD RECENTLY mo(l)r

Automobile_KnoxAutomobile-200small.jpg automotive photographs available from Judbnick.com3-wheel delivery truck & trailer of the R. W. Rice Coal Company, on Wilbraham Road in Springfield Massachusetts, the Indian Motocycle plant in the background, manufactured by the Knox Automobile Company on the other side of that street; approximately 8-5/8"x6-1/2" original real photo with good focus & contrast. Knox was in business 1900 - 1914, but because such vehicles were unstable in braking turns, 3-wheelers were made only briefly. Rice Coal was incorporated in 1903, and probably bought this vehicle circa 1912 (after the first one was sold to the Springfield Fire Department.) Rare. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00  amm

"42. - Pontivy. -- Rue du Fil  Renne" in France, including most of a Hyalcyon Cycles sign at the left & a postcard stand near the Bazar, black & white from Laurent-Nel, unused, corner crease, bends at another. $3.25 mf

"A Happy New Year / SER.240" with intricately embossed art showing a young couple in a fanciful three-wheel motorcycle, postcard with unevenly divided back mailed DEC 29 1908 to Master Marvin Hess in Kaukauna Wisconsin, small upper corner bend, small bottom corner crease. $4.50 nm

"As I could not come personally I come by proxy. We got caught in the rain somewhat last Sunday. Robt." uncaptioned (so we use the entire message on back) sepia-tone real photo postcard sent JUL 24 1911 from Ann Arbor Michigan to Mrs. Charles Rich in Manchester Michigan. The sender is seated on his 1911 Yale 4 H P motorcycle. The down stroke of the 4 serves as the left downstroke of the H, the right downstroke of the H does double duty with the P, forming the distinctive monogram that shows after 'YALE' on the cylindrical fuel tank. 1911 was the first year for the straight line top frame, instead of having a bend upward. The manufacturer of the motorcycle was located in Toledo Ohio, which is an easy drive from Ann Arbor. SOLD RECENTLY m

"Coates & McDonald / AERO / Unicycle Co. / 617 Liggett Building / St. Louis, Mo., U. S. A." postcard mailed FEB 8 1912 from St. Louis to Mr. & Mrs Lewis Schwarz in Detroit Michigan. Sender wrote in part: 'We are busy this wk. at Coleseum(sic) with this affair on other side. How would you like to ride this going at the rate of a mile a minute...'. According to the October 5 1911 Motor Age, the St. Louis Manufacturers' and Dealers' Association announced that it would remain inactive during 1912. So the exhibition referred to was held by the Missouri Automobile Dealers Association, formed chiefly to the purpose of holding the February 1912 show coincidentally with the Veiled Prophet Festival, availing itself of the numerous out-of-town visitors. The motorized unicycle idea is obviously hair-brained & dangerous: the driver's view is at all times obstructed and at speeds approaching 60 miles an hour it becomes an undertaking (and we choose that word carefully) only for those having a death wish. Evidently that is what most of the recipients of this advertising postcard believed, tossing it in the trash to give it the repose it deserved. To the best of our knowledge this is the only surviving example. A search of the Internet revealed no other offers, no previous recorded offers, and no exhibitions whatsoever. $85.00 $67.50 mm(s)u SALE PRICE: SAVE $17.50 (21% OFF)

"Collection 'PORTRAITS DE CINEMA' (1re série) / 8. Léo Mirkine. Raquel Welsh, Cannes (1966)" seated on back of policeman's motorcycle, unused black & white continental post card with fresh appearance. $2.00 wm

"Commissioner Street Boksburg" prominently showing the W. Dorning East Rand Motor Works & Boksburg Cycle Depot, the storefront of A. Goldman, and another Cycle Depot further back (!); black & white postcard with red caption, mailed there 1905 but stamp removed creates thin on back, edge wear at top, 2 corner creases (one faint), small spot of yellowish toning in sky, small spots of dark toning at back edges. Depot brand signage: 'Raleigh', 'Swift', '…Abingdon / Grands / & B.S.A.' Exceptionally interesting. $25.00 tm

"Constables of Seycheles(sic) / Islands in Indian Ocean" two of them standing, another on a motorcycle, home-made  (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1962 at Millsboro Pennsylvania, a few tiny adherences from stamp perforations at the upper left front. $2.25 slm*

"CYCLES & MOTOCYCLES / CONDOR / RAPIDES _ SOUPLES _ PUISSANTS" 1925 Henri Monnier poster art for a Swiss military motorbike reproduced on an unused postcard in excellent condition. French translates: fast _ powerful _ flexible. Gorgeous. $2.50 amm(s)p

