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OKAMOTO, TOYO. "PHOTO BY TOYO OKAMOTO HOLLYHOCK FESTIVAL, KYOTO" held annually on May 15th, color, pertinent information on back, very late usage at Grassy Creek Kentucky, corner crease, minor edge wear. $2.00 jp

ORCAJO PHOTO ART. "3653-A" unused sepia-tone DOPS real photo from Orcajo Photo Art in Dayton Ohio, light album marks at the back corners, trivial corner wear. $10.00 dp

CARLOS TERRAZAS ORELLANA. "AMERICA QUINIENTOS AÑOS / BOLIVIA / LLAMERA DEL ALTIPLANO / FOTO: Carlos Terrazas Orellana / 1er. Premio: 'Photorush Paris 1984' / COLECCION 'CIMA' / P-420" showing a woman with a grazing llama, unused continental, unimportant lightly toned back. Prize-winning photo. $2.00 bp

Prisons_110_small.jpg Georgia post cards available from Judnick.com

. "109-- UNITED STATES PENITENTIARY, ATLANTA, GA. / PHOTO BY EDGAR ORR  5A-H1060" unused linen postcard from R. & R. News, fairly fresh. $3.00 gpp

OSGOOD. Uncaptioned Azo real photo (triangles up) postcard of a standing man, taken by Osgood Photo Supply in Galesburg in 1910, message on in a Scandinavian language. $3.00 ip

N. E. OTIS. "SUNSET THRU FOG ON ATKINS BAY, POPHAM BEACH, MAINE" with lobster traps in silhouette', unused real photo post card from N. E. Otis (photographer in Bath, Maine), back is toned, but the front & edges are in excellent condition. This photographer is special: he conveys the beauty of the sunset in black & white, and simultaneously gives a you-are-there kind of feeling. Rare & beautiful. $25.00 m(p)m(a)ps

PAUL OUTERBRIDGE JR. "REAR OF LADY'S LEGS WITH SEAMED STOCKINGS, c.1933 / PHOTOGRAPH BY PAUL OUTERBRIDGE, JR." unused continental postcard in black & white, 1980 copyright, tiny corner crease not into image, 2 tiny spots near top back edge. $2.00 hp!

MAC OWEN. "EMPIRE STATE EXPRESS / …the locomotive is shown on dis- / play in Louisville, KY in June of 1960…" chrome from a photo by Mac Owen, fresh appearance. $1.50 kp

MIKE PARENT. "General Store -- located on the main street of 'Hell Roarin' / Gulch' at the World Museum of Mining, Butte, Montana, this fully stocked general store of the 1905 era..." unused chrome-era postcard from a photograph by Mike Parent. $1.25 m(b)i(s)p NEW / NOV / NY

Mexico_207_small.jpg photographer post card available from LotsOfCards.com

DICK PARRISH. Wanted to buy--postcards derived from his work, similar to the one shown. Please offer us some, so that we may restock. m(s)p

PIERRE ALAIN PATENAUDE. "CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAYS / FREIGHT TRAIN / Deep in The Canadian Rockies,... / ...August of 1975 with SD40- / 2W Unit Number 5246 at the point." chrome with well-balanced color from Pierre Alain Patenaude, writing on back dates to 1976. $1.25 r

OWEN PEARCE. "James Noble Dwarf Conifer Garden, in Strybing / Arboretum, San Francisco..." unused continental, small ink smear on back (probably from printing process). $1.00 pg

Women_PCParis3987_small.jpg (3086 bytes) photographer post card by PC of Paris

PC OF PARIS studio, photographers of women. Follow the hyperlink to several examples.

MRS. GERRY PECK. "Montpeller Mansion in Laurel, Maryland is one of / the finest five-part Georgian mansions in America ..." showing its exterior on a cloudy day, horizontal format, with a long hedge in the foreground obscuring the bottom portion of the building; unused chrome post card with even more pertinent information on the back, fresh appearance & good edges. Photographer & distributor was Mrs. Gerry Peck. $1.00 mpa* ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

IRVING PENN. Wanted to buy--postcards or prints bearing the color photography of Eve Arnold when she was in Mongolia. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

JOHN PENROD. "C6AFN / Bahamas" continental QSL multiview (3 scenes with broad-lipped Bahamian Conch shells) QSL postcard used 1990. Images are attributed to photographer John Penrod. $2.00 bsp

JOHN PENROD. "Horse and Buggy Parking Lot QUINCY, MICHIGAN Photo by John Penrod" unused continental postcard which refers to the Indiana Amish on the back, scalloped borders as issued, unusual subject matter. $1.25


JOHN PENROD. "White Cloud, Newaygo County" showing an aerial view of the Michigan town, unused continental post card with scalloped edges as issued, from a photo by John Penrod. $1.25 m(w)p

Illinois_034_small.jpg photography post card available from LotsOfCards.com

"LINCOLN STATUE, LINCOLN PARK, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS / C. Q. Petersen, Photo" carved by Augustus St. Gaudens, unused linen postcard, pencil writing in stamp box will probably erase, trivial corner wear. $2.00 li(c)sp

JOSEPH T. PETERSON. "Lally's" uncaptioned (so we use the delivery wagon signage) sepia-tone real photo postcard mailed at Jamestown 2/5/11 to Mr. & Mrs. L. A. Sturdevant in Dewittville (Chautauqua County) New York by their nephew Fred, violet handstamp of photographer Joseph T. Peterson of Jamestown on back, faint small upper corner crease & tiny bottom corner crease neither near the image. The H. P. Lally Company was located at 30-32 North Main Street (in the Arcade Building), per the Jamestown Street Directory of 1909-1910. SOLD RECENTLY n(j)hg(l)g(s)p

BOB PETLEY. "P-221 / SPRING COMES TO THE DESERT / Brought to life by the warm sun..." chrome post card from a photo by Bob Petley, fresh appearance. $1.00 dp

WALTER PETRIGO. "CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA  Photo: Walter Petrigo" Continental post card in vertical format, mailed 1975, small corner bend, pinhole at top center. $0.75 ap

A. D. PHILLIPS. "#173 / PRINCETON, Maine, beside the St. croix Waters / at the outlet of Lewy Lake, is a Lumbering and / Sporting center." unused chrome-era postcard from an aerial photo by A. d. Phillips, fairly fresh with good edges. $1.25 m(p)m(l)p NEW / NOV / NY

