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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NOV / NOWY.
High-resolution thumbnails are used throughout.
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Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Prices do not include postage or insurance unless noted.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com


Text in quotes includes the entirety of the first line
or two, not the title, to aid in positive identification.

"119 / OUT WHERE THE WEST BEGINS / Out where the handclasp's a little stronger, / Out where the smile dwells a little longer, ..." a 3-stanza poem by Arthur Chapman set against the background of the Golden Gate Bridge, unused linen-era postcard in excellent condtion. $2.00 pc(g)**

"207  An Inviting Road in the Rockies // THE CALL OF THE TRAIL. / The call of the wild is not over the sea / It comes from the west, the Trail is free / My automobile is the castle key / That opens the western world to me..." an another stanza on front, post card mailed 1938 to Miss Dorothy Wright in Zanesville Ohio, minor corner wear, very light toning both sides. $2.00 pm

"236  CALZADA DE LOS POETAS - CHAPULTEPEC  MEXICO - D.F." sepia-tone real photo showing the 'walkway of the poets' between many large trees, slight oxidation, mailed to Pennsylvania, tiny tear at one edge, small thin adherences to the front. $1.50 mp

"333 En Provence. - Fréderic MISTRAL et Alphonse DAUDET / (d'après une gravure)  Coll. L.A." showing the 2 poets seated outdoors, unused sepia-tone carte postale with browning edges on back, corners worn with small creases not into the image. $6.00 afp

Italy-200img081_small.jpg poetry post card available from Judnick.com"3707 Meran - Schloss Brunnenburg und Tirol" postcard mailed -2.IV.15 with Austrian stamp (when this part of what is now Italy was under Austrian control), minor corner & edge wear. The castle is where poet Ezra Pound wrote his last 6 Cantos, and its guesthouse is used by students who study his poetry there. $4.75 pi

"379 - JOAQUIN MILLER, THE POET OF THE SIERRAS / AT HIS HOME, NEAR OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA." post card mailed 1909, corner crease, corner wear & rounding. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 ac(o)c(s)gp

"46 Collect. A. Benoit Jeannette (Martinique) / Vue Générale de ST-PIERRE (Martinique) après la Catastrophe du 8 mai 1902 / ..." followed by 4 lines of French poetry (Comme le flot que le vent chasse / Et qui sous no pieds vient mourir ...) in the sky, black & white carte postale with very late usage at New Waverly Indiana, minor wear at one upper corner, small ink smear in address. $4.00 mdvp

"8 - Flagrant délit de Braconnage // Nulle équivoque ! pris en fraude / Le délit est certain, flagrant, // C'est le rapport de la maraude, - / Tel qui croit attraper se prend !" showing French game wardens seizing a rabbit from poachers; unused carte postale with 4-line poem referring to the flagrant violation, back & front caption areas toned. Unusual subject matter. $8.50 hpp

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"Aber um Gottswill'n koa Wasser / I kann's net vertragen, / ..." with 2 more poetic lines in German dialect, art in color showing a Bavarian man with beer stein swearing off water (for fear a thousand sponges would reside in his stomach), Postkarte mailed 1901, a little cancel ink on front. $10.00 bap

"A Birthday Greeting / For Remembrance // May Love's sweet roses bring to-day for You / A greeting tender and a message true, / ..." and 2 more lines of poetry around a locket with a woman's portrait & white flowers, from Rotary Photo in London circa 1910, writing on back. Nice & well-suited for framing. $5.00 bp

"A Birthday Greeting. // I wish that I could pop your way / To tell my wishes for to-day. / But since we're many miles apart, / / Best wishes take right from my heart. // 3352" unused hand-colored real photo post card with paste bead accents & unevenly divided back, printed in German for E. J. Hey & Company in London EC, good edges. $8.00 w(n)pb

"A Christmas Greeting / When pink the Christmas / dawn shall be / O'er world of land - / o'er world of sea, My heartfelt wishes forth shall go / That you all happiness may know. / From " postcard mailed 1914  (Balboa stamp) to Mrs. G. S. Thomas in Pasadena, word inked out in message, album toning, cancel ink on front. $1.00 cp

"A Christmas Line. / If all the wishes of my soul, / In sheer goodwill reach you anon, / I rather think you'll need the whole, Horizon line to hang them on // 404D" art on a postcard published by the Owen Card Publishing Company in Elmira New York, mailed 1917 to Fredericktown Ohio (cancel ties both Red Cross Christmas seal for that year & 2-c stamp, very light toning both sides. $3.50 cp-u(c)


"ADAM ASNYK. / SUKIENNICE / Kraków  Krakau" showing the Polish poet, dramatist & freedom-fighter  (against Russian occupation); inset scene are buildings adjoining Krakow's  Main Market Square; postcard mailed 1899 from Krakau to Berlin (Austrian 2-kr stamp tied, clear receiving mark), one corner badly creased, other corners with mild wear. Sold but front still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 p(k)ap-p

"Afghanistan, A Rahman Pazhwak, a poet, scholar, / and writer Famous for life long service in Afghanistan, / Photo courtesy H. Rafi" with a close-up portrait, black & white within dark green border, 2002 copyright, unused oversize postcard, fairly fresh. $2.00 aa. Same but small faint smudge on back. $1.75 app

"Afghanistan, Ghulam M. Tarzi, (1830-1900) / Calligrapher, Poet & author of a Large body of / mystic & secular poetry. Photo courtesy Dr. N. Tarzi" showing him seated at a table clutching beads, black & white image in yellow border, 2002 copyright, unused oversize postcard, fairly fresh. $1.75 acp

Auto_AGentlePace-200_small.jpg automobile post card available from Judnick.com

"A gentle pace along the road, / Now fast, now slow, to suit their taste, / But well I ween, that Cupid keen, / Is not disposed his time to waste." deeply embossed postcard from PFB Serie 7774, mailed 1908 to Mrs. T. J. Mason in Hunterville Missouri. $10.50ap

"A Glad New Year / Not only in / remembrance dear, / This come, but with the prayer - / … / DESIGN COPYRIGHTED JOHN WINSCH, 1913" with 2 more lines of poetry beneath embossed ivy & a ribbon, mailed 1914, corner wear, cancel ink on front. $2.00

"A LITTLE SPARK, A LITTLE COIL, / A LITTLE GAS, A LITTLE OIL, / A PIECE OF TIN, TWO-INCH OF BOARD / PUT 'EM TOGETHER AND YOU HAVE A FORD // JUST ATE A / TIN LIZZY / AND THE THING / IS STILL RUNNIN'" with signed Cobb X. Shinn art depicting a vehicle passing by a goat with indigestion problems; post card mailed AUG 19 1915 to Miss Sarah Gisewite in New Lebanon Ohio, tiny upper corner crease, writing on front by sender, hits of cancel ink on front. Message reads: "... a very very strenuous day. At one place I was crowded off the road and the left wheels cropped in the ditch to the axles. I used my back and a few plan and stones for about an hour prying the machine out of the ditch. The fellow had plenty of room but didn't use it..." The addressee's last name is misspelled by the sender. $7.50 a(s)ap

"Aloha- / Clifton's 'Pacific Seas' / 618 So. Olive St., Los Angeles" art depicting Christ kneeling in prayer in rocky terrain, 14-line poem 'The Garden' by Esther Baldwin York on the back; unused chrome postcard, fairly fresh. $1.25 r(a)p

"Always the same, sweet pal. / Always the same, always the same, sweet pal, / Sunshine or rain, always the same, sweet pal / When clouds of grey hide skies of blue, / You, just you, come smiling thro'." hand-colored / tinted real photo post card with an intricately embossed border, showing Metro-Goldwyn Mayer stars Nils Asther & Dorothy Sebastian in an embrace; unused, from the Talkie Song Series published by Max Kracke & Co., light toning on back. The sheet music for the song of that title came out in 1928. His appearance with Dorothy Sebastian was in the popular movie 'Our Dancing Daughters'. Rare. $15.00 pm

"A Merry Christmas / You're in my Christmas circuit / And on the waves of thought / A Happy Christmas and New Year / To you is gladly brought" art depicts Santa with his ham radio equipment on a postcard mailed DEC 24 1926, scalloped edges as issued, made in the USA. This image with little modification became the cover art for the 12/90 Antique Radio Classified. 'Inspired by authentic sets' as noted on p. 103 of December 1995 BWS Bulletin. We have seen the date of this card closely estimated as 1925 in another offer, but our cancel is a bit more accurate. $8.00 cp