"Dante Candini / Le Moto Maserati / e / l'artigianato motociclistico modenese" unused continental postcard in near mint condition. $3.00 m

"Das kraftstrotzende / UNIVERSAL / Motor-Rad" 1936 poster art depicting a motorcyclist, unknown artist, reproduced on an unused continental post card in excellent condition. German in the first line translates as 'the powerful work'; last line, 'motor wheel'. Gorgeous.
Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. mp

"Daytona Motorcycle Classics,  Daytona Beach, Florida" at the Daytona International Speedway, chrome post card mailed 1971, corner crease that is hard to see from the front. $4.00 fm

"E. C. LOWES, / RURAL CARRIER, ACTON, IND." in uniform, alongside his Reading Standard motorcycle, unused Azo (triangles up) real photo post card with contrast a bit high & oxidation appropriate for its age, light album toning near the back edges. Rare: no others found offered or exhibited when we searched the Internet. Mentioned as Earnest, married, in an 1916 Indianapolis News obituary for someone else. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. i(a)pgm

"Ed Jordan and his Calif." uncaptioned (so we use all the pencil writing on back) sepia-tone real photo postcard showing the man standing well-dressed next to his 1910 Yale (pennant shows on cylindrical fuel tank & upturning top frame) motorcycle made by the Consolidated Manufacturing Company in Toledo Ohio. Then holder of the world's record for endurance, it was advertised as being "ideal for touring and business" (hence, his suit). The mentioned company first advertised its products as 'Yale-California' as late as 1909 (hence the 'Calif') on back. There are numerous light abrasions to the front surface. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75 either view or $7.25 for both. mg(j)

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
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We will check availability & quote promptly.

"Excelsior / Auto Cycle" two-seater with one rider in a farm setting including chickens & a barn, circa 1915-1916; unused Cyko real photo postcard with divided back; good detail, high contrast, trivial wear to 3 corners. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. m

"GP de France moto 1984 d'après Michel Meyer" unused continental post card with signed Mathat art, near mint condition. The Grand Prix race. $2.50 mr

"HARLEY-DAVIDSON®  / Limited Edition / MOTORCLOTHES® / APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES / FALL 2006 / PUT SOME SCENIC IN THE BYWAYS" oversize (approximately 6"x9") post card mailed to Ohio. Fashion modeled includes the Mettle Leather Jacket, Mockneck Zip Front Seater with Patch Jeans & the Stylus Leather Jacket with Chaps. Surprisingly good edges, several tiny but noticeable scuffs from the postal equipment show on front. $1.50 mf

"HARLEY-DAVIDSON®  / MOTORCLOTHES® SOME DUST NEVER SETTLES / APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES / LIMITED EDITION / 2006 / SUMMER" oversize (approximately 6"x9") post card mailed to Ohio. Fashion modeled includes the Legendary Leather Jacket  & the Suspicion Leather Jacket with Chaps. Surprisingly good edges, several tiny but noticeable scuffs from the postal equipment show on front, tiny corner bend. $1.50 mf

"HARLEY-DAVIDSON® RACE COLLECTION / APPAREL and ACCESSORIES / PODIUM WEAR" oversize (approximately 6"x9") post card mailed to Ohio. Fashion modeled includes the Raceway  Leather Jacket, Screamin' Eagle Twill Jacket & the Screamin' Eagle Race Shirt. Surprisingly good edges, tiny scuff from the postal equipment shows on back. Models include Andrew Hines & G. T. Tonglet from the Vance & Hines NHRA Pro Stock Team. $2.50 mfr& NEW / NOUVEAU / NUEVO

"HEY . . . HOW 'BOUT / YOU DRIVIN' FER / A WHILE? // C-80" with the biker obviously intent on fondling the young lady; comic postcard with signed Bob Petley art mailed SEP 28 1953 at Barstow California to Freddie Thompson in Norfolk Virginia, small upper corner bend, light toning on back. $5.00 cma(p)

"Home of Racycle, Middletown, Ohio" showing a man with his bike standing outside the Miami Cycle & Mfg. Co., postcard printed in Germany for Dysert Art Company (their number 2716 on back), mailed there. Back with pertinent annotations in pencil by former owner: 'Makers of ... Hudson & Miami Bicycles, Motorcycles, Musselman Coaster Brakes'. The Middletown Library has an uncolored example in their collection; they are the only ones exhibiting it. This is the only example, colored or otherwise, that we have ever seen actually offered on the Internet. $50.00 bo(m)mi