W. PIERCE. "MIDDLE FERN FALLS. COLD BROOK CAMP." Unused Cyko real photo, violet backstamp of W. Pierce Photographer Claremont California, slight oxidation. Circa 1915-1920. $3.50 (cp)

PILLSBURY. Wanted to buy--early California real photo postcards. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros, postpaid to Columbus Ohio! *c

MARKO PINTORIČ. "MARIBOR / SLOVENIJA" unused multiview slightly oversize continental post card with 4 scenes, photographs copyrighted by Marko Pintorič, excellent condition. $1.25 sp

AircraftJet_Alyemda_Yemen-100.JPG (341724 bytes)

"ALYMDA / Airbus A310-304 / ... / Paris-Orly" side view of the Yemen Airlines jet, unused continental
post card from a photo by S. Pipjorke, fresh appearance. $2.25 a(j)yfp

CHARLIE PIZZARELLO. "Cupid / Roman god of erotic love whose arrows possessed romantic / powers" unused continental post card from a photograph by Charlie Pizzarello, small corner bend, otherwise fresh. $1.50 ap

CHARLES W. PLANT. "Amy Carter, daughter of President Carter" unused continental postcard from a photo by Charles Plant, 2 tiny corner creases. $1.50 pp(p)

CHARLES W. PLANT. "Billy Carter being interviewed by Channel 2 / Atlanta on night of election at depot. / Plains, Ga." post card from a photo by Charles W. Plant, unused, toning along back edges. $3.75 g

Slovakia_DuringAProcession-200_small.jpg Slovakian photos available from Judnick PostcardsKAREL PLICKA. "Národopisný odbor Matice Slovenskej. / Section ethnographique de Matica Slovenská. / ... / Heľpa (Dépatement de Gemer) / ... / Pendant une procession. / (Fot. Karel Plicka.)" showing bystanders with open Bibles during a procession, unused sepia-tone real photo postcard, good edges. $6.00 sp NEW / NOV / NY

KAREL PLICKA. "Národopisný odbor Matice Slovenskej. / Section ethnographique de Matica Slovenská. / ... / Heľpa (Dépatement de Gemer) / ... / Une procession. / (Fot. Karel Plicka.)" showing bystanders with open Bibles during a procession, unused sepia-tone real photo postcard, good edges. $6.50 sp(p) NEW / NOV / NY

KEN PLUMMER. Wanted to buy--postcards based on his photographs, so that we may restock. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros!

UROŠ PODOVŠOVNIK. "MARIBOR / SLOVENIJA - STAJERSKA" showing the city at night as seen from a high vantage point, railroad tracks in the foreground; unused slightly oversize continental postcard from a photo by Uroš Podovšovnik, near mint condition. $1.75 sp

R. D. POPE. "CG-2  THE FRUIT SALAD VINE AT FLORIDA CYPRESS GARDENS" unused linen postcard from a photo attributed to R. D. Pope, trivial wear at one bottom corner, otherwise fresh. $1.75 f(c)p

Racing_WaterCarnival-200_small.jpg photographer post cards available from LotsOfPhotos.comJ. W. POST. "Water Carnival, PEORIA ILL. JULY 1910. // J. W. Post / Peoria / Ill." showing the George F. Baker Jr.'s speedboat Vim with 2 men aboard, annotation in sky reads '26 miles per Hour'; real photo postcard mailed JUL 11 1910 at Peoria, oxidation consistent with age, 3 corners with small faint creases. This boat won the Columbia Yacht Club Races on the Hudson River at least two times, in 1909 and 1910. Seldom seen & even less seldom offered. $95.00 $85.00 i(p)s(l)rp(p) SALE PRICE: SAVE $10.00

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

WINSTON POTE. Wanted to buy--post cards based on his photographs, so that we may restock. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros!*c

Hunting_TheLairdOf-200_small.JPG photographer postcard available from LotsOfCards.com

ALBERT HOUGHTON PRATT. "Photograph by Albert Houghton Pratt / The Laird of Woodchuck Lodge, Roxbury in the Catskills" showing a bearded man holding 2 dead gophers by the tail, sepia-tone post card, circa 1932. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg  format. $2.00 hn(r)p

A. M. PRENTISS. "429.  ROSES, PORTLAND, OREGON.  101278" from a photo by A. M. Prentiss, white-border era postcard with very late usage at Rose Hill Illinois, small corner crease, corner & edge wear. $2.00 op

MILT PRICE. "HISTORIC LONG ISLAND: 'HOME SWEET HOME' / where the famous author, John Howard Payne was / born…" unused chrome post card with scalloped edges, from a color photo by Milt Price. $1.25 n(e)p

Automobile_Lambert1910-200small.jpg photographer photos available from LotsOfPhotos.comS. J. PUGH. "S. J. Pugh" framed sepia-tone photograph with good focus & contrast,  showing 2 gentlemen in a Lambert automobile with 1910 Ohio license plates, size approximately 6-1/2" x 5-1/2", imprint of S. J. Pugh of West Elkton Ohio at the lower right corner. The Lambert was from the Buckeye Manufacturing Company of Anderson Indiana, which operated from 1904 - 1917. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 aiop

HERMAN PUIG. "HERMAN PUIG / TORSE-BARCELONE 1972 / © 1980 CREATIS, ..." unused black & white continental
postcard, printed in France. $3.00 np NEW / NOV / NY

PETER ROSE PULHAM. “FASHION PHOTOGRAPH, MONTAGE, 1930’s / PHOTOGRAPH BY PETER ROSE PULHAM” unused continental postcard, copyrighted, excellent condition. $1.25 pf

Subway_TubeConnectingNew-200_small.JPG photographer post card available from LotsOfCards.com

PIERRE P. PULIS. "Tube connecting New-York and Brooklyn / 90 feet under the bed of East River / Photo. Copyright by Pierre P. Pulis 1907" with a train & conductor shown in vertical format, postcard mailed 1909, small corner crease, mild corner & edge wear. $7.50 sn(e)ppg*

DOMINIQUE QUÉNUM. "Monument érigé sur la plage de OUIDAH pour commémorer / la date anniversaire de l'arrivée des premiers missionnaires: / 18 avril 1861. / Photo: Dominique Quénum ..." unused oversize postcard (approximately 6-3/4" x 5"), upper corner crease, 2 other corners with minor wear, 2 small spots of toning on back. $1.50 brhpc

