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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NUEVO / NEU.
High-resolution thumbnails are used throughout.
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Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Unless noted, prices do not include postage or insurance.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com


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"A / Cheerful  Thanksgiving" unused intricately embossed Winsch postcard, fairly fresh except for minor  corner rounding. $2.50 wt

"A Glad Thanksgiving Day // Not a / Bank full, / Just a heart full / So, I'm thankful" showing an intricately embossed tom turkey on a snowy scene, postcard mailed 1916 from Prairie City Illinois to Mr. Henry Carrier from his sister Mary, 2 small corner creases, approximately 1" internal  crease from the left front edge, mild corner & edge wear. All that being said it is still attractive. $2.25 t

"A Happy Thanksgiving" showing turkey pulling a pumpkin cart laden with fruit, embossed, printed in Germany, trivial corner wear. Post card sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg (189,535 bytes) format. $1.50

"A Happy Thanksgiving" art showing a girl dressed in red & white sitting on a pumpkin, postcard in vertical format; mailed 1912 in Ohio, mild corner & edge wear, back paper browning with age. $3.00 tg

"A / Joyful / Thanksgiving" embossed art showing a boy with an armload of apples & a turkey in the distance, unused post card, light but extensive stain on both sides. $1.50 tb

Thanksgiving_AJoyfullT-100.JPG (335050 bytes)

"A Joyful / Thanksgiving" quality art showing a pilgrim returning from his hunt with a turkey slung over his shoulder, post card mailed 1922, fairly fresh. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 th

"A / Joyous / Thanksgiving / To You" embossed art showing woman with horn of plenty in an ornate silver & blue border, unused post card, minor corner & edge wear. $3.75 t


"Appoint a Meeting with this old Fat Fellow / MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR" postcard with embossed art showing two children steadying a large wishbone as a small turkey passes beneath it, minor corner wear, toning & a short light pen stroke in the white edges around the front design, minor stamp damage. $2.75 tc

"A Thanksgiving / Greeting // 'Life seems cheap indeed / at thirty cents a pound, / But I I only hope I'll be tender / and big enough to go around' with a large tom turkey in the center, post card in vertical format  mailed 1916, paper browning evenly with age, lightly toned front. $2.00 t

"A Thanksgiving Wish. / The Valleys laugh and sing so may your / glad heart echo the Thanksgiving Day." embossed & signed Clapsaddle art in color depicting a turkey, postcard in vertical format, addressed to a youngster on the back, trivial corner rounding at the bottom. $5.50 ta

"BEST THANKSGIVING WISHES" art in vertical format with 2 scenes--turkey by harvest moon & produce--all within a multiple turkey embossed border. Mailed 1914, minor corner wear. $2.50 t

"Best Wishes / for a Happy Thanksgiving" signed Clapsaddle art showing a pumpkin with red & green apples, post card from International Art Publishing, postcard mailed 1909, corner & edge wear, writing on front along top edge. $3.00 ta

"Best Wishes For A Pleasant / Thanksgiving" unsigned intricately embossed art depicts turkeys & a pumpkin being overflown by an early aircraft, back message dated 11/16/11 & reads in part 'This air-ship is not like the one we saw here at Ashland, addressed by not mailed, large light spot of toning in the message area obscures nothing, fairly fresh with good edges. $3.75 t

"CORDIAL / GREETINGS / THANKSGIVING" with embossed R. Veen Hiet art depicting turkeys & fall foliage framing a painting, postcard copyrighted 1909 by S. Garre, post card printed in Germany, unused, trivial corner wear. $5.00 at

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
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"Cordial Thanksgiving Greetings" unsigned intricately embossed art depicts a turkey &  pumpkins being overflown by an early aircraft; circa-1912 back message to Miss Irene Hetrick in Fremont Ohio from her aunt Caroline, minor corner wear, small spot of toning within the left front border. $3.75 tg

"For You. / You couldn't / imagine / More happiness true / Then I'm hoping / Thanksgiving / Is bringing for you. / 330E" poem beneath a small image of a turkey in a field of pumpkins, post card mailed NOV 271918 (violet straight-line auxiliary marking 'Halesite, N. Y.' because of incomplete address to Huntington Harbor (also in Suffolk County but which has never had a post office), one corner creased twice does not affect art or postal markings, minor corner & edge wear. $4.00 t-n