"HONDA / Some people have all the fun" postcard advertising the grand opening of Honda of Newark in Newark Ohio, May 16-17 1969 (cancel is May 14 1969), tape discoloration at top center of both sides, minor corner wear. The slogan was used extensively for its motorcycle advertising in magazines, but this particular card is uncommon. $4.50 mo(n)a

Image File magazine, Volume 14 Number 2 2005. Includes a thought-provoking feature article on football postcards & an illustrated book review on motorcycle postcards. $2.75 the complete issue. pm

"It's a Long Way to Tipperary" & "England" patriotic pennants decorate a Harley Davidson motorcycle with side car occupied by 2 men & a baby,  driver wearing a Harley-Davidson sweater. Necessarily World War I: see the song pennant artwork in gorgeous full-color depicting a German soldier knocked flat between a distant Russian bear, 'De-Fence of the Allies' with English bulldog & troops rushing at http://www.germanmilitaria.com/OtherNations/Photos/C051072.html.  SOLD RECENTLY mp

"JA16P 'Rush Hour' / Photo: Jon Abeyta" woman motorcycle passenger reaches into lovers shirt, unused black & white continental postcard, small corner bend. $1.25 m

"KPJ9192" with cartoon art depicting a Native American riding a motor scooter that is pulling a teepee, QSL postcard used by operator Steve Bennett in the 1960's, tiny corner bend, a little writing on back. $2.00 i(m)m

"LEGLESS ONE-ARM DRIVER / On Tour U. S. A. / Total Mileage covered up to July 4th, 1919, 51,117 // Using Harley-Davidson Motorcycle and Side Car" with his trusty dog in the side car; postcard mailed JUL 28 1919 from Northrup Station of Syracuse New York, writer comments: 'The boy has 1 arm and no lets' so he has seen him. Effective advertising that says a lot about the reliability, dependability, ease of control, and endurance of their product--without lecturing the viewer. Back corners discolored & worn a bit from album duty, pencil writing causes additional back toning, lower corner crease.
Sold but both sides still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (publication quality) & enhanced 300-dpi scans in .jpg format. $3.75 either or $7.25 for both. uadm

"LIKE A FLASH / INDIAN MOTOCYCLE / HENDEE MFG. CO. / SPRINGFIELD, MASS." unused circa-1923 advertising post card with unevenly divided back, very light toning on back is probably from the printing process itself, good edges. A lot of dealers hype this card as being much earlier, but they are wrong. Take a look at the words 'INDIAN MOTOCYCLE' with no R. According to the official company history, the R was dropped from the phrase in 1923! SALE IN PROGRESS mm(s)a


"Limited Edition Apparel & Accessories / HARLEY DAVIDSON® / MOTORCLOTHES® / HOLIDAY 2006 RUMBLE ALL THE WAY" oversize (approximately 6"x9") post card mailed to Ohio. Fashion modeled includes the Nemesis 2-in-1 Jacket with Camo Cargo Pants & the Passion Leather Jacket. Surprisingly good edges, several tiny but noticeable scuffs from the postal equipment show on front. $1.50 mf

"Miss Isobel Elsom, the well-known Actress / and Cinema Star on her Ner-a-Car" postcard mailed 4 MAY 1923 from Kennington England to Miss G. Wilkinson at Bolton, Bradford stating: 'We are now in receipt of Guarantee Certificate in respect of Machine No. 3195, for which we thank you. Yours faithfully, THE SHEFFIELD SIMPLEX CO.' Miss Elsom was then a silent movie actress (credits from 1918) who would have a long career in movies, theater (after 1926) and TV (Hallmark Hall of Fame, Lux Video Theatre, etc.). The image demonstrates one of the Ner-a-Car advantages--namely its step-through design permitted its rider to wear ordinary clothing, such as skirts. Also noteworthy, it was the first motorcycle having a feet-forward design. The company made approximately 6,500 Ner-a-Cars from 1921-1926; a register maintained by Yahoo today estimates that about 50 still survive in Europe. A rare postcard, we could find no other example. Similar acknowledgements were probably discarded after the guarantee time period was up. SALE IN PROGRESS e(s)m

"MOTORCYCLE DAREDEVILTRY -- The Vickels / defy gravity as they perform breathtaking stunts / on the stratocycle precariously perched on a wire / high above the arena at The Greatest Show on Earth, unused post card, 1973 copyright. Great action in vertical format, including a lady performing on a trapeze suspended from the motorcycle. $3.50 cm

