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Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
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ESLOVENIA / Eslovenian / Sllovenia / Sloveenia / Slovénia /
SLOVÉNIE / Slovenië / SLOVENIJA / Slovenja / Slovinsko /
Słowenia /
Slowenië / SLOWENIEN / Szlovénia / स्लोभेनिया /
Սլովենիա / স্লোভেনিয়া / Словения / 斯洛文尼亚 / Σλοβενία /
स्लोवेनिया / スロベニア / 슬로베니아 / Словенија / ਸਲੋਵੇਨੀਆ 
See also our Jugoslavian postcards & our Slovenia postal history.
Several Styrian views are in our Austria post cards.

A few accents above s & c & z letters omitted,
due to font limitations.

"Ankaran / Slovenija" DeGRAF copyrighted continental multiview postcard with 6 scenes emphasizing swimming & camping, mailed there 10-8.07 (A stamp with bilingual cancel because Italian is also the official language there) to Gornji Ivanjci, thick paper, excellent condition. $1.50 s

"Bled" continental postcard mailed from Golf Hotel there (fancy cancel on 0,80 Jugoslavian Tito stamp) to Zrenjanin, small corner crease, minor edge wear. $1.25 s

"BLED - Golf Hotel / Jugoslavija" continental post card including the surroundings, maid there 1970 to Novi Sad (Jugoslavian 0,30 Tito stamp), minor bend at one corner. $1.25 s

"Bled -- Slenija, Jugoslavija" unused continental postcard showing the town & lake, numbered PT / 395 on back, slight bend at one corner, light toning on back. $1.25 s

"Bohinj" showing the lake & the Julian Alps nearby, regular size post card from booklet mailed 19-10-1981 at Vrhnika (when in Jugoslavia, clear cancel), advertising logos on the back for RADE KONČAR & gorenje / TITOVO VELENJE. $1.50 sj-sj

"BOHINJ / C1516" continental postcard showing the lake framed by the Julian Alps, mailed 1975 to Novi Sad (0,80 Jugoslavian Tito stamp). 3 small corner creases. $1.00 sm

"Bohinj -- Slap Savice" unused continental post card showing the waterfall on the river, numbered Mojca 33 on back. $1.50 sw

"Brežice" oversize multiview postcard mailed 23.07.07 at Čatež ob Savi (a very small village in lower Carniola) with an A flower stamp. At the upper left is the water tower, the highest structure in the town. The View at the upper right is the castle dating to the mid 1200's. Cancel ink on front, wear at one upper corner. $1.00 s-s

"CŠOD / Dnevni center Groharjeva hiša" continental multiview postcard showing the Grohar House day-care center for children in Sorica, excellent condition. Two views; young girl paining, young girl singing with youngsters in the background playing simple instruments. $2.00 smmc

"DA NE BI BILI VAŠI OTROCI NIKOLI SAMI" beneath a collage of artwork; unused continental postcard advising the viewer never to leave children alone, excellent condition. $1.50 sc

"Debeli Rtič" showing the youth health & holiday center in the bathing season, slightly oversize continental multiview postcard including 3 scenes with youths at the swimming pool plus an aerial view, clear 29.10.02 ANKARAN-ANCARANO cancel on A-value stamp. Slovenian Red Cross (Rdeči Križ) logo is at the top left back corner. $1.50 rss

"DIJAŠKI DOM BEŽIGRAD" showing the exterior of a youth hostel; unused continental postcard, tiny spot on back, otherwise excellent condition. $1.25 s

"domači čaji / PATRA SIMONA AŠIČA" Magician brand herbal tea ad, unused continental post card, tiny upper corner bend. $2.50 smf

"DOM KAVKA / CŠOD" showing a lodge in the Slovenian Alps near Italy, slightly oversize continental postcard with 2 views, mailed 06.06.00 at Kobarid (clear hand cancel), scrape on the bar coding put on the back. $1.00 s-s

"GORNJA RADGONA" continental multiview postcard with 6 unkeyed scenes-- panoramic, 2 buildings, 3 streets; 2 small corner creases, mailed there with clear Gornja Radgona 12.05.01 cancel on pair of 250 Jugoslavia stamps. The German name for this town is Oberradkersburg. $1.25 sm-j


