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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU.
High-resolution thumbnails are used throughout.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Unless noted, prices do not include postage or insurance.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com


In order by the last name of the artist.
These subjects are or were displayed in museums, galleries,
& other public places,
confirming our impression of their merit.

Caligraphy_Hieroglyphics-200_small.jpg nude postcards available from Judnick.comJOHN W. ALEXANDER.  "HIEROGLYPHICS.  EVOLUTION OF THE BOOK SERIES" with art by John W. Alexander, displayed in the Library of Congress; unused white-border era post card published by B. S. Reynolds Company in Washington DC, minor corner wear. $1.75 cdlna

JOHN W. ALEXANDER.  "THE PICTOGRAPH.  EVOLUTION OF THE BOOK SERIES." with art by John W. Alexander showing a Native American painting on a buffalo robe, as displayed in the Library of Congress; unused white-border era postcard published by B. S. Reynolds Company in Washington DC, trivial corner wear. $2.00 ndl

A. ALTDORFER. A Wild Man of the Woods. $4.00

MAX BECKMANN. The Argonauts (left panel). Continental, no postcard back. $1.50

MAX BECKMANN. Ulysses and calypso / Ulysse et Calipso (1943). Continental, fresh appearance. $1.75

BÉROUD. La Part du Lion. $6.00

PIERRE BONNARD. La Toilette (1914). Continental. $1.50 %

PIERRE BONNARD. The Bath-Tub (c. 1937), showing a woman in a bathtub with a small dog nearby. Continental. $1.75 *+%

BORIS. "BORIS SERIES 1 / By Comic Images" boxed set of 90 collector cards (numbers 1 - 89 & checklist). Sensuous fantasy art by Boris Vallejo, 1991 copyright. Nudity but now in museums. All excellent or near-mint condition! Size is approximately 2"x3". $27.50 cn

BORIS."BORIS SERIES II / By Comic Images" boxed set of 90 (numbers 1 - 89 & checklist). Sensuous fantasy art by Boris Vallejo, 1992 copyright. Nudity, but now in museums. All excellent or near-mint condition! Size is approximately 2"x3". $20.00 ... Or complete your own set--we have almost all numbers available as single cards for $1.00 each.  cn

SANDRO BOTTICELLI. "FAMOUS PAINTINGS. / THE BIRTH OF VENUS. / By Sandro Botticelli / In the Uffizi Gallery--Florentine School" number 8 in a series of 26 postcards, mailed 1949 at Birmingham England, long corner crease, other corner wear minor. $1.25 n(p)a(b)smi

SANDRO BOTTICELLI. Birth of Venus / Geburt der Venus. Continental post card. $1.50

FRANÇOIS BOUCHER. Diane Sortant du Bain avec une de ses Compagnes. Continental postcard with bright delicate colors, excellent condition. $1.75 na(b)

FRANÇOIS BOUCHER. "L'amour d'ésarmé. / Á Madame de Pompadour  Dame du Palais de La Reine" unused carte postale, rough edge at top obscures most of top caption (could be trimmed off). $3.00 na(b)

FRANÇOIS BOUCHER. "Venus entrant au Bain" regular-size carte postale with divided back, unused, rough edges as issued, 2 long linear scratches on front miss the figure, colors a bit faded. $1.00 na(b)

FORD MADOX BROWN. Don Juan Discovered by Haydee (1828). Continental with fresh color. $1.75

PROF. V. BUKOVAC. "Lenost  Trägheit  La parasse" sepia-tone postcard on yellowish paper with divided back, JKP 525, unused, tiny bottom corner bend. The title--given in Czech, German & French--means 'sloth'. $6.00 n

PROF. V. BUKOVAC. "U more Am Meer. A la mer." attributed to Prof. V. Bukovac on the back, sepia-tone on yellowish paper, JKP 505, unused, album marks on front. $6.50 n(p)


ALEXANDRE CABANEL. "Cabanel Alexandre / 1823-1899 / Naissance de Vénus, 1863 / Huile sur toile" unused continental postcard with 1986 copyright from Musée d'Orsay Paris, excellent condition. $1.50 nfaa