"Giving Thanks / Always For All Things / My God, I thank Thee, who hast made / The eart so bright / ..." and 4 more lines of poetry within a garland of flowers; black & white postcard mailed circa 1908 in Ohio, corner wear & rounding, small corner crease, short internal crease, back paper browning evenly with age. $2.00 tp

"Greetings on / Thanksgiving Day / Wishing you a full / plate and a happy / heart" interesting post card sample from Nyce Manufacturing Company in Vernfield Pennsylvania, circa-1919 ('60¢ per 100 before the War. / 60¢¢, series number 131. $2.75 st

"Happy Thanksgiving from your veterinarian!" continental postcard illustrated with cat & dog art, from a tractor-feed roll, unaddressed, near mint. $1.50 vt


Scotland_HarvestThanksgiving.jpg (197343 bytes)"Harvest Thanksgiving. Parish Church, Lesmahagow" interior bedecked with many plants and flowers, from Askham Series, mailed there 1908 to the US, much corner & edge wear, 2 long surface cracks in the front finish. Post card sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 sti

Artist_Clapsaddle_HeartyThanksgiving-120.JPG (424157 bytes)

"Hearty Thanksgiving Greetings" showing a turkey dinner, embossed, signed, postcard mailed 1909, small ink smear on back, minor corner & edge wear. $5.00 (atf)+

"I Am Ready / For The / Feast / Thanksgiving / Greetings" with embossed art depicting a turkey with outstretched neck before a banner of red, white & blue; unused post card, corner crease, corner wear & rounding. $3.00 t

"Learn to Live so that / When Harvest comes, you may / Gather the Fruits of Labor / And welcome Thanksgiving Day" with embossed artwork including a trukey & various fruits, postcard mailed 1912, small corner crease, mild corner rounding, cancel on front. $1.50 t

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which postcard(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

"Let us be truly thankful. / Thanksgiving / Day / And / Express our / Gratitude Sincerely" with fancy lettering & embossing, postcard mailed 1913 to Mrs. Amanda Ake in Rising Sun Indiana, minor corner wear, very light toning on front. $2.00

"MACY'S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE, 1962 / PHOTOGRAPH BY WEEGEE" showing their Santa in a horizontal position, unused black & white continental post card, long crease along one edge, one corner worn. $1.25 tp

Postcard Collector. November 1991 (Volume 9 Number 11). Features on Thanksgiving (3), floods, tornados, cyclones & more. $2.50 p,t

"REPRESENTING / Smith-McCord-Townsend / Dry Goods Company / Wholesale Dry Goods, Notions and Furnishings..." a quality card mailed 1907 by salesman S. C. Willock, undivided back. Why the turkey? It was almost Thanksgiving! $5.50 mtga+

"Thanksgiving" elaborately embossed art in vertical format depicts a white turkey above a horn of plenty, unused postcard, just a little toning & corner wear. $2.75 t

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"Thanksgiving day" embossed signed art showing a tom turkey displaying his tail feathers for a nearby female, from Tuck postcard series 123, mild corner & edge wear, just a few spots of light toning on front, back toned darkly in several spots. $3.00 tt(s)a. Same design, one corner badly creased, mild corner & edge wear, writing on back. $2.50 tt(s)a

"Thanksgiving Day" embossed unsigned R. T. Wealthy art showing a parade of turkeys (toms & hens) coming toward the viewer down a dirt path, from Tuck series 123, mild corner & edge wear, mailed 1909 in Pennsylvania, toning from cancel ink in upper front. $2.75 tt(s)a. Same post card but mailed 1908, minor corner & edge wear, some cancel ink on front. $2.75 tt(s)pa

"Thanksgiving Day" memorable embossed fantasy art post card showing three pumpkins dancing arm-in-arm, Canadian Thanksgiving message mailed to Michigan, mild wear to upper corners. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 tf

"Thanksgiving Day" intricately embossed art depicting 2 turkeys who wish to be spared; postcard printed in Saxony & mailed NOV 2 1908 to Miss Elizabeth Reynolds in Potsdam New York, mild corner & edge wear. $3.00 t