H. RAFI. "Afghanistan, A Rahman Pazhwak, a poet, scholar, / and writer Famous for life long service in Afghanistan, / Photo courtesy H. Rafi" with a close-up portrait, black & white within dark green border, 2002 copyright, unused oversize postcard, fairly fresh. $2.00 aa. Same but small faint smudge on back. $1.75 app

B. RASK. "GÖTEBORG / Lilla Bommen / ..Foto: B. Rask" showing a tall ship with 4 masts, unused continental, scalloped edges as issued, fresh colors. $2.50 nps

T. D. RAVENSCROFT. "Photo by T. D. Ravenscroft, Rondebosch / K*****" showing a native woman & child semi-nude over a racial epithet in the caption that we refuse to repeat or show (blacked out in our scan, not blacked out on actual postcard); black & white post card with undivided back, mailed TCV at Lourenço Marques  11 6 11 (well-centered 10-réis stamp for the impresso printed matter rate, clear postal markings there both sides) to Columbus Ohio, small corner crease mercifully misses the stamp, a lot of toning both sides, approximately 1/4" tear also mercifully misses everything of importance both sides. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 lnp-l

MAN RAY. "COCO CHANEL, c. 1935 / PHOTOGRAPH BY MAN RAY" seated & smoking a cigarette, unused black & white continental from fotofolio, fresh appearance. $2.00 wps!*

MAN RAY. "JULIET, c1945 / PHOTOGRAPH BY MAN RAY / ©MAN RAY TRUST..." unused black & white continental
postcard, excellent condition. $2.50 np

MAN RAY. "RROSE(sic) SÉLAVY, ALLIAS MARCEL DUCHAMP, 1921 / PHOTOGRAPH BY MAN RAY" unused black & white continental, small corner crease. $1.25 wp!

MAN RAY. "UNTITLED, 1936 / PHOTOGRAPH BY MAN RAY" unused black & white continental
post card from fotofolio. $2.50 np NEW / NOV / NY

MAN RAY. Wanted to buy--other postcards featuring this photograper's work. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

Photographer_ReckGalionOhio-100.jpg (238540 bytes)

L. M. RECK (Galion Ohio). Three different sepia-tone cabinet portraits (approximately 4"x7" in size) of well dressed women, taken by L. M. Reck whose studio was on East Main Street, elaborate artwork on back in subtle gold color for this photographic artist. Circa 1890. $15.00 for all 3. po

L. M. RECK (Galion Ohio). Sepia-tone cabinet portrait (approximately 4"x7" in size) of a young woman, taken by L. M. Reck whose studio was on East Main Street, ad & artwork on the back depicting strawberries, one corner multiply creased but not affecting the portrait. Circa 1890. $4.00 po

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

All autographs done in our presence
& unconditionally guaranteed in writing.

"'arms around us' / S.F. tattooists: Bill Salmon / and Junii…" from a color photograph © 1991, post card autographed on the back for us by the photographer (back shown lower left).

"'bill and junii III' / S.F. tattooists Junii and Bill Salmon" both nude from the waist up, from a black & white photograph © 1991, postcard autographed on the back for us by the photographer (front shown above right).

"'loving flesh" couple both nude from the waist up, from a black & white photograph ©1991, post card autographed on the back for us by the photographer (front shown above left).

"'the sword and the snake'" shows arm with snake tattoo superimposed on image of Mideastern dancer balancing sword on her head, from a black & white photo © 1991, post card autographed on the back for us by the photographer.

The above 4 postcards plus "Gypsy Caravan / Quest" (front shown bottom right), an advertising card with corner crease for the photographer's studio in Portland Oregon. $12.50 tpo

BETTINA RHEIMS. "Collection 'PORTRAITS' (1re série) / 4. Bettina Rheims Sylvia aux lunettes. Paris (1984), post card printed in France, tiny bottom corner crease. Front shown left. $1.75 np. Better corners. Back shown right. $2.00 np NEW / NOV / NY

MARC RIBOUD. “Marc Riboud, Notre-Dame de Paris, 1953” unused continental postcard, copyrighted, excellent condition. $1.25 p

WILLIAM W. RINN. "NEW YORK CENTRAL 6600 / The 'Water Level Route's' famous lightning stripe / paint scheme dresses up a spotless Fairbanks Morse model CFA 16-4 cab unit / ...1961"unused chrome from the railroad. $1.50 ir

AGLAIA RISCH. "AGLAIA RISCH / Selbstporträt, 1980" holding a small mirror so the viewer can see, unused black & white continental, fresh appearance. $1.50 wp

LOUIS ROBERTS. "THE OREGON PONY / Pioneer steam engine hauled passengers and / freight on south shores of the Columbia…" chrome from a photo by Louis Roberts, mailed 1967. $1.50 op

HOWARD L. ROBINS. "'THE CRESCENT LIMITED' / 'The Crescent Limited', a New York to New Orleans Streamliner, ran on the Pennsylvania, the Southern, / the West Point Route and the Louisville & Nashville Railroads..." unused chrome using a Howard L. Robins photo, fresh appearance. $2.00 gp

CHARLIE ROBINSON. Wanted to buy--other postcards from the work of this photographer, so that we may restock. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros!

HOWARD ROBINSON. UNSPECIFIED LOCATION. "ALASKAN DOG TEAM. This is still the only dependable / means of transportation at many Alaskan outposts." chrome from a photo by Howard Robinson, mailed from APO 942 in 1954 (clear cancel), 3 long creases, as is. $0.50 ap

ALEXANDER RODCHENKO. "PORTRAIT OF MY MOTHER, OLGA RODCHENKO, MOSCOW, 1924 / PHOTOGRAPH BY ALEXANDER RODCHENKO" showing a woman reading intently at a table with aviation posters behind her, unused black & white continental, fresh appearance. $1.50 p

post card with good edges. $2.00 np ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

"222 ZONDER TITEL / WIM ROEFS / © B O A GRONINGEN ..." unused black & white continental
post card, minor wear to one upper corner. $1.75 np NEW / NOV / NY

L. ROISIN. "1 - SEVILLA  ALCAZAR.  // L. Roisin, Fot. / Barcelona" unused postcard with slight oxidation, small paper separation at one bottom corner, small spot of toning in the front bottom border, lightly toned back, slight curl to the paper, very late usage at Wakefield Texas. $2.50 sp