PHILIP HERMOGENES CALDERON (1833 - 1898). "Die Entsagung" his 1891 painting depicting the young Saint Elizabeth of Hungary's act of renunciation before a crucifix, nude & under the prayerful gaze of monks & nuns; unused Stengel-published postcard, made in Germany, minor corner wear & rounding. Now in the Tate Britain National Gallery of Art, it caused controversy because it was perceived by some as anti-Catholic. In German her name is seen as Heilige Elisabeth von Thüringen, because she was a princess of Thuringia. Most unusual subject matter. $10.00 n(p)a(c)st

CAMPIGLI. Woman with Fan / Vroouw Met Waaier (1928). Continental. $1.50

PAUL CEZANNE. Le Punch au Rhum / The Rum-Punch (1866-67). Continental. $1.50

after PAUL ÉMILE CHABAS. "September Morn' // Frank Mueller, Books Postcards, etc. / Alliance, Ohio" unused circa-1912 postcard with unevenly divided back & good edges. Imitates the controversial art of Paul Émile Chabas which first surfaced in 1911. $9.00 bn

after PAUL ÉMILE CHABAS. "SEPTEMBER MOURNING - / FOR THE DEAD ONES" art taking off on the 'September Morn' image made famous in 1911 by the original artist Paul Émile Chabas, unused postcard with 1913 copyright by The J. Raymond Howe Co. in Chicago, trivial corner wear, tiny spot of toning near the upper left front corner. $7.50 bn

MARC CHAGALL. La Création de l"Homme. Continental. $1.50

MARC CHAGALL. Le Paradis. Continental. $1.50

CHARLES JOSHUA CHAPLIN (1825 - 1891). "CHAPLIN / Souvenirs  Collections ND Phot" unused carte postale with undivided back in pale blue-green, light album toning both sides, small upper corner crease not into the image, soft corners. Best known for portraiture of young women. $4.50 n

CLASSICAL GREEK. "Crater, Satyr and Bacchus, N. M. Athens." showing a vase from the National Museum, black & white postcard on brownish paper, made in Greece, unused, considerable corner & edge wear. $1.00 gma(g)n(p)

LÉON COMERRE. "Salons de Paris / 2912 -- Léon COMERRE. -- Le Triomphe du Cygne.  ND Phot." unused real photo carte postale with matte finish & divided back, slight curl to the paper, minor corner rounding, toning near the back edges. The painting which depicts the intimate encounter between Leda and the swan from Greek mythology. The painting appeared in a Sotheby's auction in 2007 & sold at 240,500 GBP including buyer's premium. Your cost is only $8.50. n(p)a(c)b

BENJAMIN CONSTANT. La Justice du Chérif. album marks on front. $4.50

GUSTAV COURBET (1819-1877). "l'Atelier du Peintre, Allégorie réelle (detail), 1855 / Paris - Musée du Louvre" unused continental-size postcard. (3 available) $1.75 each. Same but minor wear at all 4 corners. Shown. $1.25 n(p)a(c)

LUCAS CRANACH d.Ä. Venus und Amor (c. 1530). Continental. $1.50

CYPRIOT. "Paphos Mosaic (3rd Century A.D.) Cyprus." art showing Dionysos (God of Wine) extending a bunch of grapes to a semi-nude nymph, unused continental postcard, good edges. Illustrates the legend of how the first wine was made. $1.50 cnaa(g) [Διόνυσος]

[CYRILLIC ATTRIBUTION] "674..." rest of caption in Cyrillic, real photo postcard of art showing 3 semi-nude women at the side of a stream, much writing on back dates to 1935, corner & edge wear, long internal crease. $10.00 n(p)

SALVADOR DALI. Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee. Continental postcard with a little writing on back. $1.25 (nd)

SALVADOR DALI. "LEDA ATOMICA / LEDA ATÓMICA / LEDA ATOMIQUE / ATOMIC LEDA" Continental-size postcard with writing in English over much of the back, good edges. $1.50 n(p)a(d)

DEB. "Nouveau dirigeable / Pour l Année / 1905" fanciful & risqué art (signed Deb) showing a woman clad in naught but hosiery and shoes, piloting the carrot-shaped zeppelin (numbered 69) that she straddles while flying over the Eifel Tower! Unused carte postale, browning paper with a bit of light spotty toning both sides, tiny bottom corner crease, short faint internal crease well to the left of the image. The most unusual New Year postcard we have ever seen in anyone's stock. $135.00 zf(p)nnh