"Motorcycling is great / sport in / Hamilton, O. / '674" unused postcard with unevenly divided back, minor wear to 2 corners, a few tiny spots of toning on back. Surprisingly hard to find for any town. The top 2 lines of the caption also accompanies other drawings of the children (such as kissing); but they too are surprisingly hard to find. $7.50 mo(h)c

"Motor sled" uncaptioned so we quote briefly from the explanatory message, Azo (triangles up) sepia-tone real photo postcard, addressed to Mr Charles DeLong in Sarasota Florida & messaged but not stamped (probably used as an enclosure within a cover), oxidation consistent with circa-1917 age, lightly toned back, a bit of the lower left front corner missing but not knocked off or scissor-cut (probable end-of-a roll at printer), other corners with minor rounding. The entire message punctuation & misspellings are preserved here: 'Hello Buck how is things going down there here is a picture of the motor sled Umbaugh & I made took the engine and tire wheel out of the motor sackle We was to Lima 2 Sundays It will run as fast as the motor sackle does We had it running about 40 miles an hour on North St My girl is sitting on behind It was taken Christmas day We have been having some wether It got cold right after you left an the snow hasnt left yet Sleighing ever since we are making ice today It is 12 inches thick you might know how cold it would be Every thing OK Clark'. The Lima News (Lima Ohio) on December 8 1917 wrote on its page 1 that "Ohio, Indiana, and part of West Virginia were swept by a terrific blizzard today". That would given the writer enough time to fashion the motorized sled from a motorcycle, take 2 Sunday trips (December 16th & 23rd) to nearby Lima, and culminate his experiences with this Christmas day photograph. SALE IN PROGRESS mwo(l)

"MOTOSACOCHE" poster art depicting a nude angel watching over the rider of a Swiss-made motorcycle, artist unknown, reproduced on an unused continental post card in excellent condition. Gorgeous. $2.50 mpna

"Mr. Neal Cochran / 1910" uncaptioned (so we use the writing on front) real photo postcard picturing a famous motorcycle salesman on his lightweight Moto Reve. The back, addressed & mailed to J. J. Keating in Lancaster Ohio on April 19th, elaborates: 'The photo show me and a light weight. I am now selling the Moto Reve Swiss make weights 85 lbs. Your truly Neal Cochran' This is the exact same image he sent to Motorcycle Illustrated, published in Vol. 5 page 136 with accompanying text: 'popularity of the lightweight machine, for city use, is rapidly growing on the Pacific Coast.' The spelling of the brand in Europe is the French Moto-Rêve, meaning motorized dream. Neal Cochran was an employee of the Wright Brothers in Dayton Ohio when they still made bicycles. He continued to associate himself with pioneer aviators on the coast, getting married on an airplane & then take for a ride therein, all reported back to the Dayton papers. $80.00 $70.00 mg(c)
SALE PRICE: SAVE $10.00 (12½% OFF)

"National" motorcycle, 2 couples & another motorcycle posed on a bridge; sepia-tone real photo postcard mailed SEP 30 1912 from Portland Indiana by Ethel Bair (later Ethel Bair Blackburn, who died young in 1914) to her aunt Mrs. G. A. Bair in Richmond Indiana, light spotty toning on back, bottom corner crease, other corner & edge wear is minor, oxidation consistent with age. According to the National Motorcycle Museum about 500 of these machines survive today. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. m

"NEVER BLEND IN. / THE SPRING 2007 / HALEY-DAVIDSON® / MOTORCLOTHES® COLLECTION" oversize (approximately 6"x9") post card mailed to Ohio. Fashion modeled includes the Evangeline Leather Halter, the Bad Moon Leather Jacket & the Evangeline Leather Jacket. Surprisingly good edges, a little scuff from the postal equipment shows in the front sky. $2.00 mf& NEW / NOUVEAU / NUEVO

Original photograph of a Harley-Davidson with side car crossing a bridge built primarily for wagons. Size that of a regular postcard. Brand ID from lettering on front of the side car. Rider is smoking. Former owners' & auctioneer's inked notes on back not very enlightening. SOLD RECENTLY m

"Our Big Catalogue / of 1216 Guaranteed / Articles will save / you $ $ $ $ $ / Motorcycle Equipment Co. / Hammondsport, N. Y. // HAVE A DRINK / WITH ME! // Pacific Coast Branch / Los Angeles -Calif." circa-1907 postcard with unevenly divided back, mailed to Mr. Samuel Shadman in Nisbet Pennsylvania, stamp damaged & uncancelled, long bottom corner crease hard to see from the front, back lightly toned. $13.00 n(h)ma

