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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NOVA / ÚJ.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Prices do not include postage or insurance unless noted.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@lotsofcards.com



"Archival Quality Materials / For Conservation, Restoration and Preservation" from Universal Products. The prices in this catalogue are out-of-date, but the extensive & detailed information in it is like taking a college course! Covers more than postcards--books, slides, photographs, etc. A little unimportant wrinkling to the cover. $3.50 a

"How To Price & Sell Old Picture Postcards" second printing from Braemar Press, paperbound, 64 pages plus covers, fairly fresh. 1986 copyright, but the principles, clarity & organization fo the material can still be appreciated today. $11.00

"LINCOLN / POSTCARD / CATALOGUE" by James L. Lowe, paperbound, 68 8-1/2"x11" pages, well organized checklist, 1967 copyright, gently used. $16.00 lp

"Rare & Expensive Postcards" Second Edition 1975, 1974 copyright, by John M. Kaduck, paperbound, 88 pp., indexed, gently used. SOLD p

"Rare & Expensive Postcards Book II" by John M. Kaduck, including a revised price guide to Book I, paperbound, 134 pp., indexed, gently used. SOLD p

"STANDARD / POSTCARD / CATALOG" first edition (1968) by James L. Lowe, stapled binding, 64 pages. A classic that is hard to find! $28.00 p

"The AMERICAN POSTCARD GUIDE To TUCK" by Sally S. Carver, first edition 1976. Paperbound, 76 pages indexed. Includes a history of the company, glossary, and postcards by category--animals, artists, aviation, blacks, children, comics, etc. Many series illustrations accompanied by price guide for that time. Lightly used, date written on cover. Hard to find. $25.00 tp**

"The Collector's Guide to Post Cards" by Jane Wood, paperbound, two indexes in back (subject & artists), many illustrations, all priced, 175 pages, gently used. 1984 copyright. $6.00 p

"THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ANTIQUE POSTCARDS" by Susan Brown Nicholson, paperbound, price guide to 100+ collecting categories in alphabetical order (Attwell to Zodiac), 279 pp., published by the Wallace-Homestead Book Company, 1994 copyright, author's autograph in 1997, glossary, bibliography, indexed, gently used. SOLD pa

Edited by Roy & Marilyn Nuhn.
All used with minor faults.

May - June 1979 (Volume V No. 2 & 3). A double issue. Articles on Dwig (including checklist), Bonus Expeditionary Force of 1932, Edward Mitchell publishing (part 2), Royal Dutch Cocoa, Union Castle Line ships, rocking horse punchouts & more. A few annotations by former owner. $6.50 #

Edited by Donald M. Bodow.
All used with minor faults.

December 1980 (Vol. 6 No. 6). Articles on Krampus, art deco architecture, firefighting postcards & more. $3.50

February 1981 (Vo. 7 No. 1). Articles on the Saint Louis World's Fair, merry-go-rounds, "That Old Time Religion" & more. $3.50

April 1981 (Vol. 7 No. 2). Articles on the "In the Philippines" 1905 expedition of Taft & Roosevelt, Harpers Ferry West Virginia postcards, US postal card concordance of numbers & more. $3.50

August 1981 (Vol. 7 No. 3). Articles on Fourth of July, scarcity of Alphonse Mucha postcards, Sunday school postcards & more. $3.50

Undated 1981 (Vol. 7 No. 4). Articles on advertising sets, ice wagons, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, temperance postcards & more. $3.50

November 1982 (Vol. 7 No. 6). Articles on the development of the telephone, American Indians, an early dairy & more. $3.50

December 1982 (Vol. 7 No. 7). Articles on photographer E. S. Curtis, the Bonus Expeditionary Force of 1932, price trends for transportation & more. $3.75 a,m(b)

January 1983 (Vol. 7 No. 8). Articles on Prince Henry of Prussia, fadeaways, the creation of postcards & more. $3.50

All profusely illustrated, minor faults present.

