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Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
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Røde Kors / Croix-Rouge / Cruz Roja / Croce Rossa
Cruz Roya / Червен кръст / Mezinárodní červený kříž
Nemzetközi Vöröskereszt / Rauði krossinn / Rode Kruis

See also Red Cross topical stamps & Red Cross topical covers.

"14 PARIS -- Place de la République  Statue en bronze (1883) par Morice frères / Le Lion (bas-relief) par Dallou" also including the Red Cross building with the writer's mark over it; carte postale with divided green back, speckles of ink in the front sky. A captain in the American Expeditionary Force comments in part: 'Some place Paris is. the stuff they have there is sure Broad cloth.' Addressed to a fireman in reading Pennsylvania, but no stamp or postal markings. $1.50 rf(p)

"…1500-1570. P. Bordone. / … / …Ermitage" rest of caption in Cyrillic, showing a noble lady with a small child, sepia-tone Russian Red Cross, unused, small spot of toning on back. A painting in the Hermitage museum. $13.00 (rwm)

"…1577 -- 1640 P. P. Rubens. / … / L'alliance de la Terre et de l'Eau" rest of caption in Cyrillic, showing a nude woman with cherubs & Neptune, sepia-tone Russian Red Cross art postcard, unused, corner & edge wear, toned back. $15.00 rn(p)a

"…1577 -- 1640. P. P. Rubens. / …L'offrande à Cèrés." rest of caption in Cyrillic, sepia-tone art showing a woman near several angels, Russian Red Cross, minor corner wear & rounding. $15.00 ra(r)a

"…1598-1662. F. Zurbaran. / …St. Laurent. /  …Ermitage" rest of caption in Cyrillic, sepia-tone Russian Red Cross Francisco de Zurbarán art postcard, unused, soft corners. $15.00 rc(s)ma(z)

"1610 -- 1690 D. Teniers le jeune. / … -- Intérieur d'une cuisine." rest of caption in Cyrillic, David Teniers the Younger art showing a large castle kitchen with dogs running around in it, sepia-tone Russian Red Cross, corner crease, minor corner & edge wear. The small violet box in the message area marked the issue price of 1 ruble. $14.00 rca(t)i(c)

"…(1620--1682) C. Berghem /  …L'Enlèvement d'Europe. / …Musée de l'Ermitage." rest of caption in Cyrillic, black & white art showing a woman & some animals surrounded by many angels, Russian Red Cross, unused, very light album marks at corners. $15.00 (amra)

"… (1679--1752). J. F. de Troy. / …Des amoureux" rest of caption in Cyrillic, showing a pair of lovers, sepia-tone Russian Red Cross, corner wear & rounding, toning near the edges of both sides. $12.00 rl

"… / (1799--1852) / K. Brullow" rest of caption in Cyrillic, showing a man rowing two young ladies in a small boat, sepia-tone Russian Red Cross art, unusual undivided back with many printed dots in the address area, soft corners, 2 tiny spots of toning on the front borders, interesting because of the old prices (including the original) marked on the back. $15.00 (rs(p))

"1. - Plateau de VILLERS-les-NANCY / Champ d'Aviation / Café-Restaurant de la Linotte-des-Bois / Aug. JACOB, Propiétaire // Union des Femmes de France / Poste de Secours" showing small buildings at an early military aviation field, inset showing a stagecoach & people in front of the restaurant; unused carte postale with unevenly toned back & front, pencil writing on back. For the benefit of the French Red Cross during World War I. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 f(v)agrw

"200. - Hôtel des Invalides - Statue de Napoléon, par Seurre / Fondue en bronze provenenat de canon pris lors de la conquète / d'Alger en 1833" black & white postcard with Red Cross emblem on front, unused & fairly fresh. In Paris France. $2.50 nsf(p)r

"265. PARIS -- Les Invalides / Tombeau de Napoléon 1er C. M." black & white with light Red Cross emblem in red on the right front, unused carte postale, Musée de l'Armée insignia on back. $2.75 (rnf)


"2959 RED CROSS CONVALESCENT HOUSE, CAMP MEADE, MD." showing an exterior corner, unused postcard from an unattributed publisher, many tiny speckles of ink on the back probably from the printing process, good edges. $3.75 rm(c)m

PARIS. "97.--PARIS / Dôme des Invalides / Construit par Mansart en 1674…" carte postale with Red Cross insignia in red on the front, unused, very light toning on back. $2.25 rf(p)

"ALGEMEENHEID / Het Rode Kruis is een wereldwijde organisatie. / ..." with art showing men of 5 races holding hands around a globe, unused continental, fresh in all respects. $1.50 r

"AMERICAN RED CROSS / 1910 /  1909 / MERRY XMAS /  HAPPY NEW YEAR" with 1909 Red Cross seal appropriately pasted on front, artwork shows Santa & Father Time, mailed 1909, writing on front where there was room. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 r-u(c)r

