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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NOVA / ÚJ.
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Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Prices do not include postage or insurance unless noted.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com



Many more can be offered--please inquire!
Arranged by political unit. See also Patriotic topical covers.

AFGHANISTAN. "Afghanistan, Afghan leader Karzai from a / famous patriotic family who gave their lives / to the holy cause of the country" portrait in color as he stands near American flags, 2002 copyright, unused oversize post card in excellent condition. $2.00 ap

AFGHANISTAN. "Afghanistan, Political pose of Kinf M. Zahir and / premier Daud 1960" black & white image within light green border, 2002 copyright, unused oversize post card, excellent condition. $2.00 ap

AFGHANISTAN. "Afghanistan. President Dr. Nujibullah, (1947-1996)" sepia-tone image within a very dark brown border, 2001 copyright, unused oversize postcard, a few tiny ink spots in address area from production process, otherwise excellent condition. $1.75 ap

AFGHANISTAN. "Afghanistan, Prime Minister M. Daud with / USA high ranking leaders, 1958" who were Dwight David Eisenhower & John Foster Dulles, black & white within a yellow border, unused oversize postcard in excellent condition. $2.00 ap

AFGHANISTAN. "Afghanistan, The cabinet of prime minister / M. Daoud, 1954" seated around a long table, sepia-tone image within a very dark brown border, unused oversize postcard, fairly fresh. $2.00 ap. Same, but small corner bend. $1.75 ap

ALABAMA. "ALBERT P. BREWER / Lt. Governor4 of Alabama" recounting his elected posts, unused chrome post card with just a little wear at one corner. Initially he represented Morgan County. $2.00 pga&


Political_Alabama_ElectMaryTexas-100.JPG (232386 bytes)ALABAMA. "ELECT / MARY TEXAS / HURT / GARNER / FOR ANOTHER / POSITION OF / HIGH TRUST / To Your / Office of / State Treasurer." showing her seated at a desk in black-and-white, caption partially in olive green, postcard mailed 1962, cancel on front, toned right front edge. Formerly Alabama's Secretary of State, and assistant to the Attorney General, she was elected to State Treasurer in 1962. $2.50 pwa

CALIFORNIA. Eight dollar bill suggesting the recall of California's governor 'Ahhnold' you-know-who in 2003, clever, realistic & near mint. $1.50 np

Music_MayorPH-200_small.jpg celebrity postcards available from Judnick.comCALIFORNIA. "MAYOR P. H. McCARTHY INTRODUCING TETRAZZINI TO 100,000 PEOPLE ASSEM- / BLED IN THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO ON CHRISTMAS EVE, 1910, TO / WHOM SHE SANG AS A COMPLIMENT. /  PUBLISHED BY CARDINELL VINCENT CO. SAN FRANCISCO" showing the world-famous operatic singer simultaneously presenting that city with a gift & a pointed snub to Oscar Hammerstein (who wanted her singing in New York City). Spotty but light toning on the back, minor corner rounding. $7.50 c(s)cmfp

CostaRica_CentennialOfThe-200_small.jpg political QSL cards available from LotsOfCards.comCOSTA RICA. "TI100D" group San Jose shortwave (28 MHZ) QSL foldout card used 1989. Honoring the centennial of their democracy, featuring a message & portrait of President Dr. Oscar Arias Sánchez inside. $3.00 cpq

"VI. SLET VŠESOKOLSKÝ / V PRAZE 1912" with signed Mucha publicity poster art showing a male gymnast on pommel horse, falcons overhead; publicizing the 50 anniversary of the Sokol youth sports movement  & gymnastics organization (masking its forbidden political purposes during Hapsburg rule), unused postcard from T. Šrámka, mild corner & edge wear, toned back. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 cs(g)ppa

FLORIDA. "TO ALL AMERICANS! / REPUBLICAN RALLY / Meet and Know Your Candidates / ... / Music by the DIAMOND X RAMBLERS" government postal card mailed 1952 at Nokomis. $2.00 pf(n)

France_Paris_MarieLouisAuthor-100.jpg (327769 bytes)FRANCE. "Marie Louis Alphonse Prat de Lamartine / Paris--Chambres des Députées / Lith-Artist Anstalt München, Serie 92 No. 20723" carte postale with a portrait of the French poet & politician, unused, faint corner crease, even yellowish paper due to age, good edges. $14.00 fpa

FRANCE. "Vallée de la Meuse / VIREUX-WALLERAND. - Chateau du XVIIe sičcle / propriété du Baron Sibuet, Conseiller d'État / Charpentier-Richard, édit., Mézičres" showing the Secretary of State's house; carte postale sent TCV 6 MAI 04 from Vireux-Mohain to Granville Manche where it arrived the next day, bottom corner with 2 creases, other corner wear is minor, lightly toned both sides. $2.00 f(v)p

Germany_DieAmerikaner-200_small.jpg politics postcard available from Judnick.comGERMANY. "Die Amerikaner kommen" (the Americans are coming) political cartoon by August Roeseler showing a parade--led by a limousine bearing Americans (with real money to spend) followed by a German farmer driving a tractor pulling bags full of almost-worthless German currency. The hyperinflation referred to in the art occurred in 1922-1923, when Americans (or anyone else with real money to spend) would be treated like royalty. But the Postkarte was resurrected into use during the depression that was raging there (and elsewhere) in 1932, when again anyone with real money to spend would have been most welcome. Postkarte mailed August 2 1932 from Münich to New York City. Message partially reads 'This is how we were welcomed into Germany'. Signs in the art include: 'We speak English', 'Welcome to Germany', 'Welcome to the Beergarden, etc. The top & bottom edges were scissors cut. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 gppa(r)n

GERMANY. "Wir Deutsche fürchten Gott, sonst aber nichts in der Welt! / Gruss aus  / No. 104. Postkarten-Verlag Vogel, Leipzig, Goethestr. 2." with Bismarck's portrait on an unused Postkarte with undivided back, light album toning both sides, minor wear at one upper corner. Saying translates: 'We Germans fear God, but nothing else in the world.' $9.00 gpg

