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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NUEVO / NY.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Unless noted, prices do not include postage or insurance.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com


There are many more--please inquire!
Copyrights are noted, if present.

"1910 / A Happy New Year" with an embossed shamrock & flower design, post card printed in Germany, name writing on front, small smudge at top of back, otherwise fresh. $3.50

"1910 / A Happy / New Year" with colorful violets & horseshoe design, intricately embossed Winsch post card mailed 1909, good edges. $3.00 wy

"1910 / A Happy / New Year to you" intricately embossed art with bell design, unused Winsch postcard printed in Germany, tiny upper corner crease, a dedication neatly in the address area, light toning on back. $2.00 wyb

"1910 / With best / New Year Wishes" unused intricately embossed Winsch post card, with trivial edge wear. $2.75 wy

"1911 / A Happy / New Year / TO YOU" and floral design with gold strip, embossed postcard mailed 1910. $3.25

"1911 / A Happy New Year" post card with embossed floral & shamrock design, 2 corners creased (one rather badly), corner wear & rounding. $1.50

"1911 / With / Best / New Year / Wishes" and floral design with gold stripe, embossed postcard printed in Germany, unused. $3.25

"A / Cheerful  Thanksgiving" unused intricately embossed Winsch postcard, fairly fresh except for minor  corner rounding. $2.50 wt

"A Hallowe'en Wish / DESIGN COPYRIGHTED JOHN WINSCH 1914" embossed Winsch postcard (numbering 450/21 No. 3940 on back) mailed OCT 31 1918 at Tiffin Ohio, small bottom corner bend just misses the image, otherwise excellent condition. A witch with broom & a ghost ride in a balloon basket dangling 3 animated vegetables, with a floating pumpkin & a bat is ridden by an elf nearby--about as much imagination as can be put into an image. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75 hw

"A Happy Birthday" under flowers in an embossed horseshoe, post card mailed 1911, corner crease. $2.25

"A Happy Birthday" under an oval frame with scenic art, Series 680, unused postcard, one corner worn. $2.00

"A / Hearty / Birthday / Greeting" with embossed pink flowers, post card mailed 1910, small corner crease. $2.25

"A / Loving / Thought" intricately embossed Winsch postcard sent 1908 to Mr. Charley Bell in Johnstown Pennsylvania where it was received on APR 16th, minor upper corner wear, small bottom corner bend. $4.25 w

Winsch_AMerryChristmas_small.jpg (3230 bytes)

"A Merry Christmas / 541" beneath embossed poinsettias,
postcard mailed 1910. $3.25


"A TOAST / Here's to our wives and sweet- / hearts, may they never meet." winter scene within an embossed border, unused circa-1907 Winsch postcard with unevenly back paper browning with age, full-size with the bottom border left off by design, minor corner wear. $2.75 wl

"A Very Happy / Birthday / This is my Birthday wish most true, / That coming years may hold,… / DESIGN COPYRIGHTED JOHN WINSCH, 1914" post card with two more lines of poetry within embossed violet flowers & gold ornamentation, corner crease, partial cancel on front. $2.00

Winsch_BeMyValentine-200small.jpg Winsch-published postcards available from Judnick.com

"Be my Valentine / DESIGN COPYRIGHTED JOHN WINSCH, 1911" intricately embossed postcard with neat pencil writing on back, printed in Germany, light toning both sides & a little edge wear. $2.75 wv

"Best Birthday Wishes.. / True as steel, pure as gold, / May each passing year unfold / … / DESIGN COPYRIGHTED JOHN WINSCH, 1914" with one more line of poetry below a country scene in an embossed frame & pink roses in a vase, postcard printed in Germany, unused, small corner crease, couple tiny toning spots. $3.25

"Best Easter Wishes" intricately embossed floral cross on a Winsch postcard mailed APR 8 1911 in Springfield Ohio, faint album marks at the back corners. $3.00 wec

"Best Easter / Wishes / Earth awakes to the Easter music, / Her bosom with praise overflows… / DESIGN COPYRIGHTED JOHN WINSCH, 1911" with 2 more lines of poetry under embossed violets & a country scene, post card mailed 1913, stamp removed, considerable corner & edge wear, 2 corner creases. $1.50

Better_052small.jpg Winsch post card available from LotsOfCards.com"Best / Easter / Wishes // My simple greeting take, / May joy with you abide, / And bright life's pathway make / For you this Easter tide. // COPYRIGHT, JOHN WINSCH, 1910" embossed postcard mailed from Columbus Ohio without stamp, linear stamp in black 'POSTAGE DUE 1¢', pencil-cancelled 1-c postage due applied to back, sent to Mrs. George Nelson from her aunt Rose in the same city, tiny spot of toning on front. $2.00 egw