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OLIVIA DE BERARDINIS. "OLIVIA  / COLLECTOR CARDS  / BY COMIC IMAGES" boxed set of 90 (numbers 1 - 89 & checklist), near mint condition. Pinup artwork copyrighted 1992 by Olivia De Berardinis. Nudity, but now in museums! Size is about 2"x 3". $20.00 ... Or complete your own set--we have most numbers available as single cards for $1.00 each. Betty Page modeled cards available as singles for $3.75 each. All excellent or near-mint condition! cn

PUVIS DE CHAVANNES. "20  PARIS  -- L'Hôtel-de-Ville. -- Salon d'Arrivée sud. -- L'Été (detail) / Puvis de Chavannes. -- LL." depicting bathers in summer; sepia-tone carte postale from an undisclosed publisher, undivided back, tiny scrape near top center front, 2 large album adherences on back. $1.75 a(d)f(p)n

EDGAR DEGAS. Woman Drying Herself (c. 1886). Continental, no postcard back, a little writing on back. $1.25 na

EDGAR DEGAS. Woman in a Tub (1884). Unused continental postcard, excellent condition. Published by the Arts Council of Great Britain in 1986. $1.50 na

DEMONT-BRETON. Sur la Plage. $6,00

V. DEMONT-BRETON. Graine de Mer. $6.00

VICTOR DE STUERS. "No. 8. Academie Lieden. / Teekening op de trap (II) / van Victor de Stuers. Real photo of an allegorical drawing,  published by A. Smit. Seated man is flanked by two women--one dressed, standing with helmet & shield, the other nude, seated on a bear. Mailed 1957 at Milmay New Jersey, trivial corner wear. $3.00 n(p)

DOMENICHINO. "1729 ROMA - Galleria Borghese. Due bambine, dertaglio de quadro La Caccia di Diana. / (Domenichino)" black & white, unused, light toning on back. $8.50 n(p)

P. DU THOIT. "Près de la Source. / 340  CLOSE TO THE SOURCE_ PRESSo LA SORGENTE_ CERCADE LA FUENTE." unused postcard made in France & published by AN PARIS, minor corner rounding, light fingerprint toning on back. Hard to find! $6.00 a(p)

ELVGREN. "Jeepers, / peepers" small blotter (about 4"x3") with signed Elvgren art depicting a nude woman in a bathtub. No ink on the blotter side, mild edge wear. Advertising has been very neatly cut from its right side; the art is complete. $5.00 mna

PAUL FISCHER. "Paul Fischer pinx.: Badeliv ved Stranden. / Badlif vid stranden. Badeleben am Strande. / Surfbathing. Au bain de mer..." & captions in other languages, art depicting 2 nude women at seaside, one standing & one seated, postcard from Vincents Maleriserie Nr. 221, unused, light toning on back, corner wear & rounding. $4.00 n(p)a(f)

ÉCOLE DE FONTAINEBLEAU. Diane Chasseresse / Diane the Huntress. Continental, a little writing on back. $1.25


MAX ERNST. Deux Jeune Filles en de Belles Poses (1924). Continental, corner & edge wear. $1.00

DR. ERNEST FABER. "Jahreswende. / Schon ist ein Jahr im Zeitenstrom entschwunden, / Ein anderes tritt freudig auf den Plan / Und füllt mit neuem Hoffen uns're Stunden / Auf kurzer Fahrt im schwanken Lebenskahn!" a poem in German on the occasion of an anniversary, nude figures above suggestive of a clock; unused sepia-tone postcard in excellent condition. Slightly longer than most regular size postcards. $4.00 n(p)p

ANSELM FEUERBACH. Enfants se baignant. Continental with good color. $1.75

FIDUS. Weihnacht II. Pinhole, light toning on back, corner crease. $4.00 n(p)*

FRAZETTA. "FRAZETTA" collector cards from a set of 90. Sensuous fantasy art with some nudity, 1991 copyright. Now in museums. All excellent or near-mint condition. Available as individual cards to complete your set--most all numbers. Size is about 2"x3". $1.00 each cn

GASTON PIERRE GALEY (1880 - 1959). "Salon 1912 _ Gaston Pierre GALEY _ LES CHEVALIERS ET LES NYMPHES / A.F. DIE RITTER UND DIE NYMPHEN / THE KNIGHTS AND THE NYMPHS _ …" also captioned in Russian, two reclining nude women beckon with fruit to two passing mounted knights; sepia-tone postcard from Noyer in Paris, unused, light toning on back, small corner crease misses the art. $7.00 n(p)a(g)*