GHANA. "GREETINGS FROM / GHANA" showing the Freedom and Justice Arch in Accra inset with Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (first president); unused circa-1957 multiview postcard that is slightly larger than continental size, 2 tiny pushpin holes, toned back. $1.50 gp

Greece_PSERemember-200_small.jpg political QSL cards available from LotsOfCards.comGREECE. "SV1BUU" Athens QSL card used 1995 by operator Menelaos G. Papadimitratos, back with political slogan 'PSE REMEMBER / MAKEDONIA IS ONLY GREEK' (referring to its current division amongst Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia & Bulgaria), minor wear at 3 corners. $3.00 gmp

ILLINOIS. "Copyrighted by / F. L. Vermillion 1910 / SPRINGFIELD ILL." Governor Charles S. Deneen sits at pilot Hoxsey's right side in a Wright biplane while fair officials flank them; sepia-tone Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard. Writing over all the back: ' 1st Airplane Ressa & I ever saw. flew from Chicago to State Fair Grounds in Springfield Ill.' Found a reprint offered at over $500.00(!); but why not get the real thing?

Political_Illinois_Congressman-200_small.jpg politics postcards available from Judnick.comILLINOIS. "CONGRESSMAN ED DERWINSKI" seated near the US Capitol, unused postcard with a length appeal for the recipient's vote on back. At the time he was serving suburban Chicago (communities such as Worth where his finance committee was located), and later served as Secretary of Veterans Affairs. $2.00 pgi

Political_RichardBConsidine_ChicagoIllinois.JPG (242837 bytes)ILLINOIS. "RICHARD B. CONSIDINE, the / Democratic Candidate for Senator of the / 19th Senatorial District,...1910..." black & white postcard mailed in Chicago, 2 corner creases, lightly toned back, lightly toned front. $5.00 pgi+

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Iowa_DesMoines_LafayetteYoungPolitical.jpg (73914 bytes)

IOWA. "LAFAYETTE YOUNG / DES MOINES, IOWA / Republican Candidate for / United States Senator / Subject to the Primaries June, 1912..." political ad card whose back is covered with an endorsement letter from Elihu Root. Founder & publisher of the Atlantic Telegraph; war correspondent during the Spanish-American War; edited the Des Moines Capital until his demise, This campaign was not successful. Nice & seldom seen! $8.50 inpg

משה שרת" Moshe Sharett, second Prime Minister of Israel; unused sepia-tone postcard with all printed information in Hebrew, toning on the back from the production process itself, good edges. $5.00 jfip

זלמן ארן" Zalman Aran, Israeli educator & politician,  unused sepia-tone postcard with all printed information in Hebrew, album mark in the upper left front corner, good edges. $5.00 jep


"ALBERT BENJAMIN CHANDLER / 'HAPPY'" now deceased, baseball's second commissioner, governor of Kentucky & US senator, autographed Hall of Fame post card. Unconditionally guaranteed in writing. $32.50

KENTUCKY. "Dedication of Kentucky Dam by President Truman / 6B-H2296" in 1944 (postcard printed 1946), creating one of the world's largest man-made lakes (Kentucky Lake); unused linen postcard from Wilson's Book & Stationery Store, trivial corner & edge wear. $3.75 khp

LOUISIANA. "Steamer 'Senator Cordill' on Mississippi River" underway with many passengers aboard, unused post card published expressly for S. H. Knox & Company, light album marks at the front corners, a few small spots of light toning on back. Named after Charles C. Cordill who long served Tensas & Concordia Parishes in Louisiana. $4.75 s(r)gp(l)

Mexico_ElPresidente-200_small.jpg political post card scan available from Judnick.com

MEXICO. "El Presidente, Gral Porfirio Diaz. / 592. SONORA NEWS COMPANY, CITY OF MEXICO" showing the President of Mexico (1876 - 1880 & 1884 - 1911) in military uniform with many medals.
Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 m(g)m(m)p

MICHIGAN. "Judge Thomas Giles / KAVANAGH / for / Michigan / Supreme / Court" matchbook cover, no wear on striker, matches removed neatly. $1.00

Political_SincerelyJacobPSumeracki_WayneCountyMI.jpg (311522 bytes)

MICHIGAN. "Sincerely Jacob P. Sumeracki" 1938 real photo post card of Wayne County Treasurer candidate running on his record, considerable edge wear. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 pm(w)g

MISSOURI. "This is one of the Mo. cand'ts. for Gov. He made a speach hear some time ago. I am working in the Starks harness shop for one year. This photo is in front of our shop. You will find me (+)." also annotated on front with candidate's name (with singers), showing a Studebaker Wagons and Buggies sign) & The Farmers Bank showing at the right; sepia tone real photo post card messaged June 28 1912 & mailed JUL 30 1912. Uncaptioned so we used most of the message, trivial wear at one corner. The gubernatorial election referred to was probably a primary because none of the 6 different party candidates for that office on November 5th had a name resembling the name penned on front (looks like J. Couchan or Houchan, but hard to read). Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. m(g)pg

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Montana_Billings_RonaldRegan-100.jpg (302336 bytes)MONTANA. "Ronald Reagan pleasing a crowd in Billings, Montana with his 10 gallon hat, ... / August 11, 1982" unused chrome, fresh appearance. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 mp(m)

NC_ElectHarper_small.JPG (3606 bytes)

NORTH CAROLINA. "ELECT / MARGARET / Harper / LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR" Excellent condition, unused post card. $2.00 (np)

Political_FranklinCountyCourt-200_small.JPG political post card available from Judnick.comOHIO. "2B-H698" linen postcard mailed 1942 in the re-election campaign of N. A. Thatcher, county auditor. Scene depicts the court house in 1884, horse-drawn trolley to Union depot, & others traveling by horse or wagon. Faint lower corner crease, some cancel ink in the sky. $4.00 cpo(c)h


OHIO. "A Republican Choice for Congress / ... / Charlie Morrison / WWW.getthefedout.com " continental publicity card picturing him against the backdrop of an American flag. Platform outlined. Near mint. $1.25 p

OHIO. "At / Home in Ohio / George V. Voinovich" with his family & a state flag, unused continental postcard, pertinent information on back, fresh appearance. $2.00 pf