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"And the car came along, / But they both moved too slow / "They went down in a heap, / T'was a beautiful show." embossed art & poetry depicting a man & woman upended by a streetcar cow-catcher, word 'too' misspelled in the second line. Post card printed in Germany mailed circa 1908 from Cincinnati Ohio, tiny tear that is very hard to detect from the front, other corner & edge wear is minor, message written at the top front only partially erased scraping some color. Risqué? The 'beautiful show' obviously referred to the upended lady's underwear. Hard to find in any condition--we tried! $6.00 spl

"ARANY JÁNOS" showing the Hungarian journalist & poet who wrote 40+ ballads that have been translated into many languages; portrait in vertical format on an unused card with toning both sides & a little edge wear. You may also encounter his name as János Arany. $2.75 ajpm

"Auf de schwäbische Eisebahne! / Bild 4" with German poem beneath. Rough translation: When the little train gets stuck again / The farmer looked for his goat / All he finds is a head and a rope / On the back of the train car / This puts the farmer into a wild rage / He takes the goat's head by the horn / And throws it in whatever direction he can / Right past the conductor's ears / That's the song of the farmer / Who lost his billy goat / ... / Let's raise our glasses and drink to the health / Of the Swabian railway." unused postcard from Serie Nr. 200 in 4 Bilds, trivial corner & edge wear. More fully, the name of the railway is Mittelschwabenbahn or Central Swabian Railway. Henri Boutet was a French Belle Époque artist whose work is frequently seen only in small limited editions. He died in 1919. $16.50 a(b)fpr(m)

"A Very Happy / Birthday / This is my Birthday wish most true, / That coming years may hold,… / DESIGN COPYRIGHTED JOHN WINSCH, 1914" postcard with two more lines of poetry within embossed violet flowers & gold ornamentation, corner crease, partial cancel on front. $2.00

"Be merry and happy / For Christmas is here / The brightest and jolliest / Time of the year." poetry within an embossed wreath with bells, post card mailed DEC 27 1912 from Bellfountaine Ohio to Mrs. Emma Simpson in Bigsprings Ohio (meaning Big Spring Township Ohio we suppose), very light toning on front, small paper separation at one corner & minor corner rounding elsewhere. $1.50 cp

"Best Birthday Wishes. // Every year that you pass, / On the pathway of Life / May  you get nearer Joy / And father from Strife. // 3356" unused hand-colored real photo with paste beads added, unevenly divided back, printed in Germany for E. J. Hay & Company in London EC, slight curl to the paper, minor corner wear. $8.00 w(n)bp

"BEST BIRTHDAY WISHES. / This comes to show this Natal-day, / That by old friends is not forgot, ... / 9044" with two more lines of poetry, hand-colored postcard published by NPG,  appropriate writing on back, album impressions at the corners, bottom corners with small creases (not near the image). $2.50 bp

"Best Birthday Wishes.. / True as steel, pure as gold, / May each passing year unfold / … / DESIGN COPYRIGHTED JOHN WINSCH, 1914" with one more line of poetry below a country scene in an embossed frame & pink roses in a vase, printed in Germany, unused, small corner crease, couple tiny toning spots. $3.25 (bpw)

"Best Birthday Wishes. / Would I could find some language fresh, / To tell my thoughts anew, / The wishes Kind, the rosy Hopes, / To-day I have for you. / That joys both radiant, sweet, and bright, / Your Natal-day fill with delight. / 3360" hand-tinted real photo postcard with paste beads added, published by NPG & printed in Germany for E. J. Hey & Company in London EC, slight curl to the paper, minor corner wear. $6.50 w(n)bp

"Best Easter / Wishes / Earth awakes to the Easter music, / Her bosom with praise overflows… / DESIGN COPYRIGHTED JOHN WINSCH, 1911" with 2 more lines of poetry under embossed violets & a country scene, mailed 1913, stamp removed, considerable corner & edge wear, 2 corner creases. $1.50

"Birthday Wishes and Greetings // May every gift that happiness bestows, / Be Yours to-day in richest golden store, / And Life's calm river as it onward flows, / Bring You to gladness never known before // 222-1" hand-tinted / colored real photo postcards from the Regent Series of the Regent Publishing Company, printed in England & mailed at Leytonstone (fairly clear 14 JUN 15 machine cancel) to East Ham, good edges, tiny spot of cancel ink at the top front center edge. $5.00 be(r)p

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"Blühende Rosen. / Noch sind die Tage der Rosen, / Lieb' lass uns küssen, scherzen und kosen! // 2209" Woman with small basket stands next to a rosebush, postcard mailed 1912 in Germany, light album marks at the back corners but otherwise quite fresh. Poem translates roughly: "Flowering roses / Still are the days of the roses / Love, let us kiss, joke and ..." $10.00 wpf

Bookmarks_PiquaOhio-200small.jpg poetry bookmarks available from Judnicik.com

"Bookmark / THE STARR PIANO CO. / 315 NORTH MAIN ST. / PIQUA, OHIO." unevenly toned back with 'A Piano Poem' in 3 verses & additional advertising. Shown above left. $10.00 bmo(p)pg

Bookmarks_Woman-200small.jpg poetry bookmarks available from Judnick.com

"BOOK MARK" with 'A Piano Poem' in 3 verses & the advertising of The Starr Piano Company of Dayton Ohio on back. Shown above right. $10.00 bmo(d)pw

"Bret Harte. / Only one sweet human fancy / Interweaves its threads of gold... / " showing the author, pink flowers on a vine & a 4-line poem" signed art mailed 1908, corner crease, light amount of cancel ink on front, mild corner wear, light smudge on back near stamp. $4.50 a(s)ap

"Burghof am Drachenfels Wandgemälde im neuen Burghof" with a wall painting interpreting a sad poem written in high German by Uhland, Postkarte dated September 13 1908 on both sides by travelers, neat violet handstamp "P. I. Kalt / Restauration Burghof bei Königswinter" on back, minor corner & edge wear. $4.00 pw

"C. 77.  HARUNOBU. / The Poetess Komachi. /  British Museum.  Printed by Waterlow & Sons Limited" beautiful signed art, light toning in 2 front borders. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 jampa

"Champagne. / Here's to Champagne, the drink divine; that makes us forget our troubles. / It's made of a dollar's worth of wine and three dollars' worth of bubbles." with Gibson-girl style drawing in red next to it, post card mailed 1905 from Philadelphia, light toning both sides. $1.50 ap*

"COPYRIGHTED BY M. RIEDER 1905 // When I invent this air-ship true / I'm coming over after you / And we'll fly round the world together / That is providing it's pleasant weather." with signed WEB fantasy art depicting a couple riding in a bicycle-built-for-two gondola of an improbable balloon; unused undivided back postcard on brownish paper, slight rounding at the corners. Rare. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. bpmfa

"Copyright Lester C. Nagley.  HOOSIER POET WITH LITTLE FRIENDS, GREENFIELD, IND." unused sepia-tone postcard on yellow paper, faint small upper corner crease missed the image. The author is James Whitcomb Riley. $3.50 i(g)ac

"COWBOYS' PRAYER / O Lord, I've never lived where churches grow; / I've loved creation better as it stood. / ..." illustrated poem in 4 stanzas by an unknown author, linen post card from Sanborn Souvenir Co., writing on back dates to 1938, toned back due to album contact, front could be framed, good edges. $2.00 cp

"Dark to you the sky may seem" writing on back dates to 1925, floral border. $1.25


"D-26 / O, DON'T YOU REMEMBER THE DESERT, OLD PAL / THE DESERT WITH SCENERY LIKE THIS…" poetry with picture of prospector's mule, unused linen. $1.50

"Da liegst du nun im Sonnenglanz, schön wie ich je dich sah, / In deiner Berge grünem Kranz, mein Stuttgart, wieder da. / " and 2 more lines of sentimental poetry in good high German praising the city; unused sepia-tone Postkarte from an undisclosed publisher, tiny bottom corner bend, pencil writing in stamp box will probably erase, tiny spot in upper front border. $3.00 wp

"Daudz laimes vardā dienā!" with 12-line Latvian poem & man toasting the recipient's Name Day'; unused hand-tinted real photo postcard, oxidation consistent with circa-1910 age, slight curl to the paper, soiled appearance on back. $6.00 lbp

epia-tone portrait of Serbian writer / philosopher / poet Dositej Obradović (1742-1811), numbered 11 - 464 / 923 on the back, unused, fairly fresh. $10.00 Another man from that series, Branko Radičević (1824 - 1853), also unused & fairly fresh. Shown. $10.00 sap

