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"213  Köln vom Pressaturm" showing 2 ships about to pass under a bridge, real photo postcard with good contrast & composition, mailed there 1931, ink smear on back in address, 3 creases affect one corner. $2.75 n

"23.  Köln Der Dom von Süden" showing the cathedral from the south (so the nearby railroad station cannot be seen); unused sepia-tone real photo postcard with oxidation consistent with circa-1910 age, album adherences on the back which obscure nothing, slight curl to the paper. $5.00 n NEW / NÝR / NOU

"513. Köln Opernhaus" sepia-tone post card with very late usage in the United States, rough edges as issued, small spot of toning on back. $1.75 n

"521. Köln, Heinzelmännchen-Brunnen" sepia-tone postcard showing Hotel Reichshof & adjacent building, very late usage in the United States, upper & lower edges show separation from folder. $2.00 n

"530. Köln, Hochhaus am Hansaring" sepia-tone post card from Karl Rud. Bremer & Co., very late usage in the United States, good contrast, top & bottom edges show separation from folder, one corner badly creased. $1.25 n

"531. Köln, Hildebrandbrunnen" sepia-tone postcard, very late usage in the United States, top & bottom edges show separation from folder. $1.50 n

"532. Köln, Die Bastei" black & white post card, very late usage in the United States, top & bottom edges show separation from folder. A striking building. $2.00 n

"53736  Bad Aachen - Ponttor" including a few pedestrians, black & white echte Photographie postcard, unused, good focus & composition, trivial corner wear. In Prussia, now North Rhine-Westphalia. $5.00 spn


"9167.  Köln a. Rhein / Rudolfsplatz mit Hahnentor" including Cafe Kaiser Rudolf on a nearby corner & several pedestrians, unused Postkarte with light album toning on back. $4.75 n

"9170.  Köln a. Rhein / Partie am Sachsenring" unused Postkarte from an undisclosed publisher, spotty toning on back, minor wear at the corners. $2.00 n

"Bad Aachen. / Katschhof mit Rathaus" real photo postcard with very late usage US, slight oxidation, but otherwise fairly fresh. $3.25 n

"Blick auf Mehlem,, Königswinter und Peterberg" taken from Rodderberg hill, real photo postcard with scalloped edges as issued, unused, excellent condition. $1.25 n

"Boppard" a panoramic view including the Rhein from a high vantage point, sepia-tone Postkarte from Verlag Chr. Schöning in Lübeck (Nr. 25937), mailed there 22.9.33, fancy Perle des Rhein (Pearl of the Rhein) & grapes cancel on damaged stamp to Miss Margaret E. Jones in Central Islip NY, uneven artistic edges as issued, a few tiny speckles of cancel ink in the front sky. $2.25 n NEW / NÝR / NOU

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"Coblenz a. Rhein. / Die Mündungder Mosel in den Rhein." color post card from Trinks & Co., unused, lightly toned back, minor edge wear. $2.50 n

"Coblenz a. Rhein. / Rheinbrücke mit Kgl. Schloss" color postcard from Trinks & Co., unused, toned back, corner & edge wear, lacks freshness. $1.75 n

"Coblenz - Blick auf Coblenz u. Ehrenbreitstein" black & white Stengel-published post card in 2 panels, annotated by hand '3rd Army Hq. / Maj Duncan?'s office' & "Moselle joins the Rhine' with accompanying arrows on front, no writing on back, paper yellowing evenly with age, light toning on back. City now known as Koblenz in North Rhine-Westphalia, western Germany. The headquarters referred to opened 15 December 1918. $7.50 swwn*

"Coblenz.--Das Deutsche Eck." including the steamship 'NEUWEIN' in the foreground, monochromatic green postcard mailed there 1900, light album marks on back. $7.50 n

"Coblenz. Das Deutsche Eck" unused Heliokolorcarte von Ottmar Zieher, unused, light corner & edge wear. $3.50 n

"Coblenz. Moselbrücke mit alter Burg" including a steamship, unmailed, sepia-tone post card from booklet, fairly fresh. $2.00 n


"Das Berg. Land.  Blick auf Schloß Burg" with the castle prominent, Möwe-Postkarte (real photo) mailed -7.7.30 at Wuppertal to Mr. James Krupka in Berwyn Illinois as part of an exchange, slight curl to the paper, minor wear to 3 corners, light cancel ink in top left front corner. $2.75 n