OHIO. "Automobile Certificate / No. 15212 Ohio" registering a 20 horse-power Ford automobile to Peter Smith on RFD 2 in Shelby Ohio, over the facsimile signature of C. Q. Hildebrant (Charles Quinn Hildebrant, Republican Secretary of State & later mayor of Wilmington Ohio), serrated edges at top & bottom to facilitate separation, light toning, a little cancel ink on the otherwise blank back. $4.00 p(o)ao(w)

OHIO. "Carrie / Glaeden / FOR MUNICIPAL COURT / JUDGE" unused postcard in excellent condition, some text in color on back about FOP endorsement. Served for 2 terms on the Franklin County Municipal Court in Columbus Ohio, before losing to a Democrat in 2015. $1.25 lo(f)p

Better_028small.jpg politician postcards available from Judnick.comOHIO. "CLARENCE MILLER / He's Your Kind Of Congressman / • A native, former mayor and lifelong resident of / Lancaster / ..." listing more background & policy preferences, campaign postcard bulk-rate mailed from Lancaster Ohio (Permit No. 136), excellent condition. An electrical engineer by prior trade, he held patents about pumping of gas. $2.75 pfeo

Ohio_Ashland_Sherick-100.jpg (309840 bytes)OHIO. "CLYDE C. SHERICK / Judge Court of Appeals / SECOND TERM / Non-Partisan Judicial Ballot / Election November 6, 1934" picturing the judge with a message to voters, mailed at Ashland. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 (olgp)

Political_Ohio_TheBoltons-200_small.jpg politician post card available from Judnick.com OHIO. "CONGRESSMAN OLIVER P. BOLTON / Candidate for Congressman-at-Large" showing his family at a split-rail fence, from his campaign for a fourth term serving Ohio's 11th District (eastern Cleveland suburbs) in Washington, unused postcard, fairly fresh. He was from Mentor Ohio & his campaign committee was out of Willoughby. $2.00 po(w)o(m)gf

OHIO. "DANGER / As a constituent and one who works hard to earn a living, I want to / warn you about legislation to repeal or scale back Ohio's / prevailing wage law..." unused continental postcard, printed partial address to Ohio House of Representatives. $2.00 pu

OHIO. "Dear Friend, / My husband, Lowell / Steinbrenner is running for the / Ohio Senate...." post card caption from printed writing on back, front is his family, franked with bulk rate 9.3-c mail wagon precanceled stamp. wear at one corner. $2.00 pf-u(p)*

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OHIO. "Elect / BOB KILPATRICK / DEMOCRAT / FOR SHERIFF / Primaries, May 8, 1956" wallet card with Cleveland Indians baseball schedule on back, lightly toned front, lightly toned back. $2.00 ps(b)

OHIO. "Franklin County, Ohio Board of Commissioners / www.co.franklin.oh.us / Commissioners / Check Us Out / Online" unused continental postcard detailing types of information available on the back, near mint. $1.25 o(f)p(o)

OHIO. "Help me grow. / ... / Ohio Family and Children First Initiative / George V. Voinovich, Governor" refrigerator magnet photo holder that is still fresh & unseparated. $1.25 p

Politics_JamesATraficantJr_OhioYoungstown.jpg (30521 bytes)

OHIO. "JAMES A. TRAFICANT, JR." black & white baseball-card-sized campaign card (circa 1987) giving a brief biography, list of committees, address & phone of his Washington DC & district offices, fairly fresh. One of the very few ever to be expelled from Congress. Sold, but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 po

"Michael J. / HOLBROOK / For Judge Franklin County Common Pleas Court" unused continental-size advertising postcard in near-mint condition. $1.00 po(f)

Ohio_Newark_MJReeseTreasurer1917_small.jpg (3345 bytes)OHIO. "M. J. Reese / Democratic Candidate / for / TREASURER NEWARK CITY / ELECTION NOV. 6, 1917" small publicity card (about the size of a credit card) bearing his black & white image, with a small imprint of Typographical Union in Newark Ohio at the upper right corner, unimportant pencil writing on back, no postcard back. $6.00 polg

OHIO. "Please Remember / Vote for / ARCH WARREN / For / COUNTY AUDITOR" on 1974 government postal card (8-cent Sam Adams), fresh appearance. County is Franklin County. $1.50 op

OHIO. "Governor Harmon Presenting Ohio's Medals--Wright Brothers' Celebration, Dayton, Ohio, June 18, 1909" Liddy & Iddings post card mailed JUL 29 1909 at Dayton, minor corner wear & rounding, toning near the back edges. $12.00 fp

Ohio_Lima_Reelect-100.jpg (163935 bytes)

OHIO. "RE-ELECT / ... / For Congress / ROBERT F. JONES" with a handwritten message 'Thanks for your support / Sincerely, Robert F. Jones' on the front, black-and-white portrait on government postal card mailed at Lima in 1944 to a West Milton resident, even browning of paper both sides, thinned area at top left back corner affects nothing. $7.00 op

OHIO. "Republican Choice for Congress / ... / Charlie Morrison / WWW.getthefedout.com " continental publicity card picturing him against the backdrop of an American flag. Platform outlined. Near mint. $1.25 p

UncleSam_YourOne-200_small.JPG children post card available from Judnick.comOHIO. "Your one vote makes a difference" 2 little girls, one as Uncle Sam holding a large rolled-up ballot; unused continental postcard from J. Kenneth Blackwell (Ohio Secretary of State), near mint. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 up(o)c

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Oregon_Corvallis_AnnouncingATown-100.jpg (84089 bytes)OREGON. "Announcing: / A Town Meeting / with Congressman Les AuCoin..." picturing him with a constituent in monochromatic blue, for a Corvallis event on April 12, 1977, continental post card sent under his free frank to a postal patron in the First Congressional District, mild corner & edge wear. $1.75 op-u(f)