"American Troops in Parade -- PARIS - 4 th of July 1918 - A. P." post card with green back, issued by the American Red Cross, unused, trivial edge wear. $10.00 (rffhp)

"CANTINE DES DEUX DRAPEAUX POUR LES PERMISSIONNAIRES (Croix Rouge Américaine). / Abris de bombardement." showing soldiers of two countries on furlough outside a canteen (replete with bomb shelter) set up by the American Red Cross; black & white carte postale with green back, French writing in pencil over all the back, large spots of light toning on back, small spot of toning in front caption area. Unusual subject matter! $10.00 wr

Captioned in Cyrillic, postcard with art signed in Cyrillic showing woman in short skirt with cape, unused Russian Red Cross, edge wear, tiny speckles of toning on back, album adherences on back. $12.50 rr**

Captioned in Cyrillic, sepia-tone art showing Leo Tolstoy, Russian Red Cross, unused post card with a couple spots of toning on both sides, trimmed but not into art. $5.00 (ar*)

Captioned in small gray type that is hard to read, color art showing a couple (possibly having a disagreement) & a horse in the countryside, Russian Red Cross, postcard mailed to England 1906 (stamp & cancel fine), cancel ink & a spot of toning intrude into the art, small spots of light toning on the back. $10.00

"Coppa Acerbo / CIRCUITO DI PESCARA /  RICORDI E PROPOSITZIONI / ...12-13-14 Ottobre 1990" including several advertising logos (Italian Red Cross on both sides), unused continental post card, 2 faint paper bends in one corner discernable only from back. $2.25 a(r)ir

"… / … / Crimée. Alupka." Rest of caption in Cyrillic, monochromatic dark green, Russian Red Cross art, numbered 5416 on the back, unused, minor corner wear & rounding, brownish paper, album impressions at the corners. $12.00 rac

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"Debeli Rtič" showing the youth health & holiday center in the bathing season, continental slightly oversize multiview postcard including 3 scenes with youths at the swimming pool plus an aerial view, clear 29.10.02 ANKARAN-ANCARANO cancel on A-value stamp. Slovenian Red Cross (Rdeči Križ) logo is at the top left back corner. $1.50 rss

"EENHEID / In jeder land kan maar één Rode Kruis of Rode Halve Maan-vereniging zijn. / ..." with art showing 3 Red Cross workers of different races holding hands, unused continental, fresh in all respects. $1.50 r*

"Eger.  Wallensteinzimmer." showing an interior of a room with many paintings; postcard from Verlag Josef Zimmermann (Nr. 1133), large partial Eger Hungary Red Cross handstamp on back in light red, one bottom corner with small creases, other corner with mild rounding, toning on back from album contact. $4.50 hr

"E. Répine / 1900" as signed, art on a Russian Red Cross postcard, mailed 1903 at Odessa (stamps & cancels fine), corner & edge wear, lightly toned back, one corner badly creased. $15.00 (ra)*

"…E. Répine. Tosltoy(sic) au travail. Collection de M-r Ostrooukhof." Rest of caption in Cyrillic, wonderful art showing Tolstoy at work, Russian Red Cross, mailed 1908. Postcard still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50

"FIELD HOSPITAL - U.S. ARMY" showing an ambulance with Red Cross markings & 2 soldiers lifting a stretcher patient nearby, unused post card, back lightly toned, upper front corner toned & multiply creased but it is just the sky, minor edge wear. This vehicle was used in Europe during World War I for purposes detailed on the back. $7.00 rmm(u)w

"GOING TO BED IN THE GRAND HALL OF THE ROYAL COURTS OF JUSTICE, LONDON" black & white, unused, distributed then free by the American Red Cross Canteen Services, brownish paper, minor corner wear. $11.00 er

"GRAND BUILDING OF RED CROSS HOSPITAL, ASAHIGAWA" unused real photo post card on yellowish paper made in Wakayama, fresh appearance & good edges. In Japan. $5.00 jrm

"…J. H. Fragonard. Le baiser." depicting a kiss between 2 lovers in opulent surroundings, sepia-tone Russian Red Cross, unused & fairly fresh. Beginning of the caption is in Cyrillic. $15.00

"…La Crimée. -- Aloupka. Le passage du chaos." Rest of caption in Cyrillic, sepia-tone Russian Red Cross art on brownish paper, tiny spot of toning on back, light double print of caption but image is sharp. $15.00 rc

"… -- La Crimée. Lever de lune." rest of caption in Cyrillic, black & white art showing a moonrise over water, Russian Red Cross, mailed 1912 (faint railroad cancel & light receiving mark), small corner crease, corner wear & rounding. $15.00 rcm

