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Wen00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? All items marked NEW / NEU / NOVO.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Unless noted, prices do not include postage or insurance.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com



Many more can be offered--please inquire!
See also more specific headings: Baden postcards,

Bavaria postcards, Bremen postcards, Brunswick postcards,
Hannover postcards, North Rhine-Westphalia postcards,
Württemberg postcards & West German postal history -- all at this site.
We plan to eventually list all present German states separately.

"15. Kusterdingen b/Tübingen" art in showing 2 young women in traditional costume, soldier's mail 18 MAI 08 from Esslingen (Neckar) to Neu-Koln then forwarded, corner crease not into the design. Kusterdingen is a very small town. $9.50 w-g

"4718. BAD BERTRICH" in Mosel area, sepia-tone post card, very late usage at Nora Illinois, corner & edge wear, corner crease. $1.50 w*

"4756  EHRENBREITSTEIN" showing a steamer on the Rhine, sepia-tone postcard with considerable edge wear, possibly rebacked before very late usage at Texico Illinois, 2 small corner creases, as is. $2.00 ws(r)

"58660 B / Peine" black & white showing a fountain surrounded by color art depicting a stream, undivided back postcard mailed there 1906, corner & edge wear, light album marks on back, slight yellowing of the paper with age, slightly taller than a regular-size postcard. Peine is in Western Germany. $7.00 w

"62" showing the confluence of the Moselle & Rhine rivers in Coblentz, Rhineland-Pfalz; sepia-tone Azo (triangles up & down) real photo, comment written on back accurately places the scene, slight curl to the paper, lightly toned back, noticeable wear with paper separation at the lower left front corner. $5.00 w

Artist_Willmann_AltHeidelberg.jpg (183128 bytes)"Alt Heidelberg, du feine, / Du Stadt an Ehren reich,..." four-line poem on back, 1914 writing on back explains Rhine scene, original was by H. Hoffman, the copper-plate engraving was by E. Willmann. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 a(h)w

"Alt-Heidelberg, du Feine!" black & white multiview post card sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 with 9 scenes, mailed there 1939 (three 6-pfg stamps, one SD) to West Virginia, one corner creased & small chip missing. $2.25 wm


"ANDERNACH  Blick vom Krahnenberg rheinabwärts" color postcard on yellowish paper from Ernst Gronemeyer, lightly toned back, small corner crease, rough edge from folder. $2.00 w

"Astenbergturm in Rauhreif, 842 m ü. M. (Hochsauerland)" real photo post card of a winter scene, mailed 1937, small corner crease. $2.50 ww

                                         ASTUDIN ART - 33 DIFFERENT
                                                    Artist_Astudin_130_small.jpg (3031 bytes)
                                                            Astudin #130
Dark, sometimes foreboding, images depicting scenes along the Rhine. Numbers:  76, 91, 92, 93, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 115, 114, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 125, 126, 130 (shown) 133, 134, 135, 136, 137 & 138. None mailed, three have writing on back. One has a rubber band stain on back, two on very yellowish paper, the rest fine. See the September 1946 issue of Hobbies Magazine, pp. 124 - 125. All 33 for $87.50 (wa) "4710. BERNCASTEL - CUES" sepia-tone postcard view of river & bridge in the Mosel, from Karl Rud. Bremer & Co., very late usage at Milton Delaware. ding at one edge, faint corner crease, 2 rough edges from folder. $1.75 w. Same but corner crease, internal crease. corner wear & rounding, very late usage at Whitefish Point Michigan. $1.50

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"Autobahn swinging / uphill (Swabian Olb) / Germany" well done, home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1963 from Broughton Illinois, trivial wear at 2 corners. $1.75 w

"Bad Ems v. d. Bäderley. / KUNSTANSTALT LOUIS GLASER, LEIPZIG. 7833" showing a panorama of the town, color on pebbled stock, post card mailed there 1900 to Arkansas, 3 faint small corner crease, trace of cancel ink on front . $8.00 w

"Bad Harzburg. Bergbahn. Schwebebahn." showing the cableway there; real photo Postkarte from Ernst Stopp in Hannover (Nr. 270),  slight oxidation, very late usage at Valier Pennsylvania, slight curl to the paper. $5.00 wu