"Out in the Country, MC23 / From the Bruwell's Collection / ... / Tinted with Bruwell's Magic Color" showing 2 motorcycles near small tent in mountainous area, unused continental post card. $1.25 mc

"P.c. 383 / DUCATI 916" continental postcard in excellent condition, printed in Italy. $2.50 m

"Post Office force at Convoy Ohio / Owen" showing the postal workers with stuffed bags & their two motorcycles; Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard with good focus & contrast, writing on the back (addressed to Cara Ford) used for the caption, minor corner rounding. We are told that the motorbike at the left is an Indian. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 o(c)pm

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

"PUCH / MOTOR-ZWEIRAD / IN MILITÄRISCHER VERWENDUNG." German translates 'Puch motorcycle engine in military use." circa 1930 poster art depicting a group of military men mounted on motorcycles, artist unknown, reproduced on an unused continental post card in excellent condition. $2.50 mp

"Pussycat & Mr. Jaws" Walton New York QSL card with Runnin' Bare commissioned art depicting them on a mountain bike. Card sold. Still available for scholarly study and research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 nm

"Ready, Set, Go" with Dave Barnhouse art showing 2 bikers about to race away from Dixie's Market (advertising Indian Motorcycles, parts & service), unused continental postcard advertising the availability of prints, near mint condition. $1.50 ma(b)

"Renfield Street, Glasgow" at the corner with many pedestrians near the Forsythe building & showing an awning reading 'THE / CLYDESDALE RU... / MOTOR CYCLING...' in the right foreground", real photo within an embossed border, postcard mailed there 1927, paper browning with age, lightly toned front, mild corner wear. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif (approximately 149,552 bytes) tif format. $1.50 sm

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"Ride it / Again // MOTOR / HARLEY-DAVIDSON / CYCLES // INSTANT WIN PRIZES GALORE! // ... / NEW / 2001 VERSION!" Ohio lottery brochure in 8 panels (3 shown) with the grand prize being 6 Harley Sportster® 1200 Custom motorcycles. Interesting listing of all Ohio authorized Harley dealers at the time, with their addresses & phone numbers. Good condition, a little waviness to the paper when unfolded (looks like toning in the scan). Someone who has this cycle will want to frame it properly. $5.00 m

See also Motorcycle topical covers at this site.

"TagLights™ / Stand Out in a city of Tail Lights" continental size advertising card illustrating the product, website details, and kit contents from Martiki LLC, no post card back, near mint. $1.50 m

OffTheWall_TeenagersFrom-200_small.jpg motorbike postcards available from Judnick.com

"TEENAGERS / From / PLANET X // THIS TOWN'S / THE PITS! // They'll GET you in the end!" unused off-the-wall postcard novel conveying 7 cartoons in 8 panels by CHIC PIX. Shown, 2 of the panels with a motorcycle theme. Cover is in color. $2.00 om


"THE 2007 / HARLEY-DAVIDSON / MOTORCLOTHES COLLECTION" approximately 9"x6" oversize advertising post card, full color both sides illustrating 3 different leather jackets, bend at one corner. $1.00 mf

"THE HOLIDAY 2007 / HARLEY-DAVIDSON® / MOTORCLOTHES® COLLECTION" oversize (approximately 6"x9") post card mailed to Ohio. Fashion modeled includes the Attitude Leather Jacket & the Dazzle Lambskin Leather Jacket. Surprisingly good edges, a long corner bend that is hard to see on front. $2.00 mf

"The motorcycle doe not belong to me" uncaptioned (so we used all the writing on the back) & unmailed sepia-tone Azo (triangles all up) real photo postcard with good edges. Accessories are interesting. $17.00 m

"THE NEW GEAR IS HERE. / THE 2007 / HARLEY-DAVIDSON® / MOTORCLOTHES® COLLECTION" oversize (approximately 6"x9") post card mailed to Ohio. Fashion modeled includes the FRXG Midweight Leather Jacket, the whirlwind Perforated Leather Jacket & the Transportation Leather Jacket. Surprisingly good edges, a little scuff from the postal equipment is hard to see on front. $2.00 mf& NEW / NOUVEAU / NUEVO