"...La guerre balkanique 1912. /  ...L'ambulance de la croix rouge monténegrinne à Grouda" showing the Red Cross hospital in tents during the first Balkan War 1912, black & white with red captions in 3 languages, tiny piece of upper right corner missing with a small burn mark nearby. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 (mrh)

"Lanterne de procession avec plaques en mica. Russie. XVII s. / ...Musée du Baron Stieglitz à St. Petersbourg" also captioned in 2 other languages, black & white, unused Russian Red Cross, numbered 55-87 on lightly toned back, soft corners. $15.00 rrm

"LE DOME DES INVALIDES. - Le Tombeau de Napoléon Ier / 61. - La Crypte. - Sarcophage de Napoléon Ier" black & white carte postale, red SOCIÉTÉ DE SECOURS AUX BLESSÉS MILITAIRES / INTER ARMA CARITAS stamp over back message area, light toning in the 2 front borders. The sarcophagus is made of porphyry from Finland as noted on back. Sold for benefit of the French Red Cross. $2.00 nrc


LEO TOLSTOY. Captioned in Cyrillic, sepia-tone art showing Leo Tolstoy, Russian Red Cross, unused, couple spots of toning on both sides, trimmed but not into art. $5.00 ar*

"Le Quai Anglais vers / la fin du XVIII s. / Estampe coloriée /  de B. Paterson." also captioned in Cyrillic, art showing a shorefront with sailing vessels, unused Russian Red Cross postcard on slightly brownish paper, corner wear & rounding. $15.00 ra

"…L'Hermitage. / …Cabinet de Raphaël." Rest of caption in Cyrillic, sepia-tone Russian Red Cross postcard, one edge worn, faint corner crease. Slightly longer than a regular-size card. $12.50 rm

"LIFE IN THE US. S. ARMY CANTONMENT. / INTERIOR RED CROSS BUILDING." series number 77 on back, unused post card. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 rmi

"Margaret Anglin" showing the beautiful actress in nursing attire (note Red Cross armband & pin), vertical format; black & white postcard, front lightly toned, minor corner rounding. Shows Miss Anglin starring as Zira in the opera of the same name in 1905. A favorable review of her first-night performance was published in the New York Times of September 22 1905. Awarded as a prize to a Barr's Postcard News Reader. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $2.00 rnn(n)m

"…M. Doboujinsky / …Types de / …St. Pétersbourg" rest of caption in Cyrillic, unused Russian Red Cross postcard, minor corner bends & wear. If you ever wondered why people collect Russian Red Cross cards, here is your answer! $25.00 (rra)

"Merry Christmas from /  the Winchester Canteen." caption from writing on back, showing their vehicle and 5 workers up close, hand-colored  /  tinted real photo, internal crease that is very hard to see from the front, back printing seems high although front is centered perfectly. $15.00

"MUSÉE DE L'ARMÉE / 159. - Salle de Pierrefonds. - Maximilien en tenue de joute, Armure Allemande du XVIe siècle" showing a Paris museum display of many armored German knights on horseback, carte postale with insignia of the French Red Cross in red on the back, unused, lightly toned front, heavily toned back. $1.75 rmf(p)

"News from the Old Home Town / SENSASCHUN IN CHURTCH! / Old Bill Bunkum Loosens Up on Coin / ... / ... he is goin / to Swelltown to vizzit his daughtiour un- / till the Redd Crosse campane blows over." showing a tightwad finally dropping a coin into the church collection plate, unused comic postcard with signed Witt art in black & white surrounded by red border, lower corners creased, back unevenly toned. Misspellings were deliberate. $2.75 rca

"New York _____________ 191  / Please send _________ Red Cross Christmas Seals. We will remit on receipt of Seals. / or / We enclose $---- in envelope with this card // Make checks payable to Committee on Prevention / of Tuberculosis." unused 1-c Martha Washington postal reply card pre-addressed by typewriter to New York City, small upper corner crease & rough upper edge from separation. Interesting--how they were distributed in the early days! $4.75 rm

"… / N. Fokine. / Soir / (Zlatooust)." rest of caption in Cyrillic, showing a winter scene painted in muted colors, unused Russian Red Cross, corner wear & rounding, tiny spot of toning in back message area, small handstamp in stamp areas probably stating original price. $12.50 rwa

"No. 36 BLUFF COVE. STRETCHER PARTIES RUSH THE / INJURED FOR TREATMENT" showing medics & the Red Cross tending to the wounded during the Falkland Islands War; unused postcard from the War in the South Atlantic series, made in England. $3.50 fm(b)r

"OFFIZIELLE KARTE FÜR: / ROTES KREUZ KRIEGSFÜRSORGEAMT / KREIGSHILFBÜRO / No.138" color art sold for 12 heller by the Red Cross, unused, corner & edge wear. $10.00