"GORNJA / SAVINJSKA / DOLINA" continental multiview postcard with 7 scenes--Igla, Socava, Ljubno, Gornji Grad, etc. Mailed Mozrje (100 postman & 20 motorcycle Jugoslavian stamps), tiny corner crease. $1.50 s

Cover_Slovenia_HellaMoja_small.JPG (2845 bytes)

1920 BUMA cancel boldly struck ties 15-f blue chainbreaker franking a postcard; view side is a sepia-tone of showing "Hella Moja" a German screenwriter & film actress. $15.00 sm-s

"Ilustracija: Alenka Vuk" back attribution of the Slovenian illustrator, front art in vertical format showing 9 seated cats in fanciful colors; unused continental post card copyright date is 1998, tiny upper corner bend. $1.50 sc

International Gymnast magazine, February 2001. Alina Kabayeva's 3 golds, Glasgow World Cup, gymnastics in Slovenia, Yekaterina Lobaznyuk & much more. $3.75 g,s

"JULISKE ALPE" unused continental multiview post card with 5 scenes-- Severna Triglavska strana (North Triglav's side), Jalovec s Slemena (Jalovetz from Slemen's), Vrsic - Erjavceva koca (Vrsic - Erjavetz's house), Kugyjev spomenik (Kugy's monument). Back numbering is Mojca 62. fresh appearance. $1.50 s

"Katedrala Gornji Grad" unused continental postcard showing Madonna scene from the cathedral. $1.25 s

"Kolosej maribor / Dvorana Slovenske kintoeke / Kinodvor / Kino Komuna / ... life / © cankarjev dom" unused continental publicity postcard advertising theatrical performances groups 7.-21. november of an unspecified year (modern), near mint. $1.50 st

"Lep pozdrav!  FIESA" an aerial view, continental post card mailed 2002. Fiesa is noted for its coastal meres that are home to rare & endangered dragonfly species. $1.25 se

"LETEČI CIRKUS / MONTYJA PYTHONA" unused continental Slovenian advertising card publicizing a 6-DVD set of Monty Python TV shows, slight fingerprint smudge on back, otherwise excellent condition. Pictures 6 of the zany characters. $2.00 st

"LJUBLJANA" unused continental post card with a street scene, small bend at 2 corners, rough edges as issued. $1.50 s

"Ljubljana / Aleksandrova cesta / palača Lubljanske / kreditne banke." showing a streetcar paused at the corner of the bank on Alexander Street; regular-size postcard in vertical format, mailed there 18 IV 24 with 50-para Jugoslavian King stamp, minor corner rounding, several speckles of cancel in the front sky. $5.50 ss

"LJUBLJANA / Cerkev Marijinega oznanjenja (1646--1660) / ..." unused continental postcard showing a church, corner crease, small bends at 2 corners, light toning on back. $1.00

"Ljubljana / ... / Séminaire, cathédrale, évęché / ... / Theological Seminary, Cathedral, Bishopspalace" also captioned in 3 other languages, continental post card mailed there 1980 to Zrenjanin (200 Jugoslavian Tito stamp), light toning on back. $1.75 s

"Maribor" black handstamp neatly over German name for the city (Marburg an der Drau), panorama along the river Drava, regular-size color postcard mailed there 4 VI 27 ( 50-para Jugoslavian King stamp), paper browning with age, very faint small corner crease. $4.00 s-j

"Maribor" unused multiview slightly oversize continental post card in vertical format with 4 scenes--including a fancy outdoor clock & an old railroad engine; excellent condition. $1.25 s

"Maribor" unused multiview slightly oversize continental post card in vertical format with 3 scenes--including the Europark entrance, excellent condition. $1.25 s

"Maribor" showing a church with 2 steeples, slightly oversize continental postcard in vertical format, unused, noticeable toning in the upper front corners, a little toning on one back edge, corner bump. Photo credited to I. Čakalič. $0.75 s


"Maribor" slightly oversize continental multiview post card with 3 scenes--including a fountain near a church, pigeons in a plaza; unused, copyrighted, excellent condition. $1.25 s

"Maribor - Lent" with city coat-of-arms at upper left & 4 insets views within ovals (polka band, raft at the landing stage...), unused slightly oversize continental postcard in near mint condition. Lent is the waterfront neighborhood of Maribor on the banks of the Drava. $1.75 s