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Tinted054_small.jpg poetry post card available from LotsOfCards.com

"Dove Cottage from the Garden, Grasmere  Abraham's Series No. 444. Keswick." unused circa 1910 postcard, printed in Germany, good edges. William Wordsworth wrote much of his poetry there. $4.50 e(g)ap

Women_GL_3356-6-100.JPG (204675 bytes)

"Du bist mein Frühling / Du bist mein Frühling, du erblühst / Mir stetig auf den Wegen / ... //  GG / 3356 / 6" with 2 more lines of German poetry, mailed 1911 at Mittweida (clear cancel), minor stamp damaged where over edge, MO along one long edge. $7.50 wp

"Elle les saisit à main pleine," black & white French card showing a young woman throwing confetti, undivided back, and well preserved. Nice! $6.00

"England ! / 'Through fire, air, and water, thy trial must be, But they that love life best die gladly for thee.' Robert Bridges, Poet Laureate." unused patriotic World War I postcard from the Dron Artistic Series No. 101, thick stock, toning on back suggests contact of another different postcard. Bridges served the position from 1913 - 1930. Very hard to find. $12.50 wpp NEW / NOV / NOWY

SaintPatrick_HurrahForMotherErin-200_small.jpg poem postcard available from LotsOfCards.com

"Erin go Bragh / Hurrah for mother Erin, St Patrick's Day / For her sons and daughters scattered far away / For her harp and her emblem--the shamrock green / and for the best of all--her Irish Colleen" with embossed art depicting I Irish man dancing with his shillelagh; unused post card from an undisclosed publisher, St. Patrick Series No. 9, light toning both sides. $2.75 sp

"FLEURS D'ALSACE / IV. _ Chacune de mes fleurs est là qui vous l'atteste; / Le myosotis blue dit: 'Ne m'oubliez pas!' / La paquerette blanche, en sa lange modeste: / 'Pensons-y hautement; mais parlons-en tout bas!'" hand-tinted real photo carte postale made in Paris, poem in French about the flowers of Alsace (forget-me-nots, white daisies & of course the young lady herself), light toning both sides. $5.00 apf

"FLORIDA CYPRESS GARDENS / The kiss of the sun for pardon, / The song of the birds for mirth / You are nearer God's heart in a Garden / Than anywhere else on earth." unused circa-1946 linen postcard 218-F from the Tropical Florida Series, excellent condition. Ideal gift for a gardener. $2.50 f(c)gp

"FOL-THE-ROL-LOL. / In a bootmaker's shop down at Luton, / A young lady was pulling a boot on, / When she fell on the ground, / And the shopkeeper found / That the girl had a bicycle suit on." black & white postcard mailed JUL 27 1907 from Bessemer Pennsylvania to Miss Jennie Nord in the same city, small bottom corner crease, noticeable wear at one top corner, other corner wear is minor. The town to which the limerick refers is located in Bedfordshire England. $5.00 pbhe

"Fond / Remembrance // By this token know / That I love you true, / And where're I go / My thoughts are all of you. // B.68-6" depicting lovers holding hands on a wheelbarrow, postcard mailed AUG 18 1913 from Winfield West Virginia with a 1-c parcel post stamp, 3 corners creased noticeably, other corner rounded, pencil writing on back fading, as is. $1.00 lp

Subscription_FreeNewMusic-200_small.jpg poetry BRC available from Judnick.com"FREE / New Music CD / & / New Music Monthly Magazine! / Subscribe to CMJ New Music Monthly ..." with an illustration featuring Grammy-winning singer & poet Ani DiFranco on one of their covers, unused business reply card from a June 1997 campaign, excellent condition. $1.00 smp

Better_015small.jpg poetry postcards available from LotsOfCards.com

"Friendship's / Greeting // May all your / yesterdays / Be memories sweet / as fairest flowers, ../ And all to-morrows / come to you replete / with happy hours" floral  postcard mailed from Balsam Lake Wisconsin (1-c Balboa commemorative well-centered) to Miss Susie Babcock in Barrow Wisconsin, minor wear at one corner, otherwise fairly attractive. $2.00 pf

"Gay life in the city / Is all right for a time / But I'll take the country / Near So. Haven for mine" showing some rowboats near a bridge, sepia-tone post card with red caption from The Payne Printing Company, mailed in Michigan 1921, small spot of toning & browning paper on back, minor wear at bottom corners. $4.00 mps(p)

"Grillparzer.  Die Ahnfrau" signed Küsler art on postcard, numbered 965 on back, mailed in Hungary, lightly toned back, corner wear & rounding. This art illustrates a scene from 'Die Ahnfrau' is a tragedy written by the Austrian poet Franz Grillparzer. $5.00 a(k)p

"Give me a brook, a summer night, / A shady nook, by moon's soft light,…" showing couple seated on bench with an open umbrella prominent, color from Bamforth, 4-line poem beneath the image, mailed 1908, stamp removed, typed message, brownish paper, minor edge wear. $2.50

"Giving Thanks / Always For All Things / My God, I thank Thee, who hast made / The earth so bright / ..." and 4 more lines of poetry within a garland of flowers; black & white postcard mailed circa 1908 in Ohio, corner wear & rounding, small corner crease, short internal crease, back paper browning evenly with age. $2.00 tp

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"Good-bye, dear friends, we'll think of thee / As through the air we speed afar, / We'll for you pray, but would not stay, / Our heart is with our motor car." art on an embossed PFB Serie 7774 postcard, printed in Germany, mailed 1910 to Miss Edna Magee in Harmony PA by her friend Alice in Bolivar NY, tiny chip from the right front edge, 3 small areas of toning in the message area of the back. $12.00 ap

"Greetings from / Baltimore, Ohio" embossed generic post card with gilt highlights, mailed there 1909, floral design, minor corner wear & rounding, attractive.  Six-line poem starts: 'If this card with its pictured flowers / Can bring a thought to glad the coming hours, / ..." $3.00 o(b)pf

"GULLS, BOOTHBAY HARBOR, MAINE. // If I could tame the sea-gull, / In the cloudy sky of blue, / He'd take my little message, / Of a friendly kind to you." linen-era postcard with wonderful pastel colors from E. C. Kropp, unused & fresh. $2.50 (^mbp)

"Hail! Hail! // The hail hits here, the hail hits there, / The hail hits all around. / It cuts and tears, rips and bares, / And crops lay on the ground. / ... / C. ORVAL DAVIS / AGENT / WILDORADO, TEXAS" with a 2-stanza poem touting the crop insurance of Cravens, Dargan & Company, soliciting the business of W. N. Cutsinger a local farmer, stamp beyond the top edge (shown), a little extraneous writing on back. $4.00 itpm

"Hafengasse aus Alt-Köln" showing a flutist, house painter & organ grinder (all named!) playing in Harbor Alley there, long poem in German dialect in the sky; from Alt-Köln Serie 1 No. 1, post card mailed there 1909 to Columbus Ohio, inconspicuous small corner crease, name lightly penciled in the sky, minor corner wear. Now Cologne, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia. $35.00 mnp

"HAPPY NEW YEAR / New Year Greetings / May each new day bring something / So friendly and so glad / That each one in its passing / Seems best of all you've had." with embossed art depicting a plane flying over the ocean; complete continental size card with blank back & gilded edges, trivial corner wear. Writing on front: 'Love to all. Grandma". $3.00 np

"HAWKS NEST ROCK, WEST VIRGINIA" over a long poem by Clara Wyatt, unused linen post card, near mint $2.00 Same but fairly fresh with good edges. Shown. $1.50 w(h)p

"HENRI / Henri, vous saurez bien qui peut dans une fleur / En ce beau jour cacher un souhait de son coeur…" with name in large letters & 3 more lines of French poetry starting with the letters from the name, hand colored / tinted real photo postcard showing 2 children resting on the crossbar of the letter H, mailed but stamp removed, long internal crease, long but light mark on front & other light toning. Nicer than it sounds. $3.75 (lcp)

"Here is ANNIE OKAY, your blind date. / So hold it, big boy, lift your dukes--this / baby's totin' iron!..." art shows cowgirl pointing a gun at the viewer, postcard printed in purple, unused, from Ex. Sup. Co. © 1941 (who also made early arcade cards). Long message finishes with poetry printed as prose, a little hard to understand. $3.75 cgp!