"Bonn -- Der Marktplatz mit dem Rathaus." signed Hoffmann art depicting a street scene, color postcard on grayish paper, no number on back, lightly toned back. $3.25 aw

"Braubach m. d. Marksburg." aerial view in color, from Metz & Lautz, unused post card, toned back, corner & edge wear. $2.25 w

"Burghof am Drachenfels Wandgemälde im neuen Burghof" with a wall painting interpreting a sad poem written in high German by Uhland, Postkarte dated September 13 1908 on both sides by travelers, neat violet handstamp "P. I. Kalt / Restauration Burghof bei Königswinter" on back, minor corner & edge wear. $4.00 pw

WestGermany_CafeMichelBernkastel-100.jpg (191973 bytes)"'Café Micheli' Bernkastel Ruf 549" black-and-white, matte-finish, pale reddish brown paper, unused, faint stain along bottom edge of both sides. Photo sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 wi

WestGermany_Clausthal_WinterScene.jpg (182394 bytes)"Clausthal. Rennwolfpartie." showing a long line of adults standing with their sleds, black & white postcard with dark red caption, No. 273 from H. Uppenborn, grayish paper, corner crease. Interesting winter scene. $7.00 w(g)w

Cover_APO_13JUN19-200_small.JPG West Germany post card available from Judnick.comClear & almost complete JUN 13 19 / THIRD ARMY / APO 745 on soldiers mail postcard to Mrs. Lilla Linkletter of Somerville Massachusetts, bold violet A.E.F. PASSED AS CENSORED 1188 handstamp, front caption "Ahrweiler - Kloster Kalvarienberg", Stengel-published, all corners rounded, 2 small corner creases. $3.00 sw-a

  Stengel_CoblenzBlickAuf-200_small.JPG West Germany postcard available from LotsOfCards.com
"Coblenz - Blick auf Coblenz u. Ehrenbreitstein" Stengel-published post card in 2 panels, annotated by hand '3rd Army Hq. / Maj Duncan?'s office' & "Moselle joins the Rhine' with accompanying arrows on front, no writing on back, paper yellowing evenly with age, light toning on back. City now known as Koblenz in North Rhine-Westphalia, western Germany. The headquarters referred to opened 15 December 1918. $7.50 swwn

"COBLENZ, Partie am Deutschen Eck" unsigned art depicting various ships at the confluence of the Rhine & Moselle Rivers; Postkarte from Handlung des Evang. Stifts, numbered 17871 on back, very late usage at Lillis Kansas, bend at the upper left front corner not into the art, otherwise good edges. Hard to find! $6.00 ws(r)


"D4AAK" Neu Isenburg short-wave (20-m) QSL post card mailed 1949 from Colorado, partial cancel on front, tiny corner crease. $2.50 w

"Der Nassauer Keller zu Nürnbert / erbaut im 13. Jahrhundert / Historisches Weinlokal..." black & white postcard showing a stairway, their violet handstamp on the back, unused, good edges. $2.00 w

"DF9YY" Bad Salzuflen QSL post card used 1992, fresh appearance. $1.75 w

"DIETER LEISMAN · ... Memmingen · West Germany / SB Lady" unused 1988 POMA QSL card, fresh with good edges. $1.50 pw

QSL postcards & QSL cards explained.

"DL2ZAV" Fulda (Western Germany) Esperanto QSL card, continental size, used 1982 to confirm radio contact, QSL bureau backstamp. $4.00 ew

"DL3JJ" Viernheim Hessen QSL card used 1959, 2 corner creases. $1.50 wh

"Düsseldorf / Tritonengruppe im Stadtgraben" showing a fountain with a dramatic statue, black & white postcard from W. Wörmbeke & Betcke, unused, light toning at one front corner & back edges. $1.50 w

"EHRENBREITSTEIN MIT SCHIFFBRÜCKE (AUSGEFAHREN)" including a steamer on the Rhine, sepia-tone post card from booklet, unused. $3.00 ws(r)