"There was an old woman who lived in a shoe, / She had so many children she didn't know what to do. / She bought each a bike, with the brake called ECLIPSE, / And sends them off safely on long wheeling trips./ When your safety's at stake / The ECLIPSE is the brake." with cartoon style art including many children riding on bicycles, advertising post card mailed 1912 from Elmira New York to William Pasco in South Butler New York. On back there is a drawing of the mechanism over the words 'There are only six main parts in an ECLIPSE / BICYCLE COASTER BRAKE, which makes / it so simple that a child can assemble it; yet it / has the largest and most effective braking sur- / face of any made. Wise dealers are using this / brake exclusively. Write the Eclipse Machine / Company, Elmira, New York.' That text is followed by an image of their large manufacturing plant. After 1909, so this brake had been modified so it could be used on motorcycles as well! Well rounded corners, 2 corners multiply creased, light toning near the back bottom edge. $40.00 bmn(e)a-na

"THE SUNDAY HERALD--BOSTON, FEBRUARY 25 / Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Hastings Riding in a Tri-Car / In Havana and Equipped for a Journey Into the Suburbs" circa-1907 advertising postcard for Indian motorcycles reproducing the article with its illustration for a contemporaneous & enterprising salesman, Undivided back, minor corner & edge wear, 2 short internal creases from the right front center. Theodore K. Hastings was the Vice President of the Federation of American Motorcyclists. He was out of Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York City and made publicity trips abroad to Cuba & England, competing successfully at times. His activity continued at least into 1908 where we found numerous different mentions of him in Vol. LVII of the Bicycling World & Motorcycle Review. Pertinent personal message handwritten on front complements the advertising intent: 'Dear Veda. Have just returned from an 800 mile trip on my Indian. The Hendee Co Spring-field, Mass make them but your local dealer will show you. They are fast, cheap and economical, and it dont(sic) take an expert to run it and keep it going. Want one. Harry'. Rare: no one else can show you this. The reason you do not see any more of these is probably because the newspaper objected to the use of all its presumably copyrighted article, text and illustration, for an unintended commercial purpose of another business. That was also the probable reason the card was mailed under cover, instead mailing exposed to public view as a postcard. After paying to make them, the salesman still want to use them, even when pressured by the Boston Herald! Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. can(b)m(b)nmg(h)

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
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"TRIUMPH / stets fahrbereit / TRIUMPH WERKE  NÜRNBERG A:G." 1928 poster art depicting a well dressed couple adding auto oil to their German-made motorcycle, artist unknown, reproduced on an unused continental postcard in excellent condition. German slogan in second line translates 'alway ready to drive'. $2.50 mp

Uncaptioned advertising card showing an Indian tri-car motorcycle taking a couple at speed over a county road, waving to two motorcyclists in the distance; mailed DEC 3 1915 (World Panama-Pacific Exposition cancel neatly struck) to Glenford Ohio, minor corner wear & rounding. Uncommon; possibly given out at the Expo itself. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. ma

Uncaptioned & unused Azo (triangles all up) real photo postcard showing a Motorcyle racing past some fans at a track, small bottom corner crease, very light toning both sides. The vertical sign towards the center gives the impression that the cyclists were racing the clock, rather than a group of enthusiasts. $25.00 mr NEW / NOUVEAU / NUEVO

Uncaptioned & unused VELOX (1907 - 1917 stamp box) sepia-tone real photo postcard showing a man & woman on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with sidecar, small x-shaped scratch on the gas tank. Judging by the dirt on the tires & elsewhere they had just been out for a ride, light fingerprint toning on back, slight oxidation consistent with age. Obviously one-of-a-kind: no caption, no photographer or publisher credit. $50.00 m

Uncaptioned sepia-tone Azo (triangles all up) real photo of a man riding a modified Indian tri-car motorcycle out of its shed, Indian brand showing to the left of the M's in SAUM MN pennant (possibly home-made by a resident bent on popularizing the name of that small unincorporated community). The sedan chair that you may be accustomed to seeing in front looks to have been modified or repurposed to become a high-capacity wheelbarrow for farm duty. Extensive light toning & surface abrasions on front obscure nothing, tiny paper separation at one corner, other corners with minor rounding. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. m(s)m

Uncaptioned sepia-tone Azo (triangles both ways, circa-1920) real photo postcard shows a motorcycle with side car pulling a skier through thick snow, driver leaning for balance on a slight slope; small bottom corner crease misses the image, back undivided, good edges. The ultimate thrill ride? $25.00 $20.00 mws(s) SALE PRICE: SAVE $5.00 (20% OFF)