"LA CATOLLINA D'EPOCA / VENDITA PER CORRISPONDENZA / ASTA DEL 19 OTTOBRE 1985" catalogue for auction, many illustrations in color, starting bids in Italian lira. Categories include: militaria, propaganda, arte d'avanguardia, futurismo, illustratori, erotica, aviazione, musica, pneumatici, art deco, pubblicita . Lightly used, spot on front cover. $4.50 i

Kover King, May 13, 1989. "Postcard Public Auction". 1,562 lots. Yelllowing & thin paper as issued. $3.75 k

Postcards International, April 11, 1991. "THE 1ST NATIONAL POSTCARD AUCTION / ...Closing Date: Thursday, April 11, 1991" approximately twenty-four 8.5"x11" pages plus catalogue supplement bound separately, some color illustrations, wide range of topical materials & sets & views. $3.75 k

Butterfield & Butterfield, July 10 1992. "Postcards from the Estate of Samuel Stark" approximately 64 8.5x11 pages on quality stock, wide range of topical materials & sets & views. $3.75 b

Postcards International, June 9 1993. "The First National Postcard Auction™ Number 3" 303 lots with topical index & prices realized for the Number 2 auction, fairly fresh. $5.50 t

Postcards International, June 9 1993. "The First National Postcard Auction Number 4™" 317 lots with topical index & prices realized for the Number 3 auction, fairly fresh. $5.50 t

Postcards International, May 25 1994. "The First National Postcard Auction™ Number 5" 311 lots with topical index & prices realized for the Number 4 auction, fairly fresh. $5.50 t 

Postcards International, June 7 1995. "The First National Postcard Auction™ Number 6" 327 lots with topical index & prices realized for the Number 5 auction, a little soil on front. $5.50 t

Postcards International, May 29 1996. "The First National Postcard Auction™ Number 7" 330 lots with topical index & prices realized for the Number 6 auction, fairly fresh. $6.00 t

Postcards International, May 28 1997. "The First National Postcard Auction™ Number 8" 323 lots with topical index & prices realized for the Number 7 auction, fairly fresh. $5.50 t

Postcards International, May 27 1998. "The First National Postcard Auction™ Number 9" 334 lots with topical index & prices realized for the Number 8 auction, fairly fresh. $5.50 t

Postcards International, May 27 1999. "The First National Postcard Auction™ Number 10" 333 lots with topical index & prices realized for the Number 9 auction, fairly fresh, wonderful cover. $5.50 t

Postcards International, April 11, 1999. "Classic Postcards / A Mail / Phone Bid Sale" 553 lots, all color illustrations, catalog supplement included. $5.50 t


Interesting auctions & numerous ads are in each issue below.
Complete, gently read, minor faults, most have been mailed.

Barr's Post Card News. July 5 1999 (52 pages). Articles on Independence Day, the Statue of Liberty, and more. $1.25

Barr's Post Card News. August 9 1999 (48 pages). Articles on Albert Peter Carmichael comics, dealer Gordon Gesner, and more. $1.25

Barr's Post Card News. October 11 1999 (52 pages). Articles on In The Future postcards, Japanese Antarctic research expeditions, and more. $1.25

Barr's Post Card News. November 8 1999 (44 pages). Articles on 1901 Pan-American exposition, tips for postcard writers from Barbara Andrews, and more. $1.25

Barr's Post Card News. November 22 1999 (44 pages). Articles on 1908 election, moose on postcards, and more. $1.25

Barr's Post Card News. June 19 2000 (44 pages). Articles on 1909 Hudson-Fulton Exposition, Liaoning province of China, and more. Unimportant pencil marks on front page. $1.25

Barr's Post Card News. December 22 2003 (48 pages). Articles on getting discounts at shows,  Christmas postcards (3 different including novelty Santas) & more. $1.75 b,c

Barr's Post Card News. April 5 2004 (40 pages). Articles on Easter postcard artists, Ushuaia Chile, World War I British Army hospital & more. $1.50 b,e

Barr's Post Card News. April 19 2004 (40 pages). Articles on the Toronto Postcard Club, bathing beauties, Antarctic nights, Sherlock Holmes & more. $1.50 b,b

Barr's Post Card News. May 24 2004 (32 pages). Articles on the year 1900, investing in postcards, The Connecticut Post Card Club & more. $1.75 b,y

Barr's Post Card News. June 7 2004 (40 pages). Articles on artist Randolph Caldecott, Flag Day, military welfare, Lincoln's New Salem & more. $1.50 b,f

Barr's Post Card News. August 9 2004 (40 pages). Articles on Harry Frees animal fantasies, mosquito comics, Red Cross, South Sandwich Islands & more. $1.50 b,i

Barr's Post Card News. October 25 2004 (32 pages). Articles on Admiral Nelson, the Parthenon in Greece, Leubrie and Elkus Halloween postcards, how to help the hobby, bridges on post cards & more. $1.75 b,g