Better_612small.jpg flag postcards available from Judnick.comPAN AMERICAN UNION. "NEW BUILDING OF THE INTERNATIONAL BUREAU OF THE AMERICAN / REPUBLICS. WASHINGTON, D. C. // FLAGS OF THE COUNTRIES COMPOSING THE INTERNA- / TIONAL UNION OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLICS. (ALASKA / YUKON-PACIFIC EXPOSITION  SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, 1909)" postcard presented 'Compliments of / C. C. ANDERSON, M. C.' as handstamped neatly on back, bottom corner crease, back paper starting to brown evenly with age. The building -- now known as the Pan American Union Building -- was to be completed September 1909; therefore, this is a very early item that corrects a lot of incorrect information that you will find to this day circulating on the Internet.  Democrat Carl C. Anderson served the 13th Congressional District of Ohio, and was the time the youngest Member of Congress. $13.50 fdpe

PENNSYLVANIA. "ELECT RAY SHAFER GOVERNOR" showing him & 6 other family members on front, preprinted 1966 political ad on back & handstamp with the polling location (at the Catto School in Philadelphia) in the address area, fairly fresh. He won. $2.00 pp(p)f

PUERTO RICO. "PUERTO RICO / GUBERNATORIAL ELECTION / FIRST DAY April 27 / SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO / 1949" unused postcard, striking design. $4.00

Dog_Jones_Political_small.jpg (3681 bytes)REPUBLICAN. "O. C. JONES / CANDIDATE FOR MAYOR / … / COOKEY JONES' BODY GUARD / BUSTER JONES" post card with a bulldog in one of its 2 views, unusual & appealing. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 dp

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RhodeIsland_Warwick_Water-200_small.jpg politician postcard available from LotsOfCards.comRHODE ISLAND. "Water View, Senator Nelson W. Aldrich's Estate, Warwick, R." missing I for Island, circa 1907 post card, soft corners, 3 initials penned in the bottom caption area, several tiny speckles of cancel ink in the sky. The bottom of the image is not quite parallel to the bottom edge, but the card is not trimmed. A prominent Republican, Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich served in the US Senate from 1881 to 1911. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 rg(a)p

RUSSIA. "Left Wing of the Pavilion of the U.S.S.R. Showing / Bas Relief of Stalin and Statuary Group of / Heroes of Socialist Construction ..." also captions in Cyrillic, sepia tone post card with very late usage at Moscow Kansas, minor corner & edge wear. Inscription reads '...FOR THE U.S.S.R. / SOCIALISM IS / SOMETHING ALREADY / ACHIEVED AND WON.../ STALIN'. $3.50 rp

RUSSIA. "Moscow. The Kremlin. / Conference Hall of the Supreme / Soviet of the USSR. / ..." captioned in 4 languages, showing the body in session, unused chrome post card published in 1967, near mint condition. $1.25 rp

UNITED NATIONS. "'Never before in history / has so much hope for so many people / been gathered together in a single organization...'" postcard showing & quoting President Eisenhower's address, fresh appearance. $2.00

UNITED NATIONS. "'Never before in history / has so much hope for so many people / …' / --PRESIDENT EISENHOWER" addressing a plenary meeting of the Eight Session of the General Assembly, unused chrome post card, official UN publication. (2 available) $2.50 each. up

Ohio_Delaware_4894BirthPlace-120.JPG (360480 bytes)

UNITED STATES. "4894  Birth Place of President Hayes, Delaware, O." color postcard with undivided back, mailed 1905. a little cancel ink on front, soft corners. $4.00 (op)+

UNITED STATES. "7486.  Luna Park Steamboat 'Frolic,' Denver, Colo." underway with many passengers, color post card with printed schedule on back for an August 29th - September 1 event in 1910: address by Colonel Roosevelt, Reunion Day, grand military ball, etc. Unmailed, mild corner & edge wear. The Roosevelt referred to was Theodore Roosevelt who had just returned from Africa and was traveling about the US speaking on the New Nationalism & the Progressive Movement). The events referred to were arranged by the local Republican Party, and some mentioned were after Roosevelt's departure, giving an indication of the importance of his visit. $15.00 s(l)rpc

Better_623small.jpg politician postcards available from Judnick.comUNITED STATES. "8985 / MILBURN HOME, BUFFALO, N. Y., WHERE PRESIDENT MC.KINLEY DIED." with an inset picture, punctuated as reported here (should be no period in MCKINLEY); unused A. C. Bosselman postcard made in Germany, unevenly divided back with pencilled date Aug 12 1908, minor corner wear. $5.00 pnb

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Political_AJubilantRonaldReagan.jpg (328423 bytes)

UNITED STATES. "A jubilant Ronald Reagan displays a doodled / self-portrait, reflecting the triumph of his 190- / day counter-revolution..." celebrating the largest tax cut in US history July 29 1981. Unused chrome postcard from a photo by Bill Fitz-Patrick. $2.50 ph

UNITED STATES. "Amy Carter, daughter of President Carter" unused continental post card from a photo by Charles Plant, 2 tiny corner creases. $1.50 pp(p)

Idaho_SnakeRiver_Carter-200_small.jpg politician post card available from Judnick.comUNITED STATES. "An outdoorsman of long standing, President / Jimmy Carter, along with First Lady Rosalynn, daughter Amy and son Chip, float down Ida- / ho's beautiful Snake River during a short vaca- / tion in August, 1978" unused postcard with fresh appearance. $5.00 pi


Signed art in black & white, approx. 8" x 11-1 / 2"
ready for framing, singly or as a group.

Architecture_LindenwaldThe-72.jpg (212977 bytes)

"LINDENWALD / The Home of / Martin Van Buren" by Scott Kiefer. SOLD ap

"SPIEGEL GROVE / The Home of / Rutherford B. Hayes" by Scott Kiefer. $2.50 ap*%

UNITED STATES. Barr's Post Card News. June 8, 2009 (32 pages). Articles on KYD does Charles Dickens, President Chester A. Arthur, and "Gone With the Wind" postcards. A lot of creasing. $1.50 ppma

UNITED STATES. Barr's Post Card News. April 11, 2016 (24 pages). Articles on National Postcard Week, Chicago's historic buildings & US presidential primaries. $1.25 pp(u)i

UNITED STATES. "Bell's / Buffalo Soap" which continues on back 'F. A. ROCKAFELLOW & CO., / --DEALERS IN-- / General Merchandise / Carson City, Mich.' offering a premium picturing president Cleveland's wife in return for 25 soap wrappers sent to the R. W. Bell Manufacturing Company of Buffalo New York; tiny bottom corner crease, small thin on back misses all lettering. Necessarily dates to 1885 - 1889, when Grover Cleveland held that office. Any card for this small-town merchant is rare. $15.00 amp