Gibraltar_179_MainStreet_small.jpg (4188 bytes) photographer postcard by P. Roisin
P. ROISIN. "179. GIBRALTAR. Main Street Fot. L. Roisin" prominently showing The Red House selling all Kodak supplies & postcards, including the sign for Tara & Ltd., sepia-tone real photo, UD, no postcard back. $8.50 gpm

M. ROMANUK. "Teahouse 'Rohat'" in Dushanbe Tajikistan, as photographed by M. Romanuk; unused near mint continental postcard. $1.50 tp

M. ROMANUK. "The Hotel 'Avesto'" in Dushanbe Tajikistan,  as photographed by M. Romanuk; unused near mint continental postcard. $1.50 tp

G. W. ROMER. "The Colorful Royal Poinciana Tree, Florida" in full bloom, unused Curteich linen postcard from a G. W. Romer photo, trivial wear at one corner. $2.00 f(u)tp

ROBERTO ROQUE. "BONITA VISTA PANORAMICA DE LA BAHIA. / A PRETTY VIEW OF THE BAY. / ACAPULCO MEXICO. FOTO ROBERTO ROQUE." unused chrome with good color, round corners as issued. $1.00 mp

WILLY RONIS. Willy Ronis, Avenue de Breteuil, Paris, 1947” showing leaves & a park bench; unused continental postcard, copyrighted 1990, tiny corner crease, faint ink smears on back from the production process itself. $1.00 pf(p)

HEINRICH ROTH. "ZS1IS" Walvis Bay (then RSA) QSL DXpedition viewcard from a beautiful photo by Heinrich Roth showing a large dune of the Namib Desert. $2.50 sp& NEW / NOV / NY


JOHN Z. ROWE. "AMERICAN FREEDOM TRAIN / READING RAILROAD'S Locomotive Number / 2101, A T-1 Class, was built at the Reading / Shops in 1946... / ...will visit most of our major cities / during Our Country's Bicentennial..." unused chrome from a photo by John Z. Rowe, fresh appearance. $2.00 rp

MARY JANE ROWE. Wanted to buy--post cards based on her photography, so that we may restock. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros!

OSCAR RUIZ. "BOLIVIA / CHARANGUERO DEL / NORTE POTOSI / FOTO: Oscar Ruiz / COLECCION 'CIMA' / F-038" showing 2 musicians with feathered caps, unused continental, lightly toned back. $1.75 bp

OSCAR RUIZ. "BOLIVIA / MADRE CHIPAYA / ORURO / FOTO: Oscar Ruiz / COLECCION 'CIMA'P-494" showing a seated mother with her child, unused continental post card, fresh, rich colors, tiny faint spots in left front border probably from printing process. A very small village in the Oruro Department. $1.75 bpi

. "816--Natural Arch, Arches National Monument, near Moab, Utah / 9A-H5a6" linen post card from Hal Rumel photo, mailed 1945, minor corner wear, small smudge in address area. $1.50 u(a)p

Mexico_177_small.jpg real photos available from Judnick.comROBERT RUNYON. "After the Battle at Matamoros, Mexico--June 4th, 1913" showing a crowd gathered around a pile of dead Federal soldiers, unused STRATTON real photo postcard, corner rounding. One of Robert Runyon's historic photographs documenting the fight to establish a constitutional republic--in this case, the day following the capture of the Federal garrison by General Lucio Blanco & his rebels. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 m(t)pmh

HAL RUMEL. "857--Salt Lake City and Wasatch Mountains from Airplaine, Looking East / COPYRIGHT DESERET BOOK COMPANY, SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH  PHOTO BY HAL RUMEL" unused linen post card on brownish paper, large toned area on back, good edges. $2.00 up

HAL RUMEL. "Night Splendor Photo by Hal Rumel" unused continental postcard from Dexter Press, scalloped edges as issued, fresh appearance. $1.00 up

HEIDI RUSSELL. "Self Portraits / Photographs by / Heidi Russell / May 3 - 26, 2007 / Artist's Reception ..." at the NY Studio Gallery (now closed) in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, showing an untitled work from 2005 while she was in Greece; unused continental post card, near mint condition. $1.50 pn(m)

LARRY RUTHERFORD. "trafalga / RESTAURANT / Center St. George, Utah / Coffee Shop and Dining Room" exterior with several readable signs--CHAR-BROILED STEAKS, TraveLodge, etc, unused chrome post card from photo by Larry Rutherford. (2 available) $1.00 each. u(s)g(t)p(r)

JOE RYCHETNIK. Wanted to buy--postcards derived from his photography so that we may restock. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros. ap

SAID SALAH. "Lebanese in the Arabian Traditional dress" from a photograph by Said Salah, unused continental postcard, minor upper corner wear, light toning on back mostly from the printing process itself. $1.50 lcp

WILLIAM SALLAZ. "Catch your mESSAGE with confidence / Dynabeads® mRNA DIRECT™ kit" an unused business reply card from an advertising campaign for Dynal® in New Hyde Park New York, excellent condition, copyrighted fishing photo credited to William Sallaz. $1.25 bnp

Oregon_Astoria_HHenttu-200_small.jpg photographs available from LotsOfPhotos.comISAK H. 'HEMMING' SALMELA. "H. Henttu, Peacos Beach, / 17 d June w* 1910. // H. SALMELA / ASTORIA, ORE." showing 2 people in a powerboat race from a distance, unused sepia-tone NOKO real photo (1907-1920), corner wear & rounding, small corner crease, toned back. The photographer is Finnish-born Isak H. 'Hemming' Salmela; so we list under Astoria where he had a studio on 523 Commercial Street. Material on Pacific Coast powerboat racing  from this era is rare. $20.00 opr

ELIE SANKARA. "BURKINA FASO / 2 - Festival folklorique et musical. / © 2011 - Photo: Elie Sankara" showing several male drummers at a folklore & music festival, unused continental-size postcard, trivial wear on the bottom edge. $2.00 bmp

Peru_FeriaEnPuno-200_small.jpg photographer post card available from LotsOfPhotos.com

. " FOTO ILUM. DE UDO SCHACK / Feria en Puno, Lago Titicaca--Perú" depicting a Peruvian fair, unused postcard, fresh appearance. $3.00 cpp

Off-the-Wall_Nr5028-200_small.jpg off-the-wall postcards available from Judnick.comHANS-WALTER SCHÄKERMANN. "Nr. 5028 Skellett / Foto: Hans-Walter Schäkermann" black & white continental postcard showing pedestrians looking at a skeleton that has apparently fallen from an automobile, unused, fresh appearance. $1.50 op