Barr's Post Card News. November 22 2004 (24 pages). Articles on advanced collecting strategies, novelty Thanksgiving postcards, Virginia City Nevada & more. $1.50 b,n

Barr's Post Card News. June 20 2005 (40 pages). Articles on police-related, dealings in public places, Fourth of July from Germany, newspapers & more. $1.75 b,n

Barr's Post Card News. August 8 2005 (40 pages). Articles on Hiroshima Japan, Pitcairn Island, singing cats by Thiele & more. $1.50 b,ca

Barr's Post Card News. January 23 2006 (48 pages). Articles on accepting postcard offers, multiple babies, the motel era, Tuck paper dolls & more. A little handwriting in the address area. $1.50 b,m

Barr's Post Card News. June 8, 2009 (32 pages). Articles on KYD does Charles Dickens, President Chester A. Arthur, and "Gone With the Wind" postcards. A lot of creasing. $1.50 ppma

Barr's Post Card News. August 24, 2015 (20 pages). Articles on Canadian Pacific employee cards & woven in silk postcards. $1.00 prs

Barr's Post Card News. September 21, 2015 (28 pages). Articles on Route 66 & other roadside Americana & dog postcards. $1.25 prd

Barr's Post Card News. October 5, 2015 (28 pages). Articles on beautiful insects, prisoner of war mail, old television magazines & Halloween bridge tallies. $1.25 pthi

Barr's Post Card News. October 19, 2015 (24 pages). Articles on shipboard fancy dress party ephemera, Frances Brundage Halloween postcards & St. Pierre et Miquelon. $1.25 phss

Barr's Post Card News. December 7, 2015 (20 pages). Articles on Nancy Drew mysteries & collectibles, World War II writing rooms, and old Christmas books. $1.00 pca

Barr's Post Card News. January 25, 2016 (20 pages). Articles on the Wild West, storms at sea & Kate Greenaway New Year's postcards. $1.00 pnoa

Barr's Post Card News. February 8, 2016 (20 pages). Articles on advertising postal cards, leap years & Valentine love messages. $1.00 plv

Barr's Post Card News. February 22, 2016 (24 pages). Articles on Japanese ship postcards with art, the George Washington Bridge & military rabbits. $1.25 pjb(h)

Barr's Post Card News. March 7, 2016 (32 pages). Articles on postcard messages, tea & postcards on postcards. $1.50 pp

Barr's Post Card News. March 21, 2016 (24 pages). Articles on Swedish Easter postcards, ice harvesting & iceboxes & Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. $1.25 pswa

Barr's Post Card News. April 11, 2016 (24 pages). Articles on National Postcard Week, Chicago's historic buildings & US presidential primaries. $1.25 pp(u)i NEW / NOVA / ÚJ

Barr's Post Card News. May 9, 2016 (24 pages). Articles on elephants, Buffalo Bill's Wild West & National Postcard Week. $1.25 pca

Barr's Post Card News. May 23, 2016 (28 pages). Articles on "greetings from..." postcards, Evelyn Nesbit & Outcault's Buster Brown. $1.25 pa(o)f

Barr's Post Card News. June 20, 2016 (24 pages). Articles on soccer, Seagram's patriotic World War II posters & the Pony Express. $1.25 pps

Barr's Post Card News. July 11, 2016 (20 pages). Articles on art postcards, patriotic teddy bears, old sheet music & the Northern Pacific Railroad. $1.00 prm

Barr's Postcard News. July 26, 2016 (24 pages). Articles on the summer Olympics, fortune-telling by palmistry & ink blotters. $1.25 pp(f)o

Barr's Post Card News. August 22, 2016 (24 pages). Articles on can-can dancing, education, and Belgian backsides. The entire issue: $1.25 pde

Barr's Post Card News, October 10, 2016 (24 pages). Articles on Falstaff beer. Breakfast in Hollywood radio show & cakewalks. Noticeable bends in the front cover. The entire issue: $1.00 prbb

"DETROIT PUBLISHING COMPANY COLLECTORS' GUIDE" by James L. Low & Ben Papell, authoritative softbound book listing postcards by number (nearly complete), gently used. First edition, 1975 copyright. $42.00 pd

Published for members & friends of Lake County Discovery Museum
in Wauconda Illinois.