UNITED STATES. "Billy relaxing at the Station  Plains Ga." Billy Carter sits beneath a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer sign, unused continental postcard from a photo by Charles W. Plant, rough edges as issued. $2.50 pb

Ohio_Niles_BirthplaceOf-200_small.JPG political postcard available from Judnick.comUNITED STATES. "Birthplace of Hon. Wm. McKinley, Niles, Ohio / Published by Ward's Pharmacy, Niles, Ohio" including prominently the storefront of J. S. Benedict; black & white post card mailed there DEC 18 1911 (bold & complete flag cancel) to Miss Jennie E. Sheppard of Worcester Massachusetts, corners noticeably rounded, a bit  of cancel ink & a small light toning spots at the top front, upper corners creased but not into image. $7.50 o(n)pg

Wisconsin_Ripon_BirthplacePolitical-100.jpg (272079 bytes)UNITED STATES. "BIRTHPLACE OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, RIPON, WIS." unused black-and-white post card published by E. J. Burnside, light toning on back, mild wear to lower corners. Great gift for someone trying to start a political campaign. $3.25 wp

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UNITED STATES. "BOYHOOD HOME OF WENDELL L. WILLKIE IN ELWOOD, INDIANA" showing its exterior in black & white within a silver border, unused post card with trivial wear at one corner. Born Lewis Wendell Willkie, the lawyer was the Republican nominee for US President in 1940. $4.00 i(e)gp

UNITED STATES. "CALVIN COOLIDGE, BORN JULY 4th, 1872, PLYMOUTH VERMONT  45GM // CHURCH AT PLYMOUTH, VT. / ATTENDED BY COOLIDGE FAMILY // SCHOOL ATTENDED BY / CALVIN COOLIDGE" unused Curteich linen multiview postcard, minor wear at one corner, lightly toned back. $2.25 vp. Same image & caption, but mailed 1957 from Gallup New Mexico, partial cancel on front minor corner wear. $2.00 vp

UNITED STATES. "Cape Coast Castle" continental-size multiview post card showing President Obama's 11 July 2009 visit to the place where up to a thousand slaves at a time were held awaiting transport to the Americas (especially the Caribbean), published by Majesty Cards Productions (their ref. 070), back with a lot of light spotty toning, good edges. $2.50 gps

Illinois_Chicago_ColiseumDuring-200_small.jpg political postcard available from LotsOfPhotos.comUNITED STATES. "COLISEUM DURING REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION / CHICAGO" with many waiting to enter and witness the nomination of William Howard Taft, horse-drawn vehicles & streetcar traffic included, a restaurant / lunch room sign at the lower left corner; sepia tone KARBO real photo post card, message on back dates to September 16 1908 (addressed to Miss Hazel Barr in Portland Indiana). Admission cost $50 and up--a lot of money in those days! Rare: no other examples were found offered or even exhibited when we searched the Internet. SALE IN PROGRESS pi(c)s

Political_Coolidge_RP-200_small.jpg politics post card available from LotsOfPhotos.comUNITED STATES. "Coolidge at play -- / (notice playfulness in / his every line & feature.)" showing him standing next to his father, with a typical serious expression on his face (maintaining his 'silent Cal' persona), caption hand-written with tongue-in-cheek on the front. This historic photo was taken of President Calvin Coolidge standing next to his father, the Justice of the Peace who swore him the previous night (August 2 1923) at Plymouth New Hampshire, after the unexpected death of Warren G. Harding. Historians note that the President was hurriedly whisked off to Washington DC on the 3rd, not to return again until years later for a funeral in his family. They are standing on the stairs of the very house in which he was sworn; compare the steps & porch turnings shown in the accompanying postcard captioned "Where President Coolidge Took the Oath of Office". Uncaptioned sepia-tone real photo postcard in vertical format mailed SEP 16 1927 (clear NEWPORT VT. & SPRING. MASS. R.P.O. hand cancel) to Mr. Foster Copeland Jr. in Columbus Ohio. At the time of mailing President Coolidge had already announced his somewhat surprising decision not to run for a second full term. The card in vertical format belongs in the Smithsonian. Both postcards for $210.00 pvh

images/Music_039_small.jpg political post card available from Judnick.com
"Country and Western entertainer, Merle Haggard, performs / for President and Mrs. Reagan in Southern California, / March 8, 1982." unused chrome postcard in excellent condition. $2.50 mp

UNITED STATES. "Crown Prince Fahd of Saudi Arabia is shown / with President Reagan at the Cancun Summit" unused Cora-Lee postcard from a copyrighted photo by Larry Downing, slight bend at one upper corner, otherwise fresh. $2.00 spm(q)

UNITED STATES. "Due to the great demands of the Presidency, the Reagans treasure the rare moments of privacy..." post card showing the couple walking down a White House hall with their arms around each other, fresh appearance. $2.50 p

UNITED STATES. "Everyone's wearing blue and a serious expres- / sion as Secretary of State Cyrus Vance (left) / confers with President Carter and Chairman of / the National Security Council Zbigniew Brzezinski at a meeting in India. - January, 1978" unused postcard with fresh appearance. $2.50 pi


China_Nixon_Visit_small.jpg (2569 bytes)UNITED STATES. "Ex-President and Mrs. Nixon, bundled up a- / gainst a snow flurry on their Peking trip…" unused chrome, fresh appearance. Post card sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 cp

UNITED STATES. "First Lady Nancy Reagan has a big hug for Missy Jablonski, March of Dimes National Poster Child..." March 23 1981 with President Reagan, unused chrome postcard from Coral-Lee, excellent condition. $2.50 sp*

UNITED STATES. "FORMER PRESIDENT AND MRS. EISENHOWER / SHOWN AT THE DEDICATION CEREMONIES OF / THE HERBERT HOOVER BIRTHPLACE MUSEUM, / AND BURIAL PLACE -- WEST BRANCH, IOWA / -- AUGUST 19, 1965" unused postcard published by the tri Cities Color Photo Service in Bettendorf Iowa, light spotty toning near 2 back edges obscure nothing, good edges. $1.00 i(w)p