"Heres(sic) a toast to every year thats(sic) gone / And one to each thats(sic) coming / And may you have glad years enough / To set our head a-humming!" postcard with embossed art nouveau art & unevenly divided back, mailed 1907 to Mr. & Mrs. R. R. Allison in Swissvale Pennsylvania, writing on front, mild corner & edge wear. $2.00 np

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Better_155small.jpg poetry postcards available from Judnick.com"Here's lovers two, to the maid thats(sic) true, / and four to the maid caressing! / But the wayward girl with the lips that curl, / keeps twenty lovers guessing." postcard mailed from Antioch Ohio in 1908, pencil writing smudged in a few spots, mall tear in bottom edge just up to the art, minor corner wear & light toning. $2.00 lp

"HERE'S TO MY GIRL, / SHE'S GOOD AND SWEET / HERE'S TO THE GIRL THAT'S TRUE / HERES TO THE GIRL / THAT RULES MY HEART, / IN OTHER WORDS / HERE'S TO YOU!" showing a man proposing a toast on leather, undivided back, attractive. $4.50

"Here's / the Girl / with the / Peek-aboo waist / And the Clock // upon / her / Stocking / Supposing / I were to ask / the time would / it be so very shocking." hand-colored / tinted leather postcard, circa 1907. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 lhp-o

"Here's to my wife - wish her long life! / She's might good looking, unrivaled at cooking / Knows all about medicine, as inventive as Edison, ... The Faithful Husbands Toast" with the lame poetry continuing for 4 more lines, quality art in color depicts a man having a drink while his betrothed gives him a big hug, postcard mailed FEB 22 1910 (partial Nebraska City & Holdrege R.P.O. cancel) to Roy Dwinle in Tecumseh Nebraska, upper corner crease not into the art, long internal crease into the poem, minor corner & edge wear otherwise. $6.00 pw(s)-r

"Here's to You, / Old Friend! / may Fortunes / hand be opened / wide; / To bless your / home at / Christmas-tide; ..." postcard with art within embossed frames, mailed 1915 from Green Bay Wisconsin with a Balboa commemorative stamp, long horizontal crease, minor corner wear & rounding, light mark below the poetry may erase well. $0.50 cp

"Home of James Whitcomb Riley / The Hoosier Poet, Indianapolis, Indiana" circa 1951 linen postcard, unused, excellent condition. $3.00 i(i)p

"Ho! See the man-bird in the air, / Taking his bride to Hartman's where / He'll 'Feather their Nest' / With Feathers new. On the Hartman plan / As wise men do. / Ho! For the man-bird in the air, / He's going right when he's going There." advertising for Harman's Furniture & Carpet Company in Milwaukee; post card mailed there MAY 12 1911, tiny upper corner crease, a bottom corner with 2 creases (one faint & long), all corners with wear & rounding. Seldom offered as low as this price: $12.00 fw(m)bpa

"I dare you / implore you, inform you / …STOP HATE / www.stophate.org" with excerpts of poetry by Rhianne Paz Bergado, unused continental postcard, near mint, arresting design. $2.00 sp

"I'd like to be a baggage tag / With nothing else to do / But Dangle from a steamer trunk / And tag along with you / Bon Voyage from Fox Lake to well any where" the words after from being written in neatly; baggage-tag shaped postcard mailed in August 1912 at Delavan Wisconsin to Miss Girlie Griffin at Fox Lake, fresh & appealing. $10.00 w(f)p

"If all the pity and love untold" mailed 1910, stamp removed, cancel ink on front. $1.00

"If the day looks kinder gloomy," mailed 1910, light amount of cancel ink on front, extraneous writing on back. $1.00

"I have your invitation, and / would fly to you full soon / But my air-ship's out of business / In the dry-dock of the moon, / And for this, and other reasons / Each of which my spirit frets / I'm denied the pleasure offered, / And am forced to send regrets" copyrighted G. K. Prince (Buffalo NY) embossed postcard mailed JAN 10 1912 from Pine Grove Mills Michigan (light DPO cancel ties stamp) by Bernice Gilbert to Mrs. Will Burchett in Plainwell Michigan. Message fits the poem, the sender sending regrets due to illness. $3.75 p-m

"I Hope You're Happy Too / I feel so fine and Christmassy / And generally good, / I want to share the feeling / As a good friend rightly should. / 425A" postcard mailed NOV 1 1921 (sharp red-violet N.Y. & GENEVA TR30 R.P.O. RMS cancel) to Mrs. Emma Eggleston in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania, small bottom corner crease, minor corner rounding, lightly toned both sides. $1.25 cp-r

"I linger near the pebble paved shore" mailed 1910, ocean view, minor corner wear & rounding. $1.50

"INDIAN LAMENT / WIFE HE DIE / I SO SAD, MY O' HOSS / DONE GONE BAD. / ... / NO MORE MONEY MAN / BY DAMN-- / I DONE VOTE FOR UNCLE SAM" 24 lines of poetry next to an image of Old Hosteen Yazzie (aged 110 years), odd linen mailed 1940 in El Paso Texas, faint corner crease, part cancel on front. One of the last Navajo Indians to surrender to Army Scout Kit Carson. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original area) & enhanced 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50

"In length'ning rows prone / from the mountain run / The flocks -- their fleeces / glist'ning in the sun / RICHARD SAVAGE" post card showing a flock of sheep, Tuck Photochrome Series 4463 (Animal Studies), numeral written in the front sky, back toned in places. Savage was an English poet who lived 1697 - 1743. $3.00 tpa

"In nineteen hundred and sixteen / We all shall be flying--perhaps! / And racing with sea-gulls and thunder clouds / In dizzy aerial laps // ... // Then all will be joy to the chaps who fly, / But days full of fear and dread / For the common people who have to dodge / things dropping from overhead // ..." and 2 more 4-line verses giving the perspective of pioneer aviation as seen by the common man; postcard mailed SEP 5 1910 from Detroit Michigan to Mrs. M. Galley in St. Johns Michigan, trivial corner wear, light toning near the edges. Hard to find & amusing. $8.00 a(p)p

"In our cottage of Love. / You will be happy and I will be happy, / Together we'll be super-happy / In our little cottage of love." hand-colored / tinted real photo postcard with an intricately embossed border, showing First National & Vitaphone stars James Hall & Colleen Moore in an embrace; unused, from the Talkie Song Series published by Max Kracke & Co., light toning on back. The sheet music for the song of that title came out in 1929. Their appearance was in the movie 'Smiling Irish Eyes'. Rare. $15.00 pm

"In the diamond mine / of Happiness / May you find a / sparkling gem..." with 2 more lines of poetry in fancy lettering for New Year, mailed 1909 in Connecticut, light amount of cancel ink on front as shown, 2 edges with considerable wear. $2.00 np. Another mailed in Springfield Illinois (time to the minute in cancel), wear at top edge & light toning on bottom front edge. $2.50 np

"I wish one thing alone for you" Colorful floral design, for a mother, no postcard back, fairly fresh. $1.25

"I wonder as I gaze across" Embossed intricately, beautiful color design of sailor in portal, writing on back. $2.00

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"In this / mirror by / candle-light, / I'll see / my fate this / Hallowe'en / night." Art shows boy holding large pumpkin & girl with mirror & candle, mailed circa 1915 (Balboa commemorative stamp), edge wear, small corner crease, internal crease. $9.00

"I've sent a boat across the sea" writing on back, corner crease, corner & edge wear, ship image. $1.00

"Jahreswende. / Schon ist ein Jahr im Zeitenstrom entschwunden, / Ein anderes tritt freudig auf den Plan / Und füllt mit neuem Hoffen uns're Stunden / Auf kurzer Fahrt im schwanken Lebenskahn!" a poem in German on the occasion of an anniversary, nude figures above suggestive of a clock; unused sepia-tone postcard in excellent condition. Slightly longer than most regular size postcards. $4.00 n(p)p

"Jens Vejmand" depicting the Danish road worker flanked by a six-stanza song immortalizing his life (poetry written 1905, melody 1907), unused brevkort, toned both sides, heavy vertical crease runs along the left side of the image so it is not very noticeable. Unusual subject matter. $2.00 dmp

"K21 HIGH BRIDGE AT HIGH BRIDGE, KY. / [Verses to 'IN KENTUCKY' a poem by James Hillary Mulligan] / STATE CAPITOL, FRANKFORT, KY." multiview linen postcard, tiny upper corner bend, tiny paper inclusion the word IN, otherwise fairly fresh.
Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 ck(f)kmpb

"Kandi Kubes // Handy-Spandy, Jack-A-Dandy / Wants a piece of / PEANUT CANDY. / He wants it now / He wants it bad, / And KANDI KUBES just make him glad" circa 1890 ad card of the Warren Candy Company of Warren Pennsylvania. Lightly toned back continues the hard sell: 'the most nutritous(sic) and cheapest food in existence'. Hard to find! $11.00 afpsb

"Köln a. Rh. / Im Rhein, im schönen Strome, / Da spiegelt sich in Well'n / Mit seinem großen Dome / Das grosße, heil'ge Köln" with the poem in German celebrating the highest Gothic spire ever achieved (before it was damaged by bombs & later repaired); unused Postkarte, light toning on back, saturated & beautiful front colors. $4.00 npa

All post cards have art depicting lovers and/or diners
above verses meant for music.