Volume 37 No. 2 (Spring 2009): Civil War reenactment, circus postcard exhibition, farm heritage festival--and more museum news. $0.50 p

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

Journal from the Curt Teich Postcard Archives.
Color covers start in Volume 12. A scholarly publication
with quality printing. Minor imperfections not noted.

Volume 9, Number 3 1997. Includes a feature article on early automobile post cards & another on Route 66 postcards. $2.25

Volume 10 Number 1 1998. Includes a feature article on Blodgett's Bonnets & another on the Paris Expo of 1899. $2.25

Volume 10, Number 2 1998. Includes a feature article on motorcycle postcards & an article on Florida postcards. $2.25

Volume 10, Number 3 / 4 1999. Includes a feature article on Egyptian treasures & an article on PACE (Postcard Art Competition / Exhibition) 1999. $2.25

Volume 11 Number 1 1999. Includes a feature article on postcard imagery of the Plains Indians 1898 - 1918. $2.25

Volume 11 Number 2 2000. Includes a feature article on "Ramona, Tourism, and Postcards from Southern California" & an article on Star Wars collectibles. $2.
25 pc(c)m

Volume 11 Number 3 / 4 2000. Includes a feature article on postcard photography & an article on Curt Tech postcards on book covers. $2.
25 pp

Volume 12 Number 1 2001. Includes a feature article on the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition. Also articles on the 1935-1936 California-Pacific International Exposition & California architect Vincent Raney. $2.
25 paee

Volume 12 Number 2 2001. Includes a lengthy feature article on Bolivian postcards. $2.
25 pb

Volume 12 Number 3 / 4 2002. Includes a feature article on how illustrator Randolph Caldecott revolutionized books for children & an article on postcards made from Irish soil. $2.25 pai

Volume 13 Number 1 2002. Includes a feature article on railway depots of North China. $2.75 pc

Volume 13 Number 2 2003. Includes a feature article on very early Curteich published postcards, an interview with postcard photographer Bob Ellis, & a book review about 'Chicago's Maxwell Street'. Everything is there, but condition is a bit rough. $2.25 pp(e)b

Volume 14 Number 2 2005. Includes a thought-provoking feature article on football postcards & an illustrated book review on motorcycle postcards. $2.25 pms(f)

Volume 14 Number 3 / 4, containing the article "When is a Tattoo Not Just a Tattoo?" illustrated in color. $2.25 the complete issue. pt

Volume 15 Number 2, containing an article on Kellogg's Corn Flakes advertising cards & postcards. Of interest to Battlecreek Michigan collectors. $2.25 the complete issue. pmf

Volume 15 Number 3/4, containing "Hidden in the Picture: Visualizing African American Material Life and Culture" & "Making Sense of Mucha" illustrated in color. $2.50 the complete issue. pba

Volume 16 Number 1, containing "The Whiligigal Dwelling" fantasy, "Thomas L. Greet: A Life From Postcards", "Good Times in Bad Lobenstein" illustrated in color. $2.25 the complete issue. pf

Volume 16 Number 2, containing "Lighting the Way" on lighthouses, "Comic Nudist Postcards", color illustrations throughout. $2.75 the complete issue. plc

Volume 16 Number 3/4, containing "Traveling Carnivals" and documentary photographer "Walker Evans". $2.25 the complete issue. pcp(e)

Volume 17 Number 2, containing "The [Union Pacific] Challenger - Everybody's Limited", "For Love of Chocolate" by Barbara L. Anderson. $2.25 the complete issue. prf

Volume 18 Number 2, containing an article on the bullfights in La Macarena Mexico, The Royal Wedding in the UK, and "Gender Roles & Visual Media". $2.25 the complete issue pbrs

Volume 18 Number 3/4, containing an article on the Curt Teich postcard factory, and the Dearborn Observatory. $2.25 the complete issue.

Volume 19 Number 3/4, containing a lengthy article on miniature golf & another on handmade & homemade architecture. This is the last issue, due to the acquisition of the Teich Postcard Archives by the Newberry Library in Chicago. $2.50 the complete issue. s(g)a


2004. 28 pages. $1.25 I

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Published by the International Postcard Association, Inc.
Typical issue is about 20 pages long.