GOYA. "EA1ARB" continental Avilés (Asturias) QSL club postcard used 1987 by operator Vicente Fernández Fernández, small illustration in monochromatic blue of the La Maja Desnuda painting by Goya, 2 small corner creases. $1.75 sn

GOYA. "La maja desnuda. / Goya.  Museo del Prado, 742." unused phototyped postcard printed in Madrid, good edges. $3.75 n(p)a(g)m

SONSEARAY GRADY. "sonsearay grady / FIGURE - / ing it out" continental publicity card for a BFA exit show at The Ohio State University in December 2007, modern figure drawing in full color on front, near mint. $1.50 o(c)n

A. GUILLAUME. "1381.  A. GUILLAUME.  Visite imprévue. / A visit unforeseen." post card printed in Paris, unused, light album toning at all corners. $8.50 n(p)a(g)

HANRIOT. "Salon de Paris  J. A. HANRIOT _ LA NYMPHE DE LA FONTAINE / THE FOUNTAIN NYMPH _  LA NINFA DE LA FUENTE _ / LA NINFA DELLA FONTANA / ... / 3884" unused sepia-tone postcard, fabrication Française, small bottom corner crease, minor corner wear elsewhere. $6.50 na(h)

JEAN-JACQUES HENNER (1829-1905). "La Chaste Suzanne, 1865 / Huile sur toile" with a male onlooker in the bushes, continental-size postcard, unused, published by the Musée d'Orsay, Paris, copyrighted. $1.75 n(p)a(h)

HANS HOLBEIN. "XIII i4 / HANS HOLBEIN II / A Wild Man of the Woods. / British Museum.  Phot. Oxford University Press." unused sepia-tone postcard, small but heavy corner crease nowhere near the image. $1.25 nma

JEAN-AUGUSTE INGRES. La Baigneuse (1808). Continental, minor corner & edge wear. $1.25

JEAN-AUGUSTE INGRES. La Baigneuse Dite Baingeuse Valpinçon (1808). Continental. $1.50

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La Grande Odalisque, 1914 / Toile". Continental-size postcard, published by the Louvre Département des Peintures, copyrighted, trivial wear on one edge, otherwise excellent condition. $1.50

J. A. D. INGRES / JEAN-AUGUSTE INGRES. "Le Bain Turc (1862) / Toile sur bois". Unused continental-size postcard. published by the Louvre Département des Peintures, copyrighted, excellent condition.  (2 available) $1.50

J. A. D. INGRES / JEAN-AUGUSTE INGRES. Œdipe expliquant l'énigme. Continental, small corner crease. $1.00

KEN KIFF. “KEN KIFF / Man Greeting Woman 1965-66” both nude, unused continental postcard, copyrighted, excellent condition. $2.00 a(k)n(p)

GUSTAV KLIMT. Judith. Frame artist Karl Wissing Bocholt. Continental, no postcard back. Nice! $2.00

NudePainting_FLefler-200_small.jpg nude painting postcard available from LotsOfCards.com

F. LEFLER. "F. Lefler pinx. / Vinobrani / Freut euch des Lebens .. Bacchanale / Galerie U. P. 1040" unused postcard, minor wear along 2 edges. Hard to find! $7.00 na(l)

LE GIORGIONE. "Le concert champêtre / PE064" unused ccontinental-size postcard with deep colors, copyrighted 1975, good edges. $1.50 n(p)a(l)m

SIR PETER LELY (1618 - 1680). "Eleanor Gwyn, ca. 1675 / Oil on canvas, 48 x 38½ in." Artfax from the Columbus Museum of Art, 1983 copyright. Interesting information covers most of the back. $1.25 nm

TRAVIS LEWIS. "Travis Lewis / Art & Illustration / ... / ...Yellow Springs, OH 45587" advertising card in color showing fantasy art (seated nude woman with butterfly wings) & contact information, near mint. $1.50 ofna

EDOUARD MANET. Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe (1863). Continental, numbering corrected on back. $1.25 Same but no writing on back, no postcard back. $1.50

EDOUARD MANET. Olympia (1863). Continental. $1.50

ALBERT MARQUET. Nu dit fauve (1898). Continental, no postcard back, a little writing on back, minor corner wear. $1.25 Same but no writing on back. $1.50 n(p)a(m)