Nr. 1 F. "Im Rolandsbogen" with 6 stanzas of a German song by Jörg Ritzel, unused postcard, just  a little toning at a bottom corner. Shown above left. $4.00 wmp

Nr. 2 F. "Warum ist es am Rhein so schön?' with 9 stanzas of a German song by A. von Bergsattel, unused postcard, mild corner wear. Shown above center. $4.00 wmp

Nr. 3F. "Die Lindenwirtin" with 6 stanzas of a German song by Rudolf Baumbach, hint of toning near the bottom front. $4.00 wmp

Nr. 6F. "Der Rheinenthusiast" with 4 stanzas of a German song by Herm. Brandt, unused postcard, very light toning near the front corners. Shown above right. $4.00 wmp

Nr. 12F. "Vom Rhein der Wein" with 2 stanzas of a German song by Hermann Brandt (Opus 8), unused Postkarte, very lightly toned back. $4.00 wmp

Nr. 13F. "Stolzenfels am Rhein." with 3 stanzas of a German song by H. Dorgeel, unused post card, very lightly toned back. $4.00 wmp

=> Special:  All 6 of the above for $20.00 wmp <=

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LA FAVORITE 871. "Au Crépuscule / C'est l'heure au tout s'apaise, hélas ! sauf en moi-même, / Car trop de souvenirs s'éveillent dans la nuit, / ..." and 3 more lines of French poetry [woman seated near a flower stand attends to her memories at the twilight hour]; hand-tinted carte postale with a personal message completely inked over on back, some curl to the paper might come out in an album, as is. $4.25 w(o)p

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LA FAVORITE 883. "Je l'ai cueillie pour vous! / Je l'ai cueillie pour vous: Dan le sein de la fleur, / Vous trouverez l'écho du mien, qui bat trio vite, / Vous vous doutez, hélas du trouble qui l'agite / Et d'oú provient le feu lui donnant sa chaleur." French poem to a lover: 'I picked for you. In the heart of the flower you will find the echo of my own ..." unused postcard with light toning on back & trivial edge wear. $6.00 w(l)p

"LEAP YEAR / 1908 / The joys of single blessedness / Would cease to make you hesitate / …" with 2 more lines of poetry, image has woman talking to a man on a park bench,  with red caption, soft corners, lightly toned back. $5.50

"LEAP YEAR / IS COME, / OH JOY; / THERE'S NO / ESCAPE, MY BOY, / COME OFF / YOUR PERCH- / DON'T TARRY:…" with one more line of poetry & cartoon art showing treed man being serenaded by a woman below, post card mailed 1908, several speckles of cancel ink on front, one edge worn to an uneven state, as is. $3.00 lp

"Legend / of the / Spanish Moss // Rough, old meanie that he was, / From Spain came Don Gorez Goz, ... // 0B-H789" with 5 stanzas of poetry attributed to P. M. L." unused circa-1940 linen postcard, tiny bottom corner crease, otherwise fairly fresh. $1.75 tp

"Les Baisers / Comme des fleurs fraiches écloses, Et qui se frôlent doucement, / Le baiser de ces lèvres roses, / C'est le baiser innocent. / A. G." depicting a boy kissing a girl lightly on the cheek, poetry in French on a post card mailed TCV circa 1904 at Vienne France, toned back, front marred by numerous small scrapes. As is. $0.75 cp


"GATHERING WILD CATTLE" signed L. H. 'Dude' Larsen art on linen postcard including a 8-line poem of his on the back, copyrighted 1939, excellent condition. $6.00 cap

"LEAD'N 'EM OUT" signed L. H. 'Dude' Larsen art on linen postcard including a 12-line poem of his on the back, copyright dated 1938 on front & 1939 on back, excellent condition. $6.00 cap

"ROUGH RANGES" signed  L. H. 'Dude' Larsen art showing a cowboy climbing a tree to escape the charge of a wild steer unused linen postcard with 1939 copyright, his 12-line poem on back to match the scene, excellent condition. $6.00 cap

"Little BILLY BAKER made such awful good bread - / Done up in a paper-0 so one day he said: / 'I must tell everybody  / from the top of a steeple / it's a clean HOLMSUM BREAD 0 / for clean wholesome people! // "t's as / light as air! // ..." advertising postcard mailed DEC 13 1909 from St. Louis Missouri, all corners with small creases, long internal crease from the bottom center edge, spotty toning on back. Hard to find! As is. $5.50 fpa

"Lots ob good things / Christmas time, / Christmas turkey / an' Christmas wine, / Punkin, mine an' / apple pie--" showing a black butler bearing a tray full of food & more poetry, Tuck Leatherette Post Card Series No. 8, printed in Saxony, mailed 1911 in Michigan, minor corner & edge wear, couple inconsequential tiny ink smears in address. The light-color curve from the turkey & down towards the left edge is either an artistic representation of the food dripping as he is moving forward or a very light scrape that leaves color on the card. $8.00 bctfp

"LOVER'S LANE, SAINT JO. // IN THE UNION BANK OF LONDON / ARE FORTY POUNDS OR MORE, WHICH I'M LIKE TO SPEND, ERE THE MONTH SHALL END / IN AN ANTIQUARIAN STORE." with an inset of the poet Eugene Field who is not named in the caption or on his shoulder (the other versions of this postcard--so check your albums; postcard mailed 1909 to Mrs. Edsie Downing in Marengo Ohio, stamp removed, upper corner creased twice, small bottom corner crease, trimmed a bit at the right front edge. As is. $1.00 pi(s)

"Love's Fond / Greeting // If you should catch / this heart of mine, / Sly Cupid, while but playing, / Pray take it to my Valentine, / Without my name betraying" with signed Ellen H. Clapsaddle depicting an angel riding a bejeweled key, intricately embossed postcard printed in Germany for the International Art Publishing Company, long bottom corner crease, soft corners, message on back discloses sender's name. In our opinion, one of her best designs. $9.00 va(c)pa

"Loving / Birthday / Wishes. // May joy and love be yours to-day, / And flowers be sweet upon your way, ... " with 2 more lines of poetry, hand-colored (and, hence, unique) real photo within a decorative embossed border, postcard has toning along both sides of the upper edge, small & faint lower corner crease, some of the writing on back has been scribbled off. As is. $1.75 bfp

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"Marie Louis Alphonse Prat de Lamartine / Paris--Chambres des Députées / Lith-Artist Anstalt München, Serie 92 No. 20723" with a portrait of the French poet & politician, unused, faint corner crease, even yellowish paper due to age, good edges. $14.00 fap

"MISSOURI // Here we succeed without effort, / And get rich when we try; / We have abandoned the Auto / And now traverse the sky. // H. W. S." black & white postcard with yellow color added by hand, mailed AUG28 1912 from Moberly Missouri to Miss Ruth Spears in Holton Indiana, small upper corner crease, bottom corner crease, minor rounding at all corners. Rare: when we searched the Internet we could find no offers or exhibits or past sales. $7.00 m(g)p

"'Muse of Lyric Poetry'  Library of Congress." unused & in color, made in Germany for the Illustrated Postal Card Company of New York (210.-21), toning at the back corners, front colors are fresh, trivial edge wear. The artist is not attributed, but it is H. O. Walker. $2.50 pna(w)ld

"My hearts' in the Highlands, / my heart is not here; / My hearts' in the Highlands / a-chasing / the deer... / Robert Burns" with a sprig of violet flowers as illustration, post card with very late usage at Stepney Depot Connecticut, light toning on front but still attractive. $1.50 sp

"My Wish / If every leaf on this small tree / And all the branches, too, / ..." and two more lines of poetry sending best wishes to the recipient, signed Gertrude Spaller art, mailed 1921, browning of the paper with age, ding on an edge nowhere near the art. $2.00 ap