"Eschenheimer Thor / Gruss / aus Frankfurt a / M." color chromolithograph postcard with undivided back, from Th. Wendisch, No. 101290, small corner crease, mild corner wear & rounding, a bit of edge wear, fairly fresh for its age. $10.00 wg

"FARMHOUSE IN THE LÜNEBURGER HEIDE / GERMANY" on the heath in Lower Saxony, signed art from German American Novelty Art Series, undivided back, mild corner wear & rounding, dark stain near 2 back edges. Location is in Western Germany. $2.75 a(j)wa

"FESTUNG EHRENBREITSTEIN am Rhein / mit M.S. Helvetia" continental postcard, unused, blue handstamp on back reads in part "Auf dem Rhein zu Bord Motorschiff Düsseldorf", 2 corners with small bends (one of which has longer stress marks nearby). The fortress shown in the background is in the Rhineland-Palatinate in western Germany. $3.50 s(r)w

"Foyer du Soldat, Germersheim a. Rh" including soldiers standing before their lodgings during the French occupation of the Rhineland in World War I. Pertinent message in French over the back comments on the windows, number of rooms, etc.; just a little ink smearing on back obscures nothing, minor corner & edge wear, a couple tiny spots of toning in the front borders. $9.00 m(f)ww

"Frankfurt a. M. / Kannengiessergasse." with the Hainerhof of Heinrich Kaufmann at the left & Lutherhaus (where Martin Luther, shown in the inset, was born) on the right, animated; postcard mailed in France 10 3 14 to Honorable S. P. Bell, a lawyer in Spencer West Virginia.  Both buildings are now gone, due to war. $4.00 wg(k)f

"Frankfurt a. M., Lutherhaus. / 3" color art postcard from Ludwig Klement, very late usage in US at Frankfort Indiana, lightly toned back, corner wear & rounding. $2.00 w

"Frankfurt a. M.  Blick von Deutschherrnkai" including a long bridge, color post card from L. Klement, circa 1906 but very late usage at Frankfort Maine. 2 small corner creases, mild corner wear. $3.75 w

"Frankfurt a. M. / Höfchen im Römer" showing a small courtyard in the City Hall, postcard printed in Stuttgart by Hans Hildenbrand, very late usage at Frankfort Heights, Illinois, 2 tiny corner creases, other corners with minor wear. $2.00 w

Artist_Muller_small.jpg (5871 bytes)

"FRANKFURT AM MAIN Nürnberger Hof" in western German, signed Müller art postcard showing a small street scene, brownish paper, trace of cancel ink on front (in border areas mostly), small corner crease. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 a(m)w

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"Frankfurt a. M. Schillerdenkmal. / Kupferdruck-Karte No. 2003. D. G. F." black & white post card with undivided back, very late usage at Phippsburge Maine, trivial corner wear. $4.25 w

"Freiburg i. B. / Kaiserbrücke m. Martinstor" showing the Kaiser Bridge & Martin Gate, unused real photo Postkarte separated from others at it top & bottom giving somewhat rough horizontal edges, album marks at all back corners. More fully, this is Freiburg im Breisgau in Baden Wurttemberg. $5.00 w

"Gartenpartie. / Gruss vom Sander Tivoli, Bergedorf. / Photogr. Anstalt C. Lundgren, Hamburg, Horn." showing a small group at picnic tables in a park, Postkarte mailed there 1903, small upper corner crease tangential to the image, light toning both sides, minor corner & edge wear. Hard to find, it would make a fine painting! $7.50 wp

"Gruss aus Andernach.   Krahnenberg" including the nearby Rhine, color post card with undivided back from Gerhard Aenstoot, unused but heavy toning along one back edge, lightly toned front. $2.75 w

"Gruss aus Bornhofen a. R." showing a steamer passing by Sterrenberg Castle in Rhineland-Palatinate, unused monochromatic green Postkarte with divided back, light album marks at the back corners, good edges. The village is now referred to as Kamp-Bornhofen. Surprisingly hard to find. The castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. $8.00 gw

InteriorRestaurant_GrussAusDem-200_small.JPG available from Judnick.com"Gruss aus dem 'Ratskeller'.  // Frankfurt a./Main. // Erster Säulengang" showing its interior, black & white Postkarte with red decorative border, blue date handstamped on back is more likely an acquisition date than the date of the postcard, slightly rough edges as issued, hint of toning both sides. $2.75 i(r)gw