ALBERT MARQUET. "Nu ou La femme au divan, 1912 / ... / Musée National d'Art Moderne, Paris" unused continental-size postcard, copyrighted, printed in France. $1.75 n(p)a(m)

HENRI MATISSE. Le Rêve (1935). Continental. $1.75 *

GABRIEL CORNELIUS RITTER VON MAX. "Gabr. Max. ~ Der Anatom." real photo postcard of the 1869 Gabriel Cornelius Ritter von Max painting 'The Anatomist', showing a beautiful dead woman about to be dissected, the sheet covering the corpse is being lifted so as to expose her face & much of her breasts. Numeral penned in neatly in the left front margin, pushpin damage & nearby short internal creases detract from the center of the lower edge, rounded corners, minor edge wear. Edgar Alan Poe wrote: 'The death of a beautiful woman is unquestionably the most poetical topic in the world.' Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 mn

MICHELANGELO / MICAELANGELO. Creazione dell'Uomo. Continental. $1.25 n(p)*&

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MICHELANGELO / MICAELANGELO. Figura decorative, Palazzo Vaticano. $3.00

Vatican_AdamoEdEva-200_small.jpg nude post card available from LotsOfCards.com

MICHELANGELO / MICAELANGELO. "ROMA - Vaticano - Cappella Sistina / Adamo ed Eva tentati. (Michelangelo)" depicting Adam and Eve, postcard with a little writing on back, corner crease within caption area, album marks at the corners of both sides. $1.25 vn

J. E. MILLAIS. "J. E. Millais: Bludný rytiř. / Der Retter. / The Knight Errant." rescuing a maiden tied to a tree, also captioned in Cyrillic; unused postcard from Salon J. P. P. (J. Plichta, Praha), back paper browned evenly with age, minor corner wear.  $4.50 na(m)

GUSTAV MOREAU. Jason et Médée (1865). Continental. $1.50

EVAN NABRIT. "Evan Nabrit / Opening Receptions: Nov 1st 6 PM to9Pm" continental publicity card for an exhibition & reception at a Columbus Ohio art gallery, near mint. Full color, each side includes a tasteful nude by the young black artist. $2.00 nbo(c)

OROZCO (1883 - 1949). "SERIE ARTE MODERNO MEXICANO / HARSIS -- PALACIO DE BELLAS ARTES / ORIGINAL DE JOSE CLEMENTE OROZCO" unused regular-size postcard printed in Mexico, numbered 5513 in stamp box, excellent condition. $5.00 n(p)a(o)m(d)

PHILIP PEARLSTEIN (1924- ). "Two Female Models in Bamboo Chairs with Mirror / Oil on canvas, 1981" unused continental-size post card, copyrighted 1984 by The Toledo Museum of Art, excellent condition. $1.50 n(p)a(p)

FRANCIS PICABIA. "Adam et Eve, ca. 1941-42 / Serie 83 ..." Unused continental-size postcard, copyrighted 1983, excellent condition. $1.75 n(p)a(p)

FRANCIS PICABIA. Femme cocette à la Schulpture Grecque (c. 1940-42). Continental. Nice! (2 available) $1.75 each

PABLO PICASSO. Deux femmes Courant sur la Plage. (1922). Continental with good color. (2 available) $1.75 each

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PABLO PICASSO. Famille aubord de la mer (1923). Continental post card, small corner bend. $1.25 No bend. (2 available) $1.50 each

PABLO PICASSO. Figures au Bord de la Mer (1931). Continental postcard, trivial wear at the bottom corners. $1.50

PABLO PICASSO. Grand nu à la draperie (1923). Continental post card. $1.50 na

PABLO PICASSO. "Homme nu assis - 1908 / ... / Musée d'Art Moderne du Nord / Villeneuve d'Ascq")" continental-size postcard, in excellent condition. Back shown. $1.75 n(p)a(p)m. Same except trivial corner wear. Front shown. $1.50 each. n(p)a(p)m

PABLO PICASSO. Les duex Frères (1906). Continental. (2 available) $1.50 each Same but a little corner wear. (2 available) $1.25 each. na

PABLO PICASSO. Nu assis (1905). Continental with good color. $1.75 na

PABLO PICASSO. Two Youths. Continental, no postcard back. $1.50 na

PIERRE PUVIS DE CHAVANNES. "21 PARIS. - L'Hôtel de-Ville. -- Le Salon d'arrivée Sud. - L'Été. / (Détail). Puvis de Chavannes). - LL." unused circa-1906 carte postale with undivided back, two paste spots on back, good edges. Hard to find! $6.00 na(p)