"Thanksgiving Day Greetings" art depicting a pilgrim couple & turkey within a wishbone & flag frame, intricately embossed & lithographed postcard printed in America, mailed 1910 from Hopewell to Columbus Ohio, small upper corner crease not beyond frame, minor corner & edge wear. $3.75 t

"Thanksgiving Day / I'm the popular birdie, / All right! All Right!" embossed unsigned R. T. Weathy art showing a smoking turkey in tophat popping his head out from among many menus featuring him, postcard from Tuck series 162, mild edge wear including a few tiny dings into its thin gold border, mailed 1909 in Wisconsin, one edge uneven suggests trimming (hard to notice). $3.50 tt(s)a

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which postcard(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

"Thanksgiving / Greetings" embossed art showing 3 youngsters peering over a fence at a tom turkey, writing on back dates to 1912, to a Miss Mildred Simmons of G'ville N.Y. (Glenville or Gloversville?) from her Aunt Julia, corner wear & rounding, tiny spot of dark toning near a back edge. $2.00 tg

MIXone_001_small.jpg Thanksgiving post card available from Judnick.com

"Thanksgiving / greetings" with 2 embossed turkeys with tail feathers wide-spread & a smiling Uncle Sam at the upper right, also embossed; postcard mailed NOV 23-09 to Miss Ella Haag in Newark Ohio, minor corner & edge wear, album marks at the front corners, couple spots of toning in the front background, very light toning on back. It may be our imagination, but the bearded face of Uncle Sam here is decidedly feminine. $6.00 ut

"Thanksgiving / Greetings" with a large embossed wishbone over a rural scene & large turkey, color post card mailed 1913 to Miss Erma Brandt of Dundee Ohio, corner crease & considerable edge wear. $2.00 tg


"Thanksgiving / Greetings" with a large tom turkey near a country house, embossed postcard mailed 1910 to Miss Ethel Miller of Connersville Indiana, small corner crease & edge ding, soft corners. $2.00 tg

"Thanksgiving Greetings" with embossed art including a child praying at a plate with patriotic symbols in the left background & a tom turkey in the right, mailed 1909 to Miss Bertha Adams in Auburn New York. corner crease, much edge wear. $2.00 tg

"Thanksgiving / Greetings" with embossed art including a flower vase & tom turkey, mailed 1910 to Miss Gladys Waldkirch in Akron Ohio from her cousins Fred and Ernest, minor corner & edge wear, attractive image. $2.50 tg

"THANKSGIVING GREETINGS" with embossed art showing 2 children in frilly clothes flanking a tom turkey, addressed to Wilma Boyd of Sunbury Ohio but not mailed. considerable wear at one front corner. $2.00 tg

"Thanksgiving / Greeting / From / Kathleen" captioned in multicolored glitter (light wear) beside landscape with unusual copper highlighting in sky, PCK series from Paul C. Koeber Co., undivided back, postcard mailed 1906 to Illinois, lightly toned back, corner wear & rounding. $3.00 tg

"Thanksgiving / Greetings. // HOW D'YE MR. TURKEY." with neatly handwritten 'I'll soon be out of sight, thank you.' below the caption; art pictures boy in barrel looking at a nearby tom turkey; pos card from the Gibson Art Company mailed 1912 in New York, small corner crease, minor corner wear. $3.00 t

"Thanksgiving / Greetings / May this gobbler in / all his glory / Tell you my little story, / ..." with 2 more lines of poetry beneath image of a turkey & pumpkin, series 1263 A, made in USA, unused postcard, slight browning of the paper with age. $2.00 t

"THANKSGIVING GREETINGS / Our National Birds" with embossed turkeys & an eagle, spectacular double print so far off as to give modern art feeling to this 1908 post card, writing on back. $7.50 et

To order from this pricelist, please click here.
Just tell us which postcard(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

"Thanksgiving / Greetings" with an elaborately embossed tom turkey amidst a sheaf of wheat, roses, vegetables & fruit; post card printed in Germany, pencilled message on back, good edges. $4.50 t

"Thanksgiving / Greetings" with ear of corn, pumpkin & red ribbon in color, vertical format; addressed postcard with message & stamp but unmailed, small corner crease, minor corner & edge wear. Circa 1910. $3.00 tf