UNITED STATES. "GRANT'S TOMB N.Y. / U. S. GRANT. / Patented Oct. 23, 1908, / H. C. J. SEEKS & CO., PATERSON, N. J. / PUZZLE POST CARD" with 2 views changed by the angle to the holder, postcard on thick stock mailed at Flushing New York JUL 5 1907 to Mr. Dick Dold in Newark Ohio (receiving mark the next day), album discoloration noticeable both sides. Rare: ours was the only actual offer we could find when we searched the Internet. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. cp(u)n(m)

UNITED STATES. Harvey Firestone, President Coolidge, Henry Ford, Russel Firestone, Thomas Edison, Mrs. Coolidge & son John in an uncaptioned sepia-tone real photo postcard copyrighted 1924, mailed (indistinct cancel) to Ted Wright in Newburyport Massachusetts, light album impressions at the corners, slight curl to the paper. Probable location was Fort Myers Florida, where Edison & Ford were neighbors. SALE IN PROGRESS fp

UNITED STATES. "Headliners for: / National Postcard Week / MAY 3-9 / 1998..." unused continental post card in black & gold on white stock, limited edition of 300, tiny ding at top center, otherwise fresh. 12 identified caricatures of people in the news surround the large year numerals: Kenneth Starr, President & Mrs. Clinton, Vernon Jordan, Linda Trip, Monica Lewinsky, William Ginsburg, etc. $2.50 pp

UNITED STATES. "HERBERT HOOVERS BIRTHPLACE / West Branch Iowa" unused multiview Plastichrome® post card including the Memorial Library there, fairly fresh with good edges. $1.25 i(w)pl NEW / NOVA / ÚJ

UNITED STATES. "Inauguration Parade Passing Willard Hotel on Penna. Ave. March 4, 1909, Washington, D. C. // COPYRIGHT / 1909 BY / HARRIS & EWING" with soldiers marching down the snow-lined street, postcard published by I. & M. Ottenheimer in Baltimore, mailed at DC March 1909 to Miss Elisabeth White in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania, noticeable corner & edge wear, toning both sides. Taft was the President to be. $8.00 dpph

Missouri_059_small.jpg politics post card available from Judnick.com

. "INDEPENDENCE, MO., HOME OF PRESIDENT TRUMAN" unused linen postcard, minor corner & edge wear. $2.50 m(i)p

UNITED STATES. "In the 1940 Warner Bros. movie 'Knute Rockne, All-American,'..May 17, 1981" showing the reunion of Pat O'Brien & Ronald Regan at a Notre Dame graduation ceremony, unused postcard, fresh appearance. $2.50 p

UNITED STATES. "James Buchanan's Tomb, Woodward Hill Cemetery, Lancaster, Pa.  A-14385-N" unused linen postcard distributed by I. Steinfeldt in Lancaster, faint internal crease near a bottom corner, otherwise fresh. $2.25 p(l)cp

UNITED STATES. "LINCOLN / MEMORIAL / STATE HOUSE  COL, O / THE SHADOWS ARE LIKENESSES / OF OUR OTHER TWO MARTYRED / PRESIDENTS, MCKINLEY AND / GARFIELD" unused sepia-tone real photo postcard with unevenly divided back, caption made to look like handwriting on the card but done on negative before printing, two small upper corner creases. A bit eerie is it not? Sold but its front is still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged & enhanced (publication-quality) 300-dpi scan in .jpg format. $3.75 ocpils

AviationJet_NorthAmericanT-200_small.jpg political postcards available from Judnick.comUNITED STATES. "North American T-39A 'Sabreliner' / Engines: 2 Pratt and Whitney J-60s of 3,000 lbs. thrust each" showing the Air Force jet that served President Johnson, unused postcard in excellent condition. It later served as an administrative airlift support transport. $3.00 a(j)a(m)p

UNITED STATES. "Old Cuyahoga House where President Garfield used to take his dinners, / when driving mules on the Canal, Kent, Ohio" Newvochrome postcard No. D 11330 Published by W. H. Donaghy in Kent, printed in Germany, mailed JUL 19 1913 from Ravenna Ohio (1-c parcel post stamp extends over the edge, causing a bend), trivial wear at one upper corner, the other upper corner with a small bend. More precisely, the waterway referred to is the Pennsylvania & Ohio Canal or the Cross Cut Canal. Hard to find! $7.50 o(k)o(p)p

Georgia_Plains_OldRailroadCarterHQ_small.jpg (3572 bytes)
UNITED STATES. "OLD RAILROAD DEPOT (CARTER HEADQUARTERS) / Plains, Georgia" showing sign for the presidential campaign headquarters, unused chrome post card, fresh both sides. $3.75 gp

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Better_218small.jpg political postcards available from LotsOfCards.comUNITED STATES. "On U.S. 20 at Mentor, Ohio is Lawnfield, the / home of President James A. Garfield. Also on / the grounds is a replica of the log cabin -- / furnished with authentic period items -- in which / Garfield was born. Unused chrome-era post card, noticeable indent in the bottom edge. $1.00 o(m)p

Lincoln_OurThree-200_small.jpg political post cards available from LotsOfPhotos.com

UNITED STATES. "'OUR THREE MARTYRED PRESIDENTS'-- / PHOTO TAKEN AT NIGHT IN THE OHIO / STATE CAPITOL ROTUNDA. / THE SHADOWS ARE STRIKING LIKENESSES / OF McKINLEY AND GARFIELD" unused Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard, slight oxidation consistent with 1907 copyright.
Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 cpilos

UNITED STATES. "Political / Postcards / 1900 - 1980 / A Price Guide" by Bernard L. Greenhouse, with a foreword by George Miller. Paperbound book, 110 pages plus cover, profusely illustrated with interesting & scarce material, easy arrangement in chronological order by campaign. Former owner's name penned on inside, some trivial wear to the edges. We know of no better source for the information. $12.00 pp(r)

UNITED STATES. "President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter  39th President, United States" continental post card mailed 1978, scalloped edges as issued. $1.75 p