PIERRE PUVIS DE CHAVANNES. Jeunes filles au bord de la mer. Continental postcard with wonderful pastel colors. (2 available) $1.75 each Same but a little writing on back. $1.50

FRANZ RADZIWILL. Time sustained / Angehaltene Zeit (1922). Continental. $1.50

RAFFAELLO. "318 ROMA. Farnesina. Giove bacia Cupido. / Raffaello." black & white from N. P. G., unused, purple printing on back, a little pencil writing on back that might erase, minor wear at one corner. $5.00 n(p)

RAFFAELLO. "Napoli - Museo Nazionale - La Sacra Familglia (Raffaello)" depicting the Sacred Family of Jesus, including a brother; unused sepia-tone postcard removed neatly from a booklet, Ediz. Carlo Cotini. $2.00 a(r)nmr(a)

MEL RAMOS. "CURTIS / Baby Ruth" with Mel Ramos fantasy art depicting a nude lady emerging from a candy bar wrapper, unused continental postcard with 1965 copyright, a little curl to one upper corner may straighten out with album pressure, hint of water stain along top edge detectable from the back. Gives new meaning to the phrase 'eye candy'. $3.75 nfa

MEL RAMOS. "FIRESTONE" with Mel Ramos art depicting a nude lady standing next to one of their tires, company logo partially obscured in the background, unused continental postcard with 1965 copyright, excellent condition. $4.75 naa

=> Special: Both of the above for $7.75 n <=

PIERRE-AUGUSTE RENOIR. "Les grandes baigneuses - vers 1918". Continental-size postcard with 1974 copyright. (2 available) $1.50 each. Same, but minor wear one corner. $1.25 Minor wear at one corner & rubber band mark in back address area. Shown. $1.00 n(p)a(r)

PIERRE-AUGUSTE RENOIR. Trois Baigneuses. Continental, soft corners. $1.25

PIERRE PUVIS DE CHAVANNES. "PUVIS DE CHAVANNES _ TROIS HOMMES AU PIED D'UN ARBRE" showing 3 mean near the foot of a tree, black & white carte postale on yellowish stock, unused, Braun & Cie. Éditeurs (their number 35619 on back), fairly fresh with good edges. $3.00 na(p)m

                POMA-Belgium_Nudes-200small.jpg nude QSL cards available from Judnick.com
Lot of 13 Belgian POMA cards, each with quality art depicting a nude or semi-nude woman. Most have postcard backs, 3 have handstamps applied that belong. All in excellent condition. $30.00 pbn

LOUIS RIDEL. "Salons de Paris / 2120 Dt. -- Louis Ridel. -- Le bain interrompu.  ND Phot." unused sepia-tone real photo postcard with matte finish & an evenly divided back, very slight curl to the paper, light toning near the back edges. An uncommon variation on the Greek mythological theme of Leda and the swan. $9.00 a(r)b

LOUIS RIDEL. Peine de Couer. Neudin reference claims there is only one card by this artist. Unless we are mistaken, this would be the second! corner wear & rounding. $20.00

J. ROSENTALS. Fantasie. $5.50


ANNE-LOUIS GIRODET DE ROUCY-TRIOSON. Le sommeil d'Endymion. Continental, minor wear to corners. $1.25

PETER PAUL RUBENS. "…1577 -- 1640 P. P. Rubens. / … / L'alliance de la Terre et de l'Eau" rest of caption in Cyrillic, showing a nude woman with cherubs & Neptune, sepia-tone Russian Red Cross art postcard, unused, corner & edge wear, toned back. $15.00 rn(p)a

PETER PAUL RUBENS. "…P. Rubens. / … -- Bacchus. / … L'Ermitage." rest of caption in Cyrillic, sepia-tone art postcard showing a nude Junoesque woman surrounded by angels, Russian Red Cross, unused, small spot of toning on both sides, minor corner wear & rounding. $15.00 rn(p)a(r)m

PETER PAUL RUBENS. Cimon und Pera. $4.25

PETER PAUL RUBENS. "Le conseguenze della guerra / Firenze  Rubens" art commenting on Europe ravaged by the 30 Years War, unused postcard published by Sborgi (421), back paper toned from album contract, several tiny or small spots of missing color on front detract a lot. As is. $0.50 nsa(r)