GrussAus_Frankfurt_StationInterior.jpg (181330 bytes)"Gruss aus Frankfurt a. M. / Hauptbahnhof-Vestibühl" showing the interior of their railroad station, where tickets wer bought & passengers waited; postcard mailed there 1901 to Bad Neuheim, yellowish paper, long crease that is hard to see from the front, large numeral 30 on the back, probably completing an address, several tiny spots of light toning on the back. Image composed in such a way as to give a you-are-there feeling. $8.50 gwi

GrussAus_Kaiserslautern_Judaica.jpg (166241 bytes)"GRUSS aus Kaiserslautern." in Western Germany, multiview on undivided back with 4 scenes--including St. Marien-Kirche & Gewerbe-Museum & Synagogue; paper browning shows age, lightly toned front & album marks on front, much corner & edge wear, very late usage at Mertzon Texas. Post card sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 gjw

"Grüsse aus Karlsruhe" in Western Germany, multiview Postkarte with 4 scenes--including Schloss, Rathhaus & Lauterberg; no writing on front, very late usage at Allison Texas, brownish paper, album marks on front, tiny ink spot at front bottom center, album marks on back are light. $8.00 gw

"Gruss aus Mainz. / Panorama I. / 4964"  in Rhineland-Palatinate, showing frontage on the Rhine; Postkarte mailed there 20.11.02 to Munich, small upper corner crease, very short internal crease near the bottom right front corner. $4.50 gw

"Gruss vom Rhein.  Rheindampfer Borussia. / 60384" unused sepia-tone Postkarte with undivided back, old selling price handstamped in violet on the back, circa 1899 - 1905, small cluster of tiny dots in the caption line, good edges. $9.00 s(r)wg

Alcohol_GrussVonDerSchossbeleuchtung-150.jpg (715201 bytes)"GRUSS / von der / Schlossbeleuchtung" wonderful art showing man with bulbous red nose attempting to put his key in a lock, mailed in Heidelberg in 1928, long crease & corner crease that are hard to see. The thrice-annual event lights up the castle under a fireworks display to commemorate the 3 times in the past that the castle burned -- 1689, 1693, & 1764. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 400% of original print area) & enhanced 144-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 agffw

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"GÜLS A. D. MOSEL, TOTALANSICHT" color postcard mailed May 17 1919 from soldier in Third Army to Minnesota, violet censor marking is clear, long corner crease, small corner crease, internal crease, brownish paper. $2.75 w%

"Hamburg  Alsterpavilion am Jungfernstieg." black & white post card from Knackstedt & Nather in 1906, fresh appearance. $6.00 w

Artist_Meier_1902_small.jpg (7039 bytes)"Hamburg. Deutsches Schauspielhaus. / ...Jürgens & Bornemann,... No. 1935" in West Germany, signed P. Meier art on postcard mailed there 1902 (clear cancel ties 2-pfg gray German stamp). corner crease, minor corner wear. $6.00 aw

"Hamburg. Elbtunnel." showing horse-drawn traffic both ways & a sign at the center instructing through traffic to go right, unused sepia-tone post card with divided back, noticeable wear at one lower corner, other edge wear is minor. The St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel seen here is not to be confused with the Neuer Elbe Tunnel, also beneath the Elbe River with 4 bores. $3.50 wi(m)

"Hamburg. Elbtunnel." showing horse, pedestrian & bicycle traffic both ways & no sign at the center (just the caption), unused K. W. H. postcard with divided back, minor corner wear, back paper browning with age. The St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel seen here is not to be confused with the Neuer Elbe Tunnel with 4 bores, also beneath the Elbe River. $3.50 wi(m)

=> Special: both of the above Elbtunnel postcards for $6.25 wi(m) <=

"Hamburg.  Fleetpartie" showing several small boats, color post card, writing on back, lightly toned back, trivial corner wear. $2.00 w