"DER RHEIN. Ruine Drachenfels" showing the 'Dragon's Rock' ruin atop the remnants of a volcano; postcard from Ludwig Feist in Mainz, very late usage at Eaton Illinois, minor corner wear, a little toning in the bottom front edge. $4.00 nv

"DJ1XO" continental Universitätsstadt Bochum QSL card used 1972, with their crest prominent in the design, bend at one corner. $1.25 n

"DJ4OA" Krefeld QSL postcard used 1969 by operator Wolfgang Geihe, 3/4" scrape in sky around a tiny pinhole. Illustration on front is a jet aircraft as seen from below. As is. $1.00 a(j)n

"DRACHTENBURG BEI KÖNIGSWINTER" unused sepia-tone postcard from booklet, a Siegburg photogravure, faint but long internal creasing near the serrated edge. $1.50 n

"Duisburg" multiview Postkarte with 4 scenes--König-Heinrich-Platz, Hauptbahnhof, Hafen & Neue Rheinrbrücke; unused, minor corner wear, toned back. $2.00 nm

"Düsseldorf, 39er Denkmal" real photo post card of the monument from S. W. & Cie., used 1930 (clear cancel on 8-pfg stamp), minor wear to 3 corners. $3.25 ns+

"Düsseldorf. Berger-Ufer." black & white postcard with steamship prominent, mailed 1914, lightly toned front, heavily toned back, small scrapes in upper right front corner. $2.00 n

"ESSEN A. RUHR. / HAUPTBAHNHOF." post card used there 1909, lightly toned front, minor corner wear. $4.25 n

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"ESSEN. CHEMISCHE FABRIK TH. GOLDSCHMIDT A. G." exterior, sepia-tone postcard on yellowish paper from P. Reintges, very late usage at Delbarton West Virginia, long edges rough but carefully separated from other postcards. $3.75 in

"ESSEN.  DIE KRUPPSCHEN WERKE." showing a vast industrial complex, sepia-tone post card with very late usage at Monaville West Virginia (2 different cancels there), dark image. In North Rhine-Westphalia. $3.75 in

"ESSEN. DIE KRUPPSCHEN WERKE. TELANSICHT" including many smokestacks during operations, sepia-tone post card, very late usage at Canebrake West Virginia. In North Rhine-Westphalia. $3.75 in

"ESSEN. KOKSOFENANLAGE." showing a coke oven plant, sepia-tone postcard with very late usage at Worth West Virginia, mid edge wear. In North Rhine-Westphalia. $3.50 in

"ESSEN. KRUPP'S FABRIK.  DAS MARTINWERK." showing an interior with workers, sepia-tone postcard from Reintges, very late usage at Paynesville West Virginia, separated from a booklet neatly. $7.00 ii(m)n

"ESSEN. KRUPP'S FABRIK. / HOCHOFENANLAGE." including railcars, sepia-tone post card from Reintges booklet, corner crease. $6.50 in

"ESSEN. KRUPP'S FABRIK.  ZECHE SÄLZER U. NEUACK." sepia-tone postcard from booklet, very late usage at Sarah Ann West Virginia, minor wear to one corner. $6.50 in

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"ESSEN. RHEIN-HERNE-KANAL. AUS DEM BERGFISKALISCHEN HAFEN" sepia-tone postcard showing huge crane loading some ships, one ship named 'MANNHEIM', very late usage in the United States, trace of cancel ink on front . one rough edge (separation from folder). $4.75 n

"Godesberg" color post card used there 1910, shows a ship passing by, corner crease, corner & edge wear, partial cancel on front. $3.75 n

"GRUSS aus Bad-Sassendorf i / w" multiview undivided back Postkarte of a spa with 4 scenes--including Trinkpavilion & Charlottenquelle; album marks on front, corner wear & rounding, ding in top edge, brownish paper, very late usage at Manvel Texas, internal crease. In North Rhine-Westphalia. $7.00 gsn NEW / NÝR / NOU

"Gruss aus Bonn. / Stengel & Co., Dresden" monochromatic green Postkarte with brown caption mailed 15.8.97 to Ernst Wolff staying at a hotel in Ems, upper corner crease, small bottom corner crease, lightly toned back. $17.00 ngs

"Gruss aus Coblenz / Denkmal Wilhelm I am deutschen Eck b / Coblenz." and the royal couple in an embossed silhouette & wreath, Postkarte with undivided back, very late usage at Tom Bean Texas, a few speckles of toning on front, small corner crease & rounded corners, still very attractive. Coblenz is now spelled Koblenz. $12.00 ngsr