(New Year poem in Hebrew). Monogram CW within a triangle. Printed in Saxony. Postcard shown has been sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a larger scan in .jpg format. $1.50 jn

"No time to waste! There are these days, / No horses, but horse-power. / Our seat we take, and love we make / At sixty miles an hour!" art on an embossed PFB Serie 7774 postcard, printed in Germany, mailed 1908 in Walnutport PA to Miss Mabel Bloom in Slatington PA. $8.00 apl

"Now I lay me down to sleep / I pray my license I can keep / …KHC8741" Anderson Indiana CB QSL postcard with pencil writing on back, with fishing poem & cartoon, fresh appearance. $2.00

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"NUDE DESCENDING A STAIRCASE" by X. J. Kennedy, hardbound book of poetry published by Doubleday in 1961, 71 pages, interesting portions of the dust jacket were taped to the inside but are now loose (& included). $3.75 p

"O, but ye are lang awa'" writing on back, toned back, hand with rope and anchor design, corner & edge wear. $2.00

"Oh if the seed of love you sow" mailed 1912, one corner has small stain, two others creased. $1.00

"Oh ye hills, ye Tennessee Hills" unused linen, fairly fresh. $1.25

"Old Santa Claus / travels about doing good, / A beautiful mission is his / …" & 2 more lines of poetry, full-length Santa in beige robe & red cap with white trim brings gifts to small children around a Christmas tree, writing on back, minor corner & edge wear, tiny spots of toning along one front border. $9.00 cp

"One impulse from a vernal wood" Graven Thoughts series no. 103, embossed flowers, mailed 1912. $1.75

"On the Banks of Allan Water" mailed 1909, heavily toned back, Bamforth & Co. published, nice art. $1.50

"Our Christmas Ornament Capital / Wellsboro, Pa. Ford Times Dec 59 / Ptg Talitha Botsford" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1960 at Mainesburg Pennsylvania, 2 small corner creases not into the image, very light toning on back. Botsford was a watercolorist, poet & musician. $2.25 cppa

"O! you man-bird flying high, / You'r(sic) taking big chances, up in the sky, / For there's never been one yet, t'is(sic) said, / who has'nt(sic) landed on his head" regular-postcard size printer's proof with guide marks at either front side & bottom, unevenly toned blank back, minor corner rounding. As best we can tell from an Internet search the design never made it to postcard. An interesting reflection on attitudes toward pioneer aviation & aviators. $8.00 a(p)p

"Petöfi-szobor  Budapest  Petöfi-Denkmal" a sculpture of Sándor Petöfi, Hungary's national poet & revolutionary; unused black & white postcard with red caption, minor wear to one upper corner, both sides lightly toned. $3.00 hps


"POEZIJA  A. ŠRANS" real photo postcard of a painting entitled 'Poetry' in Lithuanian, mailed at Riga Latvia 27 VI 22 (2-sentimi stamp tied by clear hand cancel), oxidation consistent with mailing age, minor corner wear, small spot of light toning in the address area. $9.00 lp

"Priecīgus Lieldienas Svētkus! // KRIVI / Riga" translating 'Happy Easter Holidays' in Latvian, real photo postcard with hand-tinted images of a young couple & a chick, also a 4-line poem; mailed at Leepaja 9 4 25 (4- and 2-sentimi stamps), unfortunate smearing of the ink in the back message area. Religious symbols were not permitted by the authorities, just secular ones. $8.00 lep

"REWARD OF MERIT // ANGRY WORDS / Angry words,--oh, let them never / From the tongue unbridled slip! / May the heart's best impulse ever / Check them ere they sail the lip." with art depicting a boy with his bicycle; circa-1890 Victorian card with blank back, given by teachers to encourage good behavior, bottom left front corner crease is not too conspicuous. $4.75 epb

“ROBERT GRAVES, 1895-1985 / John Aldridge, 1968” with a portrait of the poet & author, unused continental postcard, copyrighted, excellent condition. $1.50 a(g)pa

"ROUGH RANGES" signed  L. H. 'Dude' Larsen art showing a cowboy climbing a tree to escape the charge of a wild steer unused linen postcard with 1939 copyright, his 12-line poem on back to match the scene, excellent condition. $6.00 cap

SAP 2320. "INVOCATION / DE LA / JEUNE FILLE à MARIER / Saint-Antoine, c'est à genoux / Que Je vous réclame un époux" with 16 more lines in the poem of a young woman appealing to various saints on the occasion of her impending marriage, hand-tinted real photo post card, handwritten message over all the back in French dates to 1926, a little wear on the bottom edge & at one upper corner. $5.00 pw(o)c

"SCHMITT MUSIC COMPANY / 'Scarbo,' a portion of which decorates Schmitt's / downtown Minneapolis store at 88 South Tenth Street, / is the third section of Ravel's piano work ... / inspired by three poems of Aloysius Bertrand." postcard from a photo by Curt Anderson, mailed 19 JUN 1980 at Minneapolis to Miss Maria Truitt in Urbana Illinois, small bottom corner crease, other corner wear is minor, short internal crease from the top edge. $2.00 m(m)mp

Music_BobMarlley_small.jpg (4299 bytes)

See also our Composer postcards for songwriters, such as Bob Marley & Sammy Kaye, the examples shown here.

Sepia-tone real photo postcard showing a woman standing in the snow, undivided back, poem neatly written to its side: "November 7, 1906 / May life's cloudless sunshine lighten / All your coming days, / And contentment bless and brighten / All your future ways. Fern Smith / 829 So. Meldrum St / Ft. Collins Colo." Good edges, album impressions at the corners. Undoubtedly unique and probably portraying the sender, whose full name was Ruby Fern Smith. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 cpg(s)

Sharp & complete ROXABELLE OHIO DPO hand cancel ties 1-c Jefferson stamp franking a postcard to McArthur Ohio, front with art & quoting poetry attributed to Bayard Taylor, 2 corners with small creases, mild edge wear, back paper starting to brown with age, front unevenly toned. The poem: 'Live for love, and thou shalt be, / Loving others, true to me ..." We recently bought a collection with several Roxabelle cancels; this was the best one. $7.50 p-o

Selected lines from a lengthy poem by Thomas Buchanan Read
illustrated on a postcard series that has a few historical inaccuracies,
but that nonetheless documents important 1864 Civil War events.


Top row: No. 1 (album marks & a little back toning).
2nd Row: No. 3 & No. 4, both in excellent condition.
3rd row: No. 5 (small red spot on back) & No. 6 in excellent condition.
4th row: No. 7 & No 8 both in excellent condition.
Bottom row: No. 9 & No. 10 both in excellent condition.
Your choices: $6.00 each, except No. 1 & No. 5 at $5.00 each. cph

"Šī dzīve bij tukša" with a poem entitled 'This life was empty' by J. Rainis (a pseudonym of poet & playwright Jānis Pliekšāns) in Latvian, with an uncancelled 1-ruble Latvian stamp on front; real photo (of the accompanying art) postcard mailed TCV from Riga (date in cancel on back is unclear, probably in the 1920's). $8.00 lp

"SURE SHOT // I'm not really stupid / If you could only see / I'm shooting at cupid / Before cupid shoots at me" signed Elvgren art on a lithographed & copyrighted arcade card, no postcard back, soft corners. We have seen this art on a May 1946 & a January 1947 calendar, but with the poem it is seldom offered. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 aa(e)pp

"Swift's Premium Butterine / Copyright 1910 Swift & Company" set of 6 unused advertising postcards each with an eight-line poem & art of a different airship, emphasizing worldwide acceptance of their butter substitute. Top to bottom & left to right: Miss Johnnybull of London town; Miss Deutscher Girl of Deutschland & Zeppelin; Miss Milano from Italy & dirigible; Miss U. S. American & biplanes; Miss Parley Vous of Gay Paree & Bleriot aeroplane; and the all-inclusive "No more on Mother Earth we run...". Backs had pre-printed messages in handwriting from different women. Small upper corner crease & lightly toning near left front edge on the British. Toning along one short edge of the US. Sold but front sides still available for scholarly study & research as enlarged 300-dpi scans (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75 each or $19.75 for all 6. apa(p)f

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"TAKE ME BACK TO DEAR OLD BLIGHTY (3) / Bill Spry started to fly up in aeroplane, / In France, taking a chance, wishes he was down again; / Poor Bill, felling so ill, yelled out to Pilot Brown: / 'Steady a bit, yer fool, we're turning upside down!'" copyrighted Bamforth comic postcard printed in England, legible pencilled message over entire back, tiny bottom corner crease. Surprisingly hard to find. $5.00 pcm