"Hamburg  Fleth bei der alten Börse" showing merchant houses on a canal, Postkarte No. 42 from Verlag v. C. Worzedialeck in Hamburg, mailed there 1911 to Steglitz bei Berlin, speckles of cancel ink in the front sky, good edges. $2.25 w

"Hamburg. Hafenstimmung / Carl Müller & Sohn, Altona/Elbe, Königstr. 178" with a harbor scene, unused real photo postcard with good edges, slight curl to the paper, oxidation consistent with circa 1912 age. $7.50 w

Tinted103_small.jpg Western Germany postcard available from Judnick.com"Hamburg. Hohe Brücke. / Handcolorit" with a streetcar about to cross the high bridge, unused hand-tinted Postkarte, undivided back, paper browning shows circa-1905 age, minor corner rounding tiny upper corner crease not into the image. $6.00 whb

"Hamburg. Kunsthalle" with many people outside the art museum, unused monochromatic dark blue-green postcard from Kunstverlag P. W. Hirsch in Hamburg, removed neatly from other cards in a strip. $2.50 w

"Hamburg. Landungsbrücken." including passengers disembarking at the landing docks; unused sepia-tone real photo Postkarte with good edges, slight curl to the paper, circa 1912. $7.50 w

"Hamburg. Mönckebergstrasse" showing many pedestrians near the storefront of Emil Wolsdorff, from H. v. Seggern & Sohn, Serie 526 No. 4, unused postcard, fresh appearance. $8.00 w

"Hamburg  St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken. / 80589" including 2 streetcars in the foreground, black & white post card on undivided back, mailed 1906 in Glasgow Scotland (No. 1 in cancel bars). minor wear to top corners. $4.50 w

SportsFencing_HeidelbergAug-200_small.jpg West German post card available from LotsOfCards.com

"Heidelberg / Auf die Mensur, fertig los!" unused black & white postcard depicting a German dueling fraternity, fairly fresh. $10.00 sw

"Heidelberg. / Blick auf den Ludwigsplatz, die Universität / und das Kollegienhaus." a university street scene with many people & a few dogs, signed Hoffmann art on post card with grayish paper, pencil writing on back comments on scene, numbered 134 on back, tiny spot on back. $3.50 aw

SportsFencing_HeidelbergCorpsmesur-100.jpg (325044 bytes)
"Heidelberg  Corpsmensur in der Hirschgasse" black & white postcard with undivided back with brownish paper, small red check mark on back, faint album marks on one front corner. $9.50 sw

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"Heidelberg. Das Hotel Ritter" whose sign actually reads 'Hotel zum Ritter', unused sepia-tone real photo post card from Josef Ignatz Vogt, slight curl to paper, dark image but focus is good, small scrape on one back edge. $3.50 w

Artist_Hoffmann_HeidelbergSchloss.JPG (160713 bytes)"Heidelberg -- Das Schloss / von der Terrasse gesehen." signed Hoffmann art depicting the castle, fresh color on grayish paper, unused postcard, minor corner wear. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 aw

"Heidelberg -- Der Schlosshof." signed Hoffmann art, color post card on grayish paper, numbered 599 on back, much writing on back comments on the scene. Attractive. $3.75 aw

Artist_Hoffmann_HeidelbergDie.jpg (190124 bytes)

"Heidelberg. / Die alte Neckarbrücke (Karl Theodor)." signed Hoffmann art depicting a long bridge, bright color on grayish paper, numbered 596 on back, unused postcard. $3.75 aw

"Heidelberg. / Die Arkaden am gläsernen Saalbau." signed Hoffmann art on post card, good color on grayish paper, writing on back comments 'The Arcades of the Castle facing the Court Yard', trivial corner & edge wear. $3.50 aw

"Heidelberg -- Die Molkenkur" color from Edm. von König, unused post card, slight browning of the paper with age, 2 corners worn. $2.25 w

Germany_HeidelbergDie-200_small.jpg transportation postcards available from Judnick.com

"Heidelberg. / Die neue elecktr. Bahn n. d. Königstuhl" showing car number 3 of the Heidelberger Bergbahn funicular taking passengers to the hilltop to enjoy the view; unused Postkarte, faint album marks at the corners, trivial edge wear, fairly fresh. $4.75 wr(h)u