UNITED STATES. "President Carter addresses various dignitaries in- / volved in the Panama Treaty. Left to right: Videla, President Carter, Orfila, and General / Omar Torrijos..." from Cora-Lee 1978, unused postcard. Reproduces a copyrighted photo of Dirck Halstead. $2.50

UNITED STATES. "President Jimmy Carter and South Korean / President Park lead a motorcade during Car- / ter's goodwill visit to the Asian nation in June, 1979" unused post card with fresh appearance. $2.50 ps

UNITED STATES. "President Carter, wife Rosalyn, and daughter Amy on Mother / Allie's porch, Plains, Ga. / Photo by Charles Plant" unused continental Plastichrome® postcard, serrated edges top & bottom as issued. $1.50 g(p)pf

Political_UnitedStates_PresidentRonald-200_small.JPG political post card available from Judnick.com

UNITED STATES. "President Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the / United States. Shown with his wife, Nancy." unused continental postcard. tiny corner bump, otherwise fresh. $2.00 p

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UNITED STATES. "President Reagan and his wife both sport / 'Nancy Reagan Red' in this photo of his / weekly radio address...October 2, 1982" unused postcard with fresh appearance. $2.50 pr

UNITED STATES. "President Reagan and his wife, Nancy, arrived in Ireland / on June 1, 1984, for a three day visit to the President's / ancestral country...." unused chrome post card from a photo by Pete Souza, fresh appearance. $2.50 pi

UNITED STATES. "President Reagan meets with Lebanon's President Amin / Gemayei, newly-elected and embattled head of...July 22, 1983" unused postcard, fresh appearance. $2.50 plh

UNITED STATES. "President Reagan speaks in Westminster Abbey's Royal / Gallery to 500 members of both Houses...June 8, 1962" on the Falklands War, unused, heavy bottom corner crease, otherwise fresh appearance, pertinent information on back. $2.00 pf

UNITED STATES. "President Ronald Reagan meets with India's Prime Minis- / ter Indira Gandhi after a glittering state banquet...July 29, 1982" unused postcard, fresh appearance. $2.50 pi

Roosevelt_PresidentRAndFamily-100.jpg (255795 bytes) Roosevelt post card available from Judnick.comUNITED STATES. "PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT AND FAMILY" sepia-tone real photo post card with red caption, showing him seated with 7 others standing nearby-- presumably Edith Carow (his second wife), and all 6 of his children (Alice, Theodore Jr., Kermit, Ethel, Archibald & Quentin); mailed 1906 from Northville, corner creased twice in caption area, trivial corner wear. $17.50 rpf% See also Roosevelt postcards.

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UNITED STATES. "President's(sic) John Tyler / home, 'Sherwood Forest.' Va." home made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1957 from Marissa Illinois, faint corner crease, spot of toning on back. $1.25 p

UNITED STATES. "PRES. TAFT AT / MARIETTA O" on June 15 1910 in a horse-drawn carriage with black driver, festooned with flags; unused Cyko real photo postcard from P. Fischer's Studio in Marietta, oxidation consistent with age, good edges. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. po(m)

UNITED STATES. "Reagan is just as good a fence mender at home / as he is in politics" showing Ronald Reagan in cowboy gear wielding a wrench, unused chrome post card with 1980 copyright, tiny paper inclusion in back message area. $2.50 cp

UNITED STATES. "Results of the Suffrage Victory // 698/24" a woman takes a imposing  stance near her husband who is seated, tending to their baby, 'God Bless Our Home' sign on the wall nearby; post card mailed in 1913 to Maggie Wilson in Columbus Ohio from her Aunt Lou, lightly toned back, some cancel ink on front. Offered elsewhere as high as $40.00, but we think our price more reasonable: $8.00 swg& NEW / NOV / ÚJ

Washington_GeorgeAndMartha_Silhouette-100.jpg (195133 bytes)

UNITED STATES. See also George Washington postcards. Shown are shadow pictures by Nelly Custis.

See also: Inaugural topical covers & philatelic literature at this site.

SouthDakota_MountRushmore_1749Lincoln's-100.jpg (310221 bytes)

UNITED STATES. See also Lincoln post cards. Shown is a Mount Rushmore view.

NewHampshire_Concord_StatueOfDaniel-200_small.JPG political post card available from LotsOfCards.com

UNITED STATES. "Statue of Daniel Webster, 'New Hampshire's Greatest Son' / by Daniel Chester French, Concord, N. H." unused sepia-tone postcard recounting a brief history of his political career on back, small spot of light toning at the bottom back edge, soft corners. Secretary of State 1841 - 1843. $2.25 n(c)sp

RhodeIsland_Newport_StMary's-100.jpg (306921 bytes)

UNITED STATES. "ST. MARY'S CHURCH -- NEWPORT, R. I / The highlight of the 1953 social season in / Newport was the marriage on Sept. 12th of / Senator John F. Kennedy to…" with a later visit when he was President shown as an inset, unused chrome post card. $3.00 (2 available) rp

UNITED STATES. "Teddy's First Flight / With Hox(s)ey - October 11, 1910" showing President Theodore Roosevelt about to become the nation's first airborne president; uncaptioned postcard (so we used some of the writing on back) mailed OCT 26 1910 at Saint Louis Missouri to Miss Edna Mueller in Nashville Illinois, long horizontal crease through the center, 2 corners with small creases, indent in one short edge pressed out fairly well, a lot of toning on back. Sender writes in part: 'The arerial(sic) flights here last week were something great. We also had a 4 day street fair.' As is. Sold but both sides still available for scholarly study & research as enlarged 300-dpi scans (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75 each or $7.25 both. a(p)pr

Better_624small.jpg political post cards available from Judnick.comUNITED STATES. "Temple of Music. Buffalo, N. Y. / Pan American Exposition Building.  In Which President McKinley was Shot. / September 6th, 1901." unused post card made in Germany, published by F. F. Rick & Company (their No. C13167), 1908 date written in pencil on back will probably erase well, otherwise excellent condition. $5.00 pnmh