      Uncaptioned sepia-tone Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard showing a Washington Court House Ohio motorcycle club before 'Richardson's Hand Laundry' (330 Main Street) & the garage next door (324 Main Street, a corner of East). Garage signage includes: '... / GARAGE / AUTO REPAIR / ...', 'FOR BUSINESS OR PLEASURE / THE SIL... / INDIAN MOTORCYCLES / SINGLE OR TWIN CYLINDER / SURPASSING QUALITY - POWER - RELIABILITY' & 'DRIVE SLOW' (admonishing those entering). The only mention we could find of the laundry was in the 1913 Washington Court House and Fayette County Directory, which helps to locate & date the card; it further disclosed it was owned by Frank C. Richardson. A pennant hanging down from the motorbike at the extreme left partially reads 'WASHINGTON...' and 'C. H.' undoubtedly followed. 'SIL...' probably completes as 'SILVER', making it  an old sign because the early branding of Indians was 'Silver King' & 'Silver Queen'. Several curved internal creases from the edges, some oxidation consistent with age & toned back. $85.00 $72.50 o(w)m SALE PRICE: SAVE $12.50 (15% OFF)

Uncaptioned sepia-tone circa-1912 photograph the size of a regular postcard, showing a motorcycle with side car, flag waving, diver risking a 2-wheel ride. Possibly a parade stunt or preparation for a parade stunt. Light uneven toning on the back, uneven slightly wavy cut to the top. Dangerous: the flag partially obscures his view, and if his left foot catches the ground, it would not be pretty, especially without a helmet! SOLD RECENTLY m

Uncaptioned sepia-tone real photo postcard showing a lady with 2 children & a dog posed on a Kerry motorcycle with side car & English license plate H.5084. Mailed OCT 2 1909 from London to Miss Alice Turner (staying at a hotel in Crewkerne Somerset). The name Kerry is plainly on the motor to the left of the boy's foot; the teenage girl's dress probably covers the company logo on the fuel tank. The basket for the side car has an interesting history. From 1904 to 1907 Kerry made a Tri-Kar, which was a three-wheel motorized bicycle on which passengers rode up front in a large basket, with supporting wheels on either side of them. [You can view the Tri-Kar in an advertisement in the November 1st 1904 The Motor.] The Kerry Company manufactured motorcycles until 1915, according to the authoritative cybermotorcycle.com/euro/brands/kerry.htm. We see from this rare photograph that they put their sturdy-basket-making know-how to work on side cars in their later years. Notice how English side cars were to the driver's left, in contrast to American side cars which were to the driver's right. That difference arose because respective drivers drove on different sides of the road. Alongside the handwritten communication on back is a neat handstamp reading 'S. E. DREW, 11, Westbourne Rd. Barnsbury, N.', a fairly fashionable London residential address to this day, who was the sender. Altogether a rare image: we could not find any other image of a Kerry motorcycle with side car when we searched the Internet. $65.00 me(l)

Uncaptioned sepia-tone real photo postcard showing a man atop an Indian Camelback motorcycle at rest, mailed AUG 10 1908 from Brooklyn New York Station D to Alvan Willis (misspelling his first name which was Alvin) in Berrien Springs Michigan, forwarded to Tallman Michigan. Interesting message, although its two coincidental & different mentions of the word Indian do not refer to the motorcycle: 'Brooklyn N. Y. Aug. 7, 1908 Well hows the baby. The band concert was fine, can hear the Indian drumming and bugle calls yet. Was at Coney Island yesterday & saw the Indian Show there at Brighton also saw air ship. W. D. W.' Although somewhat dark, the focus is good to provide details. For example, we can plainly read all the gas/oil tank lettering as 'INDIAN / HENDEE MFG. CO. / Springfield, Mass.' Lightly toned back, soft corners, oxidation consistent with age. There were 5 Indian models sold to the public in 1908. An estimated 20 of the first edition Camelbacks survive today. (Reference: Part 2 of Motorcycle History at Motorcycle.com). $65.00 $55.00 mn(b) SALE PRICE: SAVE $10.00 (15% OFF)

Uncaptioned sepia-tone real photo postcard showing a woman conveyed by a motorcycle with side car to the Tent City office at Euclid Beach amusement park (Cleveland Ohio), salesman respectfully removing his hat as she arrives; mailed AUG 8 1909 (a Sunday) to Mrs. H. S. Parks in Watertown New York, upper corner crease, minor rounding to the corners, back with uneven album toning. Postcard sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 o(c)cma

Unused keychain with Harley-Davidson delivery truck in soft bright-yellow plastic. Ad for A. D. Farrow Company (America's oldest Harley dealer) both sides. Nice! $4.50 ma