July 1993. Articles on baseball & Bull Durham signs, E. B. & E. Co. puns, Art Deco & more. $1.25 i

December 1993. Articles on Century of Progress 1933-4 Worlds Fair, Paricutin volcano eruption in México, the White Star liner Titanic & more. $1.25 i

April 1994. Articles on dating main street scenes, Great Pyrenees dogs, the British 1994 Centenary Exhibition & more. $1.50 i,d

December 1994. Articles on French photographer Lucien Lévy, Mary Pickford's Maxwell automobile, the Paris Expo postcards of Robida & more. $1.75 i

Published by International Postcard Market Limited.

1975. 104 pages plus covers, many illustrations in black-and-white. Interesting ads & a fascinating perspective on the long-term appreciation possibilities of post card values. Prices in English pounds. Seldom seen. $6.00

Judnick Guide To Postcard Values CD.
On CD--please click the hyperlink above
for detailed descriptions & offer!

In French, hard to find, encyclopedic in scope & invaluable references.
All gently used.

1980 Neudin annual, complete in 494 pages with hundreds of illustrations (some in color), small mild corner crease to front cover and the next few pages, used but fairly clean & fresh. $47.50 p

1981 Neudin annual, complete in 542 pages with hundreds of illustrations (some in color), wear at the cover edges includes a small ding on the back, used but fairly clean & fresh.
 $47.50 p

1982 Neudin annual, complete in 550 pages with 600 illustrations (some in color), used but fairly clean & fresh. $47.50 p

1983 Neudin annual, complete in 542 pages with 600 illustrations (some in color), front cover & a few front pages badly creased, binding is sound but has 2 ridges running its length, used but otherwise clean & fresh. $45.00

1991 Neudin annual. Wanted to buy--please offer us complete copies in good condition, priced in US dollars or Euros, postpaid to Columbus Ohio. *c

1992 Neudin annual specialized on photography, hardbound. Superb, nothing like it on the planet. $70.00 !

1993 Neudin annual complete in 512 pages, fairly fresh, only a top right front corner bump to report. $50.00 p

For an article on the life of Gérard Neudin,
who passed away April 19 2001,
see the June 2001 Picture Post Card Monthly.


Vol. 31 No. 6 (June 2009). Complete issue in excellent condition. Color-illustrated articles on: almanacs, Ullman teddy bear postcards & Coca-Cola collectibles & more. $1.75 pcb

Vol. 37 No. 10 (October 2015). "Sports Cards And Memorabilia / Reach New Heights // Roberto Clemente and Mickey Mantle Help Lead the Way." 10-page issue, color throughout, curl to bottom front cover corner. $1.50 ps(b)

The premier publication from Great Britain.
Large size, well illustrated, many articles & ads--a joy to read.

March 2001 (No. 263). The Southampton Floating Dock, East Anglian piers, speedway racing (early days), counter-revolution in Berlin, Caledonian Canal, artist Toni Goffe, Dennis the Menace & even more. $5.00 p,ag

June 2001 (No. 266). Artist Aslan pin-ups, early cinema, 2001 election, Spain's Civil War, Neudin's death, Northamptonshire, Clarion Movement (cycling) & even more. $5.00 p,pm

Aimed at both American & British enthusiasts.
Survey of prices & price trends feature starts in January 1981. Usually several auctions, too. Minor faults not mentioned.

August 1980 (Volume 1 Number P3). $1.75

September 1980 (Volume 1 Number P4). $1.75

November 1980 (Volume 1 Number P5). $1.75 p

January 1981 (Volume 1 Number P6). $1.75 p

March 1981 (Volume 2 Number P1). $1.75 p

May 1981 (Volume 2 Number P2). $1.75 p

September 1981 (Volume 2 Number P3). $1.75 p

Undated. (Volume 2 Number P4). $1.75 p

Special offer: Your choice of 3 or more of the above
Picture Postcard News will be discounted to $1.50 each.

"Political / Postcards / 1900 - 1980 / A Price Guide" by Bernard L. Greenhouse, with a foreword by George Miller. Paperbound book, 110 pages plus cover, profusely illustrated with interesting & scarce material, easy arrangement in chronological order by campaign. Former owner's name penned on inside, some trivial wear to the edges. We know of no better source for the information. $12.00 pp(r)

Includes many auctions & interesting ads.
Minor faults present; most have been mailed.

Can be sent inexpensively within the US by media mail.