"Gruss aus der Bierstadt Dortmund" Postkarte mailed there 19.8.97 (error day 29 in cancel) to the family of Peter Goecken in Crefeld where it arrived 20.8.97, light spotty toning on back obscures nothing, trivial corner rounding. Dortmund makes one of the very few beers sold all over Germany--thus its name 'King of Beer Cities' & similar phrases. $25.00 nbg

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"Gruss aus Dortmund / Partie aus dem Kaiser Wilhelm-Dain" real photo postcard mailed 1900, raised edge decoration, small ink smear on back, minor corner wear. $7.50 ng

"GRUSS / aus DÜSSELDORF." in North Rhine-Westphalia, color multiview on undivided back with 5 scenes--including Kunst-Halle, Krieger-Denkmals & Kunst Akademie; slight yellowing of the paper with age, very late usage at Lipscomb Texas, ink smear on back, tiny ding in top edge, small piece of one corner missing. $7.50 gn

"Gruss aus Goch.  An der Niers. / 88903  Verlag Joseph Hegemann, Goch." Postkarte with undivided back mailed 24VI1906 from Nordbanernes Posteksp. Norway (clear cancels tie 10-ore stamp) to Mrs. E. M. Goldschmidt in Upper Montclair New Jersey (almost complete receiving mark JUL 9), tiny upper corner crease, other corners with minor rounding. This town was completely razed by World War II bombing & this view of it is hard to find. $15.00 ng

"GRUSS aus Köln" in North Rhein-Westphalia, color multiview with 3 scenes--including Post & Justizgebäude; corner & edge wear, small corner crease, light browning of paper with age. $8.50 gn ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY


"Grüsse / aus Köln / am Rhein" used there 1951, real photo multiview postcard with 5 scenes--including the cathedral & new bridge, fresh appearance. $1.50 nm

"Gruss aus Villa Honigheim  Düsseldorf Grafenberg" showing a restaurant ('Restauration' in the building sign at the left) on the German electric interurban line (train shown has stopped to take on a passenger); Postkarte mailed in Belgium 3 MAI 1902 to Etterbeeck, both sides toned from long album contact, minor wear to the upper edge & upper corners. The location in North Rhine-Westphalia is often seen hyphenated as Düsseldorf-Grafenberg (an urban borough of Düsseldorf). Very hard to find. $20.00 gn

"Grüsse von der Kavallerie / vom Truppenübungsplaatz Munster" multiview including parades & blacksmith, post card mailed 1906, corner crease. Nice! Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50

"Gruss von Schloss Stozenfels. / Lithogr. Kunstanstaft v. Carl Garte, Leipzig." Postkarte mailed 1893 from Coblenz, 3 corners creased, all corners with minor rounding, very light toning on back. $30.00 ng

"Hafengasse aus Alt-Köln" showing a flutist, house painter & organ grinder (all named!) playing in Harbor Alley there, long poem in German dialect in the sky; from Alt-Köln Serie 1 No. 1, post card mailed there 1909 to Columbus Ohio, inconspicuous small corner crease, name lightly penciled in the sky, minor corner wear. Now Cologne, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia. $35.00 mnp

"K. 300" showing the tower  (architect Wilhelm Riphahn) overhanging the Rhine at the northern end of Cologne, unused circa-1925 postcard with very lightly  toned back bearing a small advertisement for Farina (Italian for flower) the oldest eau de cologne (from 1709). $5.00 pn NEW / NÝR / NOU

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"Kloster Arnsburg (Kapitelsaal)." signed art on color postcard from Emil Roth in 1907, unused, very light toning on back from printing process, faint album marks on back. Nice. Arnsburg is in North-Rhine Westphalia, formerly Prussia. $2.50 apn

"Kneipp- und Luftkurot IBURG / Teutoburger Wald / Ausblick vom Langenberg" Postkarte from Verlag Schooning & Co. in Lübeck, a little pencil writing on back may erase well, scalloped edges as issued. $2.00 n

"Koblenz, die Stadt an Rhein u. Mosel!  Deutsches Eck" prominently showing the headland where the Rhine & Mosel Rivers meet, Photo & Postkartenvertrieb Fritz Wagner, unused postcard, 2 small spots of toning on back, a dark thin scrape near the lower left front corner. $2.00 n

"Köln a. Rh.  Der Dom" showing the cathedral, monochromatic green, post card mailed there 1905, corner & edge wear, small spot of toning along one edge. $4.00 n