"Heidelberg Königstuhl- / Restaurant" showing many people seated outdoors, color postcard from A. Voigt, unused, lightly toned back, trivial wear at 2 corners. $3.50 w

"Heidelberg. Mensur auf der Hirschgasse." sepia-tone post card on brownish paper depicting the meeting of German dueling fraternities, toned back. $14.00 sw

SportsFencing_HeidelbergMensur-100.jpg (407207 bytes)

"Heidelberg / Mensur in der Hirschgasse." post card depicting the meeting of German dueling fraternities, Jul Wettstein Nachfolger 5409, unused, lightly toned back, minor corner wear. $14.00 sw

Artist_Hoffmann_Heidelberg-100.jpg (324970 bytes)

"Heidelberg.  Partie aus dem Schlosshof / mit Brunnerhalle und Wartturm" signed art depicting an ivy-covered building on a fresh postcard in color, unused, number 465 on back. $3.50 aw


"Heidelberg-Schloss von der Hischgasse gesehen." signed art showing the castle & nearby land, undivided back postcard mailed there 1905 to New York, yellowish paper, much writing on front (some not attractive), V. König's Künstlerkarte No. 2, long corner crease not into art, mild corner & edge wear, as is. $1.75 aw

"HEIDELBERG, UNIVERSITÄT." showing part of the old university that is currently the seat of the Rector & the Senate; unused sepia-tone Postkarte from Verlag Viktor Pallmann in Wiesbaden, minor corner wear, small adherence in the right front border, very light toning near the back edges. $2.00 wc

"Heidelberg vom Philosophenweg gesehen." indistinctly signed Hoffmann art depicting a panoramic view of the city, color post card on grayish paper, writing on back explains that pen stroke on front points to a chalet. $3.00 aw

"Herkules. / Cassel-Wilhelmshöhe." color postcard with undivided back, from Louis Glaser, number 7447, fairly fresh. $6.50 w

"H. Hoffmann: Heidelberg, Alte Brücke un Schloss" indistinctly signed Hoffmann art depicting a bridge & castle, color post card on grayish paper, original price handstamped in stamp box, unused, numbered 918 on back, lightly toned back. $3.00 aw

INEX-ADRIA AVIOPROMET (Jugoslavia). Unused regular-size postcard showing its DeHavilland Canada DHC-7 (YU-AIE) at Stuttgart West Germany in 1984, published in West German, near mint. $7.50 ajw

"INTERN. QSL-Swap-Club TEXAS (Pres. E. Sommer) ... Senden - W. Germ." unused 1988 POMA card on thick stock with good edges. $1.25 pw

INTERREGIONAL. Unused continental post card showing its Nord 262 (D-CIFG) flying over flat terrain, published in West Germany, excellent condition. Attractive. $5.00 aw

Cover_MachineAmerican_1898PaidAll_RiverShip_small.jpg (3896 bytes)JUN 10 1898 NEW YORK PAID ALL in oval (uncommon American machine cancel) on postcard mailed from Mainz Germany (2 clear cancels tie pair of 5-pf stamps) to Upper Alton Illinois (clear arrival handstamp on JUN 13th). Card is "Rhein-Dampfschiffahrt / Kölnische und Düsseldorfer Gesselschaft / An Bord des Dampfers: 'Hansa'" with black & white view of Bingen & red-violet drawing of ship printed on face. corner crease, small corner crease, mild corner wear & rounding. $20.00 m-s(r)w

"Kiel  'Die Hoffnung' / Restaurant und Gesellschaftshaus / Festsaal für das Essen des Provinzial Landtages" showing a chandeliered room with several long tables, black & white from Carl Speck, circa 1905 post card, slight yellowing of the paper with age, very late usage at Barree Pennsylvania, corner wear & rounding. $4.00 wi%

"Kirn an der Nahe" real photo postcard with good contrast & composition, scalloped edges as issued, mailed there 1960 to Illinois, trivial wear at one corner. $2.00

Germany_KönigstuhlBeiHeidelberg.jpg (192529 bytes)

"Königstuhl bei Heidelberg  Aussicht vom Thurm / Bergbahn Station / GESCHÜZT No. 97" postcard with lithographed drawing on yellowing paper, unused, minor corner wear & rounding, toned back. $7.50 w

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All post cards have art depicting lovers and/or diners
placed above verses meant for music.