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NewHampshire_SilverSprings_SSWhite-200_small.jpg photograph postcards available from LotsOfCards.comRAY SCHOEN. "Silver Springs -- White Mountains, New Hampshire" showing some swimmers beneath a bridge, unused chrome postcard from a photo credited to Ray Schoen, excellent condition. Hard to find! $1.75 n(s)pb

Indiana_Cayuga_FlagStop-200_small.jpg photography post cards available from LotsOfCards.comRICHARD M. SCHROEDER. "CHICAGO & EASTERN ILLINOIS 1100 / Electro-Motive E7 brings train No. 92 into /  Cayuga, Indiana on June 30, 1965. / At this / time the city was only a flag stop for this / northbound train. The depot had been closed." Unused chrome postcard from a photo by Richard M. Schroeder, trivial corner & edge wear. $2.50 i(c)r(c)p

JEFF SCHULTZ. "IDITAROD TRAIL / ALASKA // 'THE LAST GREAT RACE' 1,049 mi. ANCHORAGE TO NOME '85 ..." unused continental Mirro-Krome® postcard from a photo by Jeff Schultz, 2 tiny corner bends. $1.25 a(a)p

G. W. SCOTT. "PENN YAN, NEW YORK / Founded in 1787 by Pennsylvanians and Yankees..." chrome post card, writing on back elaborates on the panoramic scene, from a photo by G. W. Scott, small bottom corner crease, 2 short internal creases from the top edge. $1.00 n(p)p NEW / NOV / NY

California_Riverside_Service_small.jpg (2071 bytes)HARRY E. SCOTT. "Easter Sunrise Service Mt. Rubidoux, Riverside, Calif." Unused Azo (triangles point up) real photo post card, caption & following attribution handstamped in violet: "Photograph by Harry E. Scott, Riverside, Calf." Some toning on the back. $9.00 (ecrp)

LOWELL SEAICH. "TWIN TUNNELS - I 80 WYOMING" unused continental from a photo by Lowell Seaich, near mint. $1.25 wp

SEEBOHM. "Mandy Akerman" on a carte de visite from Louis Seebohm, photographer & portrait painter on Third Street in Dayton Ohio, name handwritten on back, corners rounded as issued, did business in Dayton 1859 - 1871, lightly toned both sides, small surface abrasions above her head. $8.00 og(a)g(s)p

DON SEERY. "Two Lovers ... Guam" with a close-up of the statue as photographed by Don Seery, 2001 copyright, unused oversize (5"x7") continental postcard, tiny indent in front left border, otherwise excellent condition. An unforgettable image to match their story--a suicide jump with their hair interlocked. $2.00 glsp

J. SEIDEL. "Aussergefild im Böhmerwalde / Foto J. Seidel / 2886" panorama of the Bavarian town, real photo with good contrast & composition, unused, slight paper curl, minor corner wear. $5.00 bp

JAY SELMAN. TRANS CENTRAL AIRLINES, INC. Unused chrome post card showing its Fairchild Swearingen SA227 Metro III in flight, airline-issued from a photo by Jay Selman, logo with detailed destination & reservation contact information on back, near mint. Principal offices were in Oklahoma City. $10.00 a(p)po

MAHMOOD SHAHRABI. "No. 741 / Jame' Mosque, Yazd" unused continental, photo by M. Shahrabi, near mint. (3 available) $1.00 each. ip

MAHMOOD SHAHRABI. "No. 755 / Vakil Mosque, Shiraz" unused continental postcard, photo by Mahmood Shahrabi, near mint. (2 available) $1.00 each ip

JIM SHAUGHNESSY. "'The Laurentian' / The famous New York-Montreal train… / S-75059" going over a bridge, unused chrome from a photo by Jim Shaughnessy, fresh appearance. (2 available) $1.50 each. np

MAHMOOD SHAHRABI. "No. 798 / Bam Citadel (Arg), Kerman" unused continental post card, photo by M. Shahrabi, near mint. (2 available) $1.00 each. ip

RICHARD SHAW. “RICHARD SHAW 1941 / torn books with coffee cup and pipe / 1978.” unused continental postcard, copyrighted, a lot of light toning on the back. $1.00 p

ATUSHI SHINTANI. "NCI-1 / LOOKING DOWN CAPITOL BOULEVARD / Boise, Idaho" chrome postcard from photo by Atushi Shintani, unused, multiple pinholes at upper corners. $0.50 ip%

GEORGE B. SIDES. DARE COAST (DARE COUNTY). "ALONG NORTH CAROLINA'S OUTER BANKS / Three of the greatest tourists attractions of the / Dare Coast are its sea-oats, driftwood and / wrecks of old ships..." unused chrome with deep colors, from a photo by George B. Sides. $1.00 np

JEANLOUP SIEFF. "JEANLOUP SIEFF / BIG CAR / LAS VEGAS, 1962" showing an imposing front end of a Buick,. unused black & white continental. $1.25 ap

JEANLOUP SIEFF. “JEANLOUP SIEFF / QUAIS DE LA SEINE, PARIS 1959.” showing 2 lovers kissing, unused continental postcard, copyrighted, excellent condition. $1.25 pf


HARDED SINGH. "'INDIAN SADHU' / HARDED SINGH / PHOTOGRAPHER / CHANDPOLE / JAIPUR" showing a beggar standing in the shade of a nearby building, bowl extended; unused real photo postcard with glossy finish, back is lightly toned & has penciled comment on the scene, slight curl to the paper. $10.00 ipp**

Tibet_Mendicant.jpg (122320 bytes)

"TIBETAN MENDICANT AGED 94 YEARS" real photo from J. Singh in Darjeeling, unforgettable image with good focus & composition, unused, slight oxidation, slight yellowing of the paper with age. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg  format. $1.50 tpp

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HOWARD SIRAK. "Franklin Park / CONSERVATORY / Blue Morpho / (Morpho peleides, 5.5 in)" quality unused continental with color printing both sides, from a copyrighted photo of a butterfly by Howard Sirak, near mint. $1.25. bpo ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

HOWARD SIRAK. "Franklin Park / CONSERVATORY / Butterfly exhibit at the Franklin / Park Conservatory" showing a butterfly of unidentified type up close, quality unused continental with color printing both sides, from a copyrighted photo by Howard Sirak, near mint. $1.25 bpo ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