"Köln a. Rh.  Die Bastei" showing the tower (architect Wilhelm Riphahn) overhanging the Rhine at the northern end of Cologne; unused Postkarte from Karl Rud. Bremer & Co., minor corner wear, dark album marks at the corners of both sides. $2.50 na NEW / NÝR / NOU

"Köln a. Rh. / Fronleichnamsprozession auf dem / Waldmarkt." showing a Roman Catholic procession for the Feast of Corpus Christi, unused post card from Eduard Hölzermann, good edges. $4.50 npc NEW / NÝR / NOU

"Köln a. Rh. / Im Rhein, im schönen Strome, / Da spiegelt sich in Well'n / Mit seinem großen Dome / Das grosße, heil'ge Köln" with the poem in German celebrating the highest Gothic spire ever achieved (before it was damaged by bombs & later repaired); unused Postkarte, light toning on back, saturated & beautiful front colors. $4.00 npa

"Köln a. Rhein.  Opernhaus." showing the opera house that was badly damaged in World War II, uneven top & bottom edges because of separation from other postcards, very late usage at Rhine Georgia, lightly toned back, TB seal with creased corner. $2.00 nm NEW / NÝR / NOU

"Köln a. Rh.  Heumarkt" showing the hay market as seen from a high vantage point, also including horse-drawn vehicles towards the right; unused circa-1910 Postkarte from an undisclosed publisher, bottom corners creased faintly, minor wear at all corners. $2.00 n

"Köln a. Rh. Totalansich." sepia-tone postcard on yellowish paper, very late usage in the United States, corner wear & rounding, small corner crease, long crease, as is. $1.00 n

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"Köln a. Rh. Waidmarkt." including the Raueiser building & many pedestrians, sepia-tone postcard on yellowish paper, very late usage in the United States, small corner crease. $2.00 n

"Köln. Rhein mit Dom und Eisenbahnbrücke" showing the railroad bridge, post card mailed there 1903, partial cancel on front, minor corner wear. $4.75 nb+

"Königswinter a
. Rh. mit Petersberg" the latter being the hill in the distance, F. G. Zeitz photographic postcard (their 40th anniversary celebrated in the stamp box), unused, scalloped edges as issued. $3.50 n

"Königswinter. Blick v. Drachenfels." black & white postcard, very late usage in the United States, corner crease. $1.50 n

"Konzert und Gesellschaffssaal" an unused postcard advertising the concert & social hall of owner Ludwig Böhm, showing an upright piano, dance floor & capacity for long tables at Hotel Pension Drachenfels, fairly fresh with good edges. $4.00 ni(h)

"LANGENFELD 1179 m - GASTHOF STERN  2727" showing the exterior of the lodge, unused real photo post card, minor corner wear. The town is now in North-Rhine-Westphalia. $3.00 p

LESEA GLOBAL (USA). Unused regular-size post card showing its Lockheed L-382 (N226LS) at Essen / Muelheim in the Summer of 1992, near mint. Their slogan "Feed the Hungry" shows plainly on its tail. $3.75 anf

"MINDEN. Am Schwanenteich" postcard used there 1915, feldpost marking, several small ink smear on back, one corner badly creased, small pencil marks on image. $1.50 n-n

"Neuwied. / Rheinuter. Blick aus dem Garten / des Hotels…" color post card from Ernst Gronemeyer, unused, slight browning of the paper with age. minor wear at one corner. $2.00 n

"Neuwied--Blick auf Newied" monochromatic dark blue postcard with brown caption, unused, good edges, brownish paper evident only on back. $2.00 n

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"Panorama der Düsseldorfer Ausstellung 1902" (in North Rhine-Westphalia), showing the arrival & departure of ships, post card mailed there (with expo cancel but stamp removed) to Missouri, black & white, corner crease, minor corner wear. $6.50 en

"Pirmasens.  Ecksteinsaul." color postcard with undivided back used in Bavaria, corner crease, light toning on front. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 n

"Rheinterrasse mit Blick auf Königswinter" an unused postcard advertising the terrace view available to long-term renters & guests at Ludwig Böhm's Hotel Pension Drachenfels, fairly fresh with good edges. $4.00 ni(h) NEW / NÝR / NOU

"Schloß Burg a. d. Wupper - Schloßhof" unused real photo post card, Graphische Kunstanstalt Kettling & Krüger Nr. 17908, upper corner bend tangential to image, tiny spot in upper left front margin. $2.75 n

"Schwebebahn Elberfeld-Barmen" showing cars on the world's only electrical public transportation suspension line, Postkarte mailed at Elberfeld to Oregon in 1907, minor wear at one bottom corner, very light toning in the address area. $7.50 nu

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Numismatics_Deutschland-200_small.jpg Germany post card available from Judnick.com
See also German post cards for less geographically specific, country-wide postcards. For example, the Postkarte illustrated here showed coinage in circulation throughout the country circa 1902, so it is listed under Germany / Deutschland.