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NYC_131_small.jpg political postcard available from Judnick.comUNITED STATES. "The Amen Corner  Fifth Avenue Hotel  Fifth avenue at Ninth Street, New York" with signed historical signed Edward Caswell art the interior; sepia-tone post card from an undisclosed publisher, excellent condition. The Hotel was destroyed in 1908, but previously served as a gathering spot for those who discussed politics (mostly Republican), political economy, finance, and the like; when agreement was reached, it was customary for all assembled to say 'Amen'. $3.75 pn(n)ai(h)

UNITED STATES. "The Late President Harding's Home and now the Harding Museum, Marion, Ohio" postcard mailed there 1939, corner crease, edge wear, partial cancel on front. $2.50 po

UNITED STATES. "The old Cuyahoga House / where President Garfield / used to take his dinners / when driving mules / on the canal // Photo by Minton, Kent, O." black & white post card published by Hale B. Thompson, mailed there SEP 15 1911 to Mrs. W. A. Slater in Akron Ohio, corner wear & rounding, faint short internal crease from top center. Interesting!  $5.00 o(k)p

UNITED STATES. "The old Cuyahoga House / where President Garfield / used to take his dinners / when driving mules / on the canal // The Old Cuyahoga House, Kent, O." Rotograph postcard with divided back mailed there JUL 22 1907, a little cancel ink on the front, minor wear at the corners. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 o(k)p

Better_526small.jpg politician post cards available from LotsOfCards.comUNITED STATES. "THE PROHIBITION / NOMINEES // VOTE FOR / HOME / PROTECTION // EUGENE W. CHAFIN / PRESIDENT // AARON WATKINS / FOR V. PRESIDENT" unused postcard with 1908 copyright, long horizontal crease through center, upper corner crease, mild edge wear, as is. Seldom offered in any condition. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 apgg

UNITED STATES. "THEY'RE BRINGING IT ALL BACK ... / POLICE ON THE / HOMEFRONT / A Collection Of Essays Compiled by NARMIC" paperback book copyrighted 1971 by authors who were uncomfortable with what they saw as militaristic trends in planning, training, weaponry, communications & intelligence systems for use in policing America. Parts of the book are in small print, and a former owner's name appears twice on the outside. 134 pages within the covers. $2.00 ip

UNITED STATES. Uncaptioned sepia-tone real photo of President Taft stopped in an automobile before Stiers Studio (Everything in Photography / Cameras), messaged May 21 1912, postmarked next day to Mrs. Essie Gaskill in McArthur Ohio. Writer's message: 'Hellow there am sending you Taft picture we made it in front of our Gallery last Monday a week ... We made a picture of Roosefelt(sic) last Monday in Denison(sic).' Postcard sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as a greatly enlarged & enhanced 300-dpi scan in .jpg format. $3.00 o(u)pp#

UNITED STATES. Uncaptioned sepia-tone Cyko real photo of President Taft stopped in an automobile before Stiers Studio (Everything in Photography / Cameras) & the Twin City Hardware Company next door, the President's entourage at the right; town location, date & Taft pencilled on back confirmed by the closer-in real photo offered above this one, minor corner rounding. Postcard sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as a greatly enlarged & enhanced 300-dpi scan in .jpg format. $3.00 o(u)p#

UNITED STATES. "UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES / The first official photograph of the House of / Representatives in session...February 25, 1964..." unused chrome postcard, image of Capitol on back. $2.00 pd

UNITED STATES. "Walter 'Fritz' Mondale at his press conference, / August, 1976" unused chrome post card, fairly fresh with good edges. $1.50 pf

UNITED STATES. Wanted to buy--postcards showing images of the Taft inaugural parade in Washington DC in 1911. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros, postpaid to Columbus Ohio! *c

Vermont_Bennington_President_small.jpg (4163 bytes)

VERMONT. "VERMONT / FROM THE SPEECH OF / PRESIDENT COOLIDGE / at Bennington, September 21, 1928..." post card, writing on back dates to 1973. $1.50

WestVirginia_FirstDistrict_Political_small.JPG (3842 bytes)

WEST VIRGINIA. "Cleveland M. (Cleve) Baily / First District, West Virginia" postcard mailed 1965. $2.00 (wg)

Political_WestVirginia_NewPositive-200_small.JPG political postcard available from LotsOfCards.com
WEST VIRGINIA. New, Positive / Leadership / For West Virginia / Gaston / Caperton / Democrat / for Governor" unused continental post card, fresh appearance. (2 available) $2.00 each. pw

  Better_033_backsmall.jpg politics postcards available from Judnick.com  Better_033_frontsmall.jpg political postcards available from LotsOfCovers.com 
WEST VIRGINIA. "THE OFFICIAL STATE SEAL AND GOVERNOR POST CARD // STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA / MONTANI SEMPER LIBERI // Hon. WILLIAM M. O. DAWSON / Governor of the State of West Virginia // COPYRIGHTED 1905, U. S. POST CARD COMPANY." postcard mailed SEP 12 1905 (clear Hinton & Cincinnati RPO cancel ties the stamp) to Miss Kathryn Zane in Hillsboro Ohio. $7.00 pw(g)-r

WISCONSIN. "JAMES A. FREAR / CONGRESSMAN / 10th District, Wisconsin" 1930 sepia-tone real photo campaign card corrected to 1932, biography on back, no postcard back, 2 long crease. $3.75

WORLDWIDE. "NO A LA GUERRA / OTRO MUNDO ES POSIBLE" unused continental postcard from Mexican artist Beatriz Aurora, 2003 copyright, near mint. Rough translation: No to war / Another world is possible. (2 available) $1.25 pm

WORLDWIDE. "SWELL NEWS! / ARMS REDUCTION" cartoon man shooting outstretched arms of various races, unused continental with Postcard Collector magazine advertising on back. No kidding! $2.00 p

WORLDWIDE. "World Communist Movement / SELECTIVE CHRONOLOGY 1818 - 1957 / PREPARED BY THE / LEGISLATIVE REFERENCE SERVICE / OF THE / LIBRARY OF CONGRESS / VOLUME I / 1818 - 1945" paperbound reference printed for the use of the Committee on Un-American Activities in 1961, 232 pages, very lightly used. $12.00 hp

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