JOHN SIRIGO. "Entrance to / American Tel. & Tel. Exhibit / America's Exposition--1935 / May 29--November 11" published by John Sirigo (official photographer), unused postcard in vertical format, light toning to front edges, heavier toning to the back edges. $3.75 epgt

JOHN SIRIGO. "Museum of Natural History / near Eastern entrance of / America's Exposition  1935" published by John Sirigo (official photographer), post card mailed 1935 at San Diego, some brownish paper, interesting message, small corner crease, tiny surface scrape that does not affect color, corner crease. $3.75 epg

SANDY SKOGLUND. "A BREEZE AT WORK, 1987 / INSTALLATION AND PHOTOGRAPH BY SANDY SKOGLUND" unused continental with unusual colors, fresh appearance. $1.50 p*+

SANDY SKOGLUND. "THE VALUE OF WASTED TIME, 1986 / PHOTOGRAPH BY SANDY SKOGLUND" color photographic collage creating a street scene with a wrecked automobile, continental, unused, fresh appearance. $1.50 op*+

RAINER SKROVY. "HARAZ MOUNTAINS" showing terraced agriculture in Yemen, unused continental postcard from a copyrighted photo by Rainer Skrovny, in excellent condtion. $1.00 yp

RAINER SKROVNY. "MANAKHA" in Yemen, unused continental postcard from a photograph copyrighted by Rainer Skrovny, lightly toned back. $1.00 yp

Motel_NewestAndFinest-200_small.jpg photography post card available from LotsOfCards.comDALE SLOCUM. "Newest and Finest / Desert View Lodge / West on Highway 66 / HOLBROOK, ARIZONA // Photo Credit -- Dale Slocum, Flagstaff, Arizona" showing its exterior circa 1955 (dated on back), when owned & operated by Ruby and Jim McDermott; Tichnor postcard made in the USA, tiny upper corner bend, mild corner & edge wear. $4.50 a(h)mrgp

Zeppelin_img019_small.jpg photography postcard available from Judnick.comHAL P. SMITH. "Passed over town in my / air ship. Below was not in sight when I took this. / Hal P. Smith // MANISTEE" with a panoramic view of the Michigan town, sepia-tone real photo post card mailed JAN 25 1906 (ink spot in dial of flag cancel) to Richard Warner Jr. of Grand Rapids Michigan (arrival mark the same day is clear on back), a little toning on the back, same identical handwriting & ink both sides. This aeronaut was tasked with controlling his craft and with controlling his camera. His written comment essentially tells us that his camera was being controlled remotely (by some undisclosed device). He necessarily focused his attention on the airship controls for his safety, rather than on the sights he could have seen below. Rare, interesting, and of historic importance. Consider: (1) The first aerial photo from a airplane was taken in 1909 by Wilbur Wright at Centrocelli Italy; (2) George Lawrence's 1906 panoramic photo of San Francisco ruined by an earthquake is literally famous. The photo Smith took obviously excited enough local interest to have a real photo postcard published with the indicated caption added at the lower right of the image. But it is his handwritten explanation that is most interesting. When one does something truly difficult, it is human nature to explain it, so that others understand how really difficult the task was. Look at how clear his writing is & his bold signature; he wants the viewer to know how proud he was of the planned photo & and how difficult it was to obtain it. $450.00 zpm

HOBSON SMITH. "LOVELY HAWAII . . . the tender / loveliness of a sarong clad maiden / is complemented by the delicate / perfection of Hawaii's orchids" unused Mirro-Krome® from a photo by Hobson Smith, fresh appearance & good edges. $1.25 ohp

Ohio_Maumee_TheLoesch-200small.jpg photographs available from LotsOfPhotos.comSMITH BROTHERS. "The LOESCH MOTOR Co. / MAUMEE, O. / 'Dependable Automotive Maintenance' // FRUEHAUF / TRAILERS" approximately 9-1/2-inch x 7-inch photograph with glossy finish, good focus & contrast, showing an automobile transporter as seen from the side, light violet backstamp 'SMITH BROTHERS / Commercial Photographers / Arcade Bldg.  Woodward & Samson / DETROIT MICH. / 33165'. We do not have a license plate for the date, but we do know they were selling used vehicles in the 1949 - 1954 timeframe. Any kind of paper memorabilia from this company is rare. $25.00 ao(m)gp

SportsSoccer_EdwinVanDerSar_small.jpg (3836 bytes) photographer continental postcard from Edwin Smulders

EDWIN SMULDERS. "Edwin / van der Sar / adidas" in uniform, unused continental from photo by Edwin Smulders, near mint. $2.50 sp

REX SOICE. "T. H. S. May Carnival 1915 / Taylorville, Ill. // Rex Soice / Photo." showing the parade put on for their high school event , rounding the bend in the streetcar tracks near the GEM theater, sepia-tone Kruxo real photo post card, pencil writing on lightly toned back repeats place & year, oxidation consistent with age, trivial bottom corner rounding. The local historian, armed with a good city directory, might be able to coax out the full names on the awnings in the foreground. SALE IN PROGRESS i(t)pp


Bicycle_HSonnenberg-200small.jpg Pennsylvania cabinet cards available from Judnick.com

"H. Sonnenberg // Pittsburgh and / Allegheny City, Pa." showing 2 boys with a bicycle (too big for the boy seated on it), photographic cabinet card approximately 4" x 6-1/2" with photographer's embossed imprint at the bottom (which we use as the caption), edges gilded, advertising on back includes 'instantaneous portraits of children a successful specialty' & street addresses. $7.50 bbppp

J. L. SPOHN. "J. L. SPOHN, / View Photographer, / 404 Freman Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio." fancy violet handstamp on sturdily backed approximately 8
¼"x6" sepia-tone photograph of a family seated before their large home, slight oxidation & a few light abrasions show the age, approximately 2¼" tear from the center-left front edge mended well enough to be faint from the front. We show a close-up of the only handstamp on back; it is not the entire back. The backing paper itself has an approximately ½" tear from the bottom edge. $9.00 p(s)o(c)

J. TH. STAMMEL. "Bibliothek Admont: 'Die Hölle v. J. Th. Stammel" showing the interior of the old Admont Abbey (a Benedictine monastery) including a Stammel carving (entitled 'Hell',  depicting a man struggling with the Devil), real photo Postkarte from a Conrad Fankhauser image, very late usage at Carlton Kansas, faint but long internal crease from the bottom edge, superb focus & contrast gives a 3-dimensional feel to the scene that importantly conveys a sense of size (largest such library in the world), trivial wear at 2 corners. $7.75 dlkcpa

JEFFREY STANTON. "Venice Beach, / California" blonde in bikini on continental postcard is identified as Laura Hodges on the back, from photo by Jeffrey Stanton, mailed 1990 to Ohio. Nice and an ideal cubicle decoration! $2.50 pnpc

Quality continental post cards publicizing the
availability of full-size posters made from expert photographs of  the named automobiles. A copyrighted & numbered series. All unused.