PETER PAUL RUBENS. Samson and Delilah (c. 1609). Continental, no postcard back. $1.50

PETER PAUL RUBENS. "P. P. RUBENS, Toilette der Venus. / The Toilet of Venus / Fürstlich Liectensteinische Gemälde-Galerie, Wien." unused postcard, light album impressions at the corners, excellent condition. $5.00 n(p)a(r)

XAVIER SAGER. "Fantasies trichromes post card, Série No. 29 / Intimité (Privacy).  146" with his signed art on an unused post card, very light toning both sides, slight curl to the paper no problem in any album. $14.00 n(p)a(s)

XAVIER SAGER. "La colère / Anger" unused Fantasies trichromes post card, Série No. 31 / Péchés Mignons (Cute Sins), par X. Sager.  153" with his signed art on an unused carte postale, very light toning both sides. $14.00 n(p)a(s)

XAVIER SAGER. "L'indolence / Indolence" unused Fantasies trichromes post card, Série No. 31 / Péchés Mignons (Cute Sins), par X. Sager.  151" with his signed art on an unused postcard, very light toning both sides, tiny upper corner crease, minor wear to a bottom corner. $13.00 n(p)a(s

SALOMÉ / WOLFGANG LUDWIG CIHLARZ. "Blutsturz, 1979" meaning hemorrhage in German, unused continental postcard, minor corner wear. $1.75 n

G. SARTORIO. Regard à l'avenir. Mailed from Moscow. $5.00

J. SCALBERT. "Salon d'Hiver _ J. SCALBERT _ FARNIENTE _ REPOS. / SÜSSES NICHTSTUN ... / 2356" unused sepia-tone postcard, fabrication Française, light toning along back & front bottom edges, minor corner & edge wear. $6.50 na(s)

MOLLY SMYTH. Wanted to buy--postcards bearing the nude art of Molly Smyth (nee Rye). Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

STEVENS. "CCXII  NATIONAL GALLERY, MILLBANK / STEVENS  1958 FIGURE OF A WOMAN" unused sepia-tone postcard, 3 long creases, two small thins on the back. As is. Surprisingly hard to find in any condition. $1.75 nma

ANTONIO TEJEDA F. "Bacchus dream. A mural at the Maya Excelsior Hotel.  Guatemala. / By Antonio Tejeda F." $7.50 n(p)gi(h)

TANOUX (1865 - 1923). "Evocation / EVOCACION - WACHRUFEN" meaning an awakening or calling forth; unused real photo postcard of a painting, made in France, AN Paris published, slight oxidation, lightly toned back, faint internal bend in the paper can be seen in just the right light. $6.00 n(p)a(t)

RICHARD TAYLOR. "Richard TAYLOR: Visitation. 1940. Ink and water- / color...The Museum of Modern Art" showing several nude women of intimidating proportions approaching a startled artist, black & white, unused. $3.00 an

TINTORETTO. "Arianna e Bacco. / Venezia. / Tintoretto.  R. Accademia di Belle Arti." art depicting Bacchus and Ariadne, unused postcard printed in Italy for Sborgi (533), thick stock, minor wear at the upper corners, tiny fleck of color missing from the drape, faint internal crease from the top edge (approximately 1"), muted colors, as is. $1.25 sna(t)

TIZIANO VECELLIO / TITIAN / TIZIANO VECELLI (1477-1576). "AMOR SACRO E PROFANO ... / Roma, Galleria Borghese" divided back postcard with very late usage at Amoret Missouri, rounded corners, paper starting to show its true age. The artist's date of birth is still subject to scholarly dispute. $1.25 na(t)

UNATTRIBUTED. "141 MONTE-CARLO. -- Le Casino. -- Les Joies de l'Eau. -- LL." a mural with numerous nude nymphs cavorting by the sea, in color, unused greenback post card with slight browning along back edges. $4.00 mn

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UNATTRIBUTED. "65.  AZAY-le-RIDEAU (I.-et-L) - Le Château National XVI s. / Gabrielle d'Estrées et ses enfants, le Duc et le Chevalier de Vendôme / National Castle (XVI th. cent) - Gabrielle d'Estrées and her Children / R. D." including a wet-nurse in the background; unused black & white postcard with good edges, toning on back from the printing process itself. $2.00 n(p)ff