"Maribor - Lent" with city coat-of-arms at upper left & 4 insets views within ovals (including an outdoor café & waterfront at night), slightly oversize continental postcard with tiny corner bump, otherwise excellent condition. $1.25 s

"MARIBOR / Pozdrav z Lenta" showing the waterfront lights at night, unused slightly oversize continental post card in excellent condition. Beautiful. $1.25 s

"MARIBOR / SLOVENIJA" showing a street scene with pedestrians on a sunny day, unused slightly oversize continental post card from a copyrighted photo by Marko Pintorič, tiny corner bump, otherwise very fresh. $1.00 s

"MARIBOR / SLOVENIJA" unused multiview slightly oversize continental post card with 4 scenes, photographs copyrighted by Marko Pintorič, excellent condition. $1.25 sp

"MARIBOR / SLOVENIJA - STAJERSKA" showing the city at night as seen from a high vantage point, railroad tracks in the foreground; unused slightly oversize continental postcard from a photo by Uroš Podovšovnik, near mint condition. $1.75 sp

"MARIJAN / SMODE // »ZELENITE / POLJA / ZELENA« showing popular Slovenian singer as a young man standing in a rustic setting with his personalized guitar; continental postcard with his hard-to-read autograph on the back, lightly toned back, one corner with 2 small creases. We know the autograph is genuine because our supplier in Slovenia is honest. $4.00 sma

"MATIJA JAMA (1872-1947) / Kolo, okoli 1935 / Kolo, about 1935 / ... / National Gallery, Ljubljana" painting showing girls dancing in a circle, continental postcard with writing on back & a gallery handstamp, numbered S-7204 on back, small corner crease. $1.50 sda

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which postcard(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

"MUZEJ 'RALO'" multiview postcard showing an open-air museum display of rural agricultural tools, unused continental post card with 2 internal creases & a faint corner crease. $1.25 sma

"Naših prvih 12 misijonarjev D. J. za Bengalijo / Novi se pripravijajo, da pohitijo za njimi. ..." picturing the first 12 Jesuit missionaries to be sent to the Bengal region from Slovenia--including Sedej Viktor DJ, Anton Vizjak DJ, Janez Ehrlich DJ, Leopold Vidmar DJ, Mihael Šmid DJ, Lojze Demšar DJ, etc. Black & white post card mailed 28 III 38 with Jugoslavian stamp; corners creased, worn, and in 2 cases chipped away. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 rsc

"PIRAN" continental multiview post card with 3 scenes--small boats, pool, statues. Mailed 1977 to Novi Sad (Jugoslavia 100 stamp), corner crease. $1.50

"Portreti Slovenije. / Portraits of Slovenia / No. 419 / © Foto: Marko Čufar" showing a waterfall in a lush green setting, slightly oversize continental postcard mailed 2003, corner crease, tiny corner bend. $1.00 spw

"POSTARSKA KOCA / POD PLESIVCEM" continental real photo post card mailed 1967 from Dravograd to Skopje (Jugoslavia 0,20 dam stamp tied by clear cancel), small corner crease. $1.75 s-j

"Postojna" continental multiview post card with 4 scenes--including a motel & a street scene; mailed there 1972 to Florida, small corner crease, larger corner crease at a bottom corner, a couple of faint stress marks at the top where the stamp was removed. $0.75 sm

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"POSTOJNA SLOVENIJA / ... / Postojna - The Predjama castle / SIDARTA · Foto © Igor Maher" slightly oversize continental post card mailed 1999 at Prestranek, corners creased, as is. $0.50 s

"pozdrav is bohinja" continental multiview postcard with 2 scenes--a waterfall & flora in Triglav National Park, mailed 1978 at Bohinjsko Jezero (fancy hotel cancel on Jugoslavian stamp) to Novi Sad, minor corner wear. $1.75 sw

"POZDRAV IZ VINTGARA" unused continental multiview postcard with 4 river scenes, numbered M. Gorjanc C2258 on back, light toning on back, trivial corner & edge wear. $1.50 s

"Prej ..." then lifting up the transparent overlay "Potem ..." showing a Slovenian couple smoking (before) then not smoking (after); copyrighted continental Pfizer drug advertising postcard, unused, 2 short internal bends in the overlay. $2.00 ssm