Unused sepia-tone Azo (triangles all up) real photo with exemplary composition & contrasts, showing the interior of an automotive supply shop with an very old motorcycle on display, back shelves filled with Eveready batteries, Half Inch grease & motor oil cans; occupants oozing attitude. The name between the young lady and the steering column is not legible under high magnification; it has stumped the personnel of 2 noted motorcycle museums. The long footboard is reminiscent of a 1913 Scott. This is the oldest photograph we could find of a woman seated on a motorcycle. SALE IN PROGRESS mi(s)

"URAL / MOTO // UA0-154 - 1171" Irbit / Ирби́т Russian QSL card with motorcycle racing design used 1988 by operator Alex, excellent condition. $3.00

"U. S. MOTORCYCLE CORPS, SHOWING ARMOURED MOTORCYCLE WITH MACHINE GUN." More precisely: a shielded Hotchkiss machine gun on an early Harley-Davidson. Unused white-border era postcard, trivial corner wear. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 mwm(a)!

"Warning of approach / Art IV.(5). He shall / give audible and sufficient warning .. when overtaking / foot passengers .. / ..." with signed Chas. Crombie (Charles Edward Crombie) comic art depicting a motorcyclist using his horn to warn pedestrians, a pig & some ducks of his approach along a country path; postcard from the Reo Series, printed in Germany, former owner's handstamp neatly on back, minor corner wear. The law quoted was the British Motor Car Act of 1903 (which went into effect in 1904). It differentiated for the first time between motorcars and motorcycles. A bell was another approved method spelled out in the law for warning pedestrians, but we wonder -- if the pedestrian could not hear the motorcycle, why would the horn or bell be heard? It is on such absurdities that comic postcards are made. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. a(c)mlc

"Well here's looking at you. Mr. and Mrs. Neal Cochran / Los Angeles Calif / June 21 1910" uncaptioned (so we use all the writing on front) real photo postcard. Writing on back continues in part: "The picture on the opposite side is the Mrs. and I as we some times go joying(sic) riding. Neal Cochrane'. The writer at that time was a former employee of the Wright Brothers bicycle shop in Dayton Ohio, and was thus sufficiently skilled to modify what we believe is the Excelsior shown. The newly married couple continued his association with pioneer aviators when on the West Coast. He and Leona Cowan got married in the airplane of Turpin who them promptly took them up for a ride. A ship followed that airplane as it flew over water, in case of difficulties. The news made Dayton Ohio papers. Asked if she thought her trip a bit dangerous she replied "I just love excitement, anyhow, and I knew that there was not danger. Mr. Turpin is a fine pilot and and landed us safely. It was a swell trip and one that no other bride has taken." The small sign in the background informs its viewers that Venice California was 4 miles distant. Small bottom corner bend, trivial corner wear otherwise & oxidation consistent with age. $125.00 $110.00 mc(l)g(c) SALE PRICE: SAVE $15.00 (12% OFF)

"You learned to walk. / You can learn to ride." continental advertising card for a Columbus Ohio Harley-Davidson dealer's instructional program, near mint. $1.25 ma

Z-Cardz™ sample consisting of a motorcycle that has been correctly assembled from a card smaller than a regular postcard, including its protective box. Intricate & colorful, ready for display. $1.00 m3


4"x6" COLOR PHOTOS 9 / 20 / 81 MID-OHIO

#195 Scott Hall (Yamaha) in mid-air. $2.50 mo

#315 Doug Kolonia (Honda) in mid-air. $2.50 mo!

#37 Steve Martin (Suzuki) in mid-air. $2.50 mo

#441 Matt Manfredi (Can-Am) in mid-air. $2.50 mo

#681 in mid-air. $2.00 m0

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                     18 MOTORCYCLE SHOP PHOTOS - CIRCA 1958
Eighteen 3.5"x5" color photos of a motorcycle shop interior graced by a good looking young lady posing in various exotic-dance-type costumes. Included are racks of leather clothing, a Harley poster, a Busted in Daytona poster, a Frye poster, clothing with Harley insignia hanging on racks, etc. The one view out the window shows what appears to be a late 1950's car (shown right). The young lady tries on a leather vest from the shop. It is an amateur's effort. In 9 of the shots the photographer had a hard time keeping his mind on the lighting, so those photos came out a little dark. (Flash photography was not used in any of them, so there are no ugly shadows.) But when he got the lighting right, he really did her justice! No full nudity or salacious behavior in any of the photos. $28.00 postpaid anywhere. mi

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