Cowboy_TakeMeBack-200_small.JPG poetry post card available from Judnick.com"TAKE ME BACK TO / OLD MONTANA / Where there's plenty of room and air; /..." with a long poem by J. C. Cory, illustration of man with lariat on bucking bronco, linen postcard from Robbins-Tillquist Co., writing on back dates to 1938, toned back due to album contact, good edges but faint internal crease. $2.00 cpm

"THE CHINESE WRITTEN CHARACTER AS A MEDIUM FOR POETRY" by Fenollosa, edited by Ezra Pound, 1936 copyright, softbound, 48 pages including plates, a little writing on the inside title page by former owner, otherwise excellent condition. $2.50 cp

"The coast is clear, and plain the road, / To put the break on now seems tame, / Full speed ahead, the maiden said, / We'll leave them to their little game" art on an embossed PFB Serie 7774 postcard, printed in Germany, back paper starting to show its age, but the front colors & edges are certainly fresh. $12.00 apl

"The COWBOY / The bawl of a steer to a cowboy's ear / Is music of sweetest strain, / And the yelping notes of the gay coyotes / To him are a glad refrain; / ..." with 12 more lines of James Barton Adams poetry accompanied by artwork showing a cattle drive, unused linen post card, tiny crease at one corner, otherwise fresh. $2.75 cp

"THE FAT MAN / Some men keep on getting fatter / And say to themselves 'it don't matter;' / But if you'd say to such / 'Stop eating so much!' / He'd get as mad as a hatter. / COPYRIGHT, 1905, BY R. HILL" postcard mailed MAR 22 1907 (TOW. & CATONS. R. P. O. BALTO. MD. cancel ties the stamp) to Cleveland then forwarded to Cincinnati Ohio; album impressions at the corners, upper corner crease, minor corner & edge wear, toned both sides from album contact. The cancel is that of the Towson & Catonsville streetcar railroad post office in Baltimore. $4.75 cp-r

"The Frenchman loves his native wine / The German loves his beer / The American..." 4-line poem on leather with hand-colored  / tinted capital letters, mailed 1907 in Cleveland Ohio. $2.75

"The golden hours / on angel / wings, / Flew o'er me / and my dearie; / ... / Robert Burns" illustrated with a sprig of blue-black flowers, J. Salmon copyright, very late usage at Southport Connecticut, light but extensive toning on front. $1.50 sp

"THE GRAVE OF ANN RUTLEDGE, PETERSBURG, ILL. / INSCRIPTION -- A POEM BY EDGAR LEE MASTERS / ..." unused postcard No. 43 from the Historic Lincoln Series, minor corner wear. For a brief time, before her untimely death, she was engaged to Lincoln. $1.75 ci(p)pl

"The Legend of The Spanish Moss. / In days of legendary lore, / Perhaps a thousand years or more, / In lands where summer suns do shine ..." with a 5-stanza poem on front attempting to explain the flowering plant that grows on bald cypress & Souther live oak, unused linen postcard in excellent condition. $2.00 f(u)fp

"THE OLD SWIMMIN' HOLE / GREENFIELD, IND. / Made Famous by the Hoosier Poet, / James Whitcomb Riley" unused black & white postcard with red caption, one corner with minor wear, a little red ink on back from the printing process itself. $2.50 ai(g)p

"The Pentland Bookshop Ltd. / 94, YORK ROAD, LONDON... / As we believe that the undermentioned book would be of especial interest / to you..." to author M. Barrows, offering a remainder stock of books containing her poetic work (among others) at greatly reduced price, sent at 1 / 2-pence printed matter rate (correct for quotations) to Evanston Illinois, ink of triangular postal marking soaks through, heavy vertical crease (now reinforced with clear tape) & short nearby tear indicate a frosty reception. An exceptionally interesting glimpse into the life of an author. $5.00 aep-g

"There's joy in remembrance when friends are apart" Beautiful floral design, 2 corner creases, writing on back. $3.75

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"The simple life, the homely hearth, / With beauty's where surrounding..." signed Ryan art in an embossed frame with flowers, showing a family beside a 4-line poem, published by Winsch, numbered A-167 on back, minor wear at corners, light toning along top back edge, fresh appearance from the front. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg (198,880 bytes) or .tif format. $1.50 afp

"The Song of the Bridge / D. B. Steinman * / The light gleams on my strands and bars ..." unused postcard with 1962 copyright, small light spotty toning along the back top edge, good edges. The designer of the bridge was also a poet. His 4-line poem describes the bridge at night & is included on the back. Shown left. Different view of the bridge, poem up front where it belongs, 1959 copyright by the Hiawatha Card Company in Mackinaw City, tiny spot near the top front edge, good edges, very light toning near the back edges. $3.75 gets both. m(m)bp.

Artist_Hanke_small.jpg (4647 bytes)

"THE SPORTSMAN / His outfit is quite up-to-date, / And his guns of a pattern most late,..." vinegar valentine with limerick, signed H. H. (Hanke), undivided back postcard, unused, minor corner & edge wear. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 ahvp

"THE TYPEWRITER GIRL / Oh, the belle of the office is she: / Office boy, clerks and boss all agree, That her manners are grand-- / They are 'hers to command!' / ..." undivided back post card with color art & limerick, mailed 1907 at Youngstown Ohio, lightly toned back, lightly toned front, light amount of cancel ink on front. $3.00 tpp

Better_414small.jpg poem postcard available from Judnick.com

"THE VILLAGE BLACKSMITH (3). / LONGFELLOW. / And children coming home from school / look in at the open door, /They love to see the flaming forge ..." and 3 more line of poetry on a Bamforth post card from their series no. 4533, mailed 1913 at Marion Indiana (stamp removed) to Mrs. C. A. Richards in Newark Ohio from her sister Margaret, minor wear at the upper corners, light toning both sides. $4.00 gpp

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"This bow of Blue / I send to you… / BE MY / Valentine" postcard with embossed angel displays poem amidst flowers & lace, color, Heart Valentine Series No. 2, a little pencil writing on back, corner & edge wear. (shown) $7.25 vpa. Mailed, but fresher. $9.00 vpa

"This new Vessel 'Tai Pak' built in memory of the famous poet of the Tong Dynasty..." restaurant ad mailed from Kowloon 21 APR 1965 (clear bilingual cancel CORRECT ADDRESSING / SAVES DELAY on $1 queen stamp) to the United States, corner crease. Shown. $2.50 hp-h**. Same but unused, with tiny corner bump. $2.25 hp

"Though wide apart our paths may be" In color, writing on back, bent corner, design shows old biplane. $2.00

"Though years gae by on fleeting wing," writing on back, published by Valentine, Stewart plaid border. $1.25

"Thus, 'mid the wreck of thrones, shall live / Unmarred, undimmed, our hero's fame, / And years succeeding years shall give / Increase of honors to his name. / Wm. Cullen Bryant" embossed postcard mailed FEB 17 1920 (faint RPO cancel) to Helen Daniels in Jeffersonville Ohio by her Aunt Beatrice, both upper corners creased, light toning both sides. $2.50 pg(d)

"Till Eulenspiegel -- dat Düvelskind / Verdingt sick bi' em Bäcker am Bäckerklint, / Wo man jetzt den Brunnen ehm hen'estellt. / ..." depicting the folkloric trickster in a fountain, poem dialect is Middle Low German; Postkarte from Georg Selle Kunstanstalt Berlin, a name written neatly on back. $4.00 bp

"Time has dragged its dreary pace / Waiting for the meeting, But of sorrow ne'er a trace / Mars their happy greeting" with a well-dressed couple embracing on an intricately embossed post card, addressed & dated 1908 but never mailed. $5.00 lp

"To My Valentine // Too slow by far are automobiles, / Or anything else that goes on wheels; / But what do you say to an air-balloon, / A trip to the stars and the honeymoon? // AIR-LINE LIMITED. / COPYRIGHT 1908, BY H. L. McCARTHY." unused postcard with an unevenly divided back, thick stock so edge wear is trivial. We found a few other examples, but not with the red letter starting the caption at the top. $6.00 vp

TUCK SERIES 502 CHRISTMAS TEXT. 4 different Tuck post cards from this colorful series, all embossed & printed in Saxony, bearing poetry attributed to H. M. Burnside (2), Gertrude de Moore (1), and M. S. Haycraft. Three mailed 1909 - 1910. Mild corner & edge wear, 1 with two small bottom corner creases, one with cancel ink on front, one toned unevenly on back. $15.00 gets them all. tcp