"Best / New / Year / Wishes / DESIGN COPYRIGHTED JOHN WINSCH 1912" with embossed birds on holly before a wintry scene, postcard mailed 1914, small corner crease, corner wear, a little extraneous writing on back. $3.00

"Best / Wishes" with embossed shamrocks framing scenic art, post card mailed 1919, soft corners. $3.00

"BIRTHDAY / GREETINGS / All joys / be thine / throughout / the years… / DESIGN COPYRIGHTED JOHN WINSCH 1910" with country scene in an embossed frame, postcard mailed 1913, faint corner crease. $2.75

"Birthday Greetings / DESIGN COPYRIGHTED JOHN WINSCH, 1913" subtly colored art shows man working beside a stream, addressed post card, gouge out of edge does not affect art. $1.25

Madonnas_CarloDolci_Winsch.jpg (159813 bytes)

"CARLO DOLCI, MADONNA / To Wish you / a merry Christmas". Quality Winsch
postcard with embossed border treatments, unused, faint small corner crease not detectable from front, beautiful. $3.75 mcwa

"Christmas Greetings" intricately embossed winter scene on a Winsch post card mailed DEC 23 1910 at Xenia Ohio to Miss Ethel Scott in Goes Ohio, 2 small bottom corner creases, a little toning in the silvery front border. Goes is also known as Goes Station. $2.75 wcw

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Winsch_1912_ChristmasGreetings-200small.JPG Winsch-published post cards available from LotsOfCards.com

"Christmas Greetings / DESIGN COPYRIGHTED, JOHN WINSCH, 1912" art depicting a winter scene on an intricately embossed post card mailed 1912 to Miss Mildred Baker in Providence Rhode Island, tiny scrapes within the art could easily be mistaken for snow. $1.50 cww

"Christmas / Wishes / Though old times, old ways, old customs / Change and pass away…" with two more lines of poetry beneath embossed holly, post card mailed 1914, a little extraneous writing on back. $3.00 (wc)%

Cover_Ohio_27FEB1912LillyChapel-200_small.JPG Lilly Chapel DPO cover available from Judnick.com"Cupid Told The Stork To bring / a boy to us Sun. / Name Edward Philip / weight 9 lbs. / date of birth Feb 25 1912" with embossed image of a flying stork bearing 3 babies, color post card published by Winsch (1910 copyright), mailed Feb 27 1912 at Lilly Chapel Ohio (nice strike of the DPO cancel with just a couple of embossing gaps) by Mr. & Mrs. B. C.  Sidner, a few unimportant tiny speckles of toning on front & a tiny corner bend. Framing suggested. $10.00 bgw-o

"Easter Greetings" boy in blue driving an egg- shaped balloon with propeller drops eggs upon 2 hapless shepherds with their flock below; Winsch postcard from Series 2651 printed in Germany, image within an embossed border, mailed 1914 from Conimicut Rhode Island to Master Carlton C. Porter in Brockton Massachusetts by his Uncle Irving & Aunt Alice, light toning both sides. $4.00 fweg

Winsch_EasterGreetings_small.jpg (3778 bytes)

"Easter / Greetings"
postcard with 4 rabbits embossed in a cracked shell with a little girl nearby, copyright 1911 & mailed 1913, trace of cancel ink on front . $4.25 (eaw)

WashingtonGeorge_EPluribusUnum-200_small.JPG available from Judnick.com
"E PLURIBUS UNUM / Washington" eagle with shield & motto, portrait & cherries within embossed framework, Winsch Washington Birthday Series No. 2, mailed circa 1910 to Ohio, 2 worn corners, name written on front. $4.25 wwp


SaintPatricksDay_ErinGoBraghUpper-200_small.JPG"Erin / Go Bragh // Upper Lake / Killarney." beautiful scenic art on a circa 1910 Winsch post card, embossed borders & lettering. Postcard sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. Would make a stunning desktop background. $2.00 siw

"Every / Joy / may Christmas / bring you / And its sweet chimes… / DESIGN COPYRIGHTED JOHN WINSCH, 1913" postcard with embossed lettering within a decorated embossed frame, name signed at bottom, writing on back, tiny bends to the corners, album marks on front. $2.25

"FOR HE WAS A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW" with a smiling man embracing two ladies simultaneously, unused post card, corner & edge wear. $3.00

"Good Luck" with windmill art within an embossed frame including 4-leaf clovers; postcard with Winsch back mailed MAR 14 1909 (COL. & NORFOLK R.P.O. cancel crisply stuck), a lot of toning on front, just light toning on back, tiny piece of one corner knocked off. As is. $0.50 wm