"OFFIZIELLE KARTE FÜR: / ROTES KREUZ KRIEGSFÜRSORGEAMT / KREIGSHILFBÜRO /  No. 615" sepia-tone portrait sold by the Red Cross, mailed 1907, one corner worn, small spot of toning in the message area on the front. $9.50

"ONPARTIJDIGHEID / Mensen in de grootste nood worden door het Rode Kruis..." with art showing 2 Red Cross men carrying a man on a stretcher (3 races involved), unused continental, tiny spot on front (probably a printer's registration mark), fresh in all other respects. $1.50 r

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"Oural. / La montagne "Bjelaja" (Blance) et la rivière /  Uresane." also captioned in Cyrillic, black & white, unused Russian Red Cross, minor wear at one corner, a few spots of toning on the back. $10.00

"…P. Rubens. / … -- Bacchus. / … L'Ermitage." rest of caption in Cyrillic, sepia-tone art showing a nude Junoesque woman surrounded by angels, Russian Red Cross, unused, small spot of toning on both sides, minor corner wear & rounding. $15.00 rn(p)a(r)m

"Receive a check for $1,875 / every year for life* ... / ...plus a tax-deduction of $10.575 this year" based on a gift of $25,000 at age 70; unused business reply card for the American Red Cross Planned Giving Office in Washington DC, near mint condition. $1.50 rd

"RED CROSS MEMORIAL, WASHINGTON, D. C. / © THEO. HORYDCZAK / WASH. D.C." unused white-border era postcard published by the Washington News Company, printed by Tichnor, fairly fresh with good edges. $3.00 rd

"Red Cross Workers Carrying / Wounded Bugler into Hospital" postcard with W.C.A. 145 on back, unused, couple small spots of toning on back. $7.00

"REPAIRING A MAN OF WAR" showing a Red Cross nurse bandaging a wounded soldier's arm, unused, fairly fresh, good edges. $12.50 amr

Russian Red Cross art card, signed V. Bobrov in Cyrillic, unused. One of the finest art postcards we have ever seen. Put this next to 1,000 cards and your eye will go to this one every time. $47.50 (arc)

Russian Red Cross postcard with art signed in Cyrillic at lower left front, showing a masted steamship steamship at sea, unused, much corner & edge wear. $14.00 r

"SAVE / THE / DATE / 4.18.09 / ... / WALK + RUN / FOR YOUR / LOCAL / RED / CROSS" continental publicity postcard, small shallow scrape in front center from being mailed in Pennsylvania, good edges. $0.50 r

"UNIFIL OD5/SP1MHV POLMEDCOY" Naqqura QSL card used 1992 by operator Ed Durbajlo (Swidwin Poland) when he participated in the first Polish amateur Radio activity in UN Forces. Attractive UN and Red Cross logos, front corner lightening due to album display, good edges. $10.00 lpur*

"Unsere Königin / in der Arbeitstätte Niebelungensälle des / Frauen Vereins vom Roten Kreuz" caption in fancy Germanic lettering, black & white showing the Queen with many Red Cross workers, unused, a little wear to one corner. $10.00

"…Varsovie. Lazienkl. / …La salle de bal." rest of caption in Cyrillic, showing the ballroom in Łazienki Palace Warsaw; sepia-tone Russian Red Cross showing a ballroom, unused, very faint album impressions at the corners, light album marks at the back corners, minor corner wear & rounding, couple tiny spots of toning in right border. The small violet boxes on back state the issue price was 2 rubles. $12.00 ri(c)dp

"V. Bobrov / 1914." caption from Cyrillic signature on otherwise uncaptioned art, unused Russian Red Cross, lightly toned back, lightly toned front, minor corner wear & rounding. $15.00 r

"Visé Paris no 696 696 LES RUINES DE LA GRANDE GUERRE. -- Prosnes. -- Posted d'ambulance. / Great War Ruins. -- Prosnes. -- Field hospital. -- LL" with Red Cross sign prominent, black & white on green back, unused, sound edges. $3.50

"VRIJWILLIGHEID / Het Rode Kruis werkt met mensen die zich vrijwillig inzetten, / ..." with art showing a Red Cross worker extending a helping hand to a man of another race with a bottle, unused continental, fresh in all respects. $1.50 r

Wanted to buy--postcards showing founders of the Red Cross or Red Crescent worldwide. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

"WE / SERVE" under a large Red Cross, mailed from the International Junior Red Cross Study Center at Hood College, Frederick Maryland to mark the 75th Anniversary, corner crease, internal crease, another corner worn some, receiving mark of the Managers Office at the American Red Cross in Detroit clearly struck on the front. $5.00 (rm)*!*

"Zeppelin über Dover" signed art in black & white showing an airship over the White Cliffs of Dover in Kent England, unused Red Cross (Rotes Kreuz) Postkarte Serie b Nr. 17, a few minor tiny spots of toning in the front border. Seldom seen.
Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 zre

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