"Ferrari 275 GTB" near-mint, Nr C78. (2 available) $2.00 each. app

"Ferrari F40" near-mint, Nr. C35. $2.00 app

"Jaguar XJ 220" near mint, Nr C178 (above left) & Nr C69 (above right). $2.00 each. app

"Mercedes 300 SL / Best-Nr. C16" gull wings up, near mint. $2.00 app

"Mercedes-Benz Kompressor 540 K / Best-Nr. C87" near mint. $2.00 app

"Mercedes-Benz Kompressor SS / Best-Nr. C94" near mint. $2.00 app

"Mercedes-Benz SLK - Best-Nr. C221" near mint. $2.00 app

"Mercedes EVO II / Best-Nr. C46" unused, numeral erased near stamp box, otherwise fresh. $1.50 app

"Mercedes SSKL / Best-Nr. C50." near mint. $2.00 app

"Motiv aus dem 300 SL Kalender 1991 / Best-Nr. C8K" near mint. (2 available) $2.00 each. app

Better_456small.jpg photography postcards available from Judnick.comF. M. STEELE. "Wheat raised on Simpson and Ballou Ranch by Winter Irrigation, / 6 miles west of Dodge City, Kansas.  June 1st, 1911, Eureka Canal" black & white post card with green tinting published by E. C. Kropp, mailed about that time but stamp removed obscuring some of the RPO cancel, minor wear & album toning at the edges. Rare: there are at least 3 views in this series, but we have only seen one example of each in all our years of dealing. The photographer information on the case in the foreground indicates he was out of Dodge City itself. $15.00 k(d)pa

MAURICE STERN. "STERN Maurice / ... / BRUXELLES" sepia-tone real photo postcard of a girl kneeling, uncaptioned so we used the photographer's handstamp on back, deckled edges as issued, message dates to 1922, several tiny spots of brown toning on back. Occasion possibly a confirmation or first communion. $4.00 gbp

PHIL STERN. James Dean, film actor & rebel hero, photograph by Phil Stern; continental-size post card mailed 1982, toned areas on back. $1.25 mp

LOUIS STETTNER. “Louis Stettner, South Station, Boston, Massachusetts, 1955” unused continental postcard, copyrighted, faint small smudge on back. $1.25 pm(b)

STIERS STUDIO (Uhrichsville, Ohio). Uncaptioned sepia-tone real photo of President Taft stopped in an automobile before Stiers Studio (Everything in Photography / Cameras), messaged May 21 1912, postmarked next day to Mrs. Essie Gaskill in McArthur Ohio. Writer's message: 'Hellow there am sending you Taft picture we made it in front of our Gallery last Monday a week ... We made a picture of Roosefelt(sic) last Monday in Denison(sic).' Postcard sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as a greatly enlarged & enhanced 300-dpi scan in .jpg format. $3.00 o(u)pp*

CARL STIMAK. 0"Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Scenic Byway / Fairport Harbor Lighthouse & Marine Museum" unused continental postcard in vertical format from a photo credited to Carl Stimac, excellent condition. $1.00 lo(f)p

Auto_TheEverCash-200_small.jpg truck post card available from Judnick.comL. STOCKS. "THE EVER D CASH STORE // WE SELL MAY'S BREAD // DRINK / WE GUARANTEE IT // WE SAVE / YOU BOTH / TIME / AND / MONEY // QUALITY / FIRST ALWAYS // SPECIALS // AUNT JEMIMA / PANCAKE FLOUR // SUPPLIES / FRESH DAILY // STORE / No. 1" with 2 men beside the delivery truck, one holding a basket of groceries; sepia-tone AZO (squares at corners) real photo postcard with good focus & contrast & composition. Pertinent writing all over back: "Will went into this business over a yr. ago. The partner proved to be a very 'crooked crock', and has left us in terrible shape. I am trying to help out by going part of the day. Am afraid we must give up as it is too much to make up all he left. He has gone to the States. If you see him deal with him for me --" Imprint of L. Stocks, photographer at Penticton British Columbia on back. $225.00 bfap

R. E. STOOPS. "WHITEWATER MEMORIAL STATE PARK / Located in Southeastern Indiana / ..." including many sunbathers & waders, unused chrome from Mike Roberts based on a photo by R. E. Stoops, pertinent information on back includes a small map. $1.25 ip

PAUL STRAND. “IRIS, GEORGETOWN, MAINE, 1928 / PHOTOGRAPH BY PAUL STRAND” unused continental black & white postcard, copyrighted, excellent condition. $1.25 pf

PAUL STRAND. “REBECCA’S HANDS, 1923 / PHOTOGRAPH BY PAUL STRAND” unused continental postcard, copyrighted, excellent condition. $1.25 p

OSWALD & STRATTON. . "Photographed by / OSWALD & STRATTON, / Bridgeport Ohio" small sepia-tone photo of a man & woman, no postcard back, toned, small corner crease. This studio was very short-lived, so examples of its work are scarce. $3.00 opg

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Library_MainEntranceBrooklyn-200_small.jpg photography post cards available from Judnick.com

IRENE STRAUSS. "MAIN ENTRANCE, BROOKLYN PUBLIC LIBRARY  Kodachrome by / Irene Strauss" erroneously composed (probably the printer's fault, not the photographer's) so as to suggest a non-existent tilt, postcard mailed 1962, $1.75 ln(b)pe

JOSEPH SUDEK. Wanted to buy--post cards showing his work. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars, or Euros! *m

NITTO SUGAI. "Entrance to Singapore's Tiger Balm Garden / Photo: Nitto Sugai" unused continental post card, fresh appearance. $1.25 sp

OZZIE SWEET. "Carefree" unused Dexter Press chrome-era postcard from photography by Ozzie Sweet, trivial wear at one bottom corner. $2.00 bp