November 1984 (Volume 2 Number 11). Features on presidential elections, postcard backs, comics & more. $2.25 p

August 1985 (Volume 3 Number 8). Features on hand-made with attachments, March 1913 disasters, 1984 Olympics & more. $2.50 p,d

January 1986 (Volume 4 Number 1). Features on thesauros / coin banks, Madame Steinheil, diners & more. $2.25 p

April 1988 (Volume 6 Number 4). Features on publisher Arthur Livingston, checklist of Koehler hold-to-lights, Louisiana & Texas postcard distributors & more. $2.00 p,h

May 1988 (Volume 6 Number 5). Features on the British Antarctic Survey series, Miami deco, presidential campaigns & more; a little writing on some pages, paper is wavy. $2.00 p,b

June 1988 (Volume 6 Number 6). Features on Winter Olympics, candy advertising, UFO's on postcards & more; several pages with small corner creases. $1.75 p,o

July 1988 (Volume 6 Number 7). Features on the Tuck college series, George Washington Tucks, washing clothes & more. $2.00 p,wt

October 1988 (Volume 6 Number 10). Features on Outcault's Yellow Kid, the Postcard Collectors Club of America, Kornelia Kinks, Montana distributors & more. Curled & yellowing paper. $2.00 p,a%

November 1988 (Volume 6 Number 11). Features on political postcard prices, South Dakota views, Gene Carr checklist, St. Catherine's Day & more. $1.75 p

December 1988 (Volume 6 Number 12). Features on displaying postcards for profit, Anne Frank, Wain Santas & more. Curled & yellowing paper with corner creases. $1.75 p,j

January 1989 (Volume 7 Number 1). Features on rare & unusual New Year cards, inaugural cards, chrome city views & more. $2.00 p,n

March 1989 (Volume 7 Number 3). Features on Happy Hooligans, Easter eggs, key lime pies, Jolly Jokers (part II) & more. Curled & yellowing paper. $2.00 p,e*

May 1989 (Volume 7 Number 5). Features on propaganda, Mother's Day, hushpuppies, reproductions & more. $1.75 p

June 1989 (Volume 7 Number 6). Features on Franz Josef, stamp postcards of Finland, cheese, Tuck DC cards, women's rights & more. $2.00 p,f

July 1989 (Volume 7 Number 7). Features on large letters, Fourth of July, the American hobo, Uncle Sam & more. $2.50 p,f

August 1989 (Volume 7 Number 8). Features on real photo postcards, the "historical postcards" of J. H. Jenkins, Chaplin & more. Ragged edges to front cover. $2.25 p

September 1989 (Volume 7 Number 9). Features on mail order selling, Alaska, Koehler hold-to-lights, drive-ins, woven silks & more. $2.50 p,s

October 1989 (Volume 7 Number 10). Features on Halloween (3 different!), donut topicals, Heal leather bears, early Hawaiian postcards & more. $2.50 p,h

November 1989 (Volume 7 Number 11). Features on Buster Brown, Chinese moderns, football history, Yellowstone Park & more. $2.50 p,y%

December 1989 (Volume 7, Number 12). Features on earthquake cards, advertising Santas, Atlas Snowball advertising & more. $2.50 p,c

January 1990 (Volume 8, Number 1). Features on peace promotions, zodiac postcards, Ullman's National Cupids & more. $2.50 p,a


February 1990 (Volume 8, Number 2). Features on Tuck Scottish clans, valentines (4 different!) & more. $2.50 p,v

March 1990 (Volume 8, Number 3). Features on Saint Patrick's Day, coal mine disasters, Rose Company song series checklist & more. $2.50 p,m

April 1990 (Volume 8, Number 4). Features on Jewish synagogues, leather souvenirs, Easter witches, fancy frogs & more. $2.50 p,f%

May 1990 (Volume 8, Number 5). Features on drugs in America, racial issues, secessionist artists & more. $2.50 p,s

June 1990 (Volume 8, Number 6). Features on June weddings, fried chicken, greed & more. $2.50 p,f

July 1990 (Volume 8, Number 7). Features on Japanese postcards, sericulture, woven-in-silks & more. $2.50 p,j

August 1990 (Volume 8, Number 8). Features on Atlantic City, shell seekers, Buster Brown & more. Small tears & creases to front cover. $2.25 p,n

December 1990 (Volume 8 Number 12). Features on House of David, ham radio, Detroit's Phostints, Christmas & more. $2.50 p,d

March 1991 (Volume 9, Number 3). Features on Disney, strawberries, Charleston South Carolina & more. $2.50 p,d

April 1991 (Volume 9, Number 4). Features on early movie clowns, military humor, April Fools day, novelty eats & more. #2.50 p,a