"Hallowe'en / GREETINGS" a witch, her familiar cat & 2 pumpkins ride a flying contraption on an embossed Winsch postcard produced in Germany; mailed OCTO 20 1913 from Kalamazoo Michigan, light album toning.
Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 hw

"Happiness be yours / from Day to Day" postcard with lightly embossed violets & horseshoe design, writing on back, fairly fresh. $2.00

"Hearty good Wishes / for your Birthday / Many Happy Returns of / the Day..." Winsch post card sent JUN 15 1917 to Mrs. Fredrick Snyder in Newark Ohio by her son Harry, small upper corner crease, trivial bottom corner wear. $3.00 wbg

"Heres to the happiness, here's to the health / of the girl who is queen of them all." signed Ryan patriotic art on an intricately embossed Winsch postcard, mailed December 27 1911 to Mrs. Elias Farley in East Liberty Ohio, mild corner wear. The grammatical error in the caption (heres) as reported here. $8.50 pa(r)w

Winsch_IveGotYour-200small.jpg Winsch postcards available from Judnick.com

"I'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER" unsigned art on an unused Winsch post card numbered 109 on back, mild corner wear & rounding. $2.50 aw

"Jan.1. / To / WISH / YOU A HAPPY / NEW YEAR" post card with people cutting weeds at the bank of a stream within embossed borders, edge wear, partial cancel on front. $3.00

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"JAN. 1st / A Happy / New Year / COPYRIGHT JOHN WINSCH, 1910" postcard with 4 embossed birds & a wintry scene, corner & edge wear, small corner crease, corner crease, trace of cancel ink on front . $2.75

Ireland_LoughSwillyFrom-200_small1.JPG from Judnick.com"LOUGH SWILLY FROM CASTLE BRIDGE, BUNCRANA / DESIGN COPYRIGHTED JOHN WINSCH 1911" Irish scene within an embossed border of shamrocks, color postcard mailed at Butler Pennsylvania, 2 small spots of toning in the address area, several tiny spots of cancel ink mostly in the sky & shamrocks. $3.75 iw*

"Loving / Thought" embossed angel holds ribbon above violets on silvery background, color post card from Winsch, printed in Germany, address handstamped on back with some smearing, minor edge wear. $5.00

"MAIN ST / FEB. 15 09 / BELLEVUE O." showing an auto in front of the post office just after a winter sleet storm, Kruxo real photo, unused postcard, both short edges toned on back. $15.00 opw

"Many  / Happy Returns / of the Day" Winsch post card metallic-appearing background, mailed MAY 22 1908 (clear WHEEL. & CHI. TR.8 R.P.O. hand cancel) conveying birthday wishes to Mrs. Julia Reed in Duncan Falls Ohio, small bottom corner crease, hint of wear at the other bottom corner. $2.25 wf

Winsch_1913_ManyHappy-200small.jpg Winsch post cards available from Judnick.com

"Many Happy Returns / of the Day // My love upon your Birthday, dear, / A happy day, a happy year, / And think of me this morning, too, / Because I always think of you. // DESIGN COPYRIGHTED JOHN WINSCH, 1913" intricately embossed post card mailed 1915 to Miss Grayce M. J. Jones in Stanberry Missouri, small corner crease, minor corner rounding. $3.25 wb

"MURILLO / Madonna // A Joyful Christmas" within an embossed decorative border, Winsch postcard with dedication penned lightly in the back message area, toning near the back left edge. $2.50 wacr(m)

"New Year / Greetings / DESIGN COPYRIGHTED JOHN WINSCH, 1913" with embossed poinsettias above a wintry scene, mailed post card, partial cancel on front. $2.50

"O rhyme of sweet / Saint Charity, Peal soon that / Easter Morn..." poetry by Lowell with lilies of the valley, postcard mailed 1912, brownish paper, soft corners. $2.00

"Peace / be with / thee / A / Blessed Easter" a country scene within an embossed cross, postcard with lightly toned front, soft corners, corner crease. $2.25

"PIKE NEAR BELLEVUE, O. FEB. 16 09" showing a sleigh passing between ice-laden trees, post card mailed there 1909, good edges. $15.00 ow

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"Popping / the / QUESTION" intricately embossed Winsch postcard mailed JAN 20 1910 at Newcastle Pennsylvania to Mr. George Churchfield in West Pittsburg Pennsylvania, long conspicuous scrape in the man's jacket, minor corner & edge wear. $1.75 wl

"St. Patrick's Day / Greetings" intricately embossed Winsch postcard with unsigned Schmucker art, mailed MAR 12 1923 to Miss Geraldine Palmer in Auburn Indiana by her niece Mildred, cancel on front shows next-day arrival, toned front, bottom corner knocked off, other corners with minor wear. $2.00 wsg(p) NEW / NUEVO / NY