        WestGermany_ImRolandsbogen-200_small.JPG West German postcard available from Judnick.com   WestGermany_WarumIstEsAm-200_small.JPG West German post card available from Judnick.com   WestGerman_DerRheinenthusiast-200_small.JPG West German postcard available from LotsOfCards.com
Nr. 1 F. "Im Rolandsbogen" with 6 stanzas of a German song by Jörg Ritzel, unused postcard, just  a little toning at a bottom corner. Shown above left. $4.00 wmp

Nr. 2 F. "Warum ist es am Rhein so schön?' with 9 stanzas of a German song by A. von Bergsattel, unused postcard, mild corner wear. Shown above center. $4.00 wmp

Nr. 3F. "Die Lindenwirtin" with 6 stanzas of a German song by Rudolf Baumbach, hint of toning near the bottom front. $4.00 wmp

Nr. 6F. "Der Rheinenthusiast" with 4 stanzas of a German song by Herm. Brandt, unused postcard, very light toning near the front corners. Shown above right. $4.00 wmp

Nr. 12F. "Vom Rhein der Wein" with 2 stanzas of a German song by Hermann Brandt (Opus 8), unused Postkarte, very lightly toned back. $4.00 wmp

Nr. 13F. "Stolzenfels am Rhein." with 3 stanzas of a German song by H. Dorgeel, unused post card, very lightly toned back. $4.00 wmp

Special:  All 6 of the above for $20.00 wmp

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Langenargen a. Bodensee, Schloss Montfort" real photo post card mailed 1931 to Illinois, small corner crease, ding in one edge, corner crease. $2.50 w

"Loreley. Gruss vom Rhein" signed, lady with child waves to passing steamboat, color postcard from Ludwig Feist, undivided back, toning at front corners from album contact, light album marks on back, inconspicuous 3 / 5-inch tear closes well at bottom. $4.00 aw

"M.S. BERLIN  Köln-Düsseldorfer / Rheindampfshiffahrt" continental real photo postcard, blue 'on Bord' handstamp on back, light residue from 2 hinge remnants on back, good edges. $5.00 s(r)w. Another unused continental of her underway alongside a smaller ship, the 'Salf', handstamp on back in blue, trivial wear at one upper corner. $4.75 s(r)w

"Neuwied am Rhein." showing 2 ships (one from the side), color on brownish paper from Ernst Gronemeyer, post card mailed by serviceman in Third Army to Florida, clear violet censor mark, corner & edge wear, 3 small ink spots on back lower edge. $2.00 w

"Norderneyer Fischerin Wümer grabend" showing a fisherwoman digging for sea worms on the East Frisian island of Norderney, Postkarte with undivided back mailed there -8.9.04 to Hermann Müller in Bonn (who received it the next day), a little toning on back but stamp and cancels are fine. Rare: we found no other offers or even an exhibit when we searched the internet. $12.50 wf

"Oberer Konzilsaal" showing the interior of the council hall at Konstanz am Bodensee, sepia-tone postcard on lightly browned paper, Verlag Arno Müller, unused, corner wear. $3.00 wi

PAN AMERICAN AIRWAYS / PAN AM (USA). Continental black-and-white real photo post card with glossy finish, showing its DC-4 (N90909) with open door at Frankfurt am Main West Germany in 1952, considerable wear along both short edges, writing on back provides pertinent identification. Both photo & postcard are copyrighted. Rare. $10.00 aw

"Rhein=Dampfschiffahrt / Kölnische und Düsseldorfer Gesellschaft / An bord des Dampfers: 'Deutscher Kaiser' / den _____" black & white castle & caption with ship in reddish violet, postcard mailed July 1900 from München Bavaria to Binghamton New York (pair 5-pfg stamps tied, clear receiving mark on both sides). small corner crease, mild corner wear & rounding. $15.00 ws-b