May 1991 (Volume 9, Number 5). Features on Cracker Jack bears, summer girls, Greenfield Village Michigan & more. $2.50 p,m

June 1991 (Volume 9, Number 6). Features on Navajo weavers, Hieronmyus Bosch, Florence Upton & more. $2.50 p,w

July 1991 (Volume 9, Number 7). Features on Independence Day, Coney Island, mines of Butte & more. $2.50 p,m

August 1991 (Volume 9, Number 8). Features on American automobiles, wharfboats, men in space & more. $2.00 p,s

September 1991 (Volume 9, Number 9). Features on women in medicine, kitchen stoves, education of blacks & more. $2.50 p,b

October 1991 (Volume 9 Number 10). Features on Vermont covered bridges, the Curt Teich Archives, Indian schools, Kansas artists, Disney's Dumbo & more. $2.50 p,b

November 1991 (Volume 9 Number 11). Features on Thanksgiving (3), floods, tornados, cyclones & more. $2.50 p,t

January 1992 (Volume 10 Number 1). Features on Rockefeller Center, Chateau Frontenac, pig post cards, converted trolleys, holiday real photos & more. $2.50 p,p

February 1992 (Volume 10 Number 2). Features on Lincoln, Old Faithful, Frances Brundage, Cody Wyoming, valentines & more. $2.50 p,l

March 1992 (Volume 10 Number 3). Features on Mabel Lucie Atwell, Campbell's Soup, Hannibal Missouri, cabbage patch babies & more. $2.50 pm

April 1992 (Volume 10 Number 4). Features on meat packers, Halcyon League, Amoskeag Falls, Tupperware, Mount Washington & more. $2.50 p

May 1992 (Volume 10 Number 5). Features on the American trailer home, Victorian bandstands, roadside art, racism, Kathe Kruse dolls & more. $2.50 p,d

July 1992 (Volume 10 Number 7). Features on Berlin Olympics propaganda, 1928 Olympic fundraising postal cards, Chicago's Iroquois Theater, Yosemite National Park, women in government & more. $2.50

August 1997 (Volume 15 Number 8. Features on Pierrot (color illustrations), Cinderella & World War II comic postcards. Fairly fresh, very lightly used. $2.50 p

"Postcard Collector 1997 Annual (6th Edition) / Preserving the Past" paperbound, 90 pages plus covers. Directories of postcard clubs, dealers & supplier. Interesting articles on North American postcard archives, archiving postcards, donating postcards to a museum, and more. Fairly fresh, very lightly used. (2 available) $15.00 each

October 1998 (Volume 16 Number 10). Features on Hallowe'en, Billy Sunday, the shrine at Lourdes, proverbs & more. $2.50

August 1999 (Volume 17 Number 8), Features on Paul Bunyan Minnesota cards, Labor Day collectibles, Lincoln Park New Jersey, and more. $2.50

October 2000 (Volume 18 Number 10). Features on Clapsaddle Hallowe'ens, "Celebrate the Simpsons", submarines centennial & more. $2.50

October 2001 (Volume 19 Number 10). Features on the World Trade Center, Halloween black cats, Halloween customs & more. $2.50

March 2002 (Volume 20 Number 3). Features on Frank Lloyd Wright, Rosenblatt special designs (part 2 on shell, fish & alligator borders), tax on postcard sales & more. $2.50

April 2002 (Volume 20 Number 4). Features on artist Marcello Dudovich, chess postcards, Rosenblatt view cards (part 3 on silver-coated, chromo-halftones, etc.) & more. $2.50

May 2002 (Volume 20 Number 5). Features on Washington DC's 200th anniversary, large-letter linen postcards & stamps, the oldest postcard (1840!) & more. $2.50

June 2002 (Volume 20 Number 6). Features on artist Vojtech Preissig, National Post Card Week, Dorothy Hook watercolors of Alaska & more. $2.50

July 2002 (Volume 20 Number 7). Features on the Amish lifestyle, working dogs, 4th of July postcards & more. $2.50

August 2002 (Volume 20 Number 8). Features on New Orleans postcards, mailboxes on post cards, artist Egon Schiele & more. $2.50

September 2002 (Volume 20 Number 9). Features on World Trade Center postcards, artist Rie Cramer, House of David. Holiday Inn 50th anniversary & more. $2.50