TUCK SERIES 502 CHRISTMAS TEXT. Joy attend you, Peace divine / On your household fall, / Heavenly blessing freely given, By the Lord of all." embossed postcard printed in Saxony, minor corner & edge wear, hint of cancel ink on front. Poetry attributed to Gertrude de Moore. $4.00 tcp

TUCK SERIES 523 POINSETTIA SCROLLS. "Yule-tide Memories / Old memories come back to me, / Old tunes my heart is singing, / Ah, Yule, no joy can sweeter be ..." with 3 more lines of H. M. Burnside poetry on an embossed post card mailed 1912 at Milford Pennsylvania, mild corner & edge wear. $3.00 tcp

TUCK SERIE E WAR EINMAL NO. 241B VERGESSEN. "In der Baumen rauscht ein weches Klagen / Durch die öden Hallen streift das Leid, ..." with 3 more lines of German poetry on the back, unused Oilette Postkarte, small upper corner crease, mild edge wear. $5.00 tpo

"TX42 / THE DESERT / VALERIE A. REICHE / The sun beats down the wind flies high..." with long poem & image of buzzard cleaning some bones, linen on brownish paper, unused, good edges. $2.50 dp+

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"Une Nuit Agitée / En rêvant du Métro / En arrière! C'est Complet! / Grisée de tes baisers délicieusement lasse, / Je m'endormais, chèri, et déjà te revais; / ..." and 2 more lines of love poetry recounting a dream in French, sepia-tone carte postale with a former owner's light handstamp in the back address area. Rough translation: 'One restless night, while dreaming about the subway ...' Think about it--when is the last time you saw a man embracing a woman in bed on a postcard? $25.00 dlsp

"Valentine Greetings / The ball player thinks he's 'the' stuff / But the rooters will soon call his bluff / When he misses the ball, / ..." and 2 more lines for a limerick, Tuck Valentine Post Card Series No. 5, brownish paper, mailed 1908 at Parkville Missouri to Phoenix Arizona Territory (clear dial cancel ink on front on FEB 14 1908), minor stamp damaged, lightly toned front, faint corner crease, album marks on back. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 s(b)pvt-a

"Ven der birdies sing / Und der leaves come out, / Und every dings / Begins to sprout..." with 6 more lines of poetry, picturing a formally dressed gentleman smelling a rose; from Tuck's 'Leatherville' Valentine post cards Series 114, mailed 1908 with 1-day delivery within Pennsylvania, quite fresh with good edges, simulating the look of leather. $7.50 vtp

"VIRGINIA / The roses nowhere bloom so white / As in Virginia; / The sunshine nowhere shines so bright / As in Virginia…" poetry in 3 stanzas separates two views, color, Bel-Chrome, mailed 1913, lightly toned back, corner crease, edge wear. $2.75

"Von Passau's Dom ich fiel herunter (1662), / Wobei mein schöner Leib zerbrach," M. Reichel art & 2 more lines of poetry in German, TCV from Passau Bavaria to Illinois in 1931 (clear cancels both sides), faint corner crease, corner & edge wear. Attractive. $6.50 ap-b

Wanted to buy--post cards with limericks. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

Wanted to buy--postcards with "The Face on the Bar Room Floor" poem. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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"We haven't seen you lately," Meeting reminder mailed 1939 in Maine, 5-pointed star design. $1.00

"We'll take this road, and if 'tis wrong, / 'Tis matter of but little heed / For we'll retrace at double pace, / There is no limit to our speed." deeply embossed art on post card from PFB Serie 7774, mailed from Chicago in 1909, front fairly fresh, slight back toning from overinking in the production process itself. $12.00 ap

"We pass the birds on flashing wing, / And leave them far behind us, / We rush along with merry song, / 'Twill puzzle you to find us." with embossed art showing a couple taking a drive in the country, postcard from PFB Serie 7774, mailed circa 1909 to Miss Gretta McMaster in Kinsman Ohio, hard-to-notice internal crease inside the poetry. $12.00 ap

"When on the ear the old chimes fall" Beautifully embossed, in color, mailed 1911, verse by Clifton Binham, minor corner wear & rounding. $2.25

"'WHEN YOU PICK YOUR WINNERS WITH A PIN, / YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU'VE GOT 'EM. /THE BEST BAT TO USE THE PIN / IS TO STICK IT IN ITS _________'" inviting the word bottom, signed D. Tempest art on postcard mailed from a Navy ship in 1952, Bamforth comic printed in England, numbered 801 on back, corner crease misses art, but a long crease does not. $2.00 rp

"Who wouldn't be blue? / If nobody ever put their arms around you, / Who wouldn't be blue / If nobody ever said, I'm glad I found you, / Who wouldn't be blue?" hand-colored / tinted real photo post card with an intricately embossed border, showing First National & Vitaphone stars Richard Barthelmess & Lila Lee in an embrace; unused, from the Talkie Song Series published by Max Kracke & Co., fairly fresh with good edges. The sheet music for the song of that title came out in 1928. This joint appearance was in the recently rediscovered 1929 film 'Drag' (which had both a sound version & a silent version). Rare. $16.00 pm

"Wishing You / A Merry Christmas / Day // Accept my hearty good wishes / For all that you hold most dear, / May Christmas joy reign in your heart / And gladden the coming year" postcard mailed DEC 23 1910 (clear DES MOINES & KEOKUK T473 R.P.O. RM hand cancel) to Mrs. Emma Meikle in New Lexington Ohio from his cousin Caly, spotty & noticeable toning both sides. $1.00 cp

      "Wordsworth's / Seat and / Rydal Water, / Ambleside. / Abraham's Series. No. 329. Keswick" 2 very different unused hand-colored postcards of the same view, both with good edges. The example at the right was printed in Germany; the other is mute on printing location & has two creases at its top edge. The English Romantic poet lived on Rydal Mount in the latter years of his life. Both for $6.50 total. he(r)pa

Would make a wonderful gift to a German-speaking man.
All have writing on back to translate into English,
& brownish paper on back.
Women_GL_6251-1-100.JPG (267779 bytes)   Women_GL_6251-2-100.JPG (262949 bytes)
6251 / 1. "Besser noch als Worte, sagte / Dir ein einz'ger süsser Kuss / ..." with 2 more line of German poetry. Shown above left.

6251 / 2. "All der Liebe süsse Worte / Sind noch immer viel zu arm, / ..." with 2 more lines of German poetry. Shown above right.

Women_GL_6251-3-100.JPG (259437 bytes)   Women_GL_6251-4-100.JPG (243520 bytes)
6251 / 3. "Worte, die zum Herzen dringen, / Liebesworte süss und heiss / ..." with 2 more lines of German poetry. Shown above left.

6251 / 4. "Was im Lied die Dichter singen / Von der Liebe treu und wahr, / ..." with 2 more lines of German poetry. Shown above right.

Women_GL_6251-5-100.JPG (201883 bytes)   Women_GL_6251-6-100.JPG (247044 bytes)
6251 / 5. "Was des Dichters Worte sagen, / Fühlt das Herz in meiner Brust, / ..." with 2 more lines of German poetry. Shown above left.

6251 / 6. "Höre, Schatz, der Liebe Worte / Dort in weiter, weiter Fern, / ..." with 2 more lines of German poetry. Shown above right.

=> The above set of 6: $38.75 wp <=

"Wouldn't you think it would be nice / To glide with me across the ice, / ..." Valentine poem with signed Outcault art showing child couple skating towards a dangerous spot on the ice labeled 'LOVE', Tuck Buster Brown postcard mailed 1908 in Kansas, toning near 3 front corners & the top edge, minor corner wear. $8.50 (a(o)vcps)

"You and I, in the Moonlight. / By the stream let us dream, / You and I, in the moonlight. / Holding hands, making plans, / You and I, in the moonlight" hand-colored / tinted real photo post card with an intricately embossed border, showing Metro Goldwyn Mayer stars Conrad Nagel & Greta Garbo in an embrace; unused, from the Talkie Song Series published by Max Kracke & Co., small spot of light toning in the upper border, otherwise fairly fresh. Although this is a talkie song, their 2 silent film appearances together were in the 1928 'The mysterious lady' & the 1929 'The Kiss'. The Indiana State University sheet music collection cannot narrow it down further for us. Rare. $17.50 pm

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