UNATTRIBUTED. "BACCHANTE DANSEUSE DE POMPEI / G. BROGI SUCC. NEGENBORN BOKWINKEL - NAPOLI  PROP. ART. RISERVATA" unused cartolina postale Italiana with undivided back, mild corner rounding, light toning in the front caption area, back paper yellowed a bit with age. $4.75 n(p)id

Mutoscope_GoldenHours-200_small.jpg nude arcade cards available from Judnick.comUNATTRIBUTED. "GOLDEN HOURS" art on a seldom-seen (have a look & you know why) Mutoscope arcade card from the Hotcha Girls series, depicting a redhead with pillow lips & a stunning figure clad only in a tight-fitting diaphanous bathing suit; fresh color, light wear on both long edges appears to have been the subject of a color-restoration attempt (not ours!), very light toning at the top of the back is from the production process itself. Most every man's fantasy. The only time we have ever seen it in 34+ years of dealing. The best example the dealer we bought it from ever saw in his years of dealing; he saw no need to attempt to restore it either. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & artistic research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 mpn

UNATTRIBUTED. "KBL-8740" CB QSL card with cartoon art showing a nude lady getting a shot at the doctor's office; operators were Dick & Donna Ramsey, a little toning near the edges of both sides. $3.75 o(w)n

UNATTRIBUTED. "La Notte  Pompei" unused Stengel postcard with good edges & a toned back. $10.00 sn(p)i

UNATTRIBUTED. [Leda and the Swan] a painting depicting their intimate encounter from Greek mythology; unused sepia-tone post card with unevenly divided back, light toning near the back edges. $7.00 n(p)b

UNATTRIBUTED. "MOTOSACOCHE" poster art depicting a nude angel watching over the rider of a Swiss-made motorcycle, artist unknown, reproduced on an unused continental postcard in excellent condition. Gorgeous. $2.50 mpna

"START THE BALL ROLLING" with art on a rare Mutoscope arcade cards from the Hotcha Girls series, depicting a nude blonde as seen through a large semi-transparent ball, excellent condition. $20.00 mpn

VARGAS. "Varga  40-Military Ed. Sept. 1945" 1992 copyright by the Hearst Corporation. Prizm card, approximately 2"x3", near mint. Very hard to find! $10.00

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VARGAS. "1940's Illustrations by Vargas  / Pin-Up Girls  / Collectible Trading Cards" set of 50 cards, boxed, near-mint condition, 1993 issue for the Hearst Corporation, produced by 21st Century Archives, including checklist & the card that many mailed in for a prizm set drawing! Includes some images never previously published in Esquire Magazine! Size of each is about 2"x 3". $35.00

"M. M. VIENNE / Nr. 68" depicting a semi-nude woman in elaborate lingerie; unused carte postale with unevenly divided back, upper corner crease, minor corner rounding, a little toning on back. $9.00 lla(v)n

NICOLAS VLEUGHELS. "No. 1351  La Jumente du Compère Pierre.  Vleughels" unused black & white Postkarte with undivided back, 2 small bottom corner crease(1 tangential to the image, other well outside it), other edge wear is minor. Scene is a cowshed interior, with a country priest groping the naked woman who is being turned into a beast of burden, while her deceived husband watches approvingly. Odd subject matter & rare; when we searched the internet no one else had a postcard for sale, no one bragged about having sold one & museums just wanted to sell high-priced prints! $15.00 na(v)w(s)

H. O. WALKER. "KEATS / ENDYMION.  LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, WASHINGTON, D. C." unused white-border era postcard published by B. S. Reynolds Company, soft corners. Offered as high as $7.00 at a popular auction site, but we need only $2.50 nld

Library_MuseOfLyric-200_small.jpg nude postcards available from Judnick.comH. O. WALKER. "'Muse of Lyric Poetry'  Library of Congress." unused & in color, made in Germany for the Illustrated Postal Card Company of New York (210.-21), toning at the back corners, front colors are fresh, trivial edge wear. The artist is not attributed, but it is H. O. Walker. $2.50 pna(w)ld

JEAN ANTOINE WATTEAU. "Jean Antoine Watteau (1684-1721) / RECLINING NUDE / Oil on panel ..." unused continental postcard, long crease from the top edge mostly in the background, 2 tiny corner bends. $1.00 na

TOM WESSELMANN. Bathtub 3 (1963). Continental post card. $1.50

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