"PRIJATELJI / VSI POTREBUJEMO PRIJATELJE! / ..." continental advertising postcard advertising a 5-season DVD set for the TV sitcom 'Friends', unused, tiny corner bend, otherwise fresh. $1.50 s. Same, but no corner bend. Shown. $1.75 st

"SLOV. BISTRICA  POLJČANE  / STATENBERG   STUDENICE" continental multiview post card, printed in Italy, unused. 2 small corner creases. $1.25 s

"SLOVENIJA / MARIBOR" unused slightly oversize continental postcard with 3 views, from the copyrighted photographs of Marko Pintorič, near mint. $1.50 sm. Same but tiny corner bump. $1.00 sm

"SLOVENSKA / OBALA" slightly oversize continental multiview post card with 5 coastal scenes--Bernardin, Portorož, Piran, San Simon Izola & Ankara; mailed 2004 from Portoroz-Portorose (clear cancel on B-rate stamp picturing a ship, small corner bend. $1.25 s-s

"Slovensko Primorje" continental multiview post card with 4 seaside views--Koper, Strunjan, Piran & Portoroz. Mailed 1977 to Novi Sad (Jugoslavian 100 stamp), minor bend at one corner. $1.50

"Spersallerg®" with art showing a boy & girl cavorting in a field with flowers, butterflies & a dog; advertising anti-allergy eye drops from Novartis Ophthalmics & Medis; unused continental post card, upper corner creases. $1.50 smc

"STAJERSKA · SLOVENIJA / Pozdrav iz Maribora" unused slightly oversize continental postcard with 6 views--waterfront, raft, church, etc.; excellent condition. $1.25 sm

"Štatenberg / Makole" continental multiview postcard with 3 scenes, unused, Foto. Z. Vidmar C121 / 211, tiny corner crease. $1.50 s

"Stopimo iz teme!" Dunja Furlani Kofler art showing a man & girl walking safely on a moonlit country road  because they are wearing reflective patches on their clothing & his cane; unused continental (slightly oversize in width) post card with Porsche Slovenija, VW and Audi logos on the back, fairly fresh. Slovenian caption translates roughly 'Stand out from the darkness'. $1.75 sma


"The Genesis of the Contractual Theory / and the / INSTALLATION / of the DUKES OF CARINTHIA" by Joseph Felicijan, hardbound book, 1967 copyright, 145 pages well indexed. Quality scholarly books about Slovenian and Carinthian history in English, such as this one, are not easy to find! $16.00 sh

"THE SLOVENES AND YUGOSLAVISM 1890 - 1914" by Carole Rogel, hardbound book, 1977 copyright, 170 pages well indexed, a few marks from the previous owner. $18.50 sh

"Types de peuples. Series XXII. No. 3 Les / Slovénes prés du lac de Bled (Vceldes) en / Carniole" tri-lingual caption, unused continental postcard showing man in costume. $4.50 sc

Uncaptioned slightly oversize continental Christmas postcard mailed 22.12.03 in Slovenia, U. P. C. logo on back, trivial corner wear. Design is Santa Claus consulting a large globe. $1.50 scm

Uncaptioned slightly oversize continental Christmas post card mailed at Gornja Padgona 18 XII 2003 (clear cancel ties a Santa & snowman on teeter-totter label & an A-rate stamp), minor corner wear includes a tiny crease. Charming art depicts a fuzzy creature putting tree ornaments into a Santa hat. $1.25 scf

Uncaptioned slightly oversize continental Christmas post card mailed at the health resort of Radenci (children A stamp & label showing a pair of angels neatly tied). Front design is a jolly Santa exiting a house while children carol outside. $1.25 sc

VEGA (Bulgaria). Unused continental post card showing its Antonov AN-12 (LZ-VEB) about to land, published in Portugal, trivial wear at one corner, otherwise excellent condition. Cargo charter work took it to Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia & more. $5.00 a(p)bsc NEW / NOV / OPKOMEND

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"Vesel božič in srečno novo leto" art in vertical format depicting Santa Claus in a red suit laden with gifts, unused slightly oversize continental postcard mailed within Slovenia in 2004, trivial wear at 2 corners. $1.25 sc

"Vesele velikonočne praznike" showing 2 chicks amidst some flowers, copyrighted slightly oversize continental postcard mailed 5-IV 2004 at Radenci with A-rate stamp, back neatly decorated with 3 small stickers. For Easter. $1.25 se