SaintPatricksDay_SPDGreetinsEagles-200_small.JPG"St. Patrick's Day / Greetings. / EAGLE'S NEST, KILLARNEY" beautiful scenic art on a Winsch post card with very late usage at Eagle Nest New Mexico, minor corner & edge wear, just a hint of light toning along the right front edge. $4.00 swi

StPatricksDay_StPatricksDayGreetings_small.jpg (4371 bytes)"St. Patrick's / Day Greetings / SALMON LEAP, KENMARE" landscape within embossed border of shamrocks, Winsch published, printed in Germany, mailed 1913, small bend at one corner, trace of cancel ink on front, light toning on front. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 siw

"St. Patrick's Day Souvenir" embossed Winsch postcard mailed MAR 1909 to Miss Elma Steward in Athens Ohio, a few small spots of toning on back, minor corner & edge wear. Design has more eye appeal than most. $3.00 sw

"St. Valentine's Greeting" post card with angels in an embossed frame with small hearts, mailed 1910, cancel ink on front. $2.50

"S. WEST ST / BELLEVUE O" postcard showing a carriage being driven in winter, Azo real photo (triangles up), unused, toned back, corner wear & rounding. $9.50 ow

"Temperature 120º" with 2 lovers in an embrace within an embossed border, postcard Mailed DEC 5 1910 to Loren Carnes in Olive Green Ohio, long lower corner crease, minor corner rounding, light toning both sides. $2.00 wl

Artist_Ryan_Family_small.JPG (4482 bytes)"The simple life, the homely hearth, / With beauty's where surrounding..." signed Ryan art in an embossed frame with flowers, showing a family beside a 4-line poem, published by Winsch, numbered A-167 on back, minor wear at corners, light toning along top back edge, fresh appearance from the front. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 afpw


"The Sphinx and Pyramid, Cairo, Egypt / Ostrich Farm, Cairo, Egypt" showing 2 views, Winsch back, unused. $3.25 oew

"To / Greet / You / Hail to Saint / Valentine, kindly / old friend,..." with embossed floral design, post card mailed 1911. $3.25

"To My / Valentine" in an embossed heart with attractive young lady drawn at the right, postcard mailed 1913, cancel ink on front, soft corners. $3.00

"To My Valentine / I would be FRIENDS / with you and have / your Love / Shakespear(sic)" circa-1908 (unevenly divided back) Winsch postcard, messaged on back to Mr. Leo Hastings in Hagerstown Indiana, back paper browning evenly with age, 2 tiny corner bends. $2.00 wv

"To wish you / a happy / New Year / Copyright, John Winsch, 1910" embossed art with flowers, Gold Standard Brand in stamp box, exceptionally colorful post card, fresh appearance. $3.75 nw

Winsch_1913_ToWish-200small.jpg Winsch-published post cards available from Judnick.com

"To wish / you joy / this time / and say / Where every heart / is light and gay / May yours be gayest. // DESIGN COPYRIGHTED JOHN WINSCH, 1913." intricately embossed postcard printed in Germany, numeral handstamped above stamp box, good edges. $3.25 w

"'WASHINGTON' / FIRST / IN PEACE / FIRST IN WAR / AND FIRST / IN THE HEARTS / OF HIS / COUNTRYMEN" with his portrait & flag beneath his monument, Winsch mailed 1909, light red toning on back from album contact. $3.25 w(g)w

"When You Get Back To Earth / amidst all the 'Pow-Wow / to those Smart Alec knockers just haughtily bow / With the Grace of a hero who's shown them all how / And then sing this song to them / Who's Looney Now" (the ' after Wow missing as we relate here); signed Ryan art depicting a man about to jump from a roof with a bicycle-powered flying contraption to keep him aloft, Winsch-published postcard numbered A-695 on back, unused, small upper corner crease, soft corners, very light toning both sides. Unevenly divided back so circa 1907-1908. $7.50 a(r)a(p)w

"With Best / Birthday Wishes" with embossed roses & violets, name writing on front, post card mailed 1911, soft corners. $2.00 (wb)

Author_WithBestBrithday-120.JPG (353453 bytes)"With Best / Birthday Wishes / 'If we could all go out / of flower, as gracefully, as pleasingly, / as we come into blossom.' 'To me, fair friend, you never / can be old'  Shakespeare" with his portrait in color with an embossed frame & flowers over the quotes, Winsch post card with 1910 copyright mailed 1913, initials written at bottom of front, one tiny scrape on front, minor edge wear. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.75 abw

"Won't you say yes?" showing man & woman holding hands beneath a tree, color postcard from Winsch, mailed 1912, considerable corner & edge wear, lightly toned back. $2.75

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