. "M. Swick / Photographer / Bridgeport, Ohio" small photo of a man & woman, no postcard back, toned, corner wear & rounding. $1.50 (opg)

OZZIE SWEET. "CARS OF YESTER-YEAR / DR-5S-54444-B Photo by Ozzie Sweet" depicting three very old autos side-by-side with couples in the seats, unused chrome. $1.00 ap

OZZIE SWEET. "Easy, Boy!" hunter with over-under shotgun pauses with his dog nearby, unused chrome postcard in vertical format from a color photo by Ozzie Sweet, fairly fresh with good edges. $1.50 hpd NEW / NUEVO / NOU

OZZIE SWEET. "Perfect Chance!" 8-point buck in foreground runs from the detected hunter, autumn scene photographed by Ozzie Sweet. Two examples, one with "MAINE 'Vacationland' added to the back, one with faint small corner crease. Both for $3.50. hp

OGDEN TANNER. "Strybing Arboretum & Botanical Gardens / Golden Gate Park San Francisco" showing part of the garden there, unused continental, circa 1985. $1.00 p

DORA TARNKE. "Herzog und Herzogin zu Braunschweig und Lüneburg mit den beiden Prinzen." sepia-tone showing their family (2 infants) from a photo by Dora Tarnke, post card mailed 1915 in Germany, trace of cancel ink on front not in portrait area. $10.00

COWELL TAYLOR. "St. Paul's Anglican-Episcopal Church, Frederiksted, / St. Croix." unused chrome postcard from a photo by Cowell Taylor, good edges. $1.25 vp

HENRY TENBY. WILDERNESS AIRLINES, LIMITED. Unused regular size post card showing its Britten Norman BN-2A-26 Islander (C-GOMC) over the Bella Coola Valley in British Columbia, copyrighted, beautifully photographed by Henry Tenby, near mint. $7.50 a(p)bp

HENRY TENBY. WILDERNESS AIRLINES, LIMITED. Unused regular size post card showing its Cessna A185F Skywagon (C-GYKE) over the Bella Coola Valley in British Columbia, copyrighted, beautifully photographed by Henry Tenby, near mint. $7.50 a(p)bp

H. W. THEISS. "DAAN VILIOEN GAME PARK / 25 Km. west of Windhoek. / ..." multiview with 2 scenes, each showing some native structures there; unused continental postcard from photos by H. W. Theiss, trivial corner wear. $1.25 sp 

H. W. THEISS. "Koedoes / Kudus // D-309 / Photo: H. Theiss" showing a close-up of a group of animals, unused continental post card, copyrighted, small faint corner crease. $1.00 spa

H. W. THEISS. "Skelettküste / Skeleton Coast / Skedelkus / SWA / Namibia // Foto: H. W. Theiss" showing a shipwreck near the ocean shore; unused continental post card from a H. W. Theiss photo, copyrighted, small corner crease. Ready to inspire a painter. $1.25 spo NEW / NOV / NY

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H. W. THEISS. "SWA / NAMIBIA // Ovambo Flechtarbeit" showing small children standing near a display of woven baskets, unused continental post card from an H. Theiss photo, excellent condition. The name of this indigenous Namibian people is also seen as Aawambo or Ambo. $1.25 spi

Astronomy_SeenFromAbove-200_small.jpg photographer post cards available from Judnick.comBOB THICKSTEN. "Seen from above after its old film of aluminum has been removed, / Palomar Observatory's 200-inch Hale Telescope Mirror..." in California, unused chrome postcard from a photo by Bob Thicksten, small light spot of toning on back attributable to the printing process, good edges. $1.75 acip

BILL THOMPSON. PACIFIC ALASKA AIRLINES (USA), Unused regular-size postcard showing its Lockheed Lodestar (NC33685) in flight, from a photo by Bill Thompson, copyrighted post card, near mint. $7.50 ap

KIM TOMCZAK. “i.n. #145, John Mitchell’s Turtle Island, / photo Kim Tomczak” unused continental postcard, copyrighted, a little edge wear, some ink smudging on back, bottom corners creased. $1.00 p

"Jordan Pond and Bubbles. Seal Harbor. / Copyright 1909, by Chas. A. Townsend." in Acadia National Park, unused real photo post card, oxidation near edges due to age but otherwise fresh appearance. The photographer's studio was in Belfast Maine. "The "Bubbles" are small hills at the edge of the pond affording the visitor some good views. Has the quality of a beautiful old lithograph. Seldom offered, especially at this price. $8.50 m(s)m(j)p

TRESIZE BROTHERS. "TRESIZE BROS.  DAYTON, O." showing a boy astride a fancy rocking horse, carte de visite with exemplary focus & contrast, excellent condition. According to Ohio Photographers: 1839-1900, these photographers were in business from 1874 - 1876. SOLD RECENTLY tbpo

BritishColumbia_Bennett_White-200_small.jpg photography post cards available from Judnick.comROBERT D. TURNER. "WHITE PASS AND YUKON RAILROAD'S / NUMBER 110 / At Bennett, British Columbia ..." unused copyrighted chrome postcard from a photo attributed to Robert D. Turner, excellent condition. This abandoned town on Bennett Lake is a stop during the summer months. $2.25 b(c)r(w)yp

Bullfighting_ElPaseDe-200_small.jpg photography post card available from Judnick.comMARK TUROK. "EL PASE DE PECHO, hecho por Julio Aparicio / The chest pass executed by matador Julio Aparicio" unused postcard from a photograph credited to Mark Turok, blue handstamp of a motel on Mexico Route 57 neatly at the top back, rounded corners as issued. The full name of the Spaniard shown is Julio Aparicio Diaz. $2.00 bm(g)p

Michigan_ThreeRivers_AAUdellPhotographer.jpg (67650 bytes)

A. A. UDELL. "A. A. Udell, / Three Rivers, Mich." photographer's inscription on the back of a small sepia-tone real photo of a young woman, couple small spots on front, toned back edges from album contact. $2.50 mp*

NYC_410_small.jpg photography post card available from LotsOfCards.comIRVING UNDERHILL. "Photo only Copyright 1902 / by Irving Underhill N. Y. / Riverside Drive and Columbia Yacht Club, NY." as seen from a high vantage point; real photo postcard on bromide paper, back toned, small tear mostly in the bottom caption area, surface cracking probably caused by removal from an album. $4.50 n(n)s(p)p

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