"VESOLJNE IGRE / ZLATI BOBEN / 15. OGLAŠEVALSKI FESTIVAL IN MEDIA MEETING / Portorož 5. do 10. oktober 2008. www.goldendrum.com" with advertising agency names such as Young & Rubicam, Publicis, Leo Burnett, TBWA, OMD & more shown in as stars in the firmament; continental publicity postcard, trivial wear at one upper corner, otherwise excellent condition. $2.00 sa

Wanted to buy--pre-1914 postcards from Semič, such as the one shown here. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros, postpaid to Columbus Ohio!

"YT3CW" Radovljica QSL card used 1991 by operator Uroš Hirci. $2.00 s

"YT3RZ" Sežana shortwave (21 MC) QSL postcard used 1989 by operator Renčelj Zdravko, logos of ZRJ & ZRS in blue, excellent condition. $2.00 s

"YU1BCD" Pančevi QSL card used 1965 by operator Petra Drapšina, good edges, form filled out neatly on back, good edges. $2.00 s

    "YU3BGH" Ljubljana shortwave (7 Mcs) QSL card used 1960 by an operator at the radio club there. Flag with blue bar over white bar with star over red bar we do not recognize. Shown left. $2.50 s. Another design with world globe design used 1961, small bottom corner crease, light toning near the front edges. Shown right. $2.00 s

"YU3BUV" Maribor-Tezno shortwave (7 Mc/s) QSL card used 1960 by operator Rudi from the radio club there, very light toning near the front edges. $2.00 s

"YU3CG" Ljubljana shortwave (14 mc/s) QSL card used 1965 by operator Anton Gliha, small bottom corner crease, very light toning near the bottom front edge. $1.50 s

"YU3DQ" Maribor QSL card used 1960. $2.00. Same call sign but a postcard with hobby-related cartoon art in blue, used 1989 by operator Stane Prajnc, trivial wear at one upper corner, otherwise excellent condition. Shown. $2.00 s

"YU3DZ" Kranj Moše Pijade QSL card used 1972 by operator Vinko Naglic. $2.00 s

"YU3EK" Ljubljana shortwave (7 MC/s) QSL card used  1957 by operator Miklavčič Tone, small Beograd QSL Bureau label on back, 2 corners with small creases. $1.50 s

"YU3EO" continental Piran shortwave (3.5 MHz) QSL viewcard used 1988 by an operator in Radioclub Piran there; view in color shows the Portorose / Portorož Casino from a high vantage point. $2.50 s

"YU3FZ" Celje QSL card used 1959 by operator Božo Flis. $2.00 s

"YU3GL" Maribor QSL card used 1992 by operator Miran J. Košar. $2.00 s

"YU3JI" Ljubljana / Laibach / Lubiana QSL postcard used 1987 by operator Koman Primož, tiny upper corner crease. $1.50 s

QSL post cards & QSL cards explained.

"YU3KN" Kontijeva continental QSL postcard used 1957 with small Yugoslav QSL label attached in the stamp area. $3.00 s

"YU3NBQ" QSL card on brownish stock used 1961 by operator Zorić Milanko, trivial wear at one bottom corner. $1.75 s

"YU3NIL" Slovenska Bistrica QSL viewcard with a drawing of the castle there in silver & the coat of arms of the town in red, used 1985 by operator Hinko Javernik, one upper corner with multiple small creases. $2.50 sh

"YU3NV/X" continental Idrija / Idria QSL card used 1985 by operator Toni Erjavec, minor corner & edge wear. $2.00 s

"YU3NY" continental Kranj shortwave (28 MC/s) shortwave QSL view card with a silhouette of the city skyline in black against white, used 1989 by Pirc Branko, small bends at 2 corners, small paper separation at another corner. $1.50 ss

"YU3TAF" Dobravlje QSL card used 1974 by operator Jože Paljk, with interesting battery advertisement on one side. $3.75 s

"YU3XJ" Titovo Velenje / Wöllan shortwave (3.5 MHz) QSL card used 1988 by operator Janko Hriberšek, small bottom corner crease. $1.75 s

"Zupnijska verkev, Ribnica na Dolemjskem" unused continental post card, crčche scene. $1.50

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