October 2002 (Volume 20 Number 10). Features on handcolored postcards, Brundage Halloween postcards, barber poles & more. $2.50

November 2002 (Volume 20 Number 11). Features on military jargon, vampires, leather post cards & more. $2.50

December 2002 (Volume 20 Number 12). Features on Winsch Christmas author cards, Winsch Santa cards, Santa Claus on Golden Age postcards & more. $2.50

July 2004 (Volume 22 Number 7). Features on patriotic teddy bears, Madonna of the Trail post cards, archery postcards, and more. $2.50

September 2004 (Volume 22 Number 9). Features on the Corn Palace of South Dakota, early football postcards, Mammoth Cave Kentucky, Snow White & the 7 dwarfs, and more. $2.50

October 2004 (Volume 22 Number 10. Features on Ellen Clapsaddle, large-letter linen streamline trains, Arthur Thiele's automobile-related art, and more. $2.50

Published by Postcard Enterprises Incorporated.
Beautifully illustrated, some in color.

Volume 7, Annual Edition, 1982. Many articles including Coles Phillips fadeaways, Jansen's jesters, the family piano, 'Frog in Your Throat' advertising, parades & much more. $12.00 pf

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Volume 3, Number 2 (March/April 2012). Andreas Brown's real photos; Editions Cinos postcards; Titanic disaster; Titanic Museum; cafeterias on linens, postcards of Rene Cloke. 52 pages, most illustrations in color. $4.00 ps(w)

P. A. C. M.

 February 2010 (Vol. 32 No. 2). A Valentine for the world--The Morgan Celebrates the Life & Work of Jane Austen. $1.50 pa

March 2010 (Vol. 32 No. 3). Movie-related advertising; Academy of Motion Arts & Sciences' Exhibition of Best Picture Posters; Barbara Andrews on Postcards & the Banana Snake Mystery; & much more. $1.50 pm

Published by Roy Cox.
Used with minor faults. Beautiful covers.
Can be sent inexpensively within the US by media mail.

April - May 1981 (Vol. IV No. 2). Includes a long illustrated list of large-letter postcards. $3.75 t,l

August - September 1981 (Vol. IV No. 4). Annual directory issue covering clubs, shows, and dealers (many of whom are illustrated). $3.50

October - November 1981 (Vol. IV No. 5). Articles on exposition postcards, anti-Axis propaganda during World War II, ping pong on postcards, and more. $3.50

The Postcard Dealer, April-May 1981 (Vo. IV, No. 2). Published by Roy Cox. An extensive article on large letter postcards with checklists by state & several shorter items. $3.50


1978 Annual (Volume 1 No. 1), 215 pages plus covers, 3-hole punched as issued. Many short articles. A few notables: pricing sampler by geographic region & subject; collecting baseball post cards, views inside butterfly wings, how to arrange a postcard exhibition & bourse, postcard terminology, Chicago Railroad Fair, T. C. V. cards, John Winsch cards & much much more. A classic that is seldom offered. $28.50

February-March 1985 (Vol. VIII No. 1). Published by John H. McClintock. Includes a lengthy & well-illustrated article on Easter fantasy postcards, publisher Williamson-Haffner, and more. $3.75 t,e*

Published by Postcards International.
Fixed-price sales, profusely illustrated in black & white.

No. 1 275 lots plus "bundled lots", light toning to the cover. Titled "THE PICTURE POSTCARD CATALOG" this time only. (2 available) $3.50 each. (t)

No. 2. 446 lots plus "bundled lots". $3.50 t

No. 3. 652 lots plus "bundled lots". $3.50 t

No. 4. 568 lots plus "bundled lots". $3.50 t

No. 5. 586 lots plus "bundled lots". $3.50 t

No. 6. 572 lots plus "bundled lots". (2 available) $3.50 each. (t)

No. 7. 494 lots plus "bundled lots". $3.50 t

No. 8. 494 lots plus "bundled lots". Gorgeous cover. $4.00 t

No. 9. 525 lots plus "bundled lots". Classic cover. $4.00 t

No. 10. 471 lots plus "bundled lots", with special color supplement. Stunning cover. $5.00 (If we can't sell it, we'll frame it!) t

Dedicated to the life & work of Kate Greenaway (1846 - 1901)

Under the Window, Issue No. 5, January-March 1972. Jasperware buttons by Marie La Barre Bennett, using KG storybooks; also a reprint of an 1892 article about her children's art. $2.25 p(u)

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