See also North Rhine-Westphalia postal history.

See also
Prussian postcards for some earlier material. Shown here: an 1898 Altona Gruss aus Postkarte.

"Siegen / Oberes Schloss" with caption in fancy old script, showing the castle first mentioned in 1259, now a museum; sepia-tone real photo Postkarte from Cramers Kunstanstalt in Dortmund, mailed TCV -6.3.31 to Berwyn Illinois, slight curl to the paper, good edges, stamp corner bent over the edge purposefully to tell the postal people where the stamp was. $5.00 n NEW / NÝR / NOU

"SOEST / Der schiete Turm / Reform-Kirche" showing a church tower, black & white post card used there 1916 (no stamps, military markings as shown). $4.00 n-n

"Solingen. Alter Markt mit alter evang. Kirche" unused Cekade real photo postcard with lightly toned back & corner crease. $3.00 n

"Solingen. / Alter Markt mit Waffenschmied." including the Apotheke, unused real photo post card from Trinks & Co., slight oxidation but otherwise fairly fresh. $3.50 n

"Solingen. Am Gleisdreieck" including streetcars at the corner where lines 4 and 5 come together, real photo postcard from Mowe, numbered 155 on back, unused. $4.50 sn

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"Solingen. Botanisher Garten u. Siedlung Kannenhof" including 3 young women, unused real photo post card from H. Robin. $3.75 ng

"Solingen. Kölnerstr. M. Stadtbauamt  9750" unused real photo postcard from H. Rubin, a little dark but still an interesting view. $3.50 n

"Solingen, / Weegerhof, Neue Kolonie  23." unused real photo post card from Trinks & Co., slight oxidation. $3.50 n

"Stadt Bochum" showing Ruhrstadion Bochum from a high vantage point, with a well-attended soccer game in progress; unused continental post card, trivial corner wear. $1.50 ss(s)n

"The / FUNKY / CHICKEN / CLUB // popdomm Sa.17.08.02" bathing beauty popping out of her bikini top on unused continental-size publicity card with the Ace of Clubs design, back lists the artists expected to perform at Köln Germany, near mint. (2 available) $2.00 each. pna

TUCK SERIES 635B DÜSSELDORF. "DÜSSELDORF, RHEINUFER UND RHEINBRÜCKE." showing the banks of the Rhein River & a bridge over it; signed Charles F. Flower art on a circa 1912 unused Oilette Postkarte, very light album impressions at the corners, fairly fresh with good edges. Offered elsewhere as high as 12.50 Euros(!), but we need only $4.00 tna

"Wesel--Zitadelle, Voedecansicht" black & white postcard mailed there 1941, stamp damaged, rough edges as issued, 2 corner creases. $1.25 n

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"Winterberg im Böhmerwald" color post card, very late usage in the United States, album marks on front, small corner crease. $1.50 n

"Wuppertal-Barmen. Schwebebahn Wertherbrücke." showing the monorail in North Rhine Westphalia, sepia-tone real photo Postkarte mailed there 1931 to Derry New Hampshire, tiny upper corner crease, oxidation consistent with age. The image is a bit dark but the detail is good due to focus. $8.00 nu

"Wuppertal-Elberfeld. Schwebebahn (Bahnlänge 13 km, Bankosten 13 Millionen Goldmark" black & white Postkarte on yellowish stock, German written in the message area, both upper corners creased with a bit of rounding, mild wear to the bottom corners. The Deutscher Herold building is prominent at the right. $7.00 nu

"Wuppertal--Elberfeld.  Wall mit Rathaus." including the C. A. Krall storefront, postcard used there early 1930's, ink smear on back, 3 tiny spots of light toning on front, 2 corner creases. $1.75 n

"Wuppertal-E. Schwebebahn  Länge 13 km, Baukosten 13 Millionen Goldmark" showing the oldest elevated railway in the world, postcard numbered 23214 on back, writing in German & light toning on back, small upper corner bend. Sign at left reads '... Werres  Rob. Werres'. $8.00 ngu

"Wuppertal. Schwebebahn" real photo post card mailed there 1941 without stamp (presumably by a military member), 2 tape remnants at the top back, mild corner wear, a little writing by the sender in the upper front margin. $6.50 nu

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