MIXone_333_small.jpg river West German card available from Judnick.com"RHEIN-RUNDFAHRTEN / ... / RHEIN-ABENDFAHRT / mit M.S. Willi Ostermann" continental advertising card showing a side view of the ship on front, details (hours, duration, departure point, etc.) about its sightseeing tips on the Rhine River cover the back in 3 languages, faint corner crease & a hint of toning nearby, otherwise attractive. $4.00 s(r)w

"Rhein. St. Goorshausen" color on undivided back post card from Stengel & Co., unused, mild corner wear, tiny spot on bottom front edge. Attractive. $6.00 ws

"(R. Spallek) .. Niderrieden · West Germany / 'CB-STATION BUDDY 01'" with art depicting a truck, unused 1988 POMA card with blank back & good edges. $1.25 twp

"Ruine Fürstenberg bei Bacharach. / An Bord des Dampfers 'Borussia', den [June 7, 1908] / Rhein-Dampfschiffahrt Kölnische und Düsseldorfer Gesellschaft." in the Rhineland-Palatinate, signed F. Witte art, date in brackets added by hand; Postkarte with undivided back mailed at Bingen in 1903, trivial corner wear, slight album toning, a little cancel ink in the right front border. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 s(r)wa

"Trier a. d. Mosel. St. Mathiaskirche." sepia-tone postcard with very late usage at Bondville Kentucky, small corner crease. $1.50 w

"Trier - Kornmarkt u. Rathaus" sepia-tone post card mailed at Lucas Rural Station of McBain Michigan in 1956, mild edge & corner wear but nothing into the image. In the Rhineland Palatinate of western Germany. $1.75 sw

"Trier - Porta Nigra" unused color post card from booklet, numbered 16907 on back, browning paper on back, both long edges rough from separations. In the Rhineland Palatinate of western Germany. $1.25 sw

VIRGIN ATLANTIC AIRWAYS (United Kingdom). Unused regular-size post card showing its Vickers Viscount 802 (G-AOHT) at Cologne/Bonn-West Germany in March 1985, printed in West Germany, near mint. $7.50 auw

"Volkstrachten aus Schaumburg-Lippe." showing woman riding in wheelbarrow & 2 children all in traditional costumes, color postcard on brownish paper from F. W. Kuhlmann, corner & edge wear. Unusual transportation! $10.00 wuc

WDL. Unused regular size postcard showing its Fokker F-27-100 (D-BAKE) parked in their new color scheme at Essen/Mulheim-West Germany, published in West Germany, near mint condition. $7.50 a(p)w

"Winterberg im Böhmerwald." color post card, Verlag Albert Holluh, very late usage at Belle Valley Ohio, toned back, corner & edge wear. $2.00 w

WIRTSCHAFTSFLUG (United States). Unused continental post card showing its Lockheed L-382 (N4110M) at Frankfurt in 1982, trivial wear to the top edge, otherwise excellent condition. $6.00 a(p)w

GrussAus_Saynthal_WestGermany.jpg (188347 bytes)"Zum / Wiedschenhof. // Gruss / aus / dem / Saynthal." color multiview post card with undivided back, 2 scenes--including a panorama of Isenburg; light browning of the paper, album marks at corners, tiny corner crease, minor edge wear. Saynthal is also spelled Sayntal, one of the most beautiful side valleys on the central Rhine in Western Germany. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 gw

POMA_Aitrach-300_small.jpg West German POMA cards available from Judnick.com      POMA_Wuppertal-300_small.jpg Western Germany cards available from Judnick.com
   Aitrach nude                                  Wuppertal monorail
POMA_TangoLady-300_small.jpg Germany POMA card avaialble from LotsOfCards.com     
Poma_West_Germany_Legau_72_small.JPG (5549 bytes)      POMA_Labautermann-300_small.jpg German POMA cards available from Judnick.com
Legau costume       Legau-Allgäu fantasy       Berlin macabre
All-West-German Lot of 50 POMA (Issued before Unification)
Individually Commissioned Artwork. Imaginative Treatment of Themes such as:  Animals, Cars, Children, Costumes, Comic, Cowboys, Maps, Nude, and Ships. Many no postcard back and / or pertinent information on back. Fresh & Appealing Images. $50.00 gets them all. pw

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