"Thanksgiving / Greetings" unsigned intricately embossed art depicts a turkey aviator, cleverly comparing its tail to the propeller; postcard mailed NOV 26 1912 from Marietta Ohio to Lowell Ohio, faint upper corner crease, back corners have album toning. f toning in the message area obscures nothing, fairly fresh with good edges. $3.75 t

"Thanksgiving / Greetings" unsigned intricately embossed art depicts an aviator startling a turkey; postcard mailed NOV 21 1913 from Powell Ohio to Miss Anna Frantz in Dublin Ohio by her cousing Sarah; light album toning on back, minor corner wear. $3.75 tg NEW / NUEVO / NEU

"Thanksgiving / Greetings" with highly embossed turkey & farm scene, airbrushed color with glitter, postcard printed in Germany, series No. 1711, 'GENUINE STEEL DIE TEXT' printed on back, pencil writing over the back, internal crease at lower right front edge probably from production process. $3.75 ta

"THANKSGIVING / GREETINGS" with intricately embossed turkey & seasonal art, postcard mailed circa 1910 to Miss Vallie Barcley in Waverly West Virginia, bottom corner crease, light album toning both sides. $2.50 t

"Thanksgiving Joys" post card with quality embossed art showing a pilgrim, pumpkin, grapes & turkey; series 256 D, writing on back dates to 1915, 2 small corner creases, small adherence in stamp box. $3.50 t

"Thanksgiving Joys" with quality embossed art showing a tom turkey & farm scene against the backdrop of a maple leaf turned gold; post card mailed 1908 in New Jersey, 2 small corner creases (one conspicuous nonetheless), minor corner wear & rounding. Exceptionally colorful. $3.00 t

"Thanksgiving Joys" postcard with quality embossed art showing a turkey at the left and a Dutch girl at the right, from the Our Thanksgiving Series. corner crease, addressed in pencil on back. $3.50 td

"Thanksgiving / Proclamation / Good health, happiness / prosperity and long- / life be yours / From" Roy Le Berth (penciled in), embossed art & lettering, unused, from American Post Card Thanksgiving Series No. 127 Subject 2333. noticeable 1" internal crease from bottom, faint pinkish toning in lower front & ink transfer on back from being unprotected in a stack too long. $2.00 t

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"Thanksgiving / Remembrance. / May old joys / and / friendships / add to the / happiness / of the day. / 1687" with art showing a bough of apples & a Pilgrim maiden readying to serve a pie; postcard made in the USA, rough edges as issued, mailed 1915 in New York, hint of cancel ink on front. $3.00 t

"Thanksgiving Wishes" quality embossed art depicts a young girl with basket encountering a turkey couple; unattributed publisher, post card mailed 1910 in New York, one rounded corner, rest of edge wear hardly noticeable. $4.75 tg

"Thanksgiving Wish / Good things to eat / Good friends / to greet / And a big table round / With a smile at / each seat" poetry surrounded by artwork including a turkey, neat writing both sides dates to 1923 (from the grandmother of Mildred Woods), good borders. $2.50 tg

Thanksgiving_WeComeFrom-200_small.jpg Thanksgiving post card available from Judnick.com"We come from the Vegetable Kingdom / With greetings for Thanksgiving Day, / ..." with 2 more lines of poetry accompanied by image of carrot & pumpkin with faces, F. A. Owen Co. number 810. postcard mailed 1911 in New York to Canada (one cent rate), mild corner & edge wear, light amount of cancel ink on front. $3.25 tv

"When the Turkey is tender and fat and / the Pumpkin Harvest is garnered / Thanksgiving Day calls us from our Toil to / ..." within embossed border with turkey & pumpkins & grapes, post card mailed 1912 in Ohio, brownish paper, numerous but tiny spots of toning on face, soft corners. $2.00 t

"Wishing you a / Happy Thanksgiving" with embossed R. Veen Hiet art depicting a turkey & autumn farm scene (latter copyrighted 1909 by S. Garre), postcard mailed circa 1910, corner & edge wear, 1 / 4-inch tear. toning at one back corner. $2.75 at

"Ye / Thanksgiving / Greeting / T42" unused embossed postcard, one upper corner creased twice, toned back. $2.50 pt

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